it runs doom

life hack

when naming your firstborn child you can cause a stack overflow in the system’s memory by naming it %5E2019F% allowing you to sideload unsigned external code and run DOOM


A GE Vivid S5 Cardiovascular Ultrasound Machine? Yeah, it runs Doom.

I have so many questions.

Had some issues with Open GL and it not able to recognize opengl32.dll files.
Also the trackball was like driving the character over ice with butter for shoes.

It does very good transthoracic echocardiogram images but I would not recommend it for gaming. Worst $50,000 gaming machine ever.

Thanks to @zeether for submitting!


He’s displaying every micro-expression tell in the book. 80% of how we communicate with one another is nonverbal.

nintendo: the microusb cable on the nes mini is for power only. you will not be able to use it to add anything to the system and we will not be releasing any additional games for it

the internet: immediately hacks it and uses the usb to load roms on to it and gets it running Doom for shits and giggles


Speedy Shepard 2.0

Less speed. Less Shepard in the end.

Since many of us are waiting with bated breath for Mass Effect: Cassiopeia to unlock, I thought it was an opportune time to document the silly thing I did in January. Namely, load up Speedy’s save from just after the derelict Reaper and aim for two goals:

  1. Take Legion on nearly every mission it’s possible to take Legion on;
  2. Recruit everyone, attempt almost every loyalty mission, and still manage to get Shepard & company thoroughly killed.

Short version: MIssion Accomplished!

Longer version:

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