it reminds you of all the little details you lack when you remember a place rather than actually being there


This is it. Failsafe. The episode that broke us all in the span of twenty-five minutes. The episode that changed everything in the Spitfire ship forever. The episode that mind fucked us all because it was so much more intense than a “someone-is-actually-dreaming” scenario. The episode that showed us that nothing good ever happens in the Arctic in Young Justice. A fan favorite. A glorious roller coaster of feels. 


Some people said that, in hindsight they should have known something was up because there was a distinct lack of time-stamp at the beginning of the episode. And while that’s true, what sort of time-stamp could possibly be used for outer space like that? It opens near the moon in outer space, there’s not exactly a sense of time or place out there, they couldn’t have time-stamped it. However, I suppose they could have time-stamped after that. (but I think we all knew something more than meets the eye was going on when the JL members seemingly got vaporized… we just didn’t know WHAT. And it was glorious)

That rather silent ass shot of the alien ship floating into view is so cool. Like, silent, impending doom approaching in the cold dark that is space. 

John Stewart! <3

CASUALTIES, WE HAVE THE FIRST CASUALTIES. (man I love how you can see their fucking skeletons as they disintegrate. And I know that sounds really fucking morbid but I’m just appreciating the level of detail and, frankly, the darkness of it. That’s pretty fucked up and I love the stuff YJ was able to get away with.)

I like how J’onn, Atom, Supey, and Marvel were just waiting in the fucking launch bay of Batman’s jet like they’re living missiles or something. “FULL DEFENSES DEPLOY. FIRE ZE MISSILES!” 


Batman’s like “THEY GOT ME? THEY ACTUALLY GOT ME? WHAT THE FUCK I AM BATMAN I DON’T GET GOT.” (also every time I watch this and Batman gets ejected from his vaporized ship, for a split second I always think he’s floating in open space in just a goddamn pilot’s chair instead of an enclosed pod, and I’m like what the fuck Batman you can’t survive that kind of– oh, wait, nope. He’s in a pod.) (like I know he’s Batman but I can’t imagine space being so scared of him that it decides NOT to instantly suffocate him in it’s vacuum, ya know? “Oh shit sorry Batman, sir, didn’t realize it was you, I’ll just make sure you have plenty of air, sir. Pardon me, sir.”)


Oh, wait, they DID show a time-stamp once it gets to Red Tornado and the Team watching on the screens. So that really wasn’t any kind of giveaway, imo; in that regard, things are going pretty normally, tbh.

“But should we fail, the responsibility falls to you.” But, you know, no pressure. We’re just the entire fucking Justice League, full of power houses that are older and stronger than most of you because we have more experience, so if we die you’re actually rather fucked, but hey! Give it the ole’ college try, as they say, okay? (I’m not actually shitting on the Team here, I lava them to bits and they’re capable, I’m just being a little shit. Because as capable as the Team is, that’s STILL the ENTIRE Justice League and holy shit, that’s intense)


Okay, so when I started watching Young Justice, my knowledge of the Flash fam was next to nothing (that seems so funny in hindsight, because now I love them to bits and learn as much as I can about them). So I had no idea that Iris was married to the Flash, so I didn’t get why everyone thought this scene with Iris and Flash was so sad. But now I KNOW and it’s just heartbreaking to watch! Like, holy shit. Iris had to act like she doesn’t know who he is, and then he gets fucking vaporized and she’s just– UGH KILL ME. THIS EPISODE IS AWFUL BUT IN A GOOD WAY.


I like that you can see the wing bones on Hawkgirl and Hawkman.


Whelp. Good-bye Justice League.

Nothing out of place here.

“So what are we waiting for, a theme song?” No, we already did that, Conner, get with the times.

Okay when Robin highlights all the aliens on the map, the way all the red splotches look kind of reminds me of Plague Inc. (Robin totally plays Plague Inc. Probably Wally, too. They’re diabolical little shits that destroy the entire world every single time. Ruthlessly, without mercy!)

“Yeah, break it down, build more! Hit those ugly aliens with their own mojo! Ow!” “Martian and Kryptonian in the house.” (Wally stop pretending it actually hurts when Artemis elbows you, you know you just like that she’s touching you/standing close to you, don’t even lie)

“Not that all aliens are automatically ugly.” Nice save, Wally.

I suppose the Arctic is the best place to build a Fortress of Solitude, considering no one in their right mind would come out there willingly unless they’re a fucking climate scientist or something. Or a penguin. (Superman befriends penguins don’t tell me otherwise)

Gotta love the snow stealth outfits! <3


You’d think Conner would have heard that, too. Poor Wolf, sacrificed himself for his grumpy daddy. :(

You can tell that the death of Wolf jars them, for sure, but it’s not enough to cause Megan to take control of the scenario and make them forget it’s all real. I think that was kind of an interesting thing there, that when Wolf dies it’s the first time we see them get at least mildly shaken, but they’re able to shrug it off and keep going because, well… yeah.


(I’m so cruel, why do I have this screenshot? Oh yeah, SO I CAN HURT PEOPLE, MWAHAHAHAHAHA– and myself *cries*)


I remember, there were some people trying to claim that Miss M influenced Wally into being so upset about Artemis dying, and that is the biggest crock of shit. M’gann didn’t make anyone FEEL anything, all she did was make them forget. SHE forgot and they were all connected to her, so they forgot, too. and anyway, by that goddamn logic, don’t you think the rest of the Team would have been screaming and crying and swearing vengeance just as hard as Wally? Because if M’gann was making Wally feel that way, it would be affecting the other’s too. They all care about Artemis and they all mourned her, but M’gann and Wally took it the hardest, because Artemis is M’gann’s fucking earth sister and Wally fucking loves Artemis and doesn’t even realize it, and now she’s fucking GONE. (anyway I’m moving on, you’re wrong, good-bye)

Can we just appreciate Kaldur’s anger and how he just like… pwns the fuck out of that ship like a boss? I always thought those were some pretty sweet moves, especially the icicle spikes. Katara would be proud of your waterbender mastery, Kaldur. 

God, Wally’s voice. The way he says that, that’s the kind of like… that kind of uncontrollable emotion, like, you’re feeling something so goddamn deeply that you can’t even keep a lid on it, you can’t sort it out, and it’s just roiling right underneath the surface. Like, Wally just hasn’t even fully processed what the fuck just happened, all he knows is that Artemis was there, and now she’s gone, and there’s something twisting in his stomach and all he can see is red at that moment, because those stupid fucking aliens took her away from him, and he wasn’t even fast enough to try and save her, and why did she have to be so fucking stupid and sacrifice herself like that? “They’re dead! Every single alien, if it’s the last thing I do!” He’s fucking pissed. If he hated those aliens before, it’s nothing compared to raw fucking hatred burning through him after they take Artemis. He only wanted to stop them before, now he wants to make sure every single one of them dies the same way Artemis just did. (intense emotions!Wally is the greatest thing ever. He’s so much more faceted than just being a clown/goofball, and people tend to forget that sometimes, maybe even me)

Then they’re on the Bioship and Wally is still fuming, he’s still hurting, and seeing her empty seat in front of him isn’t helping anything. And there’s probably a god awful ache in his chest where her sarcasm and banter used to be and he feels more empty than he ever thought he could just because she isn’t there, she’s not there and she’s not coming back because he saw her bones in the snow, and why wasn’t he fast enough? And I love the way he just loses it and screams and beats the consoles with his fists; I love that raw explosion of emotion, like, he can’t even speak, all he can do is just scream because everything hurts and nothing’s right anymore and he just wants her back because he needs her there, he needs her elbow digging into his side and he needs her sassy remarks and he needs her not letting him get away with nothing, and he needs that chance back. That chance for something with her that he barely even understands, but he just knows it’s gone now, the chance is lost, and he’ll never get to find out what it was. 

Go away, Eiling, you piece of shit. We all know your game.

“We will help you salvage as many of the alien’s cannons as we can.” Uh, what good would that do? I mean, the Bioship was able to integrate it into her systems, but what the fuck is the military going to do with detached cannons? what could they possibly attach them to to use them? Or would they simply try to drive one of the alien ships? (idk)

“They’re really gone…” 

And now Wally begins grasping at straws. Just sitting there listening to the convo, and then his scientific brain starts reeling, and his heart starts thumping a little bit because hello, Wally! Teleportation! (nevermind the fact that you saw their bones

“I knew it, look! It’s giving off Zeta beams! The same stuff that powers our Zeta tubes, t-this thing doesn’t disintegrate, it teleports! Artemis is alive!” He sounds so fucking ridiculously happy, oh my god it hurts me. He’s like, 100% convinced there’s a chance that she’s alive, that she’s waiting somewhere for him them, that they’ll find her and she’ll snark about them taking so long and he’ll run at her and hug her and then make some lame excuse for it after he puts her down. Like, there’s this balloon of happiness and relief expanding in his chest because she’s actually alive somewhere, all they have to do is find her, and oh god he wants to find her, he needs to see her again so that he knows for sure, something solid and tangible. 

“Maybe…” “No ‘maybes’, they’re all alive!” He’s grasping at it so hard that he won’t even give Robin the chance to puncture a hole in it. He’s desperate. He needs her to be okay. There’s no other option, because the only other outcome is that she really is gone, and he can’t fucking handle that, he can’t even fucking fathom that idea; she can’t be gone, she’s a spitfire, his spitfire. So he latches onto the idea of Zeta radiation with all of his heart and that’s the only thing that keeps him going for the rest of the episode. And Robin knows it, so that’s why he uses it.

Kaldur and Conner aren’t convinced either. Only Wally and M’gann are optimistic/desperate enough to believe it. Oh god, can I please just hug them both until they can’t breathe? Precious bbys.

“That… didn’t feel like…” Teleportation. T_T

Kid Flash starts to help and Kaldur’s just like NOT TODAY! And shoves him through. 

Conner jumping into the Zeta tube instead of just walking seriously reminds me of how in World of Warcraft there’s an inexplicable need to jump INTO the dungeon instance portals rather than just walk straight into them. XD

Good-bye, Kaldur. :(

I love how Happy Harbor bay near Mount Justice is somehow completely untouched by the alien invasion. Wat?

“If we really believe the aliens are teleporting their victims.” “We do!” Oh, Wally, baby…

“Worst case, he’s teleported inside, and we set him free along with Artemis. And uh, Aqualad, and everyone.” God, he’s so concerned about seeing Artemis again that he literally doesn’t even give two shits about anyone else. They’re safe, they’re all safe, but the only one that matters is Artemis. 

“HUZZAH!” Damnit, Alfred! XD



“No, my mind is clearer now, the disintegration beam is exactly that. There is no detention facility, no prisoners to rescue. Our mission holds no purpose.” “No! You’re wrong! The Zeta radiation proves she’s alive, she’s–!” “Stop it, KF! I’ve been scanning for League and Team signals since we got inside. They’re not here. Artemis is gone.” 

Wally is so fucking desperate and you can hear it in his voice. I feel like maybe a small, logical part of his mind, somewhere deep in the back, he knew that the beams weren’t teleporters. But he was so goddamn desperate for her to be okay that he latched onto it anyway and made himself believe it as hard as he could, told himself that he would see her again if he just kept trucking through. Robin knew that was the only thing keeping Wally going, too, without being wreckless or useless, and so he used that to his advantage. It’s part of the many things that make him say “I don’t want to be the Batman, anymore.” in Disordered. He hated fueling Wally’s false hope, but he had to.

And then I think maybe Wally goes back to anger. But it’s a defeated kind of anger, like, he can’t fucking take this shit anymore. She’s gone, but maybe she wasn’t, but now she really is. His emotions have been yanked all over the place and beaten to a pulp and now all he wants to do is blow this ship up and everything inside of it. He swore before that he would destroy every single alien, and now that’s what he intends to do. It won’t bring her back, nothing will, but maybe he can get some kind of revenge for her.

“You knew. You knew from the beginning why we were really here.”

^ That is the face of a boy that has been defeated. Istg. Wow. Okay. Fuck you, Failsafe.

“16 seconds and counting.” It’s always 16 seconds. 16 seconds and counting, 16 seconds til ceasing… ffs! XD I think I hate the number 16 because of Young Justice. 

“We’ll follow as soon as we blow those doors.” Right. Wally and Dick never had any intentions of leaving that ship. Goddamn that tears me up. Holy shit NO. WHY. STOP SACRIFICING YOURSELVES OH MY GOD THESE POOR CHILDREN, NO FUCKING WONDER THEY NEED LIKE TWO FUCKING WEEKS AND PROBABLY MORE OF THERAPY!

And they’re not even scared about it. They just look at each other and nod. Because there’s literally nothing fucking left for either of them. This is their last fight, they’ve done all they can do.

And Wally literally thought, as he died in that fiery explosion, that he the last thing he ever did was destroy every single alien. He went out thinking he had blown their entire fucking armada up with Dick. And that probably gave both of them some kind of piece right before they went, too. (my shipper heart is telling me his last thought was of Artemis, too, considering how much he mentions her throughout this episode)


Goddamn, that part where J’onn STABS M’gann is like the most intense shit. Actually, this whole fucking episode is hardcore as shit, but like, he STABS her! Like, you see him use his fist but if you look at her back you can see it come to a FUCKING POINT, LIKE, HE MORPHED HIS HAND INTO A POINT AS HE WAS PUNCHING HER, SO THAT HE ACTUALLY WINDED UP STABBING HER. HOLY SHIT.


That huge gasp of air as if she’s coming up from the water, or, you know, WAKING FROM A GODDAMN NIGHTMARE SIMULATION OR SOMETHING.

“Exercise?” God… jesus FUCK, they’re all so confused. 

“But all that changed, when Artemis died.”



I won’t say that Doctor Who is perfectly written at all times or that Steven Moffat has never written a bad line. It isn’t and he has.

But my problem is that parts of the fandom seek out negativity in his work in a way that’s gone far beyond what is reasonable. What started as a type of literary analysis has turned into something that willfully ignores traits about Moffat’s characters so that it can make them nothing more than support in negative arguments.

In order to really understand the characters, it involves thinking about the things they say and do.  It means listening to all the character’s lines and the looks on their faces as they speak. 

Rather than saying, “I like/dislike what we’ve been shown so far of Clara’s character, but I wish we saw more into her thoughts and feelings so I could really understand her better. I hope we get more of that in the next series,” some negative blogs say, “Clara is just another one of Moffat’s sexist characters with no motivation and no purpose other than to look good in a skirt.”

If you look beyond the blogs that show nothing but pure hatred for Steven Moffat and actually look at Clara as a character, you will see that she has a lot of motivation for why she does what she does. And you cannot ignore all of that because one time the Doctor made a comment about her skirt, she made a comment suggesting the Tardis was a snog box, and once the camera showed her cleavage.

By calling her nothing but flirty and sassy, you’re reducing a character to nothing more than her sexuality and I find that more unacceptable than writing or directing that can highlight sexuality while still showing a complete character even if sometimes it’s not handled perfectly. Clara has flirted, but she’s not flirty. You cannot define her by single lines in isolation while ignoring everything else about her. 

Looking at her character outside of a few flirty lines, you get a pretty good picture of her background and what makes her tick.

Clara and her mother read a book of places to see throughout her childhood that they dreamed about visiting but had never visited before her death. Once her mother died, Clara was going to travel to all these places on her own after she graduated university, but she went to stay with a family for a week and while she was there, their mother died.  Because Clara related to their loss and because she has a very strong sense of responsibility, she stayed with them and even says that she will stay with them as long as they needed despite her desire to travel and despite their father recognizing that she should move on. Even when he gives her a night off, she chooses to stay in. 

She never regrets her decision to stay with them, but you can see in the Bells of St. John that she also wishes she could travel.  She defensively says she’s still going when the doctor questions it and the bookshelf above her bed is filled with nothing but books about travel and different countries, but she can’t walk out on her responsibilities.  

The Doctor comes along allowing her to spend her week with the children and still travel. Worth noting about this is that she tells him to come back the next day after he asks her to come with him.  She doesn’t make the decision lightly, but when she does you see her clutching the book of places to see with excitement in her eyes. She’s following her dream.

When he says she reminds him of someone else, she makes it very clear that she’s not a stand in for anyone else and she doesn’t want to travel with him if that’s why he wants her there. She’s not going to let him walk all over her.

In the end, she only goes with him on Wednesdays – of course because of time travel, Wednesday could last more than 24 hours for her, but she always comes back to take care of those children on Thursday.

Just from this part of her life we see that Clara puts others above herself, she has a strong work ethic, she likes to be in control of her own life, she’s not impulsive, she has clear goals and dreams, and she thinks through her decisions.  

If you continue through the series, you can see how these character traits are shown, and you can look at how she becomes a school teacher, how she was a nanny, and how she stops to help the little girl in the Rings of Akhatten – she’s always helping children. She’s a very empathetic person to the point where she is self sacrificing –  first for the children she takes care of and later to save the Doctor.

And what does it say about her that she’s constantly trying to cook, but she’s horrible at it?  She’s really, really horrible at it, but she never gives up. Most people would have laughed it off and said, “I can’t cook” at this point.  We’ve never seen her successfully make a souffle. Even her echo burnt the souffle. And that incident with the turkey, she had no idea what she was doing, but she was trying so hard to convince her family that she had a perfect life – a new job as a teacher, a boyfriend, and the capability of cooking Christmas dinner for them all.  The problem is, she had the make up some of those details and she’s panicking at getting Christmas dinner wrong and having no boyfriend to show off. 

She even has been using the Tardis to fix her mistakes rather than accepting them. She is starting to show traits of a perfectionist never giving up, but being faced with the fact that she isn’t perfect and trying to cover it. Later in the episode she says she has a perky personality masking a bossy control freak which has a bit of a negative connotation showing she’s perfectly aware that she is trying too hard to fake a perfect life and mask her insecurities.

It’s not Clara as a character who is lacking in motivation or character traits. What people are likely feeling is the structure of the season – the goal was for fun adventure stories and that, unfortunately, made for a block of episodes in the middle that really weren’t that deep. I quite enjoy a lot of the episodes, but few of the episodes really forced Clara to examine herself – everyone identifies best with a character when the show knocks them down and forces them to climb back up.  Clara hasn’t had an episode that forced her to rethink who she is despite having episodes that build up who she is and where she came from. 

Also remember that Clara has at least an entire series left and Moffat knew this while planning the last series. While it’s easy to want to compare her to all the other companions, we have to remember that her story isn’t even half finished (she hasn’t even been in a full series yet) and all the other stories have been completed. We can’t pass final judgement yet. With the Doctor’s regeneration, everything she knew is going to be completely thrown off and we already know that she’s not the type of character who will take that easily, we’re going to see her with a new potential love interest, and we’re going to see her in her new job as a school teacher.  

There is so much to come that we already know about that it’s hard not to recognize that there is so much yet to see of Clara Oswald and who she will become as she grows because if there’s one thing Moffat loves to do it’s show his characters as they change over time rather than just focusing on a year of their life.  You see River Song go from a mentally abused woman with so very many problems to a woman in control of her own life working as a professor of Archaeology.  You get to see Amy go from an insecure girl waiting for a hero and unable to settle down to a woman who no longer struggles with hero worship, is no longer running from reality, and who goes after what she wants.

In Clara, we have a more interesting case where we were presented with a character who knew who she was and who values being in complete control of her life. Unlike most companions of the past, Clara didn’t start out with an obvious insecurity over her identity, but instead, the show has been revealing bits about her desire to be in control and get everything right that isn’t quite so obvious at first but is actually in almost all of her episodes. And for the first time, the problems with that part of her personality were more obviously being shown in The Time of the Doctor – she struggles to present herself as in complete control even when she’s not and her life isn’t perfect.

In the end, I think the number of blogs that attack moffat’s characters by simplifying them is getting in the way of recognizing the positive things that should be appreciated about Doctor Who and it’s characters. There can be negative aspects to Moffat’s writing without it being all bad. To really come to a good analysis of these characters, you can’t reduce them to a few traits in order to support a single argument. There needs to be room for both Moffat critisism and Moffat appreciation on Tumblr.

Fic: Poem Without Words (3/?) (M)

Author’s note: My goal of updating both of my ongoing stories continues! Yay! Enjoy!

Also found: / AO3

Chapter 3

It was still raining on Monday. Killian tucked his sketchpad into his bag before heading to campus. He’d tried to distract himself all day Sunday, cleaning his little house from top to bottom. He was stunned at how much rubbish he’d accumulated in the few years he’d been there. Worst of all was his studio; wadded up paper, bits of charcoal, old smelly paint thinner, torn canvas littered the space. His two large rubbish bins were overflowing by the time he was done, but he felt like he’d accomplished something.

And it kept him from giving in to his urge to sketch Emma as he’d found her the day before, wet and bewitching.

To say he was stunned to meet her, just walking along, would be an understatement. Robbed of his opportunity to try his hand at a subject other than Emma Swan, he’d found her without even trying. She  walked out of the wet mist like some sort of sprite, wearing that ridiculous poncho. Killian had no idea what possessed him to ask her to the gallery; he never dreamed she’d accept.

The ensuing hours were some of the most enjoyable he’d had in a long time. Sharing his passion for art with her…it reminded him why he loved it so much. And he thought—or rather hoped—he’d seen a spark in her eyes. Despite their fairly limited acquaintance, there was a serenity and ease to their conversation. The silences didn’t feel awkward and when she asked him a rather pointed personal question…he very nearly answered her with the ugly unvarnished truth.

He wasn’t that big a fool.

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Fluffy Fridays--Chapter 39: Winning Dave Over

Fluffy Fridays—Chapter 39: Winning Dave Over

Pairing:  Captain Swan

Rating: T

Summary:  A series of unrelated, fluffy one shots featuring Killian Jones and Emma Swan and the relationship that makes us all swoon. Will contain both canon and AU stories. My contribution to Operation Rainbow Kisses and Unicorn Stickers (aka, my attempt to drown out the season 4 finale angst with ridiculous levels of fluff.)

Missed the beginning? ( 1) ( 2) ( 3) ( 4) ( 5) (6) ( 7) ( 8) ( 9) ( 10) ( 11) ( 12) (13) (14) (15) (16) (17) (18) (19) (20) (21) (22) (23) (24) (25) (26) (27) (28) (29) (30) (31) (32) (33) (34) (35) (36) (37) (38)

CS Genre: Deleted scene (post 4x2)

Emma shivered, and Killian pulled her yet closer, dropping a quick kiss to the top of her head.

“Are you still chilled, love?” he asked gently, running his hand along her arm.

She shrugged.  “A little, I guess, but this helps.  You help.”

“I’m glad to hear it,” he murmured gently, shifting slightly, trying to find a comfortable position kneeling on the hard loft floor.

She quirked her brow.  “What?  No innuendo about all the ways you’d like to warm me up?  Captain you’re losing your touch.”

He grinned.  “Perhaps I’ve yet to recover from your ordeal as well.  You’ve no idea the agony of knowing the one you lo…care for is on the verge of death and you’ve no way to help them.”

“I’m sorry,” she said rather helplessly.  “I didn’t mean to worry you guys….”

He waved her off.  “Not to worry Swan, the danger has passed.  To your earlier observation, however,” he said, exaggeratedly wiggling his eyebrows.  “If that was your roundabout way of asking me to warm you up in a more pleasurable manner, I am, of course, at your service.”

She laughed.  “Pleasant as that sounds, think I’m gonna have to take a rain check.  With my parents downstairs and my son in the bed across the room, we’re a little lacking in the privacy department around here.  I need to get my own place.”

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An Affair of Convenience (3/5)

Eighth Doctor, Rose Tyler

When Rose panics and says she’ll be bringing her boyfriend to her cousin’s engagement party, her friend Lucie saves the day by getting an old friend to play the part.  What was supposed to be a one-time gig soon turns into a standing arrangement between them, until it gets difficult to tell exactly where the line between the ruse and reality lies.  Beta’d by the indefatigable aeonish.

Birthday fic for the incredible perfectlyrose.  Hope you have a great day, darling!

All ages this chapter, will go way the hell up around part four.

part 1 part 2 AO3

The rules were simple enough.  When either of them needed to present a significant other for some social event, they could call the other.  They made a limit of four appearances for each of them in a month–more than adequate.  Because they were sloshed and, as such, more candid than they would usually be, stipulations about kissing and sex were added.  They both recognized a physical attraction to the other, so sex was strictly prohibited, as it would only complicate things, and kissing was limited to times when people they were trying to fool were present, as evidence. In addition, there was a firm get out clause–if either of them did meet someone, the arrangement ended, no questions asked.

They did seal the deal with a kiss, though.  It seemed only right.

They didn’t talk about the fact that the kiss involved quite a bit more tongue than necessary.

Or the way it ended with Rose pressed against the railing.

They were drunk, after all.


“Remind me why we’re bowling tonight?” Chris asked as they exited Jonathan’s car.

“Because my friend Lucie, in all her infinite wisdom, decided that what her office really needed was a post-holiday party,” Jonathan explained with a shake of his head.  “She’ll find any reason to for a party.”

“Alright, but that doesn’t really answer the question,” Chris replied, holding the door to the bowling alley open.  “Why are we here?”

“Because the office, specifically one Owen Harper, is under the impression that Miss Tyler has a boyfriend,” Jonathan said, glancing around for the group when they made it inside.

“Ah, right, the ‘arrangement’,” Chris said.  “How’s that going for you?”

Jonathan shrugged.  “Fine, I suppose.  This is the first time it’s been enforced since New Year’s.”

He didn’t add that he was happier than he probably should have been when Rose called and told him she needed him for boyfriend detail.  It had only been two weeks since they’d seen each other, but he’d found himself thinking of her more often than was healthy. They’d had fun that night talking, and he rather wished he had some excuse to simply spend time with her, just as friends, but wasn’t entirely sure how to go about making that happen.

Leave it to Lucie Miller to create another situation that pushed them together again.

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