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My first Stephen Strange! I don’t know that I’ve done a particularly good job so do let me know what you think. Thank you to the anon who requested this. Enjoy, everyone!

Prompt[s]: I was wondering if you could do a Doctor Strange x Reader, in which the reader is a beginning sorceress training under the Doctor but she constantly uses her abilities for tricks and games.

‘All Magic Comes with a Price’

Your head peeked around the door frame, eyes narrowing to adjust in the darkness. Despite the limited visibility, you could see clearly what you needed to. Wong was asleep. Perfect.

Turning around, you beckoned your friend to follow and the two of you crept a little further into the library. Too far and Wong would sense your presence – he’d wake up. Not far enough and the plan wouldn’t work.
“Here,” you whispered, holding out your arm to stop Jean-Paul in his tracks.

Jean-Paul was from Paris. At the age of 9, you’d left home, having seen your drunkard father beat your mother once too often. Stealing the pub money from his dresser drawer, you’d hopped on the first train to Europe, disembarking in France’s capital the next day. His family became your own after he convinced them to take you in. He was like a brother to you. When his parents were killed in a mugging, the two of you were considered witnesses and smuggled away to Nepal for your own safety. Neither of you spoke a word of Nepali; neither of you had much money. All you had was each other, and the words ‘Kamar-Taj’ that you both heard more often than anything else…

“Come on,” you whispered, looking over your shoulder. Wong shuffled in his chair and snorted sleepily. “We don’t have long, frère. Hurry up.”
“Do be quiet,” he chuckled. “I didn’t pick up this portal thing as fast as you.”

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Title: Fatal Attraction (Part 2.)

Character(s): Ike Evans and Diana (original female character)
Diana decides to give Ike a call when Ben leaves the house.
Word Count: 2,558
Warning: Phone sex (dirty talk), masturbation! 
Author’s Note: Wow, this was an incredibly difficult chapter to write. I’m giving you all the smutty goodness for now because things are going to pick up fast and soon. Enjoy! :-)

(GIF Source: @heartfulloffandoms​)

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Joe MacMillan: Night and Day (Halt and Catch Fire 3x05)

Alternate caption: Before and After (the test results)