it seems i'm in a mood to make weird edits

things dan and phil should maybe bear in mind in future:

  • art and edits will be reposted and most likely have a watermark. check the url and watermark match before including anything in the video
  • nsfw/ship stuff is more for us, the people who want it, not them, so whether it’s reposted or not they should probably avoid it to stop conflict/mockery
  • if things make them uncomfortable/could be seen as weird or whatever, just don’t keep it in
  • only keep things in that have positive reactions
  • (i for one know of tonnes of funny posts that would have avoided this conflict)
  • (it would seem they had an idea for the mood the video would have, with weird edits or whatever, and i get that, some people want this kind of thing, but maybe next time they should change that idea)