it scanned funny


“You can’t smoke in here, sir.”
“Ya could twenty years ago!”
“In 1997 you could smoke in a Best Buy?”
“Could and did, buddy!”
“Well, you can’t anymore. Sorry, sir.”
“Please don’t put the cigarette out on the combination scanner/fax/printer.”
“Please don’t scan the cigarette butt.”
“Please don’t fax the cigarette butt to the CEO of Best Buy.”
“Please don’t print out the CEO’s response to the fax.”
“Please don’t read the response out loud.”
“‘Whoever sent this, please tell the nearest Best Buy employee to you that they are fired for allowing it to happen.’ Whoops.”
“Please stop saying ‘whoops.’”


Today on “Would You Rather” with the Borgia siblings

Would you rather: 

a) do a socially acceptable Eskimo-kiss and let the tailor standing awkwardly behind you think you’re not that weird

b) do a passionate, totally non-platonic French kiss and let the tailor continue working on your clothes because #multitasking


Fire Emblem Fates: Party gathered and Offspring generation Anthology 

Chapter 3.

Mozu finds Flannel a bit sad/nostalgic(???), like if he wants to visit home. He wants to go back to Garou Mountain, but Nyx tell him that something bad was going to happen if he go: the mountain will collaps over him.

Keatons still wants to visit his home, but after being hit by Abel, Mozu decide to go with him, just for being safe.

They arrive to the mountain and to their surprise, they find a big pile of Garous making a pyramide! When the Garous realize that Keaton arrive, all of them try to run towards him in happiness, forgetting the pyramid. The conmotion ends with the whole Garou pyramide falling over poor Keaton.

Mozu realise that the small event was the misfortune Nyx predicted, and Keaton wasn’t really in danger. She tells Keaton that she is still is happy for acompany him (???), and it looks that Keaton is happy for visiting the mountain and his friends, or that is what his tail is saying (???)


Tobirama on Naruto SD for Evav and Kem

Oh man, I’ve been dying to get a copy of this book for as long as I’ve known of its existence. It arrived this afternoon and I honestly couldn’t put it down until I finished it a few minutes ago.

It’s more of a biography/account of the space program written by the “co-author” Henry Still, with intermittent insights by Betty Grissom, but there’s definitely a tilt towards the personal side and every reminisce by Betty is just,, so neat to hear. I’ve had a… complicated? view of Gus’ family, especially on things that happened post-fire, but reading Starfall has completely changed my perspective. I hope someday I can be even half the wife, mother, and woman that Betty is. She was lucky to have Gus, but he was even more blessed to find a woman like her to support and love him through a tumultuous life.

It was written in the 70s so it doesn’t cover the problems they’ve had with Scott since then, and there is maybe some unfair bias against certain people within the space program (take the last few chapters with a grain of salt), but overall it’s an unbelievably cool insight into Gus’ life, how he was as a husband and father and man. He was so, so special and I feel blessed to be able to know him the way I do. I love Gus even more than I did 6 hours ago, if that’s possible. I miss him a lot more, too. It’s full of very poignant quotes from Gus and others, but my favorite might be from Betty towards the end:

“I hate that Gus is gone, but I guess the program was worth it. He wouldn’t have had it any other way.”