it s my birthday too !!


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happy birthday, sweet boy!

for two years in a row now, I’ve been lucky enough to be able to tell Jensen happy birthday in person and this year was an absolute dream ❤

Jensen was so incredibly wonderful this con – not that he isn’t always, but there was an ease about him this con, or maybe an ease about me, that made this convention so good. His performances on Saturday night were goosebump worthy (three songs!!!!) and all of Sunday he was wonderful

I didn’t go gold this year so I first saw Jensen at his photo-ops at 10:45 Sunday morning. I had Jared’s m&g so I had to stand with some of the first people in line. Jensen walked in after a few minutes, sat his coffee down, and waved and grinned as everyone cheered. I watched him take four or five pictures with people, saying hi and being so kind to each person, doing poses with practiced skill. I watched as a woman in a wheelchair came up and wanted to stand in her picture with him so he helped her up so gently and held her tight before assisting her as she sat down and thanked her so much for coming. After the first four or five pictures he asked Chris (the photographer) to turn off the music and he walked over, standing right by me, and said, “Guys, I just want to apologize. Jared doused me in his cologne right before this because that’s the Jared we’re dealing with today,” and then he looked at me and waved his hand to make the cologne go my way. Absolute menace, I’m telling you.

My picture came up and he smiled and said hi in this sweet, soft voice he has when he’s one-on-one with people and I asked him if I could just hug him and he said, “Absolutely, sweetheart,” and pulled me in and I just melted getting to hug that soft and beautiful boy ;;;;;;;;;; 

I love his smile so much and I got to see it many times this con and I’m so grateful for that

I told him thank you and he smiled real big and told me, “No, thank you” and then I let him get on with his photos 

Autographs are a whole different story, but just as wonderful and just as important as the man who made every little moment something so memorable

I wish I could do more for him on his birthday, but I don’t know how or what, so all I can say is that I hope he has the most wonderful day ❤ he deserves it and so much more and each day I grow more and more thankful for him and the person he is and what he’s done for me and this fandom and the people around him. we are so lucky to have him as we do 

I love you so much, Jensen Ackles

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I’m sure early morning cuddles is enough of a present for the sunshine baby~

HELLO EVERYONE IT’S MY BIRTHDAY ON MAY 1st so I have a nice favour to ask you all

This year, everyone on this blog has just been the bbliest. I mean, legitimately hitherto unknown levels of loveliness and kindness. I think the people here are probably the nicest in the world, and that makes me v v happy. The messages and comments that you all send every day actually make me so happy that sometimes I do jigs when I read them (no exaggeration, people tell me I look weird when I do it)

So, if people could do me a little favour and send some nice and lovely messages to one another, that would be the actual best!! I love receiving them and I’m sure that others would too!! You can be anonymous or not - just pls, in honour of Emilia, spread the joy :D

Birthday Wish List

It’s my birthday today! Another year older, but still not too old for cartoons!

Acceptable gifts:

-Season 3 of Wander Over Yonder

-Season 1 of Infinity Train

-Third season of WOY, please?

-Season 1 of Twelve Forever

-How about some new episodes of Wander!

-Too late to get more Sparkles & Gloom?

-W A N D E R O V E R Y O N D E R S E A S O N 3

-Some network executives & a Doom Arena

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