it s my birthday too !!

So @illopii drew this for me on my birthday today and I’m here to say that I love this so much!!!! 😭💕💕💕

Nerd!Eren because I have to study for exams 😩 But he’s cheering me up, and my bby looks so pretty with glasses omg *^*

Villo is one of my favourite artists and you too should check out her art!! She draws some really adorable Eren/Levi 💖


Okay it’s not drawing related but I HAD TO RANT ABOUT THIS
Today was my fricking birthday. It’s also my mom’s birthday so I was going home early to be in family. Then fucking @ortities suspiciously asked me to stay while @camilleto tried to occupy me. Then my @clowelle and @bleucalire came in the classroom with a BIG ASS CAKE. While we were eating and stuff, Ortities asked Clowelle when the 3 others were coming. And then fricking @sarah-salard , @romainbeuriot and @elkilg came too and they all gave me the red book as a present. 
What you need to know is that the red book ‘s been out since ONLY YESTERDAY !!! HOW ??? WHY DID I DESERVE SUCH FRIENDS ??
Shout out to @noenoeh​ , @cy-lindric​ , @surikane , @nomnomsandwich and Victoria <3 <3 too !!
I’m really happy I love you all ;A;

An actual conversation that happened today pt.2
  • My classmate: So you're going to ___'s birthday?
  • Me: *unwillingly* Yeah.
  • Classmate: *stares for a sec* Because of his mom?
  • Me: Yeah.
  • Classmate: Were you forced?
  • Me: You too?
  • Classmate: *nods head quietly as he stares off trough the window* The dickhead doesn't deserve my presence.
Something New - One

Summary: A year had come and gone, Jyn and Cassian were acclimating to a peaceful life on Takodana, even K-2SO was beginning to take some joy in finding new risks to calculate, such as how badly Jyn would burn the food she was attempting to cook without Cassian’s supervision. Jyn getting pregnant seemed the next logical thing in their family they were building despite Jyn’s fears about it. Even Kay can’t help but be jovial in his own way, driving Jyn and Cassian crazy lists of what they should and shouldn’t do to ensure the birth of a healthy companion for him.

A/N: This is purely just pregnancy/little family fluff cause we all deserve it, Jyn and Cassian deserve it, and I got a prompt for it for my birthday last month. So yay! Here’s some fluff, it might not be too long but I haven’t decided yet, hope you guys like it! <3

Pairing: Rebelcaptain


Words: 1,750

AO3: (x)

    Jyn stared at the positive readout on the test, she’d waited to take it until Cassian had gotten out of bed to go check on the field droids outside, unsure of not only how he’d react, but how she would react herself. She suspected something was different for about a month, her cycle had normalized over the past year of peace since the war was won, and she tried to dismiss the skipped month though she knew something was wrong. And there is was staring right at her, a positive readout on the pregnancy test, and for the first time in a year, Jyn was terrified. Hearing the familiar heavy footsteps of Cassian heading back towards their bedroom again had Jyn frantically shove the blood test in her nightstand drawer and trying to keep the covers arranged over her still naked form.

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(Happy birthday, Dana Scully!)

Scully’s hair hadn’t been red for almost a year. He didn’t think it was possible for him to lose count of the towns they’d swept past, trying to put time and distance away from them and the people hunting them down. But he had. There were just too many gas stations, too many roadside diners to count. With the passing of each, she laughed less, smiled less.

Somewhere in middle-of-nowhere Nebraska, while she’s out buying groceries and hair dye, he finds the ribbon of an old gift bag and grins. It is February 23rd and he’s remembered. He makes the bed. 

Scully’s face is set like stone when she lowers her shopping to the floor and looks for the keys of yet another seedy motel room. She thinks of her mom and wonders how’d they would spend today together, if they could see each other again. She shrugs away the tightening in her chest and turns the key.

The door swings opens and she finds Mulder waiting for her naked like the day he was born. He is sprawled face up and spread-eagled on the bed, red ribbon tied around his fully erect penis trying his damnedest to look dead serious, but the almost imperceptible quiver on the corner of his lips gives him away.

She leaves the groceries where they are and walks in, closing the door behind her, poker-faced. She strips off her clothes as she walks towards him and when she sits on the bed and pulls at the end of the ribbon to unravel her present, their eyes meet, gleeful, and they both throw their heads back and laugh and laugh and laugh like they did once under the rain, in a cemetery. They wipe away tears and lock grinning lips and make love every which way that day, until one of them finally remembers the bags outside their door.

( Go ahead and slam theif you want a starter,  mes amies !! Thread length will vary and, since this is my first starter call—there’s no capping this time around! )

Belated birthday present for @luffik.
Starring emperor Vra and Otto. Two unique characters whose interations are amusing to read. They probably love to hate each other.

But since Otto would be too smart to simply tell Vra to shut up, here is Luffik’s input to how the conversation more likely unfolded. (Way more amusing XD)

Vra: “Oh, Otto look! I look just like you! Only with more hair.”

Otto: “The likeness is… uncanny my lord." 

Vra: "I must admit. This potato sack is kinda cosy.”

Otto: … 

Vra: “I am the emperor and the advisor now. And you Otto can finally retire”

More birthday gifts…flowers from a coworker (who already gave me a gift card to Ulta!) and a mug from my boss. ❤️

Speaking of my boss, she was telling me about one of the members who was at a workshop she staffed last week. “Oh, he was CUTE! A little short, but you’re short too. I forgot to ask if he was single. Oh, his boss is here for that meeting in the conference room today. Maybe I’ll ask her.” Ahhh, please don’t. Blah!

She’s still working on that goal to marry me off before she retires. She’s got 4 months. Time is quickly ticking away!!! 😂


read from left to –> right. A mini comic for yuuri’s birthday. what present would be greater than viktor himself? //u//

Anyway, happy birthday Yuuri! I believe viktor will give you unforgettable gift for your birthday! \(////u////)/

btw, sorry for the ugly handwriting.


(O ///w///O) my homage to the ever funny and talented @randomsplashes who’s birthday it is! <3 <3 <3 may your day be INFINITELY MAGICAL!!!! thank you so much for always blessing our dashboards with your amazing comics and artwork!!! (^   O ^) you are a gift to every fandom you embrace! i wish you the very best in your year to come and every single day after that!!! *throws confetti in the air*  ✧・゚: *✧・゚:*


Merry Christmas to all of you & Happy birthday to Victor!
I suddenly remembered Victor’s birthday and drew it all night in yesterday! (I want to sleep now)
Victor is my most favorite character in YOI because it’s so cute that he is the eldest but also the most carefree person in skaters.
I’m dying whenever I see him snuggling with Yuri too.
Please come quick 2nd season!!


But if you feel like I feel
Please let me know that it’s real
You’re just too good to be true
Can’t take my eyes off of you

It’s still the 25th where I am so… one last happy birthday pic for Vitya!

I wanted to have this ready for Yuuri’s birthday, but well, life went in the way, so I failed and this is a late birthday gift.

I spent a lot of time on this, only to have it looks so disappointingly bad. I guess I’m too tired to care anymore. 

Yuuri and Viktor in matching outfits dancing on “Stay Close to Me” brought me joy so I wanted to draw it. 

Happy Birthday Yuuri Katsuki. I can’t express how important you are to me, and how happy I am to see a character like you being the protagonist of such a nicely written show.




Super self indulgent but man this made me happy to draw, I hope it makes some of you happy today too ^ ^

Thank you everyone who played my Valentine’s Day Game! The event is now closed, thanks for participating!! <3


Explanations/headcanons beneath cut!


The artist also appreciates if ship bashing can be kept out of the comments/tags. Don’t like, just skip <3 Thank you.

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Can you hear my heartbeat? 
I’ve got a feeling it’s never too late.
I close my eyes and see myself,
how my dreams will come true.

the happiest of birthdays to the boy that completely stole my heart away~!

p.s. the full version of history maker is a blessing.