it shirt

  • Jimmy: We had him on the show, we had a great time with him... we went out and had sushi together.
  • Adam: Yeah I heard about that. I actually saw that, a little bit of that on TV. I'm like "this isn't gonna go well, he doesn't like this."And uh, my favorite thing about Blake is that he does- when he's talking *country accent* about the rice wine-
  • Jimmy: Oh yeah!
  • Adam: *country accent* Like the rice wine-
  • Jimmy: Yeah we were talking about sake and he's like *country accent* "You mean rice wine?"
  • Adam: *country accent* Rice wine.. But you gotta get him to say like, "white bread" or "snow white." You gotta work it into the conversation when he comes back here cause it's so great it's like "WHA-ITE"
  • Jimmy: *laughs*
  • Adam: *country accent* WHA-ITE BREAD, SNOW WHA-ITE...
  • Jimmy: *country accent* Snow wha-ite..
  • Adam: It's very aggressive, and there's a lot of- the "WH" is like really pronounced. "WHA-ITE BREAD! WHA-ITE."


Spoiler alert! So here we have:

1. People (though they’re my fave people) sitting at a table talking about something that happened in the distant past. Elementary=So many people, sitting at so many tables, talking about so much offscreen BS. Some day I’ll get around to timing it.

2. So maybe Shinwell killed some guy a long time ago. Before he went to prison. He served time. What is the urgency of solving this case now?? Right, there is no urgency. Urgency should be that Shinwell is about to make some kind of big arrest in his gang case in the present and JW/SH get mixed up in that. NOTE: IN THE PRESENT.

3. I am hereby dubbing this the “pink shirt” wardrobe season, and I am loving it. It’s about the only thing I am loving about this dreadful slog of a season.