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"Another guy held a book for us. It's by __. We got it from the carts. It's small and brown" Okay I can't seem to find it. "It's small and brown and by ___." Still can't seem to find it let me radio the guy. They then repeat the same thing AGAIN like the book is beetlejuice and will magically appear if they say it enough.

“one thing i know is that the only way out is to find something that you care about”

frank says this and then you remember all the things with karen like the way his voice got soft when he asked if she wanted to see him again

the way he pressed his body against hers when she hugged him and the way he closed his eyes, letting himself enjoy the moment

god, the way he seemed stricken when karen said that his loneliness broke her heart and then she talked about how everyone was alone, including herself

maaaaaan, the way he pleaded to her to not getting involved with the homeland thing and then leaned on to kiss her cheek - which wasn’t about a goodbye or anything else, just castle showing his affection for her

So looking around tumblr, I found out that Darth Maul, whom I’ve seen getting cut in half in “Phantom Menace” apparently survived that (?), I’ve seen Anakin surviving getting burnt alive only just after all his limbs got cut off in “Revenge of the Sith”, and this very much seems to tell me that Star Wars characters can survive things that they just should not be able to survive…

… and then I remember that Padme dies in labor because she “lost her will to live” after Anakin fell, although she just gave birth to two wonderful children whom she would have never left alone if she could have helped it, because Padme is strong and amazing and full of love and tenacious beyond believe.

All in all, I’m calling bullshit, people, and Padme got killed with an absolutely dumb reason, and I will never not be cranky about it. Like, never. Nope. You killed off my girl for dumb reasons, Star Wars creators, and you ain’t forgiven yet.

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I’m not sure if you’re still taking requests but could we maybe get some headcanons and a scenario of how Fatgum and his s/o first met??

Oh yes, we were still taking requests at this point! We aren’t anymore though, just gotta get through some of these built up requests before we can open the ask box again, ahaha, so I hope you enjoy these headcanons because, let’s face it, Taishiro is my baby and I will never turn down a Taishiro request! Have a heckin’ amazing day my lil’ sapling and don’t forget to let me know what you think of this!

- Momma Eclipse 🌱🌱🌱

🍬 It was Taishiro’s weekend off this weekend, he had been working extra hard as of late and every now and then, when things seemed to calm down, even if only temporarily, he got a weekend off to relax.

🍬 So there he was, at the shops, a large trolley filled to the brim with what could only be described as unhealthy, junk food; sweets, chips, you name it, he probably has it in there.

🍬 Before he could even consider the frozen treats however, he notices you, a rather small woman, even by his standards, jumping to reach an item on a particularly high shelf.

🍬 Admittedly, it took Taishiro a few minutes to approach you since he was briefly distracted with the way you were jumping about, your somewhat short dress stopping just short of your panties with each jump, teasing him without you even realising.

🍬 However, being a gentleman, Taishiro approaches you with his trolley, clearing his throat to catch your attention, causing you to stop and turn to face him, an all too innocent look of curiosity plastered on your face.

🍬 “Um…can I help you?” – Even your voice lured him in, as sweet as honey.

🍬 “Would you like some help? I mean, I am quite tall” Taishiro smiled, chuckling lightly as he motioned to his height, causing a wide smile to spread across your lips, apparently appeased with the solution to your little issue.

🍬 “Would you mind? I just need one of those…but I’m a little too…little!” – Your laugh was like bells, your tone full of a happiness that Taishiro had found to be rather rare as of light and of course, this only urged him to help you out more.

🍬 Once he handed over the item you needed, he cleared his throat once more, this time, he was nervous.

🍬 “I’m…Taishiro Toyomitsu…” – It had been a very long time since he had been so nervous, probably since his high school days, even then it was rare!

🍬 “Ah, I’m (Name) (Last Name), it’s nice to meet you Taishiro!”

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It seems like you care more about Jumin than your brother lately.

ya? rlly love to know y u think that lolol

we’ve been together since rika got on here. and even b4 that becuz of things with zen. me and unknown went out to get art supplies so he could have paper he liked cause the therapist’s paper is shit lolol even went to therapy with him to…try to talk better with him

just bcuz i don’t post about it here doesn’t mean it’s not happening lol got shit 2 do too, u know?

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Ok, mine is Pearl. She cares for her loved ones, she's intelligent and methodical. I like that she's passionate about things she does. I like how she's a great mother figure for Steven. I like how she can move forward without Rose, she can move on. And above all, I like how she was able to be her own person, and she tried hard to learn a thousand things so as not to be just another pearl. She teaches us that you can be you and not what others want you to be. She's Pearlfect.

I’ve got lots of Pearl fans following me, it seems! Pearl is a really cool lady, and I agree with many of the things people are saying about her. She’s a really complex, fun character.

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I got new headphones and they’re super loud so I keep listening to the lightning thief super loud and my ears are starting to hurt but I’m totally fine with losing my hearing if the last thing I hear is Percy Jackson but everyone else around me seems to disagree but who cares what they think cause it’s PERCY JACKSON

I’m really glad Cas is back and I loved him and Jack’s scenes alone and their connection. But I don‘t understand why does Jack’s connection with Sam gets pushed aside as a result. I’m all for characters making room for other characters and sharing screen time as well as relationships but why did you have to make Sam suddenly grumpy and seem disinterested in Jack a lot of the time. Why are we suddenly not seeing his reactions to Jack, but rather Dean’s, who is suddenly all rainbows and candy with him. (Which also made me happy, but Sam got none of these moments with Jack and deserved them far more than Dean.) And Jack acting like none of the trauma he got from Dean happened? Going to wake Dean up instead of Sam, looking at Dean or approval?
And I would’ve been ok with that if it was a specific episode thing, but with Jack suddenly inexplicitly controling his powers, Sam being his teacher and bonding with him might just flew out the window. (Hopefully not, hopefully I'n talking too soon.)
Like… you can move the focus one relationship to another while still establishing the previous one. What does this show have against Sam having relationships of his own?

Just a little update for anyone who cares.

These past few weeks I’ve been trying to write, but I just haven’t been able to get into the right mental head space to do so. Normally, I can watch Macgyver or listen to some music but none of that has helped. And it makes me upset because usually writing for Mac is the thing that motivates me to get back into the writing flow. So, because of my lack of writing inspiration, requests are closed for the time being.

All I’m asking is to give me a few days and I’m sure I’ll be back into the writing spirit. If you want to unfollow me for that, then so be it (several people have already done so, and that always seems to happen on days Macgyver is on or when I don’t uploaded imagines every day or post/reblog every day either). I’ve got several imagines that I’m excited to write and I hope that after a few days I’ll be able to write them.

I love all you guys, and thank you for being patient and understanding.

School is Cool 1: Ravenwood Leadership Opportunities

I got exhausted reading wiz fics that made it seem like learning magic is not the coolest thing ever so it got me thinking more about how Ravenwood could operate as a school and how learning magic is definitely among the coolest things ever.

*Everything is written in the context of my AU, because I’ve done some building about Ravenwood as a school before so this is kind of building up from that. Related links: How Students Get Sorted / Age Range of Students / Tier System, Quest Requirement, Basic Spellcasting

  1. The Guardian Program
  2. The Interworld Student Leadership Program
  3. The School Class President

The Guardian Program

Ambrose has a student leadership program dubbed creatively as Guardian. Guardian was created in response to monster activity in the residential areas of Wizard City.

What the program entails is that each area of Wizard City has a group of student wizards in charge of its protection. The leader of the Guardians of that area must be at a minimum of Tier 4 (level 26+). They can have a committee of 3-5 members of various tier levels.

Wizards are given the opportunity to become lead guardian only by recommendation of their primary school teacher. If the student wants to go through with it, they can submit an application to Ambrose. The wizard tends to become the leader of an area that matches their primary school of magic (so a fire wizard will lead the guardians of Firecat Alley and an Ice wizard will lead the guardians of Collosus Boulevard).

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Moments in life like bits of paper in the wind… the start of one thing marks the end of another. Do you understand this?

vintage Carmilla fandom things
  • L/Elle/Ell/Eleanor Discourse
  • Is Danny a werewolf?
  • Is Danny Elle?
  • Is the Dean Carmilla’s mother (this question came up earlier for people who’d read the book than those who hadn’t)?
  • H*llence vs. H*llstein 
  • I’m not spelling out either of those because virtual fucking blood was spilled in that ship war and it still hasn’t totally died and I don’t want to arouse the ire of anyone in the tags
  • people stalking Natasha and her mom
  • I’m not sure anyone ever figured out why they stalked her mom
  • One time someone shipped Carmilla/the Dean and tried to hold a Carmilla And Lilita Week for people to make fanworks about them. 
  • Most fans were understandably put off by the idea of shipping someone with her abusive mother figure and nobody contributed except this one person who made us all deeply uncomfortable for a week in the tags
  • Stars and Candles (early name for Hollstein, before the current name solidified)
  • Carmilla’s bangs. that doesn’t seem like a big thing but some people got like personally affronted when Natasha decided to grow her bangs out
  • “See that subscribe button? You should click it.”
  • VerveGirlTV
  • Laura having no fashion sense to speak of and straight hair
  • Perry dressing like a Sunday school teacher. From 1987. 
  • Coming up with names for Laura’s dad
  • “But what if Carmilla’s not a vampire in this version?”
  • Yes, that was an actual theory. I saw it a surprising amount considering it was made clear from almost her first appearance that she was a Massive Vampireface from Vampireland
  • I’ve just realized Tuesgays and Thursgays are becoming a vintage fandom thing and now I’m sad
dating steve harrington would include..

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  •  Steve would be one of the most loving and caring boyfriend in the world, so jot that down
  •    majority of the time he’s holding you in some type of way; holding hands, hands on your waist, tapping your wrist, basically laying on top of you, you name it
  •    Steve loves contact v much because it helps remind him that you’re still around and still sticking with him
  •  his face instantly lights up whenever you walk into the room, even if you were gone for .02 seconds
  •  this kid is a literal softy for your smile, and will do anything for/to protective it
  •    even if he sees an ounce of sadness evident on your face, he will immediately start throwing out the most ridiculous jokes just to see you smile
  •    Let’s be honest, it’s all probably dad jokes
  • steve is into nicknames, he probably calls you a different one everyday
  •  his #1 favorites is babe and sweetheart because those are the ones that gets you flustered the most
  •  even tho i said he lives for your smile, he absolutely loves it when you get embarrassed by the things he says
  •    ‘wow, can’t believe i’m dating the most beautiful person in the world
  •    “Oh my gosh steve pls be quiet”
  •   “Quiet! How could i quiet with news like this!”
  •  always says ‘i love you’ everytime he leaves you in a room, even if it’s only for a split second
  •  melts with every kiss you give him and will probably ask for more
  •  will, in return, give you thousands of kisses all over your face
  •  Steve is very interested  in your hobbies and will intently listen to everything you say about them
  •    He actually thinks it’s kind of cute when you talk about the things you love and attempts to share that love with you
  •    If you’re interested in books he’ll try to read a couple of them
  •   he might stop reading it at some point, but he tries
  •   if you like to bake, you guys would try to do some cooking dates together!
  •              Which might end up somewhere else, but hey! It’s the thought that counts
  •  Impromptu dates! loves impromptu dates!
  •    He’d be driving with you in the car and just say “hey, you wanna go out right now?”
  •            ‘y’know, i’m feeling milkshakes, wanna get milkshakes?’
  •             i heard kfc is good, how about we grab a bite?
  •  You’re the only person steve will ever allow to touch his hair, and let me tell you it’s a blessing
  •  it might look ridiculous at times but that shit is soft
  •  and he loves the feeling of your fingers running through his hair, so it’s a win-win
  •  does the 80s equivalent of sending good morning/good night messages, which is basically sneaking into your room at night, and picking you up for school first thing in the morning
  • will purposefully stay late so he’ll have no choice but to stay over
  • do not plan on studying with this kid, bc he cannot focus
  • with that being said, steve loves cuddling and really likes the feeling of you in between his arms
  •  he’s the type that would leave you flowers in your locker or doorstep
  • and he probably gives you roses before any date
  • misses you and thinks about you all the time when he leaves for college and tries to visit you anytime he can
  • probably calls you everyday to make up for it
  • the calls would last for hours and he never hangs up
  •                             “steve c’mon i have homework”
  •                             “i know, i know, but i can’t just hang u-
  •                              “okay, then i’ll hang up”
  •                              waitwaitwait don’t go yet!”
  • is a total gentleman even if he doesn’t look it
  • will hold doors open for you and give you his jacket if gets cold (even if he makes it seem like he doesn’t want to)
  • and will throw his fists in your name if it comes to it
  • in conclusion, steve harrington would be an amazing bf thank you and good night

this got kind of long, and i kind of got carried away, but i hope you guys like it!

why is ‘tyren’ pr?

I’ve had a few asks about why Ty and Lauren are PR. If you can’t see it after this post, I’ll pay for your eyes testing. Just a heads up, i’ll apologise in advance for all the ‘tumblr:camrenexposed’ through out, it seems certain accounts on Twitter have a thing about copying my posts and not crediting me. Sorry guys!

With that being said…

First off let’s talk about Ty, known for his blatant misogynistic attitudes towards women across the industry. That’s a title to be proud of, not. When I hear grown men belittling, demeaning and degrading women in the way he does, I always wonder how they would feel if their female family members were being spoken about in such a disrespectful manner. They’d find it incredibly inappropriate right? So, what then gives these men the right to say those things about someonelse’s mother/sister/daughter etc? The answer simply is, it doesn’t.

Then we’ve got Lauren. You literally couldn’t get more opposite personalities if you tried. Lauren passionately campaigns for our fundamental human rights, engaging in social and political activism whenever she can. She generously donates thousands of dollars to fans with ill health and those who need it most. She’s the first to defend herself and who she is, confidently allowing fans to realise that no matter what, everything will be okay. Regardless of who we are, what we look like tumblr:camrenexposed and who we love she teaches us to embrace what makes us ‘different’ and be proud of who we are. My problem is the negatives hit the headlines before all these incredible things she does make them. She always seems to been labelled the “bitchy” one of the group, but for what? For showing passion? For speaking out against the fucked up political state of our global society? If that makes you a bitch, sign me up. 

So, for starters and most obviously; we’ve got the collaboration between the two. As I predicted a few weeks back, this would be on Ty’s album and released as a single. If I’m correct, there’s a video in the works for ‘In Your Phone’. So statistically, this is the THIRD solo track Lauren has released outside the group. ‘In Your Phone’, ‘Back to Me’ ‘Strangers’ AND we’ve got the Steve Aoki collab dropping any time soon. Now let’s quickly bring Camila into this. Whist in the group, Camila was granted special release of her tracks to mainstream media. She released 2 tracks whilst in the group; ‘IKWYDLS’ and ‘Bad Things’. That’s two individual projects, right? Now let’s look back at Lauren tumblr:camrenexposed In total, considering when the Aoki collab is released, that’s FOUR solo project’s she’s been granted release. Four. That’s double Camila’s. So you’re probably asking, why the fuck is this relevant? Here’s why, After Camila’s departure, Lauren is golden girl. The label and management are pushing her to the front, because as they unfairly did with Camila, they’re seeing the most potential in Lauren as a solo artist. It makes complete sense she’s the only one from the remaining members of the group partnered up with another artist in the industry. This is when the PR comes to light. Do you guys know how much it costs to keep relationship afloat between 2 well known artists in the music industry? Thousands and thousands of dollars. Why? Because they must make sure that reputation isn’t tarnished or ruined in the process. So you’re probably asking why invest money into a PR? Look how many fans Lauren is gaining on Ty’s behalf and vice versa. It’s actually very very clever. I’ll get into that later on.

I’ll set you all a painful task, log on twitter go to Ty’s likes and look at how many posts he has liked with icons of either pictures of Lauren or the other 4 girls. It’s the merging of the fanbases which is why the whole thing this was created in the first place. Lauren’s voice is perfectly suited for R&B. She’s said countless times how much she “hates cheesy pop” which unfortunately some of the groups music falls under. Her solo work and ambition is to get as far away from that as possible. As much as we dislike him, Ty has a lot of connections with major R&B artists across the industry. His attitudes and behaviours are disgusting, but for some reason he’s well regarded across that specific genre. The Label tumblr:camrenexposed is trying to disassociate Lauren from her younger fans, and set her up with a more mature and developed fandom. Hence pairing her up with someone like Ty. They’re doing the tumblr:camrenexposed opposite with Camila. Camila’s team are encouraging that all age fan base and it’s well working. The thing with Lauren is, only ‘Fifth Harmony’ fans KNOW who she is and what she stands for. People outside our fan base don’t have a clue. Therefore, the media is buying and promoting it, because they don’t see any wrong in Lauren, but we see her as going against what she’s preached to us all for the past 5 years.

 Interactions between the two are blatantly staged. When one uploads a picture, the other has to evidence fans that they are together. So the Lauren update accounts, and the Tyren accounts then confirm this to fans. It gets people talking and speculating. Now, by all means correct me if I’m wrong, but if you’re the private person we all know that Lauren is, there’s no way she would be uploading videos/pictures of her and her respectful partner all over tumblr:camrenexposed social media. These pictures are HQ and the same picture is being posted on both accounts, just hours apart. Where’s all the cute/candid shit that real couples post on social media? There isn’t because it isn’t real. Where’s the intimacy and romance in these pictures? They’re clearly faked. At his album release party the other night, he had his back to her half the time and when they interacted it was forced and cringey as fuck. There’s no “love” in their eyes, just a contract.

Yes, Lauren is to blame for her social media presence and who she’s presenting herself as lately BUT she’s doing it for a reason. We’ve got to look at why this reason is, and that’s her unhappiness. From January, we’ve seen her behaviour tumblr:camrenexposed deteriorate to the point where we are at now. Half of me thinks this has A LOT to do with Camila’s departure the other thinks it’s Ty’s influence. What we can’t deny is the time Lauren and Ty spend together for this PR to work. Now, whilst she’s in his company, she has to fit in. Unfortunately, his circle is drug and alcohol fuelled. It’s no secret she’s been using weed for a while, but there’s no doubt in my mind that when she is around Ty and his circle, she’s taking something stronger. In half the pictures, the pair take, they both look completely drugged up. But she’s literally contractually bound to him, she’s giving in to the situation because there’s nothing she can do. That’s fucking sad.

Another point to make, is why have these rumours speculated for months, yet it’s taken the album release for Ty to “confirm” the two being together? It fucking screams PR. He said himself in an interview, he was a private person when it comes to his relationships. If that was the case, why has he mentioned Lauren in tumblr:camrenexposed EVERY SINGLE interview since his album release? Why dos Laurens activity on Instagram undertone her longing and sadness for someone, yet he seems to think they’re “king and queen” of the music industry? It’s so wrong that it’s laughable.

Also, remember when Ty tweeted out this:

 And now he’s tweeting things like this:

His team are using Lauren in the process to try and clean up his image so he’s more appealing to younger/more mainstream fans. In the process of Lauren losing fans, she’s gaining more in the genre and route she wants to take her music down. Because mainstream charts are where all the awards are, remember that. And also remember, awards are competition.

Laurens image is only really damaging within our small fandom, the media see no difference in her. We know Lauren better than we all think. We’ve studied her behaviour and watched her grow for 5 years. We know this isn’t her. If we can’t see this is PR, we’re letting her down and letting the label win. As a strategy, we’re gonna have to ignore it because it’s only gonna get worse. We as fans have predicted things between the two that have come true and been shown. Her mind is her strongest asset, yet it’s her weakest. Let’s not be a part of that weakness.

Most recently today, we’ve got Ty supporting one of Lauren’s close friends Shawn, who has just brought out his first single. Why didn’t he take a picture with Shawn when they’ve met on countless occasions at Label/Award show after parties and gigs? He’s never promoted him before so why now after Lauren posted about him? 

A few more pointers:

  • Why hasn’t Ty helped promote Dinah’s individual song with French Montana and Daddy Yankee? 
  • Why didn’t Ty promote Ally’s solo song with Lost Kings?
  • Why didn’t Ty promote any of Camila’s solo music, regardless of her leaving the group, he still did a song with her?
  • Why didn’t Ty promote Lauren’s interview with OUT magazine, where she addressed her sexuality?
  • Why is Ty’s acknowledgement of the group through Lauren and not directly to the girls?
  • Why didn’t Ty promote or support Lauren and Halsey’s ‘Strangers’ performance on GMA?

Final thought. If this was a genuine relationship, do you really think we’d predict their next move? 

Unfollow, but never unstan. 

I’ve seen people trash talking the spore drive for being too “out there” to be Trek?

and I would just like to remind everyone that Voyager ran off partially organic circuitry

and once got sick from inhaling alien cheese 

plus that thing with the Janeway/Paris lizard babies but we don’t talk about that

the spore drive seems pretty reasonable to me, all things considered.

Are You Going To Be An Overprotective Baby Brother?

Pairing: Steve x Henderson!reader 

Request:  Could you do a Steve Harrington imagine of being Dustin’s older sister and prior to the monsters you ignored Steve even though he always tried to flirt because you’re pretty and smart but you’re also snarky and friends with Nancy and Jonathan and BFFs with Dustin and all his friends love you and post monsters with Dustin and Steve’s bromance you start to be friends with him and Dustin notices he likes you and gives Steve a overprotective baby brother speech? You can decide if he makes a move  

Warnings: fluff, a few swear words

A/N: Omg I love this prompt so much! Also, I have a requested El x reader coming out sometime in the next few days :)

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“He was lost, Cas. Our last hunt, he almost didn’t make it back and said he saw Billie.”

“He saw Billie?” Castiel parroted. They were both still in the war room in the bunker, the aftermath of recent events still fresh and new in their minds as Sam recounted what happened while Castiel had been “away.” 

“Yeah, and it wasn’t great.” Sam bit his lip. “Cas, When Mom disappeared…when you died. I think it broke him to a point where he couldn’t come back from it and deal with his grief. More than one night he’s had nightmares where I’d have to get him out and it’s always your name that’d he’d scream.”

“Grief is a complex emotion that is difficult to understand. The both of you have suffered with it greatly, but I have passed before.” Castiel paused, cognizant the statement should make no sense to anyone else except for the three of them. “He had been in grief then but had managed to find a way out. What made this time different?”

“I saw your wings, Cas.” A voice interrupted them from the threshold of the war room.

It clicked in Castiel’s head then. Understandable. "Dean.”

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one video that i just don’t see people talk about enough is phil’s draw my life video. i really feel like it deserves a more in depth discussion.

there are so many things about this video that make me think a lot about phil as a person and his past. 

an obvious one is him talking about losing one of his best friends in the last year of uni. idk i guess because phil is such a private person it hits me that much more to hear him talk about it?

just from watching this entire video ( hearing him talk about his childhood and his relationship with his brother and his memories from his grandpa and his group of friends) and just from the knowledge we have about him in general it’s obvious how important the people he loves are to him, and how serious he takes the relationships in his life. and i feel like it was no different with this one.

and just to think about him dealing with this grief (him saying that his last year at uni was a blur and that it took a long time for it to get better), and then deciding that he has to do something with his life, that his friend wouldn’t want him to be sad and that he doesn’t want to be sad and deciding to do all those things that are out of his comfort zone (like auditioning for a movie and going on the weakest link and investing more in his youtube channel) just make me think a lot. 

because he told us more than once how shy he was and how hard it was for him to do things that scared him (like saying on a few occasions that he regrets not going to parties and meeting people when he was younger because he was afraid people wouldn’t like him or that he wouldn’t have a good time) and to think about him pushing himself to do more and be better and be happy because he deserved it just makes me so damn proud of him. to take this grief and channel it into trying harder is not a given, and it’s just another thing i really respect about him.

and there are so many other things about this video that just make me appreciate it so much . like his sincere voice that we don’t always get to hear and him talking like this about himself and about how much he appreciates his life and his audience and the opportunities he got and hearing what parts of his life he decided to talk about in this video because even if some of them seem secondary to others he obviously feels they are important enough to be included and idk i’m rambling haha

(obviously this is just my interpretation of this video and other interactions we had with him, i don’t actually know what he went through, those are just my thoughts. you are more than welcome to tell me yours :) )