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Business and Pleasure - Part 13

Summary:  Bucky AU. After a major deal falls through, your father’s business almost falls apart. In a desperate attempt to save his livelihood, he seeks the help of his oldest friend, George Barnes, who happens to be the CEO of one of the most influential businesses in New York. He agrees, but on one condition. You have to marry his son.

Word Count: 1,413

Warnings: Swearing

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“Y/N Barnes?” the nurse’s voice, however kind it may have seemed to everyone else in the room, sent shivers down your spine. You weren’t ready for this. You didn’t want to be here. In fact, you could think of several places you’d rather be at the moment, but you tried to keep a neutral expression as you stood.

“Do you want me to come in with you? Or I can just wait out here. Whichever you’d prefer.” Steve asked, giving your hand a reassuring squeeze.

Nodding, you squeezed back tightly, “Please. I feel like I’m either going to puke. Or pass out. Maybe both. I don’t really know.”

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Past the Clouds, We’ll Find the Stars [CS FF Oneshot]

This was supposed to be a little oneshot that was sparked from my headcanon about CS adopting. It took on a life of its own and…well, here it is. Thank you to @peggyyswan for being my ride or die, for always flailing with me and for reading this via photos of my laptop screen as I went along. I’ll post it on FFnet soon.

CS + Adoption and more: A dash of angst, a sprinkling of humor & a whole lotta fluff.

Title: Past the Clouds, We’ll Find the Stars
Rating: T
Words: 8.6K

“So…what do you think about adopting?”

It wasn’t a question Killian had been prepared for. Not at 11pm on a Monday night as they cuddled in bed watching Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives. It struck him as more of an over-dinner conversation, or one inspired by watching TV shows involving infants, as opposed to run-down shacks serving questionable-looking yet apparently delicious meals.

He shifted to find his wife’s eyes, but she kept them fixed on the television screen, and his brow creased as he considered her. She was snuggled into his side, hand tracing idle patterns through his chest hair, cheeks aglow and hair tousled from their recent tumble between the sheets. But he had a feeling that the color on her cheeks had more to do with her question than their earlier pleasurable activities.

“Are you referring to a puppy or a child, darling?”

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Three’s Company

Yoongi x Reader x Taehyung

Warnings: public, fingering (warnings to be added)

Word Count: 1,524

Summary: A birthday celebration at the club doesn’t go as smoothly as you had hoped..

A/N: There will be a PT 2 so stay tuned! Let me know what you think! Your feedback is always appreciated!

The music was good. You started to sway to the familiar island beat as you downed you fou-, no fifth? Maybe sixth drink. The sweet liquor caused your body to heat up, your confidence peaking with your temperature as you eyed the bodied moving on the dance floor. With a newly determined- albeit fuzzy- mind, you walked over to the dancefloor, ignoring the familiar sets of eyes following your every move. Stopping in the centre of the sweaty sea of people dancing, you began to sway your hips, rolling them to the beat. The outfit you wore that night, a gift from your boyfriend, clung to your curves in the best way, the blush dress contrasting beautifully with your glistening skin.

You continued to dance not caring who was looking, it just felt so good to finally let loose, letting go of all the week’s stress, and definitely not thinking about that one paper you have due come Monday morning anymore when you felt a pair of hands close around your hips. You turn your head with the intent to punch this guy in the throat when you recognize him to be your friend from your literature course, the person that makes the dry, boring class bearable. Namjoon was as handsome as he was smart, which was probably why when you looked back over to the booth you were at, you were met with darkened gazes and… was that jealousy? You never got a chance to introduce Namjoon to your boyfriends, but you figured tonight was the perfect opportunity, you just wanted to dance to one more song first, what could go wrong?

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Surprises// Park Jinyoung

Originally posted by umma-jy

Pairing: Jinyoung x Reader

Genre: Fluff

Summary: You missed him so much; and it was clear he missed you too.

Author’s Note: this is random bye

xoxo Sara

the suns rays entered the small room through the slightly tilted blinds, a small detail you hadn’t noticed last night due to the overflowing darkness of the room and the extreme fatigue you felt after coming home, but something you wish you had noticed because now, although they were warm, the rays were directed painfully into your eyes. you sigh lowly and begin to shift in bed, hoping to escape the harmful sun, when you realize that the space that’s usually occupied by him was left empty yet again. 

There were countless mornings where he wouldn’t wake you up although you begged him to, claiming later in that day when he saw you that you were too peaceful while you were sleeping to be disturbed. Though you found his words touching, you still wanted to wake up to his smiling face and spend time with him before he went off, because without those twenty or thirty minutes in the morning, you don’t see him until late at night. You had been swallowed with school work for months and, somehow, it never seemed to lighten. The load that the professor gave you each night, it’s chapter you had to read in your textbook though your eyes were ridden with sleep, the notes upon notes you’d have to take immediately after you read before you forget, caused you to spend most of your days in the library.

Some nights, you’d even come until it closes; but you’d still make it home before him. By that time, you were worn out and almost unable to stay awake to spend time with him. You sighed as you stared at his pillow, slowly pulling it closer to you and letting the smell of the cologne you had bought him for Christmas fill your nose. You laid for a few minutes in bed wondering what time he’d be on break. You would send him texts every morning telling him to do good while he practiced and to make sure he eats on his breaks, but he responded few hours later with emojis and with a quick ‘I love you’. 

Not that you minded, though. You were glad he loved what he did and how dedicated he was. It was what drove you to him in the first place. Along with the radiant smile, his loud laugh and bright eyes. After a while of lying alone, you decided to text him and tell him that you were heading to he library. He knew too well that you spent all of your days there while you waited for him. You got dressed and made yourself a small breakfast, not wanting to waste any time in eating when you had a fairly large chapter to read by the end of this week.

 You carried your books in a bag over your shoulder and headed down to the library. For once, the weather was nice. The sun was shining, it was warm but there was a cool breeze, the snow from previews weeks had finally melted away and the grass began to grow again. Spring was finally coming, and you couldn’t wait. Usually in winter, you two would have home dates, where you’d spend the day together, but in the spring and summer, he loved to take you out on adventures.

You smiled to yourself as you felt a buzz in your pocket, his familiar vibration that he set himself going off against your upper thigh. You quickly took it out and smiled at his name across your screen.

Don’t work too hard today. Make sure to take breaks! I love you so much (Y/N).

Usually you were the one sending these texts, but getting one from him made your heart soar.

You reached the library and pushed the doors in to enter, going back to your usual round table that laid slightly outside the teen books, a place where no one came often so it was always quiet. After about an hour or two of reading and taking notes, you felt your phone buzz again.

You look adorable with your hair up.

You raised and eyebrow and looked around you, though there was no one in sight.

How’d you know that I have my hair up?

Look up.

You tilted your head up to the second floor of the library, where he leaned against the railing and smiled at you, waving at you with his phone in his hand. You smiled back and began to stand, but he beckoned you to sit down. He walked down the steps and made his way over to your table, reaching over and pressing his lips to your forehead before sliding into the seat in front of you.

“what are you doing?”

“We got let out early today. We’ve been practicing late all week so they decided to let us off easy.”

“You’re lucky,” you giggled, taking a colored quarter sized sticky note and placing it inside of your textbook, “I wish I could have a break.”

“That’s why I’m here,” he hummed, taking the side of your textbook and lifting it to the other side to close it. “You work really hard. But you need a break too.”

“I can’t,” you sighed, beginning to open the textbook, when he pressed it shut again, “I can’t take a break. I have to read this by the end of the week. ”

“You have a couple of more days, baby,” he sighed pulling the textbook towards him and crossing his arms over it before leaning his head against his arms, “I never get days off, and I miss you. You can study tomorrow, can’t you?”

You looked at him, the sides of your mouth tugging into a smile; he looked too cute in the position he was in, his big brown eyes looking st you while his bottom lip puffed out.

“The weathers really nice,” he said lowly, taking your hand in his before standing and taking the textbook in his free hand, “I want to take you out on a date. And then we can go home and cuddle a little. And then tomorrow you can bury yourself in your books again.” He kissed your knuckles softly, a smile adorning his lips as he raised an eyebrow. “Deal?”

You sighed softly as he lifted your bag from the side of your chair and placed your textbook in it along with other things, before slinging it over his shoulder. His fingers intertwined with yours and he tugged on your hand slightly, pulling you from your seat and making you tumble into his chest.

“Hey!” You whisper-shouted, pressing your free hand to his chest as he smiled down on you, “don’t do that!”

“Come on,” he whined, free arm wrapping around you and suffocating you in a bone crushing hug, “just for today. Please?”

You smiled and let out a fake, exasperated sigh, before turning on your heel away from him. “Okay, deal.”

Before you could begin walking, he tugged at your hand again, making you spin around before he pressed a gentle kiss to your lips.

“Not in the library,” you groaned, cheeks flushing as you turned and began dragging him towards the exit.

“More outside, then?”
Falling Like Icarus (I Have Burned For My Love) - Chapter 2 - TaikoTurtle - Power Rangers (2017) [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Chapters: 2/2
Fandom: Power Rangers (2017), Power Rangers
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Kimberly Hart/Trini, Kimberly Hart/Trini Kwan
Characters: Kimberly Hart, Trini (Power Rangers 2017), Jason Lee Scott, Billy Cranston, Zack Taylor, Tommy Oliver
Additional Tags: A little angst, with a happy ending, Kimberly falls for Trini first, and then she doesn’t know what to do with herself, and a little jealousy thrown in for some good measure, trimberly - Freeform

ASKS - Misc Majors

Asks sent to my main, answered here! All these deal with different majors at EU.

valaaz said: What would the Fae do about architecture students? Would architecture studios be one of those places where time passes differently? End of semester projects suddenly seem to ignore all laws of physics but the physical models still work somehow?

Not all architecture projects. But if you’re desperate enough for inspiration to strike a deal, it’s fifty-fifty you’ll end up with some Escher shit that would implode if constructed anywhere except on campus, model or not.

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Shape of You (2)

GUYS. I just love writing this. I’ve got an idea of where I”m gong and I cannot wait until all the drama and angst unfolds. Here’s chapter two. Thanks for the love =)


Chapter 2

We spent an hour hammering out the details. We got the story down, both of us telling it without faltering. He was right, that would be the leading story, the thing everyone kept asking us once we got to the house. So we made it real, believable considering I didn’t do anything but work and sleep. So we met at the book store, which of course would’ve been oh so romantic if I truly believed in romance.

As we sat there and talked I realized that Cassian wasn’t horrible. I could’ve been his friend, before everything happened. Before I closed myself off. I could’ve laughed at his corny jokes and his stupid comments. I might have even been interested in him if the world hadn’t hardened me into this girl I barely recognized.

Cassian was actually sweet and charming. I had to remind myself a few times that he wasn’t actually my boyfriend.

The waitress told us we were cute when she brought the check. Luke watched us the entire time, especially whenever Cassian would reach across the table and touch me. I didn’t fight it, I let his skin touch mine to get used to it. I had a feeling he was going to push the PDA things. I could already see how much of a challenge this was going to be.

“See the waitress already believes us,” he said as he paid for my coffee and his piece of cake. I fought him, I told him I could pay for my own food. But he told me it was the least he could do since he was about to making more money than he should’ve off of me.

We were standing outside the diner, awkwardly wondering how to say goodbye. I sighed loudly and then stood up straighter. I had let a bubble surround us while we were sitting at that table. Somehow I had forgotten my walls and Cassian’s charm and infuriating laugh got to me. I pushed it away and put up my guard once more.

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Father and Son

@kaelinaloveslomaris gave me a prompt of Vader and Luke surviving RotJ, Vader carrying Luke, and Luke holding Vader’s hand.  (I may have been grumbling about Dreamwalker again.)  So have a ficlet!  It immediately follows a slightly different fight on the second Death Star.

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archercrow  asked:

Do you have any recommendations were Stiles and Peter get married?

I do! Here’s a bunch - there’s arranged marriage, fake marriage, getting married, and married life.

I’ll Meet You Here by predictaslash

But Stiles can’t really savor it as much as he would like mostly because his heart feels like it might start hurting soon. “Oh. OH. You were joking. Me, too, heh. What a jokester I am.”

AKA, An Entirely Too Decent Proposal

stone/sponge by 1001cranes

Peter has a taste for the all-consuming; he doesn’t find it at all strange to be in the minor percentage of werewolves who have mates.

A welcome arrow by 1001cranes

The wedding is small and grim, because Stiles is being carted off to parts unknown, married to a thirty-something year old dude who wants to marry a seventeen year old dude - totally not creepy at all.

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anonymous asked:

HC (rfa+saeran) of MC being a huge troublemaker(like with the law and/or entire countries), or in a violent gang of some sort? thxxx

Okay so I had a lot of fun writing this, so as I do I went a little overboard with it. Also, the amount of research I did for this is crazy AND if the FBI is checking my browser history they now think that I am a drug cartel running serial killer looking for a hitman to hire. Great…anyway, I hope you enjoy. Also: this is only  || PART 1 || and here you have || PART 2 ||




Settling down with Zen had been astonishingly easy. For one, he was extremely devoted to everything he did, be it his work or his relationship to you. You never had to worry about him ever doing anything that would betray your trust in him. Considering your profession and background that was the key. Something that also helped was his devotion to his work. Most people would have complained about the irregular and long working hours, but for you they were a blessing. It made hiding what you did to get by a lot easier. He was never home, so you never had to explain where you went!

It wasn’t like you wanted to keep it a secret, really. By doing so you weren’t helping yourself but him. You weren’t exactly sure how the show biz worked, but if his agents weren’t fine with him dating a commoner you were quite sure they might suffer an aneurysm upon finding out that you and your biker gang basically ran multiple drug cartels. Keeping it a secret meant protecting him. Plus, he was always so happy when you didn’t complain about not being able to go public, thinking you were so understanding when in reality it was in your interest to remain on the down low as much as his.

For the most part keeping it a secret was easy. When he asked you about work you just told him you worked in import and export of goods. It wasn’t a lie, just a selective truth. The drugs never came into your home and you didn’t take them yourself, you only made a lot of money off of them. Sure, sometimes you had pangs of conscience about the poor souls you sold the shit to, but then again it was hardly your fault that people were weak enough to get addicted. It’s not like six-year-old you had dreamed about selling crack to junkies, but sometimes life happened and you had to suck it up.

It was when one of your main smugglers was shot during a gang fight that things became a little more complicated. All of your guys were out of the country which meant you had to take care of certain dirty work. The guy had managed to hide the stuff, but you knew better than to trust it was safely stored until some of your other men returned to collect it. Everyone in the business had their eyes and ears all over the world, which meant you had to do something and you had to do it quick. The drugs had to be picked up and stored somewhere they’d be safe and protected. Really, there was only one option.

Making sure that Zen wouldn’t be home at the same time as you you’d hopped on your bike and driven to the given location. Obviously it wasn’t like you could just walk in, get the suitcase full of crystallized LSD and walk out like a walk in the park. You could sell a single gram of that stuff for 3000$ counting and you had an entire suitcase full of that shit. People were quite literally ready to kill for that amount of high end drugs. This time you were on the receiving end of a bullet treatment. Before you knew the shooting had started and you had to flee the scene.

You had your own weapon, but your priority was the suitcase and really there was no time to pull it. You were outnumbered as well, so you ran out, willing away the pain you felt at the hits you took. Luckily only two bullets actually hit you, one of which merely gazed your shoulder, the other went straight to your lower back. Still, you kept running, jumped on your bike and drove off as fast as humanly possible. Your initial plan had been to hide them somewhere else, but you found yourself riding home. You needed to take care of your wounds and clear your head before proceeding.

The only problem was that apparently Zen had planned to surprise you. So when you dragged your body into the apartment with the most expensive drugs on the market in tow you weren’t alone. Instead you were greeted with the smell of your favourite dish being prepared a happily singing Zen. You’d been too out of it to retreat and that is when he’d turned around and taken in your disheveled shape. You were covered in dirts, cuts and bleeding from not one but two bullet wounds. Needless to say he had a lot of questions. “What the fuck happened?! Oh my God, we need to call an ambulance!”

As he ran to the phone you ran towards him, tackling him. “No! Zen, calm down. You need to listen to me and you need to understand what I’m telling you.” He didn’t calm immediately, insisting to at least clean and patch up your wounds before even letting you speak. With his background you weren’t surprised that he remained calm or that he knew how to patch up a bullet wound, really. “What’s in the suitcase”, he asked, voice calm and unwavering. “Expensive as fuck LSD”, you explained, chuckling to lighten the mood only to groan with pain when your body reminded you of the state you were in.

Zen sighed, shaking his head. “I can’t judge you nor will I preach to you about how what you’re doing is wrong. I’ve been there myself, but I know for a fact that there are other options”, he said and you couldn’t help but roll your eyes. “My parents are dead, I never finished high school and I don’t have a talent for anything other than this. I really don’t have other options.” Zen met your eyes, obviously annoyed, and flicked your forehead. “Look at you. Money is not worth dying for.” You snorted. “Oh please, my bike looks worse. Anyway, can I stash the drugs here?” He shrugged and merely kissed.


When you’d first started dating Yoosung most people in your life had been more than a little bewildered by your choice in partner. Where you were mature, he was childish. Your calm was met by his overly excited personality and even your interest seemed to clash. On top of that everyone felt like you were more like a caretaker to him than he was a boyfriend to you and they could not fathom while a woman like you would stoop down to such a level by dating a man-child like him. In short, he could not compare to your caliber and yet the two of you seemed to magically work somehow.

What most people didn’t understand – couldn’t, as it was a part of your personality and life you never shared – was your love for everything innocent and if Yoosung was one thing than it was innocent. He practically radiated it for the entire world to sense and it drew you in like a moth to the flame. His endless naivety you found charming and his ‘flaw’ of getting too attached and dependent on the women in his life was something you thoroughly enjoyed. He basically gave up all control for you to take. Your word was quite literally his demand. Frankly, you wondered why other people didn’t see the appeal.

On top of that he never pushed for anything. You knew for a fact that you were his first kiss, his first girlfriend and his sexual experience. You were the only human being that had ever laid hands on him and if that wasn’t a pleasant thought you didn’t know what else to tell those people. He was yours and yours completely. He was also considerate, sweet and attentive without pushing you. He never demanded sex. He never cornered you. He never forced you to things you didn’t want to do. Especially things based on stereotypes like cleaning and cooking. He made you feel free, compared to others.

It was precisely that feeling that allowed you to open up about yourself. Out of all the people you’d had in your life you were sure that he would understand you. Still, obviously you didn’t overwhelm him with your personality and needs, so you turned your confession into a longer process. It started with little, subtle hints. You told him that if you could, you would kill certain people, but he brushed it off as an empty phrase. When you disappeared out at night a lot and he asked you what you were doing you told him you were cleansing the streets of disgusting men. He took it as a joke.

After that you continued but with a little more obviousness. You wanted him to realize it himself, so you had to be obvious enough, but still make sure that the other RFA members didn’t get what you were trying to confess. You started being reckless about hiding your bloody knifes or left blood stains in your clothes, but Yoosung never reacted to any of those, completely oblivious it seemed. You reckoned that hints just weren’t enough, not with him. He was just too innocent and too pure. You also figured that there was a certain layer of denial within him you had to break through. Well, there goes nothing!

It was a normal, sunny day when you finally took the last step into opening up about who you really were. When Yoosung came home from work in the evening you greeted him with a sight he would never forget. The majority of the living room floor was covered by tarp, amidst of it a lonely chair with a man tied to it. A rope tied his legs to the chair while his arms were bound behind his back with what looked like cable ties. He was gagged but not blindfolded, as you weren’t scared of him seeing you. It’s not like he would ever get to tell the tale, so you were safe in that regard.

Yoosung froze, eyes widening as he took in the scene. He quickly slammed the door shut and covered his mouth so he wouldn’t scream. When he looked to you there was a bright grin on your face. Your wore an apron and latex gloves and from that and the knife you yielded in your hand effortlessly he deduced it wasn’t you who was in danger. “Surprise”, you called like you’d planned some kind of birthday party for him. He started to shiver, eyes snapping between you and the man who was obviously trying to, but because of the gag incapable of, ask Yoosung for help.

“W-What…what is this”, he asked, voice shaking. Your smile was replaced by a pout. “This is me”, you said. “I’m bearing all of me to you. Don’t you want to get to know all of me, Yoosung?” Strangely enough, he did. He wanted to know all of you no matter how much it frightened him. “Are you…will you kill this man?” You beamed again and nodded. “Yes, I will. Right here so you can watch me do it. Men like him deserve to die. They approach me all the time, talk to me like dirt and touch me inappropriately. This one actually tried to rape me”, you explained, knife tracing the mans skin.

Yoosung watched you cut the man apart, piece by piece. Watched you as you drained him of every last drop of blood. He was torn between disgust and fascination, incapable of averting his eyes. He watched as of all colour left his body and then saw the light in his eyes flicked and faint. Dead. “Why did you show me this”, he asked, astounded by how calm he remained in the face of this. You grinned, walking over the dead body like it was dirt to get to Yoosung. You were so close he could feel your hot breath ghost over his cheeks as you whispered: “Because I want you to join me, my knight in shining armour.”


It had been your free day, so you’d decided to use your time productively and go to the grocery store. Your fridge had been gradually getting emptier and after stuffing your faces with cakes and pastry all day it was about time Jaehee and you finally ate something healthy again. You knew all her favourite dishes and with those in mind you got everything you needed to prepare them. It had been a while since your last proper date, actually. Most people thought that once you live and work together dating is no longer necessary, but you kindly disagreed. One should always show appreciation!

With two heavy bags in hand you’d entered the apartment, humming to some tune stuck in your head. You’d tossed your keys into the bowl next to the door and kicked it shut, careful not to be too loud. You’d been so eager to get started as you carried the groceries to the kitchen only to stop in your tracks when you saw the figure leaning against the table, looking at the knife in his hands with the kind of interest you knew would turn out to be dangerous for you. He looked up then, grinning at you from ear to ear. You should have been frightened and yet you found yourself deadly calm.

“What are you doing here, Nam-Il”, you asked as you put down the bags and started to unload them, not paying the man a lot of attention. “I came to get you, obviously”, he replied. You didn’t turn around to look at him, but you could feel his eyes tracking your every move. “I think I made it quite obvious that I have no intention of being with you, Nam. I am not yours to take.” You’d just finished getting everything out of the bag when you heard the quiet steps behind you. You spun around quickly, hands tightened around the knife you’d grabbed. Your blade poked at his stomach, his was at your throat.

He grinned at you, obviously amused. “As fierce as ever I see. I missed you, babe.” You growled at him angrily, poking a little harder to let him feel the blade properly. “I wish I could say the same.” It was obviously that moment that Jaehee chose to enter the apartment and come to the kitchen. All three of you were frozen until she started to scream. You and Nam lowered your knives and put them away respectively, but didn’t stop glaring at one another. “Jaehee, babe, please calm down”, you told her, demeanour instantly softening the second she was the one addressed.

“Calm down?! This man was in the news! He’s a from that mafia gang Hwan Song Sung Pa and just bought his way out of prison despite getting a life long sentence and I get home to you having his knife at your throat and you tell me to calm?!” Well, when she put it that way, her reaction certainly made more sense than your suggestion. “I know this might seem really bad to you, but don’t worry. He’d never hurt me.” Jaehee whimpered. “And how do you know that?” Nam snorted, crossing his arms over his chest. “Because she is my wife and I’d never hurt her…much.”

The answer obviously floored Jaehee from the way her face fell and body sagged with utter defeat. You glowered at Nam. “I haven’t been your wife since your dumb ass decided to get caught killing a man earning yourself a life-long sentence in prison”, you snapped at him. He just grinned and shrugged. “Well I am back now, am I not? Come on, babe, you know this kind of life isn’t for you. When the guys told me you were playing relationship with another chick I told them to leave you alone, because I was sure that you would realize that you aren’t cut out for this kind of boring bullshit.”

“Just shut the fuck up, will you”, you snapped at him, holding back as to not slap him. “Just leave, Nam. You’re scaring my girlfriend. We can talk about this another time. I have enough explaining to do as it is. I don’t need your dumb ass making the situation worse.” You were exasperated and exhausted at the same time. Luckily he didn’t protest. He merely pressed a kiss to your cheek, something you decided to allow despite your past together, and left. You leaned against the counter, head hanging low. So your good for nothing husband was out and about and your girlfriend was having a breakdown.

“Y-Your husband?!” You turned to look at her, apologetic and tired. “It was an arranged marriage of convenience. My father used to work with his people and Nam got obsessed with me. Thinking that I would take over his business my father married be off, so Nam and I could rule the ‘underworld’ together. It didn’t work out. I hated that life so I ran away and he got locked up.” Jaehee nodded, still in obvious shock. “Do you…love me?” Your eyes widened, heart breaking. “Of course I love you! I love our café, I love our apartment and I love our domestic life. I wouldn’t change it for the world.”

Jaehee started to cry then, tears running down her cheeks in streams like you’d never seen them before. You instantly jumped into motion, running towards her to pull her into your arms, do everything in your power to calm her down. She shook in your arms, crying so badly in shook your whole world apart. “I am so sorry I out you through this. So, so sorry”, you whispered into her ear, pressing a kiss to her temple. “I promise I’ll take care of it and then you’ll never have to see me or Nam ever again.” She shook her head. “No, don’t leave me!” So against your better judgement you stayed.


Despite getting married very quickly the two of you were going strong even years into your relationship. Despite a meticulous daily routine that to most would seem caging and tiring the romance and lust never quite died down. In fact, with every passing day it seemed to get more and more intense. The need to be close to one another all the time grew to the point where Jumin offered you the position as his Chief Assistant just so he could have you around all day long. Logically he knew that there were possibly more qualified people for the job, but his heart always beat his mind when it came to you.

His need to be with you was very well reflected in you as well, which lead you to accept the offer without a second thought. At that time you’d been married for about two months. Everyone had advised you against it, stating that couples who both lived and worked together were doomed to fail. The two of you proved them wrong. Not only did the two of you avoid any kind of fights or fallouts, you also turned out a far better addition to the company than most people had assumed. You knew how to handle the finances better than Jumin’s and when you were in a meeting you usually ran the show.

Everything had been so peaceful and perfect you’d allowed yourself to relax, let your guards down. It was a stupid mistake. Being the person you were with the background you had you could never allow yourself such luxury and life loved to remind you of that. You’d been in the middle of eating dinner with Jumin, soft music playing in the background as you smiled at one another while enjoying yet another perfect meal. That is when his phone chimed with a call that would shake apart your idyllic routine in the matter of minutes, a call you’d expected as much as you’d suppressed it.

He’d excused himself from the table, apologizing for having to take the call and telling you he’d be right back. Even with the door to the office closed you could hear him talk angrily, catching enough glimpses of the conversation to put two and two together. “What the hell kind of interest could Chil Sung Pa possibly have in our company”, you heard him asked, obviously aggravated. Your heart had sunk upon hearing the familiar name, hairs standing up as your body froze in position. You listened to the rest of the conversation and yet you barely registered anything out of pure shock.

By the time he left the office the food had grown cold and so had Jumin. He was tense and nervous, walking up and down the flat while brushing through his hair. You’d never seen him like that and yet you weren’t surprised. The Korean mafia wasn’t to be taken lightly, you knew that better than anyone. For a couple of minutes you let him pace around, walk off some of the pent up energy that must have been buzzing through his body. Once he’d sunken down on the couch, hands in a prayer like position pressed to his lips as he deeply contemplated what the best thing was to do.

You sat beside him, wrapping an arm around his shoulder and pressing a kiss to his temple. Surprisingly he melted into the touch soon, actually leaning against you with a sigh, body relaxing soon. “Apparently Chil Sung Pa is trying to either buy our company or set on destroying it. I don’t understand where their sudden interest is coming from, but if I don’t find a solution soon we might find ourselves losing the company”, he explained, looking at you with an expression you could hardly put into words. He looked like a child lost somewhere without hope of returning. It broke your heart.

“Listen, why don’t you let me handle this one? I think you might be a little too emotionally involved. I mean you have dedicated your entire life to this company so the possibility of you losing it might make you too irrational. Those kind of people can sniff out even the slightest insecurity like a blood hound and they’ll use it against you. I’ll keep my cool and I’ll manage to convince them to back off, no problem.” You were grateful that Jumin agreed without much hesitation, because it meant he hadn’t even questioned why you knew how Chil Sung Pa worked exactly.

When the next morning came you met up with one of the representatives that had been send to the C&R International building to discuss the future of the company. Despite the protests of your co-workers no one but you was allowed in that particular meeting, not even Jumin or Mr. Han himself. You knew it was for the best that way. The meeting didn’t last long, twenty minutes at most. When you left the office it was the clan member that held open the door for you as you confidently strode out of the room. He bowed deeply to you, seemingly scared, before practically scrambling away.

“They withdrew their attack on C&R”, you announced, an audible gasp going through the rows of workers that had gathered. “How?” It was such a simple question and yet it was difficult to answer. “Because my father is the head of Chil Sung Pa which makes me the heir to his empire and he knows better than to mess with my life and business.” Needless to say it left people flabbergasted, surprised and scared. “You are the daughter of a mafia mogul”, Jumin asked. You shrugged and smiled at him apologetically. “Right when I thought my wife could not get any more interesting…”


The two of you had been peacefully sitting on the couch, Saeyoung typing away on his laptop while you read your book when you heard the movement around the apartment. The last couple of years had been domestic bliss for the both of you, but you’d known better than to fully settle as your past always found a way to come back to bite you in the ass. You instantly put down the cup of tea you’d been sipping on and the book, before shutting Saeyoung’s laptop and covering his mouth. “Go to your work room and lock yourself in. Don’t come out before I tell you to”, you whispered into your husbands ear.

Without much time to act you’d gripped his wrist and dragged him off, pushing him into his bunker-like work room and shut the door behind him. After that you had to act incredibly fast, quickly running through the basement apartment that you knew was no infiltrated by some of your former colleagues. Or at least you thought they were colleagues, the line between friends and enemy’s had always been blurred during your years at your old agency. Luckily, you’d always slept with an eye open, running to gather up the weapons you’d hid all over the apartment in preparation for this exact situation.

You were the first one to come out of hiding, showing yourself in order to spark what was unavoidable at this point: A shooting. “I expected you to show up much sooner”, you’d called mockingly. “Did you guys grow soft on me? Wanted me to have some happy ever after for a while before blowing my brains out? How nice, but the game is over now. Come on out now, wherever you are.” The fight that followed was brutal. You shot at least five men, the others you were forced to kill in a more direct manner. One after the other fell until you were the only one left standing.  

When Saeyoung emerged from his room he did so to a bloodbath, corpses lying scattered around what you’d called home for the past couple of years. You said amidst them, holding onto your stomach where one of them had managed to stab you. Without turning to look at him you said: “I didn’t come to get you yet. Disobedience can cost you your life, you know? I would know…” Saeyoung stood frozen by the door, taking the scene in as his mind seemed to fail processing half of the thoughts he was thinking, let alone the things he was feeling. Who was the person he’d called his wife?

“What organization do you work for?” You chuckled bitterly, turning around to look at Saeyoung, blood still gushing from your wound. “Does it matter? After the stunt they pulled today I’ll make sure the organization won’t exist for much longer.” He’d fallen in love with an illusion, Saeyoung realized as he heard a bitterness in your voice he’d never heard before. “I am seriously surprised to see you this shocked, agent 707. All this time I was so sure you knew who I was but chose to ignore it in favour of domestic bliss but from that expression right there I can tell you really didn’t. What a plottwist.”

The sweet, innocent girl he’d married was gone, Saeyoung knew. Then again, could something be gone when it hadn’t been there to begin with? Still, he felt drawn to you, incapable of staying away. He stepped towards you, inspected your wound before going to get a first aid kid to patch it up at least to some extend. You could only laugh. “Why are you doing this? Everything was a lie. Did you really think a normal person could love you? Stick by your side despite everything you put them through? I was sent by my agency to kill you! Do you still think that you’re the dangerous one?”

Despite your harsh words Saeyoung didn’t stop tending to your wound, if anything his touch became lighter and even more gentle than before. He cleaned it and stitched it up to the best of his abilities without saying a word. Only when he was done did he look up, meeting your eyes and nodded. “Yes, because I made someone like you fall in love with someone like me.” Your harsh facade broke, tears springing to your eyes at the broken way he said those words, like he was still unbelieving of the fact that anyone in this world could love him. How could think so little of himself still?

You wrapped your arms around him, burying your fingers in his soft hair while brushing up and down his back soothingly. “You are good, Saeyoung. If anyone deserves someone better it’s you”, you whispered gently. He quickly untangled himself from you, looking at you with such desperation in his eyes it ripped at your heart. “Please don’t leave me”, he begged you. “I don’t care about what went down here today. I know you are more than the mistakes you’ve made…as you taught me much the same. The problems of your past are your business. The problems of your future are my privilege.”

And he meant every last word. At first you thought about saying no, pushing him away and leaving like you knew you should have done, but you found yourself incapable of doing so. You loved this broken man before you and you’d finally found someone who loved you just as much in return despite seeing the cracks in the glass. How could you ever let go of someone like that? You nodded and kissed, sealing the deal amidst of the danger literally surrounding you. After that the two of you wordless got up, got rid of all the bodies and blood and by the time Saeran returned him, nothing had ever happened.


You’d never imagined that you’d ever be able to fully and completely separate your private life from your profession, but with Saeran by your side you’d finally found some sort of peace. Life wasn’t always perfect – it got messy and exhausting at times – but those were the things that made it interesting. Both of you were fundamentally damaged people, but within all the darkness and pain in your respective hearts you’d somehow fund a spot for the other person to call their own and an interesting relationship had blossomed as the result of that.

At first the two of you were desperately trying to avoid a relationship and each of you had a lot of rather valid reasons for doing so. Saeran was broken from the inside out and in no way fit to care for another person in the state he was in that didn’t even allow him to care for himself. You, on the other hand, couldn’t allow yourself any permanent ties to the mundane world thanks to the profession you called your own. You’d learned from the mistakes of your predecessor and had no desire to drag someone into the messes you made along the way. Let alone some dear to your heart…like Saeran.

Somehow the attraction you had for one another defeated all reason, however, and the two of you found yourself in a messy and yet strangely perfect relationship. You constantly gave each other shit and fights were a given and yet you made one another better. After a certain time things just clicked into place and you were truly and undeniably happy. So much so, you were convinced things would stay that way. You’d been sure that you’d keep on dragging his ass to therapy while he’d remind you to take some steps back and enjoy small things in life, like clouds in a clear, blue sky. You were wrong.

About two years into your relationship with Saeran your questionable background finally caught up to you. You’d expected it, but not quite as soon. You were on every wanted list from the National Intelligence Service to the Supreme Prosecutors’ Office of the Republic of Korea. You had a price on your head and you were unwilling to let Saeran pay it. Luckily this particular matter was not shared with the media, which meant that at least you didn’t have mugshots of you plastered on every wall in Korea. It gave you the chance of a clean sleight. Pack your stuff and disappear without a trace.

Everything had been perfectly planned on your part. Your things were either packed or destroyed, your traces were evaporated and you’d made it impossible for anyone to track or trace your moves. All that was left to do was take your stuff and leave. It would have been so easy, had you not underestimated your boyfriends involvement in the down world. You’d just swung your bag over your shoulder, ready to leave, when he stopped you in his tracks by leaning against the doorframe, arms crossed and a disapproving expression on his face. “I cannot believe that you’d actually leave me like that. Harsh.”

“Saeran, listen, it’s not like that I can -”, he silenced you then by merely raising his hand. “Explain? You don’t need to. Codename: MC. Profession: Hitman and Whistleblower. Hit-Rate: 100%. Prices per hit start at 20.000$ as you work internationally and your job as a blower earns you about 500.000$ per case as you work in groups of maximum three blowers at the time to earn as much as possible”, he recited all your info like a poem he’d learned off by heart. Your shoulders sagged, bag falling to the floor as he grinned at you. “Did you really think I didn’t know?”

You honestly couldn’t believe that all this time he knew of your shady doings and said absolutely nothing. You closed the distance between the two of you and started punching at his chest, causing him to break out laughing. “You goddamn asshole! I was carrying the guilt of keeping it a secret every single day and you knew all along! I can’t believe you”, you half scolded, half laughed. He caught your hands eventually, holding them together and raising them to his lips to press a kiss to your skin. “Well, that is the price you pay for keeping it a secret in the first place.”

You probably should have been more concerned about the fact that your boyfriend wasn’t even mildly concerned with the fact that you were basically a murderer rather than the fact he’d teased you with having known all along, but frankly there wasn’t a single care in you. “I am also mad that I had to pay for all our dinners. I mean look at the fucking money you make. Don’t expect me to treat you to anything ever again”, he joked and however inappropriate it might have been to say such things, you burst out laughing. “Fair enough, I guess. Then again, I do work hard for that money.”

His lips curled into a wicked grin, eyes shining with something dark and mischievous. “If they caught you, you still have a lot to learn.” Just from the way he said it a hot shiver ran down your body and you moved closer, returning that very same grin. “And I presume that you’re going to teach me?” As you spoke your lips were almost touching, so close you could feel the proximity. Instead of replying Saeran merely pulled you closer, nails digging into your hips as he pushed you up against the wall. He claimed your lips with a kiss then, hard, passionate and bruising.

Don’t Let Me Go

(requested by anon)
Kai Parker x Reader
word count
: 4 856
warning : angst (you may want to grab a chocolate bar before reading this)
summary : Kai and Reader break up and Reader tried to go on with her life even tho she is hurting. Months later she goes out on a date with someone who she thinks is the ideal guy , but things do not work out quite as she had hoped …
*gif by lightwoodxalec

Y/N ran upstairs to their bedroom hearing Kai’s angry footsteps following her.
“What are you doing?” Kai asked , grabbing her wrists forcing her to look at him.
They had had their worst fight yet. At first everything got started because Kai was jealous of a random guy at the bar who had had the nerve to talk to Y/N and now somehow the fight had turned into how she wants him to be something he is not. It was completely ridiculous because that was not the case. Ever since Kai turned into a vampire all his emotions were heightened and he was on edge constantly. It wasn’t just this time … whenever someone looked at her in a way Kai didn’t like , things got ugly. He had broken a guy’s nose , nearly broken another’s jaw…
“I am moving out. What do you think I’m doing?” she yelled , pulling away from him. “You said you don’t want me here , remember ?”
Y/N tossed a few pairs of jeans  and a couple of shirts in her bag not even bothering to fold them , looking around the room picking up a pair of high heels from under the bed , going back into the walk in closet taking out the last of her clothes.
Kai rested against the wall , watching her throw things in her bag. He didn’t want her to leave , he loved her and regretted the fight already. When they had first started dating she had promised him that she will love him forever , that he will never be alone again… Now she was packing… and his pride was standing in the way of him admitting his mistake.
“Fine , leave. What do I care… ” he said. “You probably have been waiting for me to screw up , haven’t you , so you can leave me ? What a fool I’ve been to care and love you and to think that you cared and loved me too. You are just like everyone else. All you see when you look at me is a murderous sociopath who killed his own family , maimed your friends and put your best friend into a sleeping curse ! I can’t believe I waisted a second being in love with you !”
Y/N stared at him , her heart breaking to pieces at his words. She couldn’t believe what he was saying , it was as if he was a completely different person… There was no trace of the Kai she had fallen in love with. They had been so in sync ever since they had met , and now …
“It goes both ways.” she said angrily , closing the zipper on her bag , taking it in her hand heading for the bedroom door. She walked past him , stopping a step behind him , fighting back the tears. The last thing she wanted to do was leave , she loved him and cared about him more than she could ever put into words… but it was starting to get clear to her their relationship was doomed. “I don’t ever want to see or hear from you again. ” she said going through the door , running down the stairs and out the door slamming it with a loud bang.
Y/N walked to her car blinking back tears , tossed her bag in the back seat and got in. She wanted to leave as soon as possible before the tears started , but it was too late … she broke into sobs , tears streaming down her face , her hands balled into fists hitting the steering wheel.
It was as if her entire world had come crashing down , the pain in her chest growing with every passing second remembering Kai’s face , his last words to her echoing in her mind breaking her heart all over again until there was nothing left.

Y/N woke up suddenly , shooting up straight in her bed , sweat covering her forehead and tears streaming down her face. It had been the 3rd time the past few days she had had that dream …the moment she and Kai broke up. Whatever people said about pain getting easier with time , it was a lie. She had tried for months to move on and was still trying , but it was harder than ever. Back when they had been together she hadn’t realised how many things actually remind her of him … until their relationship had ended. All the little things - someone would walk by wearing the same cologne as him or would order the same drink as him. Literally everything reminded her of Kai…
She wiped the sweat from her forehead with the back of her hand , her gaze falling on a shadow in the hallway. There was someone inside the house , she got up fast trying to catch whoever it was but the person was long gone by the time she got up.
“Great. Now I am hallucinating.” she muttered , walking downstairs to the kitchen for a glass of water. Y/N looked around trying to figure out if someone had actually been inside the house or not , but everything was just as she had left it before going to bed. In the end she didn’t want to go back upstairs and just crashed on the couch for the rest of the night.


Kai couldn’t stay away from Y/N , no matter how much he tried. He still loved her… and knew he’d never stop loving her. The only thing that kept him semi sane was that he got to see her … He’d sneak into her house at night , watch her sleep. Sometimes he’d take a peek into her head to see what she was dreaming about. Usually it was school stuff , but that night when he had peeked into her subconscience it had broken  his heart all over again. Tears were streaming down her face and he gently wiped a few of them away. Y/N was dreaming about their break up ,tossing and turning in her sleep. He wanted to wake her up , wrap his arms around her and comfort her like he’d usually do when she had bad dreams … but it wasn’t possible. She started to wake up and he ran out of the house before she had had the chance to see him and kick him out.  What he had seen and felt while peeking inside her dream that night had brought back the memory of that night for him too…

It took him less than an hour to realise what a huge mistake he had made letting her leave. He used his vampire hearing , listening to her sobs in her car , wishing things hadn’t gone the way they had. Y/N had said she didn’t want anything to do with him … and it had all been his fault.
“AARHHHH .!!!!” he screamed , grabbing the lamp from the night stand tossing it across the room at the wall  smashing it to bits, turning around and picking up the next thing he could find which turned out to be a picture of them together. Kai looked at it for a few moments , touching her face on the photo.
“I’m so sorry…” he whispered , crumbling on the ground still holding the picture in his hand as tears started streaming down his cheeks. He wiped them away as quickly as they were falling , giving up a few minutes later. Kai hated the tears , they always made him feel like some sort of an alien creature. He had felt pain before , but none of it compared to what he felt in that moment  when she had left their home , slamming the door shut behind her - like the air was being pulled out of his lungs , his heart being torn away from his chest.

*  *  *

The next day Y/N woke up from her phone ringing - ZACK said the called ID. She couldn’t help but smile for a moment. Zack was a british guy she had met a few weeks ago at Whitmore. He was sweet , kind and as far as she gotten to know him , he was absolutely perfect. When she was with him the pain vanished for a few hours and she had started liking him so when he had asked her out on a date a week ago she had said yes. Zack had taken her out for a dinner and a movie and tonight was their second date.
“Hey.” she picked up the phone. “What’s up ?”
“Morning gorgeous.” he said in his perfect accent. “Just checking in to see if we are still on for tonight ? I can’t wait to see you.”
Y/N giggled. “Yes , we are and … I can’t wait to see you too.” she said smiling. “What do you have planned ?”
“It’s a surprise.” Zack said , Y/N heard voices around Zack calling for him. He was at work. “Hey , I gotta go love .. see you tonight.”
Y/N hang up the phone starring at her screen saver for a moment - a picture of her and Zack making funny faces behind the teacher’s back.
Maybe this is it. she thought. My chance to be happy again…
She walked upstairs , opening her closet looking for the perfect outfit for the evening , rummaging through her dresses pulling one after another.
“And as usual .. I have nothing to wear.” she laughed nervously after trying a few outfits. Somehow none of them seemed to work to her liking. Y/N sighed and walked back to the closet , looking through her things and that’s when she saw it…. one of Kai’s t-shirts. She froze on the spot , unsure what to do at first.
When they had broken up , she had packed all Kai’s things in a box and left them in his house along with the key to their house … his house. Somehow his shirt had stayed in her closet this whole time. Carefully she picked it up , holding it in her hands as if it’s the biggest treasure , a small smile spread across her face. Y/N brought it up  to her face , feeling the soft material and taking in the scent.
It still smells like him. she thought.
She sat on the bed , holding Kai’s shirt close to her chest , closing her eyes.
Y/N remembered when he had left it here … it was one of the first times he had stayed the night. In the morning she hadn’t been able to find where her clothes had fallen the night before , she hadn’t even been sure they were still in one piece …and then her gaze had stopped on his shirt , she had put it on walking downstairs where Kai had already started making breakfast. He always made breakfast. Y/N remembered clearly the look on his face when he saw her in his shirt , how he had pulled her close softly whispering in her ear how sexy she looked in it before leaning in to kiss her and tossing her over his shoulders…
A few tears rolled down her cheeks at the memory. She wiped them away quickly , holding onto the shirt tighly as if it might disappear. They had been so happy together , every moment felt like magic. How did it all fall apart in the end?  
Y/N took off the dress she had been wearing tossing it onto the floor and put on Kai’s shirt , looking at her reflection in the mirror , wrapping her hands around her drowning in the memory of that day. Whatever happened in the future , whoever she got to spend her life with … she knew one thing for sure - she’ll never stop loving him.
“I miss you …” she whispered.

The first few weeks after the break up Y/N spent mostly crying. There was no way to stop the pain or the tears. She went to sleep at night haunted by nightmares reliving their breakup, except when she woke up in the morning the nightmares never ended. Each day was worse than the previous. Her life had turned into an endless ocean of pain and she was drowning in it. She didn’t want to eat , to sleep or to go on in general.. Life without Kai didn’t exist for her.
A few times she had found herself wandering the streets in the middle of the night , her heart pulling her towards Kai until she ended up in front of his house. She’d get there around 3-4am , sit on the porch for a while glancing at the windows which were always dark , as if no one was inside. For all she knew Kai had left town and gone back to Portland and it was breaking her on the inside knowing she had lost him. One time she fell asleep on the porch and woken up back in her house unsure how she had gotten there.
About a month and a half later after the break up, Y/N decided it is time she pulled herself together and start moving on.. so she went out with her friends , ending up making out with some guy who had been an absolute stranger to her. Instead of moving on , she felt worse than before … like she had cheated on Kai , which was ridiculous considering they had broken up.
Later on her friends had set her up on a date with one of Tyler’s old high school friends from the football team who had rolled back into town. Things had been going well up until the point Kai had walked into the Grill. It had been the first time she had seen him since their break up and he looked wrecked. Kai looked paler than usual with dark spots under his eyes , his hair was messy , his shirt untucked and he even had grown some facial hair. The moment his eyes had fallen on Y/N and her date he visibly crumbled on the inside. He sat at the far end of the Grill not looking at them , Y/N glancing a few times in his direction trying to catch his eye … All her feelings had come rushing back and her only wish was to run into his arms. She hadn’t even realised her date had been talking for a few minutes but she hadn’t heard a word , all her thoughts consumed by Kai.
“Hey , are you OK?” the guy said , reaching across the table to touch her hand.
“Yeah … yeah , I’m … I’ll be right back.” she said getting up , heading towards the restrooms. Y/N looked at her reflection in the mirror , the hole in her chest opening again causing her pain so strong she nearly fell on the ground. It took her more than 10 minutes to recover enough to walk back outside only to find her date gone. She looked around for a few moments , searching for him but there was no trace of him so she grabbed her bag and jacket , heading outside and that’s when she heard the screams. Y/N ran to the small alley behind the Grill , finding Kai punching and kicking the guy she had been on a date with , before pulling him up and feeding on him until the guy stopped fighting.  Kai turned towards her , his eyes filled with anger and pain , before disappearing.

Y/N had no idea how much time had passed until the doorbell returned her back to reality. She pulled over her head Kai’s shirt and quickly got dressed in her PJ’s , carefully tucking in under her pillow before rushing downstairs to open the door.
“Zack ! Hi ! W-what are you doing here ?” she asked surprised , noticing the flowers in his hand. “Oh God … ” she muttered.
Zack laughed nervously. “You are not ready yet ? I can go wait in the car if you need some extra time…” he said looking at her wearing her PJ’s , licking his lower lip.
Y/N smiled awkwardly. Somehow she had completely forgotten about Zack’s existance , not to mention their date.
“Yeah sorry. Um … something came up. Come on in , you can wait inside…” she said , as Zack gave her the flowers. “Thank you , those are beautiful.”
“Not as beautiful as you.” he said leaning in to kiss her , wrapping his hands around her waist and pulling her close. Suddenly his kiss felt wrong to her , his lips on hers felt wrong. Y/N pulled away giving him a small smile.
“I better find them a vase.” she said tiptoeing into the kitchen , Zach following her closely behind. She looked through the kitchen cabinets for a vase and in a few minutes she found one and filled it with water , placing the flowers in leaving them on the table. “How did you know I like white roses ?”
Zack took a few steps towards her , backing her against the kitchen counter.
“I know a lot of things.” he said , his lips smashing against hers as his hands found their way down her waist , squeezing her ass pulling her closer to him. Y/N had wrapped her hands around his neck tugging on his hair. He didn’t seem to want to pull away or let go off her. Her phone rang and she tried to wiggle her way out but Zack grabbed her wrists holding them tight together behind her back. She looked up and his expression scared the hell out of her. His eyes were black and he had this crazy look on his face - the same look a predator has looking at his pray. Zach’s other hand pushed down her PJ’ bottoms along with her underwear.
“What are you doing?” she asked trying to get herself free. In all the time she had known him , he had never done anything like it. “Sto-”
He smashed his lips against hers again , shutting her up. Y/N managed to kick him between the legs with her knee , giving her a few seconds to pull away from him.
“What is wrong with you?!” she asked raising her voice. “Whatever has crawled up your pants - watch it. THIS is not going to happen. Not tonight and definitely NOT like this.”
Zach took a step towards her. “Why not , Y/N? I want this , you want this … I see the way you look at me , you want it…” he said , his voice completely different than the sweet sound she was used to.
“I-I think you should go.” she said stepping aside , pointing towards the door. “Go before I call the cops or worse - one of my friends.”
Zach laughed and took another step towards her. “Your friends? What are they going to do to me ? Report me to the dean ?”
“Trust me , you do not want to find out.” she said , her voice trembling , taking a step back from him trying to get to her phone.
He pushed her onto the couch pinning her wrists over her head , kissing her neck while his other hand pushed down inside her underwear.
“Stop ! I don’t want to do this … Zack , get off me!” she cried out trying to push him off , tears started streaming down her face. “Get off me , please…”
It didn’t matter what she said , he kept going .. pulling down her PJ’s and undoing the buttons on his jeans.
Y/N felt so helpless in that moment , unable to do anything but wait for it to be over. Every attempt to fight him off failed , all her words went poof in the air… She had thought Zack was this nice guy and it had turned out that he was anything but.
“Stop please ..” she begged him again in between sobs , trying to pull herself away from him.
There was a loud bang coming from the front door and suddenly Zack started choking , his body lifting up in the air a few steps off the ground , his legs kicking at nothing while his hands tried to free the invisible grip on his neck.
Y/N looked around , her eyes falling on Kai who looked ready to tear Zack apart, his eyes burning with anger.
“I believe she said she wants you to stop. You should’ve listened.” Kai said , fury in his voice. “How should I end you ? Should I break your neck or rip out your heart?” he paused for a moment thinking. “Maybe first I will break every bone in your body as a punishment for laying a finger on her.”
Y/N stood frozen for a moment before pulling back up her PJ’s and running into Kai’s arms.
Kai pulled her close , tearing his eyes away from Zack , who’s face was already purple / blueish , looking at her with tears in his eyes. The girl he loved , who had nearly been raped by someone she had trusted. Kai didn’t even dare thinking what would’ve happened to her if he hadn’t decided to come to her house that evening and try to talk to her. His heart broke all over again looking at Y/N. She looked so scared and shaken to the core.

A few days after their break up , Kai came home finding a box with all things he had left in Y/N’s house - t-shirts , pictures …and the key he had given her so she could walk in at any time , even if he wasn’t home. He sat on the floor unable to bring himself to look through the things in the box. He had expected to find a ‘surprise’ like this one at some point but not this soon. Part of him had hoped they’d be able to repair their relationship , that this wasn’t the end …
Kai sat alone in the darkness , unable to fall asleep or even close his eyes because every time he did , Y/N’s face showed up behind his eyelids … The moment he had told her he regretted every second spent loving her ,the cracks in her heart visible through her eyes… He couldn’t believe how stupid he had been in that moment , talking without thinking not realising the consequences of his actions.
His days were mostly spent trying not to go looking for her ,except he failed miserably at it. A few times he had used a cloaking spell , sneaking up into her house or following her around town. It hurt him seeing her like this - she looked like a ghost , walking down the street or sitting on the couch curled up into a ball crying. She’d look in his direction or walk past him , he’d reach out to touch her before stopping himself.
A few times he had seen her come to his house in the middle of the night , just sitting on the porch… Kai would sit by the window in the dark , looking at her trying to work up the nerve to open the door and talk to her. To apologise for all the pain he had caused. One time she fell asleep and he carried her home. He didn’t think Y/N would be happy if when she wakes up finds herself in their old bedroom with him leaning over her.
None of those moments compared to the ones when he saw her with other guys. He liked seeing her smile , but hated that it was someone else making her smile and not him. His jealousy always won in the end.
Y/N had been the light in his life … and now he was living in literal and metaphorical darkness. He barely fed , not unless it was on one of the guys trying to take her away from him forever.

Kai flicked his wrist , breaking one of Zack’s legs , then the other not once but twice. He loosened the grip enough for Zack  to take a breath before breaking one of his ribs. Y/N reached for his hand , lowering it down.
“No … don’t.” she said , her voice trembling. “He will get what’s coming …Let him go.”
Kai looked at her as if she were insane. “That guy just tried to … ” he swallowed hard, unable to even say the word. “.. he deserves to suffer and bleed out for what he did.”
“No , he will stain the carpet.” she said , a small smile on her face. “It will be hell to clean up afterwards.”
Kai laughed , a genuine laugh for the first time in months. Y/N brushed away a tear rolling down his cheek , her fingers tracing every inch of his face as if seeing him for the first time. Kai let Zack down on the ground watching him squirming in pain. Y/N walked over to him , kneeling down.
“You wanted to know what’s so scary about my friends…? Compared to my boyfriend ,” she motioned to Kai ,“ my friends are harmless fluffy kittens.”
Kai’s eyes lit up when she said ‘my boyfriend’ and he smiled for a moment. He loved hearing her say those words.
“What are we going to do with you now , Zack? … ” she muttered more to herself than to anyone else.
“What kind of a freak is that guy ?” Zack spit out , pointing at Kai. “I’ll report you to -”
“To who ?” Kai interrupted. “The cops ? I think they’d be more interested in what you tried to do to her. Be grateful she stopped me or you would’ve been 2 meters under ground right now…” he knelt down next to Y/N , grabbing Zack’s shoulders. “Listen to me very carefully you little piece of … … You were in a car accident on your way to Y/N’s house to tell her you are not interested in her. You will forget all about me and what I did to you .. and you will move so far away from here , you’ll fall off the edge of the map. Got it?”

*   *   *

“I’m going to burn that couch.” Y/N muttered after they had dealt with Zack and he was sent on his 'marry way’ in an ambulance with compelled doctors. “Are you going to help me or what?” she said glancing at Kai who laughed at her comment.
“It’s not the couch’s fault this happened …. It’s mine.” he said taking a step towards her. “I … I never should’ve let you leave that night. If my pride hadn’t gotten the worst out of me , none of this would’ve happened.” His gaze fell on the ground.
Y/N took his hand in hers. “You can’t blame yourself for this… it was my fault too.” she said , Kai lifting his gaze to meet hers.
“No! No , it wasn’t. It was all me.” he raised his voice. “I said so many things I didn’t mean that night , pushed you away and didn’t follow you after. I should have followed you , I … I should’ve done everything I could to get you back and I didn’t… and then when I saw you with all those guys , it felt like I was losing you all over again… and then you met this idiot. I saw you happy with him and I knew I had lost you forever.”
Y/N looked into his eyes , seeing her pain reflected in them. Now that she saw him up close , there were dark circles under his eyes , his skin was grayish. She ran her fingers through his hair , watching him close his eyes for a moment enjoying her touch. Her hand resting on his cheek , Kai’s hand reaching for it to hold it. He opened his eyes , blinking back tears. It broke her heart seeing him like this. Kai never liked tears , not in her eyes and definitely not in his eyes.
“I am so so sorry for everything , Y/N. I’m sorry for causing you all this pain , putting you through hell … I …”
“Stop talking.” she said suddenly.
“No , you need to know. … and then you’ll never see or hear from me again , just like you wanted. Y/N , I -”
Y/N shut him up with a kiss , wrapping her hands around his neck , running her fingers through his hair tugging on it , pulling him closer.. Kai looked surprised for a second and then pulled her closer to him too , his lips hungrily wanting more. In that moment all the pain from the past few months disappeared as if it had never happened. It felt like two pieces of the same heart had finally connected and everything in the world seemed right again. Their lips perfect match for each other , their bodies perfectly fitting together.
“I never stopped loving you… ” he said softly , pulling away from the kiss with a wide smile on his face. “I love you … I .. I always will.”
Y/N smiled widely back at him pressing her lips to his again before speaking.
“I never stopped loving you either , Malachai.” she said. He didn’t even wince hearing his full name like he usually did… She pressed her lips against his again. “I love you! Always and forever.” she said smiling.
He let out a small laugh. “I missed hearing you say my name.” he said cupping her face , his thumbs gently rubbing her cheeks and resting his forehead on hers. “I missed seeing the spark in your eyes , your lips .. everything. I missed you.”
Kai kissed her deeply , wrapping his arms around her tighter than ever.
“I am never letting you go again.”
“I wouldn’t let you even if you wanted me to.” she said smiling.


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Uncertainty Pt. 2

Part 1 Part 3 Part 4

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader, Taehyung x Reader

Genre: Smut/ slight Fluff/Angst

Word count: 4.3k

Summary: You needed distraction from your issues with Yoongi, and Taehyung seemed to be just the right one to do the job.

Originally posted by donewithjeon

You were left confused and unsure, the image of Yoongi’s last text perpetually flashing before your eyes. You didn’t love Yoongi, this much you knew, although you did find him somewhat attractive, especially that night, but that’s all there was to it.

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Justlex With Thanks to Reader and Jocks

Request: I really loved that “best friends with the jocks” headcanon, if it’s alright could you follow it up with the reader noticing alex and justin being unusual towards each other and then shipping jalex so hard, pushing the squad to set them up, and eventually causing the two to realize their feelings and actually end up together? Thank you so much! :))


A/N: I really hope you like this :)


Warnings: None.


Justlex With Thanks to Reader and Jocks…

  • You and the jocks had been friends since you’d met them all in the middle of an almost fight with Monty. He was your best friend in the entire world, and those boys became like family to you

  • So it wasn’t hard for you to notice when something was off
  • Justin had been so much more irritable lately- not with the group, actually he was fine around the group, for the most part, just with anyone outside of the group

  • He’d snap supper easily at kids who looked at them, or ones he assumed sat there listening to them or whispering about them
  • It wasn’t entirely out of character, but Justin usually had more patience

  • He also seemed really fidgety and unsettled, especially when Alex was around
  • You knew they had a little bit of history, and you wondered if something blew up between them and Justin was retaliating

  • So you confronted him, Monty alongside you of course
  • He was insanely defensive when you asked if something had happened and why he was being so snappy. Justin kept his lips sealed, he said it was nothing and just kept rambling until you mentioned Alex’s name

  • That’s when he stuttered
  • It suddenly clicked and you just looked at him with the biggest smile. It was Monty beside you who was first to blurt out what you both had just discovered

  • “You’re into Standall!”
  • Justin instantly got defensive again, but you and Monty were too busy chatting between each other to even notice

  • That’s when the plan was born
  • You were going to set them up. If Alex didn’t like Justin now, he soon would

  • Justin would blush every time you looked at him when Alex was around, and you picked up on the way Alex always spoke to Justin and hung around him most
  • They were both pining over each other, and the beautiful idiots didn’t even know it

  • You guys threw them into situations together that they couldn’t get out of- Invite them to the movies with you all then bail, organise group plans at Alex’s then bail
  • And stupidly, even though you’d spoken to Justin, neither of them seemed to notice, and certainly no one had made a move

  • You were all invested in it. You, Monty, Zach, Jeff, Clay who Jeff just had to tell, and of course Tony, who somehow just knew everything
  • Nothing you tried seemed to work, but you did notice little changes between them. More affection, more blushing, bigger smiles

  • You could see that Alex was waiting for Justin to ask him out, or at least hoping that Justin would. Obviously neither of them believed that the other liked them
  • And then entered the impatient Montgomery De La Cruz who decided that they were going to throw a party and get these idiots together. And so was born a competitive game of spin the bottle, which just may have been rigged with magnets. Maybe

  • It was Alex’s first spin and he landed flat on Justin. The pair of them blushed, but slowly made their way to each other and kissed. The whole group cheered for them as they showed 0 signs of pulling away, lost in the moment
  • When they finally did part it was obvious on their face that they realised what they’d done and were super embarrassed, but Monty jumped in to save the day and told everyone that they liked each other and just needed to date already, and Justin didn’t hesitate to kiss him again


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Three busy hours later Lord Vetinari, the Patrician of Ankh-Morpork, was standing in the main hall of Unseen University, and he was impressed. The wizards, once they understood the urgency of a problem, and then had lunch, and argued about the pudding, could actually work quite fast.
Their method of finding a solution, as far as the Patrician could see, was by creative hubbub. If the question was, ‘What is the best spell for turning a book of poetry into a frog?’ then the one thing they would not do was look in any book with a title like Major Amphibian Spells in a Literary Environment: A Comparison. That would, somehow, be cheating. They would argue about it instead, standing around a blackboard, seizing the chalk from one another and rubbing out bits of what the current chalk-holder was writing before he’d finished the other end of the sentence. Somehow, though, it all seemed to work.

– on wizards at work | Terry Pratchett, The Last Hero

anonymous asked:

Kurt (comic book verse if thats alright) x reader for the ship meme? Please and thank you <33

Who hogs the duvet?

You do! Kurt is the kindest and most considerate boyfriend. And due to his time at the circus, being forced to sleep in cramped places–he did not move much when he slept. Unlike you, who continuously night after night, cocooned yourself in those blankets.

Who texts/rings to check how their day is going?

Kurt does! He loves to hear about your day and constantly loves to know what you’re doing at work. If you’re particularly busy that day, he’ll make sure to leave you a message telling you how much he loves you and misses you.

Who’s the most creative when it comes to gifts?

He is! If you didn’t know his mutation you would swear that he was a telepath. Somehow he manages to know exactly what you want for your birthday, Christmas, or any other holiday the two of you celebrate. You had your suspicions through, every time he suggested the two of you hang out with Jean and Scott.

Who gets up first in the morning?

He does, it’s uncanny how early he could be out of bed. Most of the time at 6:30 am he’s already downstairs preparing breakfast for the two of you.

Who suggests new things in bed?

You do! Anything to do with sex immediately causes him to freeze up and his whole body with become flushed. Most of the time he will take your suggestions, trying them out later that night.

Who cries at movies?

You both do! It’s common knowledge that Kurt is a big softie, so whenever it comes to romantic movies or generally movies with sad endings the two of you have to come prepared. Usually it depends what movie the two of you watch, but most of the time you are the strong one, as you try not to laugh while wiping away his tears.

Who gives unprompted massages?

He does, you could swear after a long day or week, at the end of the night somehow his hands somehow find their way to your shoulders giving you the best shoulder and back massage that you ever hand. You could swear, his hands were magical and most of the time you tried to repay back the favor–unfortunately, your massages are not as good in comparison to his.

Who fusses over the other when they’re sick?

You do and honestly Kurt thinks it’s the cutest thing ever. It happens more times than you would have liked, since he insists on helping every poor animal he sees stuck in the rain. You make sure he’s always warm and that he stays in bed. He tries to get you to stay away from him, for you to avoid becoming sick, however you end up catching whatever he had the week later.

Who gets jealous easiest?

He does! Every time someone is staring in your general direction or chatting casually with you, he immediately thinks the worst. While he is never really the confronting type, he immediately avoids the situation–becoming sullen and depressed. It takes a considerable number of soft kisses and cuddles to make it up to him.

Who has the most embarrassing taste in music?

He does! It took you a while to figure out but he has a soft spot for pop music, softly humming along to it while he’s working. While you find nothing wrong with his music selection, it embarrasses him greatly, causing his cheeks to turn the softest shade of purple. You find it the cutest thing ever.

Who collects something unusual?

Neither of you really, but you and Kurt are definitely the couple who enjoys picking up the prettiest shells you can find when you go to the beach. Keeping them inside of your shared closet.

Who takes the longest to get ready?

He does, which at first came as quite a shocker to both of you. Kurt wants to make sure that he looks perfect for you, whether it be going out the movies or picking up groceries, he wanted to make sure that everyone in the world knew that he was worthy enough to be with you.

Who is the most tidy and organized?

He is! Most of the cleaning that is done around the house is done by him, meaning that he’s in charge to making sure that everything is put neatly back in its correct spot. Sometimes for fun while he’s cleaning, you’ll rearranged some of the items which he just put away, causing him to be quite confused and puzzled.

Who gets most excited about the holidays?

You both do! Upon realizing that Kurt has not celebrated a proper Christmas or any other holiday, you vowed to celebrate them all with him. From birthdays to Valentine’s Day, both of you go all out with decorations and festivities and despite how exhausted you are at the end of the day; it’s all worth it to see that amazing smile on his lips.

Who is the big spoon/little spoon?

It depends. At times, Kurt enjoys being the little spoon, especially when he has nightmares. However, at times he wouldn’t mind cuddling with you in his arms.

Who gets most competitive when playing games and/or sports?

You are! Kurt really isn’t that competitive when it comes to games and such. Honestly, this boy would do anything to see your face light up, so at times he might lose the small game that the two of you were playing. However, your melodic taunting and blinding smile, easily erased his guilt.

Who starts the most arguments?

You do! The two of you almost never argue, but occasionally you will notice something bothering Kurt and it’s only your instinct to pry. You don’t mean any harm in asking, but if it’s something that is deeply bothering him, he feels a bit silly bothering you with it. A few back and forth answers then things become heated, causing the two of you to bicker. In the end, he knows you have no ill intentions and just wanted to help. A long cuddle session later, and the argument never happened.

Who suggests that they buy a pet?

He does! It’s not a secret that Kurt is obsessed with animals. But quite honestly, the number of strays that he brings home, the two of you don’t even need to discuss buying a pet; you both already have a shelter. But somehow, he seems to convince you that one more animal inside the house would not be such a bad thing. And damn, you wished you were not such a sucker for those puppy dog eyes.

What couple traditions they have?

Both you and Kurt enjoy spoiling each other every chance the two of you get. While, this isn’t really considered a tradition, every year for your birthday Kurt insists on getting you a single red rose and a box of chocolates. And for his birthday, you always insist doing anything that he wants to do, whether it be traveling around the world the entire day or staying in a cuddling. 

What tv shows they watch together? 

The Big Bang Theory and Seinfeld.

What other couple they hang out with?

None, most of your friends are single and the two of you would quite honestly want to spend time together than with your friends.

How they spend time together as a couple?

The two of you have quite busy schedules, so it makes time management difficult when trying to balance your jobs as well as the other. Most of the time, you guys spend time together doing completely mundane things, such as brushing your teeth together in the morning, bringing the other lunch, or cuddling and having late night talks. It might not be the most ideal way to be a couple, but somehow the two of you seem to make it work.

Who made the first move?

You did! Kurt was an overall shy person and it would typically take quite a while for him to fall in love with someone and having the confidence to admit it, let alone confess his feelings. With all the awkward glances the two of you were giving each other and the unresolved tension, you forfeited yourself esteem and not so causally asked him out. After some stuttering and flushed faces, he said yes.

Who brings flowers home?

He does! This boy loves bringing you flowers, whether it’s the bouquets or just some he’s been growing outside, this boy lives to see your face whenever he presents you with the gift. And sometimes as a gift, you enjoy weaving those flowers into a small crown and giving them back to him. He wears your creation for the rest of the day, a smile never leaving his lips

Who is the best cook?

He is! If it weren’t for your busy schedules, you would have him cook for you every day and for three meals a day. Since he can’t, he reserves his cooking skills for weekends and special occasions. And more often than not, if you happened to sleep in on the weekend, he’ll present you sheepishly with breakfast in bed.

Tuukka Rask- family day

Request:  Can you do me a Tuukka Rask one… smutty or not either way… your writing is awesome!!

Author’s note: To be honest I’ve been waiting for you to request Tuukka! I always notice your notifications. Also fun story I’ve been in love with this man for six years. My parents aren’t hockey fans but my mom will always watch a Bruins game with me if Tuukka is in net. Also I know you asked for smut but today I’m just not in the right head space for that, but how about some fluff instead?


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