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Salim gave Ryleigh a brief tour of the apartment before leading her into the bedroom. The place was amazing, an eclectic mixture of colours, textures, and styles that somehow still seemed to all work together.

The whole place seemed to be designed for hosting parties and having fun. There was a whole room dedicated to a large karaoke machine, another with a bubble blower and various other activities in it, and the living area had obviously been decorated with the intention of entertaining.

The party seemed to be in full swing. There were people in every room and they all seemed to know Salim, they greeted him enthusiastically and a few of them even actually hugged Ryleigh.

He’d been right when he said the night wouldn’t be anything like meeting his family. These people were actually nice and genuinely seemed to be happy to meet Ryleigh considering most of them had been hearing about her for months.

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Prompt“Don’t worry about me, I’m fine.”

Character: Jonathan Byers x Reader

Warnings: Physical fight between Jonathan and a man who was annoying Y/N

Jonathan’s punch landed heavy on the other boy’s cheek. You let out an audible gasp, hands flying to your mouth, as you watched the man stagger back, “Stop!” You tried to yell but the man had already successfully caught his balance and had swung a punch at Jonathan.

Jonathan’s head whipped back from the impact but the never reacted in pain, instead he charged towards the man. The reason the two were fighting was that the guy had said a lewd comment to you and Jonathan overheard and… well, you know the rest.

“Jonathan!” You squealed, rushing to them, “Stop, he’s not worth it!”

Somehow, your tugging at Jonathan seemed to work and he separated from the other boy. The other boy scoffed, “That’s right, you run off, loser.”

Jonathan’s arm shot up but you grabbed his hand, “Jonathan, please,” you whispered, “Leave it.” He finally glanced down at you, expression softening for the briefest of moments, before he was glaring at the boy.

“I see you again, I hear you again, I won’t stop next time.” Jonathan threatened before he turned and stormed off, you scampering after him. Once he had turned the corner, he stopped and looked to you, “Are you okay?”

You ignored him, hand reaching to graze at the nasty bruise that was now on his cheek, “Don’t worry about me, I’m fine,” Jonathan said, brushing you off, “Are you okay?”

“I’m fine but… why did you do that?” Your voice was quiet as you stared at him.

“No one should talk to anyone like that - especially not you. He deserved it.”

“Jonathan, you don’t have to fight my battles,”

He nodded, “I know but… I just got angry. Now are you sure you’re okay?”

You rolled your eyes, breathing out a laugh, “I’m fine, it’s you we should be worrying over.”

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I feel like people who ship shiro with the other paladins just "reaseach" on google until they find information that they can work with to TRY and somehow make it seem like pedophillia is okay. It's never okay, setting aside child grooming if you were to look at it in the way that "my dad is 10 years older than my mom" that's okay because it's a ratio, there is a huge difference between someone who's 14 and someone who is 16 vs someone who is 24 and someone who is 26

You can twist perception by saying that you depict the young paladins as adults saying they’re 18 or 20 or whatever but specifically looking at keith and shiro no matter how aged up you make keith they knew each other when keith was much younger but also just because shiro didn’t know the other paladins when they were younger doesn’t mean there are HEAVY implications of child grooming if you were to age up the characters

I’m sorry, I get upset with shiro x paladins because it makes me think of how when I was 13 I dated a 16 year old and even though that “wasn’t a huge age difference” in the eyes of many it still ended up making me really emotionally unstable because he was much more experienced with many more things than me, you can argue that maybe the age difference isn’t big at all but just because it isn’t a 20 year gap doesn’t mean that it isn’t pedophilloic

no need to apologize, you’re completely right. they love to cherrypick and cling to their confirmation bias just so they can justify shipping kids and adults together. it’s always funny when we provide links and stuff t articles and evidence, and they just don’t read them. because they don’t care. they just want to protect their ship at all costs

Title: Tag, You’re It (NEW)
Author: 4walls
Pairing: JohnWin 
Rating: NC-17
Genre: smut, college!au, hybrid!au
Length: oneshot
Warnings: knotting, dirty talking
Summary: Character A and B are complete opposites (prey/predator, etc) and end up as dorm roommates. At first, it seems as though its never going to work, but somehow their bond suddenly becomes close and the duo are inseparable.“ (aka Sicheng is a rabbit hybrid and Youngho is a wolf hybrid and they end up as dorm roommates and they eventually fall in love + smut)

Bran is very practical. He is a zealot whose cause is the survival of the werewolves. He will sacrifice almost anything to that cause. He believes that he would sacrifice either or both of his sons—and they believe it, too. But whenever that seems to be a necessity, somehow matters work out differently.
—  Silence Fallen by Patricia Briggs
The first stage is when you totally believe in witchcraft. The second is when you realize it’s a complete lot of rubbish. The third is when you realize that it’s a complete lot of rubbish; but that somehow it also seems to work.
—  “The Triumph of the Moon” by Ronald Hutton
Two Weeks Notice (USA, 2002)

Predictions: We had both seen this movie before, but neither of us remembered very much about it. “So…I think he hires her, and then I guess she gives her two weeks’ notice?” “Okay. But what does he hire her for?” “I’m not sure… Something about environmentalism?”

Plot: We were more or less correct! Sandra Bullock is a liberal activist lawyer who dresses poorly and seems to primarily work to preserve old buildings, while somehow also holding down a job at Legal Aid. Hugh Grant, as usual, is a wealthy, bumbling cad about town. Their paths cross when his corporation wants to knock down yet another community building to build a giant skyscraper or something. In the course of petitioning him to change the corporation’s mind, Sandra Bullock inadvertently finds herself being hired as his chief counsel.

Cue the passage of time, over which we see Hugh Grant and Sandra Bullock grow close. Too close, in fact. Weirdly close. He becomes dependent on her to pick out his outfits, envelopes, mattress… You know, all those normal things that people use a lawyer for. He calls her at all hours of the night, because he “just felt like a chat” and is unable to grasp what does and does not constitute a legitimate emergency. The last straw for Sandra Bullock comes when she ditches her best friend’s wedding to rush to his side, only to discover he just wanted her opinion on a suit. Enraged, she gives her two weeks’ notice.

Hugh Grant, devastated at the possibility of losing his best friend/wife/lawyer/assistant, obviously does not want Sandra Bullock to go. Some shenanigans ensue, but ultimately they agree that she can train a replacement and leave. Unfortunately, Hugh Grant’s penchant for hiring only beautiful women results in the arrival of Alicia Witt, a leggy, redheaded Harvard graduate who just happens to deeply admire them both. Perfect, right???? Not so much, for Sandra Bullock. She is not psyched, you guys. Not psyched at all.

For a moment, it almost seems like sad!Hugh Grant and jealous!Sandra Bullock might confess their feelings. However, then Sandra Bullock finds out that her beloved Coney Island community center, the main reason she originally took the job with Hugh Grant, is back on the chopping block since she quit. Infuriated, she goes to lambast him about it, only to discover him playing strip chess with Alicia Witt. Classy, guys. Very intellectual.

Sandra Bullock leaves Hugh Grant forever and goes back to work at Legal Aid. So, naturally, Hugh Grant shows up at Legal Aid to win her back. He gives a characteristically charming and heartfelt speech, including the news that a) the community center is being saved after all and b) he didn’t sleep with Alicia Witt. She initially rejects him, but then they make out.

The movie is surprisingly feelingsful. We had a lot of feelings.

Best Scene: Any scene where Sandra Bullock and Hugh Grant are a) sharing food, b) dressing each other, or c) bickering affectionately. In general, any situation in which two people act like they are married when they are actually just a) “friends” or b) “professional” “colleagues” is a joy.

Worst Scene: The appearance of Donald Trump. Back in 2002, when this movie was released, he was just your usual corporate-icon buffoon. But now. But now. :|

Best Line: Hard to choose! At least half of our favorites belong to Hugh Grant, but several other characters also have great lines. So, instead, we’ve chosen to highlight another scene we loved: the mid-credits scene in which Sandra Bullock, in a button to a running gag, is finally ordering food for two(!!!!), while, in the background, Hugh Grant marvels at the size of her parents’ home as if it were a micro-apartment or a cupboard under the stairs.

Worst Line: Anything Alicia Witt said while trying to sleep with Hugh Grant. Come on, lady. We get it. Everyone wants to sleep with Hugh Grant. But you are a Harvard-educated lawyer, and he is your boss. Have the decency to wait until after you’ve quit, like Sandra Bullock. :|

Highlights of the Watching Experience: Enjoying the watching experience!!!! While, as noted, we had both seen this movie before, neither of us remembered how much we had liked it, nor were we at all confident that it would still be good (read: inoffensive) nearly 15 years later. But it held up, you guys! The first movie on this blog that we’ve really enjoyed that we didn’t already know like every word to!!!! Also, see next category.

How Many POC in the Film: Well, at first we were nervous, because the first two POC we saw were both in service positions. Granted, Hugh Grant’s black driver is also his best non-Sandra-Bullock friend, but it was still a little bit concerning. But then we lost count! There were so many! Including an Asian lawyer, which was shocking back in 2002.

Alternate Scenes: This movie was very nearly flawless, except for Sandra Bullock’s wardrobe. They could have reshot this entire movie with Sandra Bullock in normal clothes, and it would have been a vast improvement.

Was the Poster Better or Worse than the Film: Worse. The poster is fine, but offensively ungrammatical, while the movie itself is great.

Score: 8.5 out of 10 HR-department-nightmare smooches.

Ranking: 2, out of the 28 movies we’ve seen so far. AMAZING, YOU GUYS!!!! We’ve watched two good movies in two weeks!!!!!!!! Thanks, Summer Catch, for coming so slowly from Netflix and forcing us to watch the DVDs we own.

*braces for hate mail*

*coughs*  Aang, in canon, was a subpar father, and Zuko was portrayed as a very good father. Not Aang bashing here. I love Aang, but… they both had very huge responsibilities, and people tried to kill Zuko all the time, and he still managed to have time for his daughter… my point here isn’t to compare their parenting, but to say that if Katara had been with Zuko, just using canon here, she would have had more time to accomplish things. Zuko seemed to somehow manage a work-life balance because knowing his own upbringing, I’m sure it was a priority to him. Have you seen the way he interacts with Kiyi, his baby sister? It’s setting Zuko up to be a wonderful, loving father– and it shows in LoK with his devotion to his family, and his family’s fondness of him in their words. If Katara and Zuko had married, Zuko could have granted Katara more time to have her own career aside from motherhood. It seems she was stuck in the home as a traditional housewife because of Aang’s incapability to give enough time to his family and home life. Katara had no choice. Aang was the avatar. Katara is by far no mealy mouth, but if Aang is away doing avatar shit 24/7 and says he has to she can’t really be like “you can’t do that”. He’s the AVATAR. It should be Aang’s responsibility to maintain that. Not saying it’s easy, but I’m sure it was just as hard for Zuko. The world was out to get him from the get-go on his coronation. So, Katara probably wouldn’t have been designated to housekeeping and changing diapers only if she had Zuko who probably, taking in canon context, pitched in more as a parent.

She would have had more time to be like a diplomat between the Fire Nation and Water Tribe. I always thought it would have been awesome to see Katara as an ambassador if zutara was canon… would’ve been a great ending. SiGHS. don’t drag me man I’m not dragging Aang I’m talking canon here and speculating based on it and hypotheticals  

The werecat was right: this is stupid


Gravity Falls was a sleepy town. Which….. was a nice change from the constantly awake Berk.

Still….. looking around it was like a reverse version of his home…. Berk was loud and rough…. this place was like where grandparents considered retiring.

Hiccup was stuck because Stoick seemed to be needed here and already was somehow busy finishing neglected works in this small town.

So that left Hiccup to Explore.

Back in Berk he could wander the greens, look for trolls and pretend there were dragons and fae. He even practiced sword play, sure it was a bit whimsical for a Seventeen year old now a small satchel filled with a sketchbook, notebook and colored pencils. A beanie and headphones on, Toothless at his side (honestly the greatest cat in the world, his loyal best friend that looked like a werewolf, truely an honorary familiar, as toothless would pure and meow in agreement)

He would always be stopped short from getting into the forest now.

People would either stop him fear in their eyes.

“It is unsafe! No one lives in there!”

Or with genuine arrogance and anger.

“You are not permitted to enter!” Hiccup would raise an eyebrow.

“And why not?”

“The owner of the forest does not allow strangers in the forest!” Hiccup rolled his eyes…. well meeting the owner was an adventure as any…. besides maybe it was just PART of the forest.

“Then I must meet him!” Hiccup smiled happily, utter bull shit but it got the answer he wanted.

So off he went towards the mansion of the forest.

Gleeful mansion.

God’s more like dreadful. Hiccup watched the Lyokai cat take a head start, head up and body tight as it moved and stalked scoping the area.

Hiccup let him.

What animal could be dangerous enough to harm his cat and not be outwitted and scratched?

Toothless found the answer in a tent.

His hackles high as he made a low growling nose and back away.

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so,,, i recently found out i can download ao3 works to my kindle and i ended up rereading your series in class today after i finished my work

That’s awesome. I did not know you could do that. The idea of my work being on a kindle makes it somehow seem more legitimate. Also, as a teacher, I’m glad you finished your work first! 

Starter for @sweet-songof-seduction

I need you to take care of this for me while Tamago and Pekoms busy themselves with other matters. I myself do not have time for small matters like this, but I know I can trust you to take care of it. You’re my eldest son, after all! You won’t let your mother down, would you? 

No, of course he wouldn’t. Orders were orders and he had to obey them, even if he already had plenty to busy himself for the day. Though he thought to himself constantly as to why Mama had to pick him instead of any of the others to do this meager work. Somehow it just seemed she did this on purpose just to get some sort of reaction out of him, but he kept it to himself. 

From what information he was given, there was a woman that would be coming to Whole Cake Island who had wanted to speak with Mama about making an exchange. Who the woman was was also a mystery to him and everyone else. The only things that came through were the wants of making an exchange or deal of some sort. Whatever the exchange could be along with whomever this woman was would be solved the moment Perospero would meet her at the docks. 

He was told she would arrive around noon, so he made it his effort into get to the docks at least thirty minutes early should anything happen. Two chess Homie guards stood close by from where he waited, accompanying him should the woman try anything suspicious. Though truthfully, he could handle the matter himself. She was coming alone from what he had heard, so there really was no need to be too cautious. But one could never know. They don’t even know who she is, what she does, and what her name even was for that matter. 

Several more minutes of waiting and a boat finally made its arrival at the main port, docking itself as the two guards walked over to investigate first. Perospero remained where he stood, magenta eyes carefully appraising the small vessel that recently arrived. It looked to be a rather normal ship, nothing too special or outstanding from the looks of it. It could probably hold at least three or four people max, though looked as if it were more for transporting goods then people. It raised a small bit of thought in the Minister seeing such a boat, but if it was able to pass through the tarts without a problem, then chances are the guards wouldn’t feel just as suspicious either. 

A guard then waved for the Minister to come over and he nodded, stepping away from the subtle shade of the large tree Homie and approaching the port. Time to see who it was now. 

You came to me, just like the breeze kisses your cheek before a thunderstorm. But little did I know, that the tremors would follow me home. Somehow, the universe seemed to work out and destiny kept its vow. It was then that my heart decided that it is time to take a bow. I wonder how and I still wonder now, what made me think I could take that bow. I stumbled and fell in the doorway of hell. I thought of it as my last bell. I wanted you to be my rainbow, but you pierced my like an arrow.
—  Excerpt of a book I will never write #21
Trying to Figure It Out (Malum)

So I wrote a thing based on this and it’s idk, I’m kind of happy.


It’s a Thursday night, probably sometime around midnight, just about the time Ashton would turn off the lights in the den and head up for bed, when Calum texted Michael to do a twitcam with him.

Michael groaned, rolling around on his unmade bed. He cracked his back, eyes locked on the wall as a series of pings rang out in his dark room. Ignoring Calum wouldn’t work, he knew this for a fact but still stared at the wall, watching his vision dance darker and darker.

“You can’t just ignore me.” Calum’s muffled voice could be heard through the door seconds before his fist pounded heavily on the hollow, white wood. This was Calum’s tactic; text and annoy, and somehow it seemed to work.

“Leave me alone.” Michael whined, pulling at one of his pillows to cover his head.

The door creaked open and rushed footsteps neared the bed. “Get up.”

“Calum.” Michael felt like crying. 

“Michael.” Calum said. He kneed the side of the bed, jostling Michael slightly who let out a groan. “Oh yeah, that’s right baby, let it out.”

Michael snorted, curling into himself as Calum pushed at his back, making room for himself on the bed. “Get away from me. I just want to sleep.”

He felt Calum’s hands snake around his waist, digging beneath the loose fitting blue sweatshirt he wore and resting on his hips, fingers cold and smooth on his skin. “You want to do a twitcam.” Calum spoke softly, voice smooth and calm.

“I don’t.” It was weak and Michael knew it. 

“You do.” Calum breathed into Michaels hair. “Just come do a twitcam with me and I promise to let you sleep until tomorrow night.”

“You pinky promise?" 

"Yeah.” Calum confirmed. He dug his nails into Michaels side. “I’ll even talk Luke and Ash into getting pizza for dinner.”

Michael huffed, relenting slowly. “I look like shit.” He wasn’t below begging if worst came to worst.

“Put your hood up then. It’s dark in my room anyway so no one will notice your roots or lack of colour.” Calum teased. His lips were close to Michaels ear, and the older boy had a second of wondering how they’d feel on him before he gritted his teeth, a silent ‘no’ echoing through his head.

Calum sighed, pulling his hands from Michaels body. He moved to get up, extending a hand for Michael. The older boy rolled over to face him, groaning as he took his hand and stood, making sure to glare at him nastily before brushing by.

He could hear Ashton and Luke talking quietly in Luke’s room, the door shut tight and probably locked for that matter. 

Calum’s door was open, softly illuminated by a lamp in the corner furthest from his laptop sitting waiting and open to their account.

“Off?” Calum asked as Michael flopped down onto his bed. Michael looked over, nodding.

Calum flicking the lamp off and made his way to Michael, pulling the older boys hood up over his hair and knocking over his one eye slightly. “There, now no one can see you.”

Michael grumbled, fixing his hair as Calum opened the link for viewers. He leaned back in his chair, Calum speaking animatedly and responding to questions.

“Yeah, why isn’t Michael interacting. Good question.” Calum turned to look at him, sarcasm written across his face.

Michael scowled. “Because you’re an asshole.”

Calum chuckled, shoving the older boy with his shoulder. He narrowed his eyes at Michael, lips drawn into a soft smirk. 

“Look, someone asked you a question.” Michael nodded to the screen where fans were talking, the chat bar filling up faster than they could read.

Calum shook his head, glancing over. His face was illuminated softly by the computer screen. He pointed to a line. “That’s for you.”

Michael squinted, leaning in closer to read the tiny lettering. “I’m pretty sure that says Calum.” His elbow was on the desk as he turned to throw a questioning glance at the other boy. He felt Calum’s hand on the back of his head, pushing his face down towards the younger boys crotch.

Calum pushed his hand harshly against the fabric of Michaels hood, and Michael found himself going along with the quick motions. He could see the faint bulge of Calum’s cock against the thick material of his jeans, and the tight grip of his hand on Michaels head. Michael let out a small sound, close to a sigh and even closer to a moan.

Calum’s grip lessened quickly, frightened by the noise. A high chuckle slipped out of his mouth. Michael was sure if there had been more light in the room, Calum’s cheeks would have been flooded with colour. 

“Nice.” Michael said. He tried to ignore how Calum shifted on the bed, the smirk from earlier now in an almost grimace and his hand visibly straining to adjust himself in his pants. 

He looked at the screen. There was comment after comment of fans flipping out because of the previous action. Michael smiled softly. He could see Calum adjust himself out of the corner of his eye; the younger boys lower lip was sucked into his mouth and his eyes were hooded as he squirmed around just below the cameras view. 

“Yeah, Malum is real.” Michael replied to a comment. 

Calum nodded, a weak smile on his face. He locked eyes with Michael, narrowed them dangerously when Michael smiled, eyes flickering down to his lap.

“You good, Cal?”

Calum clicked his tongue and Michael held in a bubble of laughter. “I’m great, Mike.”

It was sharp and cut off, and Michael snorted softly. “You sure? You look a little flustered.”

“Maybe I’m a little tired.” He gritted his teeth, glancing at the computer screen. “It’s getting pretty late, I think it’s time we wrap this up. Maybe we can get Luke and Ashton in on one tomorrow.”

Michael grinned as Calum smiled through his teeth, leaning forward to say goodbye. Michael waved before Calum went offline.

“You’re such a fucking-”

“You want me to suck your dick?” Michael hated the formalities of vocal foreplay. He wanted Calum’s pants off and he wanted them off twenty minutes ago. “ 'Cos I will.”

He didn’t wait for Calum to reply, instead moving his hand over the younger boys crotch, dragging his fingertips along the denim material slowly. He heard Calum suck in a breath, figured if he didn’t want this then Calum would have stopped him already.

Michael could feel the bulge beneath his jeans, the outline of it at least, and his mouth was almost watering as he pulled the zipper down. His eyes locked on the red and black plaid boxers hidden behind the metal zipper teeth as he reached to pull at Calum’s cock. 

The boxers were soft and radiating heat that Michael found himself yearning to take ahold of fully. He slipped his fingers into Calum’s boxers, brushing along his achingly warm cock as he pulled his length from the fabric. 

Calum was looking down at him in a daze, mouth open slightly as his chest heaved quickly. His hands twitched at his sides as the cool air hit his length, begging for him to take ahold of it and get off. 

Michael took his time surveying Calum’s cock. It was pretty; thick and flushed a startling shade of pink. The head was smooth and Michael was dying to wrap his lips around it. 

“Tonight, maybe?” Calum’s breathy voice pushed at Michael, making the older boy scowl at him before placing his hands on Calum’s thighs.

“Don’t be bossy.” Michael teased. He dug his nails in Calum’s thighs roughly, smiling inwardly as the younger boys breath hitched. 

Calum’s wide eyes made Michael wonder if this was his first time having a guys lips wrapped around his dick, let alone his best friends. 

He wasted no time overanalysing Calum’s short breaths and brown eyes, instead leaning in to lick the underside of his cock, lips sliding along slowly.

Calum’s breath hitched.

Michael took his cock in hand, pumping him slowly as he took the younger boy into his mouth, bobbing his head softly around his tip, tongue darting out to press at the slit. He looked up, eyes caching with Calum’s own hooded ones, he was watching -of course he was- and his mouth still hung open, jaw unhitched but clenching sporadically.

Michael pulled off, pressing his tongue flat to the base of Calum’s cock and sweep upwards. He could see Calum’s hands clench in the sheets and could feel himself growing harder from having a cock in his mouth.

His lips wrapped around Calum again, hand swirling around the rest that he couldn’t fit into his mouth. He was just about kneeling when Calum’s hand snaked into his hair and took ahold of the messy blonde strands, pushing his mouth along further.

Michael sucked harder, tongue dancing along veins and the slit; small dribbles of precum beaded at the top for his tongue to lap up. He was tart, had a slight bite like a strong beer, but also a soft sweetness that had Michael almost desperate for him to come. 

Calum was panting now, chest heaving repeatedly. He let out a sound close to a keen, desperate and needy; Michaels favourite.

“Are you- I’m gonna-” Calum struggled to get his words out. 

Michael looked up at him, hand moving faster now and mouth bobbing quicker. He pleaded with his eyes for the older boy to release, let him have a good taste. He let out a small whine and calum shuddered, cursing under his breath.

“Don’t- don’t do that or I’ll come." 

Michael hummed greedily and calum gasped, hips bucking up and his back arching as he came, filling Michaels mouth.

The older boy reared back some and come splashed onto his face and lap, dribbling from his lips. He swallowed greedily, tongue darting out to lick at the corners of his mouth, swiping away any taste of Calum he could get. 

Calum was a panting mess, his body lax against the pillows thrown haphazardly behind him, arms floppy at his sides as his cock against his stomach still a pretty pink that made Michael want it in his mouth again. 

"You taste good.” Michael said, swiping the droplets of come off his own crouch. He dipped the fingers into his mouth and let out a soft moan. “That was nice.”

He stood up, knees cracking.

“Are you- I mean, do you want me to-”

Michael shook his head. “Maybe tomorrow. I’ll get a cold shower for tonight.”

“Tomorrow.” Calum agreed, cheeks flushing the same colour of his cock. As if he realised he hadn’t yet tucked himself back into his pants, Calum quickly did so, biting his lip and looking down awkwardly.

“I’ll hold you to that.” Michael warned, moving towards the door slowly, eyebrow cocked in mock threat.

Calum nodded. “That’s fine. I want to know what you taste like.”

Michael smiled, opening the door and stepping into the hallway. He closed the door behind himself, slumping against the wall across, a smile decorating his face. 

“Go to sleep.” Calum said through the door, somehow knowing Michael was still there. “Shower first, though.”

“Shut up, Hood.” Michael remarked.

Calum laughed softly, muffled by the wood. “Make me.”

Michael was silent for a moment. “I will tomorrow.”

“I look forward to it.” Calum bit back. “Now go, seriously, before Luke or Ash see you.”

It was all Michael could do not to go back into Calum’s room, instead heading for the bathroom where a cold shower and his hand awaited him.

For prmntvacations and alreadymissings single dad!5sos blurb night

Michael was good at many things. He could play insane riffs on a guitar, he mastered the art of dying his hair vibrant colors, and he could eat an entire extra large pizza in fifteen minutes flat. Not to mention, Michael was an amazing father to his seven year old daughter. And while, he was good at so many things the one thing he had yet to master was how to get his daughter’s hair in the proper ballerina bun that all the other little girls sported in ballet class. Michael tried everything. He tried tying it with rubber bands and bobby pins, he tried using socks, he tried hair spraying it so it wouldn’t move, and he even went out and bought one of those bun holders from the dance store but nothing seemed to work. Somehow, his daughter’s hair always fell out of the bun, leaving his blonde curls to bounce around with every leap and turn she made. With her first dance recital happening tomorrow, Michael was determined to figure out how to make the perfect bun. So he did what any respectable parent would do, he turned to youtube. While his little ballerina slept in preparation for tomorrow, Michael watched tutorial after tutorial on creating a bun so that in the morning he could get straight to work on his little princess. And despite how exhausted Michael was that night, it was all worth it when he saw her prance on stage, the immaculate bun not even bouncing as she landed from a leap. Michael guessed he could add trying hair into ballerina buns to the list of things he was good at now.