it runs doom

life hack

when naming your firstborn child you can cause a stack overflow in the system’s memory by naming it %5E2019F% allowing you to sideload unsigned external code and run DOOM

The GP2X? It runs Linux.

The GP2X is a South Korean handheld games console made by GamePark Holdings. It came out in 2005 - roughly a year after the Nintendo DS and the PSP, featuring roughly the same hardware capabilities. Two ARM cores - unusually, capable of overclocking - were supplemented by a whopping 64 MB of RAM, the display was roughly the same as the one on the DS, the battery life was decent - what’s not to love?

This system was designed to be as open as possible. It featured virtually no first-party games, relying instead on the userbase to develop their own homebrew software. It became quite popular as an import in the mid-2000s, as it was an excellent machine for emulators. It could emulate virtually anything up to the original Playstation, albeit obviously it did some systems better than others.

As for the Linux system underneath it all, it was a fully featured OS hidden behind a custom UI. Hidden beneath was a version of Samba, a HTTP server, FTP and telnet. While the console itself didn’t feature Wi-Fi, it could connect to the internet via USB networking.

Also notable is the expansion port. Users could use a multitude of special dongles to get composite television output, or to add USB ports to the console. Using a special breakout box, up to four devices could be plugged into the console at any one time.

And yeah, it also runs Doom.

The Cube? Yeah, it runs Doom. Or at least, can show it.

“The Cube” is the name for Deadmau5′s frankly ridiculous DJ stand/stage setup, which basically consists of a giant three-sided LED display on motors for motion control, with Deadmau5 sitting on top doing whatever it is Deadmau5 does. Look, I’m old and set in my ways, alright? If you can’t strum it or hit it with a stick, I don’t know how music is made with it. It just happens. Like babies.

Anyhoo, speaking of babies, recently Mau5 commissioned a little babby version of The Cube, dubbed “Cube Lite”, that’s largely identical to the real thing, just shrunk down to about three feet tall so he can work on his light show from the comfort of his studio, and not, like, an aircraft hangar or something.

It can do other things too, as one Twitter wit managed to convince Mau5 to demonstrate. Click the link for video! I couldn’t embed it or download it to repost here, because Twitter be cray.

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So come rain on my parade
Cause I want to feel it
Come shove me over the edge
Cause my head is in overdrive - Doomed

The world has coalesced
Into one giant mess of hate and unrest
So let’s sing along a little goddamn louder
To a happy song and pretend it’s all okay - Happy song

The sticks and the stones that
You used to throw have
Built me an empire - Throne

So how dare you try and steal my flame
Just cause yours faded
Well hate is gasoline
A fire fuelling all my dreams - True friends

Show me what I can’t see when the spark in your eyes is gone
You’ve got me on my knees I’m your one then come
Cross my heart and hope to die
Promise you I’ll never leave your side - Follow you

You’re hypnotized, can’t see the signs
I’d like to help you, but I think it’s too late
Made up your mind and now you’re blind
I guess it’s easier than making mistakes - What you need

I need a cure for me cause a square doesn’t fit the circle
Give me a remedy cause my head wasn’t wired for this world - Avalanche

They’ll never stop until they see us fall
So let’s run - Run

Who will fix me now?
Dive in when I’m down?
Save me from myself
Don’t let me drown - Drown

Cause we’ve found no sign and we’ve seen no light
We hear no voice when we pray at night
But we swore and now it’s too late to turn back - Blasphemy

It’s not a state of mind no, your head’s just in a state
I may be on the outside but you’re empty within - Oh no

Bring me the horizon - That’s the spirit


A GE Vivid S5 Cardiovascular Ultrasound Machine? Yeah, it runs Doom.

I have so many questions.

Had some issues with Open GL and it not able to recognize opengl32.dll files.
Also the trackball was like driving the character over ice with butter for shoes.

It does very good transthoracic echocardiogram images but I would not recommend it for gaming. Worst $50,000 gaming machine ever.

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