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I just, I love portraying [Lorraine], I love who she is. I adore her, and she’s a friend now. And I really loved their collaboration, I loved them as a couple.

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That supercorp ellen prompt was great!! I'd love to read what happens next where maybe Kara meets Lena and asks her about the interview, which leads to Lena admitting her feelings for Kara? Only if you want to of course/ have time but all your stuff is great :)

For the purpose of this fic, assume that Kara and Mon-El stayed broken up and Lena knows Kara is Supergirl.

Gal Pals Pt. 2

The sound of boots on her office balcony makes her want to bang her head against her desk.

It isn’t that she’s been ignoring Kara, it’s just …

She’s been ignoring Kara.

Ever since the Ellen interview two days ago, she had been trying to avoid the ‘gal pals’ question. Just thinking about it makes her cringe with the awkwardness of it all. Even though she had completely scoffed at the idea of she and Kara being more than ‘just friends’; she’s still afraid that if Kara realizes that some of their interactions could be considered … well, a little more than friendly; she might treat Lena differently.

But Lena likes how they are.

She likes the late night donut dates, and the weekend brunches.

She likes the tight hugs and the flirtatious smiles, and the way Kara sometimes stares at her boobs when she thinks Lena isn’t looking.

The last thing she wants is for all of that to go away.

Kara is her best friend, and okay, maybe she wants something more; but she would never risk Kara’s friendship - she would much rather pine away in silence.

So she had thrown herself into her work, ignoring Kara’s texts and phone calls, hoping that eventually Kara would forget all about ‘gal pals’.

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get to know me meme: favorite friendships [2/5] → Michael and Sucre

“They say people come into your life for a reason. Maybe my reason was to help you get out of Fox River, you know? To help you save your brother.”

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Pirates are known for their treasure and treasure hunting abilities. Do you guys have a favorite piece of treasure? (Please don't say friendship! God that's sooo cliche!)

Spain: “I always loved the way gold and silver looked, but my favourite has gotta be the necklaces.”

Port: “I like all the goblets and stuff.”

France: “I, too, like the jewelry and tiaras.”

England: “The prefer the coins, it makes me look sophisticated.”

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Would you say peer wise, Damian's friendship with Jon is your favorite right now? Damian's (peer age) friendship with Maya is still my absolute favorite. She just gets him on such a level that few people ever do and he opens up to her in return in a rare way. I'd say Jon and Damian have a dynamic right now where Damian is the only one close to Jon's age that can be involved in his life in all areas. He also acts like a coach of sorts to Jon so even if Damian's constantly doing things that Jon-

2 hates. He eventually caves and let’s himself be pulled along half because he feels obligated to by their parents and also maybe he’s a little lonely for super friends his age. I don’t think he’s at the point where he really likes Damian too much. Jon definitely doesn’t understand him. Honestly I hope he takes a long time too. Poor Jon is so young and had such a loving upbringing just getting a glimpse of Damian’s background would horrify him. Damian for his part finds Jon a little useful -

3 potential to be a pretty awesome (though not as awesome as him) hero to encourage and ally himself with. As annoying as he can find his innocence Damian has shown he’s very drawn to people with Jon’s personality (Dick, Steph, Colin) and he’s obviously growing attached in a aloof big brother way (lol, toddler titan is my fav nickname). He’s just not close to the point he is with Dick or Maya or the TT about seeing Jon as a equal. He knows if he treats him as one would mean exposing him to the-

4 parts of him that Jon wouldn’t be ready to handle (he did try to be open w/his past and looked disappointed when Jon brushed it off). But yeah right now I’d say part of the way their relationship works is that they can compliment each other quite a bit. But there’s this huge gap that causes their clashes. Jon’s not as stunted but Damian is very much ahead of understanding what it means to him to be a hero and who/how to fight. They don’t have to be best friends but thet are interesting foils.

That Christmas special bugged me for a number of reasons actually and I didn’t like it much. Jon had plenty of school friends and his best friend (at the time) is Kathy so he can’t be friendless. In canon Damian is the one calling upon Jon and inviting him into his life while Jon trying to be nice but losing his temper over Damian’s antics a lot. I feel like that strip didn’t have a great idea of their friendship and that it’s a slow burn for both of them becoming closer. But that’s how it is.

Do you think Jon belongs on the Teen Titans? I know he complained about not being invited to join and in a future Super Sons issue Damian finally does invite him (with ulterior motives). A part of me wonders if Damian ends up inviting Jon with the purpose of discouraging Jon? I know quite the opposite of what he does but TT missions are quite different from their own duo missions and Damian is protective in his own way. Damian can’t look after Jon when he’s got his whole team to watch over too.

I’m assuming all six of these messages were from the same person. But if not, let me know! 

Time for some meta~

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Whirl -

First Impression: Asshole of the purest grade. Seriously who tf is this guy??

Impression Now: Jesus Christ he is a trainwreck of conflict and tragic backstory please just let him sit in the void and allow him to just scream out his frustrations for a good few days.

Favorite Moment: 

*cries until the galaxies combine*

Idea For a Story: Can we please get a story with him coming to terms with his anger and slowly start to rebuild his body again? Pleassssseeee??

Unpopular Opinion: He’s aromantic and asexual af and doesn’t care too much about his own relationship status but is super nosey when it comes to other’s relationships. (idk what to say about this one.)

Favorite Relationship: Please lord give me more friendship options with Swerve, Cyclonus, and the rest of the members of the stranded LL crew I have a mighty need for this mech to have some real friends in his life.

Favorite Headcanon: You can’t tell me that he doesn’t play house with Ten’s figures when he thinks nobody’s looking. You just can’t. Also that episode of Game Grumps when Arin and Dan are playing Link: The Faces of Evil and they just go through the “You Must Die” Skit?

He does that every chance he gets.

It’s super annoying but he finds it hilarious.

What a surprise.

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-Favorite design:

-Least favorite design:

but also 

also special mention to all costumes that show off the midriff and have a mini-mini skirt

-Favorite ship:

that’s hard because there have been more than one person who is Supergirl, but in general I’d say Barbara Gordon for pre-Crisis Original Supergirl

-Favorite friendship:

her and Kon el

-One thing I’d change:

hard to say this version of Supergirl is my lest favorite and feel like the least interesting, I’m generally against bring heroes back so getting rid of Kara’s death in Crisis and bring back a young girl her is boring and against what I believe in when it comes to these things, I’d like to see more of Earthbound Angel Supergirl because that’s so totally different and I like Cir el Supergirl 

-A random headcanon:

I like the idea of pre-crisis Kara and Babs hanging out and watching old 1950s B movies together 

-A story I’d write for them:

I mean I’d love an “adventures of Supergirl and Batgirl” that like takes place in the past and is the two of them before her death and the Joker shooting Babs, hanging out being gal pals and fighting super villains 

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Mass Effect: Andromeda?

  • Favorite Male Character: Liam, Reyes and Gil are rite up there as equals
  • Favorite Female Character: Suvi!!! Suvi Suvi ABSOLUTELY it was Suvi
  • Least Favorite Character: Spender, that motherfucker.
  • Favorite Ship: mReyder, mRyder/Liam, mRyder/Gil, mRyder/Jaal, mRyder/Evfra and mRyder/Akksul (I haven’t settled in an Absolute Fave yet but safe to say I have a… type.)
  • Favorite Friendship: Liam’s and Ryder’s and Liam’s and Jaal’s
  • Favorite Quote: Anything by Jaal but especially “Fuck over”
  • Worst Character Death (if any): There’s a little miniquest where you go to find this woman who has a terminal illness - she can die and it is, arguably, one of the sadder moments for me.
  • This made me so happy you have no idea Moment: the little scene in Jaal’s bedroom, after you’ve done his personal quest
  • Saddest Moment: Liam and Jaal’s banter about home - and Liam saying ‘don’t ask me that, I’ll cry’
  • Favorite Location: lmfao Kadara

@smarsupial​ you had mentioned wanting to hear my thoughts on A.I. so here they are!

If forced to narrow it down to two, I’d say my favorite filmmakers are Stanley Kubrick and Steven Spielberg. Given their friendship, and the themes Spielberg’s been exploring his entire career, he was the perfect choice to pick up where Kubrick left off on his sci-fi riff on Pinocchio

The resulting movie was widely panned upon release, but has been reconsidered since, as its devoted fans have spread the gospel (Reverse Shot wouldn’t exist, according to its founders, without the galvanizing organizing principle of defending A.I.) and Spielberg himself followed up the film with a run of moody, philosophically complex works that gave A.I. some context. Which is, of course, the exact same trajectory that Kubrick’s later films followed, and like Eyes Wide Shut, A.I. is now widely (and IMO rightly) considered one of the best movies of the last twenty years. 

One of the principal complaints leveled at the movie was that the seams were too visible–the Kubrickian and Spielbergian aspects didn’t fit together. But I think the film sets out to reflect that duality in its story and themes, in a manner that cuts to the heart of why it’s so damn devastating. Two moments in particular stand out to me in this regard. One is the recitation of a passage from Yeats’ “The Stolen Child.” 

Come away, O human child!

To the waters and the wild

With a faery hand in hand

For the world’s more full of weeping than you can understand.

The other is this line from one of the super-advanced robots to our protagonist child-bot David, near the story’s end: 

“I thought this would be hard for you to understand. You were created to be so young.”

David is programmed to love and be loved. It’s the only way he can make sense of the world, the only narrative he understands. Early on, he sees himself in Pinocchio when his adoptive mother reads the story to him and his human brother, and after his mother abandons him in the woods, he sets out to find the Blue Fairy and become a real boy so his mom will love him again. 

That’s the story happening inside David’s head: a classic Spielberg fable. The story happening around him, however, is a pitiless Kubrick dystopia. Climate change has rendered most of the Earth uninhabitable (with a drowned New York ranking among the many stunning tableaux in the film). The rich have walled themselves away and steadily replace their loved ones with machines, who are treated with a casual ruthlessness that never fails to shake me. No one pretends the robots will save humanity from the consequences of our behavior. The bots are there to distract us from those consequences, to delight and service us (whether sexually or emotionally) while we wait for the apocalypse that arrives in the final act. 

But David doesn’t really notice any of this, and to the extent that he does, it never interferes with his prime directive: make Mommy love me again. He doesn’t develop as a character, because he can’t. They built him a naive child, and he will stay that way forever. He’s so lost in the beautiful lie in his head that he can’t perceive that the world around him isn’t designed to reward his quest. “The world’s more full of weeping than you can understand.” When he finally reaches the ruins of New York, where he thinks the Blue Fairy is waiting for him, he learns that his entire journey was set up by his makers, a test to see if his programmed love was really that durable. There is no Blue Fairy to make him into a real boy, and despite telling himself otherwise throughout, David is not special: he was designed in the image of his creator’s dead son, and he has now been mass-produced. 

Devastated, David attempts suicide, only to discover a statue of the Blue Fairy in Coney Island beneath the waves. He prays to it for two thousand years as the world ends around him, only to be discovered by the aforementioned super-robots, who consider his memories to be a historical payload regarding humanity. But again, David doesn’t care about the movie’s increasingly 2001-esque big picture, because even after learning that Story is a lie, even after millennia of unanswered prayers, his faith is unshaken. He just wants the Blue Fairy to be real, and for his mother to be alive. So the other robots appear to him in the guise of the Blue Fairy and use DNA ex machina to recreate his mother for a single day. This annoyed a lot of people who found it overly convenient and sentimental, but IMO they missed Spielberg’s Kubrick-influenced critique of his own genre. David’s perfect day is explicitly fake. That’s not his mother, she’s a simulacrum–and so the movie comes full circle, as the robot designed to replace a lost family member is given a replacement for his lost family member. His real mother didn’t actually love him like that. This is all in his head. We are invested in David emotionally because of how devoted he is to his quest, while also recognizing the degree to which his entire being is manufactured to fit a specific need. “His love is real. But he is not.” 

The film is the best of both worlds, its sweeping sentiment achieving catharsis without sacrificing Kubrick’s philosophical agenda. David’s buddy Gigolo Joe often acts as a mouthpiece in that regard, whether casting David as a religious martyr lost in a nihilistic age…

“The ones who made us are always looking for the ones who made them. They go in, fold their hands, sing songs…and when they come out it’s usually me they find. I’ve picked up a lot of business on this spot.”

…or articulating why humanity resents and preys on artificial intelligence even while relying on it…

“They made us too smart, too quick, and too many. We are suffering for the mistakes they made because when the end comes, all that will be left is us. That’s why they hate us.”

…or reaching for Descartes with his final words: 

“I am. I was.” 

But of course, David never gets it, because he was created to believe in stories. So at every turn, the film acts as a deconstructed fairy tale, in a manner that reminds me more than a little of Quentyn’s quest in ASOIAF. The difference being, of course, that Quent realized at some level that his “adventure stank,” whereas what’s so heartbreaking about A.I. is that David never, ever will. He will always clap in the hopes that Tinkerbell will come back to life, his hopeful expression so eternal and unchallenged by reality that it’s as scary as it is sad, as Kubrick as it is Spielberg.

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Since you reblogged the post too - can I pick Magi for it as well? :)

Hehe, Of course!


Favorite Male Character: Oh man oh man,, I love Ja’far and Ka Koubun,, (Even though he’s horrible). I have to say Ja’far. He’s beautiful!

Favorite Female Character: I love both Morgiana and Kougyoku.. I can’t decide, but Kougs comes to mind first.

Least Favorite Character: Gyoken? I don’t like what she did, but I do think she was written very well!

Favorite Ship: Oh gosh,, ahh, I loved sinja, and still do! And Alimor is also so good.. I gotta say sinja. I like the King-advisor dynamic.

Favorite Friendship: This is going to sound odd, but bare with me. I really treasure the moments between Kougyoku and Ka Koubun, and Kougyoku and Alibaba’s friendship! So for me, it’s a bit hard to decide.. I think Alibaba’s and Kougs, though! I kinda wanna see more of Ka & Kougs, too..

Favorite Quote:

Plus Ka Koubun’s reaction:

Their relationship is precious to me

Worst Character Death (if any): I have to say Sheba. It was so sad with what happened.

This made me so happy you have no idea Moment: Ja’far talking so passionately to Sinbad before he went off to the sacred palace. I’m gonna cry just thinking about it,,

Saddest Moment: Oh dang,, The surprise in Ja’far’s eyes when Alibaba commented he hadn’t changed.

Favorite Location: The Kou Empire! I’m kinda glad it hasn’t changed too much.

Huhu, thank you for the ask!!

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Twdg for the fandom ask thing? :)

Favorite Male Character: My dad Lee Everett
Favorite Female Character: Clementine!!!
Least Favorite Character: Nate lol
Favorite Ship: Non-canon wise, Paige/Sam (tho it was confirmed that Paige does have feelings for her so #canon I guess) canon wise, the unpopular…. Javier/Kate
Favorite Friendship: I would say Clem & Lee but they’re family so Clem/Javier
Favorite Quote: “Hey Ben… Seeya”
Worst Character Death (if any): Lee :(
This made me so happy you have no idea Moment: Erm Lee and Clem reuniting after Clem being kidnapped
Saddest Moment: That whole death scene with Lee.
Favorite Location: Ahhh I think the scenery in Prescott was pretty

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Final Fantasy or ze fier embulz for the ask, please!

Why not both? :^)

Note that I only know the first, a bit about seven, and a small bit of four of Final Fantasy, but I’ll do my best!

Favorite Male Character: Cloud Strife! He needs a hug… And I don’t care if he tries to kill me XD
Favorite Female Character: Aerith. So pure… So sweet… Sephiroth why?!
Least Favorite Character: Hmm… I don’t really know a lot of FF characters, but… “I, GARLAND, WILL KNOCK YOU ALL DOWN” I guess.
Favorite Ship: Does Monk x Thief and Red Mage x White Mage count? No? Oh… Also, Prompto x Noctis. Worse? I don’t have the game yet X’D
Favorite Friendship: Cloud and Barret. Before anyone says anything, I didn’t get to that dating part yet (was aiming for Aerith).
Favorite Quote: Cloud’s Mama: I’d feel a lot better if you just settled down with a nice girlfriend.
Cloud: Mom, I’m gay dammit.
Worse Character Death: Aerith… I’m didn’t get that far yet, but I know I'ma be heartbroken…
This made me so happy you have no idea Moment: BEATING DEATH GAZE IN FINAL FANTASY ONE. Seriously, took me five tries to kill that bastard. And even then, he killed Drusus, Keme was near dead, Veles was exhausting all his magic, and Taika was healing everyone till she ran out of power. #fuckdeathgaze
Saddest Moment: Look at worst character death.
Favorite Location: The Western Keep in FFI design wise and Chaos Shrine in FFI

Fire Emblem:
Favorite Male Character: Kaze, Chrom, male Robin, Niles, Male Corrin, Ryoma, Vaike, Gaius, Asugi, Marth, Roy, Eliwood, Hector, Ephraim, Seth, Ike, Soren, and Gordin.
Favorite Female Character: Female Corrin, Female Robin, Rinkah (blame my boyfriend XD), Sakura, Nah, Elise, Lyn, Florina, Nino, Bantu, Mist, Eirika, Tana, Neimi.
Least Favorite Character: Dickwads Gangrel, Validar, Hans, Garon, and Iago.
Favorite Ship: OOOOOOOH BOY. Neimi x Colm, Seth x Eirika, Eliwood x Ninian, Male Summoner x Alfonse, Ike x Soren, Chrom x either Robin, Female Corrin x Kaze, Male Corrin x Niles, Nah x Yarne… For crossovers, Ike x Ephraim and Marth x Roy.
Favorite Friendship: Wolt and Roy, Ephraim and Lyon, and Kaze and Silas.
Favorite Quote: “You shall not bar my path!” –Zephiel.
Worst character death: Leila. Dammit girl you have your whole life ahead of you with Matthew.
This made me so happy you have no idea Moment: Beating a Fire Emblem game for the first time, Sacred Stones. Sadly, it only lasted until I was in the epilogue, showing many characters I let died.
Saddest Moment: Spoilers for Birthright, Elise’s death. I literally cried so hard to the point that I considered saying “screw it” and turn off the game for the rest of the game.
Favorite Location: Tower of Valni in Sacred Stones for grinding purposes, Darkling Woods design wise, and the Ice Tribe village (especially in Birthright. Ouch…)


favorite friendships [3/?] » bill hader & kristen wiig

BILL "Kristen and I, we get around each other and we get really goofy. She really makes me laugh. She very effortlessly makes me laugh.“

KRISTEN "I adore Bill and I love working with him, and considering the amount of time we spend together and work together, I could never get sick of him in a million years. He’s one of the funniest people I know and one of the nicest guys I know.”

they say romance is dead.
they look at these teenagers with their newfangled gadgets - these strange glowing screens with their flashing icons and beeping noises - and they say communication was lost in the ether somewhere,
buried among the text messages and rotting beneath the wireless.  
they don’t believe relationships can be meaningful if they don’t happen face to face, meetings in bars and coffeeshops and libraries graduating to restaurant dates and diamond rings and matching cemetery plots.
they prophecize doom from their leather armchairs - those damn teenagers, they’re so entitled and lazy and incapable of real feeling.

and I see this group - this squad - this meeting of minds hearts souls - and I know they are all wrong.
who drives for three hours to see an underbudget college production of rent?  who sleeps six in a room, piled one on top of another like a litter of kittens?  who charges off the stage and into a massive group hug?  
the teenagers of today, that’s who.

in a dark hotel room at one o’clock in the morning, squad tries to tell me how they met.  
the story is long and convoluted, and probably not safe for work.  
I do not quite understand the full complexities of the tale, but the spirit is clear.  
the spirit is laughter, easygoing compassion, watching the sun rise through the window of a denny’s.  the spirit is shouting at dogs, calling anything new and creative a good meme, running through a foreign college campus at midnight drunk on life.
they have a group chat on skype - over a year it’s been going, new messages every day.  the name hasn’t changed from the original: “the group chat of friendly friendliness.”

what do you call a group of seven teenagers who live in seven different towns but talk every day, skype every day, snapchat every day - who care about each other loudly and aggressively - who share the many joys of their lives with each other?
you can’t call them lazy, can’t call them entitled, can’t call them emotionally distant.  
you can call them a squad, or call them a group, or a team.  you can call them a constellation, each star incandescent on its own but together, an impossibly beautiful pattern us mere mortals can only gaze upon in wonder.

they say romance is dead.  I say friendship is more alive than ever.  
my favorite story is the one about a group of people who build a family from shared adventures and ridiculous inside jokes.  because it isn’t just a story - it’s real.  
it’s happening every day.  it’s happening on the internet and in college dorms and behind convention centers.  it’s happening whether you acknowledge it or not.

so why ignore this when you can shout it from the rooftops and the social media sites?  
ready your fingers at the keyboard, stand looking at the night sky, and tell the world:
“my friends are huge nerds, and I love them for it.”


good meme (a poem about squad)