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Random Asks I'm Bored

1. What is your favorite tv show?

2. What song are you currently addicted to?

3. What is one character you feel particularly tied to? 

4. What is the coolest thing you have ever made?

5. How do you keep yourself organized, if you do?

6. You’re in a bad mood. How do you choose to deal with it?

7. You can Marry one fictional character. Who? 

8. If you weren’t born in this era, which do you think you should have been born in?

9. Coffee, tea, or water?

10. Name one weird gift you’d like to be given.

11. What is the best surprise anyone has ever planned for you?

12. Name one pet peeve of yours. 

13. What is one thing or one person who can make you smile no matter what?

14. Does the toilet paper roll belong with paper coming from the top or the bottom? 

15. You get to meet one author of your choosing (dead or alive) and ask them all your unanswered questions about their book. Who do you talk to?

16. Do all disasters have an up side? Or is that foolish thinking?

17. What is your favorite rainy day album?

18. What tv friend trope are you in your group (ie the mom, the funny one, the baby ect)?

19. What food do you want right now?

20. You are going to be isolated with one person for a week straight. Who is with you?

21. What is your feel good movie?

22. What is one thing you did that shocked even you?

23. What is something you are proud of?

24. Tell me a story about you.

25. Name a lesson you have learned from a fictional character. 

2017 Week 11 Weigh In (3/17/17)

2017 Starting Weight – 330.0
Last Week’s Weight - 324.4
This week’s weight - 323.6
Loss - 0.8 pound
2017 Loss – 6.4 pounds
Current Goal - 313.6 (5%) – 10.0 pounds remaining

Another good week! I’ve always felt like I should be losing faster but I’ve gotten to a place where I’m just happy to be losing at all I guess haha. And it has been a good exercise week, I’ve been to the gym at least once everyday, and sometimes twice! And food has been mostly on point but my appetite has been weird, one day not hungry at all and then the next I’m ravenous. I’ve been making sure to hit my cals and not go over too much, and it clearly worked, but was just strange. On to next week!

anonymous asked:

Tbh the story from anon about falling for their psychologist seems weird to me because it's impossible to lose 17lbs (aka 8kgs) in 5 days... Like just saying. Unless anon was severely overweight. It seems like an exaggeration

the story the anon told was deeply personal and I am not going to try to invalidate their experiences based on maybe slight inaccuracies regarding weight loss since they have stated that it has been years ago as well and maybe remembered wrong/exaggerated a bit.

Maybe anon did indeed lose 8 kg in 5 days, it is possible. Maybe anon was overweight, it’s also a possibility, maybe they remembered wrong and it was more like 10 days, but the story they told isn’t based around weight loss, it’s about the Doctor-Patient relationship and what a toll the power imbalance takes on a patient and how doctors should react when encountering one. 

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Post between 5 to 6 facts about yourself that your followers don't know about you then send this to the followers you would like to get to know better.

Oh gosh…there is nothing to tell? LOL but I’ll try :)

1. I have a tattoo with Paramore lyrics and one with Panic at The Disco lyrics

2. One time a pony ran me over

3. I’ve been dyeing my hair since I was 13

4. I started practicing make up skills when I was 10 and then started wearing it regularly since 13

5. I taught myself to harmonize (do you know how hard that is when you’re as tone deaf as I am???😂)

6. This is morbid af but I used to plan my funeral when I was a kid instead of my wedding 😅😅😅 I was a weird kid

gglars27  asked:

Can I get a BTS ship please? I'm very tiny, only 5 ft, with brown to blond ombre hair and an okay ish build (i like food more than fitness). I have brown eyes, and full lips. I'm more introverted, preferring to stay in and watch movies than go out, but I like adventure. I use sarcasm a lot more than I should, I write poetry, cook, bake and also really love music. Also weird socks are one of my favorite things to collect. I'm shy but can open up (although not very well) when asked. Thank you!!


While Jin loves a good adventure and outing himself, I’m sure he’d appreciate a night in watching movies and resting with some food at hand. With that being said, the two of you are damn near perfect for each other! Cooking, eating and music. They’re all Seokjin’s top 10 favorite things, obviously. Between the two of you, there’s bound to be some good laughs. Dad jokes and sarcasm go hand in hand. I mean, honestly, name a better date than a movie date with food and silly socks? 

I’ll wait.

- Admin Dayna

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Some true-ass things about gender + sexuality

1) boys can wear dresses, so transboys can wear dresses, as well
2) you can have the appearance of a girl/having feminine qualities and still identify as a boy
3) transwomen do not have to wear dresses, makeup, or have long hair
4) afab genderfluid people do not have to present masculine to be genderfluid
5) amab genderfluid people do not have to present feminine to be genderfluid
7) just because you like one gender more does not mean you are not bisexual/pansexual
8) you do not have to identify as any gender or sexuality, and it is entirely your business
9) you do not have to come out to anybody, no matter how close they are
10) you are not gross, weird, or confusing, you are human and people should treat you so
11) you should use whatever bathroom you feel comfortable in, but make sure you are safe beforehand
12) you do not have to transition nor do you have to WANT to transition if you are trans
13) it is never fucking okay to shame people for their body, gender, or sexuality
14) just because you previously identified as a certain gender/sexuality does not mean you have to stick with it
15) it’s okay to feel dysphoric, and it’s okay if you never feel dysphoric, but do not get too upset over it
16) if you plan to transition, I promise you that you will be able to get there, but you have to be patient and you have to work hard
17) you can be as religious as you want no matter what gender or sexuality
18) you can react however you want to people who insult your gender or sexuality
19) do not be scared to explore your identity
20) your gender is valid, your identity is valid, your sexuality is valid, and you are valid, don’t let anybody tell you otherwise

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1. how tall are you? 6 feet
2. what color and style is your hair? Dirty blonde and right now I’ve got it shaved on the sides with it kinda long on top 
3. What color are your eyes? A lot of people have said blue which is weird because they’re hazel
4. do you wear glasses? Yup my vision is shot to hell  
5. do you have braces? I probably should’ve tbh, the dentist was like youre just barely good enough to not need them so I didnt get em 
6. what is your fashion sense? I’m aiming for grunge mixed with drug addicted hipster and a touch of white suburban dad
7. do you have any siblings? Nope I’m all alone </3
8. what kind of student are you? A not very good one, trying to change that this semester  
9. what are your favorite subjects? I really dug Chemistry and English can be chill 
10. what are your favorite tv shows? Rick and Morty is where its at
11. favorite books? I havent read a lot lately but I like fiction stuff. My favorite book ever is Do androids dream of electric sheep 
12. favorite pastime? Hanging with close friends and urban exploration 
13. any regrets? Kinda yeah but also a lot of the stuff I regret kinda sparked change and made me who I am today so no at the same time 
14. what is your dream job? Honestly no idea, something that pays well that I dont hate 

15. do you want to get married? Yeah if I meet the right person

16. do you want to have kids and how many? I’m so on the fence about this. Like I kinda want kids but I just want to skip the baby and toddler phase because fuck that so I dunno maybe I’ll have kids or maybe I’ll just adopt a 6 year old 
17. how many countries have you visited? 5ish 

Ok false alarm I actually really like it, the shade is 100% perfect. I did spend about 45 minutes holding up boxes to my head in the shop though so I should fricking hope so.

When I was a kid I had white-blonde hair. It was totes adorbs and I wore it in a bob till I started growing it out at around 5 for no real reason.

When I was 10-ish my hair had begun to darken slightly at the nape of my neck. The rest had also darkened slightly to a light/medium blonde. But I remember tugging at the little locks of browny blonde hair at the underside SO EXCITEDLY shouting “my hair is turning brown!!!!!!!!” and I told my mom I wanted to dye my hair brown one day like Avril Lavigne (this was when she’d only released 2 albums lmao I was slightly obsessed with her) but that I wanted bangs like Dido. She told me I’d hate my hair if I did that. Three years later she takes me to the hairdresser, and my hair was bleached for the first time. Granted, the guy was brilliant, and I loved him to pieces, but he made me like a million shades lighter using very artful highlights. It was great but totally unsustainable. I’ve been half heartedly trying to maintain that colour since then, which makes it a decade, and I always loved the way it shone like gold in the sun.

But it started feeling wrong. Just the other day. Looking at this oddly light hair that didn’t seem to fit. So I did this. This is the first time since I was 13 that my hair is its natural colour. And I kinda like it :) I used to think it was dull and bleh and I still worry a bit that it is, but I’m going to embrace it.

10 reasons Hans can be redeemed.

1 - Helsa is the most likely. Sorry Jelsa shippers, but Disney and DreamWorks hate each other. As for Elsanna, they’re sisters, it’s weird. I think Disney thinks it’s too early for a LBGT princess.

2- A Frozen Heart. Wither it’s canon or non-canon, it does show that people who have ties with Disney support it. The book shows that he was mistreated by everyone (Except his mother and one brother) in his family.

3-  Santino supports it.

4- Santino also said in an interview that the writers were thinking about redeeming him. He’s not a 100% reliable source, but he’s more reliable than a fan.

5- Part of the films message is about redemption. If they let him stay bad it will say people should never forgive anyone, making themselves look unforgiving.

6. A main Disney villain has never been redeemed before. This will make Disney look less black and white.

7- Villains have been redeemed before. Zuko, Vegeta, even Darth Vader. If they can be redeemed, why not Hans?

8- Elsa was originally going to be the villain. She was going to send her snowmen army to Arendelle. She probably would have been redeemed in the end and know she was wrong to do so.

9- Some redemption fanfics and Helsa fanfics have gotten very good reviews and are seen as some of the best Frozen fanfics out there. If they can write a good redemption story then Disney can too.

10- He would appear in more toys and at Disney theme parks, giving a chance to take pictures with fans young and old.

New Beginnings {38}

Jared x Reader

Warnings: Swearing…..I think that’s it. I’m sorry if not

Words: 2,261

Previous Parts: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21,  22, 23, 24,25,26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37

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Bad Boys Are Bad Boys 11

Part 10

  The next week was weird. You didn’t see or talk to Calum which you thought was going to be the new normal. You weren’t liking it very much. “Have you at least talked to him?” Amelia asked as you walked into the courtyard, stopping before you ran into someone.

 “Sorry,” Calum said looking down at you. Before you could say anything he rushed off, Michael running after him with a notepad in his hand.

 “That was actually the first time I’ve seen him,” You said continuing to walk.

 “You two look miserable,” Amelia continued. “You should talk to him. Maybe see what he’s up to.”

 “If he wanted to let me know what was going on he would,” You said as your approached the table Cato and Adam were sitting at.

“You told him to leave you alone,” Amelia pointed out.

 “Calum is not one for following rules,” You sighed.

 “Trouble in paradise?” Adam asked smiling at you.

 “Don’t look so happy,” Cato said hitting his shoulder. Adam sat up and hit Cato in his shoulder making him wince.

 “What? I can’t help that I don’t like the guy,” Adam said as Chris walked up.

 “Are we talking about Calum?” She asked.

 “How did you know?” Cato asked.

 “Because it’s something we’re always walking about around her,” Chris said giving you the stink eye.

 “I say good riddance,” Adam said watching Ashton and Luke run across the courtyard, moving the way that Calum and Michael had gone.

 “I just talked to the lad,” Cato whispered to you. “Didn’t say much, which was excepted, but he did say nothing was the same without you.”

 “Are you working with Amelia?” You asked turning toward him.

 “You know I am,” He said smiling and thinking at you. “I just want you to be happy.”

 “I am happy,” You said smiling. “I just have to finish this semester and then apply for a college in San Fransisco.”

 “You can’t leave,” Amelia sighed. “We would miss you too much.”

 “Speak for yourself,” Chris mumbled causing Amelia to shoot her a look.

 “I told you to apply with me,” You said standing up.

 “I wouldn’t be able to afford that,” Amelia said standing up with you, along with Cato. “But I’ll look into it because I’ve always wanted to go there.”

 “I will as well,” Cato said nodding as you started to walk away. Chris and Adam got up and followed but stayed behind.

 “Really?” You asked smiling at the ground and looking up at him.

 “Yes. It seems like it would be a fun story in the end,” Cato said nodding.

 “Then we should start planning,” You said nodding.

 “We haven’t even gotten accepted into anything yet,” Amelia laughed.

 “Hey, it’s never to early to be prepared,” Cato said grabbing Amelia’s hand starting to pull them toward their next class. “But we should plan later because we have a class.”

 “I’ll see you later,” She said grabbing your elbow before she walked off with Cato.

 “Hey (Y/N),” Adam said running up and grabbing your attention.

 “What can I help you with Adam?” You asked.

 “I was thinking, to help you get over everything with Calum, we could go to a dinner or something tomorrow night,” Adam said smiling and looking everywhere but you.

 “I don’t know Adam,” You said taking a step back.

 “Come on. We’re the only ones that haven’t gotten to hand out as much as Amelia and Cato,” Adam said making you chuckle. “It doesn’t even have to be a date. Just a hang out.”

 “Alright,” You said nodding. “It could be fun.”

 “Hell yeah it is,” Adam said hugging you. When he let you go he kissed your head before walking away, Chris following him. Standing there for a moment you were confused as to why he did that. When you turned around it was clear. Calum was standing there and he did not look too happy.

 “Calum,” You said standing up straight.

 “I see you’ve changed your taste in guys,” Calum said balling his hands into fists. “Whatever you wanna do (Y/N).”

 “No,” You started but didn’t get to finish. Calum rushed off toward the Arts building. He walked toward the stairs, kicking the trash can across the courtyard, before walking up to the entrance.

 “They’re not going to have many more trash cans if you keep doing that,” Ashton said walking up behind him.

 “I fucking hate that guy,” Calum grunted.

 “Come on Cal, let’s just finish the song,” Michael said walking past him and into the building.

 “Wait,” Luke said once they entered the room with their instruments. “I need to know what the fuck is going on with you and your neighbor before we continue.”

 “Nothing’s going on,” Calum said turning to Luke.

 “There’s defiently something going on with the two of you,” Michel added. “Everyone at the party was asking me who it was you walked in with, even Van, and I couldn’t answer them because I didn’t know you were even going with someone.”

 “We’re a band. I thought we told each other everything,” Ashton said walking across the room and sitting down. Calum sighed and ran his fingers through in frustration before standing up straight and looking at everyone.

 “Alright fine,” He sighed, “I may have some feelings for (Y/N).”

 “Cal, you haven’t even thought about anyone liked that since Van,” Michael said hugging him.

“It’s not that big of a deal,” Calum said pushing away from Michael.

 “For you it is. Sure you’ve had relations with girls but you haven’t been close to anyone,” Ashton said.

 “Oh I’ve been close to girls,” Calum said smiling.

 “Shut it,” Luke said throwing a guitar pick at Calum’s chest. “I get everything now. You wrote this song about her and you fucked everything up at the last party.”

 “How do you know that?” Calum asked throwing the guitar pick back at Luke.

 “Well, for starters, the opening line is ‘I don’t like you’ and you didn’t talk to her once while she was at the party,” Luke said catching the sheets of music they had scribbled all over. Calum looked at the floor as the boys discussed what was going on.

 “I think you’re afraid,” Michael said walking over and grabbing Calum’s shoulder.

 “Would you shut up?” Luke asked.

 “Look,” Calum said standing up. “We agreed that we wouldn’t date anyone when we formed his band. At least until we started our career. That’s what I’m doing.”

 “But you’ve never acted like this before,” Michael whispered. Calum looked at Michael and shook his head as he grabbed his Bass and started to play what they had written already. Calum had liked girls before but he had never done anything like this, for anyone.

thank you to everyone who’s reading. it means a lot. hope you liked it. 

Do you ever have that thing where you’re reading a book or a fic and suddenly there’s a passing mention of one of your own weird, niche hobbies, and the author got some key detail wrong? Just… so wrong. And then you have to stop reading for 5-10 minutes or an hour while you debate whether you should say anything to them (via email or chat, because you’re not a call-out asshole, that would be rude), but it’s clear this was just a thing the author had heard about and thought was neat and dropped in for interesting background color, so you decide to let it go.

But then you can’t quite bring yourself to recommend the book without caveats, or you’ll like the post but can’t quite hit reblog, etc.

No? Just me?