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A Problem He Can’t Fix

Title: A Problem He Can’t Fix

 Prompt: @the-factorie: Hi! Don’t know if this idea has hit you already but imagine having to explain “lady problems” to Cas, especially if Cas has already talked to Dean about it and Dean just happened to mention horrible pain, tears and heavy bleeding… Hope you have a wonderful day! <3

 Summary: Castiel has noticed something is wrong with Sarah. She seems to be experiencing pain and discomfort, but he never would have realized the real reason behind it, until Dean finally explained it to him.

 Warnings: Talks of Menstruation Cycles and it’s symptoms.

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Castiel was naïve in many ways when it came to humanity.  Sometimes he didn’t understand the social structures, why certain behaviors were deemed acceptable while others were not.  But it was okay, he had friends to help him out when he got confused. Friends like Dean Winchester.


Dean didn’t know that by befriending the wayward angel that he would become a teacher of everything human.  He didn’t know he would have to spend almost an hour every other day to explain day to day occurrences, why they were significant, or why some weren’t.  Dean would always put on an air of annoyance on those days, but secretly, he enjoyed being able to help Castiel.  It made him feel like a good friend.

But sometimes, an explanation just isn’t enough.  Sometimes an explanation of Dean’s is just vague enough that instead of answering the original question, it brings up twenty more.  And this lesson was learned one fall afternoon as the Winchesters, their angel, and Sarah (a fellow hunter and friend) relaxed at the bunker.

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I’m not sure about us, Brendan Gallagher (Requested)

It was hard, a lot harder than you had first expected. You had thought you’d be able to see him every weekend and that phone and Skype would be enough, but it wasn’t. 

It had been 3 months since you’d seen Brendan. Every time you had planned to go out to him for a weekend something always came up, school, work, practice, family, friends, it just never seemed to work. You felt defeated, like maybe it was some sign from above that you and Brendan weren’t meant for each other. 

You didn’t want to believe it. You had loved Brendan with all of your heart, he was your perfect someone, but all of this added stress to your relationship made you second guess everything. Was he cheating on you? Was he falling out of love with you? Was he even thinking about you? Was it smart to wait for him? Could you leave him? 

You let out a sigh, reaching for your phone that was vibrating on the nightstand of your bed. It was Brendan. “Hey babe.” You knew he could probably hear the hesitation in your voice even though you tried your best to hide it. 

“Is everything okay, y/n?” You heard the concern in his voice, you instantly felt sorry, you knew that all of this effected Brendan too, that you were both going through the same thing. 

“Yeah, just a lot of stress.” You sighed, “I miss you a lot, Bren. All of this is so much harder than I thought, I feel like I never see you and it fucking sucks.” 

You heard Brendan sigh on the other side of the phone, “I know, I’m really sorry. I should be able to come out next weekend.” 

“You said that last weekend.” You sighed, irritated, not at Brendan, but at your whole situation.

“I know, y/n, it will happen though, I promise.” He paused, silence filling the air. “I love you, y/n, you do know that, right?”

You sighed, rubbing your face with your free hand, “Maybe we’re not meant to be together.” You whispered out. You heard Brendan take in a gulp of air, like he was shocked and hurt. “I love you, Bren, but this is hard. I hate coming home every day to an empty house, I hate seeing a bunch of couples on Instagram together, I hate that I can’t kiss you whenever I want or touch you or anything. I love you, Brendan, so much but I hate this relationship, I can’t do it, I can’t.” A tear fell from your cheek, you heard a loud grunt and something shatter on the other end of the telephone. 

“Y/N.” You knew he was crying, not a lot, but you could hear his voice shake, “I love you, don’t do this. I know that it’s hard, we’re both going through this and I hate it as much as you, but I love you more than anything in this god damn world, okay? I’d give up everything for you, okay? If you really can’t handle this long distance I’ll come home, I’ll buy the first ticket out there and be with you.” He pleaded, “Baby.” 

“Bren, don’t do that.” You sighed, wiping the tears away, “Finish up this week and come out next weekend. We’ll figure all this out, we’ll take all the time we need.” You breathed slowly, fighting the urge to breakdown, “I’m going to go to sleep, I love you and I’m sorry.” 

“Don’t be sorry, I love you, y/n. I’ll talk to you, tomorrow.” He said, hanging up the phone. You placed your phone on the night stand and dozed off. 

You slowly opened your eyes, the sun shining in your room. You heard music coming from the kitchen and the smell of pancakes filled the air. Tears automatically filled your eyes, you heard Brendan singing along to an Elvis song and your heart broke. 

You could never leave him. You slowly walked out of the bedroom and saw Brendan standing in his boxers and a no shirt, cooking breakfast and dancing around. This is who you fell in love with, this dorky man who knew the way to your heart. He saw you leaning against the doorway, a smile across your face, tears filling your eyes. 

“Baby.” He said and you immediately ran over to him, he embraced you, picking you up and spinning you, your legs wrapped around his body. “I love you, y/n. Don’t forget that, okay.”

“I love you too, Bren. I’m sorry for doubting us, it was just so stressful.” You kissed him, smelled him, squeezed him, “I never want to stop touching you.” You laughed, kissing his soft lips again. 

“I’m never going to put you down.” He smiled, spinning you around another time, “But I may have to because the pancakes will burn.” He laughed, sitting you to your feet. He made his way to the stove and flipped the pancakes. You followed him, wrapping your arms around his back.

“I love you, Brendan Gallagher.”

“I love you too, Y/N.” 

littleplebe replied to your post “How do you find the time and inspiration to write so much???? It’s…”

*hugs* That’s exactly how I feel. But have you tried writing something original? Like, going on a fan fiction hiatus and churning out something different? Because you’re talented and really good at what you do, so maybe if you set your mind to it, you COULD write something bankable. I bet you totally could. <3

I self published a thing back in October. :P  It’s the first of three parts.  And it did alright, but I can’t seem to get myself motivated to write the second or third parts.  

Ask @thestarfishdancer, who is an awesome cheerleader and is waiting very patiently for my second part so she can work her editing magic.  <3  I’m incourrigibly ridiculous about writing this thing.  :P  

Anonymous requested: Could you write Penny walking in Sheldon and Amy “making out so hard” after last episode?

Amy liked the feeling of Sheldon’s hands running through her hair.  She assumed that he would be upset about her leaving it wavy, but he seemed to be touching it a lot since she made the change.  Obviously she loved the feeling of his lips on hers and the feeling of his arm around her. It seemed impossible that less than a year ago, he was with her on this same couch barely paying attention to her while they kissed.  He was so present now.

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