it shall never end ever

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idk i cant imagine hobbits ever leaving valinor and the never-ending breakfasts

Then Fëanor cried: ‘Shall we mourn here deedless for ever, a shadow-folk, mist-haunting, dropping vain tears in the thankless sea? Or shall we return to our home? In Cuiviénen sweet ran the waters under unclouded stars, and wide lands lay about, where a free people might walk. There they lie still and await us who in our folly forsook them. Come away! Let the cowards keep this city!’

And a voice piped up from the back of the crowd, saying, ‘Well, I don’t deny you make a number of very good points, and I’m sure there’s lots to be said for Middle-earth, sweet waters and so on, but do they know about second breakfast?’

Fëanor was unable to comment on whether the peoples of Middle-earth knew about second breakfast. Nor could he say for sure whether there would be elevenses, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner, supper, or midnight snacks. And so the Noldor went away homewards shaking their heads, feeling that free kingdoms under the stars were all very well, but really one could manage without them, whereas no one could reasonably be expected to manage without at the very least some jam and toast and a cup of tea at about half-past nine.
The Red Estate | Clara/Richelieu [lucelafonde]

Part 1.5 of Clara’s Echoes in Paris

This is a direct sequel to The Red Mistress.