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Let me take care of you - Dean x reader

Requested by anonymous : 63 with dean please

63.  « Sweetheart, get off that table, we’re heading home. »

Pairing : Dean x reader

Summary : After a pretty rough hunt including vampires, Dean takes care of a drunk reader.

Warnings : Nothing else but fluff

Song ? : Listen to that if you want 

« This was a hell of a bloody hunt. » Dean remarked as he let himself collapse on the sofa.

« I totally agree. » you said as you sat not so without groaning on the chair, in front of Sam.

Vampires. Those blood suckers really gave you a hard time. No one has been badly hurt though, just minor wounds for the three of you. Nobody spoke during the way back, the only sound that could be heard was some rock song that Dean put on. The music was playing in the background while you, Sam and Dean were thinking about that bloody hunt. That was like that after each hunt : you always felt a bit guilty after killing them because those monsters were once human before turning, but you couldn’t do otherwise.

« I’m going to take a shower. I can’t stand smelling and feeling all that blood on me. » Sam announced as he stood up before walking towards the bathroom of that dirty and shappy motel.

« Alright Sammy. » you answered at the same time as Dean, causing him to smirk.

You threw a look at your damaged red fists, remembering every punch you gave with them. You winced as you slided your fingers on your fragile skin, a little bit of pain rushing through your hands.

« (Y/N) ? »

You turned around to look at Dean as you heard him calling you, your name sounding like a sweet melody on his lips. He was now sitting down on the sofa, facing you. You couldn’t help yourself but check him out quickly, like you used to do everytime you had the opportunity to.

« Wanna take a drink with me ? I’ll go nuts if I stay here all night. » Dean offered as he looked around him, raising an eyebrow when he noticed a spider web in the corner of the room, a sigh escaping from his mouth.

Your heart warmed up at the idea that Dean thought of you to accompagny him for a drink. You, too, needed to get your head out of this hunter life for a night. Plus, Dean would be with you, so what could you ask for more ?

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The Princess and the Spider (Peter Parker)

Originally posted by stallingdemons

Pairing: Peter Parker x Royal!Reader

Warning: Cursing

Summary: Peter is the stereotypical knight in love with the princess, but what happens when the princess falls for him as well? A forbidden Capulet-Montague seeming relationship turns sour when the king tries to leave the princess in a tower and marry her off before she can see her lover. 

Author: Dizzy

A/N: A very wonderful little royalty au I decided to write up. Enjoy!

Masterlist Request a Prompt

Sir Peter Parker was the youngest and somehow one of the most renowned knights in his kingdom. A young servant boy who somehow acquired the strength of ten men and made his way to knighthood in the matter of days during his fifteenth year of life. He was trained and praised for his heroic deeds and was noticed by everyone, even the young princess he fell so hard for.

He was gifted the nickname “The Spider” after it was discovered that he was flexible and could climb walls and buildings with ease, much like the small feared creature he was named after. 

But Knighthood took a toll on Peter, forced him to distance himself from the aunt that had raised him most of his life and the ghost of his late uncle. He was glad to be on such a high horse, but sometimes the homesickness he held in his heart made his boots heavier than the armor that rested on his shoulders.

It may have been the hopefulness in the sparkle of the princess’s eyes or the smile she offered him as she spoke that started Peter’s heart to beat faster in his chest or make his worries fade. It was something he had never felt before and couldn’t explain. 

The Princess, Y/n L/n, was the only child of the King and Queen. A young woman who held intelligence and beauty, the deadly combination. She was careful and respectful, but had a wild and carefree spirit that she seemed to keep in check due to her royal stature. 

She had never fallen in love, until The Spider crawled his way to her castle on the high hill. 

It was either the smile the young knight gave or the way his hair fell in his face when they locked eyes that made the princess melt into her throne. His voice was soft and smooth, like her favorite song and Y/n felt as if there wasn’t anything she’d ever want to hear again.

The servant boy turned knight and the forever princess had fallen for one another, love at first sight as some might say, but their enchantment turned into conversation and then a relationship along the way. 

The young princess waited impatiently at her small vacation home in the kingdom’s main city, her breath became smoky clouds in the chill air as she waited by the window, allowing her breath to stick to the glass as she ran her fingers through it, writing Peter’s name over and over until it disappeared like her hope that he would ever show. 

It was then that the sounds of a galloping horse erupted from beneath her window. 

She opened it slowly, allowing the sting of the cool air warm her now blushing cheeks as she leaned out the window, her smile glowing down on the young knight like the sun rays they desperately needed on that cloudy and cool day. 

Peter looked up at the young girl, he too, getting a bright smile to push against the soft and rosy skin of his cheeks. He took no time in rushing up the home’s stairs, in swinging open the door and embracing the young princess in his arms.

She was his and only his, for the first few months that they had been together and beyond, that is what he had told himself and that is what he knew. It would be the princess and him forever, that was what he knew.

“Oh, my beautiful girl!” He chirped as he released her from his embrace. “I missed you today.”

Y/n smiled and pulled her lip between her teeth as she ran a hand through his brown locks. “Oh, Peter, I’ve missed you too. I think my father is onto us, though. I must say, he seems suspicious as to why I am so insistent on leaving a few times a week.”

“Please, sweetheart, don’t worry about him. It will all work out.”

“Do you promise?” Y/n asked, her voice sounding like a child’s as she looked up at Peter.

“Yes, my fair Y/n, I promise with all my heart.” 

Peter couldn’t help but feel his heart and boots grow heavy at the sound of the promise that fell from his lips, as if he knew deep down that this was a promise he would never be able to keep. 

A horse galloping, a crash, then footsteps rang out before the King stood before his daughter and his knight, anger upon his features. 

“Y/n, we’re leaving.” He managed to get out between angered sighs and grunts. “Now.”

“But, Father-”

“Go!” He motioned toward the door. 

It was then that Y/n had done something she’d never done before. In the midst of her anger and her rebellion, she embraced Peter and molded her lips against his, their eyes both fluttering closed.

“Goodbye, Peter, I will see you soon.” She said calmly before turning on her heel.

“You will do no such thing!” the King bellowed from behind her as the two exited.

“Just watch me.” Y/n replied with a voice as cold as ice.

The King, in his anger and disappointment, told the young princess of how she would never see her beloved knight again, because he was the lowest of all she could marry. A servant’s son turned knight, a disgrace to all that was royal.

And so the princess was returned to her house in the city. She believed that she would never see her spider again, would never remember the feeling of the sun rays of his bright smile on her skin or never remember the feeling og his skin on her skin. She believed that she would only see him when she was married off and he was off to a future war with another kingdom.

But what she did not know was how much love the servant turned knight had for her. She did not know that The Spider, one of the youngest and toughest fighters the army had ever seen, would fight to the ends of the earth if that meant they could be together.

So the princess sat at the window she sat at on that fateful day she cried that she loved Peter and told her father to watch her see him once again, to watch her be with him once again. So she sat, her breath like smoky clouds as they hit the chill window and wrote Peters name until it disappeared.

It would be three days of her writing words on the window, the messages he wouldn’t see when she saw someone on the balcony across the alleyway. 

To Y/n’s knowledge, no one lived in the house across the alleyway since the balcony was a foot from her window and privacy was always an issue for many. And with that thought in mind, she watched her moist and sticky breath and the name ‘Peter’ disappear to reveal the young knight. 

His smile was the first thing she noticed, how bright and cheerful it was as he motioned for her to open the window. Her prince was back and she felt safe and loved once more.

Deal With It (Let’s make this interesting) 1/2

Rival Poker Players AU.  Guys, you know what inspired this. Modern AU, but with a kind of Captain Wench flavor. Rivals to Lovers. Heavily influenced by the 1994 movie Maverick, but you don’t need to know anything about the movie or really very much about poker to hang with this. 

Rating: T for this chapter (mostly due to language), but M for the next part and I’m not chickening out this time

Summary: Emma Swan, poker hustler with more than just card tricks up her sleeve, meets Killian Jones, a fellow gambler, at a shady little casino down south. After a memorable first encounter, they seem to keep finding each other, but are they really ready to gamble with their hearts? Emma just doesn’t know if she can deal with it. 


Emma hates this place. Over her years of hustling poker, she’s become accustomed to the bleeps, dings and 8-bit digital “music” (sarcastic quotation marks very much intended) that make up the constant, mind-numbing background noise in a casino. She can handle the smell of stale cigarette smoke and human bodies that could use a break from gambling to, you know, actually shower or something. Even the watered down cocktails don’t bother her. Hell, those are probably a blessing in disguise - keeps her mind sharp without her having to order something non-alcoholic which might tip off her marks.

But this piddly-dink river casino hotel on the outskirts of Nowheresville, Louisiana? Really bringing her down. Maybe it’s the general air of despair and decay. Maybe it’s the humidity. She’s already regretting not putting her hair up. It’s starting to do that weird wavy thing it does sometimes, a few tendrils sticking to her neck. Not to mention her skinny jeans - great for attracting a mark, but not exactly comfort wear - are clinging unpleasantly to her legs, making her want to squirm.  Or maybe she’s just still pissed that she nearly broke the heel off of her favorite pair of fuck-me pumps on a ripped spot in the tacky patterned carpet. It’s all just so irritating and depressing.

She could’ve gone someplace nicer, true. Then she’d be spending too much of the money she’s trying to win off these poor bastards to pay for her lodgings. Or she could sleep in her car. Again. On this wet, drizzling mess of a night. Yeah, no. Fuck that.

Oh. Hey, look. She won again.

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You Tease Me, I Tease You

Originally posted by spideycentral

Imagine: You’ve been teasing Peter all day so he decides to get you back at dinner with the avengers 

a/n: can i just say i love this gif bc not only does tom look hot AND cute but Jon Bernthal is in it too and he’s so great :’))) anyways

Warnings: smutt (are we surprised at this point? probably not)


The past couple weeks for you have been really bland. This was due to the fact that your boyfriend Peter was spending almost all of his time in the Avenger’s compound lab, working on some super computer. Of course, you were proud of him, knowing he was working hard on something he cared about. Still, you couldn’t help but miss him, and feel like he’s been neglecting you. 

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Hunters Prey - Chapter 1


Theme: Action and Angst

Words Count: 1,562

Warnings- Mentions of Blood, Needles, Medication (Pills)

Kit- Omg this is such a mess XD Glad I got it out though! I’m surprised I was able to since I have college courses to finish >~< Evil Baekhyun is BEST Baekhyun lemme just say, I love making him sassy sweet yet mean. (If that even makes sense lol) Also yes the beginning doesn’t make sense rn but later on it will trust me.  But any way, thank you for reading. I hope to continue this fic, and develop both the plot and characters as I go. Have a wonderful week you guys~

PrologueChapter 2

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Masterpiece - Domestic Linstead Part 2

A/N: So last week after posting the first domestic prompt, my girl Sherri and I were talking and I said something about the responsibility the writers have to make the fandom feel better when all is shit. That never felt more true than today, and to quote my dear friend @justkillingtimewhileiwait: *dramatically swinging cape over shoulders and fastening it*: “WE WILL SAVE YOU!!” (with fluff that is haha).

Brought to you by an amazing @justkillingtimewhileiwait and her biggest fan (me).

Enjoy darlings, and together, we can totally make it four months!

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Ignis x Reader Pt2

So here is the second part of the first Ignis x reader I wrote! I apologise is this seems too much like a ‘filler’ chapter, but the word count got so long and I didn’t want to rush things so I’m writing the next bit as a next chapter! If anyone would be interested that is! Thank you for reading! ~

Ignis x Reader
WC: 2908

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The Popular Belief - pt 2;;

Author’s note: here’s part 2 of ‘The Popular Belief’; thank you for all the awesome feedback and comments I got for pt 1! It’s so nice to hear that some of you are enjoying the fic! I live for otp angst btw. 

BNHA, todomomo, Rated T 

Part 1 + Part 2: 5320 words

Read part 1 here !! 

Since then, they were apart like two sides of a coin. That’s what they were, she realized, two beings that were allowed to be together in harmony for a short period of time before nature took its course to separate them again. With Todoroki officially announcing his engagement to the others, every day was a countdown.

When she told Jirou the day after, both of them sat in silence. Jirou watched her, curling up and hugging her knees at the corner of her bedroom, quiet and disheartened. She didn’t cry or anything, Yaoyorozu would’ve hated herself if she did. In fact, she should’ve figured something like this was going to happen; after all, he was still Endeavor’s son.

She was stupid for thinking anything could have happened between them.

Graduation day came, and sometimes when she passed by the back of the gym, where they both once stood, when secrets were poured aimlessly towards each other, she would be reminded of that letter. She was sure it was gone now, with the rain.

Invitations came to everyone’s mailboxes that day. A lot of people were invited, and apparently it was supposed to be in a month, or so she heard. She waved goodbye and tearfully hugged some of her friends after the ceremony, but stood far from Todoroki as much as possible. Maybe it was her imagination but she could sense him looking at her from a distance occasionally. She scoffed at the thought and rushed home. Inhaling deeply a few times calmed her nerves and she asked her maid if any letters were received. Her maid shook her head, clearly indifferent, and showed Yaoyorozu some grocery fliers. Her stomach dropped, and she realized that those were apparently the only remnants of anything that was in her mailbox the past few days.

She laughed mockingly at herself; of course she wasn’t invited, not after that awkward encounter.

Sitting down on her desk and flipping through recommendation letters her hero mentors gave her during the internship for her first official job, she found herself eyeing the two Russian Matryoshka dolls on her bookshelf. Those dolls were filled with so many memories that she wouldn’t dare relive again. One was a boy, and the other was a girl. She grabbed onto them, and found herself sobbing a little.


That night, she got woken up by a brief vibration of her phone. She rubbed her eyes, and looked at the short text. Her heart fleeted when she saw his name at the top of the message.

I’m outside, could you come out?                                                               10:58pm

She thought for a moment, fingers running through her hair, and she quickly texted ‘Ok’.

The girl grabbed her robe and slippers, opened her window and hurriedly created a ladder from her arms. She didn’t want to startle anyone at this hour. Testing for its sturdiness, she slowly lowered her feet one by one. She could see a shadowy figure at her front door.

He looked like he was out of breath and a red card was in his hands.

“I wanted to give this to you in person, today, at school, but you left so fast,” His voice was soft.

She took it in her hands, shaking from the cold and he handed her his coat. She tilts her head in amusement and stared, “You’re someone’s fiancé now, Todoroki. You can’t be meeting girls in the middle of the night, offering your coats and everything.”

She’s making a silly joke to fill the awkwardness, she knew, but she can’t let her mind wander off somewhere she’d regret.

“I know.” He handed her the card with his other hand, “I really want you to be there that day.”

Her hands trembled when she opened it, “Ya…of course. Anything for a good friend.”

His mouth slightly opened to add something, but he closed it again. Her words settled somewhere uncomfortable within him.

“I read your letter,” he spoke.

Yaoyorozu gripped the invitation harder, “That’s…that’s good to hear.” That was the biggest lie she probably said thus far and she felt slightly embarrassed. That letter was, metaphorically speaking, her heart and mind served to him on a dish.

He gulped inaudibly, his mind was racing, “I-“ He paused and innately took a step towards the shaken girl.

“I don’t even know what to do anymore, Yaoyorozu.”

The girl was surprised; her name came out of him so sternly, and she watched as he lowered his gaze.

“Everything you wrote made me think so much harder than I already was.”

She wanted to wrap her arms around him and tell him everything was okay, but it wasn’t her position to do that.

“Todoroki, if –“

Her chest heaved when she felt his head on her shoulder, distracting her abruptly, while the gentle wind lulled against their ears.

“Can we just stay here like this for a bit?”

Their bodies were so close that they could feel each other’s warmth radiating.



Todoroki woke up early the next morning, thoughts from the night before billowed in his mind like a storm. He slid his leg onto the side of his bed and sat up. For once, he felt lost.

Since young the hatred and rage he had for his dad occupied most of his thoughts, but meeting friends and getting to know people at UA changed him for the better. He remembered listening to Midoriya’s problems with his crush on Uraraka, and then Kaminari’s constant complaints (more like shrieks really) about Jirou, and he would always feel happy for them. Happy they found someone they were so close to that they feel the need to satisfy them. He was adamant that he would never have this feeling; his family bounded his future, he believed. In retrospect, he had so many people to thank.

But his fight with Midoriya years ago should have taught him that he had the power to change his own fate.

Choices were his to make.

And whatever happens, Yaoyorozu would be there for him. Like she always had been.

His lips tugged upwards into a grin and he got up in haste. The boy threw on whichever shirt was clumped up on the chair and ran downstairs, dust motes prancing around him, looking like snow in the sunlight.

“Shouto!” The boy heard his sister shout, “Where are you going?” Fuyumi watched as Todoroki hurried out the door, his right shoe wasn’t even put on properly yet.

“To see mom,” He answered without turning back, “Don’t tell Dad, I’ll explain everything when I’m back!”

Fuyumi was taken aback by his sudden seriousness and closed the door behind him.


The hospital was quiet that day, and he sped walk across the hall, already knowing where his destination was.

“Mom,” he opened the door and said. His mother was sitting near the window, admiring the Sakura flowers that bloomed gorgeously outside. He was slightly saddened by her expression; he knew she wanted to be out there experiencing spring like the others.

“Shouto,” she exclaimed, her eyes lighting up, “You’re here!” She noticed his meek smile, and gestured for him to sit next to her.

              “Is something the matter?” She asked, “you’re never here so early in the morning.”

Todoroki hung his bag behind the door and found himself rooted in place.

               “I…I want to null the marriage, mom,” his voice was hushed, but unrelenting, “I want to be honest to you…and well, dad.”

Todoroki’s mother stared at him with wide eyes. He was waiting for her to say something in response but she let him continue.

               “I don’t want to turn into someone like dad ever was.”

               He found the strength to walk again and moved over to his mom, and she began, “You never will Shouto. If you want to pave your own path, I’m here to listen and to support you.”

               He grabbed her hand, something he has never done before given he was so horrible at expressing himself, and she held him tight.

               “Now,” she teased, “Did you find someone else?” Todoroki’s mom looked amused, and he found himself heating up a bit.

               “Why would you think that?” The boy raised his eyebrows while watching his mom stifle a giggle.

               “A mother’s intuition is never wrong Shouto,” his mom said matter-of-factly, and Todoroki sighed.

               “Yes, maybe,” he tried not to sound too eager, but he did want his mother to meet the person he had in mind one day, “She’s… special.”

               His mother smiled from ear to ear and patted his hand softly.

               “Alright, I won’t pry Shouto, just make sure you take her here to see me soon.”


               It goes without saying when Shouto got home and found his dad in his training room, it was a war zone. Defiance was the only thing his dad was shouting, and if Fuyumi hadn’t stepped in, half of the house could have tumbled down to ashes. Todoroki tried to control his anger throughout the “discussion”, if you could even call it that, and the use of their quirks was almost activated. It was a gong show, so to speak.

               His sister seemed suspiciously happy when she heard his decision; though she did suggest being careful about the damage control that they were now responsible for since the girl’s family have yet to hear about this. She attentively bandaged his arm, scolded him a little bit about being ‘last minute’ and she patted his head like she would when they were just kids. Todoroki thanked her and lied on his bed with loud plop. He massaged his right arm and felt the twitching of his aching muscles. Telling everyone about the news should be easy but confronting her again was not. He was tapping his fingers, thinking about how to approach Yaoyorozu when a loud ring startled him.

               “Hello?” he picked up his phone and said and noticed the voice from the other side. It was Jirou Kyouka.

               “Todoroki you damn son of a gun.”

               The boy hesitated a reply.

               “Yaomomo is heading towards the airport now,” Jirou sounded like she was panting.

               “What?” He was confused but Jirou just kept berating him.

               “She’ll leave and you’ll regret!” He heard her mumble something else in the background and she continued, “I’m picking you up, I’m heading over there myself so you better get ready!”

               He felt his blood run cold and he grabbed a jacket, ignoring the piercing pain on his forearm, “Okay, meet me at the corner of 5th and 10th. I’m there in a minute.”

               And with that, he leapt outside against the protest of Fuyumi the second time that day.


Jirou sped through the highway like a madman but Todoroki was grateful for it at the moment. Had it not been her, he wouldn’t have heard about Yaoyorozu’s sudden departure. Jirou had explained that apparently Yaoyorozu was offered an opportunity to solve a case in northern Hokkaido for a year in the Hero Agency that was she recently hired at. They desperately needed help so Yaoyorozu accepted it right away, and her mentor gave her a few hours to prepare. Yaoyorozu only sent the girls a message in the morning regarding her offer and Jirou was the only one that could make it to the airport in time.

               “I wasn’t going to tell you,” Jirou grunted as she swerved to cut off a car on the left lane, and the driver honked at them in rage, “But my conscience was killing me. I knew Yaomomo wouldn’t have told you. You guys are too complicated.”

               Todoroki crossed his arms and leaned back, “Thanks Jirou. It’s been a tough few days.”

               Jirou rubbed her temples with one hand, looking as if she was solving the hardest problem. She glanced at his wounds.

               “What happened to you anyway? I thought your job didn’t start until after your stupid ass marriage.”

               Todoroki gave a tight-lipped smile.

               “That’s not happening anymore,” he stated, “and I’m not effing this up like I did before. I’m gonna tell Yaoyorozu straight up.”

               “You better,” Jirou answered. Another honk from a car behind them prompted Jirou to honk back.

               “Just make sure I get there alive.”


               Yaoyorozu rubbed her eyes as she stared at herself in the mirror. People were passing by behind her with luggages and carry-ons in hand and she had to make sure her eyes didn’t look as puffy as they did now before seeing Jirou. A distant thought plagued her and she was guilt-ridden. Should she have notified Todoroki at least? She shook her head as if the thought would escape her. She can’t think like this anymore. Taking this job was a sign. A sign that she’s going to start a new chapter.

               I’m waiting for you in the corridor behind terminal 3.                                           2:34 pm

               Yaoyorozu felt slightly better reading Jirou’s message, and she headed over. Dragging her luggage, her eyes scanned the area and she felt her chest pounding. Jirou was nowhere to be seen, but she locked eyes with him then. Her stomach twisted in agony.

               Todoroki ran towards her. She wanted to retreat but she was frozen. Move stupid legs! She thought, but was too late. The boy stood in front of her, sweat beading on his forehead, both of them anticipating. Without a second thought, he took her into his arms. Everything became dead silent, and her arms lifted to hug him back but she went limp.

               “Todoroki,” she said, voice uneasy, “why-“

               “Don’t go.”

               She breathed harder and she pushed away, but he fought it. He tightened his grip on her.

               “I don’t want you to leave this place,” he said it again with more emphasis, “The marriage…it’s not gonna happen, so let me do this right, Yaoyorozu.”

               “Wh..what?” She stuttered, and she felt her eyes well with tears and he grabbed her shoulders. Todoroki gently eased her in front of him and he cupped her face with both of his hands.

               “I’ve been so used to having you around, that I’ve taken you for granted,” Todoroki urged her, and she looked at him as if he wasn’t himself. The Todoroki she knew would never say something like this. He sounded so…cheesy. She laughed suddenly, and Todoroki admired her florid face.

               “I’m really happy,” Yaoyorozu bit her lower lip, “To hear those words from you. It means a lot to me.”

               She paused and her expression softened, looking slightly regretful.

               “I still have to go though, they need me,” Yaoyorozu said and she locked onto his gaze. She examined the bandages on his arm curiously.

               “Don’t ask,” Todoroki started, “It’s nothing.”

               “Well you better tell me all about it later,” Yaoyorozu laced her fingers with his.

               “Yeah I wi-“ His voice became muffled as the girl in front of him tiptoed and closed the distance between them. Their lips touched lightly but with vigor and passion, and he inhaled her sweet scent. Closing his eyes, he wanted to take a mental picture of this moment before she let go.

               It felt different, new, and exciting for both of them.

               “Hey, break it up, you two lovebirds,” Jirou’s voice came as she marched over from her hiding spot, “Don’t worry, I took pictures and everything, I’ll make sure to send it to you guys through the group chat.”

               Yaoyorozu jokingly punched her friend, and the three of them laughed whole-heartedly.

               “It’s time for me to go,” Yaoyorozu shifted a little, “I’ll miss you guys.”

               Todoroki ruffled her hair, “One year’s not that long. And I can visit maybe.”

               She pouted, “I know.” She’s about to go into the secured area and she turned back to wave. He can’t keep track of where she was now as she slowly disappeared into the crowd of people. He grinned to himself.

               “I’ll be waiting.”

Authors end note: thanksssss for reading ^^ im actually thinking of doing a part three where todo brings her to meet his mom but we’ll see :D
Blind Men And Bleeding Hearts

For @redamancy-eunoia who gave me the prompt, “I thought it was a one-night-stand and now we’re married”. I hope you enjoy it! 😘

When Harvey had let himself think about this (and he had thought about it, it seemed pointless to deny it now), about what his and Mike’s first time together might be like, he had always imagined it would be hungry, desperate, spur of the moment. Ripping each other’s clothes off and devouring each other. Heated, sloppy kisses and rough, groping hands. There may have been a wall involved. Or a desk. He’d always rather liked the idea of having sex in the office. With Mike.

But the reality was something far removed from fantasy, and Harvey found he didn’t mind in the slightest. Reality far outweighed the fantasy. This was how it was always supposed to be, he realised now. It was inevitable. And this was not just sex.

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Dance Studio (Jisung Scenario)

↳characters: Jisung x reader

↳ genre: fluff

↳ word count: 1,868

↳ summary: [requested] “please do a jisung scenario where he likes a shy girl in his school and finds out she likes to dance so he tries to get to know her better through that knowledge.”

↳ author’s note: i’m really sorry if this is terrible, also i’m gonna write so that you and jisung are the same age/in the same grade since the anon didn’t specify, i hope thats okay! Also sorry I took so long to write this, I really wanted it to be perfect even though its terrible.

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Darkness . And suffocation. And the sharp pain of needles pricking into every inch of his exposed body.

It filled Dan’s head as he breathed harshly into the air around him. His hands squeezed at his sheets, eyes wide open, as he searched for something to ground him. Remind him he wasn’t in that /horrible/ place anymore.

With another shuddered breath, Dan pushed himself up to a sitting position, reaching aimlessly along the side table for the light before remembering that wasn’t the way to turn a light on in the future.

Running the same hand down his face, Dan let his eyes fall shut, quietly asking, “Barry. Lights please?” Shivering as they flickered on.

Slowly he opened his eyes, squinting at the harsh change in lighting, and felt a little relief seep into him.

He was home. It was okay. They couldn’t touch him here. Brian and Arin won’t let them.

He’d already been back a week and still the memories plagued him. Still he jumped at unexpected noises. And tensed up at the sound of footsteps approaching. And flinched at any sort of raised object.

He’d been saved and yet still he kept acting like he hadn’t.

It was pathetic.

Dan rubbed at his eyes painfully, refusing to let that escalate any further, and got up on shaky limbs to grab his leather jacket. It always made him feel good, with the long gone earthy scent and band patches holding it together.

Slipping it on, Dan sighed, walking across the room to curl up in a big arm chair. He ran a thumb over the dull pink stitching along the left arm. A phantom pain shot through his wrist.

Right. Arin must have sewed it back together after they’d taken him.

With a deep breath, Dan pulls his legs up to his chest and looks up to the ceiling, where he often discerns Barry to be located at.

“Hey Barry? Where is Arin at? Is he asleep?”

“The Captain is currently drawing in the observation deck. Should I call him down here?”

Dan shakes his head after breathing through the crackling through the speakers. It was eerily similar to… well. Yeah.

“Are you okay, Danny?”

The often times human like A.I. always through Dan off. He was a friend but a machine. But then again, so is Ross. Barry is just a spaceship rather than a robot. Android. Whatever.

“Yeah man. I’m okay. I just-… I don’t know man. I should be okay. I am okay.”

“You should go talk to Arin. He’s worried about you.”

Dan sucked in a breath, glancing around subconsciously in suspicion. “How do you know? Did he tell you anything?”

“Mm no. I can tell. Plus he keeps scratching out incomplete drawings. And he hasn’t taken off his gloves since we got you back. They’re pretty big indicators that something is bothering him. It’s only logical that he’s worried about you.”

He rubbed his thumb over the pink stitching again. Tracing the thin string with his eyes. Dan idly wondered why Arin sewed the leather together rather than just use some kind of future clothing fixer thing. That’s how he kept fixing Brian’s shit right? In any case, Dan was happy for the more modern, or well maybe not modern anymore, way of fixing things. The stitching made him feel safe. More at home.

“Maybe I will…,” he finally replied, Barry humming at his response.

“So do it.”

Dan huffed a weak laugh and shoved his gangly legs to the floor, pulling himself out of the chair. “I’m going! Geeze. Nice talking to you too, Barry.”

“Danny, you know I love our interactions. But you and I both know I’m not the one to be talking to right now. In fact, later tomorrow you should hang out with Brian as well. He’s been testier than usual.”

“I just got everyone worked up, huh.”

“Well yeah man. Everyone loves you. With all due respect, I think you were the most ideal person to take out of all of us. You just… Everyone loves you. So much.”

With a flush, Dan started at the wall, shaking his head and tugging the jacket closer as he pulled his blanket up to wrap tightly around himself. “Uhh I guess. Thanks Barry. I don’t think Ross was too affected though. He seems to still be suspicious of me.”

“You’d be surprised. Now quit stalling. Go talk to Arin. Before I cut off the power in here.”

Flipping him off with a laugh, Dan walked out the door with a roll of his eyes, blanket cape trailing behind him dramatically. “Yeah yeah. You have too much power.” His laugh quickened a bit as he ran for the door, the lights in his room flickering. “I’m going! Fuck dude! Chill.”

The lights stopped, staying on in the dull white they usually shown as Dan exited the room.

The observation deck. Right.

Just as Barry said, there sat Arin, plain as day, quietly doodling with his back to Dan. And that was odd. Arin usually perked up to his scent before Dan even entered the room.

As Arin let out a frustrated growl, pencil almost ripping through the thin paper, Dan cleared his throat, causing Arin to jump, pencil skittering across the floor.

Dan quietly picked it up before making his way next to Arin, plopping down to a criss cross Applesauce.


Arin looked at Dan with wide eyes, drawing pad close to his chest. Dan raised an eyebrow, half smirk lingering on his face. “I didn’t mean to scare you. Sorry man.”

With a quick shake of his head, Arin looked back down before tucking some hair behind his ear. It was usually up when he was feeling professional, but he kept it down otherwise. “It’s okay dude. I just wasn’t expecting you to be out and about. Especially at this hour.”

“Does time even exist in space? I mean each planet has it’s own day and night cycle so like. Technically when we’re drifting, can’t we just like make our own cycle?”

“Uhm well I guess that’s true. But I’ve tried to keep going by terra’s cycle ya know? It’s what I’m used to.”

Dan hummed in response, pulling up his knees and pulling the blanket tighter. He took in Arin’s tense form, sweat pants pulled taut and the back of his black shirt lightly perpetrated with sweat. Maybe Dan shouldn’t have come… Maybe he was intruding…

“Uh sorry. I just… couldn’t sleep. I can go though, if you’d rather be a-”

“N-no! No it’s fine. I just wasn’t expecting you. But for real, Danny. It’s fine.”

Dan frowned, looking out the window at the vastness of space. “You never call me Danny. Or well, you do when I’m being particularly dense. Or when you’re worried about me. Or when you’re upset. So am I being stupid right now? Or did something happen.”

With a sigh, Arin laid his head on Dan’s shoulder, eyes shut, gloved fists clenched. “I’m not upset. And you’re not stupid. I just…. I’m glad you’re back, man. I REALLY really am. It’s just… ugh. Sorry. I don’t know. I’m glad you’re okay.”

Dan hummed, gripping his thin pajama pants as a distraction for his hands. He looked down at Arin, a light smile being forced. For Arin’s sake. “Hey dude, it’s fine. I’m okay now. Because you guys saved me. Thank you by the way. I don’t think I’ve said that yet.”

Arin was quiet for a few seconds before letting out a low huff. He sat up straighter, but kept his head down, face curtained by hair. “You really don’t remember us saving you, huh.”

“Uhm. Yeah? Or at least, parts. I remember you kicking the door down. And I remember Brian picking me up. Or… no. He went to pick me up? But then you did. It’s all… Sorry. Like I said. Parts. I also remember Mark being on the ship? He helped heal me, right? Because I was pretty messed up? Still pretty messed up…. But he helped with at least the physical wounds. Though I have this wicked scar on my side now.”

Arin cleared his throat and clutched the pad a little tighter. His voice was low enough to force Dan to strain to hear him. As if speaking too loud would shatter the window separating them from the void outside. “You uh. Yeah. You were just… I remember laughing with you. About something stupid. And thinking, ‘nothing could get better than this’. But then we took that fucking job. And you were taken. And I just… I just watched. I couldn’t move-”

“You were paralysed, Ar. Remember? They shot you.”

“It doesn’t matter!” He growled. Dan stared with wide eyes at his friend’s feral expression. It was… scary. Honestly. And that was the last word Dan would associate with Arin. “They took You! They took you right from under me and I couldn’t do a Damn thing! Ross told me something was fishy about that job! But no! I just /had/ to take it. And then you were gone and I didn’t know what to do and we didn’t even know who they were and I just-”

“Arin, it’s fine though. You saved me. It’s okay-”

This time Arin stood up, eyes nearly glowing in the dark as he stared down at Dan. He looked every inch of rage and frustration. “It’s not okay, Dan. It’ll never be okay until I rip those bastards piece by fucking piece for what they did to you. You may not really remember what happened but I do! I remember the look on your face. Like I was about to eat you alive. How you kept asking for me and Brian to save you and fighting is, like we were imposters. I remember how your fucking fingers were twisted and broken and misshapen and the way your body looked paper thin and all the cuts and bruises, like they just tossed you about. I fucking remember Daniel. And it’s not something I’m going to ever forget. So no. It’s not okay. Because I had to get you out of there. I tried to kill them. Every fucking one, but I had to get to you. I let them take you. I had to be the one to save you.”

Dan stood up too, blanket falling into a forgotten puddle, and taking in Arin’s now defeated and angered form. He stepped forward, trying to deny the shaking in his hands. Honestly it was horrifying. Hearing about everything they went through while he was gone. And Dan is building brick wall after brick wall in his mind as the memories resurfaced. But he couldn’t afford to have a break down here. Not when Arin needed him.

Dan took Arin’s shorter but thicker hands into his, rubbing his thumb gently into the knuckles, trying to get Arin to at least relax his hands. It kind of worked, as Arin slowly uncurled them, only to grip Dan’s in a much tighter grip than he was expecting. “You did save me though. You did it, Ar. You came in and took out those in your way and got me out of that Hell. It’s over. And I’m never going to leave again, okay? I promise.”

“But what if-”

“No.” Dan shook his head, pulling Arin into a tight hug. Claws dug into his back despite the thick gloves and Dan was pretty sure that was tears being pressed against his neck, but he didn’t care. He meant what he said. He was never going to leave. Those on this ship are his family. Even if he found a way back to his time, Dan didn’t care. Brian, Arin, Barry, Ross, everyone. He wasn’t leaving them anytime soon.

Dan pulled back and tried to look at Arin’s eyes but the hair was too thick and it appeared Arin wasn’t going to help him out anytime soon. So with a frustrated grunt, Dan kept an arm around Arin’s shoulders, raising the other to move some hair behind his ear again. “Arin. Look at me.”

Slowly, but surely, Arin looked up at Dan, but kept drifting his eyes across the room, not sure what to focus on. Dan sighed. It would just have to do. “Hey,” he said a bit softer, his smile now coming a bit easier. “Arin. I’m okay. You’re okay. We’re okay. You did it, man. You saved me and yeah okay so things still suck ass, but at least we have each other, right? And the ship’s still intact. And we know who the bad guys are now. So that’s a plus, right?”

Arin nodded, looking down again. “They’re the same people that… let this happen to me. I was- I was taken prisoner and they just… let it happen and-”

“Hey. You don’t have to tell me. Not until you’re ready.”

Arin nodded again, a relieved sigh falling from his lips. “Thanks Dan. Though I should be comforting you here. I’m your Captain. Hell, none of this even happened to me. I should be fi-”

“Mmm nope. You’re my friend. And you’re a person. With thoughts and emotions just like the rest of us. You’re allowed to be freaked out when bad people kidnap your best friend.”

Arin made a self deprecating sound in his laugh and subconsciously held Dan a little tighter, staring at the pink thread in the leather jacket Dan loved so much. “That’s the first time you’ve said it out loud. Or at least that I’ve heard.”

“Is it? Weird.”

They fell into silence as Dan drew Arin into a second Hug. Arin needed it, and he didn’t mind so what was the harm.

“I’m really glad you’re safe, Danny,” Arin whispered as he buried his face in Dan’s neck.

Smiling, Dan nodded back, pressing his lips to the side of Arin’s head, just above his ear. “Me too, man. I’m glad you’re safe, too.”

It's You (The Doctor)

93. “I’m sorry, I’ve never seen you before.”

Imagine the 12th Doctor posing as the Caretaker at the school where you teach. You’ve traveled with him before, but don’t recognize him because you were with his 11th incarnation.

“May I have your attention, please,” Headmaster Armitage’s staticky voice sounded over the intercom. I stopped writing on the chalk board to hear what the announcement was all about. “Teachers, I am calling for a quick staff meeting in the lounge, please. All teachers in the lounge for a staff meeting at this time. Thank you.”

I furrowed my eyebrows. As soon as the intercom clicked off, I hesitantly set down the piece of chalk, and hurried to the lounge. There must be a change in the lunch duty schedules; Headmaster Armitage hardly ever called a staff meeting unless it was something crucial.

It turned out, the original caretaker, Mr. Atif, had called in sick, so they were expecting a stand-in. A sudden knock on the door signified his entrance. “Ah,” Headmaster Armitage smiled, “here he is.”

A tall figure in a brown coverall holding a broom walked in the door. His appearance made him seem intense: he was considerably old from the wrinkles on his long, narrow face, his soft, gentle smirk contradicted his grey, naturally-arched and menacing eyebrows. His eyes held a mysterious hue behind the stormy color, yet it felt familiar.

“I’m the new caretaker,” he introduced himself in a Scottish accent, giving him a more friendly side to him. “John Smith.”

Scrunching my eyebrows, I bit my lower lip in thought: I used to know someone who used that alias many times. I glanced over at Ms. Oswald whose eyes were wide as saucers.

“Welcome to Coal Hill, Mr. Smith,” Mr. Pink welcomed him, shaking his hand firmly.

“Thanks,” he acknowledged. “Yes, the name’s John Smith. But, you know, here’s the thing: most people just call me..” He trailed off as he caught my gaze. “The Doctor.” He finished.

His eyes held mine for a few moments until he cleared his throat, regaining his composure. “So, if anybody needs me, just, you know, give me a shout. I’ll be in the storeroom just getting the lie of the land.”

The other teachers slowly filed out of the room, losing interest in his speech except for Miss Oswald, who was practically glaring at him. “Yes, nobody’s taking any notice at all,” he continued as I stepped out the door. “Absolutely good news because it means I must be coming across just as an absolutely boring human being like you.”

I turned around to see Ms. Oswald spinning around and mouthing something to him.

“Deep cover,” he said nonchalantly, holding the door. His eyes switched back to me with an awestruck stare. “D-deep cover,” he stammered before shutting the door completely and canceling our impromptu staring contest. Why did he look at me like that, and why did his eyes seem so familiar?

“Does he know you?” Ms. Oswald’s voice snapped me out of my trance.

“N-no.” I stuttered, looking at her suspicious expression. “You seem to, though.”

She shook her head. “Never met him in my life,” she answered quickly.

“Really? Because you sure were giving him what-for with those glares of yours,” I chuckled.

“Well, you seemed to catch his attention every time he looked at you, eh?” She smirked, walking by me. “I’ve got to get to class. Good day, Ms. (L/n).”

“And to you, Ms. Oswald,” I replied, rolling my eyes and making my way back to my classroom, the new caretaker on my mind for some odd reason.

As I walked down the corridor, I noticed the caretaker standing on a ladder trying to fix one of the lights. As I looked a bit closer, I noticed he placed something on the wire that connected it to the ceiling.

“What is that?” I inquired out loud, startling his, his wide eyes glancing around for an excuse.

“Uh, just a new security system, that’s all,” he answered, stepping down the ladder.

“Why would we need one?” I chuckled. “We received a new one at the beginning of the year.”

“Yes,” he hopped off of the last step, “but these will give you more surveillance advantages. You know, keep the kids from doing things like this.” He gestured to a message that read, “Ozzie loves the Squaddie” on the window.

“Courtney,” I grumbled. “I am so sorry, Mr. Smith.”

“Oh, no need to worry, (Y/n). Nothing a little washrag can’t solve.”

I blinked at him as he easily wiped the message away. “How do you know my name?” I pondered in a soft voice.

Mr. Smith froze, turning towards me with a solemn expression. “It’s me, (Y/n),” he said. “I’m back.”

“Back?” I shook my head. “I’m sorry, I’ve never seen you before. You must be mistaken.”

He frowned. “Don’t you recognize me? Didn’t the alias John Smith ring a bell?”

“Alias?” This was all so confusing!

Sighing, he took my hand and mumbled, “Come with me.” Before I could protest, he dragged me out of the building, stopping by a draining grate and dropping one of the devices in it.

“Why would we need surveillance down there?” I snorted. Mr. Smith shrugged and stood from the ground, looking over at Ms. Oswald who was scolding kids for playing football on the chessboard.

“Moving on,” he muttered, grabbing my hand again and leading me to the storage room.

“Mr. Smith,” I groaned, “I’d appreciate it if you didn’t bring me into this room, the kids and staff will talk-”

“And one for luck,” he interrupted as he put another device in the hanging basket next to the door. He turned to me, placing his hands on my shoulders. “Brace yourself, (Y/n) (L/n), for the shock of your life.”

The door swung open, and he led me inside, closing it behind us. “Why’d you bring me in here?” I interrogated. He simply raised his eyebrows and jogged around me.

“Mr. Smith, I mean it,” I slightly raised my tone, following him, “I have no time for…” I froze. My stomach flopped while my heart fell to my feet. The caretaker stood next to a tall, deep-blue Police Box.

“Oh, you know exactly what this is, don’t you?” he mused with a sly smirk, his eyes staring with a mischievous glint.

“Is that…the TARDIS?” I whispered the last word. With a solemn nod, my question was answered. “But where’s the Doctor? Is he in there?” I asked excitedly, wishing to see my old friend.

He gestured for me to follow him in, and I immediately obliged walking in to see a whole new set-up. “He redecorated,” I chuckled. “I don’t like it.” A silent atmosphere settled around the room as my eyes danced around her once again.

“Here,” Mr. Smith coughed, “I think there’s something for you.” He switched a screen on the console on, and a message began to play.

“Is this thing on?” A familiar voice asked. “Is that what the red light means?” The Doctor’s confused face appeared on the screen, the camera shaking as he toggled with it.

My heart fluttered. “Doctor!” I exclaimed, looking up excitedly at Mr. Smith. “It’s him! It’s really him!” He smiled down at me.

“All right,” he cleared his throat. “This is the 11th Doctor. The current date is, uh,” he glanced down at the console, “April 23, 2011.”

“The day he brought me home,” I whispered, looking down.

“You’ll recognize it as the day I took you back home. I’ll be perfectly honest, it was not an easy thing to do,” he sighed. “I left you with no explanation, and didn’t say whether or not I’d see you again, so I’ve decided to make this message.

"First of all, I am terribly sorry it had to be this way; I wish it could’ve been easier, but it wasn’t. Not at all. Secondly, I wanted to let you know that this is my last day to live.” My hands flew up to my mouth. “It may seem to be a shock, but everyone’s story must end sometime, right?”

Tears flooded my eyes. Why would this man want me to watch this? “But, I’d like for you to know something: I’ve found a way out of it.” I raised my eyebrows. “Aha! Gotcha, didn’t i?” He chuckled with his cheeky grin. “Oh, I am clever, aren’t I?”

A watery smile spread across my lips. “Finally, since I have found a way out, I want you to know that I am coming back for you.” Joy filled my heart full enough that I thought I might explode. “But, know this-”

The message was cut short. “What?!” I shouted. “What do I need to know?!” I lunged for the screen. “Doctor!”

“Know that I may not have the same appearance that I have now.” My mouth parted at the sound of Mr. Smith’s voice continuing the message. I slowly turned to him, tears stinging my eyes.

“And, no matter how long it takes, I will find you again. We can pick up our adventures from where we left off.” He took one step closer to me.

“It’s you,” I whispered, my voice breaking. “It’s really you.”

“Hello again, (Y/n) (L/n).” He grinned. My face nearly split in two as I smiled even wider, throwing my arms around his neck. He was taken back at the action, but quickly loosened up and wrapped his long, lanky arms around me.

“I’ve missed you, Doctor,” I sniffled into his shoulder.

“I’ve missed you, as well,” he crooned, running a hand up and down my back.

“Look at you,” I said, pulling back from him and placing my hand on his cheek, gently brushing my thumb over it. “You’ve aged. And the eyebrows… So angry,” I whispered.

“I’m adapting to them as well,” he explained, grabbing my hand and squeezing it. “I’ve made mistakes in the past, and it’s about time that I fixed them.”

“Well, then,” I smirked, “there’s obviously a reason why you’re here, so what’s going on in this school?”

The mischievous gleam in his eyes returned. “I was just going to tell you about that…”

#163: He Finds You Asleep On His Side Of The Bed


So here’s another fluffy one added to the Masterlist! I don’t know what’s going on at the moment but I’ve fallen in love with writing these short preferences! I think when I’m done with my last exams I’ll start post even more regularly ahha :^) 

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And he feels guilty. Recordings weren’t supposed to take that long at the studio and now he was a complete train wreck, tiredness lingering in his veins. Carefully opening the door to your bedroom he had expected a passed out you on your pillow, drool coming down from your parted lips. But that wasn’t the case this time and he had to squeeze his eyes to get a better view, not wanting to turn on the lights in case of waking you up. Your arms were draped around his pillow with your legs tangled in the sheets, your chest rising up and down deeply. He knew you had been waiting for him for at least two hours and even though the guilt was creeping up his spine he couldn’t’ stop smiling. Stripping down to his underwear he tried to push you lightly but without any progress he went over to the other side of the bed and rested. “Sleepy head.” He cooed and caressed your arm lightly. Draping the sheets over himself he rested his face on top of your pillow and grabbed you easily by the waist. It still wasn’t enough to wake you up but Luke didn’t mind, settled down by cradling your sleeping body in the warm embrace of his arms and chest.


With his suitcase rolling down the hallway to your bedroom , Calum couldn’t contain the excitement lingering in his veins. The airplane trip was still lingering in his head tiredly and even with jetlag ready to ruin his sleeping pattern he couldn’t wait for more than to sleep with you in his arms after so many months of being apart. Though everything changes the second Calum steps into the dark bedroom, and he furrowed his eyebrows before a smile broke on his face. “Y/N.” He cooed and went over to his side of your bed, his pillow filled with his cologne pressed into your embrace. Without having him by your side this was the second best thing to get over the fact that he was million miles away. “Missed me? I’ve definitely missed you.” He whispered, ghosting his lips over your forehead before pressing a kiss. Even if he wanted to wake you up and see the bright smile on your face he waited just a bit, decided to take a seat on the floor and wrapped his hands around yours. “You have no possibly idea of how much I’ve missed seeing this sleepy face of yours.” And even if you were far away in your dreams a smile broke on your face, feeling the presence of something you had dearly missed for too long.


With a towel in his hand to dry off the blonde locks from the shower and a towel wrapped around his waist, his eyebrows furrowed the second he stepped out of the bathroom. The lights were still on but with the TV turned off and no sounds coming for you, suspiciousness filled his mind. Though he seemed to relax when he noticed you sprawled on the bed, your bags heavy under your eyes and your hair matted. “Why are you sleeping on my side of the bed?” He questioned out loud in thought, took a seat next to you on the bed and removed some of your hair away from your face. “Not that I mind though. This is the best side of our king sized bed.” He giggled and rested his cheek on your arm, using his fingers to caress your bare skin and send shivers up your spine. School had been tiring you out to the fullest which made everything else almost blurred. You wanted to take a break from studies and focus on other things but you just couldn’t. You couldn’t even find the right way to your bed, but it seemed as the smell of Michael’s pillow was enough to keep you calm.


Nightmares were common, especially for someone like you. Ashton was aware of this, usually trying his best to keep you away from those horrible dreams. Though at times with busy schedules he wouldn’t manage to be home before eleven, which today was one of those cases. The second he walked into your bedroom and noticed the sweat on your forehead he knew exactly what was going on. You never had control of your body, wiggling the life out of your side and almost twice fell out of the bed in progress. Your legs were sprawled on top of the duvet confused while your hair was sprawled all over his side of the bed. Carefully taking a seat down on the bed he brushed some of your hair away from your face and noticed the way your eyelashes were moving. The nightmare was clear on your face but he didn’t know whether or not to wake you up. And just the fact that you were sleeping on his side of the bed calmed him down because he had seen you in worst stages during nightmares. This was a more peaceful one and it probably had something to do with him always being there for you during these times. His side of the bed was enough to keep you safe even if he weren’t there. And he felt so blessed by it.

Suddenly had the urge to draw Graves sitting in the Grand Central Terminal, with a surprised Newt catching a glimpse of him.

Can’t decide on the context though.

  • Newt’s trying to find his train when he sees a handsome stranger; maybe he’d know where Newt’s supposed to be?
  • Graves is in a coma from Grindelwald, and Newt stumbles into his locked mind on an accidental [probably magical beast-caused] rescue attempt
  • Newt is starting some new adventure when he does a double take and sees Graves, who he’d never thought he’d see again, and now he can’t remember what he was planning on doing that was so important
  • Graves is meeting an anonymous contact for a case. That anonymous contact turns out to be, wait, you guessed it, Newt. Graves thinks Newt is [adorably] trying to awkwardly ask him out until it finally clicks that he’s the contact
  • Nobody’s been able to find Graves, so Newt has been working to help. Then Newt happens to see him - but Graves is frozen and incorporeal, like a petrified ghost, and he keeps fading in and out of sight
  • Graves is lying in wait for a purported criminal who’s said to sell illegal beasts on the black market. Newt is on the run and damn, that must be the determined Auror that’s been looking for him
  • Theseus didn’t tell Newt what his pen pal Percival Graves looks like, so when Newt’s newly arrived in NYC, he’s not sure which person is the one supposed to be receiving him. Definitely couldn’t be that one over there - Theseus had once described Percy as a bit of a mess of a human being
  • Newt is stuck in a film noir movie and there’s this really handsome detective who seems to have been written to both effortlessly attract him and endlessly annoy him
  • Newt can’t seem to remember anything in particular about himself, or anything before a few months ago. There is this one man who seems to be hanging around almost anywhere Newt goes, though - one that seems suspicious, but never does anything but inadvertently help when things go a bit wrong
  • Newt’s in a rush to get to Queenie and Jacob’s wedding - but he forgot he needs to bring a date!! That man over there looks respectable enough…
  • Graves has been alone for a long, long time. He hasn’t seen another person in years, not after the city was torn apart and the sickness started spreading. Then a man rushes by him. He thinks he’s seeing things, but the man doubles back and says, “Hello there! Haven’t seen a human in ages! Come with if you like, but I’ve really got to get this little one underground as soon as possible“
  • Graves was fired, his wand was snapped, and he was evicted from his apartment. The only way this day could get any worse is if - well, there’s Newt Scamander, the wizard voted most likely to empathize and ask personal questions, and he’s seen him. Yeah. It just got worse.
  • Graves just said a final goodbye to Newt before Newt leaves town, but Newt sees Graves’ face when he glances back and suddenly Newt can’t take another step

Honestly I could go on forever. PS if anyone has any other ideas for context I WOULD LOVE TO HEAR ABOUT THEM

Lie, Robot [A Danganronpa V3 Fic]


“What is it, Shuichi?” Kaede asked.

Shuichi was inspecting something in the newly accessible pool area of the school.

‘It’s strange that a prison school would have a pool. I mean, I could understand if we had a weight room, but a pool?’ Kaede thought.

“Very suspicious…” Shuichi said, though he seemed to be thinking aloud rather than talking to his companions.

“Care to explain?” Kiibo asked.

Shuichi shook his head, finally acknowledging the two. “No. I need to check something,” he said. He then sprinted off.

“SHUICHI, WAIT!” Kaede shouted, starting to run after him. “WE CAN HELP Y-”

And that’s when Kaede tripped on a discarded towel. She got up, but put her foot too close to the edge of the pool, lost her balance, and fell into the pool.

“KAEDE!” Kiibo shouted, LEDs around his collar displaying warning lights.

Luckily, Kaede knew how to swim, and got out of the pool, soaking wet. Kiibo went to her side immediately.

“Are you alright? Do you have any injuries?” Kiibo asked.

Kaede shook her head. “I-I’m fine. I-I’m n-not u-usually this c-clumsy,” she said, her teeth chattering.

“My data on you confirms that,” Kiibo said. “You know running near pools is not advised,” he added bluntly.

“O-of c-course I know t-that!” Kaede said, still shivering.

“You’re cold.” Kiibo observed.

“S-stunning d-deduction, Wat-”

Kaede was unable to finish her quip, however, as Kiibo had suddenly pulled her into his arms.

‘Wow, a hug from Kiibo is not what I pictured it’d be like,’ Kaede thought. ‘Its firm, but not as crushing as I thought a robot hug would be. It’s also… Warm… Really warm… Almost like a…’

Kaede looked and saw Kiibo’s arms and torso were glowing red like heat lamps.

“I come equipped with a heating/drying function.” Kiibo stated.

Indeed, Kaede could feel herself drying off. Her face was flushing. ('From the warmth?’)

“…Thanks…? Though you should give someone a bit more warning before you do that. It’s a little creepy, Kiibo.”


The two of them stood there in silence for a few minutes.

“…Uh, Kiibo? I think I’m dry now…”

“Oh.” Kiibo said, letting go. He looked at Kaede’s palms and noticed there were scrapes. He took her hands. “You’re injured.”

Kaede looked at her hands. “Oh. I guess. They’re no big deal…”

Kiibo sprayed a sort of antibiotic from his wrist onto her palms. “You said you weren’t hurt.”

“They’re just little scrapes. Like I said, nothing to worry about.”

“But you lied.”

“Just a little white lie…”

Kiibo furrowed his brow. “Why do you humans lie? I detected you all using several during the class trial.”

Kaede was stunned by the question. She pondered it. “Oh… Well… To be honest, I don’t have an answer for that. Everyone has their reasons.”

“Wouldn’t it be easier to just tell the truth?” Kiibo asked.

“It would be nice,” Kaede said. “But sometimes the truth is harder to admit. Like if you know you did something terrible. Or if you like someone but you can’t admit it…”

('Did I really need to include that last one?’ She thought.)

“…Noted.” Kiibo said, seeming to ponder the thought.

“Hey, Kiibo. Since we’re on the subject of lies, can a robot lie?” Kaede asked.

“I don’t know. I have never had the need to lie since the day I was built,” Kiibo stated. “It would be pretty pointless to.”

“Oh,” Kaede said. “Well, that's… Pretty nice, actually. I’m glad that there’s somebody here I can always trust,” she added, despite the possibility of raising several death flags for him.

“You… Trust me?” Kiibo asked, a little awestruck.

“Well, yeah. I wouldn’t spend so much time with you if I didn’t,” Kaede replied.

Kiibo stood there, his mouth pressed shut, looking down. “…Thank you…” He said, his ahoge curling into what looked like a heart.

“Kiibo! You’re steaming up!” Kaede exclaimed. Indeed, Kiibo had steam emitting from his collar and the word “ERROR” flashing on it.

Kiibo stood up straight, his ahoge following suit. “It… It’s just a side effect of using my heating function,” He said, folding his arms and looking away, trying his best to look serious and aloof. His ahoge assumed its normal shape. “It will go away… Hey, how about we try to track down Shuichi?”

'Changed the subject pretty quick there, Kiibo.’ Kaede thought.

“Yeah.” Kaede said. “Let’s go find him.”

Kiibo went ahead. “I think he was heading for the classrooms.”

When Kiibo was a good distance away, Kaede smiled to herself.

'Well, what do you know? Robots CAN lie…’ She thought, then walked quickly after Kiibo.

“Hey, Kiibo, wait up!”

Star of Discovery Tarot Spread

The Star of Discovery is a spread from the book Tarot Shadow Work by Christine Jette, and as you can imagine, it’s geared toward discovering your shadows. It is designed to be used with the twenty-two major arcana cards. The significance of the card positions are as follows:

Position One - Denial: What negatives or positives do people point out to me that I have trouble accepting? This is where you will discover denial. What does position one represent in your life? What problems or conditions would you rather avoid? What are you afraid of discovering? What might be your “blind spot” that blocks growth? What talents and abilities are you hesitant to develop? What are you holding back? What compliments make you uncomfortable? 

Position Two- Anxiety: When do I get nervous, anxious, touchy, or sensitive with others? Here you will discover your anxiety. What loss do you fear? 

Position Three - Inferiority: When do I most lack confidence? Here you will discover your inferiority. What does position three represent in your life? What event or situation from the past may have caused this shadow to grow? Did your parents play a role in this feeling?

Position Four - Anger: What qualities do I most dislike or have the most difficulty dealing with? The answer is the key to discovering your anger and/or rage. Anger is fear in disguise and you may find yourself most uncomfortable with position four. 

Position Five - Secrecy: What do I rarely talk about with others? What are my secrets and my family secrets? What do you fear people will find out about you? What is your deepest, darkest secret? Would your life change? What from your past are you trying to hide, if anything? What secret does your shadow reveal?

Position Six - Self-Loathing: When I am most dissatisfied with myself? What do I need to discover? Did anything in childhood teach you to dislike parts of yourself? How often do you think/speak of yourself in a negative manner? 

In the book, there is an appendix that lists the concepts associated with the shadow aspect of each card, but referring to the card’s reversed meaning offers very similar elaborations. 

Keep reading if you’d like to see how my spread went with the Animalis Os Fortuna deck, which did a wonderful job by the way.  

Keep reading

PLL things we don't talk about

So Charlotte escaped prison after killing Wilden pretty much because Holbrook (and maybe officer Barry) helped her..

Holbrook was also randomly seen kissing Ali which strongly suggested he was helping/ working with both of them.

Now nobody mentions him even though he seemed so suspicious and that he had a par with Ali.. Maybe even Charlotte too..

He could’ve been that beach hottie dude PLL never brings up anymore.. Even though he probably knew Ali and Charlotte and might be uber A.

Also remember Eddie lamb? He disappeared out of nowhere and it seems like it was because he knew too much about Radley.. About Bethany and maybe about Charlotte.. And he was suspicious about Wren and we have no clue why.. We were so worried about eddies whereabouts that we thought he might be dead in a barrel… 5 years later no explanation lol. There’s also the whole thing about Ali and Sara both lying about being kidnapped…

Applications for ALL THREE CLANS are CLOSED:


“A group of rogues has been rising in the suburbs near the clans’ territories. Their arrival is slowly threatening to change clan life forever. As a collection of kittypets, loners, and rogues, this group is large and ever changing. It frequently adopts smaller groups, and even forces others to join. Older members are given seniority, all reporting to the top boss, Moon. He rules with iron claws and provides unwavering leadership. It has been rumored that he has been blessed with limited omnipotent powers as he often knows more about other rival groups than a normal cat should. The group has been around for a long time with many names and numbers. Traveling with such large numbers can be challenging, however, and Moon’s plan to overthrow the three clans and seize their territories seems like the best future, though some members are suspicious of their leader’s true motivations. Many rogues have joined this group out of necessity or circumstance rather than free will. Some of those that did join of their own volition did so because the previous leader Gretel who was benevolent and kind. Gretel died in battle about twelve moons ago and her vicious subordinate Moon has been ruling ever since.”

Your character is a member in this group of rogues. You are unhappy with or on the fence about the current leadership and the direction things are going, for whatever reasons you choose. However they dare not speak up about it in fear of being killed by their superiors. Your character can be from any background besides clan and have any rogue or kittypet name. Your cat must be at least twelve moons old. Your cats can NOT be declawed, nor can they be spayed or neutered. Your cat must be fit for clan life as they will end up becoming permanent members.

How to apply: 

It’s the one year anniversary and we’re opening all the clans with a bunch of slots! You can apply for any of the three clans- Jaggedclan / Creekclan / Nettleclan -but you can only apply to one. 

A newly added opportunity allows members who are already part of the roleplay to apply to another clan of their choice. Please note that there are very few slots open for current members. 

The age limit for applying has been raised to 15 years. If you are under this age but turn 15 in the near future, and still want to apply, please add this information in your application. Do not lie about your age, we will know if you do and you will be disqualified. 

Before you apply you have to read our Rules and About pages. 

Your cat has to be twelve (12) moons or older, but we advice you to be open to changing this later on to better fit the RP. 
You, the roleplayer, as mentioned above, need to be 15+ years old. 
Keep in mind that this is a Skype based RP, which means you need a Skype account to join. 
If you do not think you will be able to handle interacting with many different people on a day to day basis, or you feel that you cannot handle high stress in-game events, please reconsider applying for your own mental health.
We also expect you to be active, so you’ll need to be on daily/semi-daily.

>>Apply here if you’ve read everything!

Applications close on February 1st! 

II. The New Girl

Imagine: Can you do an imagine where the reader just moved to beacon hills and she is super shy and nerdy and everyone thinks she’s really sweet and stuff but she is also really sarcastic. And one night she gets bitten by an alpha but she doesn’t have anyone to be her anchor so she is her own anchor and like maybe the pack finds out about her when she joins the lacrosse team. And so they get her to join the pack and Isaac becomes her anchor? 


 Part 1 Part 2

 The bite mark is gone the next morning. You double check as you pull the makeshift bandage off of it, but there’s nothing there. Not even a scar. 

Had it been a dream after all? Maybe being out in the rain that long had made you see things? 

 No it had to have been real, you decide. 

 You try to act normal in school, but Isaac seems to notice something’s up. He doesn’t outright say it, but you notice the worried glances he gives you all through English. 

 For the most part you ignore Isaac through first period; how do you explain something like this? And you’d only known him one day- you can’t really drop the oh-hey-I-was-bitten-by-a-creepy-guy-with-glowing-red-eyes-and-fangs bomb on someone you’ve known for a day. 

 He’d probably think you’re insane. Okay maybe you actually are, but that’s not the point. The point is you probably shouldn’t drag someone into this craziness.

 Isaac doesn’t seem to have the same idea though. By lunch time he’s managed to somehow get your number and send you not one, not two, but seven texts asking what’s wrong and if you’re okay. 

 Lunch was when the Spanish Inquisition began. Isaac’s friends seemed worried too, though one of the girls, Malia, seemed more suspicious than concerned for you. It made you uncomfortable, like somehow she knew something.


 That night was terrible. You couldn’t sleep again, and couldn’t stop tossing and turning. Eventually you just gave up on sleep, moving to sit by your window and watch the night sky. It was a full moon tonight; normally you loved doing this when you couldn’t sleep, but tonight was different. You were feeling more agitated for some reason. 

 As you were sitting there, you suddenly felt a sharp pain in your mouth. Immediately your hand went up to the spot that was hurting, and it came away with blood. 

 Eyes widening, you bolt for your bathroom, skidding to a stop in front of the mirror. What you see throws you a bit; fangs. Just like the crazy runner guy from yesterday. 

 "What the hell.“ you whisper to your horrified self in the mirror. And if that wasn’t bad enough, your eyes keep flickering from their normal color to a bright, glowing yellow. It was terrifying to say the least. 

 You could feel your heart rate going haywire too, and with it, your control. Your eyes are now staying yellow, your natural eye color gone, and you find yourself…slipping. Almost like you’re losing control of your body. 

 You have to keep holding your breath, centering yourself. Easier said than done. It feels like you’re trying to meditate while someone else is fighting against it inside of you, and the second you give in and stop focusing you start to lose control of yourself. 

 After awhile you end up sitting on the floor of your bathroom, unable to move back into your bedroom for fear of losing concentration. 

 You sit there all night, completely still and silent, pushing all of your thoughts away and keeping your mind clear. 

 Eventually you feel- rather than see because your eyes are still firmly shut- the claws and fangs retract back to normal. You slowly open your eyes and stand again, looking in the mirror to see a normal reflection staring back at you. 

 "I did it.” you think to yourself in satisfaction. Whatever “that” was. 

 Your smugness is wiped away when you look at the time displayed on you phone though; it’s already 6:00 am. You have to start getting ready for school.

 "Or,“ you think to yourself, "I could just stay home and fake being sick." 


 An hour later and a lot of worried looks from your mom, you are home alone. You’re just getting ready to fall asleep, finally, when the doorbell rings. You groan loudly and run downstairs to get it, figuring your mom had probably forgotten her keys or something. 

 Not at all. 

 Isaac was outside your door. So yawning, you unlock and open the front door, starting with a, "What the hell are you doing at my house?" 

 He doesn’t answer though, just stares at you like he’s searching for something.  

What? You hadn’t forgotten to put on clothes or anything before answering the door; yoga pants and a tank top are about as normal looking as you can get. So what? 

 Also, another important question; how the hell had he known where you live? You hadn’t told him. Just as you’re about to slam the door rudely in his face an just go back to bed, Isaac speaks up. "I know what happened to you last night.”  

You raise an eyebrow. “Were you stalking me or something?" 

 His eyes widen a bit, backtracking. "No that’s not what I meant-" 

 You interrupt him, just wanting to know so you can go to sleep already. "Okay, what happened?" 

 "You- look can I come in? This isn’t really a conversation you have with someone on a porch." 

 You sigh and gesture for him to step inside, opening the door wider so Isaac can get in. You then gesture for him to follow you, leading him to the family room and taking a seat on the couch. Your legs cross under you and you lean back, trying not to fall asleep right there. That would be rather embarrassing. 

"Okay, so talk." 

 (A/n: Oh my gosh this is so long so freaking long and I’m STILL not done with the prompt like I have no idea why I can’t shorten it. So the prompt is going to probably remain unfinished, because this just ended up turning into a novel. Sorry about that.)