it restores my faith in humanity

This has nothing to do about Fitness, but I’m also a big soccer Fan and Real Madrid supporter. A family contacted C.
Ronaldo and asked him for a signed Jersey which they could sell to make enough many for their son’s brain surgery. Ronaldo decided that a jersey is not enough and paid for everything the boy needed.

When I watched the game, I was like ‘Oh my gosh, what did he do to his hair?’ Now that I know the reason why he did it I feel so bad for judging him. This should teach all of us a lesson! Don’t judge anyone, you just know their names not their stories. Faith in humanity restored, respect Ronaldo, not only one of the best soccer players but also a Star with heart, that’s rare nowadays.


If you don’t think this man is amazing and the charity he set up isn’t awesome and beautiful there is something wrong with you. I mean seriously. Just watch this video. My faith in humanity restored!

Today I rapped for my 6th graders.

We were discussing literary devices, they have flashcards and such. So I would say the definition, someone would tell me the word, and someone else would give an example.

We got to Alliteration.

So I did the whole “She sells seashells by the shore, she surely shows the shells she sells, and she shows the shells she sells - the shore shells that she sells.”

And they stop, and look at me. “Wow Ms. F… how did you do that?!”

“You know, if you ever want to be good at rapping, you need to work on alliterative diction. Being able to say the words quickly and clearly is important.”

… class pauses.. “Can you rap Ms. F?”

… I pause. “If you are very good, I will do so at the end of the class.”

They were. So I did the bit from Satisfied.. “So this is what it feels like…” etc. 

There was complete silence for a moment. 

Then they BURST into applause, and I was cemented as the coolest substitute in the land. Huzzah.

  • The elementary students at camp today.
  • Fifth Grade Boy:Girls can do anything that guys can do. They can play football, they can be presidents and kick butt! *Points to girl* If we were playing a game, I'd want her on my team!
  • Third Grade Boy:And guys can do things that girls can do. Like cooking and dancing and stuff.
  • Fourth Grade Girl:And some guys wear dresses!
  • Third Grade Boy:Really?
  • Fourth Grade Girl:Yeah!
  • Fifth Grade Boy:That's cool. I don't think I could work a dress, but that's cool that some dudes can.

If you study hard, we can have dinner on my private yacht; It is going to be worth it:

“A truly amazing guy.”
      -The NYTimes

“I wish I could be more like him.”
        -The most inspirational person on earth

“My faith in humanity has been restored.”
                        -Louis CK

Daichi x Suga commission for funny-neko.

Last of the emergency commissions! Thanks so much to everyone who helped support me - I bought myself a new bike and it’s super neat and I think of you guys every time I sit on it (in a non-sexual way) LOL.

Will upload a pic of the bike at a later date.


You…you guys realize this isn’t a condom, right? I’m seeing a startling amount of people asking “Did Mark just ask if that condom’s dead?” PRO TIP It’s a piece of a popped balloon and yes they realized it too.

I love you guys


Kids discussing Caitlyn Jenner 

Reason why my dad restores my faith in humanity

My dad was on his work break today when he went into McDonalds for lunch.  He just sat down with his food when an elderly lady walked in with her puppy.  Upon her entrance, the manager of the restaurant came out and started yelling at her for bringing in her dog.  My dad could tell she was obviously of bad health and was slow, but she begged the manager to let her use the restroom and buy some food and she would be out in ten minutes.  But the manager continued to yell at her.  People in the restaurant started staring when my dad walked up to the lady.  He told her he would walk the dog outside and give it a treat while she ate.  She was very grateful and promised to be out as soon as possible, my dad insisted that she took her time.  My dad went on a walk with the puppy around the building and gave her a small bite of his burger.  When the lady returned she began to cry because no one had ever done anything like that for her before.  My dad is the most wonderful man I have ever met and i think he deserves some recognition. I really want to show my dad how much this means to people so please reblog.

FOOD HAUL🙌🏼 I shared this on my snapchat earlier today and now here it is! Nourishing, healing and cruelty-free ❤️ Last night reality TV restored my faith in humanity. Sounds so bizarre right?! 🙆🏻 I’ve been watching Survivor all season and started cheering for Tai to win from the very beginning when I found out he was an animal activist❤️ Ok so quick little background story.. they had a chicken on the island named Mark that was pretty much destined to be eaten. Tai refused to let this be Mark’s fate and protected him from the other starving contestants. Against all odds, Mark the chicken made it through the entire season and was not slaughtered! 🦃 🎉 The show has been on for 32 seasons and this has never happened!! @siathisisacting made a surprise appearance on the reunion last night. She was so touched by Tai’s authenticity and love for animals that she donated $100K to him and an animal charity of his choice saying, “I just want to say thank you for showing America how to be kind to animals.” I literally felt goosebumps ALL over my legs and arms when I saw this moment.🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 YES SIA!!! YES!!!!! Tai showed the other contestants that we are very capable of compassion even in the situations where it seems impossible. I LOVED seeing this unfold on national television, in front of millions of people, on one of the most popular reality shows in history🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼 I am so inspired!!! Weeeeeee #changeIShappening

What The Signs Have Given Me
  • Aries:abs from laughing so much
  • Taurus:someone to always be there for me
  • Gemini:nonstop conversation about anything and everything
  • Cancer:kindness, reassurance
  • Leo:love
  • Virgo:so much knowledge
  • Libra:great music suggestions
  • Scorpio:my sarcasm
  • Sagittarius:restored faith in humanity
  • Capricorn:practice with my patience
  • Aquarius:encouragement, inspiration
  • Pisces:true friendship