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noktuck-daze  asked:

So I have a few questions: 1. What are your thoughts about Korra's character development as a whole throughout LOK? 2. What are your thoughts on Korra's development in Book 4 specifically? 3. How would you write Korra's character development throughout Books 1-4?

I was so excited when I watched Legend of Korra for the first time! The setup for Korra’s character arc was excellent. She was brash and headstrong, but a master of three elements while lacking spirituality. Meanwhile, her initial antagonist plays upon her weakness—her lack of diplomacy, her headstrong nature, her absent airbending—in order to force her character to develop.  It was a smart idea, making Korra the polar opposite of Aang, so we could have a journey from a Korra who embraced being the Avatar as her core identity, to a Korra who learned to be herself as well as keeping balance in the world.

Too bad they didn’t actually go through with it.

Bryke’s problem from a writing standpoint is that they seem to get bored very quickly. They don’t have the patience for depth and complexity that lends itself to the best character arcs. Korra shouldn’t have just punched her airbending into existence because Mako was in danger, much like Bolin shouldn’t have suddenly learned lavabending by going “HRRRRNGH!” and throwing up his arms. Let’s take a very simple scene from A:TLA and apply it to Korra.

In early Season 2, Zuko starts off by saying that the peasants they’re surrounded with should be waiting on them hand and foot. However, he and his uncle are rendered helpless by Azula’s machinations and are forced to take shelter with an Earth Kingdom family. While there, Zuko sees Song’s struggles and the damage the Fire Nation has caused, in a way that makes him identify with and understand her. While his actions don’t change for the better immediately, they plant a seed in his mind that bears fruit farther down the road.

Korra should have gotten to know the Equalists—and not just them, but what it’s like to be a nonbender in Republic City. She should have lost her powers completely at the end of Book 1, and that could have caused her to experience what other nonbenders live with. She could see the dismissal of her power and bond with Asami over being underestimated, instead of just seeing Asami as a rival. And Amon should never have been a bender to begin with; he should have been a nonbender who has learned to take other people’s energy through spiritual means. This would set up Book 2.

Then in Book 2, we could focus on building up Korra’s identity and coupling that with spirituality. Perhaps Korra would be without bending, but she would be able to perform some of the astral projection that Jinora was capable of. She would have to discipline her mind as well as her body, and learn to think strategically in order to navigate the Spirit World. We could learn more about the origins of the Avatar in this book (hopefully in a way that would coincide more with A:TLA’s mythology) and Korra would conquer an underling, maybe the Lieutenant, in the Spirit World before returning to the physical world, ready for action.

In Book Three, Korra would find the world very different upon her return—a throwback to Aang coming out of the iceberg. In response to Amon’s coup over Republic City, Kuvira would be rising in the Earth Kingdom—essentially two populist movements from the bending and nonbending sides. At first, it seems like the “will of the people” will win out, and Korra finds herself doubting her purpose in this world. After all, does the world really need an Avatar anymore? This isn’t helped by the fact that she has difficulty negotiating with different sides. But as the two opponents conflict more and more, Korra realizes that maybe “the world” doesn’t need her—but the world she wants to make for the future does, and not just as the Avatar. She ends up talking with Kuvira and understanding her point of view, but when Kuvira cannot be talked down from extremism, Korra makes the ultimate decision: to strike a deal with Amon to defend Republic City.

In Book 4, Korra marshals all of the strengths she’s gained and all of the allies—from the Spirit World to the Krew to the Equalists. Korra’s continued championing of equal rights for nonbenders has eaten away at support for Amon’s extremism, and he ends up attempting to kill her, only to be assassinated by Kuvira (or her agents). Kuvira uses this to paint Korra as weak, and Korra faces pressure from her own allies to duel Kuvira and depose her once and for all. Korra answers that it’s not enough for the Avatar to defeat the Great Uniter in an epic battle. Change has to come from within the Earth Kingdom itself: it’s the only way to make that change last. Fortunately, Kuvira’s crackdown on spirituality (since she would see spirits and eventually even Avatars as tyrants) has come with a price, and a resistance movement is building. Korra can then go and argue for cleansing the chakras, meditation, etc., from the point of view of someone who once denied that she needed such things. If we are to bring the airbenders back or have spirits enter the human world, it should not be by chance, but by a conscious act on Korra’s part—a supreme act of will and compassion that gives her team an edge when things look their lowest. Korra fighting side by side with a host of different allies (nonbenders, Equalists, benders, and spirits) would create new forms of bending that hadn’t been seen before, and convince enough of Kuvira’s people to defect that she would lose (maybe then Varrick could get a real redemption arc!).

After all, that’s what the Avatar is: many voices inside of one. It’s a city full of lifetimes inhabiting a single human soul—one that can borrow from the wisdom of the past, but embrace the future as well.

If anyone is mean to my mutuals I can build a trebuchet with 300m range, launch 90kg projectiles at you, caving in your home instantly

As you read this post I built the trebuchet. Be careful what you say peasant.

“Clone Wars is stupid!”

“Rebels is stupid!”

“Ahsoka’s a stupid character!”

“Kanera will never happen!”

“The space family headcanon is stupid!”

“Hera’s not even a good pilot!”

“Kanan is a horrible Jedi!”

“Ezra’s not even attractive!”

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because you are so knowledgeable on polish history and lore, i was wondering - do you know any details of what life was like for poles in the 1850s? (sorry if this seems random, i just can't find any information about that time period really)

This is in fact an extremely broad topic because the Polish people lived under 3 entirely different Partitions back then. There could’ve been also huge differences even within different regions of each of the Partitions

Naturally, life was also very different for various social classes (peasants, townspeople, intelligentsia, and so on). Let’s take the peasants - the most numerous social class back then - as a quick example. 

Let’s say, the peasants living under the Austrian rule had a different life, worries and opportunities in the areas around Kraków, in the eastern ‘Kresy’ or in the highlands inside that Partition. In comparison to the other two Partitions, life was relatively easy in the political terms over there, and just like in the rest of the Austrian empire most of the ethnic groups were rather left alone (for example, free to move around or free to use their languages and continue their cultural traditions). On the other hand the Austrian authorities didn’t focus on developing or funding new infrastructure in that region and therefore the people suffered poverty much greater than in the other Partitions. It was so bad that towards the end of that century the region of Galicja was said to be the poorest in the whole Europe.

Then, there was much more of oppression in the other two Partitions, like law restrictions and the cultural Germanization / Russification that affected all the social classes. For the said example of the peasants, it meant that there were phases when they couldn’t move freely around, their culture and language were restricted or even their family members taken away, or they couldn’t find a job speaking their own language only (depending on what particular region and timeline are we taking into account). However, the 1850s were relatively calm in those matters.

1850s were the times when the Austrian and Prussian parts had already abolished the serfdom (it’s after the period of People’s Spring); while in the Russian part there was still a form of the payments and peasants were still organizing protests (it was fully abolished there only in 1860s and replaced by a land tax). For all the Partitions that meant a phase of huge changes in the agriculture and laws, different for each of the regions. People welcomed those changes with curiosity and a relief after the decades of the serfdom. Thanks to the abolition the rural culture in all of the parts received more freedom. For example, that was the time when the folk clothing started changing and receiving a form we know nowadays (after a better access to different materials, and without restrictions - among other things the old laws of serfdom were limiting the ‘looks’ of the people).

The Prussian part altogether had the most opportunities job-wise (but many only after receiving the education in German - for the people who spoke the Polish language only there were just less-paid simple jobs). Lots of areas being urbanized much quicker in that Partition led to the peasants developing a slightly different culture, much more resembling the culture of the townspeople than in the other Partitions. There was also the best access to schools out of all the Partitions. Not many offered classes in Polish but there were still many small rural schools where the peasants could learn how to read and receive a very basic education (Polish was banned only in the later decades what eventually led to numerous school strikes in Prussia in the late 19th century). 

In the Russian part there were much more opportunities for a higher education (for example, Russians were investing a lot in building of high schools and universities in big cities like Warsaw), but all of the classes were in Russian. Russian had become an ‘official academic language’ already after the uprisings of 1830s, and many topics were banned. The basic level of education still suffered, and many people couldn’t read or write in those rural regions which weren’t allowed to organize primary schools on their own. Another problem was also that a vast majority of the state-funded primary schools offered teaching the cyrilic script only (everything else was ‘undeground’).

In the Austrian part the Poles were free to organize schools and universities by themselves and in Polish, but as I mentioned above there was almost no state funds for them. Everything in this matter was developing extremely slow, and there was never enough schools for everyone who wanted to receive any form of education (while a lot of people wanted to, because that Partition was the most open border-wise). It was a bit better in the cities and towns, but the rural areas had a high level of analphabetism - depending on a source, even higher than in the Russian part.

Because of those kinds of factors, the daily life of the Polish people back then differed a lot between the regions where they lived. All of those things were affecting their living conditions and the way they worked or celebrated.

As you could see with those few examples, it’s very hard to answer your question in short. I looked around the internet quickly but (unfortunately) there’s indeed not much in English that would describe the 1850s in details. If you could give me an information which one of the Partitions interests you the most, I could maybe narrow my search or give a more detailed answer.

Does someone know any good book or article about that time period in English?

he knows this song too

[so i tweeted about Hoechlin’s prince hair and…plot bunny, idk.]

This new kingdom is brash and noisy and colorful. Derek is not sure he likes it yet, but he will endure much to rescue his True Love from that cruel witch that exiled her from Andalusia to this strange, strange, place. 

Derek knows he is attracting some strange looks from the denizens of this fair kingdom, but he’s sure it’s simply because no one has ever seen his the richness or likes of his royal garb before. 

He pushes his way through the throngs of people, all busily headed…somewhere. If he had time Derek surely would want to speak with the reigning royal family so he can discuss the strangeness of their kingdom, but time is of the essence, and Derek must find Jennifer soon. 

There is an expanse of woods in the center of the kingdom (curious and curiouser) that is nonetheless filled with beggars and merrymen and travelers, and then Derek sees her– Jennifer is laughing, arm in arm with another woman who is clad in the formidable leathers of some animal she must have skinned. Jennifer’s raven dark curls dance in the sunlight, her porcelain skin is so fair; she must have made a new bosom friend quickly to navigate this strange land, they even are holding hands.

Derek is standing aloft on a bridge-without-a-river, and decides he’s close enough where Jennifer would hear his voice of his True Love’s Song, and makes a dashing leap onto the path below, holding his arms out and letting his song free.

“I’ve been dreaming of a true love’s kiss–" 


Derek blinks wearily and a young man dressed in some scandalously tight red material is looming over him. He has one of those metal horse contraptions next to him. "Oh man, are you okay, dude? You totally came out of nowhere, what the hell. Hey, hey, you with me?" 

Fingers are being snapped in front of Derek’s face. "Unhand me, peasant,” he says loftily. 

“Whoa there, no need be rude, I just saved your ass–if I didn’t pull you off the road you would have been trampled by the entire herd. Good thing I was speeding ahead. I mean, I did crash into you, but that wasn’t my fault, you just kind of jumped right in front of me. Cool costume, though. Are you LARPing or something?" 

The words fly fast out of the peasant’s mouth, which Derek does note is an attractive shade of pink, and he waves his hands energetically. Derek finds himself amused despite the fact that he doesn’t understand half of what was just said.  

"I am on a quest,” Derek says. “I seek my True Love." 

The man blinks, bright eyes dancing with merriment. "That so, huh? Well, it’s nice to meet you.” He shakes Derek’s hands warmly. “My name’s Stiles." 

Signs as things I've said at school

Aries: *jokingly* “French? I thought this was a test in Mongolian cabinetry!”

Taurus: “It’s so cold in here I guess you could say it’s unburrable!”

Gemini: “……peasants…….”

Cancer: *reading Where the Red Fern Grows* “NOOOOOO! WHY COULDN’T HAVE BILLY DIED! SAVE THE PUPPIES!”

Leo: “Canadian sheep shearers obtain their plaid jeans in a secret shop behind Tim Hortons. The password is maple syrup.”

Virgo: “As you can see, all of the likeable characters are dead.”

Libra: “Can we have a sword fight with Baguettes?”


Sagittarius: “Hey-O! Just your friendly neighborhood stalker,here!”

Capricorn: “I am creating an encyclopedia of reasons why I am single. Reason one, I am making an encyclopedia of reasons of why I am single.”

Aquarius: “Choo Choo! The swag train has no breaks!”

Pisces: *Before a test* “BUT I’M WATCHING BLUE’S CLUES!”


My father says that peasants are like the hands of a clock. Around and around they go. What does that mean? Because a peasant is no more capable of choosing his own path than the hands of a clock. Well… who chooses the path for them? The clockmaker, of course. And are the members of Rittenhouse the clockmakers? No one else can do it. Father says monarchies are too selfish and democracies are too chaotic. So the members of Rittenhouse are not part of, you know, any government? Not necessarily. Control is all that matters. Usually it’s best exercised from the shadows. What about the people that want a voice in how they’re controlled? Peasants can’t govern themselves any more than ants can rule the jungle.

“You can't banish me! This is my bed too!”

Request 9 

Maxwell x MC

MC is called “Riley”

Mostly cute, mostly fluff


I’m jerked away from a pleasant slumber by the sudden and chilling call of the Cordonian Apple Jay.

The Jay, primarily slate grey in complexion, aside from it’s flaming crest and fiery belly, has a call so shrill and loud that it startles with more fierce a bite than one’s first Cordonian Ruby. Although, like the Ruby, the call is a bit of an acquired taste, becoming somewhat comforting and peaceful-seeming after its initial shock. My shoulders loosen as I relax, closing my eyes and listening to the uproarious birds overhead.

I should still have a good hour to get back to sleep before–

The door creaks open; a shard of light piercing my beautiful darkness. I shriek, my hands reflexively retreating to cover my eyes.

“Rise and Shine, Sleeping Beauty!”

Maxwell’s morning salutations, like that of the Jay, prove to be bit of an acquired taste as well.

“Hnnngggggg” I groan “Don’t all aspiring princesses to-be need their beauty rest?”

“Ahem, aspiring Queens to-be. And believe me, you don’t need it”

I lower my hands from my eyes, instead covering the redness spreading across my cheeks. “Awww, Maxwell… You think I’m prettttyy?” I tease him.

He snorts. “No, I know you’re beautiful

I think my heart stopped for a moment. Wow he’s smooth.

I tease him “I bet you get all the ladies with that mouth of yours”

“No, just one would be nice” He smiles thoughtfully. Genuinely. I think I’m in love. “Anyway, as an aspiring Queen, I thought it high time we practice your queenly duties”

“Like what, exactly? And how?”

“Oh nothing too intense, just managing the staff, handling the press, maintaining the castle. Pretty basic stuff”

“Again, how?”

He shrugs. “I thought we could do some basic role-playing”

“Role-playing?” ..With Maxwell? I grin at him, cocking an eyebrow.

“Yeah! Like…this bed will be the castle; the carpet will span to the edges of its grounds, and this room is the kingdom”

“You mean my kingdom, peasant” I wink.

“Hey we haven’t started yet!” he objects, laughter in his eyes “And who says I’m a peasant?”

“I! Dost thou knowest thou…st ist speaking to…ist?” Total gibberish. He laughs aloud this time, his dimples settling in next to the corners of his lips as two perfect little footprints along a flawless sandy beach. My mind wanders in thought…

Should I name them? Can dimples even have names? Gerry…and Remus!

I slowly turn my attention back to present, relevant thought, and notice Maxwell staring at me expectantly. “Hmm?”

“I said who are they?” he (allegedly) repeats.


“Whoever you was quiet but I think they were..Gary and..?”

“Gerry and Remus!” I finish excitedly. I deflate just as quickly “I one important”

“Are you sure?”

My cheeks flush, my lips widen to a sheepish smile. “Yes, very sure. You wouldn’t even notice them if they were..well right under your nose” I chuckle to myself quietly, performing a marvelous balancing act of the simultaneous shame and pride I felt for my joke.

He shrugs and continues. “As I was saying, how about I start as…the king?”

“You mean as my husband, the king? As prince Liam, the king?” I eye him suspiciously.

“No, no, just as an arbitrary king and queen example, by no means King Liam. Although yes, that would technically make me your husband”


“But the king and queen must maintain a professional relationship separate from their romantic feelings toward each other so as to act objectively for the betterment of the kingdom, for Cordonia”

“Queen in the streets, machine in the sheets?” I jest playfully.

“A..machine? Do you understand basic human anatomy..?”

“Do you?” I challenge “OH! I’ve got one! Lady on the throne, shady when we bone?” He chuckles, I take it as encouragement and continue

“Public monarch, private birthmark?”

“I don’t even–”

“Day-time ruler, night time water-cooler!”

“That doesn’t even make sense!”

“Think about it!” I crack myself up, clutching my stomach as I struggle for breath. In the commotion I roll, falling off the bed and thudding clumsily to the ground. Fortunately, I hardly notice the impact in all my laughter.

After a few minutes, I calm myself, forcing the laughter to subside and look up at Maxwell. I grimace as I catch his expression; his brow furrowed, two fingers roughly rotating against his temple, his eyes squeezed shut. I’ve never seen him like this before.

I carefully climb back onto the bed. Tentatively, I touch his shoulder “Maxwell?”

Though he opens his eyes, he doesn’t meet my eyes. “Riley, you need to take this seriously. I mean, water-cooler?!”


“I know” I plead apologetically “and I’m sorry. I promise, I’ll take this more–”

“–That’s the best you could come up with?” Wait, what? ..does he mean my apology? Shit, I need to fix this..I can’t lose him. Not Maxwell.

My lip dimple dampens, I sniffle. Tears start to well in my eyes; Maxwell blurring to a brunette blob, (dimples still clear as day though, thank god), and I choke a sob.

I look to him pleadingly “Maxwell please, I..I–”

His eyes suddenly reach mine, the sternness in his features immediately giving away to mischief before my eyes.

“EMPRESS BY DAY, TEMPTRESS BY NIGHT” My face drops into my palms, drenching them with betraying tears. “Aghhhh” I groan, relieved but so pissed. I swear my heart’s beating a twenty times a second; I can feel it pulsing in my forehead. Ahhhhhhh.

I watch as he cracks himself up “‘MACHINE’! HA!”  his face reddening, Gerry and Remus…dancing, tangoing, maybe..


NO! I wipe my eyes, through with crying and reach out for something, anything, and… AHAH! a pillow! I grip it between two white-knuckled fists and swing it at him. It lands! Square in the chest, interrupting his laughing for a moment.

“Hey! What was that for?!”

“That’s” I swing at him again, he deflects with his own pillow “for scaring me!”

“What?! How?” He queries, deflecting another (admittedly cheap) shot.

“I thought…I thought…” I mumble, lowering my plush shield “I thought I..lost you” Tears sting the corners of my eyes. Oh crap, not the water works again…

I turn away, hiding my tears. He sits up on the bed and reaches out to me, his finger guiding my chin to look at him. I gaze into his eyes, searching the oceans of blue for an inclination.

“Oh Riley, you could never lose me..” I sniffle and crack a smile.

“..You never had me to lose” I bite my lip and stifle a gasp. It’s everything I can do to keep from bursting into tears..for the third time.

Not again.  I take a breath and gently push him out of the ‘Kingdom’

“You’re banished!”


“As Queen, I hereby banish thee to spend eternity..elsewhere!

“You can’t banish me! This is my bed too!” he laughs “..Err..Kingdom, that is” However, he respects my ruling; remaining on the floor, moving to face me.

“Maybe I should just go…you know, abdicate, and all that. I would have been a horrible–”

Maxwell’s lips meet mine, stopping me mid-sentence. For a moment, my lips freeze in shock, fortunately enough, it passes within a second and I return the kiss, leaning into him. He pulls away, parting what I can only describe as fate.

“Don’t say that” His lips flutter against my cheek “You’re going to be an amazing Queen”  I tenderly press my lips to his cheek, thanking him.

I sigh “..which is why Riley and Maxwell can never happen, I assume?”

“That is correct” He nods glumly, his frown nullifying those beautiful dimples…

Gerry and Remus…

“But..” I venture “Queen Geraldine and King Remus could, presumably?”

A sheepish grin spreads across his face, our namesakes returning to their rightful posts at either end of his mouth. “I don’t see why not..”

Our lips find each other; he kisses me softly at first, then presses into me. I reach around his waist, pulling him toward me and lean back, trying to pull him onto the bed. I quickly realize his reluctance and pull away.

“What’s wrong?”

“Well, nothing, my queen…” his eyes flash “..except that I have been banished from this kingdom to never return again, surely you remember?” I roll my eyes and laugh. I did, banish him, didn’t I?

I reach up to him and ever so lightly press my lips to his ear.

“Might I suggest we..seize the next kingdom over?”

He nods eagerly and lifts me off the bed in his arms, carrying me toward our next adventure.



can my 🇬🇧 or civilised followers help me sekkle this once and for all? all over twitter folks be arguing over the correct pronunciation yes i know it’s trivial but come on can we agree only peasants say “PLAN-TAIN” and they probably pour milk into the bowl of their cereal first and don’t dot their i’s like cavemen

it’s pronounced PLAN-TIN

So I was just looking at books about the peasant’s revolt on amazon and there’re multiple people writing reviews like this complaining about them being “too sympathetic” to the rebels, saying like “the peasants were bad because they damaged property and attacked their feudal overlords”

Seriously we have people straight up defending feudalism in 2017

Blackjack or Tempest?
  • Percy: Blackjack!
  • Annabeth: Blackjack
  • Nico: Blackjack.
  • Leo: Blackjack kicked Percy in the head so I'm gonna go with him.
  • Percy: Gee thanks Leo.
  • Jason: The answer is obviously Tempest!
  • Piper: I choose Tempest also.
  • Percy: *snorts* Jason, Tempest doesn't even like you. Blackjack calls be boss because I am one.
  • Jason: Psh, thats not true.
  • Frank: Umm, Percy speaks horse.
  • Annabeth: Yeah, what does Tempest call you Jason?
  • Jason: ...
  • Tempest: *whinnies*
  • Percy: He says peasant.
Dir en grey

Dir en grey - 羅刹国 (Rasetsukoku)


The transformation triggered by the musk
Reflecting on the night of the hazy moon
Displaced * Tricky * Wicked
The cleric’s eye can’t see, this demon

The road of carnage which changed my self
Lawlessness running rampant is a bull’s-eye
Searching the dark through this form, like a snake

I’ve been put on the executioner’s stage
They jeer and laugh wickedly
Holding upon high my severed head, the peasants say,
“The kingdom of demons is upon us”

Manners * Nature * Estrangement * Demons

Many peasants died
The hope for peace was destroyed
This life is revolting
This is a world of carnage

Manners * Nature * Estrangement * Demons

I throw away myself, and become the carnage
All the people with hearts, become nothing
Now it’s too late, everything is destroyed