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Stay With Me // Ten Chittaphon


the prompt: Can you write a prince!ten fluffy scenario??

words: 4968

category: angst + fluff, prince!au

warnings: night terrors and mentions of death (nothing rlly graphic)

author note: this is literally my fourth or fifth attempt (I lost count lol) of trying to write this fic. but it’s finally finished and I’m proud of the result. I hope you guys like it as well! (he’s so handsome i’m crying i love my bias)

- destinee

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zodiac signs as shit dave strider says

Aries: my gaping furnace is hungry for coal so get goddamn shoveling 

Taurus: you just rigged the thing with an oedipal harness and rode its torso like a log flume ride down a magical rainbow 

Gemini: sir im afraid the comet is the size of your moms dick

Cancer: so lets all just sit back a while and shoot the shit and i do mean empty our clips into the shit, like really pump that turd full of lead

Leo: dudes be worshipping me left and right i cant hardly walk down the street without stepping over torsos of the prostrate 

Virgo: btw my name is Akwete Purrmusk hardest buttock in the jungle

Libra: this book is now like our fight fueled ouija board of cock

Scorpio: hey were gonna hunt frogs til you shoot me through the jack
then i die and youve got to make out with me

Sagittarius: im sure you know what kind of crooked ass baloneyfuck powers she got cant let her turn those against us

Capricorn: no fuck you im not caressing your dream hologram 

Aquarius: what is with girls and their universally constant tendency to rip out plumbing fixtures

Pisces: you dont seem to harbor any sympathy for the fact that ive burrowed fuck deep into lively fluffy muppet buttock

A Blind Path Home, part 10

Steve Rogers x Reader

A/N: I obviously took some liberties with the storyline, but I tried keeping it as true as possible to the canon history. No beta used this time around, so excuse my mistakes.
Summary: It started with a blind date. A date you had skipped out on, but fate had led you right to the man you stood up. Steve Rogers, a man small in stature but big in heart. A chance meeting set everything in motion, but decades later when he is unfrozen, he has been told you have died. But when a mission to retrieve Hydra plans turned up some interesting information, Steve’s left to wonder whether you are still alive. Or is this all just false hope?


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anonymous asked:

Imagine: A human gives a speech to a city of aliens after finding their planet. What did they say? (Bonus: Incorporate "Are we alone" into it.)

ok first off I love this (time to put on my thinker cap and writing music)

Matt Dresden wasn’t looking forward to giving a speech for the Ryttoz. The Ryttozians, as they’d become known as in the English language, resembled humans only in their biped bodies, but they were purple, 3 times the size and vaguely reminded a lot of people of fish. They claimed to understand English well enough, but Matt was hoping they’d still have some kind of translator. 
His stomach was in knots upon knots as he bounded up the few steps to reach the stage his managers had people set up prior. They’d picked an open field, and not a specific venue, not entirely sure how many people were willing to show up to the first “official” widespread human interaction. 

He set his cuecards on the stand (which he didn’t need, he memorised the speech out of fear 4 days prior), and reached for the microphone. He looked up, ready to face the music and was met with…
Dead Silence. 
Oh sure, the Ryttoz were all there, but they were staring up at him like, well, like fish. 
He wasn’t entirely sure what he was expecting, but he’d take what he could get in terms of how many people showed up. It was far more than he was expecting. 
Matt took a deep breath, running a hand through his hair. He could do this, he’s only making the first official outreach to a real live alien race for the first time in his life. 

“Space was always a grand adventure for humans. We never really knew what was out there, until just recently. We’ve been living on our little planet for billions of years, but we were simply too small, and we dreamed too big.”

He wrote this speech himself, he knew what he was doing. 

“The furthest we could ever get for a long time was the planet next to ours, while keeping our people alive in the ship we sent them in. I’m sure for a race like yours, who’ve travelled far and wide, that seems a little pathetic.” Matt himself chuckled, more out of nerves combined with his awful awful joke, but a few of the audience members made a noise that sounded like a jellyfish choking a bear (however that worked), but it was probably a laugh.

“But we tiny humans have come far, with your help. When you reached out to us, it was a little terrifying. For the longest time, humans have looked at the sky and wondered, ‘are we alone? Are we really the only ones out here in this massive universe?’ and every time I thought that I swear I’ve never felt smaller.
“As we both know, we had a bit of a rocky start. Humans are a very distrustful bunch, due to being alone for so long, we fear that any other contact we have from others of any sort will rock the nice little boat we’ve built for ourselves. Then we met your lovely bunch, and realised maybe we don’t have to be so paranoid in the way we think about everything. We’ve just learned we weren’t alone when we thought we were, and not only that but now we’re making friends.”
Matt grinned out at the audience, who hadn’t responded or moved since his last poor attempt at a joke. They were much harder to read than humans. It was like doing a comedy act where you couldn’t see or hear your audience.

“So, with that being said, we’d like to officially welcome you to Planet Earth.” 

And Matt put the mic back on the stand, and bowed to a strange hooting sound that he hoped was their form or applause, and not vague, unintelligible threats of death. He took another deep breath as he walked off the stage. 
“We’re going to have some press on our side waiting for you offstage,” said Matt’s friend and fellow associate Frankie Waynne. She placed a hand on his shoulder in comfort, but her face was a devilish grin that betrayed no sympathy. They’d met a few other species, one or two, and Frankie was on speech duty for those species. This was Matt’s first time giving a speech and dealing with post reprecussions. 
“There’ll probably be some Ryttoz waiting with translators to talk to you too. Good luck,” she heckled, and shoved him towards the door.
“Thanks, I think I’ll need it.”


The Seoul Trip : The Beginning

Day 1

So,…to begin with, 16 hours on a plane (with a 3 hour layover in Dubai) is not as fun as one might have first thought - there’s only so many travel escalators you can ride before it isn’t fun anymore!
However, despite all my preconceived misconceptions about them, in-flight meals really aren’t that bad! And being able to play an endless amount of rounds of Tetris and Connect definitely helps to pass the time. But, needless to say, the minute we began the descent into Incheon airport, any tiredness that had began to pull at our bodies, in response to the 24+ hours of being awake, immediately vanished upon looking out of the window and seeing our home for the next almost 3 weeks: Seoul!
There are no words to describe the feeling of seeing the reality of a dream you’d been dreaming for 3+ years. Yet, the second we sat on the KTX to make our way to our airb’n’b, and we began to see the landscape of South Korea fly past us outside, we ended up sitting in near silence in our astonishment that we’d actually just flown half way across the world to temporary live a life that had always seemed so out of reach. Stepping off of the metro and emerging from Hyochang park station onto the street was even more overwhelming.

Now, if you ever find yourself making the dream trip to South Korea, and you find you get anxiety about not knowing where to go, how to get places, how to speak to people, etc, etc… DONT
‘Cause let me tell you, we were stood pondering our screenshot of google maps looking like your standard confused foreigners at the exit to the station for all of 3 minutes, before a woman (and her adorable dog) approached us, and asked in English (bless her soul) if we needed help getting somewhere! From there it took us around 10 minutes of walking before we rocked up at our officetel, completely haggard and with our clothes sticking to us where we’d been wearing them for so long. Then, almost immediately, we had to venture to the nearest convenience store to grab water and food, which despite our initial shyness was a walk in the park with how tired we were. And even though we hadn’t even begun to think about the language barrier in those kind of situations, the cashier looked just as done for the day as we were, and therefore purchasing our water and ramyeon went by with a simple ‘kamsamnida’, before we made our way back to our little home away from home, only just making it through the door before collapsing.

Day 2

The Exploring begins! Or rather, Jet-lag got us, and we only managed to leave the house at around 3:30pm xD
However, once we were dressed presentably and had woken up enough to deduce that we needed to eat food at least once a day to not starve, we rode down from our 18th floor apartment, and made our way to Samgakji station in the direct of Itaewon, by suggestion of a friend. All I’m going to say; two Caucasian, blonde, foreigners, stand out a little in the residential neighborhood - although, in no-way was it in a bad sense!
For anyone wondering what the Seoul metro is like, I’d consider it similar in efficiency to the London tube - it’s definitely a lot cleaner and much less cramped (so far!). We’d already bought our T-money cards the day before (in true koreaboo fashion they have Line© friends on them) so buzzing in and out of the metro was/is almost too easy, and when we emerged already completely overwhelmed in Itaewon we couldn’t wait to see what would greet us. Let me tell you now, it was the greatest feeling to see it with my own eyes, and have confirmed that it was everything i’d thought and dreamed it would be.

Although it was raining, the coloured roads and the enthusiastic business promotions shone as brightly as if the sun was shining, and the smells of gochujang, bbq, and pizza made our mouths water with every restaurant we passed. Despite Ju’s enthusiasm to find food immediately, after she put me on chief duty to find a place to eat, we ended up walking round for a while (2 hours!*), taking in the sight of each street and surveying the area; pretty much immersing ourselves in being here, before we ended up deciding to venture into a ‘foreign food store’ on the search for some teabags - which any British person will know, is an essential part of living, especially in the case of Ju, who, fyi, makes the best cup of tea in the world!
After grabbing the essentials, it was finally an acceptable time to eat, since we’d arrived at Itaewon between mealtimes, and so we headed towards what looked like a full on ‘foodie street’, and proceeded to do the traditional foreigner thing of heading into the first obviously Korean restaurant we saw. 

For all of you suffering from Wanderlust, but too scared to make the trip to Korea - or even to anywhere that speaks a different language - top tip number 1 would be; a language barrier is only a barrier when you see it as one.
Now, I’m not going to say I wasn’t scared shitless upon entering a restaurant in a foreign country for the first time, because lets be honest, I was crapping myself, but all you have to remember is businesses are just glad to have business (it keeps people fed and with roofs over their heads). So, the second I climb the stairs to the 1st floor restaurant and I catch the eye of the waitresses sat chatting in the corner of the empty room, I’m immediately ready to turn back. However, the second they see two people with hunger in their eyes, and who were obviously foreign, they waste no time in gesturing us in and after we greeted one another and asked for a table, they showed us politely in, providing us with water and menus immediately.
Given that we were hungry, it didn’t take us long to order a serving of bibimbap and Kimchi stew, and within 10 minutes? it was steaming away in front of us, accompanied by a couple of side dishes and a kind smile. Now, i don’t know about anyone else, but from the first minute i learned about the incredible taste of Korean food, i immediately began experimenting with recipes and ingredients in an attempt to create the same taste back in England…However, none of my culinary escapades had ever prepared me for the taste of genuine Korean kimchi stew. It was the BEST first meal I could have hoped for! Afterwards we had to sit for around 20 minutes just to digest the food - although it also gave us time to take in the view of the aesthetic green roofs and the beautiful decor of Itaewon.
Of course, as it was our first meal, we then had to go through the awkwardness of trying to call for the bill, which after looking up the translation so that my faulty memory filled with various Korean phrases didn’t offend anyone, simply involved politely gesturing to a waitress who showed me to the counter, before we were thanking the employees and were on our way. (Top Tip number 2: I’d like to remind anyone who plans on visiting South Korea and gets as overwhelmed as I do, that when you hand over money at the till (or just when you’re handling things in general), get that goddamn spare hand on your forearm! Manners Maketh Man, people!)
Other than visiting the convenience store once again to grab some foods for the evening, including the essentials (banana milk, HELLO! O.O), and watching dramas, music shows, and ‘Return of superman’  (*and edit a video) for the rest of the evening to try and scrap jet-lag for good, that’s pretty much all for our journey so far.

 We have so much planned for this journey, but we also want to use it as a chance to experience properly living in the country, so there will be times when it seems like we’re cramming everything into one day, and times when it will appear as though we’ve done absolute nothing, but to be honest, that sounds like the perfect plan to us! 
So, for now, I hope you’ve enjoyed this little (jokes) summary of our past 48 hours, and I’ll catch you up with more of our adventure in Seoul in the next blog post! ^^
If you have any questions about anything to do with travelling to Seoul and being here in itself; communication, booking things, culture, experience, ANYTHING, just hit up our ask box, and we’ll be more than glad to give you as much of an answer as we are able! :) 

Ciao! ;)

- Admin Mo x -

*Ju’s notes

lizarrdo  asked:

So the colonel is wilfred? I was thinking it was but i wasn't too sure. The only thing i know is that when he was in denial that people were dead and thought it was a prank i wanted to cry and then curl up in a ball for a few centuries. He just seemed kinda lost and hoping it was a dream..But sadly he wont wake up from it because he is living a never ending nightmare...

Yeah, us being back was the last push…
After that he became Wilford.
And that’s why Dark calls him Will, his real name is William.
That’s why Dark says “Did you miss me? I missed you… very much. I’ve been waiting a long time to see you again…” and so on. We were pushed out of our own body, Damien changing it into a copy of his own, and left behind. And that’s why we were also familiar to Mark the first time we did ADWM. He doesn’t remember us, but we do. - Mod Lily

The signs as Lana Del Rey songs

Aries: Diet Mountain Dew
“Maybe I like this roller coaster
Maybe it keeps me high
Maybe the speed it brings me closer
I could sparkle up your eye”

Taurus: Without You
“We were two kids, just tryin’ to get out,
Lived on the dark side of the American dream.
We would dance all night, play our music loud,
When we grew up, nothing was what it seemed.”

Gemini: Burning Desire
“I drive fast, wind in my hair, I push you to the limits ‘cause I just don’t care
You ask me where I been?
I’ve been everywhere”

Cancer: Radio
“Now my life is sweet like cinnamon
Like a fucking dream I’m living in
Baby love me cause I’m playing on the radio
How do you like me now?”

Leo: National Anthem
“He said to "be cool” but
I’m already coolest
I said to “get real",
“Don’t you know who you’re dealing with?“”

Virgo: Bel Air
“Mon amour, sweet child of mine,
You’re divine.
Didn’t anyone ever tell you
It’s OK to shine?”

Libra: Video Games
“I tell you all the time
Heaven is a place on earth with you
Tell me all the things you wanna do
I heard that you like the bad girls
Honey, is that true?”

Scorpio: Gods & Monsters
“When you talk it’s like a movie and you’re making me crazy
Cause life imitates art
If I get a little prettier can I be your baby?”

Sagittarius: Born to Die
“Come and take a walk on the wild side
Let me kiss you hard in the pouring rain
You like your girls insane”

Capricorn: Lolita
“No more skipping rope, skipping heart beats with the boys downtown
Just you and me feeling the heat even when the sun goes down”

Aquarius: Ride
“I’m tired of feeling like I’m fucking crazy
I’m tired of driving 'til I see stars in my eyes
It’s all I’ve got to keep myself sane, baby
So I just ride”

Pisces: Summertime Sadness
“Think I’ll miss you forever
Like the stars miss the sun in the morning sky
Later’s better than never
Even if you’re gone I’m gonna drive”

Your Cup of Tea [Gladion x Moon]

Chapter 13 ↞ | Chapter 14 | ↠ Soon

Chapter 14: Deja Brew

Pairings: Gladion x Moon


Moon’s eyes widen as she jumps slightly, separating herself from Gladion’s touch.

“YOU? KANTO? ME? GOING? WITH ME? YOU?” Moon’s arms are flailing around at the revelation.

Gladion gives her a knowing look and just chuckles are her reaction.

Moon backs up and falls into her Champion chair her hands pushing her bangs back as she closes her eyes.

Gladion walks up to her, an unsure look on his face. “Should I take this as a sign you don’t want me to go….?”

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Don't leave me

Jaqen H'ghar x Reader

Requested by: anonymous

Words: 455

These lines are from @hyenaswritings drabbles list;
#13 → “Please, don’t go, don’t leave me alone.”
#21 → Trying to calm other when they have a bad dream

Originally posted by tomwlaschihafanpage

You were awoken by your own screams. Not that it was any different from other times you were waking up from nightmares, but you could never get used to this feeling of fright and loneliness. When you opened your eyes, you faced a grey and cold stone ceiling.

You took a deep breath, closed your eyes and tried to ban all the horrible things you just saw out of your head. Something else caught your attention as you slightly turned your head to the right and you started smiling just an tiny little bit.

A man was standing in the shadows next to the door of your small chamber. He always did when you woke up screaming, but he never said a word. He just stood there. You’ve never talked to him before, neither had he tried to start a conversation with you, but somehow, the fact that someone was there and watching over you, made you feel kind of save.

Today it seemed different, though. For the first time, he started moving towards the hard piece of floor you were lying on. You slowly sat up and watched him as he walked over to you.

“What did a girl dream?” the words came out of his mouth in a light whisper.

“The same as every night. I dream of the day I found my parents, their clothes drenched in blood, their throats slit while they lie on the floor of our living room.” you answered, your voice matching his silent tone.

He stood in front of you without saying another word, his presence calming you with each second. You didn’t exactly know that man, how could you feel so safe in his company?

Because you’ve been through a lot, you thought, if he wanted to kill you, he would’ve done it weeks ago. You ousted your thoughts while you waited for him to say something. Why didn’t he say something? He looked at you for what felt like hours even though it was probably just seconds. If someone stared at you like this you would’ve felt awkward and uncomfortable, but strangely not with him. It didn’t bother you.

You were torn out of your thoughts as he suddenly turnend around and started walking away. All you could think was how much you wanted him to stay, how much you’d hate being alone now.

‘‘Please, don’t go, don’t leave me.’‘ you begged lightly, hoping and prayed in your mind that he was going to stay.

He stopped in his tracks and slowly turned around. You could literally see how he was debating if he should walk away or stay. For a moment, he just looked into your eyes, before he started talking.

‘‘A man won’t.’‘

Here you go! Probably a whole lot different than you expected, but I still hope you liked it somehow. Thanks for the request, keep sending them in x

Send in your requests here!


Im going to tell you my whole story yesterday because it was one of the greatest day of my life and I still can’t believe it happened.
I met the whole cast yesterday (except for Karol because was in a bar and she is a minor) even tho I could first met Gastón in the hotel.
There he was a sweetheart he went out, we were like 7 girls only so we talked with him a little bit and took pictures with all.
Then I, like the very shy person I am, friended all the staff that I could, and I talked a lot with their drivers, they told me that they were going to a bar just when some staff that were with Karol in another signing arrived, and then Gastón confirmed in mediapilaok.
So me and the girls that were there took a van and drove there, 15 minutes after we arrived they did it. Security in Colombia is insane, me and a friend were approaching to Agus and a security man didn’t let us, but then I saw the light of my eyes, I saw Rugge and everything else in the world disappeared for me.
I walked calmly in zombie mode to him and asked “Te puedo dar un abrazo? (Can I fue you a hug)” and he said “Claro (sure)” and when I asked for a pic he said no problem and I took him, then I asked him from a cheek kiss and he gave it to me without a doubt I told him that I was so proud of him, and GUYSSSSS, ¡HIS FACE LITERALLY LIGHT UP LIKE THE SUN! And said “Thank you so so much” and gave me another hug and security took him inside.
Im never will be able to forget his expression when I said that, because I said it so mean it, and god, if I love him before, i love him more even now.
When they were in the entrance of the bar we talked a little with everyone (I’ll post the video and translate later)
Then like two hours ago Sebas arrived and he went out just a couple of hours before wayyyy too mad, a couple of seconds later Jorge went out like following him very fast and talking on the phone, but when he was returning alone we asked for a pic and he said “Ofcourse yeah” and took a lot of pics, gave a lot of hug, filmed a lot of dedicatory messages and said he was so in love with Colombia and that he was planning on coming to live here after Soy Luna ended, I LOVED HIM SO MUCH. But like always, security come and took him inside again.
We waited there until they came out again but went very fast and didn’t took photos with anyone bc security (seriously fuck them) but Rugge sent us a lot of kisses.
Then we all went to our homes to sleep because today is the big day.
Guys I can’t believe this I’m telling you really happened, it all seems like a dream to me now, they were all so nice and looked really bumped for couldn’t take pics, except for one but I am not telling because doesn’t deserve the attention.
Really I am more proud and happy that ever to chose them like my faves ❤️

thegaypumpingthroughyourveins  asked:

what are your headcanons for each character's sexuality ? *head tilt*

Oh man @thegaypumpingthroughyourveins, I am so sorry this is late, and I apologise if this isn’t good, or if it offends anyone XD

  • Let’s start with Tina. Tina would prefer men, I think. She’s kind of straight-laced and by the book, so I think she would grow up straight, and probably end up being with a man. However, I like to think she might have a few experiences being with a girl, not enough that she’d call herself bisexual but enough to know that she ultimately prefers men. I like to think that she probably had some adventurous friends who introduced her to trying out new things, because let’s be honest, we were all curious about sex at some point in our lives. So maybe she engaged in a little threesome, or her first time with a girl was with her best friend who was patient and gentle and gave her the best orgasm ever. 
  • It’s hard to think of Jacob as anything but straight. He’s such a traditional American man, and he seems like the type to dream of settling down with a loving wife *cough*Queenie*cough* with a bunch of children. When Queenie suggests a threesome with Seraphina, he’s initially terrified because Seraphina didn’t take too kindly to him when they first met. But he enjoyed the experience, although it’s not a frequent occurrence, and is respectful of Seraphina and her needs, and of course he wants both women to have a good time. He’s a happy man by the end of it.
  • Queenie and Seraphina for me, have the bisexual vibe going on. Seraphina is definitely a sexually dominant person, the type to tie up her partner in bed and proceed to have her way with them, or the type to wear a strap on and fuck them XD But you know, her job is a stressful one, so I think she likes relinquishing control sometimes, but only to someone she trusts with her life. I imagine her and Percival probably helping each other out when they were younger, and the immense trust she has for Percival means she trusts him to blindfold her and tie her up, and she’ll know he won’t go beyond any limits she has. I think she definitely has the occasional one-night stand because her job doesn’t really leave any time for proper dating, so casual sex is a thing because even Grindelwald invading New York won’t stop her from obtaining pleasure.
  • Queenie is a soft, kind person but that doesn’t mean she’s not adventurous in bed. She’s definitely more open about sex than Tina, and I think she likes sex. The fact that she’s a Legilimens really comes in handy because she can look into her partner’s deepest fantasies and make them come true, and even though her partner thinks they’re in control, Queenie is the one who really calls the shots. She doesn’t let anything she doesn’t want happen; if she sees her partner has a fantasy she’s uncomfortable with, she’ll nudge them in a more neutral direction and make it seem like it’s their idea. Regardless of who she’s with, she wants to make them feel good, so sex for her is something that’s meaningless, which is why she rarely engages in one-night stands.
  • Percival is definitely bisexual. He doesn’t care who he’s having sex with, as long as they’re good at it. He probably struggled with his sexuality growing up, because at that time, society probably wasn’t too accepting of homosexuality (don’t kill me, I’m not American; although, Wikipedia does say that in the 1920s, there was a greater acceptance of homosexuality but Percival probably grew up in the 1880s/90s?), and the Graves family was a pretty famous (and possibly traditional) family so the first time he realised he was attracted to boys, he’d have been terrified. But Ilvermorny would have exposed him to similar experiences by other students, so eventually, he’d be fine with his sexuality and be confident in his sex. I see Percival as having soooo much experience in terms of sex because literally everyone he meets is attracted to him and wants to jump him. Sex is something he enjoys, whether it’s casual sex or meaningful sex with people he cares for. He’s usually dominant in bed and his favourite position is fucking his partner doggy-style, but with Newt, Percival finds he quite enjoys being the bottom for a change. He has amazing stamina and can possibly go all day and night with enough rest and food in between. After Grindelwald though, there’s a period where Percival can’t think of sex and not think of Grindelwald taking him forcibly during his captivity. It takes a lot of therapy and long talks with Newt for him to eventually being comfortable enough to have sex again, and his reintroduction to sex is with Newt, and it’s slow and gentle and Percival weeps throughout because it’s Newt’s kind fingers and kisses all over him, and it’s Newt inside him and it’s not Grindelwald raping him and when they’re both sleepy from post-coital bliss, Newt kisses his head and strokes his back until he falls asleep.
  • Newt is someone I was confused about. Because my first exposure to Newt was him being straight and in a straight marriage, some part of me still thinks of him as straight even though I obviously ship Percival with Newt. So the way I think of him is as not having any labels, if that makes sense? He probably enjoys sex with both men and women but he’s not that interested in sex because he’s so preoccupied with his creatures. He also doesn’t like having sex with people he don’t know because he doesn’t like being touched by strangers. That doesn’t mean he’s not good at sex. He’s very awkward socially but his travels around the world has given him exposure to different techniques or methods to pleasing himself and his partner, and his understanding of biology means he knows more about the human body than most people. He can go without sex for periods of time, but after getting with Percival, he’ll be away for two or three days and ache for his partner’s touch, so he always makes sure to never be away from Percival for more than a few days.
  • Credence is definitely gay. The poor thing was so repressed as a child and young adult that he was probably terrified the first time he realised he was gay. His first encounter of someone being remotely accepting of his sexuality was unfortunately, Grindelwald who preyed on that, so I’d imagine he’d be a little reluctant to experiment sexually. But I like to think that eventually, he meets a good man or woman (or even both) who teaches him that sex is okay, and that his sexuality is okay. He’s been so starved of affection from such a young age, that I imagine him turning to older partners for guidance and love and eventually enjoying the pleasure that sex gives him. 

Sobs this is the best I could do T-T I’m so sorry it’s not good at all!

A Casual Reminder

Summary: Part four of On Casual Commitments

By the extent to which her headache had lessened, Erina could only surmise that she had overslept. She had no idea how that could have happened when she set two alarms on her phone and three on her tablet the night before—unless someone had turned them off, that is. And if someone had done that, someone would have no choice but to face the full force of her wrath. 

After she showered and moisturized and padded out into the living room of the Airbnb in her bathrobe, Erina saw someone in the kitchen taking some sort of souffle out of the oven. 

“Mornin’ Nakiri,” he said, grinning at her. “How’re you feeling?”

“You turned off my alarms!” She tried in vain to hold onto the rage that was suddenly eluding her. 

“You slept through the first two,” he pointed out with a shrug. “Besides, you were snoring like a damn grizzly bear, so I figured you were pretty tired.”

Erina blanched. She hadn’t…had she?

 “I…well, that’s just impossible. I don’t snore. And at any rate, I was supposed to have three meetings this morning.”

“Pushed back,” he explained. “Doujima’s cool with it, and Tadokoro’s train from Tōhoku got delayed anyway.” 

Erina decided that it was entirely too early in the morning for her to read into the fact that he still called his married ex-girlfriend by her maiden name. “Oh…When is the first meeting.” 

“In an hour and a half.” 

Erina finally allowed herself to glance over at the souffle, which upon closer inspection looked perfectly browned at the top and smelled delicious. “Asiago cheese and sun-dried tomatoes?” 

He nodded once. “You want coffee or tea?”

“Coffee.” She took a seat at the kitchen table and crossed one leg over the other. “Like the whole pot.” 

“I gotchu,” he said, giving her shoulder a light squeeze on his way back to the french press.

As she anticipated the sensation of piping hot black coffee gracing her god tongue, a thought occurred to Erina. With all the chaos that had ensued since their unexpected return to Tokyo, when the hell had he found the time to go grocery shopping? And to bake her a breakfast souffle? And to reschedule all of her meetings?

And then, for reasons she couldn’t quite identify, Erina got up and followed him and loosened the sash on her robe. “You said an hour and a half?” 

“Yeah, did you want more ti-” When he turned around, Erina tilted her head upward and pressed her lips against his. She smirked into the kiss when his fingers slid beneath her robe, between her legs.

Hopefully they’d still have some time for breakfast after. 

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Kisetsu wa Tsugitsugi Shindeiku
 Kisetsu wa Tsugitsugi Shindeiku


The seasons die out, one after another; cries of annihilation howl in the wind

A man not susceptible to the charms of the city looks up at the moon and notices how unrefined it all is.

Among an everyday life tripped up by the mud, the rain itself tastes of alcohol

With eyes filled with apathy as they wander the city, innocents gather in front of the station, acting suspiciously.

In order to uphold the unsteady fact that I’m me, it’s like my half-transparent shadow has come to life.

If I were to sing in the rain, would the clouds part? My life is all dried up in the midst of this bustling summer.

Dear My Loathsome Past, to you I offer this poem of farewell!

I have to cast away the remains of these days that can’t get any worse, these most terrible dreams, even if it kills me.

For in the next life, a flower will bloom to tell you a poem of transition;

A song filled with suffering, of which to grieve and moan, but never to die out even if it is starved of sunlight.

Tomorrows dies out, one after another even if you hurry, you’ll miss them as they become the past,

But to we who hurry through life, our flames are fickle, and we’re always adding meaning after the fact.

In order to uphold the unsteady fact that you’re you, your unstable ego ventures to despise you;

If you were merely able to sing, would the darkness be dispelled? Your life has been left up to a dream rotten at the core.

Dear My Loathsome Past, to you I offer this poem of farewell!

I have to cast away the remains of these days that can’t get any worse, these most terrible dreams, even if it kills me.

For in the next life, a flower will bloom to tell you a poem of transition;

A song filled with suffering, of which to grieve and moan, but never to die out even if it is starved of sunlight.

With a tired face, limping along; squinting at the reflected sunset;

We spend some time wondering if we should go on or head back. I’m sure we’ll face hardship but after the slightest hesitation, we straighten up and head onward.

That’s right, we have to go! Even with nothing, we have to go on living!

After all, our lives were just picked up along the way we’ll leave them here as we proceed, what little they are.

Dear The Long Gone Past I Reflect Upon, to you I offer this poem of nostalgia;

If I think of days that couldn’t get any worse, those most terrible dreams, you seem so far away!

Our flowers will wilt one day, our lives returning to the circle of life;

A song filled with suffering, of which to grieve and moan, but never to die out even if it is starved of sunlight.

The seasons revive, one after another.

Jeonghan: Please Don't Be My Prince Part 2

PART 2!!!

Word Count: 1,934

Part 1 | 2 | 3 [Final]

First Bite/First Night Part 1 | 2

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You were on edge the entire weekend, scared that at any moment vampires would steal you away in the night and force you to join them. You jumped whenever someone strange walked in your direction, even if it was in the sunlight. The absence of any significant happenings only fueled your anxiety. There was no way that the prince of the vampires would just let his one and only soulmate leave him like that, so you were absolutely dreading what you would find when you were called up to the office the following Monday at school.

You trudged down the hallway, which seemed shorter than normal. All you wanted to do was prolong the trip, but the universe was not on your side that morning. The secretary greeted you with an unusually bright smile.

“You can go right into the conference room, Miss,” she giggled. You did not reply, only nodded, and opened the door to find a little more than you were expecting.

Because it was not Jeonghan waiting for you, or even some of the palace guards. Oh no, of course not. With your luck, it was his parents that were seated in the conference room, the very King and Queen of the vampires. The Queen stood up at your entrance.

“You must be the girl our little prince has told us so much about!” she squealed.

You turned a deep shade of crimson and bowed. “Y-Your Majesty.”

“Really, there’s no need to be so formal, dear! We’re practically family,” she laughed. You straightened back up warily.

You had never actually seen the royal family in person, and you realized immediately that television did not do their beauty justice. Jeonghan clearly took after his mother, whose hair, even while pulled up, looked as silky soft as her son’s. She seemed to have a constant blush on her cheek and a glimmer in her eyes. She was not at all what the old stories would have said a vampire looked like. The King, on the other hand, resembled this description almost to a tee. He was tall and imposing with a deadly dignified air, and you wondered if he ever showed his emotions. How he and the Queen had been destined soulmates was beyond you.

“I-I don’t know what to say,” you stuttered.

“Oh, you don’t have to say anything. I know this all must seem crazy to you, living your life one second and finding out you’ll be Queen the next. We just wanted to see the woman that our son will be with,” she attempted to reassure you. For some reason, you could not find it in you to squash her dreams. You were not all that inclined to accept the Prince.

“Why don’t we sit down? You really shouldn’t get too excited, darling. You must consider your health,” the King finally spoke. His voice was deep and gravelly, and not as kind as you would have expected a king’s voice to be. But then again, he was a vampire king, not a human one.

The interrogation began as soon as you were all seated. By the time you left, they knew who your entire family was, your favorite colors, what you were studying, what you were going to do with your life, how they could read all of the articles you had written, how you felt about green tea – it was enough to make your head spin. They only let you go once you promised not to tell Jeonghan that they had been there. Apparently the only things that he had actually told them had been that you existed and that they should under no circumstances go to see you before he worked everything out.

The Queen was one of the nicest people you had ever met, and even the King was charming in his own way. It was clear that he cared for his wife a lot. The thought that that kind of permanent love could be yours definitely crossed your mind, but you tried not to think about it. You had your reasons for avoiding the Prince.

Speaking of the Prince, you had not heard anything from him. You thought for sure that he would have been pursuing you relentlessly – not that you wanted him to, exactly, but once the idea had crossed your mind you could not say that you did not think it was interesting. However, you were absolutely determined to cherish these last moments of peace before he decided to bother you.

And that time turned out to be that afternoon on your way home from school.

“Will you just please get in the car?” Jeonghan huffed. A lock of his hair had escaped his ponytail, but he did not bother to push it back.

“I’m not going to be in a car alone with you,” you replied, your steps never faltering.

“I promise I’ll take you home. It’s just not safe for you to go out alone, especially when half of your route home is completely out of sight,” he explained.

“I heard you the first time,” you said, “but I like walking home, and I barely know you.”

There was no use in trying to walk faster; he easily matched whatever pace you set with his long legs. The car, which had the royal crest on the sides, had been following you two for at least twenty minutes.

“Fine. You can meet me at her house, Changsun. We will walk there,” Jeonghan told his driver.

“I, not we. I will walk there,” you grumbled.

“Your Highness, I really don’t think it’s a good idea to leave you alone. Your parents only allowed you to go without bodyguards as long as I was here,” Changsun fretted.

“It’s really fine. I’m the one here, not my parents, and I’m telling you to leave,” Jeonghan insisted.

“Really, Your Highness, I-“

You certainly were not a huge fan of Changsun, but you did not have anything against him, and by no means did you wish him dead. But, unfortunately, that seemed to be his fate. You shrieked at the sight of his body turning to dust. You were lucky that it was hard to make out some of the goriest details in the evening light.

Jeonghan cursed.

“Get behind me!” he ordered. Normally you would ignore him, but after seeing a man being murdered, you would do almost anything he told you to do. You ducked behind him just as five men appeared in a circle around you. The one directly across from you pushed up his sleeves, revealing a crimson outline of a dripping heart carved into his wrist. Your legs nearly gave out from under you.

“Jeonghan,” you managed to choke out, “they’re from the Bleeding Heart.”

“Well this day just keeps getting better and better.” He blew that loose lock of hair back.

The Bleeding Heart was an organization of sorts that began to grow shortly after the vampire government was established. Its membership included both vampires and humans who all worked towards the same goal – the total separation of the two races. Of course, there were people who believed that who were perfectly respectable members of society, but the Bleeding Heart was by far the most violent group. They thought that the only way to break the ties between the vampires and humans was to cause as much chaos as possible.

“So it’s true then? The little prince has found his mate,” one of the men cooed.

“Isn’t that just… the sweetest,” another added, a Cheshire grin showing off his fangs.

The third, who was the mirror image of the second, leaned towards his twin. “Do you think our loving and generous Crown Prince believes in sharing?”

“I don’t know, but I’d certainly like a bite of that.” The other licked his lips as he eyed you. You were so close to Jeonghan’s back that you could feel the feral growl that ripped through him.

“Don’t touch her!” he yelled.

Not even a second after his outburst did a sixth member materialize behind them and yank you away.

“Jeonghan!” you cried out. He whipped around, and you saw his fangs for the first time that day. He was ready to rip out the throat of whoever touched you. However, he straightened up and returned to a more human-like appearance almost immediately. You had flinched.

The first man grinned. “Why don’t you come with us then?”


You should have been home. You should have been already in your pajamas, lazing on the couch, probably eating things that would ruin your dinner. But instead you were folded up in a small square of a room with the Crown Prince of the vampires sitting opposite you. The room was bare save for a small, metal table in one of the corners. Jeonghan rested his head against its leg.

“I know this isn’t the ideal location to have this discussion, but while we’re here, we might as well talk about something,” he said.

“Is it about the fact that your hair’s nearly longer than mine? Because I feel like we’ve been avoiding that subject,” you snapped.

He snorted. “It’s actually about the fact that you’ve been avoiding every subject. Why do you keep running from me?”

You broke eye contact. “Has it ever crossed your mind that I’m not really into this whole soulmate thing?”

“I know it’s a lot to take in; I’m going through this the same as you. And I know that we don’t feel much of anything for each other right now, which is understandable because we don’t know each other yet, but why don’t you give this a chance? Being soulmates means that yes, while we can love other people, we’ll never love anyone else as much as each other. Why are you running from that?” Jeonghan sat up, pushing his hair out of his face as he spoke. He stretched out his legs and had to spread them to keep from hitting yours. You eyed his polka-dotted socks.

“I just… I just don’t think I’m the right one for this, I guess. I’m not exactly cut out for your world.” You felt compelled to answer honestly, though you knew he had no hand in that feeling.

“What do you mean?” he asked.

“All right, so I may seem pretty fearless, I guess, but I’m really not,” you admitted, gradually turning redder as you continued, “I can’t sleep without a light on because I’m still afraid of the dark, and I’m so completely freaked out by blood that I once sobbed for ten minutes straight after watching a medical drama that had a little-too-realistic fake blood. So, yeah, not exactly the vampire type.”

Jeonghan had to bite his lip to keep from smiling. His eyes lit up like you had never seen.

“Is that it? I thought you hated me!” he laughed.

“Don’t laugh at me. These are serious concerns!” But you were laughing too.

Jeonghan scooted over to sit next to you. He picked up your hand in his own and traced over the lines as he spoke again.

“So we don’t love each other – at least not yet – but how about we see how this goes? But as of right now, we’re allies,” he said.

“Allies,” you repeated, “and we’ll take things as they come, not all at once.” You could breathe. You could get through this.

“We’ll do this together.”

“Together with our gorgeous hair. We’ll be the allies that everyone will be jealous of,” you giggled.

The door banging open cut the laughter short.


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The Suburbs: pt 3
Genre: ANgst
Words: 2.4k

“C'mon,” You try. “There’s so much out there that we haven’t seen! So much more than this,”

It’s his turn to smile, stepping into you so that his lips are by your ear. “Maybe this is what I want,”

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I’m currently reading this book called the ‘Seth Material’.. it’s about a medium. Basically this lady starts to realize she has psychic abilities (we all do) and this man, Seth, starts to speak through her. I know that is crazy enough, but it is not the highlight of this read. (No, he is not God he does not pretend to be God or want to be praised.) Seth is a personality, a soul, that Jane knew in her past life and contacted her for the purpose of writing these books. He lives on another plane and does not share our physical reality. He seems to be ‘psychic’ to us because he sees our lives from a different perspective. The ideas and theories that Seth has on life are out of this world.

I’ve learned all kinds of new things from this book the past two chapters I read were on reincarnation & health. He had lots of unique perspective on both topics maybe I’ll go into them on another post. The current chapter is on dreams and how we can use dreams to solve problems.

(I’m no pro at this and you should really read the book for yourself because you’re not getting the entire picture from this passage. I am just expressing what I’ve learned to spark the interest for someone else to explore in that direction, because I think sounds pretty cool.)

“Over and over Seth says that a dream or imaginative experience is as real as any waking event.”

This statement is hard to accept because you haven’t read the book, but Seth speaks about how we create matter on the physical plane and therefore create everything about the world that we live in, mentally. According to him we even choose our lives, the time periods that we live in, where we live who our parents are (there’s so much on this I can’t go into detail right now). We exist on multiple planes although we feel that we only exist on the physical one. Our actual life is really somewhat like a dream though it is our reality and we have to operate within it. The chapter on reincarnation had a lot of insight on this topic. He says that our “past” lives/personalities are all basically working together to benefit one larger self and that there are even more realities that will occur once we move past this physical plane.

(I was not joking when I said I have some pretty far fetched beliefs. I am just learning about all of this but for some reason it makes more sense to me than it sounds like bullshit.)

So, dreams. Supposedly our dreams can aide us or are aiding us whether we realize it or not..

“Each dream object is actually double- or triple- decked, a symbol for other, deeper data. A dream involving reincarnational information, for example may also serve to help us face a present-day problem by reminding us of other unused abilities inherent in our personalities.”

“Each dream begins with psychic energy which the individual transforms not into physical matter, but into a reality every bit as functional and real.”

Seth says that we can suggest to our inner selves what we would like to resolve in a dream. I plan to try it out tonight. They say: if we’re feeling depressed before sleep we should suggest to ourselves that we will have a pleasant or joyful dream that will completely restore our good spirits & vitality. It’s called dream therapy.

We do not have to understand or even remember the dream for it to have an effect on our subconscious.

Jane (the author/medium) also said once that she told herself before sleep that she would have a dream that would give her further information about her own reincarnational past and that her dream was very insightful.

I definitely am excited to explore these exercises to see what they bring me. I am going to stop here because I am still reading and I don’t want these entries to be too long. I encourage you guys to explore the topic on your own! Please remember if you don’t believe something is for you, it isn’t. Our thoughts control our reality.

- Briana Shaneé

[All bolded text are direct excerpts from The Seth Material by Jane Roberts]


Requested by anonymous

You turned the key and opened the door, almost surprised that it worked. It had almost seemed like a dream, or a trick until that moment.

While you were taking in the living room of your new place, you felt a woosh of air go by, and suddenly he was in front of you. “Exactly how the lady said it was. Not a thing left behind from the previous owner,” Tommy reported to you.

“Alright, let’s go downstairs and get our stuff out of the truck,” you said with a grin, excited to finally have your first apartment with Tommy.

You practically ran to the truck, but of course Tommy actually ran and got there before you. You didn’t notice what he grabbed, but you went for the large beanbag chair right on top. You grabbed it and started back up the stairs.

By the time you got back into the apartment, most of the rest of the stuff was already there. “See, told you we didn’t need any help,” Tommy stated.

“I’m starting to wonder why I even grabbed this,” you commented, dropping the beanbag chair into the middle of the room.

“Because we need a couch and this is the closest thing we have so far,” Tommy answered. He walked between you and the beanbag chair and grabbed your arms, before falling back into the chair, pulling you down with him.

You squealed as you fell, giggling as you landed right next to Tommy, not quite on top of him. “Careful! This thing has to last until we can get a proper couch!” you scolded, playfully shoving him a little.

“It’s fine,” Tommy assured you, pulling you close. “There’s no hole in it.”

“Yeah, yet,” you said, rolling your eyes. He had you pretty well secured in his arms so you couldn’t push him again. “Isn’t there still more in the car, by the way?”

“Yep. I needed a break. Even I get tired,” Tommy stated.

“I could grab one more box or two if you weren’t cuddling me,” you pointed out.

“I’d get bored if I wasn’t cuddling you and I wouldn’t be able to rest,” Tommy countered. “So you’re staying right here.”

You giggled. “Okay, if you insist,” you said, before giving him a quick kiss. Or, it would’ve been a quick kiss had he let you move away from him.

Jeff Williams & Casey Lee Williams

(Like with ‘all our days’ I maybe have missed and/or messed up some words. Namely around the second verse. Please fix if I messed up.)

Close your eyes now time for dreams. Death is never what it seems.

Take the things you thought you should, all the things they said were good.

All your faith an ancient ways, leaves you trapped inside a maze. 

Take the lives of those you need. Solve the death and reap the seed.

Reap the seed.

Born an angel, heaven sent. Falls from grace and never elegant

Stars will drop out of the sky, the moon will gladly watch the roses die (in vain)

Loss no gain. But you’re not taking me. You can’t have my life.

I’m not your sacrifice. You can try and break free and you won’t conquer me.

I won’t crawl, most of all, I won’t fall for you.

Show them gods and deities, why they keep the people on their knees.

Pierce the sky, escape your faith.The more you try the more you’ll just breed hate. And lies, truth will rise, revealed by mirrored eyes.

What if all the plans you made were not worth the price you paid?

Even with the lives you souls, still no closer to your…goal.

You can’t have my life.

I’m not your sacrifice. You can try and break free and you won’t conquer me. I won’t crawl, most of all, I won’t fall for you.

Cherry Blossoms \\ Jeon Jungkook One Shot (Angst)

The way her fingers tangled tightly in between mine before I left, as if she was terrified I wouldn’t come back, kept my heart right where it had always been, resting in her soft palms. The subtle scent of some sort of flower, cherry blossoms perhaps, had been soaked into each and every article of clothing she owned, but most importantly, the same perfume swarmed my head when I thought about her each night I couldn’t spend with her wrapped around my body, cradled in my arms. My body was practically shut down without her presence, my mind blurring and spacing out the days until I heard her sweet voice chirp from the other side of the globe.

“Good morning, Jungkookie.” She breathed out into the phone and I swore that nothing besides seeing her lips move as she said the words would be better than that moment. She sounded like milk and honey, I almost forgot to say anything back.

"Well, good morning, Jagiya.” And we must have talked for hours before she spoke news that made my heart clench, my knees weak. Not only was she there through the phone, but something grew inside of her, budding and kicking. She said he was her happiness while I was gone. He.

After we said painful goodbyes my mind never shook the idea of a little kid depending on me, calling me their father. Even in the midst of practicing, sweating my body into dehydration, the sounds of our music beating past the speakers morphed into the sounds of babies. Crying. Screaming. The idea of responsibility had always scared me, but now it was paralyzing, so much so that I was hit from the side, sending me spiraling to the ground.

“Jungkook, what’s wrong?” Jimin was the only one to ask before I shrugged him to the side, the music starting back again from the top.

It was simple, I wasn’t happy with the news like she was. It kept me up at nights and then invaded my dreams when I was able to fall regretfully to sleep. I wanted to be positive, for her. And that’s exactly what I was when we spoke, the only thing she seemed to live for anymore was the creature brewing inside of her. Our late night calls that once were full of love and care were now one sided, the excitement spewing out in ideas of room designs and names. I just agreed, the stress and resentment only building and bubbling in my all too tight chest until one day it broke free.

“Can’t you talk about something else for once?” I was so fed up that I wasn’t even fazed by how I was yelling into the phone. All of my feelings spilling out. It was somehow easier hearing her heart break, opposed to being there and watching it.

“What do you mean?” She whispered, thick and sad silence held prior. I knew telling her would destroy her, her hopes and dreams shattered in an instant, but she had to face reality. She had to know.

And when I told her that I didn’t want a baby, that I’d help take care of it and provide, but only because I had to, not because I wanted to, I knew I had ruined something great. She didn’t say a word, and I knew that she wouldn’t forgive me.

“I have to go.” She lied, I could hear how her tears choked her voice. It made me want to somehow, rewind, take back what I said and change my feelings but I couldn’t. The very fact was that I wasn’t a person whom liked kids, I was only eighteen, and even in thirty years time I couldn’t see myself the fatherly type.

Three days had past, three miserable, emotionally draining days in which I hadn’t heard one word from her. I started missing the constant baby chatter, the way her voice lit up when she told me how I’d be back in time for the labor. Even the boys had noticed how off I was, Jimin even went to the extent to pull me aside after too many distant practices.

“What’s been up with you lately?” He was harsh, and I didn’t know how much I needed it until I was spewing everything to him, tears building up but not falling. I couldn’t let them stray down my cheeks.

When he suggested that I call her, I immediately found myself running past the others, fishing my phone from my pocket and dialing the number I had memorized years in advance. No answer. It sent me to voicemail four times, and each time my heart sunk a little lower. She hated me.

But maybe I’d convinced myself of her loathing too quickly, because when my phone rang with her name across the screen, I almost couldn’t believe it. I couldn’t believe she wanted to speak to such a cruel and selfish person so much so that I almost didn’t answer. Almost.

“Jagiya.” I said simply, but the voice on the other line didn’t hold true. It didn’t bring back the butterflies or the heart warming. It wasn’t her, it wasn’t her. It felt like some cruel joke, to get her to finally call me back, for it only to not be her, but her best friend.

“Jungkook, you need to come back to Seoul.” Her best friend’s words were filled with a numbness that confused me.

“Why? What’s wrong?” She wouldn’t tell me, the only thing she did let slip was in fact the room number she was put in at Seoul’s hospital. I didn’t even tell management before I’d booked the next flight out of LA.

My fingers twitched and craved for my girl friend’s touch. Ex girlfriend. Well, soon to be ex, because I knew she hated me after I’d told her I didn’t want to be a father. She wouldn’t want to be with me after I’d let my inner monster show.

The whole flight riveted and rocked from turbulence and I prayed to whatever God had been listening at the time that this wasn’t some sort of sign of what was to come. I had to stay positive, I could only assume that whatever was happening was something to do with the thing stretching her stomach. That’s all I wanted to assume. That’s all I let myself assume.

And when the plane landed a rough fourteen hours later, jet lagged and emotionally drained, I found myself a cab and made myself to Seoul’s medical center, tipping the chauffeur a hefty amount for the odd hour into the night.

“Sir, visiting hours ended three hours ago.” The receptionists voice just went in one ear and out the other as the sounds of my feet hitting the tiled floor grew louder and faster. I hadn’t realized I was running until the room number faded into my vision, along with her family crowded outside of it.

Level four wasn’t the pregnancy center. It was the trauma unit, and I knew that, but I couldn’t even wrap the head around it. My eyes flew to her mother, a sense of panic washing over me as I saw the amount of people. The amount of tears.

“She’s gone, Jungkook.” She cried out.

That moment itself felt as if it had frozen itself in time, the things and people around me swaying and moving barely a fraction as fast. Those words, those three words, destroyed my life and everything I knew in it.

She’d gotten into a car accident, being hit from the driver’s side and being instantly slammed unconscious. A hit and run, as her father said. I had cried years, it felt like, until I couldn’t cry anymore and I just sat there, numb and silent. Not once had I thought about the thing growing inside of her until her mother pulled my arm and whispered into my ear.

The second my eyes laid on her and how she had her eyes, I knew I was wrong. She. Not an it, or a creature. Far from a thing or anything negative I associated with her. She was her and I in one, and for me to have not realized how beautiful that was before was sad. She cried in the nursery next to nurses and doctors, pink and raw. She was bigger than I would have imagined, and she swelled my heart.

Cheonsa didn’t necessarily stitch my heart back together at once, but as I held her at nights, coaxing her back to sleep, bathing her and feeding her by myself, she did indeed, in time, mend what I never thought would be whole again. She grew into a beautiful child, hair long and silk like her mother’s, and for some reason that was beyond me, she never smelt of anything but cherry blossoms.

Something Worth Fighting For - [[Boxer]] Ashton Irwin Smut

I watched from the stands as Ashton continually pounded his fists into the punching bag, my father standing behind his target coaching him, telling him what to do better. Ashton’s focus always seemed to amaze me. The way he stared at the punching bag like it was his worst enemy and his only desire was to kill it. The rhythm he kept, throwing punch after punch for hours. How he seemed unaffected when my father screamed at him to punch harder. His expression remained stone hard and cold, keeping focus and it was one of the most attractive things I’d ever seen. The way his biceps flexed and tensed, the veins that stained and pulsed in his neck and arms, the sweat that soaked his shirt and ran down the sides of his forehead as well as the rest of his body, the grunts and groans that left his lips as he worked his body to the point of exhaustion. He had about 5 minutes left until training was over for the day. I’d known Ashton for 2 years now, since my father started training him. Ashton was in desperate need of making money for his family. He had to drop out of school in his sophomore year, and it was honestly one of the saddest things I watched him do because he was remarkably smart. Money was tight in his family, so when my father needed someone to coach, Ashton fit the bill perfectly. I’ve watched Ashton grow as a boxer over the last 2 years and he’s made tremendous progress, growing from the lanky light weight boy with a mindset of determination he was, to the skilled and strong tall boxer he is today. Ashton always gave my dad his 100% never wanting to fail him or give him any less than he could. My dad was a major role model to Ash, but to me Ash was everything. Ashton and I weren’t dating, probably because if we were my dad would kill him for going after his only daughter and woman left in his family after the death of my mother. But whenever we were alone, which was a lot because my dad had other business to take care of, and I was left to coach Ashton and be his motivation, there was always a tension between. Not really sure if it was sexual or passionate, or maybe somewhere in between. All I know is, I have the biggest school girl crush on Ashton Irwin, the boxer who puts his family first and before anyone else. The boy with starry eyes and dreams he’ll probably never be able to fulfill because he loves his family so much and refuses to aspire his dreams if they’re in such a struggle and need of his help. The way he looks after his family and loves them so dearly makes my heart flutter. Ashton was one of those boys you could only dream about. Yet he was my reality.

“Y/N!” My head snapped in the direction of my father, Ashton’s stare not leaving my frame. I daintily got up and walked over to the boys who both meant so much to me. I smoothed out my dress wrapping my jacket tighter around myself. I get cold so easily. “Yes?” I asked tiredly. I’d been here finishing up my homework and watching Ashton train. It was a normal routine for me to do that since I didn’t really have any friends from school. I strictly focused on my schoolwork in school, wanting to go to a good college and maybe become a nurse one day. Other than that I always try to spend as much time as I can with my father because I know soon enough, I’ll be off to college. I’m in my junior year right now, Ashton would be in his senior if he hadn’t dropped out. “Grab a wet rag for Ashton, please.” My dad instructed, I nodded and grabbed a rag from my backpack where I keep a first aid kit for Ashton as well. I took the rag to the bathroom and wet it, bringing it back to Ashton who gratefully took it from my hands.

“Thank you.” I heard Ashton speak with a steely undertone, making my skin jump with excitement as he flashed me a small half smile, his eyes never leaving mine. I turned away, letting some hair fall in front of my face in hopes of hiding the faint blush from him. I heard him chuckle lowly knowing he saw it which made me blush even harder. “I’m gonna head out now, I’ll see you tonight at dinner sweetie,” My dad smiled, kissing my cheek and giving me a hug before walking towards the exit of the makeshift gym and boxing ring. “Oh and Ashton, make sure my little girl gets home safe. Good work today son.” I rolled my eyes when my dad called me a little girl. He gave Ashton an approving nod. Ashton nodded back “Thank you sir, I owe my success to you.” My father smiled before leaving.

It was just Ashton and I alone now. The tension returned once again. I bit the inside of my cheek, feeling Ashton’s strong gaze on me. I walked over to the stands, picking up my backpack and throwing it over my shoulder. I raised an eyebrow at Aston as I saw he hadn’t made a move. He shook out of whatever trance he was in, mumbling an incoherent ‘sorry’ and holding the door open for me. I walked past him, ignoring the close proximity there was due to him holding the door. He stood a few inches taller than me, my head meeting his chest. We walked side by side, not daring to touch or even hold hands. “You look pretty today.” Ashton mumbled, looking in the opposite direction. My head shot up a deep blush covering my cheeks. “Thanks.” I responded, not really knowing how to react. It was very out of the blue for Ashton to compliment me. The only things we ever talked about were boxing, ours lives, and our hopes and dreams. I was close with Ashton, but I always got nervous when the tension would pop up. Vice versa for Ashton. I could tell by the way he seemed to lose confidence around me, even though he was amazing and stunningly beautiful in every way possible. From his personality, to his looks, to his built body.

“Hey, you’re that hot mute chick Y/N from school.” I heard a deep voice and a low chuckle from behind me. I turned around to be faced with one of the biggest assholes from school, a frown broke out on my face. “Well I’m obviously not mute since I’m talking to you.” I snapped, not in any mood for his bullshit. He stepped closer, it was only then that I realized Ashton stepped in front of me. “Look mate, this girl here’s taken so I suggest you back off and don’t call her mute again unless you want a black eye as well as rejection.” Ashton spoke slowly through gritted teeth. My heart was swelled upon hearing Ashton say I’m his. It touched somewhere deep inside me. I felt light headed, like I couldn’t breathe. “Sorry man, didn’t know she had a boyfriend.” “Don’t apologize to me. Apologize to her for calling her mute and disrespecting her.” The boy turned to me. I had never taken the time to memorize his name because, well, he was an asshole. He gave me a sly smile. “I’m sorry for calling you mute and disrespecting you.” He sighed, not really meaning what he said. It was now that I realized Ashton had an arm around my waist. His grip tightened. “Say it and mean it.” Ashton barked. Instantly the boy jumped and fear went through his eyes. I was a little shaken up myself as well. “I-I’m sorry Y/N.. I shouldn’t have called you mute or disrespected you it was way out of line.” “No shit,” I heard Ashton snap “Now leave.” Ashton growled. It didn’t take another second for the boy to turn around practically sprint away from us. Ashton shook his head a small chuckle leaving his throat. “Those the pricks you have to deal with at school?” He finally asked as we continued on the walk home. I nodded shyly. “Next time tell me when one of them gives you a problem again. I’ll set them straight.” He told me, holding on to my shoulders and staring straight into my eyes so I knew he was being serious. I slowly nodded my head, dropping my eyes from his even though it was hard to because of how beautiful his eyes were. It was like they had me in a trance I couldn’t break.

“Well we’re here.” Ashton said, now holding my hand. I let go of his hand, walking up to my doorstep and twisting the key. Once the door opened I turned back around to look at Ashton. In the dim moonlight, his silhouette was even more attractive. He looked like something out of a dream. “I’d invite you in but it’s getting a little late and I need to get to bed,” I explained giving him a sympathetic smile. I really needed as much sleep as I could get for school. He nodded understandingly. “Goodbye Ashton, have a nice night.” I said softly. He smiled that cute smile of his “Goodnight Y/N, sleep well.” And he walked off, leaving me to wonder what could’ve been if I did invite him in. —— “Harder! Punch him harder!” My father screamed at Ashton as he was in the ring, pummeling what seemed like the life out of his opponent. After watching Ashton fight for years, I still couldn’t help but flinch every time his opponent got a hit on him, few may it be. I gnawed on my fingernails anxiously, watching the clock as Ashton’s body moved fluently. Twenty more seconds. Blood was dripping down Ashton’s face and chest, going towards his torso. His neck vein was strained and his knuckles were busted. I would definitely have to tend to those later. Not that I minded.. “FINISH HIM IRWIN!” I heard someone scream from the the crowd. Everyone was screaming and cheering. Ten seconds. My stomach was doing flips. I was so nervous. “Come on Ashton!” I yelled, knowing he could hear me since I was in the front row. A smirk slid on to Ashton’s face as he lunged putting his weight into his punch, sending his opponent to the ground. He got on top of him and continuously started punching him, over and over again until the guy was knocked out. The bell rang and cheers sounded throughout the makeshift arena. I smiled watching the referee lift Ashton’s arm saying “winner”. I was proud of Ashton for once again not letting anyone ruin his undefeated streak. I’d probably tell him about that later tonight since he was definitely coming over so I could clean him up and fix his wounds. Finally people started clearing out of the arena and Ashton came over to me. He had a huge smile on his face “How’d I do?” He asked, already knowing he did outstanding as usual, going over the expectation. “I think you can answer that for yourself, Ashton.” “I know, but I like hearing it from you. Makes me feel like a man.” He smirked. I playfully rolled my eyes as a light pink blush littered my face. “Let’s go to mine. I wanna clean up your cuts before they close.” I said dismissively, jumping up from the bleachers. Ashton nodded as we walked to the doors of the arena. I turned around “Dad! I’m taking Ashton back to ours so I can clean up his cuts!” I shouted to my father. I half expected my father to answer with a sarcastic comment about how if Ashton even touched me as much as holding my hand he’d beat the shit out of him, but surprisingly he didn’t. He just shouted back “Alright! I won’t be home tonight so stay safe sweetie. I love you.” “I love you too daddy.” I couldn’t help but notice Ashton visibly shift as the word ‘daddy’ left my lips. Confused, I ignored it deciding it was nothing and not worth my time or confusion. I walked out of the arena with Ashton and we both got into my car. Ashton, being the gentlemen he is offered to drive me home. “But you just got done fighting someone, you’re probably exhausted..” “Y/N, it’s fine.” He promised. I sighed before letting him slip into the driver’s seat. “Thank you Ashton.” “Of course Y/N.. anything for you.” He mumbled the last part. I nearly chocked on my own saliva, pretending I didn’t hear it. I could feel Ashton’s stare on me before he sighed quietly to himself, turning around and starting to drive us home. I leaned my head against the window staring at the stars and the beautiful night sky, my head filled with thoughts of Ashton. I had nearly fallen asleep by the time we got back, it was 10 pm on a Friday night. We got out of the car and went inside. I kicked my shoes off, leading Ashton towards the bathroom after he did the same. I started taking out the first aid kit. I took out some spray “This might burn.” I warned him. He placed his hand in mine as I sprayed his knuckles. He didn’t even flinch “Damn Irwin.” I muttered. He laughed as I sprayed his other hand’s knuckles. I took a rag, cleaning off the dried blood. “Doesn’t it hurt to punch someone until you’re bleeding?” I asked quizzically. He stayed silent for a moment before answering “It used to.” Was all he answered with. My heart tightened at that. I couldn’t help but think of all the pain he had to go threw for him to become numb to it. I put a thick gauze on his knuckles, taking out some bruise cream for his face. After cleaning up his face with the rag, I said softly “Take your shirt off so I can put cream on the bruises.” Wordlessly he took his shirt off, I had to stop myself from staring. I scooped some out with my hand. Ashton was sitting on the toilet seat as I bent in front of him, gently rubbing the bruise cream into his muscly arms, and moving down towards his his chest. I was tense for the whole two minutes of rubbing his body with cream, but not nearly as intense as when I came up to his face. I could see that his eyes noticeably darkened sending chills down my spine. I scooped out some more cream and gently rubbed his neck, sliding my hands up from his neck to his cheeks. When the cream was just about rubbed in, I wasn’t given the chance to stop because Ashton grabbed my hands. He grunted before speaking in a thick accent “If you keep touching me like that, I’m going to come in my pants.” My head shot up and my face immediately reddened, I could feel the heat from my cheeks and the blood drain from my face as Ashton returned the stare right back into my eyes, his now an obsidian black. He pushed me back into the wall, lifting me up which forced me to wrap my legs around his torso. He buried his head into the side of my neck, breathing me in deeply. I was frozen. “How much longer do you want me to pretend I’m not in love with you? It hurts so much, wanting you so badly but not being able to have you. I can’t do it anymore. I need to have you. Watching and admiring you from a distance is destroying me both physically and mentally.” Ashton spoke firmly with a weak edge to his voice. I shook in his hold “I’m sorry Ashton, I just don’t think it’s best for us. My father needs me. I can’t abandon him.” “Y/N all your father wants is your happiness. I can give that to you. I see the way you look when you’re doing your homework and chores. You’re lonely. I can fill the void for you. The void that your mother left.” Ashton whispered, I could tell he was hoping he didn’t just graze a touchy subject, which he did but somehow Ashton made that ok. I started crying, wrapping my arms around his neck and breathing him in too. Ashton was my rock. My home. And I finally had him. Ashton turned my chin with his fingers and smashed his lips to mine. The most euphoric feeling spread throughout my body, awakening parts of me I thought I’d lost to eternal sleep after the passing of my mother and the change in my father. I kissed back just as passionately, nearly crying from how intense the feeling of being loved and cared for so deeply by someone felt. Ashton’s hands slid under the backs of my thighs as he began carrying me to my bedroom. “May I?” He asked slowly lowering me down to the bed, hovering over me. He was practically glowing. I’d never seen him so happy before in all my years of knowing him.

“You may,” I answered softly, anticipating everything that was coming. I could feel my dampness leaking through my panties, making me move my hips feeling uncomfortable and wanting them off. Ashton wasted no time in throwing articles of my clothing off until I was completely nude to him. Since he was already shirtless, I tugged at his boxing shorts “You’re wearing too much clothing.” I winked discreetly. His lustful eyes we’re still soaking in the image of my naked body. “Fuck, you’re so beautiful. I’m a lucky man.” His hands dropped to his boxer shorts, pulling them off. I was surprised to see he wasn’t wearing anything else underneath his boxing shorts. Ashton couldn’t help but chuckle at the surprised look on my face, followed by a blush. His hard member brushed against the inside of my thigh making me realize just how bare we really were, bodies pressed up against one another. I never wanted the moment to end. Ashton was leaving hot wet open mouth kisses all down my neck, covering my collar bone when he paused “Are you sure Y/N? I know you’re waiting until marriage.” His eyes stared into mine with an intensity I didn’t know possible. I nodded my head before speaking “Yes Ashton, there’s no one else in the world I’d want to lose my virginity to. I once read a quote that said ‘the only person who deserves to see your naked body is the person who loves you for your naked soul’. I love you Ashton.” His eyes became watery at my words. “You have no idea how long I’ve waited to hear those words from you. I love you so much more than you’ll ever know.” His voice was strong, wavering from emotion. Ashton’s hands roamed my body wildly, his hips rolling into mine making a moan leave my lips. Ashton’s eyes held an overwhelming hunger, overcome by his want and desire. His mouth was back on mine, his fingers slipping into my panties as his mouth dominated mine. His tongue fought with mine, obviously winning which gave him all of the control, not that I minded of course. Ashton’s fingers rubbed my clit in a circle, occasionally sliding over my folds. My hips unintentionally lifted into him, silently begging for more. Ashton removed his fingers from my panties before practically ripping them off. I gasped watching Ashton spread my knees open laying himself between them, his mouth right on top of my aching bundle of nerves but still not giving me what I needed. I had a perfect view of everything he was doing from how my pillow was positioned “Ashton, please, do something.” I whined, thrusting my hips up towards his mouth. He smirked pushing my hips back down, holding a hand on my hip and one on my stomach “Alright baby, calm down.” And before I could blink Ashton’s mouth was on my center. My head fell back on to my pillow as moans spilled from my lips, Ashton’s name coming out in curses and whimpers as his tongue delved inside of me. With one hand still holding my stomach down so I couldn’t move, he used his other to rub circles into my clit, speeding up as he started noticing my body writhing in pleasure “F-Fuck, Ashton.” I squealed as his tongue thrusted faster inside of me, rubbing against my walls “Baby you taste so fucking good.” He growled, sucking harder on my folds causing my eyes to roll to the back of my head. I felt my orgasm crash over me “A-Ash I’m going come.” I breathed as my back arched from the effects of pleasure rippling through my body. Ashton’s mouth pulled off of me with a sudden pop, not letting me come but instead leaving me teetering on the edge of my orgasm. “Ashton!” I cried, finding it almost painful to be worked up so much and not being granted an orgasm. “Baby girl that’s just a fraction of how I’ve felt these past few years.” I kept whining until I felt Ashton’s length tap on my entrance causing me to gasp. “I’ll be gentle, I promise.” Ashton leaned down and kissed my forehead before inching himself inside of me. I was responding to him well even though I was tight as hell and he was bigger than life. I grabbed the back of Ashton’s neck both of us staring deeply into each other’s eyes as Ashton nudged himself completely inside of me. We both moaned out as Ashton stated thrusting slowly inside of me. I bit down on my lip at the feeling of being penetrated for the first time. My hands moved from the back of Ashton’s neck to his back where my finger nails sunk in, leaving crescent shaped marks and dragging them down his back in an attempt to focus on anything other than the pain of being penetrated for the first time. Ashton noticed my pained expression and slowed to a stop “N-No keep going.” I said firmly. He gave me an uneasy look before thrusting back inside of me. I felt a tear trickle down my cheek from the pain, Ashton kissed it away mumbling sweet nothings in my ear like “You’re almost done baby” and “You’re doing so well” all the while peppering my face with kisses. And then the most miraculous thing started to happen. It felt good, amazing even, possibly one of the best feelings I’ve ever felt in my life. Ashton’s smile didn’t leave his face when he heard me start moaning in content “Faster Ashton, please.” I couldn’t help but beg. He pecked my lips as his hips started relentlessly pounding into mine. I gasped, digging my head into Ashton’s neck and biting down hard on the skin there. I heard Ashton grunt at that “Fuck baby, you’re so sexy when you do that.” Ashton’s hips snapped into mine at an even faster pace, making me cry out and see stars, my finger nails digging into his toned biceps. “A-Ashton, you have to pull out.” I reminded him, since he wasn’t wearing a condom. He nodded, eyes hooded as he focused on the feeling of pleasure that surged through his body “Fuck baby I’m coming, where do you want me to come? Your boobs or your stomach?” Ashton let out a guttural moan, hands clamping down on my hips as he tugged my body closer to his. “My stomach.” I whispered, feeling my lower abdomen tighten in a knot, signaling I would come soon. Ashton bit down on the right side of my neck, marking me as his “Oh my god Ashton!” I couldn’t stop myself from screaming his name as he buried himself balls deep inside me. His mouth was on mine, then went to my neck, collarbone, and finally settling by resting his forehead against mine and intertwining our hands together. I couldn’t help but blush at the intimacy between us at the moment “I love you so fucking much.” Ashton breathed in content, letting out an animalistic growl as I released on his manhood. Ashton pressed a passionate kiss to my lips before pulling out and releasing all over my stomach, moaning the whole time. I was so worn out that all I could do was close my eyes as my breathing evened out from the rapid breathes I was gasping for just moments before. Ashton crashed down next to me, wrapping an arm around my waist. I cuddled into his side, feeling sleep come over me “We better get you cleaned up darling.” Ashton laughed at my sleepy state. I nodded tiredly “Don’t worry, it’ll be quick. I won’t ask for a round 2 of shower sex from you. Yet.” He added with a smirk. I couldn’t help but roll my eyes as I laughed at the beautiful man that I had the honor of falling in love with. He carried me to the bathroom, sliding me inside the shower and putting my body faced towards the shower head as he adjusted it to the right temperature “I can’t believe this.” I heard Ashton whisper, a smile gracing his delicious lips. “What?” I asked “Us. Being together. If someone had told me yesterday you’d even take a second look at me, I would’ve told them to go seek mental help.” His voice wreaked of honesty, making a small frown accompany my face “Why is it so unbelievable that I could love someone like you?” Ashton sighed before answering “You’re perfect. You’re way out of my league. Girls like you deserve so much more than I can offer you. I’m not good enough for you, but I promise to give you all of me and everything you want in the world. May that be casualties, a friend, or a lover.” Ashton said in a gentle voice, pressing a kiss against my cheek. I blushed at this and turned around smashing my lips to Ashton’s. “Stop saying you’re not good enough for me. You’re more than enough. You’re more than I deserve.” I wiped Ashton’s wild hair out of his eyes, leaning my forehead against his. “It doesn’t get any better than this, does it?” He asked, smiling down at me with that dumb smile I love so much. “It only goes up from here.” I said softly. Ashton finished washing me down with soap and before I knew it we were dried off and curled up in bed, not worried about my father catching us together since he wouldn’t be home until late tomorrow. Besides, we would tell him in time. Ashton cradled my body into his as I fell asleep, head resting on his chest finding the beat of his heart and intake of his breaths as comfort to me. I felt Ashton kiss my forehead before sighing out in pure happiness. I heard him whisper “I love you so much.” Before I was out, thoughts of Ashton swarming my head like he was dream.

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