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Friends Part 1

Summary: You and Bucky are friends for a long time, but lately you start to develop romantic feelings for him. One day one of Tony’s parties everything changes but maybe not the way you wanted or expected.

Paring: Bucky x Reader

Words: 1947

Warnings: Fluffy and angst

Thank you @amrita31199 for beta this for me you are amazing 

credits to the gif owner

You never felt so inadequate in your life, when you left the house for one of Tony’s parties . You felt beautiful in your black strapless dress and high heels.  But as soon as you arrived at the party, you felt your heart being shattered.

You see Bucky with a beautiful blonde in his arms , when he sees you he comes in your direction kissing your cheek and pulling you to a hug “Don’t you look beautiful?” He says staring into your eyes, you smile at him with your best fake smile“Well I tried, apparently not as hard as your date.” You say sounding bitter even if that is the last thing you wanted to be or sound like.

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Ladies listen up, if you are a genuine and real sugar baby then this post is for you. I’ll make this short. If you don’t agree with what I write that’s fine. This is coming from my brain not yours and this is what works for me. So take it or leave it ❤️

Let’s start with profile photos…

Men want things that are exclusive and private, I have one profile photo available for viewing.
It’s in a elegant place in a very covering outfit with my hair up.
This is what men will see unless I give them the option of seeing my other photos, I personally make them feel special by letting them view my other private photos.

Lifestyle expectations - negotiable, because we are not gold diggers we want them to see us as genuine. Which we are and we will be.

Now a introduction of yourself, honesty is key.

Stop this bullshit about how classy and luxurious you are. They don’t care stop selling a fake story.

Say your age, if you’ve studied, Talk a small bit about your childhood and a place you’ve lived.
As in I grew up on a farm and I worked hard for the things in my life… say the things you love to do! Write your passions and hobbies. Talk about how motivated you are and how ambitious you are. Men want to get to know you for you not your body, so let them. You need to put in that you don’t want drama. You are relaxed and love to learn or read or study or go to a boxing class.

Just short little things that make them go hang on this girls got a personality. Stand out in the crowd. Be as real as you can be!


Speak about what you like in men, as in I’m attracted to older men I find them to be more desirable then boys my age.
If you have a passport put that down also, also I think it’s key to write that you don’t want a transactional hotel relationship. You want something casual and real, dinners or going to the cinema.
Then I think you should honestly write. I’m looking for someone who will help pay for my rent, or someone who will be happy to give me some spending money per week or to save up for collage! Write down what you want financially don’t put dollar signs until after you meet them.
This will also stop salt messaging you because they won’t bother dealing with someone that knows what they want!!

Also on dates. Do not fuck them on the first date. KEY NOTE 📝 you want to be desired. Lusted and admired not used and thrown away!

Set your rules and say what you want. RESPECT is a key. If he is trying to stick his tongue down your mouth stand your ground. A kiss on the cheek is sweet. Also stop this flirting and trying so hard. Be short simple and easy… Meet them as soon as you can! This will show that he is genuine.

andreil happy fics! ♥

basically, I’ve spent the previous week going through the AFTG tag (yes, I went through all the 1250 works) on ao3, because I needed more content, official or not. and since it was so freaking hard to find some quality happy content™ (bc apparently y'all like to suffer that much —which, to be fair, I should have expected and I can #relate), I thought I could make it easier for anyone else seeking it and share it here! 🎉

so this is a recommendation list with my favorites ones so far; they’re all from ao3, and if you find any of your works there and want me to remove them from this list, just message me and I’ll remove it. if you have any recommendations for me to add here, message me too! ♥ I haven’t read anything from or tumblr just yet, but I plan on doing that later this week.

they’re not all entirely happy and they’re not that happy either, but then again that’d be hard considering the amount of trauma and tragedy the authors have to work with (thanks nora). but!!! they’re happy enough to make it to this post, so yeah! you’ll probably gonna enjoy them.

right now there are more oneshots, canon-ish, mostly set right after TKM or a few years in the future. I might add an AU and multi-chapter category later, so keep checking for updates! and don’t forget to show appreciation for the authors by leaving comments and kudos! ♥

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The Sleepy Scholar

Pairing: Lafayette x Reader

Words: 2.1k+

Prompt: College AU + Library AU

A/N: This is my AU day imagine for the @hamwriters Write-A-Thon! I’m excited to get this out because I had this finished for like 2 weeks or so now haha. Special thanks to @helplesslylins and @secretschuylersister for proofreading and pushing me to do this! I love you both immensely <3 Enjoy!

P.S. Y/F/I means your first initial!

Originally posted by jamiiton

This all started a week ago. You were doing your typical 11-3AM shift at the campus library. Many people would shy away from the graveyard shift but it was your favorite because it was quiet and no one was typically at the 24/7 library past 2 am so you would binge TV shows or read one of the many books that surrounded you. Plus, your classes were in the afternoon so it was most convenient for you. However this week, there was one lone student that would stay at the same table, nose in his book as he mumbled words until he fell asleep at the desk every night without fail. It was only the 3rd week of school and already some poor soul was in the library until ungodly hours. You couldn’t help but feel bad for the mysterious man with the bun, every time you went to clock out he was face down on the desk, using his arms as a makeshift pillow. By the eighth consecutive night of the stranger’s appearance, you couldn’t keep watching as he wasted his life away. So, that night when you clocked out you brought a water bottle, the PB&J sandwich you never opened, and a blanket you kept in the break room with you on your way out. You delicately placed the blanket over his sleeping form and set the sandwich and water bottle in front of him, along with a short message on a Post-it note.

“Take a break! -Y/F/I”

You took a closer glance at him, mystery man was actually really cute when he was asleep. Before he could catch you staring, you left the library; giving a quick wave to Claudia as she clocked in to take over the information desk. You were leaving Pre-Calculus the next morning when you got a text from Claudia.

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maelstrom [ jimin ]

noun : a powerful whirlpool in the sea or river ; a situation or state of confused movement or violent turmoil.

you don’t know if you want to hit him or kiss him.

pairing: park jimin x reader
genre: fluff
type: college au
word count: 2,101 words
warnings: none
author’s note: happy birthday to my other half #rat @dreamscript whom I love very much despite her swerving ass that goes from jimin to namjoon to inseong and maybe back to jimin someday if he’s lucky. you’re so rad and wonderful and gorgeous and memetastic, and you meme so much to me, and i’m so glad that I sent you a message a little over a year ago screaming over your writing. I heavily based this on your recent messages lmao and I apologize because I know nothing about naruto (but i think it means whirlpool in japanese, hence the title lol) but anyway ily neo phoenix congrats for surviving another year!! *cue congratulatory pterodactyl screeches*

You enjoy being a part of the UN Conference Club your college hosts very much. But do you enjoy the people in the club? Maybe not so much. First of all, how can some people be so dumb? And second of all… well, there does not really need to be a second of all because stupidity covers all of it.

During the three-day conference, there is a historical crisis committee for the Spanish American War where the main focus centered on how to avoid the war entirely in 1898. On the first day—which is the most formal day—the attorney general, Inseong, immediately requested $1.2 million dollars to fund biotech companies to end tuberculosis. In response, someone asked if he knew just how much $1.2 million dollars amounted to in 1898. He insisted that he knew and that it was only a small price.

It was equivalent to 7 billion dollars today.

And he had planned to fund that entire sum of money that into biotech companies, which were most likely nonexistent back then.

How did this kid even win Best Delegate? Granted, his face paled considerably when the 7 billion dollars were announced, and he revoked his statement, but still.

Thus, there was example number one of idiocy.

Example number two?

Park Jimin and his ridiculous antics.

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part two

He’s a thinker, a planner, and a philosopher, dissecting life and the world’s inhabitants. He likes to study the girl in his Potions period. She always wraps her hair into a tight bun, never quite catching each strand or curl. Her eyebrows never seem void of emotion, constantly expressing each thought or concern. He likes to watch her think. She does this thing, licking a stripe along her bottom lip, then quickly sucking the plump, pink flesh into her mouth. She doesn’t intend to give him a raging hard-on, but then again, she doesn’t even know he exists. He’s like a ghost to her. Constantly watching. Constantly waiting for attention, yet never being seen, never being realized, never being noted. He has a ‘shrine,’ as Zabini calls it. Its nothing much, just a box of things significant to them her himself. She dropped a quill in a hurry towards lunch; he meant to give it back, but never felt the urge to separate himself from a thing she touched, used, cared for. He wants her to touch him. He wants her to use him. If she only cared- then the world would be perfect.
Everyone has a way to deal with things. Theodore swims in the Black Lake when he’s stressed. On a cold day, when the wind shouts and the moon beams, he floats along the water’s edge, staring into black nothingness, the chill of the liquid plunging into his bones. No one gets why he does it, but Draco suspects he finds some sort of peace, knowing that the cold and dark feeling is his choice. Pansy’s a whore and everyone knows it. She’ll spread her legs for anyone that calls her pretty. She once said, drunk and insecure, that sex was an escape from feeling emotionally raped. He’s never judged her since. Blaise, perhaps, is the most sane of the three. He sings in the shower. Sure, to other houses, it might seem mundane, but to Zabini, its something else entirely. He’s quiet. That’s all he is, really. He’s the quiet, winter chill no one can touch. He only even responds to three other people in the castle, simply because they’re the only ones who won’t shriek in fear. Even with Malfoy, he barely laughs. The only time Draco ever saw him gasp for air from a joke is when Theo peed on himself at the beach. Yet, when everyone has left quidditch practice, and he thinks he’s alone, by himself, Blaise will casually hum a Sinatra tune, soon expanding into a full belt. He actually has a nice voice, from what Draco’s heard. In fact, he wouldn’t be surprised if Blaise pursued in the art, behind closed doors, of course. However, floating in the abyss, drowning in sex, and singing into an empty loo didn’t really scream Draco. He found an alternative.

Dearest Y/n,

You don’t know me. I don’t quite know you. 
You see, I don’t even know your middle name. I don’t know if you like the colour blue, or if you’ve ever been stung by a bee. Yet, I know that when you’re feeling sad, you pick at your fingernails and get an unbelievably adorable pout. I know that when you’re happy, you click your toes along the tile floor and crinkle your nose like a bunny rabbit. I know that you’re grossed out by frog legs, and that you hate being partnered with Anthony Goldstein. 
I realize this all must be a bit odd, and even creepy, so I’ll tell you some things about me. When I’m upset, I close my eyes, and imagine you and myself dancing in a field of violets. You’re dressed in a pretty, white sundress, your hair soaked wet from our day in the ocean. The sun is drying us, and for once in my day, I smile, imagining what life would be like if you were mine. When I’m happy, I write. I write to you, telling you about my day. I tell myself you’ll read this letter, and that you actually care about how my existence. I’m grossed out by messy eaters, and I positively hate cockroaches. 
I believe you have the right to know I’m in love with you. I understand how hard it must be to understand. But, please know that I believe you’re beautiful perfection everything. You’re my Aphrodite, my Cleopatra, my Victoria. I feel like I’m flying with angel wings when you bump into me while reaching for an ingredient and I can feel my heart leap into my throat whenever I hear your voice. I know this is what love feels like, and I just think you should know.

Best Regards,
Draco L. Malfoy

Four of these were made per day. He would vent about how stupidly Gryffindors acted, or if Trelawney assigned a project over the weekend. At night, he’d dream of Italian honeymoons and promiscuous rendezvous in the Prefect’s bathroom. However, on a particularly gloomy, Friday afternoon in February, he was interrupted abruptly from a smutty letter on the fourteenth.

Dearest Y/n,

It is finally the fourteenth of February. Saint Valentine has separated a day from the year where couples and singles and friends and enemies can come together, spreading the sheer joy of love. I absolutely despise it. I’ve never been anyone’s Valentine, but I think I could be a good candidate. I know that if you were mine, I’d lavish you in chocolates and diamonds. I’d enchant the Room of Requirement to become a lover’s paradise, complete with a lofty bed. I’d spread you onto the silky, pink sheets, kissing your neck and ravishing your skin. I’d watch your lips pucker with a choked moan, rutting into the mattress as you claw my back. Slowly, I’d lift your delicate dress, trailing my hand up your-

WHAT?!’ Blaise huffed, throwing a book towards Draco’s head. ‘We have a Charms exam Monday, and I am not allowing you to waste the weekend studying when we could finish it all right now.’ He took one look at the undignified paper before willing away his erection, and marching out the dormitory with a slam. He really hated it when Blaise was right.
Macbeth, the Malfoy family owl, was making a round trip to Draco for the holiday. His mother delivered a fresh box of sweets, to ‘get through the lonely times,’ while his father restocked his Gringotts account. However, the eagle-owl spotted a letter on the desk of Master Malfoy, along with a heady stack of signed and stamped messages. Hooting towards Theo, the boy smiled, lazily, slipping into his pajamas. ‘Hey, there, Oh Great Ruler, Macbeth.’ The owl nearly smiled, landing onto the shoulder of its companion. ‘How’ve you been, you elusive thing? Good, I hope.’ Snatching a rat’s tale from his satchel, he threw it into Macbeth’s mouth, smiling as the bird happily nibbled on its treat. Theo jerked his thumb towards the letters, almost smirking. ‘Can you believe he’s been writing telegrams to Y/n L/n for nearly two years and has yet to say hello? All he really needs is a nudge-WAIT!’ The bird swooped down to the desk, swiftly picking up a dozen letters, including the dirty passage he had yet to finish. Theo was already a dead man.

a/n- part II or nah

Someone You Like

Originally posted by tompollander

A/N: I mentally sobbed while typing this, this is adorable and i probably should focus on my school work now whoops. Leave any requests in my messages or asks !

Prompt: based off the song “Someone You Like” by The Girl And The Dreamcatcher, with ramblings from Tom’s mind, then the reader’s mind, then ends with Tom’s again.

Pairing: Tom Holland x Reader

Warnings: adorable, the fluffiest, you will probably cry at how cute this is

“I saw you with that ribbon in your hair
Think that I began to stare
Maybe I’ll love you for a while”

There she was. The girl I always see in the same coffee shop every day. With that adorable thin blue ribbon in her hair. Every time I come in and see her, I stare until she leaves. Sounds kinda creepy, but she’s beautiful. If it’s possible, I  feel like I’ve fallen in love. One-sided love at first sight.

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Arrow 5x20 “Underneath” Review: A Matter of Trust


I’m not going to a frame by frame recap of everything that happened in 5x20. The likelihood that you have rewatched this episode as many times as I have is pretty high. You probably know the entire episode back-to-front and can probably translate it into foreign languages. I am not judging you. I am proud of you. I’ve gotten some messages from readers—always a wonderful treat—that ranged from what did I think of the episode? To what did I think about the sex? To what do I think this means for Olicity? All fabulous questions.

First, I think this episode was amazing. Say hello to the best episode of season 5. Granted, that’s not saying much because there’s only been like four other good ones. But damn was this a mighty fine episode. This episode would have stood out even in a better season. Why? Because the writers finally pulled their heads out of their asses and stopped leashing the magnetic chemistry between Stephen Amell and Emily Bett Rickards. Finally Olicity was allowed to interact. This show was better for it. It always is.

Second, the sex was hot. 

Do I think it topped 3x20? No, not for me. That was pretty special. Also not in terms of explicitness—

though let’s be real when he spun her around real quick we were all wondering if the CW had suddenly been bought by Starz. But it was also so achingly sweet—especially when he stopped, said her name and really made sure she was wanted this even though she initiated it. It’s little signs like that Oliver will always try to put Felicity’s wellbeing before his own that has always been such a favorite trademark Olicity thing for me.

Third, I think this is all good things for Olicity. This episode is really about their breakup—and it’s only twenty-eight episodes overdue. And I’ve been sent messages of do I think they did a good job in explaining the breakup?

Yes and no. The writers will never admit to their own culpability in writing such a poorly thought out storyline. So they’ll keep moving the reasons for the storyline around until something fits. And I feel like they got close to that in this episode. They also managed to tie it back into the current season and Oliver’s most recent struggle with himself. I’m not saying it’s perfect but I do believe you should maybe manage your expectations, which I’ve chosen to do. We’re on the back half of the life of this show and I’d just like to enjoy what time I have left with my favorites as much as I can. It’ll never be perfect; but Olicity is and I truly believe that once they are officially reunited that they will never break them up again. That’s all done. That doesn’t mean I’m ever going to forget the bad, atrocious writing choices. But I can’t change them either.

For me, despite the clunky back-to-back Felicity apologies, 5x20 worked. Simply put: I loved the Olicity focus. I liked the simpler focus on their bond and their characters’ histories with each other. When Arrow gives its characters a chance to breathe, it always hits high notes and that is especially true when SA and EBR share scenes. They are a special magic together and finally the writers told them to stop pretending they don’t have enough chemistry to fire up a second sun and let that connect happen between these characters again.

Granted, given the flashbacks it really does make 5A seem all the worse. That forced distance was just dumb. And you’ll never justify to me how Felicity Smoak went from hot Salmon Ladder sex to screwing a guppy but whatever. Any more than Oliver’s decision to move from Salmon Ladder sex to screwing a water snake made any sense. 

It’s all rather baffling given all the damn heart eyes.

I think how the writers tied in the breakup to Oliver’s current emotional crisis and their current place with each other is one of the reasons this episode excelled for me.

It all comes back to trust.

As I’m writing this meta review, I can’t help but think there’s so little left for me to say. I’ve already said and argued for the things they showed in this episode. I’ve been waiting for the show to catch up with me.

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Fic: Nobody Else (Philip/Lukas)

Summary: Five Times Philip and Lukas are total besties and one time Lukas sort of has an epiphany. (Or: there are no murders, Lukas and Philip become best friends, and stuff happens.)

A/N: Okay, I have such a friendship kink. Like, if you can’t be BFFs with your s/o then why bother, right? And I LOVE LOVE LOVE the way these two connect and also, well, they are kind of dumb when it comes to feelings, which is something I can relate to. So that’s my excuse for writing this. It was meant to be a short 1k ficlet but I don’t know why I even still pretend I can be succinct.

Also up on the AO3


Lukas is trailing after Philip to the edge of the Caldwell’s property, not really understanding where they’re going or why.

“Are you ever going to tell me where you’re dragging me off to?” he asks.

Philip looks back at him and shakes his head, waves Lukas on. “Nope. It’s a surprise. Calm down. It’s not that much further.”

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Bucky BarnesAU! x reader

Summary: you are the unofficial editor of Bucky’s writings. One day, you discover, in his computer, a document with your nickname.

A/N: I hope you enjoy this writing; it was too much fun to write it!

Tags: @supersoldierslover @barnesandnoble13

Originally posted by bucky-plums-barnes

(Credits to the owner of the gif)

‘I will be there at 5, Bucky.’

‘Ok, you know where everything is. And you know, you have total freedom to tell me what you think about these chapters.’

'There are no worst editors or literary critics than me, uh?’

'That is the reason why I don’t fear them, Y/N.’

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I Needed This

This is something I posted a month or two ago, but it was then pointed out that almost all of the links were broken…and at the same time, tumblr enacted their new restrictive linking policy. Meaning almost no one it was directed at actually saw it. I haven’t had the chance to correct the problem until now, and in that short time, the post referred to has climbed to over 14,000 notes. Like…what? Holy crap. Okay.

I wish I could sit down and reply to everyone who responded to the post, but at this point that’s just impossible. Just know, I do see the notes, and I’m grateful for every single one.

Below is the fixed post, as it was supposed to appear in April. If you’ve already read it, feel free to disregard this and scroll on by.

So…I’m gonna do one of my weird things. This isn’t really to do with FFVIII, but…I feel like I owe people this. Because I’ve been watching this silly little writing power build and build and snowball, and…it just seems…so counter to the situation of the people I seem to be reaching, that I can’t just let it sit there and rack up “points” in the form of notes without taking a moment (well, a few hours at this point, but I had the time, and this is what I decided to do with it) to at least acknowledge the response. I’ve received messages from people, a flood of kind comments and tags, I’ve watched people reach out to one another to support them in their writing endeavors. Most of it has been outside this fandom, so…I apologize ahead of time if this is somewhat off-topic.

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hypnotised (3)

How to say that the tips of my bones

crack into a thousand pieces,

that all the plans in my life have crashed

now that everything was perfect.

 pt 1, pt 2, pt 3

pairing: reader x baekhyun
genre: angst

The half emptied glass of wine was cold when you silently sipped from it. In front of you sat Junmyeon with his worried but also tired expression. His dark clothes and dark circles under his eyes looked so familiar yet so different. Coughing you reminded silent because in fact you didn’t have an answer to his plea. There was a visible shock on his perfect face when you told him about the separation; he for all was the one responsible for the introduction between you and Baekhyun. You could feel the unpleasant stillness surrounding both of you and mechanically you reached out for another bottle of alcohol. It only made him arch his trimmed brow.

“I need it today,” explaining you poured red liquid with dizzy mind. “So please don’t look at me like that, Junmyeon” he averted his eyeballs and stared at his hands. You could sense bitter taste of alcohol almost burning the tip of your tongue.

“I’m sorry, you look really tired” he tried to sound neutral but from all you could hear it was crystal clear pity in his voice. “But I’m completely clueless,” he nervously patted his knee and locked his eyes with yours. The stinging sensation in your chest anew its torture.  You felt as if you were drowning and all you could do was to let it happen. Thousands thoughts ran through your mind but somehow you reminded breathless. How all of this happened?

“You want me to throw away my job, my career, the only thing that is mine and go to Europe with you?” maybe it was wine that has spoken for you but between your raw accusation there were bits of your broken heart. “Because Baekhyun told you that he isn’t going,” your lips formed thin line and before you could stop yourself, you started to laugh. He looked at you with a frown and your façade crumbled. How was it possible to hurt one so much? Strange feeling in your throat made you tremble. Gripping the edge of the table you closed your eyes with overwhelming hopelessness. The scent of Baekhyun’s cologne invaded your nostrils and that’s when you gave in and animal like shriek came from your lips. The past few days turned you into mess, either you couldn’t function without him or you were afraid of loneliness.

Hey, hey. Easy, it’s okay. It’s fine,” Junmyeon’s hands soothed your arched back with careful motions. “I think it will be better for both of you if you went with us. You need to breathe some fresh air, right? It’s selfish but I need him on this tour but you can spend time together and heal” his fingers played with your strands when you cried your eyes out.  "Because you need it and I can see the pain you are in"

“I can’t. He’s deceiving himself Junmyeon. I see how he struggles to deceive himself that he is still in love with me. I need to let him go, I can’t make him miserable” his sad face hovered above you when you slipped out from the chair. “We were too used to each other. He is afraid of not having me around him and that’s all” coming towards another bottle you were stopped by his slender body. “Let me go, that’s the only option” he wriggled your wrist and made you face him.

“No, he is in love with you. He’s always been. You are his happiness and now he’s left without it. I know he loves you, I can spread his love on the walls to show you how much he cares for you. You know his personality. You are his only one, believe me” his forehead wrinkled and he sat you down and sighed. “Both of you should talk this out. You are made for each other. Seriously, go to the Europe, hm?” your head spanned and you nodded at his sweet words. “Come, I will walk you to the bed”

Before he leaves you remembers how it was to sleep with Baekhyun for the very first time. Ironically, it was all Junmyeon’s fault that both of you had to squeeze on his small bed. You had cold feet and Baekhyun joked about you being Olaf and then he kissed you under few pairs of blankets with your limbs tangled with each other. Sleeping in an empty room without any of that loveliness you drifted between sleep and crying.


You had red eyes and pillow marks when you saw yourself in the mirror after throwing up. You’ve never been heavy drinker because of your stomach. That’s why now you were regretting your sad drunken night. When you could stand on your own you poured water in a glass to clean the unpleasant after taste. Showering didn’t help so you jumped into comfortable yoga pants and powder pink blouse with cartoon’s character. Having slept almost fourteen hours you were met with the realization that in fact you only had few hours till another evening. Staring at lifeless living room you roamed around it with no purpose. You could feel the pain in your bones and in your heart but you still tried to withstand it. Maybe that’s how broken pieces in your chest mend. Throwing yourself on the bed you stared at the ceiling with resignation. The offer of Junmyeon seemed silly at first but on the other hand you’ve wanted to run away from Seoul for a long time. Maybe that trip could repair broken bond between you and Baekhyun? Trying not to get over excited you unlocked your mobile phone, scrolling past some dates and taping at the one of boys departure. Placing phone to your lips you searched deep in yourself. Was it okay to fly with them? Would it be beneficial to your relationship?

Rolling around you reached out for blank paper and pencil. If you decided to go you needed to be prepared, right? Writing down every essential you’ve thought of, you slowly became relaxed. Almost as if the last night episode didn’t happen. Even your strained muscles didn’t ache so much when you changed into another position. Sighing you were met with full list of things to buy and with another swing you walked towards the closet.

If you decided to go, you would do it perfectly.


You cursed under your breath while trying to close your trunk. Buying mid sized suitcase and putting it at the back of your small vehicle was going to cost your nerves. Irritated you slammed the doors and to your own shock it clicked. Letting yourself smile you quickly jumped in and started the engine. You’ve never liked shopping but today when all of the things you’ve bought made you smile, you decided that you should do it more often. Before pulling off you switched to the speaker mode and tried to call Junmyeon to let him know about your decision. He didn’t answer so you left him a message with the information and apology for the last night. Before you could stop yourself you picked Baekhyun’s number and dialling it you bit your lips nervously.


“Um, hi. Am I interrupting your schedule?” gripping steering wheel your hands became almost ghostly pale.

“No, I’m actually at home. You know, dorm. Is something wrong?” his voice vibrated through your whole body but still you could hear notes of sadness there.

“I was wondering if I could pay you a visit? Short one, of course. There is something I’ve wanted to tell you,” catching yourself in the mirror you winced and closed your eyes. There was nerve-wracking silence for at least forty seconds before he answered.

“Yeah, sure. I’ll be waiting”

Something seemed different in his halo but you repressed that thought and without losing time you drove towards him.


He looked like shit.

You’ve never seen him in this state. His hair was ruffled and you could swear that it was greasy. The oversized flannel tracksuit made him look so small and young that your instinct kicked in with double force. Your hand carrying his favourite cupcakes trembled and you put them on the commode. His glossy and bloodshot eyes stared at you with strange look. You felt as you’ve done something terrible. Gulping you stood in front of him, placing some of his tresses behind his ear.

“What’s happened?” your soft voice made his lips flutter. “Are you sick?” he inwardly took step back from you and you stopped moving. “I know about your refusal. But I’ve talked with Junmyeon,” trying to smile at him you failed when he didn’t even look at you. “He suggested that I came with you, I thought about us and I decided to go,” you reached for him and before he could run from you, you hugged his back as hard as you could. “We will go together, okay? We are going to have time for ourselves, we could sightsee and talk about everything. Just as in the past, do you agree?” you knew that you sounded pitiful when your high pitched voice turned into whisper that hit his shoulder blades. “I’ve bought everything today and I’m ready,” clenching your fists on his clothes you prayed for his response. In your mind all you did was to beg.

“You want to go to Europe with me?” his husky sigh sounded relived but strained. Still not facing you his person seemed to contract. “Are you serious?” another question was sputtered from his mouth and he spun around holding your shoulders and digging his long fingers in your skin without pain. “Tell me if you are seriously giving me another chance,” his wide brown eyes searched for something on your face and you slowly nodded.

“I’m here because I love you and I know that both of us are hurt. Both of us needs to sort their feelings out,” his breath ghosted on your cheeks and you thought that he is going to kiss you when his tongue licked his brim. Closing your eyelids your neck strained in his direction.

Only to be met with nothingness.

Your head jerked when you heard muffled crying next to you. He was leaning over the wall and sobbing. Repressing your shock you tried to hold him but he refused giving you his teary gaze.

“Baekhyun, are you alright?” you could feel your knees growing weaker and weaker when his cry ended and he only stared at you with pain all over his perfect features.

“If we are going to give each other another chance I need to be honest with you, just as you were when you’ve told me all of the things when we broke up,” his lower lip wobbled and few tears ran down his skin. “But, remember. I love you,” he dropped his gaze and you were met with silence for a few minutes. Each one hammering into you as a wave. “I’ve cheated on you,” his broken whisper was like a sharp, cold water entering your lungs before you could swam towards the surface.

And then there was only whiteness.    

In The Arms of The Angel

Plot Summary: Warren Worthington has insecurities about his soulmate.
Word Count: 744
Warnings: Insecurity, low self-esteem, emotions that should not be felt but are still felt by people because the human system of emotions are not cool sometimes, just unhappy emotions, happy endingish though
Notes: I spent way too much time on this, and named it after a Sarah McLachlan song.  What have I done?

Warren Worthington III did not deserve a soulmate.  No matter how much he tried to explain to others, they seemed to shrug it off, then tell him something like:

“You’ll find them in time.”

“They’ll love you no matter what.”

“Everyone deserves a soulmate.”

They were wrong.  All of them.  They knew the things he’d done, they knew his past, therefore they should know he doesn’t deserve romantic love, or the feeling of someone’s arms wrapping around him.

Warren Worthington III tried to ignore his soulmate.  She was too friendly, too sweet, too innocent, (he was pretty sure that Jean physically cringed when he ranted about that too her).  She was someone who seemed not to know struggle, or know what was wrong with the world.  He’d wake up with drawings of flowers on his arms, cutesy little quotes on his hand.  Why he felt that as annoying, he had no idea:

“Maybe she’s pushing down her struggles.”

“You never know how people are on the inside.”

“She’s not a bad artist.”

Warren Worthington wanted a soulmate.  He wanted to reply to the messages she’d write, and talk to her.  But he didn’t know what to say.  What would he say?  An apology for not replying to any of the words she’d written for him the past few years?  He couldn’t just do that.  She’d reject him, like every other person in his life had done.  But results do not occur if action isn’t taken.  And his soulmate is left to wonder:

“Are you okay?”

“Are you dead?”

“Am I writing on a corpse?”

One day, as he woke up, Warren found a pen on his bedside table, and a note right next to it:

Dude, you need to talk to them, or at least doodle something.
P.S. Seriously it’s saddening.  Just attempt something.  You don’t have to do it right now, but please just try contact.

Warren sighed, and picked up the pen.  What would he do?  He had no idea, but an idea came into mind.  Carefully, he drew a wing.  A few moments later, he got a response.

Is that a leaf?


It looks like a crappy leaf.

It’s a wing.

A crappy wing.

Thanks princess.

Oh now we have names?

I’m Warren, what’s yours?

If you’d read the messages I’d sent earlier, you’d know it’s Y/N.

Eesh, sorry.

Warren stopped writing for a bit, he needed to eat, and talk to someone about this.  Maybe Ororo would listen.  Of course she would, he just needed to find her.  He opened the window, and flew out of his room, down to the courtyard.  There, he found Ororo sitting near Jean and some other girl.  He quickly landed, and the three turned towards him.

“Oh Warren,” Ororo began.  “Have you met Y/N?  She’s visiting her cousin right now.”  Warren nearly froze.  That wasn’t her.  It couldn’t be.  He could see Y/N’s face as well.  The two of them had to be each other's’ soulmates.  Jean smirked, and kept her mouth shut, and Ororo seemed to not want to say anything.

“We’ll let you guys talk.” Ororo blurted out, before yanking Jean from her seat on the ground, and leaving the area.

“So…” he tried to speak.  It was kind of hard to think of something to say when sheer perfection was right in front of you.  Finally, she began to talk.

“What took you so long to reply?” Warren wanted to explain, to let her know his feelings of inadequacy, but it felt too hard.  “Every time I wrote a message, I kept thinking that you were dead, or with someone else coincidentally writing the same things on their wrist, or that maybe you just didn’t think I was good enough.  Am I not good enough?”  

Warren looked up from the ground, and into her eyes.  It only took a few seconds for them to widen in realization.

“You felt that way too, didn’t you?”  Warren nodded, still unable to speak.  She took one step towards him, then another, and another, until there was barely any space between the two of them.  She reached for his hands, and he held them.

“I guess we both have low self-esteem.  That’s okay, I’ll love you for you if you love me for me.”

Warren Worthington had finally found his soulmate.

Pregnant? (Saeyoung x MC)

Fandom: Mystic Messenger
Pairing: Saeyoung/MC -you
Summary: Mc is pregnant with Saeyoungs baby, now how…to tell him?

Author’s Notes: This was a request by a cutie - not really a HC but a small drabble ₍՞◌′ᵕ‵ू◌₎♡ .

Hopefully you like it!(°◡°♡).:。


So the first question is, was the baby planed? Not exactly, you see… Saeyoung has a mind of his own when it comes to expressing his love…or any other kind of emotion.

Is he angry? Sex.

Is he sad? Sex.

Does he have a lot of work to do? Sex.

Is he horny or wants to show MC some sweet love? SEX!

Now you probably understand, how easy it was for MC to get pregnant.

You should also realize how quickly she actually got pregnant – so quick that even she didn’t notice that she was pregnant.

After she missed two of her monthly visitors – she was sure, that she was with child. Then she tried to think of a plan how to tell Saeyoung that she was pregnant and how would he react?

Would he be happy, scared, and angry?

She decided, that the easiest way was either to tell him to his face OR … to hack into his computer. Her eyes were glinting at the thought of messing up his work schedule.

But how could she do it alone? At that exact moment – Saeran entered the living room she was sitting in, then she remembered how skilled he was with the computer and decided, that her accomplice will be Saeran!

She lunged at him, took his hands and told him with much excitement that he was going to be an uncle. Saeran bashfully held her hands and blushed, but all the while gave her a gentle smile and congratulated her. »Congratulations, Mc. I am happy for you.«

She giggled at how cute Saearan could be and pulled him into a hug, he gently enveloped his hands around her and sighed.

Then she told him about her plan, how they would hack into Saeyoungs computer so it would write out: Dr. Papa~ and if he didn’t understand that she would tell him.

He agreed and it took him a whole day, two tubs of ice cream and many cat videos to finally hack into his brother’s computer.

The seed was planted and the two of them just needed to wait.

So they waited and waited…and nothing happened. They were starting to get annoyed by all the waiting, so Mc decided, enough is enough. She stood up, stomped towards Saeyoungs room, knocked wildly and entered without waiting for a permission.

Then Saeyoung turned around, looked at her with a bored expression and said »What is it? You are bothering me, someone hacked my computer and send me a message Dr. Papa…how dumb is this hacker it’s Dr. Pepper not PAPA.«

Mc only scratched her head at that and sighed. She took a deep breath, straightened out her sweater and stared at Saeyoung. It’s time. As she gazed down at her feet, she heard his chair squeak and his steps getting closer. He kneeled down so that he was looking up at her and gave her a big smile.

»Is something wrong? You can tell me anything!«

She shook her head and gave him a weak smile, at that he stood up and took her hand.

»Mc you are scaring me, tell me what’s wrong?!«

She took his other hand and laid it on her stomach. »I have something…uhm…very important to tell you.«

He only made a confused face and then! Ah! His eyes shone.

»I know now!, MC omg!« She started to giggle and nodded. »Yes, Saeyoung.«

He put both of his hands on her belly and said. »You gained some weight.«

                                                        .        .       .

Meanwhile Saeran was sitting in the living room, sipping on his tea and waiting for the dumb couple to come out. But then he heard steps and yells. »GAINED WEIGHT?! I GAINED WEIGHT? HOW DARE YOU!!« He saw how Mc was running after Saeyoung , with robot-dog in her hands – which was blasting fire at Saeyoungs butt. 

»I. HAVE. GAINED. WEIGHT!!! Because I am eating for two! Maybe three you idiot!«

Suddenly Saeyoung stopped in his track robot-dog stopped blasting fire and he turned towards the tired and sweaty Mc.

»You,…y-you, are pregnant?« She looked at him and saw the biggest smile ever. His eyes shone and he wore such a silly smile on his face. He was being all fidgety and didn’t know where to place his hands. He started to pace around her and looked at her with admiration and love. »My beautiful space princess, ah- aaaah she is so gorgeous and she is having our child. Look at her, so—so..THANK YOU!!« As he said that he picked her up and twirled her around and instead of flames robot-dog shoot out some flower petals.

So they twirled and laughed and were happy. Even Saeran – though he pretended to hate how silly his family was, he couldn’t help but be excited to be an uncle.


Warning: Nothing

Word Count: 1400+ (Not my best writing)

Pairing: Draco x reader

Summary: Y/N and Draco like each other 

Requested: Yes

Originally posted by fallingforamalfoy

Your skin tingled where he touched your delicate hand. You looked up quickly at him.  Your heart pounded erratically in your chest, banging against your ribcage. There were butterflies in your chest.

That was the feeling you got the first time he touched you. Of course—it was a complete and utter accident, but he kept his hand on yours and a little longer than he should have. You figured he liked you too. But that’s what everyone with crushes concludes. You just hoped.

At first it was weird, you came into year six with a new mindset. You were somehow thinking about boys, thinking about forbidden ones—Draco Malfoy. Suddenly you were in love with the idea of falling in love. It was unpredictable and crazy, but you liked picking out eye candy around the school. The first time you noticed him was this year. The first time he touched you, that was the first time you looked at him that way.

His eyes weren’t just light blue they had a gray undertone in them and his arms were muscled, just like you had imagined. His smile was the best, even if he smiled the only time he bullied someone.

So there you sat in class looking at the boy you once had hated. Watching as his delicate blonde hairs fell onto his brow, causing him to brush it away. His skin so pale it almost made him look snark against his black suit. His voice angelic in its syntax, probably demonic in its motive, but you didn’t mind. So you gazed at him even more, taking in every feature you could.

He turned around and smirked at your awful attempts to keep your staring hidden. You quickly shot your eyes to the teacher and avoided his gaze. “Don’t act like I didn’t see you staring at me— sweetheart.” You could tell the name felt unusual to him, they way it rolled off his tongue. But yet, he made it work. His whisper was low and husky.

Your eyes flickered to him quickly, hearing what he had just called you. You racked your mind for every lie you could possibly tell him and came up with the most plausible one you could.

“You’re blocking my view.” You told angrily, poking your head to the left so you could see Snape.

“I am the view,” he simpered smugly, but almost as he if he was trying to be seductive. He combed his slender fingers through his blonde hair and searched your eyes. He locked yours with his and winked at you. You couldn’t help but smile to yourself, you swiped your tongue over your bottom lip and pulled the pink flesh with your teeth into your mouth.

From the corner of your eye, you say him eyeing you. You returned your gaze onto the parchment and began to write again. You waited for class to end, for the world to swallow you up whole. This was so embarrassing


After class, you began to walk out, but someone caught your arm. You turned back to see Draco holding on to your arm tightly. Almost as if he rehearsed it all before he gently pulled you down the hall to a quiet corner in the hallway.

“Get off of me.” You tried to act as if you weren’t actually turned on from being under his touch. He laughed quietly, releasing you from his touch and turning you towards him. You looked at him and gave a dirty look. He chuckled again, pulling you closer by your house tie. You slapped his hand away and huffed at him.

“I saw you staring at me.” He pointed out as if he got the wrong message from you. “I guess that just reassured me to… to—”

“Yes?” You asked, putting a hand on your hip and pulling your lip into your mouth again. You sunk your teeth into the pink flesh and looked at him annoyed.

“I just wanted to ask you if—,” He trailed off and looked up with a sigh.

“I like Hogsmeade,” You smirked at him shifting on your other foot.

“You like Hogsmeade,” he muttered under his breath, almost as if he was taking a note of what you were saying.

“I also like The Three Broomsticks.” He looked at you and shuffled nervously.

“Tomorrow then,” He smiled at you. “Meet me as soon as everyone leaves.” You grinned at him and began to walk away.. “Is that a yes?” He asked looking at the back of you head. You stopped suddenly and nodded, before scurrying off to your next class.


It was finally Saturday. You felt as if you were on the date of your lifetime. What to wear… what to wear, you thought. You threw open your truck looking for something sexy.  You stopped and sighed. I have to dress casually. Your mind raced. So you slip into a pair of jeans, and slip on a grey tank top, over the white one. You slid your coat onto your shoulders and slipped your arms through the holes. You ran through the doors of your common room and dashed down the hall excitedly.

Draco’s usual slouch had been replaced by a stiff mannequin pose. He realized you would be here any minute. He zipped his coat up higher and rubbed his hands together. He imagined touching your Y/H/C hair as he kissed you, or told you a funny joke and bought you a butterbeer. He knew it was your favorite. And soon you showed up, with the snow slowly melting in your hair. He smiled at you happily, almost thinking you stood him up.

With legs crossed and your coat hanging from the chair, you sat across the table listening to him talk about quidditch. Two butterbeers sat between you both.

“Seems like you really love quidditch,” You smiled at him. He stopped abruptly and picked up his butterbeer. “What about you?” he said taking a sip of the warm, sweet drink.

“I love potions class.” You began, “And Defense Against The Dark Arts.” He looked shocked “I’ve always loved teaching too,” You leaned back in your chair. “Maybe—I don’t know—maybe—I could be a professor, you know?” He nodded eagerly. “I would want to inspire kids, the way the Dumbledore inspire me.” Draco never liked Dumbledore, but you liked him. So instead of grimacing he say there and smiled. Your eyes flickered to his. You suddenly wanted to him—and run your fingers through his hair.

It was almost like a movie, the chick flicks you would watch about the two teenagers that would fall in love in an instant, but that’s how you felt. Not that you were head over heels over him—god no. But he was something.

He pulled you to the back of the building and laughed with you as you chased over the chocolate frog.

“It’s fine Y/N!” He laughed tiredly “I can buy you another one.” You beamed at him. “I could buy you the whole store if you like.” You laughed and pulled him into you. You both stumbled towards the wall, him pushing you up against it.

“Don’t be silly.” But Draco didn’t answer, instead, he moves his head closer to yours. He sits frozen, from both fear and excitement. Before he leans in, so your foreheads rest against each other. You close your eyes. “Thank you,” He says in barely more than a whisper.

“For what?” you reply.

“For being you.” Her voice wavers, exhilarated from the tension between you two. “For being the girl I want to be a better man for.”

You gently lean in and kiss his warm lips. One planted right there—on the spot. You pull apart and take shaky, shallow breaths. Unable to contain yourselves anymore, Draco holds your head in his hands and pulls her into a passionate kiss. You hands work their way around his body, feeling each crevasse, each line along his perfect, lanky physique.

The fresh gray color swirled into an Atlantic blue as you gazed at his eyes. You could feel yourself become hypnotized by the changing colors. He looked into yours—they almost looked like they sparkled.

Draco’s hands venture over your body and pull your small frame closer to his. You pull apart and open your eyes. Draco’s full of wonder and love, yours full of curiosity.

Draco leans in a softly kisses your lips again.

“But just don’t stop being that cheeky bastard in class,” You smiled slightly. “I kinda like that.”

Ways to Say I Love You

Pairing: Wonho x Reader
Word count: 2,040

Originally posted by wonhontology

You arrived back home to your empty, spacious apartment that you shared with your love, Shin Hoseok. He wasn’t home, but this was not new at all. You kicked off your shoes at the entrance and dragged yourself further into the small living room that had a stunning view onto the city. You walked over to the even smaller kitchen and put the groceries on the counter.

You decided to cook for Hoseok. You knew, he will arrive home late at night, but you wanted him to eat well. He was working extremely lot these days and you knew, if you didn’t give him food, he might as well forget to eat at all. He always kept saying that you should eat well and healthily but sometimes he needed a reminder that he has to be healthy too. You made his favorite food, ramen, which always cheered him up and warmed the both of you up. You smiled to yourself knowing, that he would eat ramen at any given chance. Sometimes you even wondered if he likes you or the food more.

You cooked in the dim light as the sun was about to set, and the motorway’s lights started to light up the bustling city. You hummed to yourself, the sweet scent of fresh vegetables already lingering around the room and soon conquering the whole apartment. The feeling of living together was still new to you, due to the fact that you were mostly alone. There were small pictures of you and Hoseok all over the house that always made you feel warmer but that couldn’t be compared to the feeling of hearing his laughter or his warm arms wrapped around your torso to hold you securely. You softly smiled to yourself as the simple thought of Hoseok made you cheer up and make you feel warm.

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EXO GIF React - You Being Important Person at SM/Being Busier Than Them

Request: Hello there. Can you do an exo reaction when youre their gf and youre one of the most important people in SM plus youre busier than them? I hope you get what i mean! And thank you wish you have a good daaaay.

A/N: HELLO! You’re my very first request on this blog. I’m crying so hard rn. I’m so happy. And I think I’ve got it. Like maybe you being an important idol at SM, or maybe being a manager, or just someone with a high position in general. You would be loads busy!

Okay, this is my first one, so I will try my best. 

Please bear with me and take care of me! <3

Note: I’m doing this one ot9 because the request makes it kind of difficult for me to write a reaction about LuTaoRis, since they’re no longer part of SM Entertainment. But otherwise, I will try to make most requests ot12.

I realize there are only 9 now, but it is a personal choice to include all 12.

*bc luhan is my bias. there, i said it* <3

Also, sorry these get longer as I go down the list. I tried to keep them rather short, but I just had so much to say about the members.


baekhyun: i feel like he’d be super whiny, but that teasing/playful type of whiny where he misses you even though he understands that you’re busy. 

“jagi i feel like i haven’t seen you in forever! you seem busier than i am these days.”

but tbh i also think he’d be the type to grab you by surprise when he sees you walking down the hallway, just to give you a quick kiss.

chanyeol: i think he’d be similar to baekhyun in the sense that he would be whiny and needy for attention. just imagine him whining with that deep voice of his!

“hi jagi!”

he’d probably be the type to wave hello at you EVERY TIME you pass him in  the SM building. i also think he and baekhyun would go the most out of their way to make you smile if you look stressed or you’re having a bad day.

not that the others wouldn’t. just that baek and chan would take it as their personal mission in life–for the day.

d.o.: of all the members, i think he’s one of the top three who would most be concerned with your health if they see you’re overworking yourself. he would probably try to get you something to snack on or some tea. something quick and nice to make your day better.

he would miss you and want to spend time with you. but rather than burdening you with complaints, he would shower you with affection. without many words though, since we know soo is rather the silent type.

“you should get some rest, you’re overworking yourself.”

sehun: our little maknae is used to being loved and coddled, which is understandable since he is the youngest in exo. so i feel like he’d be even needier than chan and baek. 

he’d probably be texting you with cute but whiny little texts.

“jagi,” or noona, since i feel like he’d be into girls who are older than him. “how long has it been since we spent time together? i can’t even remember what you look like.”

“sehunnie, i saw you this morning…”

suho: he is a more understanding person, especially because he of all people in exo know what its like to be busy.i mean, he is the leader of exo–the guardian–and he takes care of all the members like they’re his little brothers. 

also, of the three that i mentioned earlier that would be the most understanding, he would be one of them.

he would definitely miss you and would be upset that you were busy. but he would smile through it, for your sake. he would also try to take care of you as best he can.

“if you need anything, just send me a message. you’ll get through today. FIGHTING!”

he’d even probably send you one of his infamous dad jokes in a lame attempt to make you crack a smile.

lay: another who would be super understanding and sweet–probably the sweetest of all. yixing would treat you so well, and would go out of his way to see you if even for a few minutes throughout the work day.

he would also worry a lot about you and ask every so often how you were feeling with your schedules.

“when we get home tonight i’ll treat you to dinner and then we can just cuddle together.”

chen: he would be that whiny self, the king of whining. 

with his famous, “ah waeee?”

jongdae would let you know that he doesn’t like the way work isn’t letting you both spend time with each other. 

“when are we gonna have time for ourselves?”

kai: another maknae. but even though he’s a maknae, along with his fellow member oh sehun, i feel like jongin would be more understanding as well. occasionally he might make a remark or two and be a bit whiny.

but he is rather reserved.

and then there’s the fact that he only has sisters. a boy being raised around only girls makes them behave a bit differently, mostly if the sisters are older. which is the case with jongin.

“i miss you, jagi. lets try to get together when we have some time.”

xiumin: ah xiumin xiumin xiumin. another one who i feel would be in between whiny and non whiny. like it could probably go either way, depending on how you look that morning. like if you look super stressed he would most definitely take care of you.

but if you look like you’re having a good day, he’d probably catch you in the hallway and tell you in a whiny voice that he misses you.

“i just want schedules to be done for the day so i can spend time with my favorite person.”

ENDING NOTE: remember guys, this is just my honest opinion and its my first gif reaction post. so please bear with me. i’m sure they’ll get better as we go along.

thank you for the requests! have a nice day!


(A/N): So, my birthday is coming and I thought about this during the ‘English Terminology’ class. I wanted to write something with Steve because I’m slowly falling for this man. Anyway, this is pure fluff and I’m satisfied with this work. Sorry for mistakes. O:)

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader 

Warning: fluff, language (not much)  

Words: 3051


Originally posted by naih-reedus


               The clock alarm went on at exactly 7 AM. It was Wednesday – the day she wished didn’t exist; the day she wished she was somewhere else and not in the tower. They all knew about this day and all she wanted was some peace and quiet. Why celebrate the fact that you are one year closer to the death? Why do even people celebrate birthday? Last year, Tony threw her a massive surprise party and she ran away after two hours. She couldn’t stand it – too many people.

               (Y/N) got up and looked at the empty space next to her. He wasn’t there. Fury sent him on a risky mission and he was supposed to be back tomorrow evening. She sighed and scratched the back of her head. Her heart did have one small wish – spend the day with Steve, stay in the bedroom, cuddle and sleep. No parties, no presents, nothing. Just the two of them would be perfect. But he wasn’t there. It’s been almost a month since he went on a mission and it sucked.

               The first thing she did was a long hot shower. It was a ritual – washing her hair, shaving legs and other parts of her body, putting on a special shower gel that got rid of the old dead skin. Every girl did that. It was a part of the daily routine. After she got out from the shower and dried her hair, it was time to put on some proper formal clothing. Fury wanted to send Maria to a special meeting, but (Y/N) took it before her friend could say otherwise. It was a plan – to do as much as possible. No one would bother her while doing her work. (Y/N) took a deep breath when she saw her reflection in the mirror. Her long hair was in a proper bun, she put on a nude make-up and the tight clothes showed her figure perfectly.

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shout-out to my buddy steph ( @mooniva ) for showing me this gif to help cheer me up, i seriously love it sm and i felt it was v appropriate for this occasion.

Thank you all sm for 1.4!! I’m seriously in shock that I kept getting follows even after rage quitting this site for two days, lol. I’m grateful that you all didn’t give up on me so thank you <3 I’m wanting this follow forever to be more towards my best pals on and I just want to gush about how much i love them bc they literally mean a lot and idk what i would do without them??? i’m also gonna add a good list of my favorite blogs (some that aren’t mutuals)! you should follow everyone i list bc they’re great! :’)

blacklist this as ‘ashs1.4kff’ if you dont want to see reblogs of this on your dash!

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