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Hi. Question that I bet you've already received and answered re: your post about being attracted to women but being unable to visualise a relationship with one? For you, if you don't mind sharing, what was it that brought you to pursue a relationship with a woman in the first place? Personally I'm in a place where I think there's a potential for a relationship, but I don't know if I want it partly *because* she's a woman? Anyway, thanks for sharing your original post. That was meaningful to me.

I’m in a position where she likes me and I’m quite attracted to her but the idea of a relationship with a woman is strange and foreign in the same way that you expressed in that original post. Anyway, it’s not like you’re Ask Annie or anythin like that. Just curious what got you from “I’m attracted to women” to “I’m married to a woman.”

hey anon, sorry for the delay — i’m pretty bad about answering asks in the simplest of cases, and this was one i wanted to knock around in my head for a bit.

i realized i liked girls when i got a crush on one in high school, completely unexpectedly. but she lived far away and thought she was straight and so while i accepted this new thing about myself it was easy to think that i’d never really have to confront it again. when i graduated my favorite teacher, to whom i’d come out as bi, said something about hoping to come to my “wedding or commitment ceremony” one day, and i remember scoffing. looking back on that moment is strange. there i was, lucky enough to have a lesbian mentor actively envisioning this future for me when no one else was going to, yet even she didn’t go so far as to imagine that i’d have the right to marry a woman, and the alternative she suggested seemed absurd to me, like something belonging to a different world from the one i knew.

going to college helped. my best friend from high school, who is gay, went to the same college and i got to watch him date in a way he hadn’t been able to before. it was a small school and by chance, he ended up in a dorm where it seemed like no one was straight, and that’s where i met her. i didn’t expect my feelings, but neither could i ignore them.

it’s a cliché, but if you’d asked me then, did i love women?, i don’t know what i would have said. but i would have been able to say that i liked her, and soon, that i loved her.

now, of course, i know that i do love women, and that that thinking was a form of denial. but in a way i think this denial had a kind of usefulness, in breaking down one of the big questions of life into one small enough for me to handle. it’s hard to grapple with whether you want Relationships With Women. it’s a lot easier to think about whether you’d like to try a relationship with this woman. the rest can wait.

i want to let you know that you have my permission to think that way, if it helps. it might not seem like the most ideologically correct thing, but as i’ve said before in this space, your job isn’t to have ideologically correct feelings, your job is to be ok. if you’re attracted to her, then questions about women in general, or the concept of womanhood, or whatever, are just kind of beside the point, at least for now. focus on what you feel about this person, specifically, and trust yourself to figure the rest out in due time, knowing that there’s no rush.

also, i have no idea what your situation is, but as always i think it’s a good idea to spend as much time around other lgbt people as possible if you’re not already, though i know that’s often easier said than done. a meetup, a hobby or volunteer group, a sports team, a band, a chorus — these things have made a world of difference to me in terms of making me feel that not being straight is normal and good, and that being true to myself is fully compatible with a rich and happy life.

my experience, of course, is just one experience, and so if others reading this would like to share your experiences around this, i encourage that. in any case, i hope this answer is helpful, anon, and that it finds you well.

Blind By Your Side/ Part 3 [Final]

Morning soon came, as well as the sunrise. Still half asleep, Nightmare summoned a tentacle and pulled the curtains, so that the sunlight wouldn’t reach and hurt him. He tried to go back to sleep, but some small groans were annoying him and stopping him to do so. He slowly opened his eye, still feeling sleepy. His face flushed in dark blue when he realized that he had his arms wrapped around Cross, who was sleeping with his head on his chest.

The lords heart started beating faster on his chest, causing Nightmare to groan in irritation. He didn’t know what was that weird sensation, but he didn’t like it.

Cross suddenly started to groan and move a little. He was waking up. Nightmare stopped hugging the smaller skeleton and turned his back on him, quickly hiding his face under the blankets to cover his stupid blush.

Cross soon sat on the bed and looked around. He didn’t say anything, but his hand reached for his eyes, touching the blindfold. His hand started to slightly shake and he felt like his eyes would start watering at any second so he tried to focus on something else.

“Nightmare? Are you awake?”

“… Yes.”

“Hm. Did you sleep well?”

“… Yeah. I did.”

“Ok. So… Are we going to any missions today? I really feel like punching someone’s face.” Nightmare didn’t look at Cross, and took a long time to respond, making the other worried. “Nightmare…?”

“Cross I… I don’t think that’s a good idea.” He didn’t want to admit, but he was worried about Cross. The whole being blind thing seemed to be getting on his head, like everything around them could seriously hurt Cross.

Nightmare didn’t understand why he was feeling that way. He was supposed to hate him, wasn’t he? So then… Why was his mind so confused?

“But… Why not? I can take care of myself!”

“Like you took care of yourself on the last mission?” Nightmare replied sarcastically.

“I was just trying to prot- to help you!” He complained, his cheeks getting a little purple.

“I can take care of myself. Ever thought of doing that for once on your life?”

“Can you at least pretend that I can still see and don’t treat me like a freaking kid!?” His aura was getting more negative and Cross felt like he could cry at any moment. But he refused to stand that low. “You don’t need to treat me like someone special just because I can’t see anymore. I don’t like to be treated that way.” He sighed. “Why am I even saying this? You won’t care anyway. You never do…”

“And you never made me so confused before, but you’re doing it now.” Nightmare mumbled, but Cross managed to hear it.

“I made you… Confused…?” Nightmare’s eye widened and his face flushed blue.

“How did you hear that?”

“The same way I heard killer stop in front of the door a few minutes ago, and he’s standing there right now.” Nightmare turned to the door.

“KILLER! IF YOU’RE THERE WHEN I OPEN THE DOOR I’LL TEAR YOUR ARMS AND LEGS OFF!” fast footsteps were soon heard running away from the door.

“Heh, called it” Cross said.

“How did you know he was there?”

“Meh, blind people can hear better. That’s one of the good things about my condition” an awkward silence filled the room.

“Cross… I’m sorry.”


“For… Being the reason you’re stuck like this. I shouldn’t have let you and the others just choose a random dimension without my order.” The other gave a smile.

“It’s okay, Nightmare. It wasn’t really your fault, we were just stubborn as always.”

“Yeah, you were. You should just hear me when I say that you should hear me”

“Hehehe, yeah…” Cross took a deep breath and felt his face heat up a little. “Nightmare.”


“C-can I… D-do something?”

“Hum… Sure…? What is it?”

Cross reached out his hands, luckily being able to grab Nightmare’s face on the first try. The other was a little confused as to what Cross was actually doing, but just stayed silent. Nightmare’s face suddenly flushed into a deep blue when he felt Cross press his lips on his own.

The other’s face was really purple, like he was running out of air or something. They didn’t break the kiss, as much as a part of Nightmare’s mind kept saying for him to break it and slap Cross across the face, but he just ignored that thought and kissed him back, slowly wrapping his arms around his waist and pulling his body closer to his own.

They soon broke the kiss, both painting a little from lack of air. Cross gave a small smile, his face boiling from embarrassment. Nightmare on the other hand, was pretty much speechless, his mind still processing all that happened.

“W-why did you do that?” Cross caressed his cheek, giving him a little smile.

“Because I love you, Nightmare.” His eye widened. Cross blushed a little more. “I-it’s been awhile since I felt that way and I didn’t know how to tell you… But since I lost my sight you became so nice to me that I didn’t know if I could hold it any lon…ger…” His voice died once he felt the other caress his cheek, also getting him more nervous than he already was.



“… I love you too.” He pulled Cross again into a kiss, the other slowly melting into his arms. It felt like a dream come true…

Just as they separated, Cross practically threw himself at Nightmare’s arms, hugging him tightly. “Hehe, you seem happy.”

“Yeah… But also so Killer can take enough photos to post online.” He said. Nightmare’s eye widened in anger and he turned to the door.


“Just let him be. You can get him later…” Nightmare groaned.

“Humpf. Fine. But only because you asked.” Cross smiled. “Hey Cross… Does being blind… Bother you?”

“… It used at first, but I think I’m getting used to it. And as long as you’re with me, I don’t care that much” Nightmare blushed and hugged him tighter. “Killer’s going to get a lot of pictures huh?”

“Yeah…” he kissed Cross’ forehead, causing him to blush. “… He will.”

The End


I suck for endings ;u;

Englih is not my first language

Hope you enjoyed my little fanfic and I hope that it didn’t suck so much 

 Maybe I’ll bring more in the future

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once when I was in middle school I went to the park with my friend and their highschool-aged brother and his friend– the latter two had checked out a book on martial arts from the library and were going to teach themselves how to fight. I’m sure this seemed like a good idea to them at the time.

My friend and I had important matters like the swingset to attend to, but we could hear them over in the field: “Ok now flip me” “I’m not gonna flip you!” “Just do it, right over your shoulder!” “No! You’re gonna–” “Dude flip me!” …Followed by a thudding and loud exclamation and then the sounds of an Actual fight (totally uncalled-for, their brother did ask his friend to flip him, not his fault it hurt lol)…….. and yeah I’m not saying that’s a page ripped right out of Baze and Chirrut’s backstory, but that’s exactly what I’m saying

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you think you can just pop up on my dash with those amazing posts about Blue and Lance, and NOT get a follow? smh well you're wrong ok you're getting another follower

I see that you have a Lance icon, and also seem to enjoy Lance meta.

Consider, as a kind of welcoming present:

Fingerguns are not a universal gesture. So basically Lance has been doing the fingerguns this entire time? no one has had any idea what the heck he’s doing.

That said, like. It’s clearly some kind of good thing? And Lance is sociable about it so it catches on?

Basically imagine a gradually increasing number of slightly bewildered Marmorans picking up fingerguns as a gesture.

NewtXReader PART 2 -bitter sweet love


PART 1: here

PART 3: here

PART 4: here

PART 5: here

WORD COUNT 1 5 0 0 :
Info: Angst but fluff

As you prepares for a night at The Blind Pig Bar, you’ve has a bad feeling. As Newt and Tina grow closer, you and Newt feel further apart than ever.

What had you gotten yourself into?

“Come on out sweetie. Don’t be shy, you look beautiful”, Queenie edged you forward into the living room. Queenie was a glamorous girl you had to admit, but your styles didn’t quite match. While she wore glitter and gold, you opted for more simpler tastes in fashion. Eventually you had come to a compromise and settle for something both of you loved.

“Wait until Newt sees you !”

“Is it too much?”

“There’s no such thing honey”

Currently you stood in a knee length black dress, the thin material hugging your body perfectly, in all the right places. Littered up the front where some black jewels to add some glamour (Queenie insisted) . Silk black gloves reached up slightly above your elbow. Your lips were coloured naturally although your eyes smokey, a makeup choice which wasn’t normally worn in the 1920’s, although you were the image of class and elegance itself.

Self consciously you shuffled forward into the living room, not comfortable looking this made up. Observing your surroundings there was no sign of Newt or Tina but you did notice a man suspiciously hovering around. A pastry was lodged in his mouth and a very very guilty look on his face. Caught red-handed at stealing the pastries, he attempted to introduce himself.

“hwello- ytou- must-be- Y/N” crumbs flew at you from his mouth, while the pastry made it impossible to hear what he was saying. Looking at the confusion on your face, he quickly swallowed the treat and attempted again. “Ehem, sorry I couldn’t help myself could I? Don’t tell Queenie though, that girl got me on all crazy diets! Don’t worry though I’ll make up a fresh batch when we get back. A friend of Newts, is a friend of mine after all” he grinned “he’s told us so much about you. Seems like you’ve made quite the impression on him”.

Before questioning him on what exactly he meant, Queenie appeared. “Y/N have you seen Newt and ti… JACOB! You said you’d wait till later! They were for our guests"she whined, looking towards the empty plate of goods.

“Oh no it’s ok really don’t worry! I’m quite full anyways”, you insisted.

“Nonsense, you can’t drink on an empty stomach sugar, that’s not a good idea!”.

Increasing her voice this time she shouted “But at this rate it seems we’re not even gonna get out the door if newt and Tina don’t hurry up”.

As on queue Tina strutted into the room, wearing a low cut brown dress. She looked amazing compared to you, her glittery jewellery out shining you a million times. You looked to her right and saw that she had latched herself onto Newts arm. Oh how you wanted to hate her, think badly of her innocent flirting. But you just couldn’t bring yourself to do it. It just wasn’t in your sweet nature. She’d been nothing but kind since you had arrived her. Yes fair enough she didn’t notice your presence at first but she did welcome you into your home. You almost wished she would spit vile comments at you, at least then you’d have a valid reason to dislike her. But you couldn’t hate a woman who wanted a man….a man that you could never have. She had as much right as anyone.

Looking to Newt you observed the way he looked at her. Excitement bouncing in his eyes. You knew you had to suppress your thoughts. Newt deserved a night without you ruining it with your feelings. Stitching a smile on your face you looked up to him.

“It’s nice to see you’ve made an effort Newt” you playfully teased.

He stood dressed in the exact same clothes at earlier except he’d changed his bow tie and instead of his usual vibrant blue coat, he wore a similar (less battered) brown one. You didn’t complain though, he still looked as dashing as ever.

Upon hearing your voice his eyes widened, trailing up and down the curves of your body. Staring in awe at you, as though you were one of his creatures. His face becoming flustered his eyes directly met yours, “Y/N you look….”

What was it? Did he not like the way you had dressed, it was nothing compared to Tina’s extravagant outfit after all? Maybe your showing too much skin? You should go change. As you turned to go find something more ‘appropriate’, Queenie let out a squeal.

“Mr Scamander! That’s no way to think of a beautiful young lady like Y/N! Please at least attempt to cover your thoughts” she cheekily winked. Newts freckles disappeared under a deep blush as he mumbled something about bowtruckles to avert his dirty thoughts somewhere else.

Being the cinnamon roll you are, where oblivious to the whole situation. Shyly Newt tilted his head away from you, unable to look you straight in the eye.

“What he means to say is that you look beautiful dear”

“Now, now Queenie don’t embarrass the man. Let him keep some of his dignity” Tina exclaimed. Still linked with Newt she strutted towards the door, behind her Jacob and Queenie followed hand in hand. Meanwhile you trailed behind them. Alone.

You knew this wasn’t a good idea.

Currently the 5 of you were sitting around a table in the Blind Pig…or 4 of you were anyways. Queenie, was sitting on Jacob’s lap, both of them laughing drunkly. Giggling at one another about the daftest of things. “Your ma muggle muffin man” Queenie giggled, then squealed when Jacob gave her backside a cheeky pinch. You smiled at them wishing for love like that. Where you could share intimate moments about complete utter nonsense.

Looking towards Newt and Tina you listened into their conversation, sharing stories of past adventures with one another. Stories which he had only shared with you. Even their body contact was intimate, as Tina placed one hand on Newts arm and leaned close into him. Newt although nervous at first seemed to relax under her touch. Smiles gleaming on both of their faces.

“Oh my, Newt that’s incredible! How did you manage to tame it? You’ll have to teach me sometime”

“Of course, you could come back to London with Y/N and me! I’m sure there would be room in th….”

He was inviting her without even consulting you?

“Sorry it’s getting quite late. I’m afraid I’ll have to leave, I think I still have some travel sickness from the boat”, you cut Newt off. You were done.


You’d had enough of their flirting for one night, it was better that you just went home. This was too painful to watch.

“Are you sure?” Tina questioned, no undertones of concern in her voice.

“No, no it’s alright. Need to catch up on sleep anyways. It’s better that I’m refreshed anyways for the morning” you joked, “Newts promised me a tour of the city”.

Worry flashed through his face as he helplessly looked towards Tina, “Em…well you see”

“What is it Newt?” You wearily asked, although you had a feeling of what he was about to say.

“Tina’s asked me for coffee in the morning. Just a little catch up and that all. I’ll give you a tour in the afternoon?” Newt sheepishly confirmed your suspicions.

Why were you hurt? It’s not like you weren’t expecting this…

But you couldn’t help but feel.

“Oh. Ok. That’s fine” you replied monotone. The fake smile disappeared and your face displayed not a trace of emotion. There was no point pretending anymore.

Concerned by your sudden change of mood newt said “Here let me walk you back to the apartments Y/N”

“No Newt I insist you stay. I don’t want to ruin your ‘fun’. See you later ”

“Y/N please. Is this about the coffee? I can cancel it, really it’s-”

“See you later Newt”

Without even making eye contact you stood up from the table, your chair screeching against the floor. Queenie, sobering up slightly, looked intensely at you but remained quiet. Her words would offer no comfort. Nothing would. As the cold crisp air hit you, you finally allowed the tears to fall. The walk home was a lonely one. Why did you even ask to come? You should’ve just stayed at home, let Newt get on with his life.

Once inside you slid out of your dress and changed into you nightgown. Grabbing a fluffy blanket from Queenie’s room, you wrapped yourself up snug. Exhaustion hit you like a wave as you curled up in front of the fire.

Little did you know, the night was far from over.

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Giving & Taking Pt. 02 (M)

Warnings: Fingering, Oral sex, Slight dirty talk

Genre: Romance, Angst, Smut, & College AU

Pairing: Namjoon x Raeder, Jungkook x Reader

Word count: 3,482

Pt.01 Pt.03

Originally posted by jjks

It was Friday night and you were rummaging through your closet last minute packing. Your roommate Hana was laying on your bed “supposedly” helping you pack. You don’t know why you agreed to go on this stupid camping trip anyways. Namjoon had clearly been avoiding you these past two weeks. Playing it off as he was busy, but even if he is busy he would always make time for you.

“Maybe you should pack, I don’t know something a little sexy for Namjoon, ” Hana said getting up from her lying down position.

You groaned giving her nasty look before turning back around to continue looking through your clothes.

“Oh don’t give me that look. You’ve been so on edge lately, I know you haven’t gotten any in awhile.” She said.

Stil, you ignored her. Was it really that obvious that you and Namjoon haven’t had proper sex in like a whole month? You didn’t feel comfortable talking about this. To be honest, you felt kind of embarrassed, but Hana had no shame. She was single and perfectly happy. Bringing different guys home every weekend. She never made excuses for her promiscuity, but you weren’t like that.

You were quite timid actually. Namjoon was your first serious boyfriend and your first at everything else. You had never had sex prior to being with Namjoon and it took you awhile into your relationship to actually go through with it. After that Namjooon couldn’t keep his hands off of you. Touching you at any chance he got. He wanted you all the time and to be fair you enjoyed the feeling of being wanted in such an intimate way. Even if it took maybe about a dozen times of doing it for you to actually orgasm.

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Ok let's talk about make up, specifically lipstick. I love the idea of it in the same way that I love nail polish specifically because it allows me to wear crazy colors, but I also cannot seem to figure it out??? Like how do I chose lipstick that looks good for my skin? Do I have to start wearing other make up now too like foundation? That seems way too time consuming. Sorry, I guess I had more feels about this than I thought and you seem very knowledgeable on the subject.

Honestly, I can’t pretend to be an expert, but I’ll give you a quick run-through of what I know from experience.

First, mildly amusing story-up until 5 years ago, all of my lip cosmetics were pretty much natural or neutral, because I was convinced that red was just too … much for my skin/look, until I was hanging out with my friend who has much darker skin than mine, but very similar undertones, and who always wears fabulous red lipsticks (She’s a Chanel/Dior kind of person) and she got me to play with hers and a month later, I had a burgeoning collection. 

So here are some of the things to kind of be aware of:

1) Your skin undertones and how they interact with other colors-

Just like some awesome hair colors don’t play nice with different skin-colors, the same thing applies to lipsticks. Being aware of how undertones interact with your skin tones is tricky, but essential. What someone calls neutral may not be on your skin. So, knowing if you have warm or cool undertones is a good thing, and you may want to avoid colors that either are or have strong undertones of the complementary color (color wheel!) of your predominant undertones. I, for example, have a lot of yellow undertones in my skin, but for the most part, my blue to neutral red lipsticks don’t accentuate that. I love the idea of more berry or orchid-toned lipsticks, but. they. all. make. me. look, like. a. 2. days. disinterred. corpse. Basically, this green/yellow undertone in my skin roars to life when its complement is on the field of play. This is why you will rarely see me in polish in these colors and never in lipsticks, though Besamé’s new Orchid lipstick makes me want to try one. more. time. 

Honestly, think about the colors you like to wear for *clothes*, and which ones you know you shouldn’t even stand near (for me, melon, salmon, mulberry, fuchsia, most purples). Avoid these colors on your lips bc yeah, right there on your face and the same color issues apply. The trickier part is undertones-a blue-red lipstick and an orange-red lipstick are going to look radically different on your face. It’s not fool-proof, but if you wouldn’t wear a blue shirt because it makes the circles under your eyes look like they have baggage, or it turns you yellow or orange or green or ashy, etc., chances are you want to avoid not only blue lipstick but also blue undertoned neutrals, pinks, and reds. (there are distinctions of course-sky blue and navy might be radically different next to your fact, and you want to translate that to your guess if a color would look good. A good dramatic but fairly clean of orange or blue undertones red would be Besamé Victory Red. It’s a smidge cool, but I suspect it would look good on most skintones. Chanel Pirate is another super-kind red, but Chanel prices are … Chanel prices :P

So basically, I can’t wear this because it’s pretty much guaranteed to contrast with and thus bring out my yellow/green undertones bc of its pink/purple cast

I’m good with blues, though, so a blue-undertoned red like Cherry Red is just fine for me

Though there’s a blue/cool undertone, there’s no purple cast to it, so I can wear it and its even pinker, cooler cousin, American Beauty, which is about as close to purple or berry as I can go. 

My personal perfect red Victory Red, fairly neutral and flattering on most skin tones, I suspect. It’s close to Cherry Red, but a bit brighter, lighter, and has less blue in it. Its neutrality with regards to orange, brown, or blue undertones makes it pretty kind to most complexions. 

2) by themselves most lipsticks won’t look exactly like their swatch colors because your natural lip pigment matters. If you want a closer match, wear foundation/concealer on your lips to give yourself a more neutral base for your lip-color. If you’re worried about feathering or other color integrity issues, a lipliner is a good idea. 

3) I am a firm believer that red is for everyone, but again, being aware of your skin’s undertones can help you pick out one that won’t make you feel sallow, ashy, bruised-looking, or washed out. For me, once I got a very vibrant hair-color, bold lips were pretty much a necessity, because I really do look really washed out in more subtle or natural colors. 

4) If you have a creme lipstick and worry about transfer (definitely a bigger deal with bolder colors), I recommend one light coat, blotting with tissue, a thin dusting of translucent powder (I use NYX’s translucent Finishing powder, which Target and Ulta sell for $10), then a second coat of the lipstick. It wears really well. If you have a steady hand for application and will not tolerate any transfer at all, I *strongly* recommend BeautyBakerie’s liquid lipsticks which I can put on at 8am and take off at 10pm with only a tiny touchup after eating in the inner circle of the lips. They have matte (x) and metallic (x) colors and typically swatch on three different skin-tones. Their instagram page is also a great place to see what the colors look like on various skin-tones.

5) I love mattes, but take care of your lips when using them whether liquid or traditional bc they dry/chap the hell out of your lips generally. I’m a fan of tokyomilk dark’s lip balms (x), which come in a large tin for $7 at Sephora and which I can put on at night and have soft lips in the morning. Scrubs to exfoliate occasionally are good, and you can buy them or if you’re feeling crafty you can make your own pretty affordably out of exotic items like honey and sugar and coconut oil. Google lip sugar scrub recipes and go wild. I am lazy and use Fresh’s lip scrub, which is about $24 (x)

6) It’s going to look weird if it’s something you don’t usually do, so when trying a new look/color/color family you are really looking less for ‘DOES MY FACE LOOK WEIRD TO ME’ (it will) than do I look suddenly more tired, sallow, bruised about the eye and other thin-skinned areas, or unnaturally fluorescent? You want to see if the lipsticks are drawing out undertones you like/don’t like in your skin. Again, 2 frames can help you predict this-1) the Color Wheel, and avoiding colors that are/have strong undertones of the complementary or opposite color to your own undertones, and 2) colors that look good/bad on you in clothes–those colors or colors (reds/pinks/neutrals, whatever, with strong undertones of those colors will probably have similar effects on your skin-so if you can’t for the life of you wear orange shirts of any stripe, you likely don’t want a red-orange lipstick and coral may or may not be your best bet either-you’d want to try it out and see how strong the warm vs cool undertones were. 

Everyone also has exceptions, so be willing to go to a Sephora or other place that has samples and have a good time. If the actual product is too expensive, write its brand and color name down, and google “XXX dupes” to see if there’s a more affordable color in the same color range. Win!

I don’t know if this was at all helpful, but I hope it was :)

Fraternizing with the Enemy [JasonxF!Reader] [Drabble]

Merry Christmas everybody, consider this my gift to you! ^^

I swear I’ll get back to my requests asap, I just really needed to get some BatFamily Christmas Fluff out of my system.

I hope you guys like it! :3

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Fraternizing with the Enemy

The doorbell of the manor chimed right as (y/n) was about to toss a handful of flour at Tim. While the girls had gone out for some last minute Christmas shopping, she’d decided to stay back and help the boys bake cookies. However, Dick and her had been forced to watch as Damian and Tim already failed at agreeing on what kind of cookies to make. She’d just been thinking about what kind of nightmare decorations would be, when the first egg flew through the air and smacked the youngest of the family right in the face. That had escalated into an all out war which in turn had resulted in them being covered head to toe in baking ingredients as well as leaving the kitchen in a similar state that would most likely cause Alfred a heart attack. 

“(Y/N)!!!” an angry shout basically cut through the happy atmosphere, making the young woman freeze in place before dropping the flour to the ground and diving behind the counter with a shriek of: “Hide me!”

The voice belonged to none other than Jason Todd, her boyfriend of two years. And the guy was beyond pissed.

“(y/n), what the hell did you do?” Dick asked with a raised brow.

“Well…” she started, popping her head out from her hiding spot and sheepishly rubbing the back of her neck. “Jason was being all bitchy about hating Christmas, although I know he doesn’t really hate it, and I was getting sick of it, so I may or may not have superglued a Santa hat onto his helmet and replaced his guns with candy canes.”

“Ha! You’re dead meat, (l/n)!” Damian laughed while wiping a mixture of butter and flour off his cheek and flicking it towards Tim, who glared at him in response before reluctantly agreeing with his brother: “True. Jason loves you to bits, but that was a ridiculously stupid move.”

“I know.” she whined. 

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Anon: Can you do a one shot where the reader has car trouble and is stuck on the side of the road. Then this biker rides up and tries to help with her car but, he doesn’t have his tools with him. A storm is coming too quick to ride to safety so they have to wait in the car for the overhead storm to pass. And smut.

Warnings: SMUT in a car. Unprotected sex. Wrap it up family. Oral female receiving. Dirty talk. Cursing. Dominant male character. If I forgot something my bad.

Word count: 3143

You had been working way too hard in the office and you needed a well needed break. So what better way than take some time off and go for a drive through the back roads and ease your mind.

Hell you had a few dollars saved up. Why not take a chance and ride to Vegas?  It was only four hours away.

That was a great idea if you would’ve rented a car. You had a SUV and it was a gas guzzler. It was your baby but, you been neglecting your baby lately.

You knew your car had some miles on it and you needed to have it looked at but, impulse hit you and you figured you’d be just fine.

Well unfortunately you were wrong as two left shoes. You were no mechanic. You knew now you should’ve paid more attention when a couple of exes told you to look at this and check for that. Instead you decided to go for it.

Now you were sitting on the side of the road with your car not going anywhere. Was it the transmission? Was it the radiator? Was that belt supposed to be hanging off like that?

Ah shit you thought to yourself. Because you were in-between towers you had no cellphone reception.

Let’s face it you were screwed and not just screwed. Royally screwed because, your day was going so damn awesome. There was a bad storm overhead and you needed to get somewhere anywhere fast.

You had been sitting for a few hours when you heard a slight rumbling in the distance. Then it grew louder and louder until finally it was right on you.

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Ice Cream and Tic Tacs

This story is a cute, fluffy piece, taking place during the events of Ant Man. I was really excited about the idea of introducing Scott to the series! I really hope you like it, and if you have any feedback, I would love to hear it!



For an Empath, it was difficult to explain to others that each and every person has their own energy. Yes, everyone experiences the same emotions, but everyone feels them differently.

For you, each person’s energy was as distinctive as a fingerprint. The differences were subtle, but you could see them.

Coming home to the Avengers compound in lock down was surprising enough. But you could feel an energy there that didn’t belong. But it felt so familiar. You wracked your brain as you moved in the direction of the intruder and Sam.

“What would you like?” a man asked you, feigning a convincing smile. It didn’t seem like he belonged here. It wasn’t because he was older than the other cashiers, or even that he didn’t want to be there.

It was as if his life had taken a turn in the wrong direction, and he was trying desperately to fix it. Not for himself. For someone he cared about. Someone he loved.

“Could I please have a scoop of Strawberry?” you returned his smile, only yours was warm and genuine.

As he handed your ice cream to you, you made contact with his hand. It was unintentional, as you were not keen on making physical contact with people you didn’t know if you could avoid it. For you, a physical connection was permanent. It bound your energy with the other person’s.

“Thank you,” you replied, trying not to be consumed by his feeling of dejection. Instead, you focused yourself on hope, and smiled again.

Leaving Baskin Robbins, you were happy to notice that the man’s mood had lifted slightly.

By the time you got to Sam, he was grounded, pack destroyed, and breathing heavy.

“Sam! What happened?” you shouted, running up to him, and helping him straighten up a little.

“It’s a little hard to explain really…” Sam replied. “Something tripped Friday’s sensors, so I went to check it out. There was a dude on the roof. Said his name was Scott…”

“Scott? He introduced himself?”

“Yeah, weird right? But it gets weirder. He could change his size, like shrink down to the size of an ant. He damaged my gear, so I lost him…”

Hearing this, you focused again. Scott was still on the compound. You cleared your mind of anything else with a deep breath, and closed your eyes.

He was doing something he believed to be important. To be right. Not for himself. For someone he cared about. Someone he loved.

You felt him getting closer, but couldn’t see him. You looked in his general direction, and smiled the same smile you had the day you had first encountered and developed a connection with him.

“Any idea where he is?” Sam asked you, recognizing the stance you took when you were honing in on your powers.

“No,” you lied quietly. “He must be gone.”
Sam looked at you a little oddly, like he knew you were keeping something from him, but he nodded regardless. You felt a surge of appreciation from Scott.

“That’s ok. He seemed like a good guy. Whatever he was doing here, I think it was harmless,” Sam said.

You nodded your agreement, and began to help Sam remove his damaged pack. You knew that that would not be the last time you encountered this ant sized man.

“And (Y/N)?”


“It’s really important to me that Cap never finds out about this.”

Peter Doherty, interview for Plugged France, dec 2016

Peter: “Hi! Who’s speaking?

Hello Peter, it’s Thomas, from Plugged Magazine
 Hi Thomas. I’m waiting for the soundcheck for tonight’s gig. We have about 20 minutes.

I’m glad I’m finally able to talk to you because… [Peter interrupts me]
 Can you remember your dream, Tony?

[Silence, we think he’s talking to someone else]
 Tony? Tony are you still here?

Tony? No, I’m Thomas.
 Oh… Sorry. Can you remember your dream from last night Thomas?

Hum… No… Sorry. Why?
 Because I had a horrible dream. I’m still upset about it.

What kind of dream was it?
 Oh believe me, you don’t want to know!

Why did you tell me about it then?
 I don’t know.

Ok. Let’s talk about the Bataclan then, if you don’t mind. The first gig was very emotional for the audience. Was it emotional for you too?
 Yeah… Honestly, I was very anxious towards this gig. I didn’t know if I could make it. I was less into it the second night, but the first show was amazing. Many emotions, and also many good vibes. Are you French?

PD: How old are you?

35, why?
PD: Oh, we’re almost the same age! That’s cool.

Hum…Yes. Back to the Bataclan, you’ve always had a special relationship with France. Is that the reason you wanted to be one of the first artists to play there?
PD: Yeah, fuck yeah! It’s hard to talk about this. It was important for me, so important I didn’t want to fuck it up. It was a big honour to be on that stage, especially after what happened. I couldn’t believe it when I’d been asked. So many people died in Paris these last few years. And I love Paris you know. I could die for Paris! Love and Paris are the only things I’m ready to die for.

There was a very good atmosphere at your gig, very positive, really.
PD: Yes, I had never seen something like that. Many times, I stopped to watch the audience. I couldn’t believe my eyes. People were laughing and dancing… To be honest, I had never witnessed something like this in Paris. That’s not a very Parisian attitude.

Generally speaking, do you think the Parisian audience is cold?
PD: Not cold, I would say worried. Usually, you can see the audience half into the gig and half lost in thoughts. But that night, it was beautiful. My grandfather fought in Paris during the war.. He was wearing a uniform and was looking for a man. Have I told you this story yet?

Not at all!
PD: Well, he found the man! I’ll tell you another time.

Hum… Ok.
PD: Do you have some other questions? I’d like to stop talking about the Bataclan please.

Let’s talk about your new album, Hamburg Demonstrations. It’s hard to date the creation of the album, it has songs you’ve been playing for years. Was it written before, during or after the Libertines reunion?PD: No, no, no,no! Listen to me [He speaks louder, a bit irritated]. I just recorded some acoustic songs. Then I got back with the Libertines, with the tour and the new album. Then I went back to the studio and the producer had rearranged it. Hamburg Demonstrations, it’s… difficult. I don’t know what else to say. 

To make this record, you spent several months in Hamburg. How was it?
PD: I don’t know. It was horrible. I’m still an addict… In Hamburg, it was a daily struggle aganst a 98-tentacles octopus. (long pause)
Fuck, shut up. (pause)
Ok, can you call me back in 5 minutes? Bye!

[He hangs up, and 5 minutes later, we call his manager back.]

PD: Sorry, there’s been a big shower, I had to find a shelter.

Weren’t you inside the venue, waiting for the soundcheck?
 What were we talking about?

 Fuck it, I don’t want to talk about Hamburg anymore!

Let’s talk about the musicians who played on the record. Who are they?
 Seriously? What the fuck? I don’t know actually. Like I said, I recorded some acoustic drafts. So I have no idea. But it’s ok, it sounds good. [He asks his manager who the musicians are, but the story seems rather complicated.] Do you know the song Good Times by the Stone Roses?

Hum… Yes. Why?
PD: What’s the name of the song I’ve just quoted?

Good Times by the Stones Roses.
PD: Bravo! It was to make sure you were listening.

What’s the link?
PD: [He starts talking in French] Today, on my way to the venue, I had this song by the Stone Roses stuck in my head. That’s it. Next question!

Your record starts with Kolly Kibber. The title is a reference to Brighton Rock by Graham Greene, published in 1938. After Morrissey, Queen and some other English musicians, it seems it’s your turn to be inspired by this book.
PD: Yes, but the spelling is different, it’s originally Kolley Kibber. But that’s not very important. Have you seen the movie Control?

By Anton Corbijn about Joy Division? Yes of course!
PD: What’s the name of the main actor?

Sam Riley.
PD: Yes, that’s it, Sam Riley! He plays Pinkie in Brighton Rock. This movie is outrageous! I should have played this role! I know Sam Riley well, we went to school together.

Really? He’s a good actor.
PD: No, I’m kidding. We didn’t go to school together. It was a joke!

Hum… Ok. Back to the record then. On Birdcage, we can hear a female voice. Who is this girl?
PD: Ah thank you Thomas! Thank you very much!

Hum… You’re welcome.
PD: Seriously, thank you. It’s the first time I’m asked.

Ok, but who is she?
PD: It’s Suzie Martin. It’s a call girl I met in the Far West [laugh]. No I’m kidding. She’s an artist from Camden. Can you take a picture of me Thomas?

PD: Could you take a picture of me?

It’s complicated, I’m in Paris, you’re in Toulouse!
PD: Yeah! Do you own a microwave?

A microwave? Yes, like everyone.
PD: Ah yes, that’s it! I knew it. Finally, the truth is out!

You don’t have a microwave?
PD: A microwave? Why are you talking about microwaves? I need to speak to my press secretary! (pause) I had one on the tourbus but it drove me crazy.

You’re hard to follow!
PD:  Anyway, I think you are very polite.

I try.
PD: Where do you live?

In Paris.
PD: Which arrondissement?

The 19th.
PD: Is it near rue de Rome?

PD: Then I don’t know it.

It’s in the north of Paris.
PD: Oh, I have to stay away from the north of Paris, you know. It’s the place of temptations… Shit! I’ve just hurt my finger!

PD: It’s my nail. It hurts!  [A long monologue ensues, he makes a lot of bad jokes and asks us about the history of French Guiana, we don’t know why.]

On the first night at the Bataclan, we had the chance to see Carl Barât!
PD: Yes I know, I couldn’t believe my eyes! It wasn’t planned at all! Carl came at the last minute, it was totally improvised. It was magnificent [in French]. But I really had too many drinks after the show.

Carl is currently in theatres, in the movie For This Is My Body. Have you seen it?
PD: Not yet, but I saw some bits. Car is a great actor!  He’s brilliant! The first time I saw him, I knew he’d be a great actor!

A few years ago, you played alongside Charlotte Gainsbourg in Confessions of a Child of the Century. How was it?
PD: It was way too short. The director wanted to make a second movie but she didn’t get the money. It’s a pity, I was ready to do it! The story was about a postman and a prostitute, it was cool. Where are you?

Still in Paris!
PD: Is there a TV on?

No, why?
PD: I can hear noises. From behind you.

Well yeah, your manager called me unannounced, I’m in a hotel lobby, waiting to do another interview.
PD: I don’t like phone interviews. I would have preferred to meet you!

Are you joking? We’ve been trying to meet you for weeks, we were at the Bataclan for that!
PD: I suggest you come to Marseille tomorrow, we’ll finish this interview nicely.

I’m a bit skeptic. Six years ago, I went to Lille to meet you and you cancelled. I don’t really want to go to Marseille for nothing.
PD: Yes, but now we know each other! I don’t feel very well. Bye! [He hangs up]

Rock Bottom ~H.G~

Summary: I don’t even known why I’m writing this rn. Based off of Rock Bottom by Haliee Steinfeld

Song Series- #3

This asshole makes me want to tear all my hair out. I swear I can’t do anything without him having a damn problem with it.

“WHY ARE YOU YELLING AT ME HAYES. I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT IVE DONE THIS TIME. I DON’T” I stand up from the kitchen table. I wasn’t going to sit here and take this anymore.



“Fine. I’ll talk. It seems like you’re always to busy for me.”

“Baby. I will always have time for you. I’m sorry for making you feel like that it’s just, I’m trying to finish this year with good grades and that’s hard with all the stress being put on me.”

“I don’t want you to feel stress”

“Thank you Hayes. I love you.”

“I love you too”

Damnit. This always happens. We fight but makeup in no time. It’s complete shit but I really do love him.

I continue with my homework and listening to music.


“What Hayes?”

“Why the fuck is this boy calling you babygirl”

“What the hell are you talking about”

“Don’t act dumb. Are you cheating on me.”


“Don’t call me that.”

“Don’t accuse me of cheating on your jealous ass. I’m leaving. Let me know when you’re not an asshole.” I grab my shit as I curse to myself. I walk towards the door until Hayes pulls my wrist.

“Let me-”

I’m cut off with Hayes kissing me.

“You’re gonna leave but I’ll see you in the morning princess.”


I know he’s right. I see him every morning. This happens every night. One day karma is going to catch up and bite us in the ass. But I can’t help but keep coming back.

It’s 2 am and I can’t sleep. I crawl out of my window and skate to Hayes’s house. I crawl up the side and into his room. He’s on his phone on his bed.

“Hey babe. Can’t sleep?”

I just crawl into bed beside him. This happens a lot. My parents never know I’m missing.

“You know I love you right. No matter how much you annoy me. And even when I say I hate you, I love you so much.”

“Yeah I know babygirl. It’s just. I’m terrified you’re gonna leave me.”

“I’m not going anywhere Hayes. I promise.” I look up ad kiss him. I notice he’s not kissing back so I straddle him and look in his eyes.

“What’s wrong babe”

“Everyone says they’re not going anywhere but they all leave.”

“Hayes I know how that feels trust me. But I promise as long as you love me I’m going to stay right here. Beside you”

“Yeah you say that now but-”

“Fuck Hayes do you not trust me. I love you. With everything in me. Why won’t you believe me”

“Because I believed everyone else.”

“IM NOT EVERYONE ELSE. But fine if you want me to leave then I will but I don’t want to.” I grab my skate board that I propped up on his wall and climbed back down the window.

“I HATE YOU HAYES GRIER” I skate back to my house crying the whole way. This can’t be healthy. As soon as I get home I get a text.

My King💎👑❤️-I’m sorry babe. I love you. Will you please come back and spend the night.

I grab my bookbag and fill it with clothes for the next week. I climb back out my window and skate back to Hayes’s house. My legs are going to kill me tomorrow. I climb back up his window and throw my bookbag down. I go through his drawers and find a tshirt and change in to it. I finally look at him and he’s watching me.

“I’m sorry” we both say at the same time. I laugh and crawl into bed with him.

“Just when I think we’ve hit rock bottom me and you just keep on falling babe.” I look at him and whisper.

“I know. But I love you so it’s worth it.” He kisses my head and we both fall asleep.

Hard To Trust ch. 5

Here’s another wonderful chapter by the beautiful @pathybo Enjoy!!

Hard to Trust

On your day off you managed to sleep until later because you were so exhausted.

Every morning during your punishment, Eric’s hand insisted on brushing against yours. For the first few times you convinced yourself that it was a coincidence, after that you started to feel a little different. He kept staring at you with some inquisitive eyes.

“Are you ok?” you finally ask. Your abnegation roots made you care about others regardless if they were Dauntless leaders, and you realized you cared about the ruthless leader.

“Yeah.” He answered you, thinking to himself that nobody really cared about his well being, not the way you were doing.

Every chance he got he tried to ask you about what happened in the past that made Four leave to help you, and every time your answer was the same. “I really don’t want to talk about it.”

His mood swings were driving you nearly insane, one day he was trying to push you to tell him about your past, the next he wouldn’t even looking at you.

After a month in dauntless you could feel your body getting stronger, your fighting skills becoming better. And your punishment with Eric just a month away from ending.

In the blink of an eye, your last month was up. That day he was particularly harsh, making sure you placed all the mats by yourself and since you were early, as usual, he invited you for a run outside the compound. Initiates could only leave the compound with trainers or the supervision of dauntless members, so he assured you you were fine with him.

The two of you were running when at a distance you saw someone looking exactly like Jordan in a dauntless uniform.

You thought you were seeing things since you were almost sure he defected to amity. He talked about amity all the time when you were together, he loved the idea of living there.

As you got a little closer you were sure it was him. You started to shake like a leaf and your legs were failing you. You stopped trying to breathe and then Eric noticed your state.

“We’re not done initiate.” He stated.

“Erh… Can we go back, please?” You pleaded.

Noticing that you were not ok he back-tracked to where you had stopped. “Y/N, are you ok? You seem like you just saw a ghost.”

“I think I just did,” you panted. “Can we just go back, please, I’m not feeling good.” You asked one more time.

“All right, initiate, but only this once. Weakness is not rewarded here in dauntless.” Cruel Eric was a bitch.

When you came back to the training room the others were already arriving, Eric came close to you and said “Will you tell me what happened back there?”

“I will tell you, I promise, just not now.” You assured him.

At lunch, when you got the chance, you told Four about seeing Jordan. “Is he dauntless? You would tell me if he was here, wouldn’t you?” You asked your friend.

“He’s not here Y/N, that’s all I can tell you. I promised your father I would not tell you where Jordan is.” He said to you.

“Four, what does my father have to do with it? Why can’t you tell me?” You were already bursting into tears.

“Darling, you were in bad shape because of this guy, your father doesn’t want him near you, and I don’t want him near you. Look how he’s making you feel again, he doesn’t deserve you. I will protect you, I promise.” He was sure about what he was saying to you.

You realized that you wanted to live your new life without thinking about Jordan and decided to give a leap of faith in Four.

Eric was at the pit with some friends and he over heard Zack and Stuart talking about you. He came closer to eavesdrop on their conversation.

“I heard she had a boyfriend in abnegation and he left her. He defected to another faction leaving her behind, and she almost lost it. Oh, she thinks she’s special, but not even her boyfriend wanted to be with her. She will pay for knocking me out, I will manage to find her alone sometime and I’ll kill her.” Zack said to his friend.

“Initiate, is that a threat? Planning on attacking someone is an act of cowardice. Do you know what happens in dauntless to cowards?” Eric blurted out.

“No, sir, sorry that’s not what I meant.” Zack said and left with his friend without another word.

Eric was fuming and went to look for his nemesis Four. He found him with Zeke and told him what he overheard the guys saying.

“We should be extra careful with those two initiates, they will only bring us trouble.” He finished.

Both men agreed to pay extra attention to everything regarding that guy. Four was extra concerned about you and what Zack could do to hurt you.

The next morning you were already in the training room when Eric came in.

“So you had a boyfriend back at abnegation and the stupid guy left you behind?” He said mocking you.

“Who told you that?” You questioned. When he only stared at you, you said, “It is a private issue, one I really don’t want to talk about.” Your eyes were glued to the floor trying to avoid the tears. He was mocking you, with something that used to hurt you the most. You wanted to run and hide in a dark place, you were feeling weak and vulnerable and you didn’t want Eric to see you like this. Especially not now that you were more comfortable with him, and clearly having feelings for him that you weren’t understanding yet.

He came closer and pulled your chin up with his fingers so he could look you in the eyes. “Stop being so weak, you’re dauntless now. That’s in the past. That person clearly didn’t deserve you. You’re just feeling like this because you didn’t find a man who will show you how to feel secure and safe. Who would never leave you. Now suck it up initiate, training is about to start.”

Your knees were feeling weak, you couldn’t figure it out if it was because of his hand on your face or his harsh words on you. You dried your tears and waited until everybody was in the training room to practice.

Before he left he approached you and told you something about a friend of his. “You know what’s funny, I have a good friend in a situation like that. He was in my initiation class, he and his girlfriend promised each other they would be together but when he defected to dauntless she didn’t follow him and now he’s looking all over the city for her. He works at the fence, nice guy, but sad.”

The next morning training flew by. In the afternoon you were training on punching bags when Eric entered the room and gathered all of you together.

“Initiates, tomorrow is visiting day, have a good rest tonight and don’t get to attached with your family, it might be the last time you will see them. You’re good for the day, get out.” He barked.

You spent the night excited about seeing your parents and siblings, you were missing them a lot.

The next morning you, Alicia and Chris headed together to the pit to see your families. Chris was the one to spot his parents, he turned to Alicia and said, “I want you to meet my parents, they will love you.” And left.

You held your friend smiling and asked, “So, are you guys together? When did it happen?”

“Last night, and yes” she answered blushing.

“Oh my God, Aly! I’m so happy for you guys, my best friends are a couple, yayyyyy!” You said.

“Look that’s my mom”, she said and ran.

You were so happy for them that you didn’t noticed the bulking figure by your side.

“Your family is not here, initiate?” Eric said with his arms behind his back.

“Not yet, maybe they won’t show up” you had just stopped talking when you saw your mom. She was smiling at you and you couldn’t contain your excitement.

“There she is, excuse me.” You politely said and went running to hug your mom. You two sat in a bench close by and you noticed Eric on the balcony watching you.

You and you mom were happy to see each other. “How’s everybody? Dad, Caleb, Bea ???”

“They are good honey, but look at you, my beautiful baby, my first born,. You are so gorgeous, you know that? Your father couldn’t be here, you know, leader commitments and Caleb and Beatrice are at school. But tell me about you! How are you doing in training? Who was that man talking to you?”

“Too many questions, mom,” you smiled. “Training is hard, but it is good, Tobias helps me a lot.” You weren’t able to finish what you where saying when you heard a familiar voice shouting.

“Well, well, well, is that my beautiful fiancé? I was desperately looking for you and I didn’t know you were here for me!” Jordan made his way towards you and your mom. You stopped breathing and you couldn’t look anywhere besides your moms eyes.

He was standing beside you. You started to hyperventilate and your heart was beating in your throat. You don’t know how but in seconds Four appeared and tried to push Jordan away, the commotion had started.

“C’mon man, let’s go, she doesn’t want to talk to you.” Four said.

“Let her speak for herself. Babe, you don’t want me anymore? All this time I only thought about you, how much I missed you and how much I wanted you.” Jordan said.

“You left me! You promised you’d be with me and you left, without another word! You asked me to marry you and the next day you disappeared! I hate you, you broke me, you made me feel bad about myself when you were the bad one! You are a despicable, disgusting, horrible person.” You managed to say, not wiping the tears that ran freely down your checks.

Seeing everything that was happening, Eric came towards you. “What’s going on here? Jordan, when did you get back from the fence, man?” Eric was fond of the guy, seriously?

“Eric, my man, this is my fiancé, Y/N, I told you about her. I finally found her” Jordan answered.

“What the fuck?” You screamed “You never searched for me. Why are you lying? You left without further notice and now you claim you were looking for me? Seriously? Go fuck yourself, you asshole.”

You grabbed your mom’s arm and left towards the hall. Jordan tried to follow but Four and Eric stopped him.

“Four, go check on her, I need to clear some things up with Jordan here.”

Four found you storming towards Max’s office. You knew you should never bring your father’s position into your life in dauntless, but now you needed help. The kind of help only Max could provide.

“What are you planning to do, Y/N, are you going to ask Max to throw Jordan at the chasm?” Four was trying to make a joke to lighten the air.

“I’m going to ask him to leave Jordan at the fence forever.” You were not thinking straight.

“So you’re going to bring your dad’s position into this, sweetheart?” Your mom was trying to put some sense in your mind. “Promise me you won’t do anything stupid, don’t cause any trouble for your father, honey.” Your mother was right and you knew that bringing Max to this situation would be silly. “I better get going, I’m sorry I can’t stay any longer, sweetheart, I know you need me right now, but rules are rules, right? I’m sure Tobias will take good care of you and he will help you. I love you, never forget that.” Your mom kissed your forehead, held you close and left.

Four held you while you cried a little more.

“C’mon, Y/N, you’re staying at my place tonight, I think it won’t be safe for you to stay at the dorms. Jordan knows he can find you there.” Four took your hand and lead the way to his place. He insisted you take the bed and he would sleep on the floor, but you couldn’t let that happen. You told him to share the bed with you as you did countless times when you were kids. He was reluctant but ended up sharing the bed with you.

anonymous asked:

how did u begin talking w all ur friends?

ooooh tough question bc idek how I made so many friends (I’m assuming you mean on tumblr ofc) I think with most of them it just happened?? Like ok, we’re mutuals and maybe I sent an ask for a blograte or smth or the other way around and then we’re just friends lmao, or maybe just sent a random ask, I know some of my tumblr friends I just pmd them bc it seemed like a good Idea at the time… AND OMG IT WAS!! WASN’T IT @siriusblsck @foreverjily?? (The correct answer is yes btw) being part of nets helps at making friends I guess… like I know for a fact I would not be friends with some people I love a lot now if I wasn’t part of a particular net, others it’s just being there, bc being mutuals is being friends, like we both just know it?? Idk, I’m sorry if this made no sense!! But you just gave me an idea for a post anon!!

anonymous asked:

just wanted to say - every time i go on the slack and see your messages as it loads, i'm like OMG right - water! omg yes, release tension on neck. omg yes - etc. bless you.

We want you guys to have fun in the bang and trying to help keep your bodies feeling ok seemed like a good idea. I’m glad you’re enjoying them!

HanLeia Fic Recs

Because she was feeling a bit discouraged the other day and because I admire her greatly as an author–both her incredible ability to produce constant amounts of high-quality fic in short amounts of time and her amazing attention to detail and nuance–I’ve taken it upon myself to recommend you all my favorite stories by @mandatheginger 

1. Objective: I binge read this entire story on a bus ride from Boston to Philadelphia and let me just say that I was thoroughly entertained the entire 7 hour trip. The story is classic post-ANH Han, Luke, and Leia with a perfect amount of action and romantic sub-text. One of my all-time favorites.

2. Approach: TRIP TO BESPIN SEXY TIME. Enough said, am I right? Perfectly in-character, we get a flawless portrayal of the early stages of Han and Leia’s romantic involvement, with just enough emotional vulnerability and a degree of UST that makes you desperate for more. Spoiler alert: they don’t even have sex and it’s still some of the best smut out there. Go read it.

3. The Light From Alderaan: Do you like fluff and all the feels? Yes? Ok go read this super sweet oneshot.

4. Pretty Good: ROTJ explicit yet romantic smut. Plenty of touching character exposition. M-Rated HanLeia ficlet of the highest quality.

5. It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time: This is her current project and it’s Ord Mantell!!!! And while I’ve read many interpretations of that particular mission, this one is shaping up to be one of my favorites. The pre-ESB dynamic between them is spot on, and the romantic and sexual tension is just perfect, not to mention that there’s a plot underway that extends past the scope of their relationship. I’m thoroughly enjoying this story and I cannot recommend it enough. Go read it!

Sparks in the Snow

Summary: At the hotpot, Viktor so casually ended his all-time record of “no. of episodes since last seen naked=1”. This is what happened between Leo and Guang-Hong after they leave the restaurant

Sorry, I couldnt resist. The fic is crossposted on AO3 under the same title, and it’s the only Leoji fanfic there now, I think.

Warnings: brain-rotting fluff, teenagers, coarse language

Guang Hong Ji peeled Viktor’s thong off his head, throwing it aside, along with any remaining shred of his dignity. Honestly, he was just here to pretend to like hotpot, and he was feeling so traumatized right now.

As things somehow managed to heat up further, Yuuri just apologized and told them it was ok to leave, so they did.

“He’s just like that when he’s drunk,” Yuuri said, “he clings to nearest person”.

Only when he’s drunk. Just the nearest person. Sure.

“Pigs can fly,” he might as well have lied.

Out in the cold, the red of the restaurant’s lanterns shone like large beads against the white streets and black-framed snack stands.

“Hey Guang-Hong, are you alright? Ah, you know how Viktor is. I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be sorry,” he smiled, “I had a good time with you, Leo. I’m ok.” Still his gloved hands fiddle with the hem of his jacket. Something was bothering him, but the worst thing is that he had no idea what.

Leo chose not to prod further. “Come on, the bus is arriving! Let’s go back to the hotel together.”

Upon hopping onto the bus, Perky Guang-Hong seemed to be suddenly restored. The answer to why became apparent a second later.

“Leo! I suddenly remember, I have this very adorable pic to show you.”

As they sat opposite each other and the bus rumbled to life, Leo received the picture on his phone.

guanghongji^_^: look, bunny!

guanghongji^_^: sent you an image (bunny593.jpg)

leo_de_la_caprio: cute bunny!!

Guang-Hong giggled. Here they were, sitting right opposite each other and IM-ing each other, it was utter dork behaviour.

guanghongji^_^: i found a yummy omu rice recipe

guanghongji^_^: sent you an image (omurice.jpg)

leo_de_la_caprio: yeah we should that sometime =) oH this dog is so cute!

leo_de_la_caprio: sent you an image (shibashiba.png)

guanghongji^_^: Awww~

The boy let out a small coo, causing Leo to chuckle, and lean forward to lightly ruffle the boy’s hazel hair.

They were two stations away from the hotel. A more serious and contemplative mood begin to settle over Guang-Hong.

A cat has nine lives. So what was YOLO for cats? You only live 9 times? YO9T? How to pronounce that? Yo-nine-ty? Almost like YO90?

You see, the thing is, he felt like doing something tremedously stupid, which lead to thinking about YOLO, which in turn led to thinking about YO9T, and really he was veering off-course now, yet also running out of time.

Fuck it.

guanghongji^_^: is this cute too?

guanghongji^_^: sent you an image (killmenow.jpg)

He had attached his picture of Viktor naked back at the restaurant.

In the dark of the night, silence in the mostly empty bus dragged on. With the heaters at full blast, the space still felt colder than ever.

leo_de_la_caprio: Yes. But i think you’re cuter.

guanghongji.exe has stopped working.

Fuck fuck i did not expect for this to actually work, the thoughts raced through his mind, what the hell, what do i do now, what do i do ever, i’m blushing on my blushes right now, fuck-

leo_de_la_caprio: should we try that too sometime?

Someone was going to have to report a heart attack on public transportation.

“Hey, Guang-Hong…” Leo looked up from his phone, his expression having melted from amusement to one of concern and even uncertainty.

“You’re not joking right?” Guang-Hong tried his best to keep the shake out of his voice.

“What? No.”


Guang-Hong gave Leo the most confident gaze he could muster. The bus stopped outside their hotel, and they got off.

As the bus pulled off, the pair found themselves in a snowed-out field, stretching out in all directions, frost twinkling in the moonlight. The glow of the hotel lay on the horizon.

“Stop walking.”


Guang-Hong went on his tiptoes, cupped Leo’s head in his hands, and moved into a gentle kiss.

Summer’s firecrackers went off in his mind. His tongue peeked out, in a slow, cautious way, taking a lick of Leo’s slightly chapped lips.

His right hand had moved to caressing the back of Leo’s neck. He remembered seeing the scars on Leo’s body during shower after practice. He remember trying to remember, every single time, the position of every scar on Leo’s body. Etching them into his mind. The map of his Leo.

Some were sports scars. Some were not.

Still Alive, Guang-Hong thought to himself. Leo had treated him to a rehearsal, that excited he was, over making that song and skate of his life. It was all too easy to fall in love with Leo as some tragic, sorrowful figure. But instead Guang-Hong was awed by Leo’s ability to put it all behind him, his strength, his resilience. To not only have that strength and the creativity, the hard work, to turn pain into dances and songs of beauty and grace, but to do what is above even that- to turn that pain into the friggin joy and celebration of just living. At no point did the music and steps feel like a tragedy. It was in itself, a powerful, pure, upbeat celebration.

They broke the kiss, coming away panting, their breath rising as white wisps from between their lips.

“You want to do what Viktor did?”

“Y-yes, but not in a restaurant.”

Leo laughed. “Ok, my Adorable Figure Skater ™.”

“What’s with the ‘TM’?”

“You were actually voted in for "Three Most Adorable Figure Skaters in Asia.”

“E-eh? Well yeah, but-” The boy was flailing his arms uselessly now, a slight blush having easily returned to his cheeks.

Leo hugged him, holding him close. Guang-Hong snuggled against the older boy.

“You’re going to make it big in Hollywood, I know it,” Leo said.

Ah yes, his big dreams of Hollywood. The questions of an uncertain future hung still above them, in the breezeless winter night. Leo himself, after all, didnt seem to have nearly as compelling a reason to move to L.A.

But in that moment, held tight against each others, as two shining stars in the snowscape, all those questions were set aside. All was right with their world.


More SEALEDSchool!AU student council Toya/Sho (As much as I love Sho/Agito there’s absolutely nothing on Toya/Sho so watch me throw more into the void)

It’s hard to characterize Toya sometimes, because I have to remember that he’s been held on a high pedestal all his life and has been isolated as a result. He has this mature, calm demeanor that echoes loneliness and I tried to convey that in the comic

I think if Sho is the first one to fall between them, it’ll be him moving from admiration (which is something Toya is familiar with and tired of, but Sho has no idea) to wanting to be something more to Toya

And I feel despite how Sho struggles to hide what he’s feeling Toya is observant enough to pick up on it (and he likes to tease in a very subtle way)

And extra based off a-crowded-nest‘s George’s Anime Club headcanon (I couldn’t help myself)

and that’s when Sho realized he probably fell for a kinda scary guy 

Did you ever read the booklet with the game (digital booklet for vita players like me) Toya apparently learned to handle finances of big companies at a young age that totally changed my mind about his perception of money (so I imagine him to be kinda scary when it comes to it)

I haven’t posted much sauciness on Tumblr as of late, but it’s the last hour of my birthday and IDGAF (sorry to my sister who does follow my Tumblr and probably could do without this photo).

Also this is a gentle reminder not only to myself but to all the impatient fellows that a) sometimes it takes 39 years to be completely comfortable with one’s body and one’s sense of self, and b) it’s ok to be 39 and still not know what you want to be when you grow up, because fuck grown-up, yo.