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Screenshots of Cartoon Network’s new short, Villainous. It’s about an evil organization called “The Black Cat Organization”, the organization is led by a character named Black Hat, an elegant, cunning and wicked man. Helping Black Hat with his evil plans is Dr. Flug, who’s a scientist that has a tendency to get nervous. Black Hat’s assistant is Demencia, who loves to destroy things for fun. Last but not least, there’s 5.0.5, a failed experiment by Dr. Flug, an adorable teddy bear-like creature and is the complete opposite of being evil.

I just found out this last night and I already starting to like it. Black Hat reminds me of Mike Schmidt from Five Nights at Freddy’s and Murdoc Niccals from The Gorillaz. As for his scientist Dr. Flug, he reminds me of Jeff. Demencia is like Marceline and Amethyst into one.

Anyway, I hope it gets a TV show of it’s own someday. If we live long enough to see it.

This is our morning.

Me: what are you doing?
Mum: reading the news, kind of.
Me: kind of?
Mum: I’m trying to decide what animal Jeff Sessions reminds me of.
Me: one of those really tiny antelopes they get in Africa.
Mum: A DIK DIK YEs thank you! 
Me: *shows her a Dik Dik on my phone while she screams with laughter*
My Stepfather, emerging from the bathroom: Do I even want to know? 

 She’s my blood for sure.

Behind Closed Door Pt. 1|  Jeff Atkins

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Requested by @fuckkoffcourtney love the username btw haha, this will have a part 2 but it is yet to be written, sorry for not posting for the past 2 days, my depression struck and I lost myself, but I’m back, thanks everyone who had been reading my other posts and following me! You are all angels and I hope to keep pleasing you with more, so without further ado I hope you enjoy and as always thank you for reading ♡ 

A beep sounded outside my house so I quickly grabbed my backpack running outside to Zach who was waiting for me in his car, I jump in and he smiled at me before driving off to school. Usually Jeff would pick me up but he had gone to school way earlier to practice for the baseball game after school today, and although I wanted to be there for him for encouragement, I just couldn’t force myself to wake up that early.

Zach and I arrived at school, I kissed his cheek thanking him and got out smiling when I saw my boyfriend waiting for me in front of the school with open arms, I instantly ran into them, latching myself onto him as I kissed his face whispering I love yous to him. He chuckled and securely held me in his strong arms as I showered him with love, I finally stopped kissing his face and softly cupped his face to kiss him deeply, Jeff kissed back and I gasped as his hand clenched my ass, I quickly pulled away and brought my legs down remembering we were in school.

However, Jeff wasn’t very happy with the loss of contact, “Baby” he whined but I just intertwined our fingers and pull him inside school to our lockers.

Jessica stood next to mine and gave me a quick hug before asking me how was my weekend while Jeff went to greet Justin and Alex, I opened my locker to get out the books I needed for first period and smiled at the pictures covering the inside of my locker, many of them were Jeff and I but there was a few with our group.

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Here it isssss! Part 2 to “Before”. Hope you enjoy the ending, and let me know what you think! <3


There wasn’t much more you could do; the longer you stood there as the room emptied out, the stranger you would look. Obviously, you would have to leave before Harry, and you were beginning to realize that he wasn’t going to leave his spot next to the door.

Finally, the crowd around him trickled out and Harry was left by himself. He caught your eye and your heart started to pound. There was no escape now. You couldn’t make up an excuse as to why you were still standing there, seemingly waiting for him to come talk to you. Maybe that was part of the reason your body hadn’t willed you to move for the past few hours; perhaps you wanted him to come talk to you.

He started to walk toward you and you found yourself glued to the spot. You couldn’t have moved, even if you wanted to. There were a million things running through your mind in the few short seconds between Harry spotting you and being right in front of you. But when he stopped and smiled at you, there was only one word that came out of your mouth.




The silence that followed felt incredibly long to you, but it was really only a few seconds. You cleared your throat and motioned toward the door.

“I was, uh, just on my way out, actually.”

Harry pursed his lips and nodded.

“M’sorry I didn’t get much of a chance to talk to you,” he said, “S’more people here than I was expectin’ and some of them never shut up.”

You stifled a laugh and nodded in understanding. You were familiar with some of his more talkative friends and how they could carry on a conversation with him for hours if he let them. There had been a few instances where the two of you had been out on a date and Harry had run into one of these friends; needless to say, your date had been put on hold until Harry could finally find the right way to politely indicate that he was finished the conversation and ready to move on.

“It’s okay,” you assured him, “I didn’t expect you to drop everything and come talk to me; you didn’t even really want me here, after all.”

Harry frowned then, looking directly at you.

“What are you talkin’ about? Of course I wanted yeh here.”

“You didn’t invite me,” you reminded him, “You only did it because Jeff has a big mouth and you didn’t want to be rude.”

He paused for a moment, knowing that you were right about that, but trying to figure out some way to make it sound better.

“I wanted to invite you,” he said, softly, “Didn’t think you’d want to come.”

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Oops - Jeff Skinner

“welcome to my crib, baby!”

drabble week day 5

word count: 1165

warnings: injury to player

a/n: this is actually imagine length, i apologize!!

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it didn’t feel good. watching jeff go down like that. you often spent the majority of games you went to holding the hem of your skinner jersey tightly, your head spinning with worry. you and jeff had been together for close to two years and you’d been a hockey fan for even longer, but you hadn’t quite gotten used to the feelings of anxiety that came with having someone you loved out there on the ice.

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Jeff Hardy - “Don’t ever do that to me again”

Prompt: Could you write something like your in a match with another superstar and Jeff Hardy is at ringside then you mess up a move and after the match is finished he is sitting in the middle of the ring holding your head telling you not to do that to him again? Thanks love.
Requested: by anon
Warnings: None
Words: 1000+

“Did you hear?!” You exclaimed, eyes and smile as wide as they could be as you ran into Matt and Jeff’s locker room 

“You realise we could have been getting changed right?” Your brother in law Matt said lying on the couch 

“It’s not like I haven’t seen it before. Remember a couple of years ago in London?” You smirked at him remembering a drunken Matt coming into your and Jeff’s hotel room after a hectic night out and somehow ended up on your couch butt naked. 

“I thought we agreed not to talk about that” Matt cringed at the memory 

“Anyway did you hear?!”  You repeated 

“What?” Jeff asked packing his stuff back into his bag 

“Payback, triple threat ladders match for the woman’s championship, Bayley, Alexa and yours truly” you grinned 

“Congrats girl!” Matt cheered but Jeff stayed quiet 

“What’s wrong?” you frowned at Jeff 

“Nothing” he shrugged 

“Jeffrey Nero Hardy” you cross your arms and give him a look 

“It’s just… ladder matches can be dangerous and you’ve never been in one before. I don’t want you to get hurt” 

“Hello! I have two of the greatest ladder match wrestlers in the world and 2 weeks to prepare” you grinned 

“Who said we would help you?” Matt asked 

“Well, husband” You said pointing to Jeff “And London 20-” 

“Say no more” Matt held his hands up “She’s good” 

“Why do you think I married her?” Jeff smirked walking over to you 

“So you’ll help me?” 

“I guess so” 

Over the next two weeks, if you weren’t at raw or a house show, Matt and Jeff were showing you moves to use in your triple threat match. The boys taught you a number of moves - including Jeff’s signature swanton bomb.

“Now the difference between jumping off a ladder and the top rope is obviously its higher meaning more force, also meaning less room for error” Jeff said as Matt set up a ladder for you

“When you’re up the top you can’t waste any time. Once you’re up there you have to go for it, otherwise your fear will take over. The more time you take the more time your opponent has the chance to move” Matt said 

“But you still need to take your time to be safe” Jeff reminded you 

“I know you’ve told me a million times” 

The raw before Payback you were excited. You hadn’t been on raw long, only since the superstar shake up and you were already in the title hunt. You were walking backstage to find Jeff. You saw him around the corner but you were knocked the ground and attacked by Alexa. 

“You think cause the Hardy’s are in your corner you’re gonna win?! Well you’re wrong!” she screeched as she threw you into walls and tables. Jeff ran to you with ref’s who pulled Alexa away from you. 

“So much for keeping us off raw” You mumbled as Jeff helped you off the ground and to the trainers to check you over. 

“You’ll be fine, not broken ribs. Just rest for a couple of days” he said 

“So I’m fine for Sunday?” 

“Yep but I will tape you up for your match considering its a ladder match” the trainer said 

“Should she really wrestle?” Jeff asked worried all over his face 

“Don’t listen to him” You said “Thank you” 

“I just don’t want you to get hurt” Jeff said wrapping his arms around your waist walking behind you 

“I’ll be fine, just gotta rest before Sunday” 

Sunday came quicker than you expected. You got a couple more training sessions in despite Jeff trying to get you to rest. Jeff and Matt won their match, keeping their titles so now it was just your match. 

“Good luck Kid” Matt said hugging you in gorilla

“I’m coming with you” Jeff said 

“What happened to keeping us away from the wwe?” you raised your eyebrows 

“Alexa kinda ruined that didn’t she” Jeff said “Plus I want to be there if you hurt yourself” 

“Thanks for the confidence babe” you rolled your eyes. Walking out the crowd went mad seeing Jeff walk out behind you. 

“Wreck her babe” Jeff called to you as Alexa got in the ring. The match started and you went to town on Alexa but both Bayley and Alexa targetted your taped ribs, not that you blamed them. You would have done that same if you were them. Bayley brought the first ladder in. She set it up before you knocked her to the ground. You smirked at Jeff and climbed the ladder. You were about to jump for a swanton but Alexa kicked the ladder out from under you. You flipped anyway hoping to at least hurt Bayley. But as you landed you fell awkwardly on your neck. You heard the crowd gasp. And Jeff yelled at you from the outside. You opened your eyes, you couldn’t feel anything at first but quickly got the feeling in your hands again and then your arms and legs. Bayley and Alexa were still fighting as ringside doctors checked you over. 

“I’m fine” You mumbled as lights were shined in your eyes 

“I don’t know if you should continue” Dr Samson said 

“I don’t care what you say, I am continuing this god damn match” and you did much to the distaste of the doctors but more importantly Jeff. While you continued her argued with the doctors telling them to pull you out of the match. You spent the match listening to Jeff call to you. You did more moves off ladders and the ropes. Jeff didn’t breath for the entire match. Finally, you got both Alexa and Bayley out of the ring with a ladder in the ring, you quickly climbed the ladder and grabbed the title. The bell rang, the crowd went wild and Jeff slid in the ring. You jumped down ladder, your hands were still tingling and your neck was extremely sore, you fell to the ground - legs finally giving way. 

“Holy shit” Jeff mumbled wrapping his arms around you. “are you okay? What the hell y/n! You should have stopped” 

“I’m fine” 

“I’ve known you long enough to know when you lying” Jeff sighed kissing your head and hugging you tighter “Please don’t ever do that to me again” 

“I’m sorry, I just had to keep going”  

“I know…I know… congrats champ” Jeff smiled “Now get your butt to the trainers to get checked out” 

The NASA Village

Today in the NASA Village… The Space Toilet.

Jeff Stone is a flight controller and trainer. His advice to the NASA Village audience, “Always learn all you can so you can better handle whatever comes your way.”

Today’s learning was essential to living on the International Space Station. What could be more important than learning how to make sure the space toilet keeps working?!

The process of learning is critical to the training of an astronaut because we are constantly absorbing new information. You have to enjoy the processes of learning itself.

For me, the most essential form of learning in the NASA Village is learning by doing.

But sometimes looking behind the panel at the spaghetti of components can be confusing, and it is not possible to understand the big picture, without diagrams and procedures, as well. This combination of teaching methods is one the most effective for me and Jeff did a phenomenal job of combining it all together.

One of the critical components of the system involves a substance that is added to each “flush”, called conservant. This minimizes the bacterial growth in the stored urine before it is plumbed to the water processing assembly, and cleaned up for later drinking (yes, I said drinking). Here Jeff is reminding me of the critical steps in this somewhat tricky valve.

Being “elbow deep” in repairs is not uncommon on station. This training turned out to be incredibly useful to me on the SECOND day after we arrived on station! There had been a failure of the separator (unit that separates air and urine) which meant some major repairs were needed. I was sure glad I had Jeff’s training that day!

Learning new things is always exciting for me…even if it is not always easy. It is great to work in an environment where questions are welcome and instructors and flight controllers are excited about sharing their knowledge and experience.

Jeff was always interested in aviation and space, but until he enlisted in the Air Force, he didn’t really think he had much chance to participate. As a nonmilitary astronaut, and before that a NASA biochemist, I can claim this is not true; because there are many military workers at NASA. For Jeff, “The Air Force provided the opportunity to gain confidence enough to really pursue challenging goals and then build on successes.” For me, that confidence was built in college and graduate school, where hands on testing (and failing) led to the ability to form better questions/experiments to lead to an end result. Repeating the process and finding alternative solutions became easier with practice.        

Fixing a spaceship takes a lot of people and a lot of innovative thinking. The reason Mission Control is so effective is because they know a lot about the mechanics of the hardware itself. If something goes wrong they need to have an idea of what is taking place. Jeff said, “You never know what is going to happen, and being able to deal with it using on hand resources, including your brain, is one of the keys to exploration.” He has been working on the space toilet for over fifteen years. He is proud of his work and his addition to the NASA Village because, who can’t relate?

Enjoying the process of learning builds better pathways to future learning. How do you learn best?

Do you want more stories? Find our NASA Villagers here!

Time - Newt

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Since our relationship began, even before then, Newt and I were inseparable. We always waited for each other after we had finished our jobs or when we had breaks. During the bonfires, we were practically glued at each other’s sides. Neither of us minded at all; we both loved each other, and so what if we were in the honeymoon phase of our relationship? Enjoy it, right?

So, at first, when he stopped waiting for me during breaks or when work finished, I wasn’t worried. I had thought that maybe the honeymoon period was over and that was that. We were still in a relationship, and we still loved each other, right?

Soon enough, he didn’t just stop waiting for me. He began avoiding me. When I entered the room, he walked out. When I waited for him, he’d see me and walk the other way. That’s when I got a bit wary.

I walked into the mess hall one morning and sat at the usual table with Minho, Alby, Gally, Jeff, Chuck, and, you guessed it, Newt. Though, the British boy didn’t stay for very long because the minute I sat down, he stood up and left with his plate. My smile faltered slightly as I greeted everyone a “Good morning.”

Minho eyed Chuck, who only shrugged in response.

“What?” I asked, wondering about the silent conversation the two of them were having. Chuck shook his head, looking at me and offered a kind smile.

“Nothing,” he answered nonchalantly, going back to eating.

Minho and Chuck were the closest things I had to brothers. Minho acted more like the older brother; he was protective of me, and was at first wary when he learned I had developed feelings for Newt. Chuck, on the other hand, loved Newt and I together and acted more like, how I imagine, a younger brother did. Though, both of them had set the blond boy and I together after two months of back and forth flirting.

Minho pulled me out of my thoughts when he cleared his throat, earning my attention. “Are you and Newt okay?” He asked me, concern filling his eyes.

At the question, I nearly choked on my food from shock, me worrying about the same thing and my guilt because I would answer with a simple lie, “Yeah, we’re fine. Why would you ask?” I asked, sipping my water after.

“Well, you two haven’t spent nearly as much time together as you used to… we’re just concerned,” Chuck answered. I looked around, realising the others had left. “That and you barely touched your food for the fifth day in a row, which is something you only do when you’re upset so…” I looked at my plate before shaking my head.

“Really, we’re fine. Promise,” I lied. The two only exchanged a glance. “I swear, it’s just… It’s normal, I think.” Maybe he’s just tired of me, I thought, looking down at my plate.

“Okay…” Minho muttered. I knew he didn’t believe me.

I cleared my throat, taking the plate into my hands. “I… I think I’m going to head off to work. I’ll see you,” I excused myself quickly before walking away and disposing my plate.

While Minho and Chuck were family, Jeff was like my best friend (other than Newt) since we worked together. I sat, my elbow on a table and my cheek in my hand, and I sighed. Jeff rose his eyebrow at me, immediately knowing what happened.

“You should talk to him,” Jeff told me.

“No, I mean… It’s fine. I’m a strong, independent woman who doesn’t need a guy. I’m not the clingy type.”

“I wasn’t insinuating that you wanting to be with your boyfriend made you any less independent. It’s perfectly normal to want to spend time with him,” Jeff assured me. I glanced at the medjack.

“You don’t think he’s tired of me, do you?” I asked.

“What?” Jeff scoffed. “Newt? Tired of you? No way. If there was, I think he should come in here for some sort of check up, I mean… there would definitely be something wrong with him.” I giggled. “There’s the smile the whole Glade’s been waiting for.”

I shrugged. “I’m just… worried. I mean, I know that couples kind of spend less time together after the honeymoon phase, but it just feels like he’s straight-up avoiding me.”

“Y/N, he’s second-in-command,” Jeff reminded me. “Maybe he’s busy or maybe he’s just trying to keep up with this reputation.”

“Yeah, well this is Newt we’re talking about. If I wanted strong-willed, stick-to-the-rules-no-matter-what, I’d just date Gally instead,” I half-joked, making Jeff snort and laugh. “This was never a problem before is all I’m saying.”

“Well, you’re probably right. It’s probably just a honeymoon thing.”

“If it isn’t?” I rose my eyebrow, looking at my friend pleadingly.

Jeff sighed, shaking his head in response. “We’ll cross that bridge when we get to it.”

A few moments after, Jeff had gone out for lunch. I had decided I wasn’t hungry. All of this stress about Newt practically eliminated my appetite. It was good that I stayed in too because soon after Jeff had left, Frypan had come in with a burn on his right hand. He sat on one of the beds. I grabbed some gauze and ointment, sitting in front of him with a table.

“He was wondering about where you were before I came in,” he told me out of the blue. I offered the cook a smile before returning my attention to his burn. I began to put the ointment on it. “He’s worried about you. He’s noticed you’re losing weight.”

I chuckled, “Yeah, well, stress does wonders on your body,” I told him. I closed the tube and put it on the table.

“He’s a guy,” Frypan shrugged. 

I laughed at his comment, picking up the gauze and wrapping it around the burned are. “What’s that supposed to mean?”

“He can be pretty stupid sometimes,” he elaborated as I cut the gauze and secured it.

“Are you insulting your own gender?” I asked, taking the gauze and ointment and putting them back in their places.

“Yep, because in this case, it’s true. Newt can be-” He was saying, but as if on cue, Newt stormed into the medhut, took me by the waist and pulled me into a long, passionate kiss.

Now, I told you that Newt and I were inseparable, but we never ones for overt PDA.

But after five days of my boyfriend and best friend avoiding me, I sure wasn’t going to argue.

My hands tangled themselves with his golden hair and I gently tugged on it as Newt deepened the kiss. He tightened his grip on my waist, one hand traveled up to my H/C locks.

We both pulled away at the sound of Frypan clearing his throat and our sudden lack of breaths. Upon remembering Frypan’s presence, I was sure my cheeks were the colour of ripe beets on a summer morning. 

I cleared my throat, looking at Frypan for a moment and I offered him a sheepish smile. “Uh, F-Frypan, you-you c-can g-go. I p-patched up yo-your hand i-it’s all good. J-just the usual, yeah?” I stammered out. The cook smirked, walking out of the medhut. I sighed, burying my face into Newt’s chest as he chuckled. I let my arms wrap around his neck and his arms returned to hugging my waist. My head moved, nestling itself into the crook of my boyfriend’s neck.

“You’re cute when you’re embarrassed,” he whispered into my ear. 

I giggled before replying with a muffled, “Shut up.” 

Newt took a deep breath, hugging me tighter before saying, “I’m so sorry.” I didn’t reply. “I have been so stupid it’s just… Alby said I was spending too much time with you and that people would think I had gone soft and that would cause arguments. I didn’t mean to hurt you, I am so, so sorry,” he murmured into my neck. 

I sighed shakily, almost in relief upon learning his reason. “You’re kinda right. You’re never stupid, Newt. Never. You have reasons, good, valid reasons. What you did was stupid, but you weren’t,” I told him as he began to sway me left and right. I hugged him tighter because I had missed this feeling; his arms around my waist and mine around his neck as we practically held on to each other for dear life. “You scared me.”

“I’m sorry,” he repeated. I nodded.

“And I forgive you. All I’m saying is that you scared me,” I chuckled, tears in my eyes. “I thought you had some sense knocked into you and you realised that I’m just… me… and that you grew tired of me,” I admitted. He loosened his grip slightly, pulling away from me, just enough to lock his eyes with mine.

“I am never, ever, going to get sick of you, Y/N,” he assured me, his voice strong and assertive. “You’re all I could ever want and need. I am never going to get tired of you.” I offered him a weak smile. “I promise.”

I nodded, “And I you, Newt.” He hugged me again. “I’ve missed you.”

“You too,” he replied in a heartbeat. “Minho was the one who had to talk some sense into me.”

“Oooh,” I hissed, “That couldn’t have been good. Chuck was always the more gentler one when it came to talking sense into somebody,” I laughed, making him chuckle too.

“I’m glad he did though. Really glad.”

“I’m glad he did too,” I answered after a pause. We both pulled away from each other and he smiled at me, making me smile back at him.

 I fixed my hair into a ponytail as we made some small talk until he said, “What do you say we go get some lunch?”

I groaned in relief. “Yes, please. I’m starving,” I replied, making him chuckle. He took my hand in his and led me to the mess hall.

God, how much I loved my Newt.

Hated what has happened to Ethan, and it was implausible that the incapacitated and vulnerable Scott would be left unwatched, but that episode was beautifully written and filmed.

Loved both patients of the week – engaging Cooper and poor frozen Maya. It felt like a short story with its modern emphasis on angels and souls. Mr Weiss like a funny good angel and Maya with her emphasis on what comes out of the dark.

I can’t help wishing the whole of the Cal and Ellison story had been compressed into this one tale. Imagine the impact if we didn’t know Cal’s death was behind Ethan’s state of mind, if we didn’t know Cal had died, until Ethan had taken his revenge

derrekshales  asked:

2, 56, and 70 for Kent/swoops please? :)

2. “It reminded me of you.”

“What’s this?” Kent looked down at the tiny plant Jeff had handed over as soon as he stepped inside. He could hear Eric in the kitchen, bustling about. It smelled like berries in Kent’s house.

“It reminded me of you, that’s all,” Jeff said. It was a spiky little thing, a tiny cactus he’d seen at the store. It was a brilliant shade of purple.

“Aw,” Kent said, looking down at it again. He leaned forward then, pressing a soft kiss to Jeff’s mouth. “Thank you, babe.”

56. “It brings out your eyes.”

“Is that really the tie you’re wearing?” Kent asked. He was tying a fancy knot in his own sage green tie, not even looking as he did it. 

He looked perfect, like usual.

“What’s wrong with it?” Jeff asked, looking down. The tie was fine, right? It was a plain blue one. 

“Nothing,” Kent said, “it’s just boring as fuck.”

“Shut up,” said Jeff. 

“We’re buying you new stuff,” Kent said, “when we get home.”

And that was how they’d ended up in some fancy store Jeff couldn’t even remember the name of, looking at suits that cost way, way, way more money than seemed necessary. Even for a millionaire. 

Kent looked at the deep blue suit he’d had Jeff put on, chewing his lower lip. “Oh,” he said, after a moment, “I know. Hang on.”

Jeff blinked. Before he knew what was happening, Kent was back. He looped a bronze tie around Jeff’s neck, pulling on it a little. “This will be perfect,” he said. “It brings out your eyes.” He was standing close enough that Jeff could smell his cologne. Kent tilted his head to the side just a little and tied a knot in the necktie for Jeff. “There. Look.”

Jeff turned toward the mirror again. Honestly, he looked good. Really good. “Thank you,” Jeff said.

“Yeah,” said Kent, stepping back a little. “Don’t mention it.”

70. “You’re warm.”

Jeff laid a hand across Kent’s forehead. He frowned. “Hey, buddy,” he said, making sure to keep his voice soft.

Kent’s eyes opened. They looked a little glassy.

“You’re warm,” Jeff said. 

“It’s cold in here,” said Kent.

“I’m gonna get a thermometer, okay?” Jeff went to the bathroom, returning with a thermometer, some Tylenol, and a glass of water. “Put this under your tongue.”

Kent didn’t move. 

“Bud,” Jeff said. “Open up. C’mon –” he pushed the thermometer into Kent’s mouth. When it beeped, he took it back out. It read 100.6.

“Yep,” he said. “You’ve got a fever. Here, take this –” he handed Kent the Tylenol, then the water. “All right. Looks like we’re not going out tonight, huh?”

“I’m sorry,” Kent said. 

“It’s fine,” said Jeff. “I don’t care where we are when I’m with you.”

( 100 ways to say I love you prompts )

I definitely suggest the Brave Wilderness YouTube channel. It reminds me a lot of classic Animal Planet, like Jeff Corwin and Steve Irwin.

Coyote Peterson and his crew get up close with a lot of different wild animals, but they work with professionals, get special permissions, none of the animals are harmed, and they stress the importance of not emulating them.

Some of you might already know of him as “That guy who gets stung by things and screams for five minutes,” it can be hard to explain the importance of those particular videos but today I had a perfect example.

In a bug group I’m in on Facebook someone shared a fearmongering post about the Velvet Ant, which is actually a type of wasp of which the females are flightless. This post included graphic images of necrotic, infected wounds claiming that is what the sting of a Velvet Ant will do to you.

That is not a normal reaction, and although the sting of the Velvet Ant is incredibly painful for the average persons painful is all it is. One of those ‘get stung and scream for five minutes’ videos features the Velvet Ant, and Coyote’s arm clearly does not become necrotic. Another important aspect of this video is it shows that the Velvet Ant is actually pretty reluctant to sting him, it takes a concentrated effort on his part. These wasps are not out to get you, and if you respect their space you will be fine.

He has many other videos which have easier to understand purposes, but the sting videos can leave some people scratching their heads as to what the educational value is so I wanted to take a minute to explain it here. I’ll make a list of some other must watch videos when I can get on the computer.

I decided to Pre-Order the new album and wouldn’t you know it, Bmblb came with pre-ordering it! I don’t want to spoil too much of it but…if this isn’t something to canon Blake and Yang I don’t know what will I will however put the first lyrics and another that caught my ears. 🎶There’s a garden Where I go If you meet me there No one will know In the springtime In the sun We can be alone without anyone🎶 ………………….. 🎶You could be my queen I could be your dream Life’s like a fantasy Baby set me free Let me be your bumblebee 🐝🎶 I’m going to be listening to this along the Let’s Just Live, Bad Luck Charm, and This Life Is Mine If you can preorder it, I say do it!! I’m so happy 💛🖤💛🖤💛 And heck! Even if it doesn’t mean it makes it canon, it’s still a beautiful song and one I can listen to that reminds me of my girlfriend ❤️ Thanks Jeff and Casey!! (Also, my phone did a weird thing when I screenshot it, but I like the way it looks so I kept it lol)

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Jeff really reminds me of Dexter Morgan for some reason in this, probably because he’s killing another killer… I dunno its cool though ^_^