it runs in family :)

i love the lines for tabris to backtalk and be insistent they aren’t getting married but my tabris is way too similar to me and as an eoc (elf of color) no way in hell would she talk back to her dad or her elders unless it was for a really damn good reason.

Life update.

In case anyone still follows me on here. (I’m mostly on Facebook and Instagram now.) This post will probably self-destruct in 24 hours.

  • Had a rough bout with insomnia during which I didn’t sleep for over 72 hours. It was horrible but it got the healthier me ball rolling.
  • I found out I have high blood pressure. (My mother says it runs in my father’s family. I wouldn’t know. He doesn’t speak to me.)
  • I found out I (probably) have BPH and my urologist put me on old man meds, which seem to be helping a bit. I have a CT scan set for the first week of November to make sure I don’t have scarring or a stone.
  • I found out my ex-wife is now engaged and lives in some bumfuck town of 3000 people in central-west Louisiana. I haven’t stopped laughing since.
  • And I’m sitting at about 230 lbs, 40 lbs. less than at the beginning of the year.

That’s about it.

Cotton Candy Kisses

Title: Cotton Candy Kisses

Pairing(s): Gabriel x Reader, Mentions of Sam, Castiel, and Dean

Word Count: 1058

Warnings: FLUFF! Yeah.

A/N: Yeah. I wanted fluff. So I made the fluff. Yeah. Also towards the end of this I became very aware of what I was writing. So that was a bit weird.


You leaned against the counter of your stall. You and your friend were running their family’s snack stall at this years carnival. It wasn’t like it was a bad job, it was the opposite, but it was hot and the fryer didn’t help.

It wasn’t until you noticed two guys walking in your general direction that you straightened up. You fixed your hair, a futile attempt in this condition but you tried anyway, and smoothed out your uniform. You put on what you thought was your best smile and waited patiently.

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Just a reminder that I’m an Adult™ and if that makes you feel uncomfortable feel free to:

  • unfollow me
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  • block me

I won’t get mad or anything. It’s important to make sure you feel comfortable and secure.

so I accidentally adopted a bat I guess?

This tiny little bat army crawled under my door and into my room. After researching for hours, i came to the conclusion that no bat sanctuaries, or any animal rescue places that will handle bats, are anywhere close enough to where I live. And since he’s not orphaned, and his mom [and siblings] are still very much in my attic, i decided to just deliver him back to his mom for the time being.

That was last night, and he has made his way back to my room two more times since then.

So I laid out a towel with a damp patch of honey and water, so he doesn’t dehydrate while he’s here, and I’m honestly just letting him chill in my room.

He crawled up to my bed to hang off the ledge of it earlier, and now he’s back on the towel drinking some honey-water.

he’s very smol

how he managed to crawl from the attic to my room three times is beyond me.


All this is @akeemi-life ’s fault ! 

  • as much as i love shiro, matt teasing him is one of my favourite things because it results in something like this….

shiro: hey matt, we’re together for this assignm-

matt: *frantically shushes him* takashi!! keep your voice down, there are children here oh my god

shiro: *whispering* “what?? but i was just saying-


everyone else in their class: “shiro what the hell this is a learning establishment, we cannot have you making noise and distracting us from our work!!?!”

shiro: i hate you all

everyone: “SHHHHH”

  • or something like THIS….

shiro: matt, when do you wanna work on the-

matt: what?

shiro: i said, when do you want to-

matt: *cups hand over ear* what??


matt: WHAT?!? i can’t understand what you’re saying, speak up


matt: …..

everyone: …..

matt: geez, i heard you, there’s no need to shout

shiro: LOOK HERE you piece of shit-