it seemed like fun at first

Connor Murphy x Reader with a stutter hcs

Warnings: Weed smoking, self-doubt (I think)

- Connor didn’t know you had a stutter until like a month after knowing about you

- He hadn’t ever talked to you, so that was expected

- But when he talked to you for the first time, he noticed it

- Every 5 words or so they seemed to get caught in your throat

- You kept on trying to say them and he’ll admit, at first he was a little impatient but after like 20 minutes, he got accustomed to it

- Anytime where you feel like you’re annoying him and start to trail off when you talk, he will 10000000000% tell you to continue to talk and he likes to listen

- He will fight ANYONE who makes fun of you

- But that makes it hard to differentiate from friendly teasing and bullying

- Jared had gotten into the habit of calling you Skips and when Connor heard that he was ready to post up

- I feel like if you didn’t want to talk for one reason or another, Connor would write to you

- But like on your skin in pen

- Then you’d respond on his arm and you two would go back and forth until you felt comfortable talking again, or you run out of room on your arms

- Connor after a while grew used to your stuttering and didn’t take much notice to it

- When you met his mom for the second time she gave you pamphlets for places that claim to “cure” it

- You felt awkward but knew she had good intentions

- Cynthia was just trying to show she cared

- But Connor got pissed right then and there

- He said that she was trying to change you to which she objected

- You had to calm him down over the phone that same night and explain that it doesn’t really bother you as much like it used to

- He still felt angry with her but kept quiet about it at your own wish

- There had been times when your stutter became tough for you and you’d go to Connor’s house in tears

- He gave you a massive hug and reassured you that the stutter wasn’t a bad thing

- The way Connor saw it is that it gives you character

- It makes you even more special than you already are

- Connor will always let you know how much you mean to him

- And hey, if you wanna look into those places Cynthia mentioned, he’ll object slightly

- But if that’s really what you want, then he’ll go for it

- But if you don’t want to, he’s all for that

- He doesn’t want to tell you what to do because he loves you no matter what

- He also will like smile when you talk about something you get excited over because you also get this slight lisp and he just melts

- He also looks up way to like lessen the likelihood of a stutter if you have to talk to a large group of people

- He’ll tell them to your days in advance and will let you practice them in his room

- He also sees some articles where it says weed can help stop stuttering

- So one night, he asks you if you want to try and you’re like okay but I don’t want my mom to know

- You think he’s going to let you smoke it yourself

- but instead, he does the things where he kinda like breathes the smoke into your mouth and then lets you smoke it yourself

- And you’re blushing so hard because it’s really hot

- Connor is just so supportive I just ahhhhhhh

- These might have been OOC whoops

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16 Armin <3 angst come to me~.

Angst it is - hope you like it.

Send a MCL character(s) or pairing + a number

16 - Drop The Attitude - Armin

Candy’s patience wore thin, as did her affection for her once gamer-prince. She wasn’t sure when it started or even when it began to get tiring to go on dates instead of fun or when his once-endearing rants about games became headaches. Every word became a needle to her eardrum, each touch was an uncomfortable itch. Her annoyance at the ever-present Armin within her shadow was starting to become unbearable.

She wasn’t sure why they were still together or how Armin didn’t even seem to notice the way she withdrew from him. Maybe she was still clinging onto that small thread of hope that the fire will get rekindled. That maybe one day, she’d wake up and things would be just like it was before when they first started dating. But the hope grew thinner each passing week until she couldn’t lie to herself anymore. 

She took a deep breath as she listened to another one of his rants as he the game over screen flashed on the TV - the clock told her it was only nine at night, yet she felt as if it was much, much, later. It was supposed to a be a Friday night date night. Which for Armin included gaming the night away. She rubbed her temples as she tossed her legs over the edge of his bed.

“We could’ve gone out or something.” She meant for it to be a casual remark, yet it came out with a bit of edge. “We don’t have to play video games all night. We could go to a late night breakfast at Denny’s.“

They used to love stuffing their faces with breakfast food at a clearly non-breakfast time of day. It was funny to them - or it used to be. Armin rolled his eyes.

“Yes, Candy, we have to play video games all night. This game just came out and there’s already people who have finished the entire thing. We need to catch up so we don’t have to keep blacklisting tags on Tumblr to avoid spoilers.“

There was a spark of something in his eyes that she chooses to ignore as he added, “You have to survive for our followers Candy, our blog’s been dead for a while now because of this game.“

You’re blog’s been dead,” Candy snapped, “And you’re the one who needs to finish the game. I haven’t even held the controller once since I got here.&#157;”

Armin eyed her warily, speaking carefully, “Drop the attitude, would you? If you wanted to play, you just had to ask.“

She made a face that Armin could only describe as the most unattractive face he’d ever seen on her. Until now, he didn’t such a thing was possible. She crossed her arms over her chest. 

“I don’t want to play.“

He furrowed his brows in mild confusion, the tone of her voice made his gut turn. He hated the bad feeling that was rising in his chest. He turned off the game system and got up from his position on the floor. He offered a wary smile.

“Okay, Denny’s it is then. If you didn’t want to play at all, I would’ve stopped a long time ago. Besides, I’ve worked up quite the appetite fighting that last boss.“

He reached for his wallet - it laid beside her on the bed along with his keys, but looked at her in confusion when her hand gently gripped his wrist. She refused to look back at him, biting her bottom lip. 

“I don’t -” How was she supposed to say this? “I want to play Armin, just not with you. Not right now.”&#157;

The bad feeling rose. His throat tightened as he struggled to understand the meaning of her words. He hoped that it didn’t mean what he thought. His heart began to beat unsteadily against his ribs. He whispered her name, but she still didn’t look at him. She rose from the bed.

“I just…”&#157; Her words wavered, anger and frustration and sadness all caused a tone to her voice that made him want to cry. “I don’t think I can do this - Us - right now. Maybe not ever. I don’t know -“

She let out a ragged breath, but he swallowed the lump in his throat.

“What do you mean you don’t know,” His voice swayed and he wasn’t sure what he was feeling at the moment, just that it created a bitter taste in his mouth and a fire to burn in his veins.

“I don’t fucking know,” She snapped, this time daring to turn to look directly at him. He faltered seeing tears welling in the corners of her eyes. “It means just that - I don’t know. God, I wish I knew, but I don’t! I just know that I can’t stand this anymore - I can’t stand us - I can’t stand -“


She stopped before the word left her mouth, but her message was pretty clear. Armin recoiled, shocked, angry, and hurt. His eyes portrayed all of his emotions at once as he met her eyes. She knew the way he looked at her would burn into her memory, but her words would forever burn in his. 

“Candy.” He whispered and for the first time in the years they’ve been together, Candy heard nothing but a brokenness slipping through his words. “I can be too much for people sometimes. I get passionate and impulsive, but I thought you understood that - “

I thought you understood me. Armin ran his hands through his hair before he collapsed to sit in his bed, his head hanging low as he mumbled things that she couldn’t quite understand. Candy lingered in the doorway, her heels rocking as she was unsure if she should stay to hear what he had to say or just leave now before things got worse.

By the time he looked up, she had chosen the later.

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So Peter is mostly a lawyer/prof in fanfictions but what if he was working in a flower shop or was a nurse or perhaps a deputy a town over. What dou you think Peter's job could be?

Lawyer is always such a good fit for Peter because that’s two of the things I can see him loving: money, and winning. That’s the fun with fan fic, of course, we can put him in a job that he’s perfect for on the surface, or we can put him into something that at first seems like an odd fit–like nursing–and see how his canon qualities would translate to that in unexpected ways. 

I think the most non-Peter job I ever put Peter in was co-owner of an organic cheese factory/farm with Derek. Although he was a terrible farmer! I’d actually really like to see him in a traditional caregivers role like nurse, because I think he’d been really good at it. And all the patients would be slightly terrified of Nurse Peter because he bullies them through rehab for their injuries…but over on the childrens ward he’s a total softie.  

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I think the human zoo episode was bad for me because they made it seem like a utopia, and the humans there were naive and uneducated, and kind of indirectly made fun of their accents and tribes, and somehow was a little insensitive since the human zoos in the real world were troubling. So while Pearl, Garnet, Amethyst, and Steven don't interpret it as fun, the characters still left them there. I may be overreacting though.

I don’t think you’re over reacting. I saw a lot of people who felt the same way you did when the episode first aired.


Overwatch voice actors panel with Michael Chu at AX2017, with Reinhardt and Junkrat watching from the side.

Chu demurred on a lot, but confirmed there is/will be another LGBTQ character (but no hints as to whom); that the kids in Reflections are Torbjorn’s grandkids; Lucio does have legs; and asked if there was support for a Lucio short, after Johnny C’s request (there was lots of support). Reaper may or may not feel fatherly towards Sombra, but has a “great eye for talent - Blackwatch was amazing” and has a lot of respect for Sombra and her abilities.’s parents are “definitely” proud of her and her accomplishments.

The best part was when a person came up to the mic and (working on the confidence to speak) said how happy they were to have such an amazing universe and a positive view of the future, and Johnny C came and gave the person a hug.

All the VAs were happy that their characters (Symmetra with autism, Soldier76 with PTSD) showed that people who might be considered to have disabilities or limitations are able to do things nobody else can and provide a positive representation for people.

Charlet is super proud that and her bunny logo have become a symbol for feminism in Korea; she’s seen the symbol appear in photos of protests and really likes seeing that.

Anjali would love to be able to do Reinhardt’s and Torbjorn’s voice lines because they sound so happy and positive; Johnny C likes that Lucio makes people feel so positive and upbeat.

All the voice actors said they like the fanart and headcanons that people give the Overwatch characters; Michael Chu was noncommittal but was wearing one of Twitter:@hanjosi’s pocket Ana T-shirts. Fred likes the idea of Soldier 76 being fatherly towards; all are excited to discover more about their characters as they meet and interact in-universe (not in-game). Anjali wants to know more about Symmetra’s conundrum as she learns more about Vishkar and has to decide if they’re all she believed they were or if they’re more sinister or evil than she knew.

All the characters voice actors at the panel play Overwatch; most do it on PS4. Charlet started out maining someone else (I don’t remember! Junkrat maybe?) but now plays; Anjali doesn’t feel she’s good at Symmetra but does play her; all the VAs seemed to like playing Junkrat; Keith asked if it was possible to give each voice actor their own personal skin they could equip so people would know who they’re playing against.

All in all a fun panel; nothing too earth shattering, but I’m glad I went. Next time I’ll take notes; this is what I remembered, and Tumblr’s app are ate my first post, so this is the second run through.

Comparison of Steven’s and Nora’s Tapes

For Steven:

Isn’t it remarkable, Steven?
This world is full of so many possibilities.
Each living thing has an entirely unique experience.
The sights they see, the sounds they hear, the lives they live, are so complicated and so simple.
I can’t wait for you to join them.

Steven, we can’t both exist.
I’m going to become half of you.
And I need you to know that every moment you love being yourself, that’s me loving you and loving being you.
Because you’re going to be something extraordinary, you’re going to be a human being.

Take care of them, Steven.

For Nora:

Isn’t it wonderful, Nora?
This world is full of so many possibilities.
Each living thing has an entirely unique experience.
The sights they see, and the lives they live, are so complicated and so simple.
I can’t wait for you to join them.

Nora, we can’t both exist but i won’t be gone.
I’m going to become half of you.
And every moment you enjoy yourself, that will be me loving being you.
Because you’re going to become something extraordinary, you’re going to be a human being.
And that’s my favourite part, a human being.
A human being, a human is an action.
i wonder who— how you’ll be, what you’ll think, what you’ll want…
I’m so happy for everybody who’s going to know you.
I’m rambling.
if they look to you, trust yourself.

Take care of them, Nora.

From what we can see, comparing the two videos, Steven’s was shot first. Not only are Greg and Rose more unsure about what they’re going to say and do, they’re also figuring out what should go into the video in the first place.

The first few scenes, which show Greg’s sleeping, messing around, and meeting the seagull for the first time, as well as Rose’s not knowing what the buttons do and experimenting with them, reveal that whatever practice they did going into the video shoot ultimately didn’t prepare them for it fully.

At the same time, when comparing what’s being said between Steven’s and Nora’s tapes, they have the same substance; the same message is being delivered: Rose hoped her child would get to live life to the fullest and make experiences that were fun and happy. She wanted to assure her child that she cared, even though she wouldn’t be there. Most of all, she wanted to assure them that being human was a great thing. 

The thing is, Steven’s message is much more brief, and a little more formal. Rose clearly practiced what she wanted to say, and in the first tape, she went for it, likely because of nerves.

By the second filming, she seemed more comfortable in front of the camera and that’s also why she could clear up her nerves and keep expounding on her ideas.

So Steven, who read very deeply into the words of his mother, may have picked up on her saying he would be extraordinary and a human being. And he fixated on becoming someone worth calling extraordinary, when in fact, Rose had always meant to say by virtue of living, one could be extraordinary. 

And we can’t really blame him, because he went from being another Beach City kid to being at the centre of an intergalactic conflict. It’s hard to accept that these things would happen to him if he weren’t destined for something.

I’d go as far as to say that hoping he was part of some magical destiny gave him strength at times, despite how bleak the situation could be.

The thing with this line of thinking though, is how much it wears on someone. The responsibility of being accountable for all these people and all these systems that were quite obviously out of his control and consequently responsibility in the first place was heavy on him.

Steven does want to be a hero. He does want to help people. But he felt more comfortable with this being his choice and his decision, not some destiny thrust upon him, not a tradeoff between his life and the many others he’d have to save.

I think Greg’s talk with him helped him process those feelings, which he’d been keeping inside for a while now. Steven thought everyone expected him to be like Rose, and that may have been true at some points in the show, but his father never did. And that’s what made Greg’s words so reassuring, because his sincerity could be felt in all of them.

tips for high school freshman:

1. i know, i know. this is terrifying. you’re going to be dealing with many huge changes. but change is good. remember that.

2. try not to blend in. i know its easier but you wanna make some friends, right? you probably want to make good relationships with teachers too. stand out. be remembered in the best ways possible.

3. work hard. strive to be the best. stay up late studying, take notes, ask questions, stay after class, do whatever you can to achieve you’re goals. prove to yourself and everyone around you that you are capable of amazing things.

4. participate. speak your thoughts in group discussions. join clubs. play sports. don’t be afraid. you deserve to be noticed and listened to.

5. stay organized. use planners, label everything, color code, make files on your laptop, don’t keep unnecessary tabs open, and make sure you’re not a mess too.

6. try and make friends. i know how difficult its going to be but you’ll need them. talk to the people on your cross country team, talk to the art kids in first period, talk to the weird kid sitting next to you in assembly. just try and make friends. you need people, no matter how much it seems like you don’t. you will not be able to survive this alone.

7. study. make flashcards, copy notes, use quizlet, i dont care just study. your phone can wait an hour or two.

8. make sure your bag is fully stocked. y’know like extra change, deodorant, hand cream, pads, chapstick, etc. you never know what could happen.

9. its okay if you don’t talk to your old friends anymore. you’ll be okay. so will they. but if you ever find yourself needing to talk to someone, don’t hesitate to text them. they will listen.

10. take a warm shower every night. wash your hair twice a week. drink a glass of milk every morning and a glass of water every night. have a cup of tea while studying/doing homework. reward yourself with an episode of your favorite show. self care is important.

11. make sure to read and write daily. prioritize it.

12. don’t be afraid to express yourself. if your school has a strong arts program, use it. paint, sculpt, draw. find inspiration and create.

13. stay focused and don’t stray from your expectations.

14. find ways to stay motivated. decorate your desk, buy cute notebooks, imagine how far you’ll go by doing well in school.

15. mentally make a daily schedule to follow. repetition is comforting. while everything around you is changing faster than you can blink, take comfort in the fact that your morning routine stays the same.

16. school comes first, but try to make time for your friends. both old and new. you deserve to have some fun. but don’t feel bad if you’d rather stay home with a tub of ice-cream and a season of some netflix series.

17. there will be bad days. days when it seems like you can’t get out of bed. days when it seems like stress is the only thing you’re feeling. days when you just want to give up. but you have to fight through it. have a cup of tea. read that old book you love. watch some netflix. take a break. it’ll all be okay.

18. they’ll also be days when you miss your old life with every bone in your body. on these days, text your old friends. maybe schedule to hang out. or maybe look at old pictures and videos and reminece on all the fun times you had together. don’t feel sad for too long. many more joyous memories will be created.

19. time heals everything. when days are gloomy and your heart is a lil heavy, remember that there is nothing that the passage of time cannot fix.

20. try to finish all your homework before dark. open the windows. welcome the fresh air and let the sunlight motivate you.

21. spend time with your family. you only have so much time left with them before college, don’t waste it. put down your phone, and just enjoy their presence. 

22. relativity is everything. i know it seems like one thing is the end of the world, but take a moment to zoom out. you’ll realize that some things are not big as they seem.

23. be fearless. take big steps. this is your time.

—  throughout my freshman year i wrote tips down to help myself. i hope this helps others as well.
Maladaptive Daydreaming is:

I’ve seen a few time of people saying how they go into daydreams so specific that it often affects their concentration etc

Maladaptive Daydreamers often:

-Can daydream for hours at a time. Some can daydream an entire class period or event period.

-Find concentration very difficult. Their attention get turned away from the subject even if they want to listen and sometimes don’t realize they do it right away.

-Lose amounts of sleep through daydreaming. When you say you’re going to bed it somehow turns into making a new novel in your head.

-Puts most of their day into daydreaming. Daydreaming is commonly used as a fun thing to do-to go into your own little world. But with MD, it becomes almost addicting as if you feel the need to daydream.

-Don’t seem to care if being ignored or being alone. MDers like to be alone most of the time and put that time to more daydreaming.

-Forget what they are doing or where they place things. You tend to doze off for a long enough time that you can’t remember what you’re doing or didn’t know what you were doing in the first place. You could place something down and forget as you weren’t fully aware of what you were doing.

-Stops things they are doing like watching a video or reading a book as they will fall into a daydream, usually triggered by something that was watched or read, such as an event you created in your fantasy or storyline that related to the thing you watched or read.

-Things such as something you read or watched may influence future day dreams. For example: “this scene would go great with my story”.

-Sometimes even research things to make the story more realistic. Someone might research something like historical events, names, designs of houses etc.

-Storylines that include characters, plot, setting, and more. These people often get attached to their characters and find more story inspiration to put with them. Some people may also draw their characters.

-Acting out while daydreaming. Los of people including myself will find themselves in situations where they would laugh at something they would have their character do or even talk or use movement like moving their hands or whispering.

-Sometimes experience “deja vu”. Where something will seem familiar even if it’s something new.

-Very good at visualizing things. A good thing that comes with MD is that you can easily get a visual of something, like if someone told you to imagine the ocean, MDers would be able to imagine a perfect scenery and may even hear things like the waves crashing.

-Even though daydreaming comes as a fun activity, people with MD have a greater risk of safety hazards. Such as walking into a busy street or getting into a car accident.

-Procrastination at its finest. MD usually can cause procrastination, like waiting last minute to do an assignment or a task at work. Sometimes somethings as little as not wanting to do the dishes or the laundry. And often may have a messy room or apartment/house from procrastinating cleaning.

-“What are you thinking about?” Dreading the question that’s suppose to come off as innocent becomes a problem. When most people would say “oh just my after school activity” or “a funny video I watched today” MDers have to find a way to easily explain “My 50 chapter long novel that some how created in my mind in the last 10 minutes”

-Never seem to be bored. With an imagination and a daydream that MD has never seems to keep you bored as the main activity is the daydream and find enjoyment through the daydream.

-May get irritated when their dream is interrupted. Like being in a good spot in a tv show, you don’t don’t want the scene to be interrupted and may ignore or get frustrated with someone/something that interrupted you.

-Can’t seem to turn it off. As some people find it easy to revert their attention back to what they were originally focused on, people with MD can’t seem to turn the daydream off and can’t control it.

There can be many more things that comes with Maladaptive Daydreaming, but hopefully this helped anyone who was curious about why they were doing these things and couldn’t understand why.

Also MD is usually caused for a reason and uncovering that reason can result on how to stop MD. Seeking help from a professional would be advised.

Also if you experience this and just want someone who can relate feel free to message me :).

(I’m also putting this under multiple tags to get the attention of more people)


NEW VIDEO: “LGBTQ+ Advice: Bigot Grandmas, Getting Tested, First Pride & More! - one of my favorite things about being in the LGBTQ+ community is the chosen family it comes with. I’m no expert, but in my new video, I give viewers some big-brother advice from the heart. Hope it helps - I don’t have all the answers, so ask YOUR chosen family for advice you need! :]


I was pretty surprised when I ran into B at the Home Depot. It had been at least a year since I’d seen him–since just before his wedding. We’d met when I moved to the city about 5 years ago and we were living in the same apartments. We spotted each other running a couple of times and introduced ourselves when we ran into each other at the apartment gym. Soon, we were work out partners. Soon after that, we were grinding our hard cocks together in my apartment. We were both dating women and we never did anything too serious. B was a stud and usually liked being on top as we made out and explored each other’s bodies. He had an awesome ass that I loved holding onto as he’d grind into me. Once, when he showed up drunk late one night, he let me eat that awesome ass, but a general pattern emerged of us making out, stripping each other, and him pumping a load down my throat as I stroked my fat dick. We were a good match and had a lot of fun until he got married and moved to a different part of the city. Our last session had been hot. He was more tender than usual and seemed like he was really going to miss me. For the first time, he even swallowed my load. It was a memory I’d stroked to many times in the last year.

And now, here B was, with that amazing ass on full display, right in front of me at the Home Depot. When I said hi, he looked just as surprised as I was. He and his wife had bought a house that was right around the corner from the condo I’d moved into. Looked like fate wanted me and B to be neighbors again. As we talked, I could have sworn I saw his dick growing in his shorts. I have him my new address and told him to come by anytime as we parted ways.

I can’t say I was surprised when B showed up that afternoon, sweaty and shirtless from a run. He was barely in the door before he had pinned me to the wall and was kissing me passionately as he pressed his sweaty frame into me. He’d been working out in the last year and his body felt better than ever. As I moved my hands down to that incredible round ass, he let out a deep moan.

We worked out way to the couch and he laid on top of me, grinding his rock hard dick into me as he kissed and licked my knock. His passion was real and he told me he hadn’t been with a dude since the last time we were together. I reached down for his dick and immediately remembered how amazing his hard thick rod always felt as it exploded in my throat. But as I started to move take his dick out of his shorts and get it into my mouth, he resisted, holding me down and grinding into me harder and harder. and then everything changed. In one move, he rolled over so his face was against the back of my couch and I was grinding against his back, my own hard dick pressing into his beautiful ass. The harder I ground my dick into him, the more he moaned. He buried his own head in the couch pillows to stifle his moans, but his seeming submission was making me feel more aggressive than usual. I pulled him back by the hair and told him I liked hearing him moan like a bitch. That alone made him moan louder than ever as he backed his ass up against me and ground into my leaking dick.

I couldn’t believe my luck when he realized he’d reached down and lowered his pants to expose his smooth bubble butt. I matched him move for move and pulled my own shorts down just enough to free my raging 8" dick. As I ground my hard dick against his bare ass for the first time, I could feel the precum leaking out of me. He was like a bitch in heat as he pushed into me, moaning and talking shit about how good I felt. How much he’d missed me. How much he needed this.

As he fagged out beneath me, I knew I had to take advantage of the moment. I lined my slick cockhead up with his tight hole and pressed as he worked his ass back into me. He moaned and almost cried as I forced my thick head into his nearly virgin hole. It took a fair amount of pressure and a series of short hard strokes to get B fully impaled on my rod, but he was clearly loving having my raw dick inside him for the first time. He writhed and bucked beneath me as I began to fuck him in earnest. As hot as it was to hear him moan and cry out as I plowed his hole, I pressed his head into the couch pillows so my neighbors wouldn’t hear me fucking this stud in broad daylight.

With his body pressed into the back of the couch and his head in the pillows, he reached back to hold onto my ass as I railed him. As his ass loosened from the fucking, he began to really buck beneath me, fucking back into me in time with my increasingly brutal thrusts. As I felt myself getting close, he turned his head from the pillows and begged me not to cum inside me. But it was too late and I told him so. I told him I’d swallowed dozens of his loads and now it was his turn to take one of mine. and I knew he wanted it. He’d come here to get my load this time and I was going to give it to him. Despite his protests, he whispered yes over and over as I ravaged his hole and my orgasm built.

When I exploded inside him, pressing his body firmly into the couch, his upturned ass worked every bit of my load out of my pulsing cock as he moaned beneath me. The incessant clenching in his ass as I came made it clear he was cumming to. My married top had just taken my raw load in his ass and had cum from the experience.

Within two minutes, he was up with his shorts and shoes back on, ready to head out. As always, he took a cigarette (wife wouldn’t let him smoke) and kissed me passionately before he left. After that, I only ever saw B around the neighborhood and we seldom spoke. But the summer after this happened, I did see B and his very pregnant wife at a neighborhood festival. I thought I might be in for some public fun when he followed me to the bathroom, but he just wanted to give me a message. As we left the bathroom, we whispered to me that he’d knocked his wife up the same day he’d seen me last. He couldn’t stop thinking about what happened, but he had to stay away from me now that he was going to be a dad. I knew then and there that I could get back in that ass if I tried, but B was a quality dude and I decided to respect his wishes and stay away from him. While that was the last time B and I hooked up, I stroked so many loads on that couch, looking at the stain he left when he exploded from the fucking I’d delivered. One of the hottest of my top experiences.


 Video @bertiegregory. A group of friendly steller sea lions give me a starfish on the east coast of Vancouver Island, Canada. Whilst this seems like just fun and games, play is a crucial part of any young sea lion’s development. During play they can practice everything from bolting after a salmon to being chased by an orca. Shot by @becky_kagan_schott for an exciting new 360 experience for @natgeo coming first to China this summer. Stay tuned! Follow @bertiegregory for more wildlife adventures. #SalishSea#britshcolumbia“He brought me a starfish!”

How to recognize an unhealthy type


Simply put, healthy function use = healthy type. But many of us struggle with our tertiary and inferior function, especially under stress, which can pave the way for behaviors that other people hate or that we even hate ourselves for it. That’s normal, granted you try to self-improve.

An unhealthy type however has this distinction of using their dominant and/or auxiliary function in a counter-productive manner. Since these functions take precedence in our psyche, that means you’re stuck with an individual who’s often naturally unbearable most of the time, not just when things go wrong. 

With this in mind…

An unhealthy Si user is that person who never changes their mind about anything, who always shoots down any kind of alternatives and proposals and will make it their pleasure to criticize anything that they’ve never even tried. Some will go as far as seeing progress as an enemy. It seems like it’ll take a bulldozer to move them away from their comfort zone. Just try not to punch them in the face when they call you all excited about a new discovery that you spent 5 years telling them about. 

An unhealthy Se user is that person who always seems to be in trouble. Financial, legal, professional, you name it. Seems like being around them means cleaning up one mess after another. You’ll scratch your head as to how they say they need to borrow money for the rent and the next week they buy themselves neat new designer clothes or something along those lines. They’re fun for a night out on the town, but otherwise, you probably avoid them like the plague. 

An unhealthy Ni user is that person who always think they understand stuff better than you and that their word is gospel. They effortlessly exude arrogance and somewhat of a superiority complex without even realizing it. Despite their depth of thought, you would still never trade places with them as they never seem to have had one minute of fun during their lifetime and their only ounce of contentment is when you tell them they were right about something.

An unhealthy Ne user is that person who will have 2 hours discussions with you, that are usually more monologues and yet they never seem to make a point. They get excited about everything and anything, only to never offer you follow-ups. They’ll not only contradict themselves in a span of a few days, but sometimes within the same statement. They’ll often think of themselves as knowledgeable on just about every issue, only to realize they merely scratched said issue on the surface based on something they heard about it on the fly. 

An unhealthy Fi user is that person who just says and does whatever they want without with total disregard as to whether it’s appropriate or not. They are masters at twisting around and justifying everything they say and do. And if all else fails, play the victim, because they’re convinced no one understands them. Their lives are often a mess on an organizational level and please don’t offer them sound and logical advice because that might actually anger them even more. They’ll gladly self-destruct even more if it means telling you to piss off. 

An unhealthy Fe user is that person who knows what everyone is up to, but also criticizes what everyone is doing as if they wrote book on acceptable social norms and behaviors. They have an uncanny ability to think they know what’s best for everyone. You’ll often find them raising themselves up by knocking other people down, often in the form of gossip. And yet for all of this, they never seem to realize that they can’t take care of themselves without any kind of assistance from others which is actually the first issue they should address before meddling in other people’s business. 

An unhealthy Ti user is that person who thinks they’ve got it all figured out, yet the results show something quite different. They are often cynical and smartasses but not in a fun way as they’ll shun and criticize everything that makes us human like feelings, unity, spirituality etc. We’re all just monkeys destined to be worm food, you know. Ti can also be aggressively manipulative and disregard people’s feelings when it goes into “as long as I get when I want” mode. 

An unhealthy Te user is that person who seems to think everyone is stupid, lazy and incompetent. They want everyone to abide by the rules but are often the first ones to break or twist said rules when it works in their favor. Any and all shreds of “sound advice” will be sprinkled with insults on your ability to problem solve, if not, your entire character. Most frustrating is that when people finally have enough of them, they usually don’t even understand why. In their minds, they’re usually the only ones that are rational and responsible. 

N’s Birthday Tweet Compilation

RAVI (@AceRavi):

엔형 축하 늦게해줘서 미안해 생일이 이제 몇분 후면 끝나네 축하하고 즐거운 생일이였길바래. 그래도 생일을 맞이해서 여행도 다녀오고 보기좋다.아쉽겠지만 몇분 뒤엔 다시 일상으로 돌아와 지나간 생일의 여운은 뒤로한채 즐거운 시간을 또 만들어가기를 바랄게!

N-hyung, sorry that I’m late to say happy birthday After a few minutes your birthday will be over, but congrats, and I hope you had a great day. Still, it’s nice to see you go on a trip for your birthday. Unfortunately, in a few minutes you have to return to daily life and say goodbye to the echos of your birthday, so I’ll pray that you can go have a fun time again!

그래도 늦은 와중에 멤버들 중에서 내가 젤 빨리 축하해줬다.역시 형 생각하는건 나밖에 없나봐.

But even though I’m late, I was still the first one of the members to congratulate you. It really seems like I’m the only one thinking about you, hyung.

Ken’s reply:

@AceRavi ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

RAVI’s reply:

@jaehwany0406 웃지말고 빨리 축하해줘 지금해도 2등이야

@jaehwany0406 Don’t laugh, hurry and say happy birthday If you do it now, you’ll be 2nd place

Hongbin (@RedBeans93):

엔형 축하 늦게해줘서 미안해 생일이 이제 몇분 후면 끝나네 축하하고 즐거운 생일이였길바래. 그래도 생일을 맞이해서 여행도 다녀오고 보기좋다.아쉽겠지만 몇분 뒤엔 다시 일상으로 돌아와 지나간 생일의 여운은 뒤로한채 즐거운 시간을 또 만들어가자

N-hyung, sorry that I’m late to say happy birthday After a few minutes your birthday will be over, but congrats, and I hope you had a great day. Still, it’s nice to see you go on a trip for your birthday. Unfortunately, in a few minutes you have to return to daily life and say goodbye to the echos of your birthday, so let’s go have a fun time again!

RAVI’s reply:

@RedBeans93 2등 축하한다 근데 넌 지나고 축하해줬어

@RedBeans93 Congrats on 2nd place But you said it after his birthday ended  

Ken (@jaehwany0406):

엔형 축하 늦게해줘서 미안해 생일이 벌써 끝났는데ㅜ ㅜ축하하고 즐거운 생일이였길바래!! 그래도 생일을 맞이해서 여행도 다녀오고 보기좋다.아쉽겠지만 몇분 뒤엔 다시 일상으로 돌아와 지나간 생일의 여운은 뒤로한채 즐거운 시간을 또 만들어가자

N-hyung, sorry that I’m late to say happy birthday Your birthday is already overㅜ ㅜcongrats, and I hope you had a great day!! Still, it’s nice to see you go on a trip for your birthday. Unfortunately, in a few minutes you have to return to daily life and say goodbye to the echos of your birthday, so let’s go have a fun time again!

Hyuk (@HSangHyuk):

엔형 축하 늦게해줘서 미안해여 생일이 이미 지났지만 늦었지만 축하하고 즐거운 생일이였길바래요. 그래도 생일을 맞이해서 여행도 다녀오고 보기좋네요.아쉽겠지만 몇분 뒤엔 다시 일상으로 돌아와 지나간 생일의 여운은 뒤로한채 즐거운 시간을 또 만들어가요!

N-hyung, sorry that I’m late to say happy birthday Your birthday is already over and it’s late, but congrats, and I hope you had a great day. Still, it’s nice to see you go on a trip for your birthday. Unfortunately, in a few minutes you have to return to daily life and say goodbye to the echos of your birthday, so let’s go have a fun time again!


@AceRavi @jaehwany0406 @RedBeans93 @HSangHyuk 한명한명 대답 안한다고 서운해하지 말았으면 좋겠다^^ 너희들에게 공통 1등으로 답멘하고 싶었어~~ㅋㅋ #귀찮은거아님 #차중진담 🐔🙊🐔🐷

@AceRavi @jaehwany0406 @RedBeans93 @HSangHyuk I hope you won’t feel it’s unfair if I don’t answer each of you individually^^ I wanted to reply and give you all 1st place at the same time~~ㅋㅋ #It’sNotANuisance #ChaTruth 🐔🙊🐔🐷

T/N: The “ChaTruth” hashtag is from his name combined with a 4 Chinese character word that I think means telling the truth when drunk, but the drunk part is replaced by his name here.


@CHA_NNNNN:  어제 너무 정신이없었어 미안해 생일 축하했었어…. 내가 너무 했다

@CHA_NNNNN:  I was so busy yesterday Sorry Happy belated birthday…. That wasn’t nice of me


@JUNGTW_LEO 2등이야 임마 #괜찮아

@JUNGTW_LEO You’re 2nd place punk #It’sOkay

T/N: Ravi posted at 11:44pm the night before N’s birthday, and the rest of the members posted on N’s birthday. (No one was actually late.)

people who are sticks in the mud and don’t like fun: but how could steve fall in love with diana after only two days!

me, who fell in love with diana in her first 5 minutes on screen: idk seems realistic enough to me

Take Care of You (Peter Parker x Reader)

Requested by: @chris-evans-imagines

Character Pairing: Tom Holland’s Peter Parker x Reader

Word Count: 2,437

Warning: None? Actually, nevermind, the warning is the cheesiness I’m sorry lmfao.

Summary: You and Peter are supposed to have a night of fun celebrating, but periods always tend to show up at the worst of times.

Normally, when people think of high school couples, they instantly imagine two people who can’t keep their hands off each other, yet at the same time are unable to hold a full conversation before a screaming match ensues. You were familiar with all the phases of couples. First it was the honeymoon phase, where everything seems perfect and almost like a fairytale come true. Then, there came the moment when the people in the relationship realize that not everything is going to be happy all the time. After that, it was just a downward spiral. Unfortunately, this is true with most couples you know at your school.

But not you and Peter.

Today was officially going to be your one year anniversary with him, and despite what everyone at your school said, you two managed to stick together through it all. Everyone expected the both of you to be the typical kind of couple you see in high school, imagining you’d both be sick of each other by the first month of dating, but that wasn’t the case.

Peter is so different from all the other guys that you know, and you couldn’t be happier dating him. He is so sweet, and caring, and just an all around amazing guy. When you two first started talking, he sometimes became a clumsy, stuttering mess, just because he was so nervous around you, which made your affection for him grow even more. Looking back, you can still picture the pink tinge to his cheeks and the way he would scratch the back of his neck every time he approached you. Even to this day, he’ll sometimes get flustered in front of you–not as much as before, but it still makes you giggle in adoration. You honestly can’t believe how lucky you got to be able to call him yours.

You knew Peter had something planned for your anniversary, but to your frustration, he refused to tell you what it was. You’ve never been the type of person to give up though, so every single time you would see him in the hallways between classes, you’d pester him nonstop about the surprise. Still, he wouldn’t give into telling you. It got so bad to the point where Peter would quite literally run away from you and hide in the boys’ bathroom until you would leave him alone. You were fully aware he thought this whole situation was the funniest thing ever, as you had heard him laughing to himself through the door of the bathroom. That boy loves having his share of secrets.

When you got back to your apartment from school, you couldn’t wait for whatever Peter had planned for the two of you. No matter what it was, you knew it was going to be special. He wouldn’t admit it in a million years to anybody else, but he was quite the romantic in his own adorably shy way. It isn’t rare for you to have cute little messages written on the window to your bedroom in his spider webbing, sometimes left with little presents. It didn’t matter what the two of you were doing, he was always trying to make it as heartfelt as possible, which made your heart flutter in a way you’ve never felt with anyone before you met him.

As you were contemplating on what to wear, a familiar cramping pain in your lower abdomen started forming. It felt like someone was taking knives and stabbing you in the stomach over and over again, and the worst part was that the pain was just getting started, growing more intense by the second. This certain feeling of discomfort could only mean one thing: your period. Of course it comes on the night of a big celebration.

Grumbling to yourself about the horrible timing to your period, you clutch your lower stomach while walking into the kitchen to find the pain medication. As you opened the cabinet to where all your medicine was stored, you realized the Advil wasn’t to be seen after digging through the shelves. Where was it? It couldn’t have just grown two legs and walked away.

When you started thinking back to when the last time you saw it, everything clicked. Your parents had gone away to the lake house your family owned–they tried to get you to come with, but you insisted on staying back due to wanting to spend time with Peter. Your mother must’ve packed the medication she thought she might need away for the trip.

After making a quick stop to the bathroom, you stumbled back to your room and slipped under the covers of your bed. As the pain was at it’s worst, you just curled into a ball, willing yourself to think of other things so you would be distracted from the cramps. More than once did you contemplate whether or not you should bear through all of this and just get up and go to the pharmacy for some meds, but always ended up deciding against it.

It wouldn’t be long until Peter gets here, which made your heart ache. You weren’t so sure if you could even get up to do whatever he had planned. All you could hope for is that you’d miraculously feel better, which is very doubtful to say the least.

You watched the sun go down through your window, the light streaming in causing a golden effect in you room, which was, for some reason, making you sleepy. You tried to fight the feeling of your eyelids getting heavier and more weighted down, until finally giving into it, letting them close completely while drifting off into a peaceful sleep.

A muffled knock at your window followed by a, “[Y/N], wake up,” snapped you out of your dreams, causing you to groggily open your eyes. You had hoped that the nap would revive you a bit after you woke up, but the opposite had occurred. It felt like you had gotten hit by a bus. Multiple times. Now, not only were there the cramps, there was also a dull ache in your lower back that you felt as soon as you sat up.

Your looked towards your window, meeting the eyes of your boyfriend, Peter Parker. Well, the eyes of his Spider-Man mask to be exact. Giving him a weak half-smile, you gestured for him to come in, watching him gracefully slide open the window and spring down to the floor. He whipped off his mask as he began hurriedly walking towards your bed, which you were still sitting in. Judging by the concerned expression he gave you, he could already tell something was up. You two knew each other so well, you were like an open book to him.

“Code Red,” was all you managed to weakly mumble, your voice sounding hoarse even to your own ears.

Peter’s eyes widened as he immediately knew what this meant, for the two of you made this your phrase every time you got your period and had to cancel plans. Which surprisingly, happened a lot. Cheesy–and ironic–as the code name is, you actually liked that it was your thing.

Normally, most teenage guys would be disgusted and stay away, but not Peter, which is another thing you absolutely adored about him. He may still be young, but he’s one of the most mature people you’ve met–well, at least when it comes to serious matters, such as this.

“I’m so sorry I don’t think I can… I don’t know…what I’m tryi-” You try to speak, struggling for words, but Peter cut you off.

“[Y/N], you’re fine. There’s no need to try to explain yourself,” he tells you in a quietly soothing voice, tucking a loose strand of hair behind your ear. His brown eyes stare intently into yours, searching them. “We’ll just do the surprise another night,” he said, while beginning to walk towards the fire escape. “I’ll be right back, okay?”

Without even waiting for an answer on your part, he stuffed his mask back over his head, and swung out the window all in a matter of seconds. You lie back down, snuggling into your blankets and deciding to put on a movie to kill time while you waited for him. Plus, it was a good distraction from the radiating pain that you felt everywhere on your body.

You weren’t even past the opening credits when all of a sudden, you heard a deafening, BANG. A loud shriek escaped your lips before you could stop yourself, and you jumped back instinctively, causing your entire bed to tremble.

“Relax, it’s just me,” Peter said, chuckling a little from your reaction as he climbed into your room. Your eyes flitted to a rather large looking duffel bag he was lugging, suspecting that was what had initially made the commotion in the first place. “Man, this bag is heavy, I almost ran into multiple buildings while getting back here.”

He plopped down onto the foot of your bed, once again taking his mask off while beginning to unzip the bag next to him. You were quite curious to see what was inside, so you crawled over next to him, peering over his shoulder as he opened it. “So I brought you some things I know you like,” he said as he pulled out various snack items that you had actually been craving ever since you woke up.  

You let out a squeal of delight as you wrapped your arms around his neck from behind, giving him a squeeze while you kissed him on the cheek. “Thank you so much, Peter!”

You didn’t realize you had such a tight hold on him until he choked out in an exasperated breath, “O-okay, I know I have superpowers and all but I can’t br-breathe very well with your death gr-grip on me.”

Instantly, your hands flew from him, and you let out a giggle at the fact he was being a bit dramatic–after all, you were just a teenage girl. “Sorry, sorry, I forgot how much of a wuss you can be.” You retaliate, knowing this type mocking would get to him.

He turned his whole body, his eyes teasingly warning you as he said in a low voice, “You’re lucky you aren’t feeling well, otherwise you’d be in big trouble right now.” Although Peter was good at sounding serious, you could tell from the way his lips were tugging at the corners he was trying hard to keep from smiling.

You shook your head at him, breaking the eye contact to grab the armload of food in front of you while saying, “Alright let’s get this show on the road, I’m voting for Disney movies tonight.”

As you crawled back over to the other side of the bed to snuggle in, you heard Peter groan a complaint at your choice of movies for the night. He pretended to absolutely hate them, but you knew deep down he enjoyed watching the Disney flicks. He was just trying to look manly, which made you slightly amused.

“Oh, one more thing, I forgot,” he said, pulling out various pain medications from the bag, along with a heating pad. “I know you probably already have something for your cramps, but I was already in the store grabbing all this other stuff.” He gestured to the various snacks surrounding the two of you.

You swiped the Advil out of his hand, hastily opening it. It wasn’t until Peter mentioned something did you really feel the cramps coming on–before, you were too busy talking to him to take notice to the pain. You mumbled a quick thank you before downing the pills, hoping they would kick in as soon as possible.

The two of you nestled up against each other while you pressed play on your T.V. You let out a content sigh as you put your head on his chest, finally able to relax when listening to his heart beat beneath your ear. He had his hand gently placed on your lower back, pressing the heating pad against it to relieve the back aches as you lay on your stomach. You drifted in and out of sleep to the feeling of him rubbing circles on your back and petting your hair softly.

 After a couple Disney movies and an ice cream carton in, you were now somewhat awake. You began to let your mind wander off, not really paying attention to the film. A certain thought that you found quite amusing drifted into your mind, and you couldn’t help it as you began to laugh softly into Peter’s chest.

Feeling his gaze on you, you crane your neck up to look at him. As your eyes met his, you could tell he was silently questioning why you had just giggled, knowing you would explain yourself. “It’s just… did you go into the store with yo-” You had to stop talking for a second as you felt another surge of laughter rise up into your chest, taking a few moments to regain your composure. “You went into the store… with your Spider-Man suit on?”

Peter’s cheeks turning a shade of pink gave you the answer you needed without him saying a thing.

A burst of laughter escaped your lips just thinking of Peter waiting in line as Spider-Man, holding all the snacks and other items in his arms. You could just imagine the look on the other customers’ faces, probably wondering what in the hell Spidey was doing at a drugstore. You would’ve paid so much money just to see a recording of that.

“Hey, don’t be laughing at me!” Peter whisper-shouted, his eyebrows furrowed defensively. “There’s not a single girl in Queens I would’ve done that for other than you.”

The way his eyes intently searched yours showed he was speaking the truth, which made your giggles abruptly stop. You were too focused on the fact that it felt like your heart was going to flutter out of your chest from the way it was pounding now. His words had that kind of effect on you.

“And that’s why I adore you so much Peter Parker,” you said so softly, if it wasn’t for his enhanced senses, he probably wouldn’t have heard it. “I couldn’t have asked for a better anniversary.” Your words obviously had just as an equal effect on Peter, as you watched his blush grow an even darker shade. You gave him a quick peck on the cheek before resting your head back down on his chest, soon finding yourself dozing off with a smile spread across you lips.

A/N: So I hope this is as realistic as possible for everyone that reads this, and if it’s not my apologies. I was just writing basically off my personal experiences, and my cramps are an actual monster. I just wish I had my own Peter Parker to take care of me ugh lol.

Also, as a little sidenote, I’m thinking about maybe creating a writing groupchat for writers that need helpful opinions while putting together a piece. I kind of want it to be maybe Marvel themed though? I don’t know, I just need more friends on Tumblr so trying to think of ways to do that! Let me know if this sounds like a good idea!

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I never listened to Linkin Park when I was a teenager.

I know everyone talks about going through their “edgy phase” as a teen and then growing up and “cringing” at those interests, but that wasn’t my experience. When I was a teen, I was in a “pretentious” phase. Classic rock and independent films and the “great works” of literature, and acting like they made me better than everyone else. Hanging around with people who were snobs and who would sneer at anyone who was actively interested in anything that was too lowbrow, and desperately trying to please them. Hiding emotions because all my friends kept everything behind at least three layers of ironic detachment and performative sarcasm.

And you know what? It never improved my life. Being like that only made me unhappy and made me feel ashamed of the things I liked in secret. Made me afraid to show my emotions so I bottled them up and let them eat me away from the inside out. It took me years to realize how damaging that way of thinking was. I’m still trying to put the pieces of my identity back together, trying to find all the parts of myself that I had buried deep underground to protect them from ridicule and rejection. But I know now that I hate snobs, I hate cringe culture, I hate judgemental assholes who sneer at people because their interests are easy to mock.

I didn’t start listening to Linkin Park until I was 20.

Someone who was very important to me mentioned that they were into it. At first, I laughed, just as a reflex, but then I listened. I listened to the music and I heard people putting a voice to pain that I felt, saying things about me that I was struggling to say about myself. They played the album “Reanimation,” a more obscure album where Linkin Park collaborated with a bunch of underground hip hop artists to remix their original songs. I convinced myself that was why I liked them. This was different. This wasn’t just Linkin Park, this was “true artists” taking what Linkin Park made and turning it into “true art.” We listened to the album over and over and I fell in love twice, with a person and with the music they shared with me.

It wasn’t until I was 22 that I let myself dive deeper into their music. The person who had introduced me to their music had cut ties with me. I told myself that I was only listening to the album out of nostalgia, and a desire feel what I felt with them before. But that wasn’t true, I wanted more. So I let myself listen to the rest of their music. And when I did, I found a depth of emotion and passion that I never realized was there.

When I first heard “Breaking the Habit,” I cried. And that never happens. But the lyrics spoke to me that much, it seemed to describe exactly what I was dealing with at the time. And as I listened to more and more of their music i found more and more pieces of me that I had lost. Feelings I was scared to feel. Thoughts that I was afraid of. Ashamed of. I let myself acknowledge them for the first time in years and I started to delve deeper into what this band was really about.

You know the song “Crawling?” Yeah, the “teen angst” song that everyone likes to make fun of for being so “edgy” and “cringeworthy?” Did you know that song was about Chester Bennington’s struggle with getting into alcohol and drug addiction at a very young age? Yeah, it’s not about “being angsty and your parents not understanding” or whatever shit you all like to claim it’s about. It’s about actual something that millions of people really struggle with. And honestly, if you ever listened to the lyrics, it’s hard to misinterpret it as being about “angst.” It’s a powerful song, and it’s a good song, regardless of how many Naruto AMVs it was used in.

People have been mocking Linkin Park for years. People have been shaming them for continuing to make these “cringeworthy” songs where they bare their emotions- ugly emotions, emotions that are hard to deal with from any angle and even harder to admit openly. And yet? they’ve never stopped. Over 15 years since Hybrid Theory first came out and they’ve never stopped releasing music which is sincere, which is passionate, which exposes the raw emotions that so many people deal with but are afraid to acknowledge out of fear of judgement. They’ve given hope to so many people just by saying “Hey, you’re not alone. We struggle with these things too, and so do the people around you who listen to us. Reach out to them, you don’t have to be ashamed.”

And they never stopped growing and changing, either. Almost every single album they’ve released has experimented with their sound, trying out bits and pieces of different genres and seeing how they might be better at delivering the message they want to send. And while I haven’t always appreciated the results, I’ve always appreciated the experimentation.

I’m getting off track but the point is, Linkin Park means a lot to me. Their music is important, and I’m not going to be ashamed of that fact. And the world has undeniably lost someone important today. Chester Bennington, a person who went through so musch trauma, who struggled with drug addiction and alcohol addiction since he was a child, who was sexually abused as a child, who was bullied and beaten as a child, who grew up with so much pain and damaged mental health because of that, and who tried so hard to turn that pain into something positive, something that would help other people, is gone. He couldn’t make it, and that breaks my heart. And honestly? It scares me.

But I’m not going to let that destroy the message that his music sent. Chester Bennington always had hope. Even to the end, he was writing music telling people that they mattered, and urging them not to give up. Even if he couldn’t take his own advice, I know he still meant it. And that he was saying it because he needed to hear it just as much as we did. That message will live on past him.

“Who cares if one more light goes out? Well I do.”