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Can we just take a minute and imagine Daenerys and Jon fightin side to side against the White Walkers? Dany on Dragon, Jon on Rhaegal. Love couple and their children. 
Also I still can’t believe what happened…

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I’m recently getting back to watching NCIS Los Angeles and I’ve completely fallen for this show and Densi (one of the best most beautiful and healthy OTP’s I’ve ever had) once again and I would love to see more of it on my dash! So please like/reblog if you post or reblog about NCIS Los Angeles or/and Densi and I will check out your blog!

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Why don't you like J*nerys

One it’s so fucking cliche that it hurts. Literally, this seems to be the common fantasy tropes GRRM fights against. 

Two in the Show-Verse Emilia Clarke for some reason can’t act when it comes to Dany and every time she’s on the screen it’s nearly unbearable to watch. Honestly, I haven’t been able to stand her acting for Dany since season 4. I don’t know what happened to Emilia Clarke, I want to know what director told her the lack of facial expressions was a good thing. 

Three, and most importantly, Targcest wasn’t a good thing, for the Seven Kingdoms or House Targaryen. After House Targ. lost their dragons their main source of power was stripped from them, it took a hundred years but finally, the rest of the lords of Westeros realized they didn’t have to follow this superiority complex ridden inbreed dynasty if they couldn’t annihilate them on a whim. 

Had House Targ set out to marry into the various houses of Westeros things might have gone differently for them. In fact Aegon the Unlikely seems to have wanted to break with Targcest, as he never planned for any of his children to marry their siblings and married a Blackwood himself. It was only through the actions of children (marrying without consent) did these plans not come to fruition. Only one of his children actually followed his plan and married in a political alliance. One of these marriages had been to House Tully originally and can you imagine how different Robert’s Rebellion would have turned out if House Tully had sided with the Targs due to a blood connection? 

House Targ. intensely othered themselves from the rest of Westeros. They seem to have only have embraced aspects of Westerosi culture begrudgery. In fact, even on issues like multiple marries the Targs seem to still think that they could get away with it. As both the actions of Daemon I Blackfyre and Rhaegar prove, even Dany thinks she can take two consorts. 

Robert’s Rebellion didn’t start overnight, it was a long drawn out process of the lords realizing one that the Targs. no longer had the power to win a war with them outright, two that they weren’t truly Westerosi and thus had no say over them, and three that the Targs felt so entitled to do as they please they thought they could “kidnap” a prominent lord’s daughter and fear no consequences. 

So a Dany and Jon marriage to me screams of a bad political move, the political move that caused the loss of House Targ. to begin with. It would to me rest to me. It would take away from the story. Jon and Dany are just not good story telling in my opinion. 



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 Pairing: Danielle/Eleanor/Ariana/(Y/N)

(Y/N)’s POV

Today was my best friend Ariana’s birthday. She was having a sleepover, having invited me, Eleanor Calder, and Danielle Peazer. Danielle and Eleanor were picking me at my house on the way to Ariana’s house. My palms got sweaty just thinking about being in the same room as Ariana. Ever since I could remember, I’d had a massive crush on Ariana.

I went out to the car once I saw Dani and El pull up in my driveway. Once I got in the back seat, I set Ariana’s gift onto my lap, refusing to look at Dani from the rear-view mirror, although I could feel that she was watching me. Sometimes I could swear she knew that I liked Ari.

“Hey, (Y/N),” Dani greeted. “How’re you?”

“I-I’m good.” I stammered, glancing only a second at the mirror, to see a smirk on her face.

As Dani drove down the street to Ari’s house, Eleanor burst out with, “I can’t wait to see the look on Ari’s face when I give her, her gift.” She giggled. “She’s gonna flip.”

“What is it?” I asked curiously.

“You’ll see.” Dani replied, seeming to know what it was.

Later on once we got to Ari’s house, we sat in a circle on the floor, waiting for Ari to open her gifts. She opened mine, then went to open Eleanor’s. I watched Danielle’s face. She seemed cocky– and so did Eleanor.

“Oh my god!” Ari squealed as she pulled her gift out of the bag. I was shocked to see that it was a bright pink dildo. “How’d you know that’s exactly what I wanted?” She joked.

Eleanor smirked. “I don’ know. I just figured you needed it.”

“Wanna try it out?!” Danielle asked.

“Right now?” Ari giggled, blushing softly.

“I think you should. Don’t you think she should, (Y/N)?” Danielle said to me. “I think it’d be really hot to watch. And I think you should help her.”

“Uhm.” I stammered. “Why don’t we play truth or dare instead?" I suggested, looking over at Ariana.

Ari nodded quickly.

Half-way through the game of truth or dare, it was my turn.

”(Y/N), truth or dare?“ Eleanor asked.

"Dare.” I said.

“We’re all friends here, so let’s see how much stamina you have.” She smirked, crawling over to me.

“And how do you want me to do that?”

She leaned closer, the smirk perfectly fixed on her face. “You’re gonna scissor with Ariana for as long as you can.”

I gulped. “O-okay.”

“I have a better idea.” Dani smirked. “Why don’t we see who can scissor the longest?”

“I like that idea.” Eleanor agreed.

Ariana and I glanced at each other. Believe me, I wanted more than anything to have Ari under me, but I didn’t want it to be for a dare or a challenge. I wanted it to be something we were willing to do. But, having this opportunity… I wasn’t gonna miss out on it. I went over to Ariana as I watched her undress, feeling myself get wet. I noticed that Eleanor and Danielle didn’t take any time in undressing.

I stripped off my clothes and gently laid Ari onto her back, lining my pussy up to hers. She looked up at me, a smile playing around her lips.

“Are you guys ready?” Eleanor asked, looking over at us as she straddled Danielle’s waist. “Go.”

I grinded my pussy down onto hers, trying my best to hold back a moan as our clits brushed against each other. I didn’t want her to think I was enjoying it. It wasn’t until I heard Ari moan softly underneath me that I realized she enjoyed it. It fueled my desire, causing me to grip her hips and grind my pussy into hers harder, moaning softly.

“Oh, yeah, El! Harder! Right there, fuck!” Dani screamed, throwing her head back and moaning.

“Shit.” Ari whispered, making me smirk. “God, yes.”

I leaned back onto my hands as Ari sat up a bit, rubbing her clit into my pussy. “Ari!” I moaned, throwing my head back.

“Like that, baby?” She moaned softly, seeming to thrust her clit to my pussy, the way she thrusted making it feel like she was trying to hit my g-spot.

“Yes, Ari! Fuck!” I whined, rubbing my pussy onto hers quicker and harder, moaning loudly. “Fuck fuck!” I yelled, feeling myself getting close. “Fuck!”

Ari pushed me onto my back, taking control and holding my hips down, roughly thrusting her pussy to mine. "Ohh, (Y/N), fuck.“ Ari moaned, slowing down her movements. "Cum, baby.”

Almost on command, I moaned loudly, yelling out swear words and shouting her name. "Fuck!“ I yelled as she continued to rub her pussy onto mine. I was oversensitive, still recovering from my first orgasm.

"Shit, Dani!” Eleanor screamed.

I looked over, seeing Dani plunging two fingers into Eleanor’s dripping pussy. I moaned at the sight, more turned on than I was before. “Fuck.” I said, watching as Ari closed her eyes tightly, moaning as well.

“I’m gonna–” Before she could finish her sentence, Ari came, her juices dripping all over my pussy. “Fuck.” She whined. “Fuck, (y/n).”

Ariana continued gripping my hips, thrusting quicker. I moaned loudly, feeling myself ready to cum again. Danielle continued thrusting her fingers into Eleanor’s pussy, Eleanor moaning loud.

“Dani! Fu–” She let out a whiney moan before all of her cum dripped off of Dani’s fingers.

“Fuck, fuck.” Danielle came next, shouting and quickly rubbing her clit against Eleanor’s leg until she came down from her orgasm.

Me and Ari continued until we both came again. Not only did we win the challenge, but we also became girlfriends that night.

Sorry if it sucks.




I Don’t Dream At All. Chapter 1

May have gotten some of the details/lines wrong.
References to David’s assault on Daniels, TW for that.
Anyway, my addition to the Walter x Daniels collection! I Hope you enjoy!

“Is that how it’s done?” his voice is devoid of any warmth, colored by malice and sickening curiosity. His body pressed down onto hers as he whispered the words too softly, too gently to her face.

Daniels strained against him, not wanting what was being forced onto her at all, but knowing it was fruitless. David was much too strong. The harsh power in his limbs pressing into her–


–feels trapped. pounding against the glass, looking into the green eyes of her captor. The hiss of the glass door sealing shut–


She should have seen it. It’s the eyes. Walter’s were always more blue, and they were kind.

Daniels begins feeling claustrophobic immediately, struggling against the oncoming sluggishness of the pharmaceuticals in the stasis pod. David’s depraved smiling face looming above her. Promising nothing but anguish.


“Look out!” She is pushed to the ground as Walter jumps in front of her blocking the oncoming attack. Daniels’ heart is beating too fast. Her breath coming in ragged shallow bursts.

Hands are touching her face.

David’s hands. She can’t breath. She can’t move. She lashes out and catches something in her hand, but suddenly she’s back on that slab of rock, beneath David, struggling to move away from his mouth as he takes from her what he wants.

“Captain Branson, open your eyes.”

This scene is unfamiliar. She catches a glimpse of the creature–pale. white. splayed open on the table of a cold, stony room. Its skin stretched, pinned to the table, entrails spilling out. But, she can still hear a beating heart. A pained and desperate breath coming from that direction.

Daniels finds herself moving closer to the table. The ragged breaths louder than ever. Her throat and chest aching, but not understanding why.

“Walter. What’s going on here?”

Tennessee is at the mouth of Daniels’ tent peering in, flashlight in hand and worry evident on his face.

Walter has the fingers of his right hand on Daniels’ wrist. “Her heart rate is currently 170.”

“Jesus Christ.” Tennessee steps fully into the tent, placing his flashlight down and kneeling next to Walter. “What, I mean…what can we do? Should we wake her up?”

“I have been trying to gently coax her awake, but my attempts appear futile.” He motions to his left arm, showing Tennessee just how tightly she is gripping his new hand. Her nails biting into his synthetic flesh hard enough to break it. “I have turned off the nerve receptors in that hand for now.”

The Covenant had a small stock of android parts for repairs Walter would have needed to make to himself during the voyage to Origae-6. With Daniels’ mechanical help, Walter was able to replace his missing hand. Tennessee didn’t know shit about mechanics, but watching Daniels and Walter interact was one of his favorite pastimes.

Approaching the stone table, the shape of the creature morphs before Daniels’ eyes. Her heart stops and she feels her blood run cold.

“I am detecting heart palpitations.” Walter’s focus moves back to Dani’s face immediately. “Her nightmares have yet to be this severe. I was hoping that this would pass without interference, as it is unwise to suddenly wake someone from a nightmare. However, it seems the more time spent asleep, the deeper she is delving into whatever trauma this nightmare is making her relive.” Walter reaches out with his free hand to firmly grip Daniels’ shoulder, leans his face closer to hers and says her name loudly and forcefully.

Tennessee doesn’t have much time to process this information as a heart-stopping scream erupts from Daniels in front of them and she sits bolt upright. Eyes open, red from tears, and wild, they erratically move around the tent.

Daniels still feels trapped. Her right hand feels crushed. Immobilized. She remembers pounding on the glass of her stasis pod looking into the face of the Devil. Everything feels and sounds chaotic. The voices around her a mad jumble.

“Dani. Jesus shit, are you alright?” at the same time, “Daniels please focus on your breathing.”

The hand on her shoulder a confining pressure, her right hand trapped in something, all the muscles in her body are taut and her breathing is rapidly getting worse.

She needs out.

“Daniels, I need to you focus on the sound of my voice.” Dani’s eyes snap to Walter. There must have been something in her eyes that told Walter that even though she was looking at him, she wasn’t seeing him, because at that moment, Tennessee could see Walter very quickly adjust his stance to face Daniels fully as her eyes went even more wild and she lunged toward him, her left hand grabbing at his neck and jaw and her right hand digging even deeper into his new hand, twisting and gouging out his flesh. Walter let her weight knock him over. His right hand having slid down to her left, holding it in place at his neck.

“Let go of me!” Dani screamed into Walter’s face. “You monster!” She tried to rear her left hand back to attack, but found it trapped in place by his. She snarled and twisted Walter’s left hand back to an unnatural angle.

Tennessee hearing a mechanical pop in the android’s wrist, sprung to action. He reaches toward Dani, only to be stopped in his tracks when Walter fixes his eyes on him. Walter’s message, though unspoken, is loud and clear, Please do not interfere yet, for your own safety.

“Daniels,” Walter’s right thumb begins gently stroking Daniels’ hand at his neck. “I am Walter. You were dreaming. David has been decommissioned and you are safe.”

“Fuck you!” Daniels’ spat back into his face. How dare he. How dare he take everything from them, from her. How dare he masquerade around with Walter’s face. Kind Walter. Her tears of grief and rage flow down her face. She follows a drop that lands in the corner of David’s eye

David’s…blue eye. She falters.

The image in front of Daniels’ eyes begins to rapidly shift–the android pinned below her changing from cruel to innocent and back again. Her breath stops and her vision begins to blacken around the edges as her muscles begin to shake.

Feeling her strength waning, she is no longer clawing at his neck with her left hand, though her right still has his left in a death lock. That’s alright, Walter thinks to himself, as he slowly moves his hand from hers around his neck, to slide up to her elbow and brace it there so she won’t fall over.

There’s a long tense pause in the tent, where all that can be heard is harsh breathing, and then…

“..Walter?” It comes out heartbreakingly unsure.

Tennessee is familiar with nightmares. He’s had his share since they’ve touched down on Origae-6. He understands what PTSD can do to a person better than anyone, and if they were back on Earth, between him and Daniels, they’d be any psychoanalyst’s wet dream.

Tennessee shifts forward cautiously, hands raised in front of him, “Hey, Dani…” Daniels lifts her face away from the pinned android and looks in Tennessee’s direction. “We only found one spare hand part for Walter on the Covenant,” nodding his head down to where her right hand has mangled Walter’s left. “Now, I know how long it took y’all to put that hand on him, I would hate to see that good work get fucked up so fast.”

Daniels looked quickly down to where her hand was clenched tightly around the hand of the android beneath her. Her fingers coated in the synthetic’s white blood and sees it dripping to the ground, the wrist at an extreme angle, with some carbon-fiber poking out where bones would be if who was beneath her was human. The back of the hand has deep gouge marks on it and she can feel the colloid material under her fingernails, three of the fingers on the hand appear broken.

Her breath leaving her body in irregular pants, she continues to stare at her hand grotesquely entwined with his.

Walter, attentive as always, notices a shift in Daniels’ demeanor.

She seems to be coming around to herself, he thinks, “I have lost this hand before for you. I am unafraid to lose it again, if I must.” is all he says, looking up into her face from his supine position underneath her.

Her eyes move to his again. “Walter.” this time certain. There she is.

All of a sudden the fight drains out of her and she heaves a couple broken sobs. The proverbial floodgates now open, Daniels removes her hand from around Walter’s neck and tries to disentangle her hand from his. It’s hard though, she can barely see through her tears and her hand muscles are clenched so tightly it feels as though they are stuck that way.

She is sobbing uncontrollably, the muscles in her whole body spasming with each convulsive gasp. Daniels’ is trying to speak past her tears but all Tennessee and Walter can make out is variations of, “I’m so sorry,” and “Fuck, I am so sorry.” sometimes interspersed with Walter’s name.

Daniels moves back, though not completely off of Walter, giving him room to sit up. His right arm moving from her elbow to her waist. His hand coming up to rest against her ribcage.

“Daniels. I need you to breathe in on four and out on eight.” Walter begins counting, his hand at her waist giving her something to focus on to regulate her breathing. “Good. 1…2…3…4…” Daniels pulls in a shakey breath and releases it on his count of eight. Tennessee having moved forward works on dislodging her hand from Walter’s, wiping both their hands down as best he can, and despite his inexperience begins inspecting the structural damage to Walter’s hand.

Fuck Weyland-Yutani. Fuck the Company. is all Tennessee can think at the moment as Walter works to calm Daniels down. She is all but cradled in the android’s lap, her face now buried at his neck. The same spot she had been gripping him by earlier.

Tennessee looks up and makes eye-contact with Walter. We’ll be fine, thank you for your assistance, is written all over Walter’s face. Another silent message Tennessee picks up on easily.

He gives a nod to his robot-pal and quietly leaves them, trusting Walter to deal with the aftermath. Stopping in front of his own tent, not too far away from theirs, he looks up at the sky–the foreign stars of this new system winking down at him. Tennessee takes in a deep shuddering breath as all that they have lost to get to where they are flashes before his eyes and, raising his middle finger to the night sky, picking out one especially bright cluster of stars, he softly says, “Fuck. you.”

I’m gonna need Ser Davos’ time machine because this is getting ridiculous. Within a single episode, boy made it from Dragonstone to King’s Landing, back to Dragonstone, and then finally up to Eastwatch. All by boat. 

Jon’s comment to Dany about her quick trip had me screaming like HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO KNOW WHAT IS SLOW AND FAST IN THIS SHOW ANYMORE? It was 1 week of real life time between episodes and therefore between Dany returning and yet Ser Davos and the other various members of the Suicide Squad are basically teleporting their way to Eastwatch. 

For all I know, these characters are actually entering Harry Potter style portals as a mode of transportation. If it’s so quick to walk around, makes you wonder why the fuck it took Arya so long to get anywhere in her wandering travels.

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The antis are crying blood right now lol they are already saying that: "Jon out to be a little bitch, "some really badly written fanfic", "Jon becoming a prop for Dany", "Jon is thrown under the bus for Jonerys to happen". lol if they are already like this, imagine when the scene happens haha

Not surprise the antis would be reacting like this, now they will hate on Jon, and will try to make him the worst person in GoT, just because of this..

The antis don’t even know Jon in the first place. All this makes sense in Jon’s character.

Jon is not giving the North away, from what i’m seeing Jon is pledging his loyalt to Dany, and saying she is his queen, and he will stay by her side.   

I’m seeing some of them using the word: “ infatuated”..that Jon is “infatuated” by her..well, let me say something: Jon for what seems, doesn’t even care if Dany can’t have children..this for me SCREAMS that at least, FOR SURE, he is already in love with her. This is a very serious situation here. This isn’t just a sexual attraction case between Jon and Dany either.

It’s a much deeper relationship than just infatuation. Both of them develop a mutual awe/intrigue at first, trust, connection, admiration, respect and love for one another.

Come on..we are talking about two fan favorites here. Two heroes on their own ways. Two of the most popular characters in ASOIAF. You really think they would work in Jon and Dany’s relationship for a entire season, for in the end not being something very special and unique for both of them??

You don’t have to be really smart to know the answer for this.


selena, danielle, kylie, & ariana {dirty imagine}

”your turn kylie. truth or dare?” danielle smiles at me. “truth.” i say softly. “was it true you were nervous to come here?” she asks looking towards selena then to ariana. “no.” i say nervously. “c’mon jenner tell the truth were you?” selena says glancing to me as she scoots closer. “no.” i repeat lying through my teeth. “what are you scared of kylie?” selena smiles leaning closer to me, she keeps smiling looking at me as ariana says “selena truth or dare.” “dare.” selena says finally breaking our eye contact to look at the brown eyed babe. “i dare you to kiss me.” ariana says. selena gets up walking across our small circle to straddle her lap. ariana smiles looking up to her, grabbing her waist. “pucker up baby.” selena whispers aloud enough for me and dani to hear as they lock lips bitting down on the others lips, sliding their tongues into each others mouths. ariana runs her hands down selenas body slapping her ass. “damn it ari.” selena hisses grinding down. i watch mesmerized. selena smiles pulling away from her moments later. “danielle truth or dare.” selena says still on top of ariana. “dare.” danielle smiles. “i dare you to eat my pussy.” she giggles climbing off ariana and laying down, legs spread in front of danielle. “it would be a pleasure ms. gomez.” danielle laughs grabbing the pockets of selenas shorts tugging them down to see she has no undies. “oh baby girl so naughty.” danielle smirks rubbing her core making selena whimper. i watch danielle bend down giving licks to selenas clit. “fuck dani.” she grunts sitting up on her elbows watching herself getting eaten out. danielles tongue slides into selenas pussy going deep into her, she moves her tongue around quickly, rubbing her clit with her thumb. iam so busy watching i dont notice ariana walk behind me. “kylie.” she moans into my ear grabbing my breast from behind me. i turn around to see her right hand in her shorts. i bite my lip feeling myself getting wet. “kylie.” she moans again closing her eyes as she hand speed up. she leans back against the couch, her legs spread in front of me. i scoot closer looking over my shoulder to selena loudly moaning as danielle attacks her pussy. ariana lifts her shirt letting her breast fall out bra less. “touch me.” she begs pulling off her shorts. her hand is still in her undies which was barely anything basically just two strings connected together. i scoot more so that she is practically sitting on my lap. i lean down grabbing her breast with one hand rubbing her nipple between my two fingers making them harder then wrapping my lips around it sucking on them lightly. ariana moans i could feel her hand against my pussy as she pleases herself. “stop touching yourself.” i mumble kissing her other breasts leaving a small mark while i play with the other one. i look up to her shes smiling watching me. she places her hand over mine squeezing her breast. i lift my shirt showing off my new bra but that quickly changes as she rips it off throwing it aside. “cute bra.” she smiles. i laugh moving so she could take off my shorts. “fuck danielle.”  selena moans behind us. i move my hand on arianas pussy simply ripping her undies with one tug. “i need you to fuck me.” she moan grinding down on my lap. i strip myself of my shorts and undies. i grip her thighs pulling her forwards on top of my lap. i kiss her breasts making her grind that pussy on my leg. she moans rocking. i feel her wet clit rubbing against my skin. i look back to selena and danielle naked rubbing each others pussy. “yes.” ariana moans wrapping her arms around my neck. i grab her ass grinding her harder. “does it feel good ari?” i whisper slapping her ass. she moans and nods. i suck on her right breast swirling my tongue around her erect nipple. “mmm please finger me.” she begs laying back rising her legs in the air. “let me.” selena mutters from behind me crawling her way to ariana.  ariana smiles spreading her legs. danielle lays on the floor looking up to the three of us breathless. “shes ready for round two kylie.” selena smiles glancing to danielle as she sits in front of arianas pussy. i dont wait for selena to make her move i just turn around slowly crawling to dani. “ fuck selena  harder baby yesss!!!!” ariana screams from behind me. danielle sits up kissing me immediately. our tongues battle for control, which she obviously takes the lead after a few short moments of touching. she lays me down playing with my breasts  "truth or dare?“ she whispers bending down to kiss my left breast delicately.  "dare.” i mutter running my hands through her hair. “ i dare you to contain your moans while i do this.” she mumbles kissing my down my torso playing with my clit when she finally gets to my core. i bite my lip from moaning out. dani smiles flickering her tongue over my clit driving me crazy. “please.” i whimper . “shhh” she smiles pressing her finger against my entrance. ariana screams out behind me, i glance up to see selenas head planted between the young artists legs. ariana grabs her head tugging on her hair. i turn back to dani when i feel her push two fingers inside me. i cover my mouth to catch a moan that was leaking out. “good girl.” she smiles pumping them roughly then slowly then back again. “now no moaning until i say.” she says sliding another inside me.  "no cumming either.“ she adds kissing and sucking on my clit. "shit.” i mumble as she rams them in and out of my dripping pussy. “i. said. no. moaning.” she says in between jabs. “getting the brains fucked out of you?” ariana asks sitting next to me. i laugh nodding. ariana plays with my breasts just as selena joins us. she goes to ariana as she leans down to kiss me and licks her to her pussy to her ass. ariana moans in my mouth sliding her tougue inside my mouth. i hear danielles hand slap against my pussy juices. i start feeling myself cumming any second now and it shows. “no cumming.” dani reminds me. “please.” i mutter against ari’s lips. danielle smiles to me then shakes her head. ariana bends down to my pussy sucking on my clit as danielle still rams her fingers inside me causing me to go closer and closer to my climax. selena kisses me lightly then looks at me and smiles. “w-what ahhh.” i struggle to say. “i love seeing you like this.” she smirks smacking arianas ass besides her then looking to my breasts. she grabs my breasts kissing me. i moan into her mouth. “let her cum danielle.” selena smiles looking back to dani. she nods keeping her pace. ariana sucks harder pulling on my clit added with selena making out with me i just lose it. “holyy shittt!!!” i scream rocking my hips. selena smiles into our kiss. i scream and curse some more before they all pull away. i sit up breathing slow watching them all sit back in a circle with ariana to my left and selena on my right with dani in front. “so selena truth or dare?” danielle smiles looking at me then to selena. “dare.” she smiles. 

sorry if its crap i didnt reread. feed back welcomed. thanks for reading hope you enjoyed!  xx 

The night is dark and full of Game of Thrones Spoilers....
  • ME WHEN JON SHOWED UP TO DANY'S DOOR: *incoherent gibberish followed by loud screaming*

Because I’m Daenerys Targaryen x Yara/Asha Greyjoy trash…

Finished! Dark AU where Aisha Lavellan and Roslyn Trevelyan strike an alliance to bring the Inquisition’s army to Tevinter. 

(Thank you @evening-shadow for letting me borrow your bb and also for screaming with me about Dany x Yara shipping hell!)

Dani pulled me kicking and screaming into the Wynonna Earp fandom.

So I created a new blog.

I haven’t had a chance to do any layout work on it yet, and while I’ll still be reblogging WE stuff here, most of it will be posted over there!

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