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Lexicography job essentially pays a living wage (for me, I guess it’d depend on how fast you write, but it’s very good pay per article regardless) and I’m flabbergasted because I’ve never earned a living wage in my whole life

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Hey! Anons, be nice! It's not YOUR blog! The owner of a blog can put whatever they want to on it! I love this event! It's entertaining! And the owner of the blog seems to like it as well! So back off, jerks!


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2ps (allies or axis, flip a coin) with a 12 y/o daughter who suddenly became very destructive towards herself and others (especially at scholl) and they often get phone calls abt her and even gotten in school restriction along with just refusing to go to school and she just seems so... off? When confronted she breaks down and confesses, she's getting bullied to no end. People rain trash over her, spread rumours, lowkey beat her. This is the situation I was in that age lmao

Aww, I hope your in a better place now lad.

Time for some payback: Immediately they go into protective parent mode, of course now they have a few people to visit. They will never again lay a hand on their daughter.

2P! America, 2P! Canada, 2P! Germany, 2P! Italy, 2P! China and 2P! Japan

Goes into the school to speak with the teachers: First they will go and talk to the teachers and if that doesn’t work, well then their daughter will be moving school. (Lowky breaks into the other school and trash’s it, real bad.)

2P! Prussia, 2P! England, 2P! Russia and 2P! S.Italy

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Koreaboos are so gross. My bf is 75% Chinese 25% Korean and they come over and try to talk to him in their butchered Korean and when he goes no I'm Chinese I speak Mandarin they go off about how he's way too handsome to be Chinese? And when he says he has a gf they see that I'm white and they start going on (to HIM) about how nice it is to see 'Koreans' actually dating white girls and start fetishising our future kids. And one even said to a friend 'look how pretty "this one" is and he's "a mix"

I think one of the most flooring attributes of really bad Koreaboos is the downright willingness to dehumanize someone to their fucking face. Boy I hope you and your boyfriend literally just start being rude to them because it seems like that’s the only way to ward them off (so I’ve heard)… Like I’m truly speechless that they would say that to ya’lls faces??????

Also…I’m not even going to start on the outright and blatant racism that he’s ‘too handsome to be Chinese’…….bruh….I’m….

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Blocked 10 out of 10 blogs following me the last couple days. All porn. It’s become a full time endeavor to keep them from following.

Seriously, I have never posted porn, never will post porn. Am not a “sissy” and dont “want to be a girl”.

I’m not in it for a sexual fetish like you seem to be, so piss off.


                                                              for better for worse,
                                                              for richer for poorer,
                                                         in sickness and in health,
                                                            ‘til death do us part.

thERE HE IS, floofy golden werewolf boy )v)

shoutout to @toastycyborg for her awesome skyrim/opm crossover, i inspired this design on her genos aH! i hope you don’t mind it <3

Can I ask why everyone thinks that Azula is Zuko’s little sister?

Because unless it was stated somewhere that Azula is 14 in the show, I’m kind of leaning towards her being older than Zuko. And I do actually have a few reasons for thinking this. 

1. It was stated by Ozai in the episode Zuko Alone that Azula was named after her grandfather Azulon

And usually, it is the first born child that is named after a grandparent or parent. And if Zuko was the first born why wouldn’t he be named Azulon? (And I know some of you are thinking, uh duh, because Ozai hated Zuko) But Zuko would have been a newborn baby, there was no way for Ozai to know he would dislike Zuko and thus save the name for his second child. That doesn’t make sense.

2. Now, this might seem off point but stay with me here. So you guys remember Tom-Tom? 

Yeah, Mai’s little brother. We know that he is 2 years old, and then later in the show, it is said that Mai is fifteen years older than her brother. Making Mai 17. And I just always assumed that Azula would be around her friend’s age. She is the same size and looks no younger than Mai. 

Of course, that is more my opinion than fact, but I still feel that Azula would be close to Mai’s age. And she can’t be sixteen because we all know that Zuko is sixteen, so unless they are twins, that can’t be. 

And we do in fact know that Zuko is sixteen because even though that was never said outright, when Zuko confronted his father he said “My father, who challenged me a thirteen-year-old boy, to an Agni Kai,”

 And in the first season, while yelling at Zhao, Zuko says, “I’ve been searching for the Avatar for three years now,” 

Proving to us that Zuko is sixteen. Meaning that if Azula is older she would have to be at least 17 if not older. 

3. Now, this is more my opinion again. But throughout the whole show Azula refers to Zuko as ‘Zuzu’, and I feel like that is something an older sibling would do rather than a younger. 

Of course, we’re talking about Azula here. So really she is probably doing this just to get under Zuko’s skin, and to make him feel inferior because we all know she is a huge manipulator. 

4. Okay, now this is the one that always had me thinking that Azula was the older sibling. So like I said before we know Zuko was 13 when his father burned and banished him. 

This is what Zuko looked like at thirteen. And he does look a lot younger. You can tell this was years ago. 

Now, look at Azula in the crowd watching. 

She looks almost the exact same. Zuko is clearly younger in this flashback, but Azula looks fully grown, and that was three years ago

And as a kid watching the show, that proved to me that she was the older sibling. And up until recently I still thought that. But now I am seeing all these posts about Azula being a 14yo. Which, is of course freakin awesome, because that means she was that cunning and evil at just 14

But it took away a lot of the aspects of her that made me really fear Azula as a character. 

As an older sibling myself, I found it really cruel and scary that Azula would hunt down and try to kill her little brother. (It is horrible whether she is younger or older) but it hit me harder thinking that she was going after a younger sibling rather than an older. 

If you are an older sibling than you know even if you don’t get along with your younger sibs, you still feel protective and want them to strive. And so the fact that Azula was always so cruel towards Zuko made her seem more evil to me. 

She also always knew how to manipulate and push Zuko’s buttons. And I always felt that for Zuko that would be a scary and uncomfortable thing to deal with. And if Azula is older, then there would be that want to impress her in some ways, and feeling less than her in other ways. Making him even easier to manipulate. 

And that was a main part of why I found Azula so evil. Because she should have felt protective towards her brother, but to her, everything was just striving towards power, it showed that she really didn’t have a lot of humanity in her. And I think that point was shown in her breakdown. 

And not only did this make Azula seem even crueler as a character to me. But it made Zuko’s choices more clear as well. 

If Azula is older, Zuko would still want to impress her. Just like he strived to impress his father. Maybe he didn’t want her love. But he would want her respect. And as a younger sibling, I can see him trying to also achieve this. He would feel that he had more to prove. 

And to me, this showed even more character in Zuko when he did leave everything behind. Because he knew that he would be leaving his sister and father behind (not that he cared about their love at this point) but I think that must have been a terrifying thing to do on his part. Because now he will be on the opposite side again. And even if Zuko didn’t think he would be facing his father again, I bet you he knew he would be facing his manipulative sister again.

And it would have been much easier for him to just leave it be, or to even just go hide somewhere where he wouldn’t be found. Because facing Azula again and again would be hard, especially when she knew right where to hit him to make it really hurt.   

And that is why the last Agni Kai felt like the final step for Zuko in redeeming himself. (At least for me) Because he was standing up to someone that must have been scary for him to face, he was putting it to an end, and it a way saying ‘I don’t need to bow down or be scared of you’, because at this point Azula probably didn’t seem as scary to Zuko as she had always seemed while growing up. 

So Azula being the the older sibling not only made her seem eviler, in my opinion, it made Zuko seem even braver. 

So unless proven otherwise, I think I’ll stick to my headcanons.


Favorite Cow Chop Videos: Ice Cream Brownie Disaster

god honestly i am not about this fucking estranging archie from jughead more and more every single fucking episode like why is betty the only one ever comforting him and vice versa. every scene jughead and archie have together now lasts no longer than 30 seconds. it’s like all of a sudden they’re the only two people who exist to each other and it’s so forced and what about archie and jughead’s friendship?? betty and archie? betty and veronica? i miss all of them being friends with each other especially jarchie as it should be and all i’m seeing now all the time is just betty and jughead in scenes together in a forced bs romance and i’m getting sick of it so fast


this made me smile :)

  • Me, who has never read Ava's Demon: why do these people have storage rooms in their torsos

You are the dancing queen, 

who replaces spleens, 

dominating the DDR machine.