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Week Ending November 20th, 2017

  1. Klance
    Keith & Lance, Voltron: Legendary Defender
  2. Jikook
    Park Jimin & Jeon Jungkook, BTS
  3. Destiel +2
    Dean Winchester & Castiel, Supernatural
  4. Phan −1
    Daniel Howell & Phil Lester, YouTubers
  5. Reylo +6
    Rey & Kylo Ren, Star Wars: The Force Awakens
  6. Bughead +2
    Betty Cooper & Jughead Jones, Riverdale
  7. Reddie +3
    Richie Tozier & Eddie Kaspbrak, It
  8. Thorki −1
    Thor & Loki, the Marvel universe
  9. Kastle
    Frank Castle & Karen Page, The Punisher
  10. Mileven −6
    Mike Wheeler & Eleven, Stranger Things
  11. Starco +5
    Star Butterfly & Marco Diaz, Star vs. the Forces of Evil
  12. McHanzo
    Jesse McCree & Hanzo Shimada, Overwatch
  13. Supercorp −7
    Kara Danvers & Lena Luthor, Supergirl
  14. Sprousehart
    Lili Reinhart & Cole Sprouse, actors
  15. Sheith −2
    Keith & Shiro, Voltron: Legendary Defender
  16. Malec −1
    Magnus Bane & Alec Lightwood, Shadowhunters
  17. Taekook +1
    Kim Taehyung & Jeon Jungkook, BTS
  18. Tomstar
    Star Butterfly & Tom Lucitor, Star vs. the Forces of Evil
  19. Victuuri −2
    Victor Nikiforov & Yuri Katsuki, Yuri!!! on Ice
  20. Camren
    Camila Cabello & Lauren Jauregui, Fifth Harmony

The number in italics indicates how many spots a ship moved up or down from the previous week. The ones in bold weren’t on the list last week.

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Marco: *holding Star’s hand* Hi this is my girlfriend, Star

Star: waves, holding Tom’s hand*

Marco: And this is her boyfriend Tom.

Tom: *also waves, then proceeds to take Marco’s hand in his*

Marco: Who’s also my boyfriend


la base no es mía, si sabes de quién es te lo agradecería muchísimo, así podría dar créditos al autor.

Cozy ; BTS Suga

background: you and yoongi get a snow day

Genre: fluff?

Warning: noneeee, just a sleepy yoongi

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The feeling of your cold wood floor sent chills up your spine. It wasn’t expected, taking you by surprise. You quietly rose, careful not to wake the sleeping figure next to you. The house was oddly cold, even though you were more than positive that the heat was on the night before. Carefully you slipped into some socks, brushing your teeth, and tip toeing your way back into your room. Making your way to the window, you saw a winter wonderland before you. Snow, perfectly untouched covering the ground, and softly falling from the sky. A small ding snapped you out of your thoughts. The figure shifted in bed, causing you to pause. Quickly looking over, you smiled. Nothing seemed to disturb him. You quickly made your way to his side of the bed, seeing nothing but his pastel locks peeking from under the covers, soft snores falling from his mouth. Looking at his phone, you saw it was a text from RM, indicating that they had the day off due to the bad weather. A small smile grew onto your lips. He finally had a day off to do what he loved most: sleep. Softly placing you lips against his head, you exited the room to begin your day. You more than likely had to go into work. Starting a pot of coffee, you clicked on the news, just to stay updated. Turning the volume down, you scrolled on your phone, when your eyes shot up, seeing a notification from your boss. 

Weather too bad, enjoy the day off” it read. A smile formed on your lips as you shut the TV off, and poured yourself a cup  of coffee. It wasn’t to wake yourself up, caffeine didn’t have that affect on you anymore thanks to late nights with Yoongi in the studio, it was more of a comfort thing, it reminded you of him, your safe place. Quietly, you made your way over to the window, simply to admire the stillness that was outside. It was so peaceful, almost making it seem like no civilization existed. It was a surprise snow storm, the first of the year. It was secretly your favorite thing ever, it meant the holidays were coming, and you could visit family soon. Warm arms around your waist snapped you out of your trance. 

“come back to bed..” yoongi whispered in your ear, placing his lips against your neck lazily. 

“okay..” you whispered back, letting him lead you back to bed. He pulled you close to his chest, placing his chin onto of your head, and closing his eyes. At that very moment, you couldn’t think of a better way to spend your snow day, and neither could he. 


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Hercules: Lafayette and I were talking last night…

Alexander: Pillow-talk alert!

Laurens: Spooning or face-to-face?