it said please specify

                starter call  .       press the     ♡     for a starter from any of my muses .     that being said   ,   please specify which muse    you want a starter from   (    i will    not     write you one if you don’t specify   )  .    if you are a multi - muse   ,    specify for who the starter is for as well .           mutuals and non - mutuals .

     mains/exclusives/pre established w/e call !!

     not sure if that’s how you do it, but we’re doing it. so all i require is that we’re mutuals && that you are comfortable with speaking to me ooc since obviously we’re going to be doing some of that.

     also keep in mind that our muses relationship is not limited to romance, i’m 100% okay with platonic stuff.

Queens with preferred pronouns:

(I don’t know if this has been made already but I figured it should be so that people are aware if they weren’t already. Please add more if you know some coz I only know a few)

Jinkx Monsoon- They in and out out of drag

Violet Chachki- She/He out of drag 

Willam Belli- He in and out of drag

Courtney Act- Not specified out of drag 

What sort of Music would my muse like?

Send in song titles/artists that you think my muse would like! (You can also send in a /watch link after the title and artist. please don’t send in a link that’s not the song you said it was)

for multimuse blogs, please specify which muse the song is for!

The muse will respond with their opinion. (Mun may say their thoughts on whether it fits or not too!)

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@super-who-lock-lover-4825 said: B8 for Jerky, please?

Well, technically, you didn’t specify which Chara, and I’ve been meaning to draw the derp child again!

Derpy belongs to @judgyknowitall


“What do normal people do? I’m serious! …I’m serious. Tell me what you want, I’ll do everything I can to give it to you, ‘cause…”

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Yes I would like to order the voices how do I do this?

Pretty simple! If you have questions, please ask.