it should be like uploading graphics

PSA to everyone

My Hogwarts Houses as Literary Quotes and The Houses as Studyblrs graphics and has been reposted and spreaded both on tumblr and twitter respectively as of late.

These are the original posts:

And these are the reposted ones:

I have contacted one of the reposters on tumblr and ask them to take down what they’ve reposted from me and they cooperated. They confessed that they found my creations on twitter. 

The other reposter @fadsarchiblog, though, wasn’t as polite. Despite taking down what they’ve reposted without permission, they blocked me.

Last week, the same thing happened and I dealt with it privately but seeing as it happened again, I would just like to highlight this issue because it is simply unethical to repost someone else’s work completely without permission although you’ve credited and/or tagged them in your post. It is one thing to share a picture, but a whole other thing to save the creator’s work and upload them again on your own social media account. Graphic makers spend a lot of time and effort in creating their work, so please respect them.

If you’re going to credit the original creator, you should probably share the original post by permalink and link it back to the actual post rather than only mentioning their URL (e.g. [cruvcio]). Otherwise, nobody would know who and where it was from.

It is NOT OKAY to repost someone’s creations regardless of whether you credit the author or not. There is just no excuse, unless if the original creator permits you to.

If you have reblogged these graphics from a source that is other than me, I kindly ask that you please delete them and reblog the original source instead if you want to.

Thank you! ♥

It’s getting harder and harder to read this comic. I love it to pieces but, seeing that big graphic warning I knew I shouldn’t read it. But I did. And I feel disgusting. I can’t cry enough, and the scars on my wrists feel like they should be hurting too. I might stop drawing fanart for this. I was drawing something for this chapter of Sangwoo kissing Bum passionately on the table and I don’t even want to upload it now. I knew it wouldn’t happen even while I was drawing it but I was hoping this chapter would have a small amount of relief to it, but all I feel is hurt.

Rain of spring. 

This belongs to my vector-graph design series Seasons. The following three will be Thunder of summer, Shadow of fall and Snow of winter


Here comes AD time, if you don’t like it, please just jump this part. 

As always, I uploaded them to redbubble, if you are interested in related products, please go check it out:

While, i guess it should be called a link rather than an AD…


I can’t sleep. Then this happened.

{ Thesauria } is an upcoming project inspired by my observation on scientific nomenclature nowadays, which often borrows words of non-latin origin with fitting meanings to identify a creature. In this project, I intend to reverse the process—inventing imaginary beasts based on words—to create a compendium of animals which fall within the group Sauropsida.

Please excuse the French, it was the first thing that showed up on Wiktionary—I needed a random IPA pronunciation to test some fonts—and I thought it does sound like a weird species name.

I’m mostly uploading these drafts here to see how they look like on tumblr, but if you guys have anything to say on how I should improve / trim the contents, let me know. Personally I’m not quite sure what tidbits to put on the top header. Opinions?

And here, we have a guide on how to 1x1. I’ve been 1x1-ing for a few months now, and will share the basics seeing as my friend wants to break into the community. Please note that this does not cover how to get a theme or set up the pages. For that, please refer to part 02 of this guide.

LAST UPDATED: 6 September 2014 + updated links & more resources!

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Hello my precious followers, I feel very passionate about this issue so I made these for the tumblr strike. If you would like to show your support please use the above image as your header (save & then upload it here) & use the icon below. For more information please go here.

Please share this post.

Staff: we should spice the site up a bit. Change the post dimensions.
Intern: But.. that would literally ruin every gifset, every graphic, every piece of artwork uploaded to this site.. it would decimate the quality completely on pieces that people have spent hours possibly days on, they may have even gone to college or school to learn how to draw or use photoshop for this site, and furthermore themes themselves will be fucked up good and proper because of the change in width like this website is built upon visual pieces of art it’s what it’s known for that’s its brand you say TUMBLR I think of GIFS and art and stuff if we take that away do we take away the very SOUL of the site? It would be disastrous
Staff: i understand.
Staff: let’s FUCKIG do it lol


Instead of suffering in silence, please send an email to in regards to the new update.

Not only is it ruining the graphics and gifs that were already made, but the new dimensions don’t work either. If you upload a photo according to the size (ex. 540px), tumblr will resize it to 500px then stretch it to 540. same goes for 268px (resize to 245, stretch), 177px (resize to 160).

Ultimately, this new update is not only shitty but faulty. If you’d like an idea of what to send, this email should do adequately.

Dear Staff/Support of Tumblr,

While my fellow bloggers and I understand that you have worked very hard on the new update, as you always have in efforts to improve our blogging experience, this most recent update is more problematic than helpful. As you are probably aware, there are many users who have put in a lot of time and effort into making graphics and gifs, but now they are getting all blurry and don’t function properly. They also don’t work when made with the new size dimensions, which is really inconvenient and dysfunctional. Many of us would much rather prefer that the website reverted back to the previous update. Please, switch back to the previous update and the many Tumblr users will be grateful.

If you would like to make changes that the users would appreciate more, it would be great if you could look into fixing the messaging system or the blocking feature. Neither of these are as functional as we would like them to be and we would greatly appreciate it if you could look into fixing those.

Thank you.


If you would also like to tweet the staff, you could send the following tweets to @tumblr and @tumblrstaff on Twitter:

“(1) please change back to the previous update. The new update ruins graphics & gifs that people have worked (cont.)”

“(2) very hard on. We know you have put a lot of effort into the update, but we would prefer it if you changed (cont.)”

“(3) it back. Our blogging experience would be improved if you were to work on updating the messaging system (cont.)”

“(4) or on other issues, like the blocking feature, which is not as effective as desired. We appreciate the work (cont.)”

“(5) and effort you put into the website and thank you for your dedication. Please, listen to this request and (cont.)”

“(6) revert back to the previous update, for the users’ convenience and optimal Tumblr experience. #ChangeBackTumblr”