it seems suspicious though .

Applications for ALL THREE CLANS are CLOSED:


“A group of rogues has been rising in the suburbs near the clans’ territories. Their arrival is slowly threatening to change clan life forever. As a collection of kittypets, loners, and rogues, this group is large and ever changing. It frequently adopts smaller groups, and even forces others to join. Older members are given seniority, all reporting to the top boss, Moon. He rules with iron claws and provides unwavering leadership. It has been rumored that he has been blessed with limited omnipotent powers as he often knows more about other rival groups than a normal cat should. The group has been around for a long time with many names and numbers. Traveling with such large numbers can be challenging, however, and Moon’s plan to overthrow the three clans and seize their territories seems like the best future, though some members are suspicious of their leader’s true motivations. Many rogues have joined this group out of necessity or circumstance rather than free will. Some of those that did join of their own volition did so because the previous leader Gretel who was benevolent and kind. Gretel died in battle about twelve moons ago and her vicious subordinate Moon has been ruling ever since.”

Your character is a member in this group of rogues. You are unhappy with or on the fence about the current leadership and the direction things are going, for whatever reasons you choose. However they dare not speak up about it in fear of being killed by their superiors. Your character can be from any background besides clan and have any rogue or kittypet name. Your cat must be at least twelve moons old. Your cats can NOT be declawed, nor can they be spayed or neutered. Your cat must be fit for clan life as they will end up becoming permanent members.

How to apply: 

It’s the one year anniversary and we’re opening all the clans with a bunch of slots! You can apply for any of the three clans- Jaggedclan / Creekclan / Nettleclan -but you can only apply to one. 

A newly added opportunity allows members who are already part of the roleplay to apply to another clan of their choice. Please note that there are very few slots open for current members. 

The age limit for applying has been raised to 15 years. If you are under this age but turn 15 in the near future, and still want to apply, please add this information in your application. Do not lie about your age, we will know if you do and you will be disqualified. 

Before you apply you have to read our Rules and About pages. 

Your cat has to be twelve (12) moons or older, but we advice you to be open to changing this later on to better fit the RP. 
You, the roleplayer, as mentioned above, need to be 15+ years old. 
Keep in mind that this is a Skype based RP, which means you need a Skype account to join. 
If you do not think you will be able to handle interacting with many different people on a day to day basis, or you feel that you cannot handle high stress in-game events, please reconsider applying for your own mental health.
We also expect you to be active, so you’ll need to be on daily/semi-daily.

>>Apply here if you’ve read everything!

Applications close on February 1st! 

Lie, Robot [A Danganronpa V3 Fic]


“What is it, Shuichi?” Kaede asked.

Shuichi was inspecting something in the newly accessible pool area of the school.

‘It’s strange that a prison school would have a pool. I mean, I could understand if we had a weight room, but a pool?’ Kaede thought.

“Very suspicious…” Shuichi said, though he seemed to be thinking aloud rather than talking to his companions.

“Care to explain?” Kiibo asked.

Shuichi shook his head, finally acknowledging the two. “No. I need to check something,” he said. He then sprinted off.

“SHUICHI, WAIT!” Kaede shouted, starting to run after him. “WE CAN HELP Y-”

And that’s when Kaede tripped on a discarded towel. She got up, but put her foot too close to the edge of the pool, lost her balance, and fell into the pool.

“KAEDE!” Kiibo shouted, LEDs around his collar displaying warning lights.

Luckily, Kaede knew how to swim, and got out of the pool, soaking wet. Kiibo went to her side immediately.

“Are you alright? Do you have any injuries?” Kiibo asked.

Kaede shook her head. “I-I’m fine. I-I’m n-not u-usually this c-clumsy,” she said, her teeth chattering.

“My data on you confirms that,” Kiibo said. “You know running near pools is not advised,” he added bluntly.

“O-of c-course I know t-that!” Kaede said, still shivering.

“You’re cold.” Kiibo observed.

“S-stunning d-deduction, Wat-”

Kaede was unable to finish her quip, however, as Kiibo had suddenly pulled her into his arms.

‘Wow, a hug from Kiibo is not what I pictured it’d be like,’ Kaede thought. ‘Its firm, but not as crushing as I thought a robot hug would be. It’s also… Warm… Really warm… Almost like a…’

Kaede looked and saw Kiibo’s arms and torso were glowing red like heat lamps.

“I come equipped with a heating/drying function.” Kiibo stated.

Indeed, Kaede could feel herself drying off. Her face was flushing. ('From the warmth?’)

“…Thanks…? Though you should give someone a bit more warning before you do that. It’s a little creepy, Kiibo.”


The two of them stood there in silence for a few minutes.

“…Uh, Kiibo? I think I’m dry now…”

“Oh.” Kiibo said, letting go. He looked at Kaede’s palms and noticed there were scrapes. He took her hands. “You’re injured.”

Kaede looked at her hands. “Oh. I guess. They’re no big deal…”

Kiibo sprayed a sort of antibiotic from his wrist onto her palms. “You said you weren’t hurt.”

“They’re just little scrapes. Like I said, nothing to worry about.”

“But you lied.”

“Just a little white lie…”

Kiibo furrowed his brow. “Why do you humans lie? I detected you all using several during the class trial.”

Kaede was stunned by the question. She pondered it. “Oh… Well… To be honest, I don’t have an answer for that. Everyone has their reasons.”

“Wouldn’t it be easier to just tell the truth?” Kiibo asked.

“It would be nice,” Kaede said. “But sometimes the truth is harder to admit. Like if you know you did something terrible. Or if you like someone but you can’t admit it…”

('Did I really need to include that last one?’ She thought.)

“…Noted.” Kiibo said, seeming to ponder the thought.

“Hey, Kiibo. Since we’re on the subject of lies, can a robot lie?” Kaede asked.

“I don’t know. I have never had the need to lie since the day I was built,” Kiibo stated. “It would be pretty pointless to.”

“Oh,” Kaede said. “Well, that's… Pretty nice, actually. I’m glad that there’s somebody here I can always trust,” she added, despite the possibility of raising several death flags for him.

“You… Trust me?” Kiibo asked, a little awestruck.

“Well, yeah. I wouldn’t spend so much time with you if I didn’t,” Kaede replied.

Kiibo stood there, his mouth pressed shut, looking down. “…Thank you…” He said, his ahoge curling into what looked like a heart.

“Kiibo! You’re steaming up!” Kaede exclaimed. Indeed, Kiibo had steam emitting from his collar and the word “ERROR” flashing on it.

Kiibo stood up straight, his ahoge following suit. “It… It’s just a side effect of using my heating function,” He said, folding his arms and looking away, trying his best to look serious and aloof. His ahoge assumed its normal shape. “It will go away… Hey, how about we try to track down Shuichi?”

'Changed the subject pretty quick there, Kiibo.’ Kaede thought.

“Yeah.” Kaede said. “Let’s go find him.”

Kiibo went ahead. “I think he was heading for the classrooms.”

When Kiibo was a good distance away, Kaede smiled to herself.

'Well, what do you know? Robots CAN lie…’ She thought, then walked quickly after Kiibo.

“Hey, Kiibo, wait up!”

PLL things we don't talk about

So Charlotte escaped prison after killing Wilden pretty much because Holbrook (and maybe officer Barry) helped her..

Holbrook was also randomly seen kissing Ali which strongly suggested he was helping/ working with both of them.

Now nobody mentions him even though he seemed so suspicious and that he had a par with Ali.. Maybe even Charlotte too..

He could’ve been that beach hottie dude PLL never brings up anymore.. Even though he probably knew Ali and Charlotte and might be uber A.

Also remember Eddie lamb? He disappeared out of nowhere and it seems like it was because he knew too much about Radley.. About Bethany and maybe about Charlotte.. And he was suspicious about Wren and we have no clue why.. We were so worried about eddies whereabouts that we thought he might be dead in a barrel… 5 years later no explanation lol. There’s also the whole thing about Ali and Sara both lying about being kidnapped…

even though Isabella seems relatively not suspicious in the new sneak peak, i still think somethings up with her because

  • riddle 10 seconds into meeting
  • gotham’s villains are pretty notorious. like unless you have been literally living under a rock there is no good reason why you wouldn’t know that Edward’s been in Arkham
  • especially considering he worked for the police, like you gotta imagine that the news spread through gotham and back

much like oswald put on that whole “oh you didn’t hear?” innocent act, i think isabella is putting on an act as well (though what this means for ed and os I’m not sure of)

chimeracarnival (sorry, tumblr wont let me @ you! :’0 )

Papyrus stands up straight again- no need to get his knees wet in the snow. He was mostly just curious about whether or not there’s something in the box, anyway. Seems so. Probably a shy monster.

That’s a little suspicious though. The skeleton leers. “… A fair number. I could not tell you how many, exactly. If you can, I would suggest stepping over them.”

Suspicious //ser-pounce-a-mage

He had been standing in the shadows, just watching what was going on on the market place, like he was used to doing. Being an assassin always came with a terrible lot of watching, after all. That way, sometimes he could see very interesting things as well though, so sometimes he really liked watching people. Like just now, where he was watching this incredibly hilarious seeming man, presumably a mage. He was behaving so obviously suspicious, though Zevran could tell that he wanted to hide the fact that he was sneaking around suspiciously. 

With a soft chuckle the elf pushed himself away from the wall he had been leaning against, approaching the other from behind with nearly completely silent steps. Being an assassin didn’t happen without learning some useful skills, after all. Soon he was standing right behind the other, tilting his head with a soft smirk.

“Looking for something, are we, no?”