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BTS Reaction to Foreign GF Learning Chopstick Use

Incogito; Hey can you do a reaction to their foreign gf being exited bc she finally learned how to eat with chopsicks? Thank you in advance☺🌼 

Note: REVAMP bruh ~*Credit to gif owners*

Jin ➳ He knew how hard you had been working on using chopsticks perfectly. The moment he saw your face shine brightly, looking at him with a bright smile; he couldn’t help but smile back as he stared at your excited state. You’d be eating and giggling from your happiness and he’d just stare at your lil happy form.

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Suga ➳ You’d be ecstatic but Yoongi wouldn’t believe you. Just that morning you were struggling like a baby and now you were an expert. Who exactly has been teaching you? His eyes narrowed, thinking the chopsticks you were using were also just magical. He’d take out chopsticks from his sleeve and say, “Try these ones.”

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J-Hope ➳ You gave him a surprised expression once you picked up the sushi like it was something you were a natural at, and Hoseok slowly raised his hand. “Yaaaas,” he’d say, hearing you say that to your friends all the time. You’d just laugh and give him a high five, receiving a pleased smile from him.

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RapMonster ➳ “Pretend it’s a pencil,” he said, waiting for you to hold one like you were about to write. “Then slide this one here…and..voila!” The way he had you holding the chopsticks felt perfect, and when you could easily eat your food, you squealed in happiness. “You see, babe?” He’d say, “I knew you could do it!”

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Jimin ➳ He stared at you in awe the moment you began to act like a child who got a new toy, jumping in glee from finally being able to use the chopsticks without struggling. You were being too cute, and he stuck his bottom lip out; almost tearing up at your cuteness. He couldn’t resist the urge to embrace and kiss you.

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V ➳ Taehyung would stare at you blankly as you were grabbing every piece of food on the table with chopsticks happily. You looked like you won the greatest prize ever, and when you finally looked to him with a childlike expression, a smile would break his blank expression and he’d give you an innocent kiss of appreciation. “You’re adorable.

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Jungkook “Jungkook!” You’d gasp, showing him how you could use chopsticks easily now as if you just found diamonds. He’d stare at you, looking at how beautiful you looked while you fed him in awe. A bright smile would stretch across his lips and you’d tilt your head to the side. “Don’t you think I’m awesome?” You’d say and he’d laugh.


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Could you maybe write something with Harry Potter? Since it's the 20th anniversary? (I like Kidge and Plance)

Sure! (I can’t believe it’s been twenty years *sniffs* 20 years of magic)


The day Katie meets Keith, she’s at the park, swinging on her favorite swing.

“Look, Matty!” She calls, and then, swinging her feet up, she propels herself off the swing and into the air.

She stays in the air far longer than any normal human being should, gracefully touching down to the ground like she has wings.

“Katie!” Her brother calls angrily, and grabs her by the sleeve. “Mum said you aren’t supposed to do that.” He hisses.

“It was only for fun!” She says, her eyes wide. “I’m not hurting anyone.”

“No, but if anyone sees, then they’ll know.” Matt says through gritted teeth.

“Know what?” Katie asks.

“Know that you’re a freak.” He whispers, and he seems to get some sick joy out of watching her face fall.

“I’m not a freak.” She says defensively. “Mum said you can’t call me that.”

“Oh, really?” He laughs. “You’re like one of those ghost girls on the television. That’s why you don’t have any friends.”

She wrenches her arm out of his grasp. “Don’t say that!”

Matt reaches for her again, and she dodges, running up the hill they’re standing under.

She runs quicker than the other children at school, her feet barely touching the ground as she sprints away from her brother, so she makes it to the top without much trouble, and hides behind the tree there.

Sliding down to the ground, she leans her head against her knees, and tries to bite back tears.

“You aren’t a freak.” Someone says behind her, and she scrambles to her feet. 

“Who are you?” She asks.

It’s a boy, around her age, maybe a bit older, with shaggy black hair, and piercing violet eyes. 

“I’m just like you.” He says softly, and extends a hand.

Instead of shaking hers, however, a flower blooms seemingly out of nowhere in the middle of his palm.

“You’re-you’re-,” She stammers, eyes big.

“It’s magic.” He says, and his voice is so reverent that Katie’s heart almost melts. “And you can do it too.” 

Katie finds her voice. “Magic?”

“You’re a witch.” He says matter-of-factly, and it’s all Katie can do not to smack him.

“Excuse me?”

“A witch. You can do magic.” He replies. “Your brother, though-he’s a muggle. He’s too nasty to be a wizard, anyway.”

Suddenly, Katie hears footsteps, and she turns around to see Matt, red in the face. “What’d you call me?”

“You’re a muggle.” The boy repeats. 

“Let’s go, Katie.” Matt grabs his sister’s arm, and she lets herself be dragged away from that creepy boy under the tree.

You’re a witch.

She scowls. She’s not a witch.


They lie under the willow trees, her and the boy (his name is Keith, and every time she hears it now, she smiles a bit).

“He’s just jealous.” He says to her. “You’re special.”

Katie flushed a bit. “Don’t say that Keith. That’s not nice.”

He twists to look at her. “It’s true, though. And he knows it. That’s why he’s so mean.”

Katie giggles. “You’re silly.” 

And then Keith flicks his hand, and one of the willow branches extends and tickles her nose.

She laughs out loud now, and Keith smiles.


They’ve both gotten their letters now, and sit on the train together, Katie biting her lip. 

“What if I don’t get sorted?” She whispers, and Keith feels a pang in his chest.

“Don’t be stupid.” He tells her. 

She punches him in the arm. “I’m not! What if it doesn’t put me in any of the houses? What if I’m not good enough?”

He grabs her hand and squeezes it. “You’re brilliant. Don’t worry, Katie. You’ll probably be in Ravenclaw, or in Hufflepuff. Maybe you’ll be in Slytherin like me!”

She’d look really pretty in green, he thinks to himself.

She laughs a bit. “How do you know you’ll be in Slytherin?”

He looks at her, exasperated. “Have you met me?”

She giggles. “Maybe you’ll be in Ravenclaw with me.” She says, eyes shining. “I can’t wait to go to the library.”

“Slytherin’s dorms are in the dungeons.” He says, and she inhales. “Really?”

“Yeah! And they’re under the lake and my mother used to tell me about how sometimes you can see the giant-,”

“Well, well, well.” Someone says, and snickers. “Who do we have here?”

It’s a boy, with spiky brown hair, with his two friends, a tall boy who looks more like a third-year than a first, and a tall, broad-shoulder boy with a yellow headband. 

“Dude.” The first boy intones dramatically. “What’s with your hair?”

Keith glares at him. “Why do you care?”

He laughs, and then his gaze drifts over to Katie. “Hey.” He says, all smooth, like he wasn’t just snickering over Keith’s (unfortunate) hairstyle.

Katie scowls at him. “What’s wrong with your hair?” She points to the spikes, and the boy with the headband laughs. 

“She got you there, Lance!” He chuckles, and the really tall guy smiles a bit. 

“We gotta go, guys.” He says. “I need to change into my robes.”

And so they file out, but not before the spiky-haired guy (Lance, Keith thinks with disgust) glances at Katie again.

Keith doesn’t like the way his eyes linger on her.


He now knows the feeling of utter betrayal.

It’s not Katie’s fault, of course, as she walks over to the cheering Gryffindor table, but as he sits stony-faced with the rest of his new Slytherin classmates, he can’t help but inwardly wish that she wasn’t here.

That would be so much better, he thinks, than watching her sit down right next to that Lance kid, and grin at him the way she used to smile at him.

Complete and utter betrayal.


Hope you enjoyed! Any grammar mistakes I apologize for; I just got a beta-reader though, so hopefully these are much more refined.

I think it’s because we all love to dream. We don’t live in a particularly attractive world. I don’t really remember, except as a small boy, anything but a pretty grim world. I’m old enough to have seen Hitler in the flesh. I’m old enough to have been in Munich in 1934, on the night of the long knives, when Hitler butchered so many of his own people. I’m old enough to remember the Second World War and all the other things. So I’m not being a Cassandra, who prophesied nothing but evil and misery; I’m simply facing reality. So, yes, let us not lose faith, let us be optimistic, let us believe in the good things, but we still have to face the world as it is.  When you live in a world like that, what do you want? You want to escape, to get out of this world from time to time, into another world, a magical world, an enchanted world, where things happen we dream about, a world of fairy stories and wizards. It is like the conjurer, the enchanter, or magician who says, “Look, nothing up my sleeve. When I do this, you will come into my enchanted world!”  Dreaming, escaping, that is what we’re talking about. I firmly believe that is why this kind of film is so universally popular, and always will be, because people like to get into another world.
—  Christopher Lee about the success of fantasy films

treacherous || a swan queen fanmix [listen on 8tracks]

1. What If - Five For Fighting // 2. Nicest Thing - Kate Nash // 3.All About You - Birdy // 4. Lego House - Fifth Harmony ( cover) // 5. Sex - Lauren Aquilina (cover) //6. Heart On My Sleeve - Mary Lambert // 7. Say You Love Me - Jessie Ware // 8. Treacherous - Taylor Swift // 9. Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic - Sleeping At Last (cover) // 10. Head Over Feet- Alanis Morissette // 11. Cherry Wine - Paola Bennet (cover) // 12. Hold On, We’re Going Home - Pia Mia (cover) // 13. Unconditionally - Katy Perry // 14. Honey & I - Haim // 15. So Far Away - Mary Lambert // 16. Let Her Go - Jasmine Thompson (cover)  // 17. Haunted - Taylor Swift //

Title; you bring out the magic in me (part 1)

Summary; Dan Howell is an indie artist who gets his inspiration off Phil Lester, his best friend and an amateur magician.

Wordcount; 1400+

A/N | (chaptered fic omfg) I’m FINALLY going to grace myself with the blessing/curse that is writing a chaptered fic!! omg!! i’m really excited for this (i wanted to post this on my birthday bc I LOVE MYSELF) and idk i reaaaally like this please read it ok!! this was actually supposed to be one of the 15days drabbles but i changed my mind lmfao its going to be a fic bc i’m mk af but i also want to do a songwriter fic

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Meanwhile, Katrina’s watching over a chained-up Abraham in the Masons’ cell — and from the look of her black, long-sleeved mesh shirt and black corset, somebody got a gift card to Hot Topic for Christmas!

She summons Ichabod to the chamber (via text, of course. God forbid the witch do something cool, magical AND useful) to ask him to help her separate Abraham’s humanity from the Horseman. She says the Witnesses owe her… hold up, Red.

I’m no hater (and believe me, you need all the friends you can get right now, if Twitter is any indication), but the idea that Abbie and Ichabod owe you anything is so insane, it needs a bed at Tarrytown Psych. I’m not sure that screwing up spells, failing to kill Baby Moloch and getting captured — not to mention stranding Abs in Purgatory — entitles you to anything more than a membership in the Lame of the Month Club.


Kimberly Roots of TVLine

THIS is why Katrina has to go!  She must have bumped her damn head!

Preference #282: Illusion

Harry: You were happy with Harry, there was no denying that. He would enter the room, and butterflies would float through your stomach. He’d smile at you, and the rest of the world would fade. You were happier than you ever thought possible, and that’s why it all just felt too good to be true. “Is this all a joke? Some trick? Some way to hurt me in the end?” you quietly asked, while walking hand in hand through a quiet park. “I know you think this can’t be real,” Harry responded, stopping as he did, so he could turn to look you in the eyes, “But believe me, I’m not trying to deceive you. I promise falling for me won’t be a mistake. This is not some trick at all, it’s me falling completely for the most amazing person I’ve ever met.” Your stomach did that flip it always did when he said something like that, and your eyes lit up. In the back of your mind that worry was still there. How could he really be falling for you? You let it go though, for now, as he pulled you into his arms. “I am falling Harry, and that’s why I worry so much.” “Don’t, I promised it won’t be a mistake, and I’m going to keep it.”

Liam: “I’ve gotten my heart broken a few times before.” Those words fell from your lips timidly, as you sat on your couch next to Liam, your almost boyfriend. Almost, because you were so afraid to truly let it become more. “No one should have ever hurt you,” he replied, while placing a hand gently on your arm. You were close to tears, and he did not know what to do. “But it did happen, they did hurt me,” you cried, that tiny part of you that had been holding back now letting it all go the moment his hand touched you. That comfort was all you needed to breakdown. “I just can’t deal with it happening again. I know you think I’m flaky, because I cancel dates, or I won’t let this become official. I’m just so, so scared.” Watching tears fall down your face, Liam’s heart ached. He knew the pain as well, of having your heart broken, but that was not his pain now. His pain came from watching you hurting, and knowing you thought he would do that to you as well, “[Y/N], I would never turn your heart into broken parts. If you gave it to me, I promise, I won’t. You don’t have to think twice looking in my eyes, I’m not going anywhere.” After he spoke, you did what’s he’d just said, and looked into his eyes. “I really want to believe that. Just please give me more time. If you mean what you’re saying, you’ll do that for me.”

Louis: Doing all he could to make you happy, to show you how much he cared for you, Louis was shocked to learn you were insecure in your relationship. He thought he’d given you no signs to worry about how much he loved you, but according to you, there were many. “I feel like you care for a while, and act perfect, and then you-you don’t call for days, or you have to go places with other girls all over you, and I know it’s your job. I know I can’t control that everyone is always trying to get your attention. I have to accept it, but it’s hard, and sometimes I feel like I’m being misled. I sometimes feel like you don’t really care, but you just keep me around.” Those were your true feelings, but pouring them out to Louis, it already felt wrong. You did not want to hurt him with your thoughts, but he needed to know the truth. “But can’t you see it? I’m not trying to mislead you at all. Do you really think that?” “At times,” you nodded, ashamed that you felt that way, but you couldn’t help it, “I know that it’s crazy, but I do think it. I just worry about all of this. I know I love you, and I know you love me, or most of the time I do, but I just worry. You deserve to know that. I don’t want to hide how I feel from you. That won’t help this.” Louis’ first thoughts, which were of anger over yours, in the end were not the things he said to you, “And don’t hold back. Please always tell me how you feel, and now I’m going to work so hard to prove to you I’m not misleading you. Not at all.”

Zayn: “People tell me it’s all an illusion, and that I’m so blind,” you confessed to Zayn, laughing as you did. You mostly thought all of those comments from friends, family, and even strangers were insane, but there was a hint of worry in that laughter. A bit of worry that Zayn noticed right away. “No baby, this is not an illusion, I’ve really got my heart out on my sleeve.” “Yeah, that’s the part no one believes,” you responded, as Zayn placed an arm around you, “They don’t believe that you’re suddenly so okay with showing me off to the world, letting the world see you as this guy totally in love.” “Well I am, and this is not an illusion, there’s magic between you and me. You feel that, don’t you?” You laughed, jokingly pushing him away, “Of course I do, that’s not the issue. I have no doubts.” You paused. “Well. Not really.” “I’m going to say this until you believe it totally, this is not an illusion.” A small smile went across your face, “Let’s just make sure everyone else knows that as well as I do. Because even with my doubts, I know that. I really do.”

Niall: Clinging to Niall, you never wanted to let him go. He was about to leave for a world tour, and in your mind, you just knew he would find someone else, and he would never come back home to you. “I’m scared this is really you leaving me. I feel like after today you’ll just disappear.” A bit of Niall’s heart broke. The quiet way you whispered that, as if hoping he would not really hear your fears, it hurt. You were his world. He would never leave you. This was just for the tour, it was not for good. “I’m not gonna leave or disappear. There’s no trapped doors. You’re the only one I see in this entire world, no one else matters.” His words sunk in quickly, but you still felt uneasy about spending so many months apart, “You say that now, but once you’re away….” Niall cut you off before you could say whatever it was that you were about to say, “Once I’m away, I’ll think of you the entire time. I mean it when I say I’m not gonna leave. You’re the truth I can’t explain. You’re everything. Don’t think for even a second you’re not.” You hugged him tighter, hating the way you wanted to do nothing but cling to him,  “I wish you didn’t have to go. I’m sorry.” “Don’t be,” he sighed, kissing you gently after, “I don’t want to leave you either.”