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Kino - Six is a Crowd

“request for a scenario where kino wants some alone time to kiss you but the members just love to "accidentally” interrupt or is somewhere somehow watching you guys sneakily..ahhaha XD"

(A/N: This was a really fun one to write~ I hope you like it, writer’s block has been getting to me so I apologize if it seems off or bad. Enjoy!)

Spending time in Dorm A was always a wild ride. The wild ride turned into a monumental task for Hyunggu, who was desperate for alone time with you. It had been an appropriate amount of time since the two of you had started dating, and he felt that it was high time to take a step up.

You stood in the dorm’s kitchen, washing dishes as a thank you for your constant presence. A hand landed on your shoulder, and you whipped around to see Hyunggu standing before you. He smiled casually, reaching for a cloth to dry the dishes sitting on the rack.

“Hey! Sorry I didn’t come find you right away, I wanted to do this before anyone noticed.” you said with a smile.
“You know you’re not obligated to clean or anything,” he said, “Hongseok can do that.”
“I know, I just want to help out since I’m over here so much~”
“Still, never feel like you have to.”

He looked over subtly, looking at the way your hair was tucked back, exposing your cheek. Once he set up another plate, he looked back to you with a determined spirit. All he had to do was lean over, and…

“You guys wanna order takeout?” Hyojong said as he walked in. He was met with a glaring Hyunggu and a smiling you.
“That’d be good, what does everyone want?” you inquired.
“Well, let’s go ask!” he replied. You agreed and quickly dried your hands and grabbed a notepad.

Hyunggu sighed, both out of relief and frustration. As you followed Hyojong to help take everyone’s orders, he slumped against the counter in thought of how to develop a plan B.

Out in the living room, you wrote down everyone’s orders and handed the paper to Hyojong to make the call. Why he couldn’t do that himself was beyond you, but still. You ordered Hyunggu’s favorite for him, and hoped it would suffice.

“Hey, we should watch a movie later too,” Shinwon piped up.
“Or now, we can watch one while we wait,” Hui said.

You stood up and excused yourself to go get Hyunggu.

“The others want to throw in a movie, what do you think?” you asked, walking into the kitchen to find that he hadn’t moved.
“Huh? Oh, yeah, that’s fine,” he began, “Are you going to watch it too?”
“Well, that’s generally what you do with movies.”

He laughed and shook his head, proceeding to take another candid look at you. Nobody was around now, the mood was good… he reached out for your hand and gently pulled you toward him. You looked down at your hand with his, then up to him, and you could see intent in his eyes.

“Come on, we started the movie,” another interrupting voice shot through the air.

You just smiled and kept hold of his hand to lead him to the living room and flopped back onto the couch.

The longer the movie went on, the more sleepy you found yourself becoming. The large meal that had arrived and disappeared quickly didn’t help anything either, so you opted out of the rest of the movie in favor of a warm, welcoming bed.

“I’m going to head to sleep,” you whispered to Hyunggu.
“Are you sure?” he whispered back.

You nodded and stood up quietly, and you retired to Hyunggu and Shinwon’s room. After slipping on some warm socks, you climbed up to Hyunggu’s bunk and nestled under the blankets.

Just as you got comfortable, however, a soft knock on the door caught your attention. You groaned and hopped down from the bed to go open it. Hyunggu stood there shyly for a moment before walking in and shutting the door behind him.

“Tired too?” you asked.
“You could say that,” he mumbled.
“What’s that mean?”
“Ah, nothing.”

Shrugging, you climbed back onto his bunk and settled in, resting on your stomach and pulling your phone out. You felt the bed move as he climbed up as well and slipped under the blankets next to you.

“Sorry I stay here so much,” you smiled, not looking away from your phone.
“We all love having you, don’t worry,” he said, propping his head up with his hand.

He looked at you with the same admiration he had all day, that you failed to notice.

“Hey…” he began softly.

You turned your head to face him and were immediately caught off guard when you felt his lips on yours. The flames of victory ignited in his mind, and he couldn’t help but awkwardly smile. After what seemed like the most pleasant eternity, he pulled away.

“You have no idea how much I wanted to do that.”

But just as he was leaning in again, the sudden sound of a camera phone went off.

Appliance Shopping

request: I second the formal request for an imagine where u buy appliances

“We need to go shopping.” Shawn glanced around at the bare walls of the soon-to-be house you two were having built. “Like, major shopping.”

“Yeah, I made a list.” You unlocked your phone and opened the notes app. “Um, well, I found a nice washer and stuff online, but I wanna check the store to see if they have it in stock. And we can look at the refrigerators while we’re there, too.” You looked at Shawn, who nodded a few times.

“Do you wanna grab lunch while we’re out?” He asked, slipping on his shoes.

You nodded, grabbing your purse. “We’ll be near the mall, so I think that’s a great idea!”

You watched as Shawn talked to an employee at Home Depot about two different dishwashers. “So, this one’s faster?” Shawn asked, looking at the more expensive model.

“Yeah, and it comes with a six-month supply of dishwasher packets. And if you sign up for a card you can take an extra twenty percent off on your purchase today.”

You smiled at the employee, but pointed to the cheaper model. “Thank you, but we’re just looking at the moment.” You took Shawn’s hand and dragged him over to the fridges. “Look at this one, babe.” You started walking to the fridge you wanted, but sighed when you saw Shawn was distracted by another one. “What are you doing?”

“it has a touch screen! Look, it’s full of notes! I can leave you notes when I need to leave early!” Shawn giggled, drawing a smiley face on the screen. “And wifi!”

“Shawn, sweetie,” You dragged him away from the Samsung fridge. “We’re not getting a four thousand dollar fridge. Look, this one’s half the price and it’s rated better.” You pulled him over to a French door-style refeigerator, and read little information listed on the sticker along with the price. “Ooh, I like this one!” You typed the model into your phone and looked at your husband. “What’s next?”

Shawn shrugged, looking at the variety of appliances. “Oven? We need an oven.”

Two hours and three stores later, you and Shawn were sitting in the back of a small diner, munching away on lunch. “We had a productive day today, babe.” Shawn said, drinking from the iced tea he had ordered.

“Yeah, we did.” You agreed, looking outside. “I think I might talk to our parents before we order anything, See if they have any advice on what brands to buy, stuff like that.”

Shawn hummed, smiling when the waiter brought over your food.

a/n: last night on that samsung fridge i wrote a note to buy bad reputation on itunes :D more writing coming hopefully tonight 

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My Hearing Aids, And How I Got to Having Them

I finally got my hearing aids and went to the doctor to have them set for me. It took me a very long time to get there, and with this tiny bit of hope I now have, I want to share my story

The year of frustration

I first decided to go and see an ENT doctor after Misophonia started to be too much and I had finally gathered the courage to take care of myself. I come from a place where you can’t see an audiologist without seeing and ENT doctor at first, so I thought I should start with that.

I set an appointment with my regular ENT doctor, a doctor that is considered a very good doctor. I waited for over four months for my appointment, and when it was finally the time to go, I got really excited. But when I got to her and started explaining what I had, she just sent me to a hearing test, thinking it was hyperacusis.

So I set another appointment and a hearing test, waited another couple of months for those two, and when I got back to her with my results, she gave them one look, then looked up at me and said, in these exact words, “Well, that’s what you get for hearing too good”.

I got so very annoyed and insisted she do something. “It’s a neurological condition,” I pointed. And so she sent me to a neurologist.

Of course I waited another month for that appointment. When I got to his office and explained all I went through, he actually made an effort and looked Misophonia up. Then He looked me in the eye, and said, “I can’t help you. You need a psychiatrist”.

Well then. No hope here. I went home, and cried all the way back and at home, for over an hour straight. My Mum then somehow convinced me that I should drop it for a bit. I don’t know how she’d done it, but I dropped it for three months, a bit more.

Then one day I came home from work and saw the newspaper open on a random health article. I looked for a second, and the first word I read was tinnitus. Intrigued, I sat and read the article. I saw the name of some doctor who was one of two doctors who are licensed to perform TRT (Tinnitus Relief Treatment) in my country. Of course I saved the name and looked her up the day after.

Her title was ENT doctor, specializing in tinnitus and hyperacusis. I got so excited and hopeful, yet I was afraid I’ll get to her office and start to cry again when she dismissed me. I called and set an appointment, sad to find out that my health insurance didn’t work with her and it was going to cost me about $200.

I drove all the way to the clinic, paid, and went in. I was so stressed I just said, “Please tell me you know what Misophonia is”. She said, “Of course”. I started crying.

The diagnosis

I sat with her for an hour. She asked questions, smiled at me, and actually looked like this was interesting for her. I guess when you love what you do, you love having those special patients.

She laughed, she smiled, she encouraged, and after forty-five minutes, she said, “Now you’re my patient, and we’re going to help you”. She asked how my parents felt about it, and when I said they refused to understand, she nodded and opened her computer. She wrote a letter for them, explaining everything I was going through, and what they needed to do to help me.

She also said I should order white noise generating hearing aids. She gave me the name of a company that made Tinnitus hearing aids – ones that only generated white noise and weren’t actually hearing aids, and so were cheaper. Unfortunately, we don’t have them anywhere where I live, and I had to order them online from the UK.

The hearing aids

My doctor said that, unfortunately, my country doesn’t have any noise generator sellers. She told me about this British company “Puretone”, and sent me to their website. I started doing my research and had to decide between ITE (in the ear), ITC (in the canal) or BTE (behind the ear).

Each kind of hearing aids has its pros and cons, and eventually I decided to go with BTE. Their battery is bigger, so it lasts longer, the sound is of better quality, it has easier volume control (from 1 to 4, but with in-between options), and with an open fit, it’s not that visible.

My hearing aids are Puretone 22MA+ Open Fit. They cost less than £500, including shipping. They use battery type 312, and they are very small and they come in brown and beige to go with your skin colour.

They generate white noise. The lowest volume option (1) is very nice and you can only hear it when you’re in a really quiet place. The highest volume (4) is a bit loud, and can help cover noises that are a bit stronger than the general sniff.

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Ooh! Let’s see, here are some of my favourite bits of classical trivia (I know no other trivia). I should warn you that my idea of amusing trivia is quite… esoteric :’) (A couple of these are a little gruesome)

  • Ancient Greek had a pitch accent (i.e. the pitch of the syllable went up or down depending on the accent). This mattered, because once during a performance of a tragedy, an actor got the pitch accent wrong and said ‘weasel’ instead of ‘calm sea’ and we are still laughing about it 2000 years later
  • Once during a battle between Argos and Sparta, the Argive generals told their troops to do whatever the Spartan herald shouted. The Spartan generals figured this out and ordered their troops to attack when the herald shouted ‘have breakfast’
  • The tyrant Polycrates of Samos was so lucky in everything that he did that his friend Amasis, king of Egypt, advised him to get rid of the thing he valued the most. This was a golden and emerald ring (?????). Polycrates threw it into the sea. Soon afterwards, it turned up in the belly of a fish that a fisherman had caught and presented to Polycrates. Amasis said, ‘That’s it, you’re too lucky, I’m cutting off our friendship before the gods screw you over.’
  • The tyrant Peisistratos of Athens married an aristocratic girl in order to form an alliance with her family, but he thought the family was cursed, so he would only have sex with her ‘not in the customary way’ and I still do not know what this means because my Greek history tutor was the most awkward person ever and would not tell me
  • An Ancient Greek word for ‘extravagant dandy’ was ‘someone who is obsessed with fish’
  • The Greeks described the sea as ‘wine-dark’
  • Socrates didn’t wash 
  • Hippocleides doesn’t care
  • The great Greek general Pericles was mocked because he allegedly allowed his mistress to boss him around in bed
  • It is 100% true that Plato published a serious piece of work criticising Aeschylus for making Achilles top and Patroclus bottom
  • This is the what the Greeks came up with to explain intersex people: Hermaphroditus, son of Hermes & Aphrodite, was born a boy but attracted the attentions of a rather obsessive girl who tried to force herself on him. Fortunately for her, they were in a magic spring and she prayed to be joined to him always, so they were joined together in one body that was part male and part female
  • In Cyprus, the goddess Aphrodite was represented with both male and female sex organs
  • Alexander the Great used to get foreign kings to line up their favourite prostitutes and then he would make a big show of walking along the line and acting disinterested
  • Allegedly, Alexander met the cynic philosopher Diogenes and asked if there was anything he could do for him. Diogenes said, ‘Get out of my sunlight.’ Alexander said, ‘If I were not Alexander, I would wish to be Diogenes,’ and Diogenes replied, ‘If I were not Diogenes, I would also wish to be Diogenes.’
  • The Roman playwright Terence, considered by later writers to be the best example of ‘pure literary Latin’, might have been an African immigrant and is widely thought to have been a slave
  • Julius Caesar annoyed the populace of Rome because he used to answer his mail during the races
  • Cicero was told to change his name because it meant ‘chickpea’ and he responded that he would make it the most glorious name in Rome
  • It is 99.9% likely that it is actually the case that Cicero was not let in on the assassination of Caesar because he couldn’t keep his mouth shut
  • Caesar once said, ‘I know I am the most hated man in Rome, because Cicero hates me, and God knows Cicero is easy to please’
  • Cicero and his brother Quintus seemingly spent an alarming amount of time chasing Cicero’s secretary around, asking for kisses
  • The poet Vergil (Vergilius), for sadly modern-esque reasons, was nicknamed ‘Parthenias’ (which renders itself quite nicely as something like ‘Virginia’)
  • Augustus nagged all his poet friends to write an epic about him, and when Vergil said he would do it, Propertius published a poem saying ‘THANK THE GODS: someone else is doing it - and it’s pretty good btw you should read it when it comes out’
  • The poet Ovid was exiled for a ‘poem and a mistake’ and we STILL DON’T KNOW WHAT THAT IS
  • The emperor Augustus was teetotal and lame in one leg
  • As part of his propaganda against Augustus, Mark Antony claimed that Augustus singed off his leg hair
  • Augustus responded that Mark Antony was a drunken hooligan. Antony wrote a pamphlet defending himself, entitled ‘On the subject of my drunkenness’. To me this is one of the greatest losses of antiquity
  • The emperor Tiberius was obsessed with pears and cucumbers
  • The emperor Claudius allegedly ordered for his third wife to be executed, then got so drunk that he had to ask why she was not at dinner
  • Claudius had a son who died when he threw a pear core in the air, tried to catch it in his mouth and choked
  • Augustus complained that Tiberius used words in their strict etymological sense (or used literal equivalents of phrases that were used in a non-etymological sense), and the emperor Hadrian, when reading about this, commented, ‘It sounds like Augustus was not very well educated if he chose his words according to their usage and not their etymology.’
  • The emperor Galba is the only Roman male who is explicitly said to have had a sexual preference for adult males (i.e. of his own age) and not boys
  • Hadrian and his wife went travelling with Hadrian’s lover Antinous and an aristocratic woman named Julia Balbilla. At a tourist site in Egypt, Julia Balbilla carved a poem in the style of Sappho on a famous statue. One of my history professors said that this suggests Hadrian’s wife was a lesbian and they covered for each other
  • The historian Tacitus was a keen hunter. His friend Pliny went hunting one day and sent him a letter, ‘You won’t believe it, Tacitus, I went hunting, and I enjoyed it! I took all my books and I sat in the shade by the nets and it was so peaceful, I got so much done. You should try it!’
My state is trying to cut $120 million from education funding

One hundred twenty MILLION dollars

Teachers in my district literally cannot get paper for the rest of the school year because we’ve been put on a spending freeze. Not unless we pay for it out of our own pockets, while first-year teachers make just $2k over the poverty line and our raises are only a dollar per year. While the state threatens to put us on furlough or reduce our pay by $2k a year - putting young teachers like myself literally right at the poverty line. 

What I wrote above probably sounds selfish. Oh, you’re just complaining about the pay. 

And first off, I should be allowed to complain about the pay. I am an educated professional working in my chosen field who can barely manage to keep afloat, I should be allowed to complain. 

But if the statement ‘young people in the field will be at the poverty line’ isn’t a scary enough statement, here’s how it affects our students:

  • Spending freeze means we can’t order new materials; no new books, no pencils, no paper, no new desks or tables, no classroom computers
  • A cut in pay means teachers will jump ship. We will leave to find work elsewhere because we cannot live on our salaries. There will be less teachers to educate students.
  • Which means class sizes will swell, as fewer teachers have to take on more students, meaning students will not get as much individualized attention. 
  • All of these things together equals students not getting as good of an education. 

And these budget cuts? They aren’t even directly tied to our current presidential administration. These are because my state is literally running out of money because they won’t raise taxes. But rest assured, with DeVos as secretary of education, these cuts will keep on coming, and they will be deliberate. 

In the coming years, I beg of you - protect public education.

The Slytherin And The Hufflepuff - Avengers Hogwarts AU


SUMMARY; You and Buck go on your first date, a day trip to Diagon Alley.

WARNINGS; Swearing (Probably), make out session/kissing, thats it I think? 

A/N - Have you guys tried Butterbeer???, It’s literal heaven on earth and a blessing to this planet.

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A Hufflepuff goes on a date with a Slytherin.

It sounds like the start of a bad joke, but here you still were, in that exact situation.

Bucky was absolutely adorable. He’d come to your Hufflepuff dormitories to meet you and walk you out of Hogwarts. It was the weekend and neither of you had any classes till Monday so you both changed from your designated cloak to casual clothes. Bucky swapped his black and green uniform for a leather jacket and dark navy jeans and you yourself had swapped your usual back and yellow uniform for a skirt, boots and a sweater.

Diagon Alley was usually busy at the weekends and this sunny Saturday was no exception. You passed by some fellow students and even saw Professor Fury going into Gringotts Bank, your teacher of defence against the dark arts.

You and Buck made it to Quality Quidditch supplies and stepped into the pretty and warm building, you both looked around in awe of all the brooms that lined the walls. You spotted a shelf full of customised quaffles and looked up at the tall ceiling to see four snitches whizzing around the space above you.

You suddenly heard Bucky’s voice from across the room “Hey Y/N! Look at this”

Your eyes fell from the ceiling where you watched the golden snitches hover to where Bucky was stood with his back to you looking at the shelved wall, you waltzed up behind him and right before you came and stood beside Bucky you slipped your hand in his. His head snapped in your direction at the contact, he blushed quickly then turned his attention back to what he was looking at “It’s the Nimbus 2000”

You moved your gaze from Bucky’s face to the wall where the broomstick was hung “Holy shit” you breathed and raised your hand that was previously holding his to brush your fingers across the broom’s bristles “It’s beautiful”

Bucky wiggled his eyebrows at you “And it’s half price”

You sighed, remembering that Alby, your Owl that delivered your mail, had yet to deliver your monthly allowance that your mother usually sent. That meant you had only brought the allowance that you’d saved from last month.

Bucky’s giggling faltered “Alby still not come?” he asked.

“No” you told him “But it’s alright, I’ll try and get the Nimbus 2000 next month”

“Not gonna happen” Bucky retaliated, you looked confused at him while he just looked suspiciously smug “I’m buying it for you”

You looked back at Bucky, shocked and partially speechless, it was never you to be the one stuttering and getting flushed cheeks but this time around you were “W-what? No Buck. Y-you don’t need to-to do that”

“I know” He smiled “I want to”

“No Buck” You said “I won’t let you”

“Come on Y/N” He chuckled and bumped his shoulder with yours “Just let me-”

“No” you interrupted, still with some amusement in your voice. God you could kiss Bucky right now, he’s the sweetest.

“Fine” Bucky huffed in defeat, still smiling at you “I’ll buy it and you can pay me back”

“I don-”

“With a kiss” Bucky continued as if you never interrupted. That made your train of thought stop, he rarely came out with something so confident so you basked in it while you could. You basked a little too long though causing Bucky to panic. He started violently blushing again and was back to stuttering “I-I mean, you don’t, um, I-I’m sorry I didn’t-”

You shut Bucky’s rambling up with exactly what he asked for, a kiss to the lips. It began as a chaste peck but Bucky made quick work of reattaching your mouths and biting lightly on your lower lip, you felt his hand slip down your forearm and he tangled his fingers in your own. For such an awkward Slytherin Bucky was a mighty fine kisser. You both kept at it like that for a minute straight, that was until you both came to your senses and realised you were stood in Quality Quidditch supplies during its busiest hour.


After Bucky bought the Nimbus 2000 (with you still complaining in the background) you both strolled over to The Leaky Cauldron and still interlocking hands while you did. Going through the old wooden doors you were both welcomed with warmth and the loud voices of people having a good afternoon. Bucky lead you toward a free table in the back corner of the pub and you took a seat opposite one and other. He looked even prettier in the dim candle lights and his hair had somehow lost its neatness, now shorter parts were falling in front of his eyes meaning he had to brush the stray hairs behind his ear, something you were now eager to do for him.

The bar maiden named Helen Cho had eventually noticed that the two of you had just arrived and came over to take your orders, she pulled the small notebook from her pocket and held her pen, ready to write “What can I get ya’?”

Bucky spoke for you both “Two Butterbeers, please. And some Pumpkin pasties”

Helen Cho nodded, smiled, wrote down the order then turned to walk back to the bar.

Bucky made you laugh more times than you could count while you waited, you loved it. His usual awkward nature was slowly dissipating as he grew more comfortable.

“This is really fun, Y/N” He stated.

“I agree”

“We should, do it again, maybe”

You looked across at him and for the second time you lent forward and rested your elbows on the table, putting your chin on your hands “Are you asking me on a second date, Barnes?”

“You could say that” He responded and let a smile slip.

“And where would you me taking me this time?”

“The Three Broomsticks?” He suggested “Hogsmeade? The Hogs Head?”

“We’ll brainstorm during potions class” You told him “When you’re not blowing yourself up, that is”

It was all laughs and good times like this with Buck until your conversation was briefly cut by Helen returning to your table and placing two glasses and a bowl of Pumpkin pasties down in front of you both. You could physically see the warm steam rising from the Pasties and the Butterbeer jugs were full to the brim with cool condensation dripping down the glass. Your mouth was watering at the sight and you thanked Helen before picking up your drink and bringing it to your lips.

The sweet, thickness of the froth hit your tongue first and then the even sweeter cool, slightly fizzy liquid, you watched Bucky over your glass as he took a large swig of his own Butterbeer. You both placed your glasses down and looked over at each other.

There was a short moment of silence before you both burst into laughter at the sight of the other, Bucky had an obvious line of froth across his upper lip and even a small spot of it on the tip of his nose. He was laughing at the moustache of cream that sat just beneath your own nose. Your giggling died down and Bucky stuck his tounge out in an attempt to rid his mouth of excess Butterbeer. He managed to get it all off and then you were bringing out your own tongue to try and clear your own face of Butterbeer.

Bucky was giggling and sighing “You missed a spot”

“Where?” You asked and he pointed to a place of your face near your mouth.

You tried to reach the spot of foam but were unsuccessful judging by Bucky’s amused smile “No, there” He pointed again.

You carried out your second attempt but still couldn’t reach the point he was gesturing at. Bucky shook his head in mock disappointment “Let me get it for you”

You watched him pull up his hand and bring it to your face, he rested his palm on your now heated cheek and brushed his thumb across the space millimeters from the side of your mouth.

“What the-?!” Came a loud voice from beside your table, Bucky’s hand instantly retracted and both of your heads snapped in the direction of the voice. Clint bloody Barton was stood there, staring in shock at the two of you.

You rolled your eyes at your fellow Hufflepuff house-mate “Hello Clint”

He just ignored your greeting and switched his gaze between you and Bucky, all the while he held a surprised grin on his face “If I didn’t know any better, I’d say you we’re on a date with a Slytherin”

You laughed at your friend as he continued sizing up Bucky “That would be true, Clint”

“Woah!” He giggled like a schoolboy saying the word ‘boobs’ for the first time “Is there not a bit of rivalry between you two?”

“Rivalry?” You and Bucky asked simultaneously.

Clint just looked at you smugly and raised his brows “The quidditch game?”

You both still looked at him confused making him huff out and throw his arms up in annoyance.

“Hufflepuff…” He nodded to you “…Versus Slytherin” He nodded to Bucky.

You’d expected Bucky to laugh at the realisation or maybe even act shocked by it but he did neither. Instead he turned to you with a relaxed look on his face, he waited until you were looking back at him to say “I think I’ve figured out where I’m taking you for date number two”

Ideological Grouping

Someone’s membership in an ideological group can be evaluated. This is sometimes necessary when issues such as Guilt By Association or No True Scotsman are brought up.


What do they self-identify as? We should require considerable evidence to discount a person’s statements about their own belief.

  • “I am an X”
  • “I am not an X”


Are their views largely consistent with a broad characterization of the ideology of the group?

  • “I believe in A,B,C, which is part of the [group platform]”
  • “Because Y is a problem we should Z.”
  • “In order to deal with Y and bring about Z I [voted,spoke,marched,wrote,volunteered]

If you want to claim someone is part of some group or movement but they don’t they fail one of the above checks be worried. If they fail both are probably trying to fool someone, possibly yourself.

the thing is, i think it would just be downright cruddy ass storytelling if shiratorizawa doesn’t win

like when karasuno first lost to seijo i was so pleasantly surprised. i had hope that this was a good realistic series with good realistic main character losses. not all main character wins are cheap of course, but in the case of karasuno, they’ve been shown to be struggling, to be just getting their crap together. they may have been huge in the past, but that was with different people. three of karasuno’s regulars are first years, compared to shiratorizawa’s one.

meanwhile, shiratorizawa has been repeatedly shown to be unbeatable. time and time again were we reminded that ushiwakachan is a steamroller, no matter what the opponent does, no matter how cleverly they play, it all doesn’t matter because ushiwakachan will plow through everything. why should karasuno be any different?

i would fully expect shiratorizawa to win this if it wasn’t for the little plot point that karasuno has a rivalry with nekoma and it’s been foreshadowed a lot that they’ll have a showdown, and in order for this to work, they HAVE to get past shiratorizawa…

i really think furudate wrote himself into a corner here, in regards to how much he has hyped shiratorizawa up to be unbeatable. i don’t expect shiratorizawa to win everything always. sometimes they could screw up. it would have been acceptable against say… seijo, who have fought them time and time again. it was a close call last time they faced each other. compared to seijo and shiratorizawa, the current karasuno doesn’t have a lot of experience, but they have at least faced seijo a couple of times before, so it’s fairly believable that they were finally able to beat THEM, but shiratorizawa? it’s their first try and shiratorizawa are machines. just no. if karasuno really are meant to go to tokyo, furudate should a) have changed the matchups so that seijo faced shiratorizawa earlier on, won, and then went on to be beaten by karasuno, or b) hyped shiratorizawa as total powerhouses a teensy bit less. that would still have been eyebrow-raise-worthy, but not as infuriating and cheap.

like, it was just stressed so much that no matter what the opponent thought of, it wouldn’t matter in the end, because ushiwakachan would plow past them…

it is possible that i am underestimating karasuno, sure. but this is the impression i have gotten from reading their story.

so what would happen to the plot if shiratorizawa were to win, if this really is karasuno’s last chance to face nekoma officially? lots of things! we can follow the other teams for a while, see how shiratorizawa fares against nekoma or fukurodani while karasuno watch and go on a metaphorical or even non metaphorical journey to find themselves. time can get fast-forwarded and we can rejoin kageyama and hinata and friends as second-years. they still have ways to go. they don’t need to win anything big yet. and well, if there is one thing i like, it is to take a break from the main characters to give the side characters some time to shine. i think it’s an effective way to make the main characters more tolerable and believable.

if this does not have you convinced shiratorizawa should win, here is my unbeatable one word trump card argument: reon

but actually i am not really looking to convince anyone. just wanted to blow off some steam and voice my opinion!!! good day

Even more than male sodomy, sodomy between females was ‘the sin which cannot be named.’

Judith C. Brown, “Immodest Acts: The Life of a Lesbian Nun in Renaissance Italy” (pg 19). The quote continues:

“In the fifteenth century, the confessional manual attributed to Jean Gerson called it a sin against nature in which "women have each other by detestable and horrible means which should not be named or written.” In the next century, Gregario Lopez referred to it as ‘the silent sin,' peccatum mutum. For this reason Germain Colladon, the famous sixteenth century jurist, advised the Genevan authorities, who had no prior experience with lesbian crimes, that the death sentence should be read publicly, as normally was in the cases of male homosexuality, but that the customary description of the crime committed should be left out. 'A crime so horrible and against nature,’ he wrote, 'is so detestable and because of the horror of it, it cannot be named.’ The problem was not just that Colladon had a particular abhorrence for this kind of offense, but that women, because of their weaker natures, were feared to be more susceptible to suggestion. Consequently, while men found guilty of sodomy were to have their crimes read aloud in order to deter others, sexual relations between women were better left unmentioned.[emphasis added]

This speaks to why we should be wary in studying the history of sexuality about entirely relying on what public discourse says about sexuality in order to determine how all people at the time considered their sexual behaviors and the sexual behaviors of others. Furthermore, we need to be nuanced in the way we describe what terms for sexuality did or did not exist in any particular historical context. It’s not simply a matter of 'oh well a word for that just didn’t exist because nobody thought it was possible!’. Yeah…no! Often time there is so much more to it than that. There are reasons why certain terms, words, and concepts aren’t spelled out in discourse, particularly in religious discourse or in law . We need to pay mind to who formed the discourse and to what purposes they did so.

Take the religious and lawful discourse Judith C. Brown looks at here, for example. We see a refusal to name/write about women who slept with other women, but not because these particular people found the idea impossible or too confusing to articulate. Instead we see strategic silences employed in discourse about women’s sexuality as a calculated effort to control them

Catholic scholar John Gerson did not say sexuality between women could not be named. He said that it should not be named. Why? Protestant jurist Germain Colladon’s advice to Genevan authorities answers that question. Colladeen advised that authorities should not read out loud the customary description of sexual crimes committed between women (despite this being the case for sexual crimes between men) out of fear that this might inspire susceptible women.

These examples Brown examines show not a lack of understanding by people of the time concerning same-sex sexuality but in fact clear and fearful knowledge. These men understood that sexuality between women could very well happen, and felt that if they were careful they could curtail that inevitability. 


I like Janet Mock, I’ve met her and she seems like a really genuinely nice person, but she’s totally wrong here. For one thing that hooks piece was way less critical than she made it out to be- hooks saying “this is not radical” was her stating the literal obvious, and doing what she does as a cultural critic- but she very much acknowledged the cultural importance of Lemonade, even if she did so begrudgingly. For another, Beyonce’s not femme- she is a cishet woman as far as any of us know, with absolutely no claim to “femme” at all. For another, femininity and glamour MUST be criticized as entrapments of women that make certain kinds of womanhood compulsory, certain ways of moving about the word necessary in order to be taken seriously as a woman. I don’t think we should call other women (especially a trans woman) gender conforming because it’s inappropriate and implies a positive relationship to gender that women aren’t capable of having imo, but this smacks of not understanding what deeply/visibly/dangerously gnc women experience and how we move in the world in a way that’s disappointing and more arrogant than anything hooks ever wrote about celebrity and spectacle worship. Of course it isn’t -about- gnc women per se but we have a stake in this stuff. I’m not judging if you posted this (it SOUNDS really good) but I totally disagree with her here and wanted to explain why.

Strip Shot (Camren)

Summary: Based on following FS, w/ some minor tweaks - Camren play strip basketball and make a bet, C has to buy L’s lunch for the next month and C has to strip if L makes 3 shots, L has to drive C to wherever she wants whenever she wants for a month and L has to strip if C makes 3 shots, L is a star varsity player and loses to C because C does whatever she can to distract L and L’s distracted by C’s ass and body in a basketball uniform, L & C are good friends with crushes on one another and in the end it ends with a hot make out session

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If you guys don’t know who this amazing girl is, her name is Hayley Okines.
I’ve been following Hayley’s journey for over two years, since I saw her documentary on YouTube. Hayley had a rare disease called “Progeria” which made her physically age eight times faster. She was 17 years old when she passed away yesterday night.

Her death really upset me. I’ve been following her facebook page and I personally had the chance to talk to her mum once. But right now, I don’t want to talk about her death. I wanna talk about what this beautiful young lady achieved and how full she lived in these 17 years.

When she was diagnosed with progeria, her doctors said that she wouldn’t see her puberty, she’d die before the age of 13. But Hayley lived. She finished high school, she finished a full year in college. When she was 14, she wrote her autobiography. Then she published another book. She met Prince Charles, Justin Bieber and many other celebrities that she admire. Her disease did not stop her.
And therefor, Hayley is, and should be an inspiration for us. We may be “different”, people may call us “abnormal”. But we never question what is “normal”? We must get rid of the word normal, in order to avoid any type of discrimination.

Hayley achieved her goals, she was a hope for all of us. People like Hayley rarely come to this world. She will be missed. But I know that she’s with her best friend now whom she lost years ago. Rest in peace Hayley Okines!

As creatively daunting as it would be to tell that fourth season of Will and Hannibal’s story, I’m very excited by that challenge. If I’m terrified by something creatively, because I fear my ability to pull it off, that inspires me to work harder in order to accomplish it. So I’m inspired by it and I’m inspired by Mads Mikkelsen and Hugh Dancy as my partners on this show. That final exchange between Hannibal and Will, Hugh and I wrote that while we were talking about what the scene should be. I was like, “It’s very simple, it’s Hannibal saying this to Will…” and Hugh was like, “and Will would say ‘it’s beautiful,‘” and I was like, “I’m just writing this down now and we’re gonna film that.” I miss that collaboration and I would love to engage in it again.
—  Bryan Fuller [x]
Names Aren’t Important

Request- Hey gorgeous, could you do a Dean x reader where the reader was previously a really good spy in the supernatural world (like James Bond level) but she had been forced to go into hiding. The reader decided to take up hunting and when the Winchesters hear about This highly intelligent brilliant hunter they source her out and Dean falls for her instantly but her past catches up to her and the reason she had to run in the first place returns … I got carried away 😂 series? I love your work xoxox

A/N- Woooooo! Can’t wait to continue this one. I love spy stuff! I dunno how James Bond -ish I made this but really hope you like it! ALSO I’m so sorry, but kinda not really, about the nickname :P I honestly couldn’t think of something better. I was sooo excited to write this that I wrote even though I’m sick, which was a lot less harder than I thought :P Any who… Tell me what you think! x)

Dean x Reader (Not yet)

Ex- Spy!Reader

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 |

Word Count- 1662

“We should look in the drive?” one of the demons asked the others.

“No. Our orders were only to retrieve the drive, not to take a peek,” answered another.

“Crowley will never know,” the third reasoned.

The second one rolled their eyes, “Crowley always knows.”

“Well I’d like to see the names of some of these assholes that we’re probably gonna kill anyways,” the first said. She brought out her laptop, inserted the flash drive, and waited for it to load. “Here we go-” she said. “Ugh-”

“What?” a demon asked.

“The first names that pop out or those damned Winchesters,” she answered.

The others groaned, “Just keep scrolling.”

“I don’t think so,” you say as you stab one of them with your knife.

“What the fuck? Who the hell are you?!” the one in front of the laptop shouted.

“Nuh- uh. Names aren’t very important,” you answer.

“Who cares what this bitch’s name is!” a demon shouted as they ran toward you, blade in hand.

He slashed upward but you dodged, so he brought his arm back down, missing again. You grabbed his arm and pulled him toward you and your knife. You pushed him away as he flashed orange.

“I don’t very well appreciate being called a bitch,” you chuckle. Then throw your knife toward the last demon. It landing between her eyes. She flashed orange and fell onto the chair. You walk over take your knife and throw the body to the floor. “Gonna need this chair more than you,” you say. You close the folder containing the list, “Have to safely eject these damned thing or else they’ll get corrupted,” you whisper to yourself as you take the flash drive.

Then you call your employers.

“Have you acquired it Black Widow?” they asked.

“Yes. I have it,” you tell the person on the phone, flipping the flash drive in your hand. “Do I destroy it?” you question. No answer. “DO I DESTROY IT?” you asked again, emphasizing every word.

“No…” they answered.

“What? Are you sure? This… This flash drive has the names of all hunters in the world. If the demons get it, hell if any supernatural creature, even the angels, get it-” you say.

“I said NO. Do not destroy it. It can be useful to us. Now your next course of action is to go underground for a while. We can’t have those demons getting that flash drive,” they said.

“Useful how?” you inquire.

“That is not for you to worry about.” they respond.

You sigh, “How long?”

“For as long as we deem necessary,” they ordered and hung up.

You put your phone away and stretched out your muscles. “So much for that huh guys?” you say to the now dead demons on the ground. Then more appeared in front of you, “Guess the fun’s not over,” you say with a smile while putting the flash drive in your pocket, and taking out your knives.

They charged toward you. You punch the first demon in front of you, bring your arm back and plunge your knife into the demon on your right. It bursted with an orange glow and fell to the ground. You throw your other knife toward the demon you punched. The last demon threw you across the room. You hit the wall hard and you dropped your knife. You groaned as you saw the demon, with a confident smirk, inch toward you. You took out your gun and shot him twice. Which the demon apparently wasn’t prepared for. Who would suspect someone with iron bullets?

“What’s taking you idiots so long?!” shouted a voice with an accent, just as you were leaving. You turned toward the voice and see a dark haired man in a suit. “Well- Well- Well, I don’t suppose you were the one who killed my boys?”

“And… Suppose I did?” you question with a smirk.

“Well I’d have to kill you. Though… I’ve never seen you before. Who are you?” he inquired, his eyes twinkling with curiosity.

“Like I told your boys here, names aren’t important,” you respond with a shrug.

“They are when you’re speaking to the king of hell,” he said, his voice full of power and menace. Though you didn’t flinch for a second. “I’d love to chat some more but you have something I want.”

“You’re not gonna be needing this,” you say, as you take out a make shift gas grenade that you made. This is the first time you are actually going to use it so you really hope it works. You flipped the switch and threw it at him, and at first nothing happened. He laughed as he saw you run toward a room, but then the grenade went off and it released a mist of holy water. You smirked as you heard his scream. You didn’t have time to celebrate though. Once you got inside the room, you closed the door behind you, and quickly drew a devil’s trap on the floor.

The king of hell was quite pissed since he charged in, blew down the door, and fell right into your trap. “You little bitch,” he said in a low threatening voice.

You didn’t respond. You bolted right out of there before his back up comes. You went to your safe house, or rather a bunker your parents had told you about. It was huge, especially for one person, but that’s what was great about it. It had everything you needed and more. You stayed there for one week, only leaving the bunker for supplies. Only one week because you were bored. You were so used to being out on the field, killing demons, beheading vampires, stabbing werewolves, and the like, that you couldn’t sit still. So naturally, since you couldn’t go back to work, you took up hunting. You figured it wouldn’t be all that hard since you already killed supernatural creatures for a living.

You went out on your first official hunt as a hunter. It was vampires, but it seems there was already a hunter on the case. You asked him if you could tag along and seeing as it was a rather large group, he agreed. His plan was to sneak in through the back and kill off all vampires on the first floor then work your way up. It wasn’t a solid plan but you didn’t mind.

“And try not to get us both killed,” he said, you simply nodded.

“Um-” you whisper, “How about I get as many as I can with dead man’s blood. I’m pretty fast,” you say.

He gave you a weird look, “You sure about that kid?”

“Yes sir, and if all else fails then I’ll make for a great distraction,” you say with a smile.

“Alright, well let’s see what you got kiddo,” he responded with a confident nod.

You nod back before you swiftly make your way inside, and after five vamps the others caught on. Thought it wasn’t that much of a worry since the hunter helped you out after he killed the ones you paralyzed. It was so much so easier with someone other than yourself. The hunt sure was over sooner than you thought it would.

“That was pretty impressive kid. You don’t look that old… How long you been a hunter?” he inquired.

“Uh-” you chuckled, scratching the back of your neck, “This is actually my first hunt as a hunter,” you admit.

“Really?” he said, seeming impressed. “Well could’ve fooled me. What’s your name kid?”

“Well I never really thought names were important before… in my - old job they had this nickname for me, Black Widow, like in the comics,” you tell him, slightly embarrassed.

He chuckled, “I can see why. Well since you’re new to this hunter business here’s my numbers in case you need someone to back you up for a front. Most people use the FBI front but other get a bit creative. I’m usually in charge of the phones but I’ve got two idjits manning them right now. I’ll tell them about you since you seem to like working with others.”

“That would be great thanks. I’m so used to working on my own that having someone there is fun. Here’s my number, in case you ever need my help,” you respond.

He nod, and pats your shoulder, “I’m Bobby by the way. It was nice meeting you,” he said before he headed toward his car.

“I look forward to working with you,” you answer.
“Sounds like a badass,” Dean says taking a swig from his beer.

“Is this uh- Black Widow person even real?” Sam questioned.

“You think I make this stuff up kid?” Bobby responded.

“No offense Bobby but it sounds too-” Sam starts.

“Fake? Like angels, demons, werewolves, vampires, jins-” Bobby counter.

“Alright- Alright I get your point,” Sam says.

“Whoa - Whoa we still need to check em out right?” Dean said.

Sam rolled his eyes, “Really Dean?”

“I meant meet them you perv,” Dean teased, only to receive a bitch face from Sam.

“Calm down boys, I still have to make arrangements and we don’t know for sure if this Black Widow even wants to meet you guys,” he answers.

“What? Who wouldn’t want to meet me?” Dean says defensively.

“Right cause you’re a total catch,” Sam says.

“Boy- We’ll see tomorrow it’s late. Black Widow is probably sleeping right now,” Bobby said.

“Are we really gonna call this hunter Black Widow?” Sam inquired.

“Well until we know Black Widow’s real name… Yes,” Bobby answers.

Sam shrugged in response, Dean had an unyielding smirk, and Bobby just shook his head.

Though, as Bobby said it was late, but you weren’t sleeping. You were reading through the mountains of lore in your library. You figured hunting would require a larger range of supernatural knowledge and even though you had somewhat of a head start you felt the need to know more.

Hope you liked it! x)
Part 2

Feet or Tails: Part Nine

Summary: Maiden’s Cove has always had legends of merpeople living nearby. Y/N finds out that those legends might hold some truth to them.

Warnings: gabrielxreader, merman!Gabriel, human!reader, little bit of implied smut at the end…but depends on how you view it/think

Word Count: 1646

Author: Gwen

Parts: One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight

“You’re a merman.” Your words hung in the air for a moment with neither of you moving. You stared at him like you finally saw him for the first time. It all made sense now, all the puzzle pieces connected.

When you didn’t say anything else Gabriel finally spoke. “That’s it? You’re not gonna freak out? Hit me or yell?” He took a step forward, not even covering himself up.

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What is Philosophical Conservatism?

Anyone that has done a decent amount of reading on Conservative political thought should be quite familiar with the popular claim that Conservatism is not actually a political philosophy but a political attitude. This is an idea that has been widely embraced by both advocates of Conservatism (most notably the influential American author Russell Kirk) and by opponents of the ideology. Conservatism they explain, is not a systematic political philosophy,  it is simply a general disposition that favors that which is familiar and traditional, and is  wary and cautious in its approach to things that are untested, new and experimental. It is the logical opposite of radicalism in all forms. It is the faithful defender of the status quo, insisting that all change or progress should occur gradually over time. This definition contains a good deal of wisdom but also a glaring problem. 

If Conservatism is nothing more than the defense of the status quo in any given society, it can be  anything, from the defense  of a Communist or Fascist state, to the defense of a free market economy. Furthermore to say that Conservatism believes in gradual  progress is meaningless since the definition  of  “progress” is always determined by one’s ideology. Is  there a way to interpret Conservatism that actually renders it a coherent political perspective? I submit to the reader that there is , and it is by indeed conceiving of it as an actual political philosophy.  The clue to how to do this lies in part within the writings of the man who is of course considered to be the father of modern political Conservatism, the 18th century statesman  and writer Edmund Burke. 

Conservatism does not oppose radicalism merely because it believes that political order is the highest good; if it did,  it might not oppose radicalism at all since one can certainly replace the status quo with a strong, stable tyranny that will keep the order ( as history has shown us).  No, a close reading of Burke  makes clear that what he sought to protect (or to conserve) was “progress” ; progress that is the result of the development of a society over time, and not some calculated feat of legislation or political design. If it could be achieved in the second manner this would be a justification for authoritarianism. The government should be granted the vastest of powers because it is the agent that is responsible for social change. No, Burke wrote scathingly about authoritarianism and absolutism. But now we have come to the crux of the matter. For we have already stated that to speak of “progress” without any further definition is meaningless. 

The missing piece here is the truth that the identity of all true social progress is freedom. It is perhaps slightly one step beyond where Burke himself would have gone  but it is, I believe, the necessary way in which to understand the general concept of Conservatism. The reason that Conservatism is gradualist is because of the nature of freedom.  When we say that significant social progress cannot be imposed from the top down by the state (as political radicalism seeks to do) what it must ultimately mean is that freedom cannot be imposed from the top down.  Freedom by its very nature must always rise from the bottom up. Only authoritarian objectives can be established from the top down. As the citizens of a society over time progressively learn to order their own affairs as individuals, they begin to demand and to create a political system that will  accommodate this more efficient way of life. The social comes before the political; liberty is something that must be  grown into. The structure of the political system is simply an expression of the  character of the civil society.

This understanding of the importance of the social and cultural sphere is also what in turn leads to the Conservative emphasis upon certain values, for example those of family. Experience shows us that the only real world alternative to a nation built upon the state is a nation built upon strong communities of stable families. Whether we look at America’s golden age, or at modern nation states  such as Hong Kong and Singapore, we see  that wherever we find thriving free markets we also find an exceedingly high regard for the family.  On the other hand, some of the nations with the most expansive social welfare systems are  also the ones with the most unstable of family structures (for the state  stands in for the family as the caretaker of the individual). Consider Sweden for example, which has among the lowest marriage rates in the world, and yet somehow simultaneously one of the  highest divorce rates. Even the most significant figure of the modern Libertarian movement, Milton Friedman, affirmed this proposition stating: We tend to talk about an individualist society, but it really isn’t, it’s a family society. And the greatest incentives of all, the incentives that have really driven people on, have largely been  the incentives of family. “

Finally we come to the very reason why the identity of progress happens to be freedom . Social freedom is the identity of progress for a rather basic reason dealt with most extensively in the writings of Ludwig Von Mises, and the Austrian school economists: because state central planning is inefficient (and naturally the larger the state, the more problematic that inefficiency becomes). a central planner can never have or process enough information to replace  millions of individuals making their own independent judgments about situations they are close to and intimately familiar with. This is also why throughout history monarchs and rulers who had managed to consolidate a great deal of power as autocrats, over time see much of that power slip from their hands into that of the nobility. This is even so in cases where the noble class began as servants of the king (such as in old France).  The King cannot administer his entire realm as efficiently as a group of local operators, and therefore it is these operators who grow in power. This is why documents like the Magna Carta are indeed the precedents for the modern principle of individual liberty.

In conclusion Conservatism is not, as some would have it, an inconsistent hodge podge of political positions, or even merely a general political attitude. It is a consistent political philosophy that I believe to be the best and most workable interpretation of the traditional American ideals of liberty.