it seems like the more I make the more people ask me to make

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Hello there! I was wondering how you differentiate "masculine" from "feminine" in your art. I apologize for the question it's just that I was recently made fun of for my art and.. I'm not sure really!

I’m not sure what you mean by differentiating…like if I consciously decide to give certain characters more masculine vs more feminine features / how I determine what is masc and what is fem? I don’t really think too hard about it…I try to make all my characters a balance of both so there’s no point trying to draw lines. I’m not totally sure what you wanted to ask…but when I was in hs I used to be made fun of for drawing male characters “too feminine” and female characters “too mannish” and ofc being a sensitive teenager at the time I was confused about if I had to make my male characters more stereotypically masculine or something. But then I quickly decided that’s boring for me, and that the people who made fun of me were just being assholes, so I just kept drawing however I wanted to. If you’re having a similar issue that’s the approach I’d recommend.

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Out of the 6 directors we have for DCCU two are moc and one is a woman and I love it!!! Let's hope there is more and more diversity in the future

Honestly this directing team feels like an incredible miracle to me, they are all so obviously talented, but it’s revolutionary to do all these movies and not give the credits to a corral of white dudebros. It makes for an atmosphere in which we can feel comfortable asking for more and more diversity in front of AND behind the camera. We can keep raising that bar, and we should.

This feels so true to the mission to me, really. Superheroes weren’t created to make the people at the top feel powerful and affirm the status quo, they were meant to advocate for the marginalized and oppressed. It seems to me that that mission statement should be reflected in your hiring practices, too.

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How often would you say you get commissions? (BTW I love everything you do.... in a friendly platonic non-creepy way)

Aaaww, thanks!  I get commissions, I dunno…not too frequently tbh.  Especially when it comes to animation, people start bargaining and then the prices turn out to be too much for them and it doesn’t happen.  

Maybe like two or three a month?

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Can you explain Dying To Know? Who is it about??

I got two different asks about Dying To Know and I don’t know if it’s the same person asking or two different people, but I’ll just answer it here. 

This is an interesting one. Let me begin by saying that the first time I heard this song I immediately thought it was about Lindsey. However, from what we know, Tegan broke up with her, and some of the lyrics make it sound like it was the other way around. 

I think the song contradicts itself several times, thus the confusion. For example, “Why’d you let me go? I’m thinking I was the only one. You know I loved you more than I loved anyone.” I always think that this song would make more sense if Lindsey had written it. Tegan is the one who broke up with her and started dating another girl almost immediately. It seems strange that she’d say, “Is the one you ended up with everything you wanted?” 

However, there’s this part where Tegan says “Hit me back, ‘cause you owe me that.” That, for me, is a clear indication that this song is about Lindsey. I don’t know the whole story and I don’t know why Tegan broke up with her. All I know is that I remember Lindsey’s tweets and posts at the time and she was clearly heartbroken and pissed. She didn’t mention T&S for months. Eventually, she started to talk about them again and started showing up at T&S events again. I think Tegan feels somewhat guilty of what she did to her (That Girl is also about this guilt and shitty behavior). 

That being said, Tegan was also pretty sad. She didn’t appear on social media for months after the breakup, and she looked miserable in pretty much every selfie she posted. She also lost a lot of weight, and her behavior on stage was just strange, in general. This makes me think Dying To Know is a reflection on how this break up affected her and how she still thinks about Lindsey from time to time. “You’ve been on my mind again. I’ve been crying to all my friends.” //Do you ever think about me at all?” // “Your face makes it hard to move on.”

I must mention that even if Dying To Know is technically a Tegan song, Sara co-wrote it. I’m not sure what part she wrote, but they’ve both said that it is the one song that was truly a collaboration. So that would explain why some parts of the song don’t relate to Tegan’s story with Lindsey. 

i’ll title this later i guess fml

WIDOWMAKER AND REAPER HAVE A FRIENDLY CHAT BECAUSE GABRIEL REYES IS MY SON AND I MUST MAKE EVERY SINGLE THING ABOUT HIM i tried to make this more about widowmaker than him but idk if i succeeded i just love him so much

background widowtracer hehehehe but my widowtracer is exactly like my reaper76 which is to say it’s barely noticeable because i’m aro/ace how do i attraction someone help me

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I noticed that Sabrina is much more popular than Rowan which i don't really understand? I mean I'm mainly going by socialmedia where Sabrina has a significant amount of followers more than Rowan which was disappointing bc Rowan is the lead & it seems like she's under appreciated? And I wonder if that's bc she's so outspoken and bc of her activism which makes it worse. Also I'm disappointed in Sabrina for never being brave enough to speak out on things just to protect her image. Kinda cowardly.


I love Rowan and I as a 20 something adult RESPECT HER SO MUCH. She is a great role model for younger teens and kids. And her speaking out it great. And I know people don’t like her cause they don’t like Riley. (Which btw makes NO sense). But Sabrina seems pretty chill af ngl. And Sabrina seems like a nice person. But if there is info I don’t know about her please inform me, but I think it is pretty ignorant of a statement to say your disappointing in her for not saying something atm with the drama with Uriah. AGAIN if there is info I do not know please PLEASE inform me, cause that could be my ignorance as I honestly don’t keep up with the cast that much. But there could be many reasons she isn’t speaking in general about this topics, she could be uneducated and doesn’t want to get into something she is uneducated about, her PR people could be all over to not say anything period, or she could just be choosing not to because shes 17, a lot of ppl at that age don’t know about issues or are JUST NOW educating themselves. I didn’t know a lot about these things until that age and I myself DEFINITELY did not know about checking your privilege until I was 19. 

Rowan is an amazing exception to this rule. This girl is extremely educated and is woke af. She is constantly showing support and that is great! BEYOND great! 

But until Sabrina says something, don’t just assume and throw her under the bus, because WE DONT KNOW.

 Also, please don’t try and compare two different girls, that’s not fair tbh, especially considering as you said, you were going off of social media info. Because reality is NONE of us know these ppl.

 ONCE AGAIN, if there is info you know and I don’t PLEASE inform me, that could be my ignorance on the actors.

But this shit with Uriah, he’s 19, a grown ass adult technically, he should KNOW BETTER. PERIOD. He is so ignorant and so unwilling to educate himself. That is his down fall. Because when your cast mate is a black kid, and a 12 yr old calls you out, and you STILL act like you didn’t do nothing wrong, thats is pure ignorance and he’s grown enough to know better.

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I'm an intj and my bf is an esfp, and I kind of noticed that even though I'm an introvert and he's an extrovert, I'm usually more up to go hang out with close friends for hours while he likes spending days just chilling alone at home? Is this weird?? Like Does this make sense or do you think that he could possibly be an isfp and that I could be an entj, or are these traits not really relevant to our types

tbh ESFPs can be pretty introverted at times.

ESFPs are a type that doesn’t necessarily have to be around too many people in order to get stimulation, since Se can be activated in both contexts. I know a lot of ESFPs that are less outgoing than other extroverts. Of course, this doesn’t necessarily mean all ESFPs are like this.

Tbh, I couldn’t say what your types are for sure, but you probably aren’t mistyped at least from this description. MBTI has a very different definition of extroversion than the typical “outgoing” or “not outgoing” (i couldn’t think of another word lol) since it goes by dominant function, and for the Te-Fi types, I find, the lines become very blurred.

you know what will never not bother me? people asking how many muses you play and if it’s more than like 2 then they’re like “wow!!11!1! so many!!1!” and then making it seem like you’re strange for it ????? i don’t get it. stop treating ppl weird if you feel as though they play more muses than the average rper does. it’s 0% ur business. stop making muns feel weird for having enough inspiration and drive to keep multiple muses active. especially bc deadass,,,, they probably didn’t ask for your opinion on how many muses they have and now u made shit weird for them. maybe they require a bigger escape from irl than u do or maybe they don’t like having idle hands. u don’t know. also i don’t know why u would want to discourage harmless creativity and i want it to stop Right Now. 

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I get so self-conscious abotu girls. Every girl I see I ask myself if she's cute or not and it makes me nervous. And the more girls I don't find hot the more I doubt myself and my sexuality. Of course I don't do the same thing with guys and I might not even find 1% of the male population attractive. But if I don't at least find 1% of the girls attractive I freak out because I think this means I am not bi enough. I don't know how to stop thinking like that. (3/3)

What you’re feeling is quite normal and sadly common among bisexual people, though that probably doesn’t make it any easier for you.. 
Take a deep breath, it’s going to be okay, I know it doesn’t seem that way right now because you’re confused, conflicted and unsure of things but I want you to know that it’s okay to feel that way.
It’s going to take time, and you shouldn’t push yourself or force yourself to do or feel something you don’t want to, you don’t need anyone else to validate your sexuality, only yourself. And if that takes a month or a year it’s okay!
Groups aren’t for everyone, and sometimes it’s better to figure things out on your own. There’s no shame in doing it your own way, and there’s no shame in taking things at your own pace.
It already sounds like you understand your problems, so really it’s just a matter of time, it’s going to be okay! ^^
With love,

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do you know why mercury never promoted dont stop on any music shows ? it makes me sad

Because they’re a not popular group that doesn’t fall under a big company, so they depend a lot on their producer, sponsors, and fans. A lot of small groups debut and can make MVs or even entire albums, while never making it to music shows.

I’m a bit shocked people didn’t know this right away, like also those in youtube comments? I’m sorry if that sounded rude, but I honestly never would’ve imagined this assumption existed of smaller groups. Huh.

Anyway, the short answer is that there’s not enough money or popularity for it.

Perhaps such promoting could happen some day, but I’m not sure since their concept is pretty different (more dancing-based, EDM music) from other groups, but at the very least they’ll probably get more opportunities in the near future. That cooking show and these little interviews seemed pretty promising for their progress.

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fandom meme: M,N,O

M-Say something genuinely nice about a ship that you don’t ship (or its shippers, or anything related to you).

Most of the Whamilton shippers I’ve met seem to be genuinely cool people, and make me wish I wrote it so I could be better friends with them.

N-Name three things you wish you saw more or in your main fandom (or a fandom of choice)

1. Canon-era gen.

2. More fic with Angelica Schuyler as the main character.

3. This is going to make me seem like an asshole, but. Nuance. It’s a larger problem within fandom generally, but I find that people get caught up in one or two interpretations of a character, which then become the Only Correct Ones, and I have no time for that. I’ll leave the female characters out of this entirely for now because that’s a quagmire and use Washington as an example. There are two, maybe three interpretations of him that I see often in fandom: Saint Washingdad the Pure; Washington the Problematic, Irredeemable Villain, and Washington the object of power fantasy; all of them have some validity and all of them end up being very flat a lot of the time.

O-”The Great Escape” by Woodkid has a very Gay Trio vibe to me.

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I know right, I'm so happy niall seems to be getting more support than hate, but it just makes it more annoying how nasty people are about harry. I've already seen some stuff that's pissing me off, like niall is less shallow than Harry because he's dating a law student instead of a model, like what kind of dehumanizing, misogynistic bullshit. And people wonder why Harry is as private as he is

you’d think a fandom that’s mainly composed of women would be less misogynistic and yet…..

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Not sure when I stumbled on your blog, but god I'm glad I did! You make amazing gifs and have so many good posts of beautiful taehyung. You seem like a really really nice person, which made me more certain to keep on following your blog :) your selfies are so cute and always make me more happy when I see one in my dash! keep up the amazing blog!

AWWWWW JHDBFHJSDBFHJD YOU’RE REALLY TOO SWEET <33333 thank u for liking my blog omg and for being a literal angel <3333

Anonymous said: When I first followed you it was because 1, “justonetae” was fucking adorable, and 2, my bias when I first starting to get into BTS was Taehyung. He’s not anymore but now I’m following for the person behind the cuteness c: <333

AW IM GLAD YOU LIKED MY URL ugh sometimes i have second thoughts about changing it ahaha but what’s done is done!! AND AW THANK U <3

anonymously tell me why you follow me