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Things that are Really Good in the Tuck Everlasting Atlanta Production:
- more of the book is present in the libretto
- One Small Story
- lots of fun one liners
- the Worlds Fair Speech
- Jesse being saaaaaaaad
- For the best (it’s a really good song, even though I don’t think it works well in the context of the show)
- Sassy Miles Tuck

Things that are Really Good in the Tuck Everlasting Broadway Production:
- Live Like This making a lot more sense
- smooth transitions between scenes and even topic changes during scenes
- overall better, less awkward, more natural dialogue
- the costumes. The COSTUMES
- Hugo’s 1st Case 💚💚
- Partner in Crime (I prefer it over Jump the Line b/c it is more about Winnie and Jesse’s friendship and a lot less about being a jerk to everyone at the fair, also it’s more fun and upbeat)
- The Story of the Man in the Yellow Suit (I love how intense this climax is)
- Angsty Miles Tuck


Paint Ideas: All Wrapped Up

Envelop an entryway with bold, cabana-style stripes

Vertical stripes “bring the eye up,” says Atlanta interior designer Dayka Robinson, whose entryway is shown here. “I opted for horizontal stripes because I wanted to create one long path from the front of the house to the back, lengthening the space.” She also wanted to mask a door with a seamless pattern. Along the way, she created a snazzy, elegant introduction to the rest of the house.

See the full story and more details in the March/April 2017 issue of This Old House magazine.

Photographs by Deborah Whitlaw Llewellyn

When you realize TWD season finale comes on tonight and you finally get to see Daddy

But he’s going to emotionally scar you by beating one of your babies to death with his baseball bat

You Mean The World To Me

You Mean The World To Me Chapter 1
Pairing: Stefan/Caroline
Words: 5,291

A/N: Just want to thank the Angels @give-me-tvd @sterolineislove @wescolasclife and @patientskies for bearing with me and helping me start this thing. Thank you so much, you have no idea how appreciative I am.

He’s halfway through having his brains fried when it all happens. He’s too unconscious to really see anything.

But Damon, Elena and Bonnie tell him all about it when he wakes up in his own bed 10 hours later.

About how they raided the travelers camp and killed them all. How, for once, their plan actually worked.

Things worked out.

He likes the sound of that. But there’s something else. He can hear it in their voices. A new found sadness. He doesn’t know what it is.

Until he realizes there’s a bubbling blonde missing from the equation, “Caroline?”

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D Smith

First off, that meeting with deb before the press conference was a mess. You came for Tammy yet again over something waka said then basically called her a wild animal for attacking your friend who started that fight. Then you sit there and say Tammy is a reflection of waka but tried to shoot down the fact that Betty is a reflection of your ass. To top it all off you say you’re disappointed in deb? For telling your ass the truth? Ok cool
Lastly, her showing up at that conference was a joke. This the same woman who used herself as a transgender to insult Bambi and that alone made anything that come out of her mouth obsolete. I honestly feel like she’s the type who feels entitled to treat people like straight up shit but the moment you tell her about herself she switch to being a victim and you’re magically transphobic. Her attitude is horrible and she’ll never get anywhere until she humbles herself

So I was standing in line (lol) for John and he was getting pulled away and I started to have an anxiety attack but I didn’t want to say anything to him because everyone was swarming him but my friend was telling me to say I’m from Atlanta and to ask for a picture so I finally did and I got the picture with him and then the guy who was pulling him away said I was the last picture and I almost cried but I thanked him as usual because he probably doesn’t hear it a lot for standing outside with people squishing him