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So what is Uta relationship with Donato especially since technically both of them have the clone ability ? It feels like they are Father and son ,but it doesn't feel right like I don't know maybe anyone can clone himself ? What is your opinion about this.

I don’t think that we have any clear indication that Uta can clone himself. I think people are jumping on that a little too quickly. It seems like its saying Uta lost a piercing and Donato lost a finger, but they didn’t necessarily serve the same purpose.

And all of Uta’s lines are about how he wants to stay involved in the middle of things instead of staying on the edges, and how he likes to be right there at the moment a person changes, especially when it poses a potential risk to him. Which would be weird if he wasn’t actually the one fighting. 

Remember, Uta had his tongue pierced and he just had a run in with a really unstable Mutsuki who was slicing the shit out of his face and has a record of removing tongues. 

It’s also possible that Uta gets a piercing every time a specific thing happens, as a commemoration. That’s a fairly standard trope for heavily pierced and tattooed characters.

I think Uta’s abilities are his morphing his face and body; incredible strength, stamina, and regeneration; and a great supply of RC cells and imagination.

But who knows what else he might have in store. Maybe he can create clones or control people (another theory people are floating) or whatever, though I don’t really know why his piercings would be involved in either, as ghoul’s abilities come from their kagune and i don’t see why pieces of his kagune being used as piercing would have anything to do with their later ability to be used as clones or mind control.

Kagune as having the ability to control people’s minds, of course, is something that has already been hinted at with what Eto did to Karren, so it’s not out of the question that kagune mind control was involved somehow in this plot. But again, it seems weird that Uta’s piercings would be involved that way.

Without really knowing anything about how kagune actually work its quite hard to say how likely it is that two people could have that ability. We know there is some genetics involved in kagune, but there also appears to be quite a lot of room for thoughts and feelings, as well as mutation, in their ultimate appearance and function. And we know a bunch of different ghouls can do things like detachment.

As for Uta and Donato’s relationship, I’m as desperate for more information as anyone, anon.

Uta has at least two references to Donato in his tattoos

and they seem to share a fondness for munching on eyes.

Given the timeline information we have, Donato would have been captured when Uta was a young teen. But whatever happened before that, or since - seeing as Uta was still referring to Donato as the boss of the clowns while the latter was imprisoned, we just don’t know.

I don’t see any real reason to think they are biologically father and son, but it’s certainly possible Donato had an influence on Uta when Uta was young. 

This arc has its fair share of Father-Son stuff going on, though, so who knows. It’d certainly be interesting, considering Donato certainly doesn’t seem to see Uta the same way he does his adopted son Amon. 

But it seems like a stretch at this point.

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I guess I have a question because it seems to be something that's popped up on here, but is 'obsessing' about boys an actual thing with compulsive het? Like I would have these 'crushes' on guys for long periods of time, but like ultimately could never picture being with them in any way or wanting any future with them? And if they did like me back I'd lose interest? But I guess is the 'obsessing' thing something that other people experience? Its the one thing that makes IDing as a lesbian hard?

It is a thing for sure, and it’s definitely one of those things that can make realizing you’re a lesbian hard! 

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i saw the sub last night and the ending really struck me in a way that it didn't before because it seems like the final resolution for the plana is that they have to come to terms with living in the world as it is. it's an interesting contrast to the way that the narrative ultimately rewards seto and, to borrow your phrase, gives him a bit of a wish fulfillment ending. what do you think?

It’s kind of a heady question, trying to puzzle out the meaning of this contrast on top of an ending that’s already highly up to interpretation. As such these are just my thoughts on it, my own interpretation. It’s by no means definitive and everyone is entitled to their own take.

On a practical level, I think Kaiba’s technology came to match the magic of the Plana: both were powered by a collective of the human conscious. Diva informs us the Plana-bearers function on a more intense level of consciousness; however Kaiba would’ve had a larger pool of people within the consciousness his technology utilized. There’s clearly a link between the pod in Transcend Game and the pod at the end of the film, and in both cases we see a petite hologram earth tracking a collection of neural signals. This is the collective consciousness powering Seto’s technology. Thus he’s gained a parallel to the magic of the Plana. The film informs us Seto has possession of the Cube, though the exact location of the Cube is kept vague. But I think Seto’s unique tie to the Millennium Items along with his technology allowed him to master the Cube. He is one of the “chosen ones,” and he doesn’t even need the Plana.

But I think what you’re really interested in is the metaphorical aspect in the juxtaposition between the fall of the Plana and the gift Seto’s given. Both Diva and Seto are mourning for a lost loved one. Diva wants revenge; Seto wants a reunion. I’m pretty biased in my take on the film’s ending. Seto harbors a labyrinthine relationship with death and he has difficulty connecting with people. Atem has come to represent both these things: death and connection. The film’s conclusion sees Seto gifted exactly what he wanted: he is reunited with Atem and for however fleeting or prolonged, he’s recovered their bond. It’s about connection, forgiveness, and closure. That’s why we don’t see Seto and Atem duel: the duel itself doesn’t matter anymore. But then there’s the side of the fallen Plana, between Sera and Diva, who have lost their powers. What do we see? To me it also looks like connection, forgiveness, and closure, albeit far more cramped. But Sera, Diva, Seto, and Atem all look pretty happy at the end.

So in truth, I wonder if everyone was given what they needed to find peace in the end. The power of the Plana chained Diva to the memory of Shadi, chained him to the duty Shadi left in his hands, and gave his festering hatred a weapon, feeding into itself. The return of the Pharaoh freed Diva from these things, allowing him to move on with his life.

So what’s the significance in the means of these two peaces being opposites? Grounded to the mortal world against breaching the barrier to the afterlife? I feel like it’s intentional. (There’s the question too of whether Atem’s netherworld is the dimension the Plana hoped to move on to.) I can’t really pin it to a moral, rather I think the real root is in the emotional payoff. Sera and Diva’s ending is a tangible reality. In contrast the ending within Atem’s netherworld holds all the aesthetics of Yu-Gi-Oh!: friendship, rivalry, magic, technology, death, Ancient Egypt, and games. It’s pure fantasy and it’s filled with poignancy. Seto and Atem are characters we’ve watched across the expanse of the original series. We’ve watched them fall and rise and stumble and build their bond from the rubble. A reunion between these characters is rewarding. It’s rewarding for them and it’s rewarding to me. And as Seto has flung open the door to the afterlife, so too is the door flung open to so many possibilities in this ending.


Sitting there watching this guy who back in 1987 was just being introduced as Johnny Depp in teen cop show 21 Jump Street. I had no idea what I would end up discovering in the land of Johnny Depp as I became more and more infatuated with him. Thirteen years ago was when I first saw that face, and what a face he has..almost a Dartanian type. It seems like decades ago, but here I am, in my twenties now and still holding an extreme soft spot for this beautiful human being.

Johnny was like my saviour during those difficult years of trying to discover myself, during the years of peeling away the paint that phases leave behind. It was him after all that quoted: “If there’s any message to my work, it is ultimately OK to be different, that its good to be different, that we should question ourselves before we pass judgement on someone who looks different, behaves different, talks different, is a different color.” That is so important to me because even to this day I am constantly judged, because I look unusual. I got into the industry of vintage hairstyling and make-up artistry a few years ago and because I’m obsessed with the 1950’s and the housewife/pin-up image and lifestyle I used that to reflect my work and talents. So what, I get a few stares now and then and generally most people don’t get it. I think a lot of people are small minded when it comes to broadening their horizons, as for me, I’ll be corny and quote Jack Sparrow, “Bring me that horizon.”

I will forever love and respect this man, not just for his looks and talent, but for his humanity, his humble demeanour and ultimately for being the best role model for a girl who grew up believing she would never become anything she dreamed of, because lets face it, Johnny’s been everything, and if he can do it, anyone can.

Got a POT who’s making you crazy?  Here are a couple reasons why!

Sugar relationships are supposed to be simple. Both sides “benefit” in many ways and the resulting relationship can be fulfilling, exciting, enriching, erotic, playful and stimulating during its entire life and not be burdened with all of the baggage, drama, jealousies, insecurities, and abuse that pervades if not dominates “vanilla” relationships.

And, if your sugar relationship resembles the type of “vanilla” relationship I just described, or, as commonly, if your search for a SD seems to turn up POTs that act like every jerky, creepy, abusive, immature boyfriend you have ever had, you probably ask yourself, “hey, how did it turn out that way and is sugaring worth it?”

 Ultimately, the answer to the question of whether sugaring is worth it is a personal choice that you, and you alone, have to make, but, I have been thinking about the first question, “how and why does this happen” and, not surprisingly, I have a couple of thoughts on the subject!

 My first thought was that sadly, many men get really, really weird when it comes to young women, sex and money, and, mixing all of that together to concoct the sugaring confection, makes them simply go off their rockers.  There are so many societal taboos, restrictions, norms and judgments that pressurize the situation that it seems to bring out the worst in some men, and it always amazes me that they are not “self-aware” enough to see it happening.

 And some of the manifestations of this behavior are annoying as fuck – at their most benign – or scary as hell – at their most sinister and malicious.  Everything from cloying affection to stalking and threats; endlessly frustrating negotiations about money to making promises and not keeping them even though you held up your end of the bargain; making demands for sex when you are not ready to raping you when those demands are refused; putting up with some weird if not gross kinks to enduring some of his sick ass sadism or masochism in bed when that ain’t your thing; putting up with annoying, erratic and confusing behavior to realizing that he is a total control freak that manipulates and mind-fucks you at every turn.

 Then, I realized that these guys don’t manifest this behavior just in the bowl; this is just the way they are, this is the way they treat their significant others, business associates and friends in their vanilla life. They don’t get that sugar relationships are supposed to be different, an escape from all that shit.  They like their drama!  They like inflicting pain!  They like making others feel like shit!  They want to bring it all of this nasty behavior with them into the bowl and subject you to it!  And they figure that they are more than entitled to do so, because, hey, they are paying you for the privilege!

The only way to deal with it is to realize that, despite that it is supposed to be a “mutually beneficial” relationship and that money is involved, don’t think that sugaring is materially different from the vanilla world, at least not when it comes to choosing who you are going to let into your sugar world.  That means that your instincts, radar, sixth sense, spider sense … whatever you call it … is your most important tool to weed out the freaks that are intending on fucking you up.  Many of you have warned your sisters to “trust their instincts” and, I am here to tell you that is absolutely true and please never forget that.  Never let the promise of money cloud your judgment! 

There are a lot of men out there that know what being a SD is all about, and do what it takes to make sure that the relationship is truly “mutually beneficial”, but, unfortunately, there are more posers, fakers and monsters who want to use sex and their money as power to dominate, subjugate, control, harass and demean you.  The only things that you have to protect you are your own wits, to try to spot them a mile a way, and each other, to provide useful, honest and caring advice and support to each other!  

Initial thoughts on debate outcome.
  • Trump: Doesn't know anything about anything and has the temperment of Harry Potter's spoiled rotten cousin. Hates the people speak spanish, is unaware that being bilingual is a thing. VACCINES CAUSE AUTISM! Doesn't know about foreign policy, but he'll totes learn on the job!
  • Carson: Embarrassing answers, essentially called the military leadership a massive pile of unintelligent brawn, and still thinks tithing is a good basis for taxation. Also thinks going to war after 9/11 was bad...what?
  • Bush: Took some good swipes at Trump, kudos. However he seems ultimately very confused about whether to lean on his brother's record or ignore it. Can speak Spanish.
  • Cruz: Answered every question with eerily direct eye contact with the camera. He also sounded completely canned and memorized. Nothing special.
  • Kasich: He was on stage? Oh right, he wants to keep the Iran bill, he thinks it's fine.
  • Paul: Also thinks the Iran bill can be kept. Why is he on the stage? Also DRUGS!
  • Christie: Bluster bluster 9/11 bluster drugs bad.
  • Fiorina: Had me checking for changes in the Matrix, because I had serious deja vu with most of her answers. Her "I'll make two calls bit" was painfully identical to the last debate and so was her listing of the exact numbers of how she would increase the military in size.
  • Huckabee: GAYMARRIAGEABORTIONJUDGESABORTION Oh and he wants to launch a "war" on diabetes and cancer, because government involvement makes healthcare so much better clearly.
  • Rubio: Hey guys, some of these issues are lot more nuanced than you are letting on. My grandfather got his news in spanish, I want to reach people like that. Putin is a gangster. We need strong foreign policy. Government regulation is bad for the economy. Gun control isn't the issue, new laws won't stop criminals.
  • Conclusion: Rubio won.

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This might seem like such a dumb question but is it an affront to the Palestinian cause/hypocritical of me as someone who is sympathetic to Palestine to travel to Israel to visit friends and thus fuel Israel's tourism/economy/perpetuate it's illegitimate existence? I mean there are a lot of countries with corrupt governments I would still travel to, if that makes sense, but I just feel differently in this case and would love to hear your thoughts. Thanks!


Ultimately, I think bringing up other corrupt countries in this context is a red herring. Israel isn’t just “corrupt”, its a setter colonial society that has managed to receive sympathies, financial assistance and political alliance from great world powers in ways that other nations with openly oppressive policies don’t. America gives Israel $3 billion dollars a year in military aid. Just to give you an idea, that’s more money than all of Africa receives.The vast majority of Fortune 500 companies support or have intimate business with Israel (McDonald’s, Starbucks, LoReal, HP, Caterpillar and ReMax to name a few). AIPAC lobbies have managed to appeal on all fronts. Liberals support Israel because its the “only democracy in the Middle East” with elaborate pinkwashing campaigns. Conservatives support Israel because their murderous expansionist policies and colonial foundation are akin to America’s and many brash racists do find solace in the similarities. To be honest, I don’t know where I’d find queer groups and GOP members on the same side of an issue the way they vigorously agree about Israel.

Also, we have to consider that Palestinian civil society has personally drawn out a guideline on how to support their liberation. I mean, of course we can discuss how to aid other marginalized people around the world, but THIS particular demographic has drawn up a blueprint for you. Stating x country and why they aren’t being boycotted is a wanton disregard for and a malicious deflection from all the work that has gone into BDS. If you don’t honor it, then you can’t say you are in solidarity against the Zionist project. Its really quite simple. Palestinians from all around the diaspora can’t go. Israel has exiled them. Its an absurd brandishing of privilege to go, for any reason other than being invited by Palestinian themselves.

If your friends had the right political stance, they’d understand and meet you elsewhere, but requiring you to do something you’re obviously uncomfortable with and deem unethical (as you should) doesn’t sound like the actions of a friend or someone with a moral compass. In any case, I strongly suggest you don’t go.

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I know this is a weird question and it's totally ok if you'd rather not answer it, but do you have any tips for staying confident when most of your friends are dating and you feel like the odd one out?

boi if this ain’t my life…

listen, I know it can be real sucky to see all your friends dating while you’re just sitting around like a potato, but trust me it’s not such a bad thing. Dating someone isn’t the ultimate achievement, it’s just a part of life and just like anything else, it’s really messy

I know couples seem so happy and in love all the time, but being with someone brings its own package of problems with it. So honestly being single just means less stress™

and also please don’t date someone just for the heck of dating, that’s a b a d idea and will never work out and just make things worse, just be patient and you’ll find someone one day, don’t rush into things just bc you wanna fit in. And honestly if someone judges you for being single, tell them to go suck a fuck 

Ideals are dangerous things. Realities are better. | closed rei--ryuugazaki & rockhoppernagisa


The myriad of activity around the busy market is something that Rei was beginning to get used to. Months ago he wouldn’t have even dreamed about being in a place like this, his elite sensibilities would have caused him to turn up his nose at the sights and smells of a market place such as this.

Being here with Nagisa was definitely helping. While he could never truly relax he had to admit that he currently felt a lot more relaxed than he had done for what seemed to be so long. A contented sigh emitted from his lips as he glanced across at the blond, bright eyes that he still had to get used to truly captivating.

“I’ve never been to a place like this before…I mean, not at least before the last few months.” Rei admitted as he ran his free hand through azure strands, keen violet hues observing his surroundings with intense scrutiny. He had been used to the drudgery of social functions of course, but this was definitely an entirely new experience. Rei felt slightly out of his depth but that was only to be expected. He still had a lot to learn and all of the information that had been bombarded at him was still flowing through his exhausted mind at the speed of a train.

“Is there anything you want to do while we are here?” Rei questioned curiously. While he may have been unaware of what there was to actually do in a place such as this, he had a distinct feeling that Nagisa may be able to come up with a few ideas of his own, after all the blond seemed to have far more experience when it came to actually socialising…albeit not in exactly the ways that Rei was intending.

Rei considered buying some more coffee but decided against it, there was only so much low grade coffee that his stomach could actually take. There were some things that just needed a little longer to get used to no matter how hard he ultimately tried. Glancing back across at Nagisa, his brows furrowed slightly in question.

“You seem far away? What are you thinking about right now?” Rei questioned, a little more bluntly than he initially would have liked.

‘The Night Manager’: Hugh Laurie, Tom Hiddleston Put New Spin on Cunning Spy Tale | VARIETY

Text by Debra Birnbaum, Photos by Frederic Auerbach

Introducing the “worst man in the world.” That dubious honorific is bestowed on Hugh Laurie in AMC’s new six-part limited series “The Night Manager,” as he masterfully embodies Richard Onslow Roper, a charming yet cunningly ruthless international businessman.

Lifted straight from the 1993 John Le Carré novel on which the spy thriller is based, that line “is the sort of thing a child might say,” concedes executive producer Stephen Garrett. “With the people around the world we read about in newspapers on a daily basis, that’s quite a high bar.”

Yet perhaps even more daunting was the idea of adapting a 20-year-old spy thriller for modern audiences. Two previous efforts at translating the novel to the screen had failed. But this time out, Le Carré’s sons, Simon and Stephen Cornwell, with the help of screenwriter David Farr, tried a new approach: updating the Cold War action to the present day.

The narrative was transplanted from Central America to the Middle East. Roper’s illicit deal was turned from drugs to weapons. And most crucially, a key character became a woman.

The sumptuously shot, $30 million series bowed earlier this year in the U.K. to rave reviews and record ratings, averaging 6 million viewers per episode. The hope, of course, is that American audiences will similarly swoon.

AMC had tried its hand in the spy game once before with the short-lived “Rubicon,” an original concept, back in 2010, but when approached about partnering with the BBC for a co-production, the network eagerly jumped back in, hoping for more success this time out. “It just came from good old-fashioned shaking the tree and opening up dialogue with the right producers at the right time,” says Joel Stillerman, AMC’s president of original programming. “It’s been a long ride and a lot of heavy lifting.”

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How was Marc handling a troll who was just asking a question?

Hi, Anon! I assume you are referring to this post of Marc’s that I reblogged and commented on? The questions asked by that person rubbed me the wrong way and came across to me as troll-like for a few reasons. 

1) The use of “Ollie” - historically on the show, there have been four characters who refer to Oliver Queen as “Ollie”– his sister Thea, Laurel, Sara, and Tommy. As Oliver states at the beginning of every episode, his name is Oliver Queen–not Ollie Queen. While it’s typical in the comics for him to be called “Ollie,” the show is separate from the comics. And usually–not always, but usually–the people that call the Oliver Queen of Arrow “Ollie” are the people approaching it from the comic book side of things.

2) Laurel just got her costume this past season. There is no reason to switch up her costume in the show. Oliver does have a reason to switch his costume–his old identity as the Arrow is no more, and he’s taking on his new identity as the Green Arrow. Hence, a new costume.

3) Wanting Laurel to wear fishnets just because it would serve as an Easter Egg…well, it’s impractical, as Marc pointed out here, and the showrunners already put two nods to the fishnets in–one, when Laurel mentioned wearing fishnets for Halloween in the past (back in season one), and two, with the design of the leather on her costume (as Marc noted here). I’d say they’ve already given as many Easter Eggs as they’re going to on the subject.

4) Lastly, it’s a show about the Green Arrow. They had just premiered his brand new look when those questions went in to Marc. And it really rubbed me the wrong way to see the leap from focusing on Oliver’s new look to “oh let’s make everyone look exactly like they do in the comics.”

I really appreciate the way Marc takes his time to answer questions from fans–even if half the time his answers make me want to throw something–and in this case, I thought he respectfully sidestepped the thing the asker seemed to be getting at (making Laurel exactly like the Black Canary of the comics) and addressed what works for the show. Because ultimately, the show is inspired by the comics, not a direct interpretation. It’s also a television show–which means practical things like “can the actors move and fight and do action sequences in these costumes” comes into play.

I hope that answered your question! :)

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re: Hades and Persephone do sarcastic commentary -- Having just read the dialog you wrote in response to anon's question, it seems to me that a few short passages like it would not be at all out of place in your book, as charming, funny, occasional loo-breaks between myths. It's as anachronistically on-topic as the myth retellings themselves, and having the gods be vicariously entertained by their own antics seems like a splendid additional mindfuck. No?

This is the best idea!! I will seriously consider it, thank you!