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Tron (1982)

So, I was inspired by the Zombietale ask where Frisk talked about how experiencing everything was like being stuck in a bad dream or watching a movie, and was inspired to do this. It reminded me of the “I have no mouth but I must scream” trope, and this was born.

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Midsummer Ghost Story Version Part I

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Is it normal that, when I hyperfocus, I like mildly dissociate? I have a really hard time coming out of it and nothing feels real, and I don't feel like a person for the rest of the day. Everything feels floaty and I feel vaguely apathetic about everything else. It sucks because I hyperfocus often (not intentionally), especially when I'm reading or writing, and then I have to zombie through life for a while after. But I can't cut out writing (I'm a student) and I enjoy reading. Any tips?

This happens to me when I read, I thought it was normal for reading. (Moreso with certain authors, but still.) Mostly I try to take some time to remind myself where I am and ground myself in where I am so that I’m able to get back into my life more quickly.

Followers, do you dissociate when you hyperfocus? How do you deal with it?



Borderlands Appreciation Month → [BL1] Day 5: Favorite Claptrap Unit

“All I know, is if a zombie came over here, then I would pull a karate chop thing on them, and then I would totally like kick some ass, then I would run really fast, and then I would probably come back with a hatchet and I would just kill ‘em and chop 'em up and so on… and yeah, I would really be badass but… please no zombies, please no zombies… ”

oh boy, oh boy, anon, you better strap in cause I have lots of thoughts…

• like when mick aims the gun at ray, ray puts his hands out but doesn’t look scared, confused, sure, but not scared. he knows mick wouldn’t hurt him (which holds true because mick didn’t even try to eat ray as a zombie, he just knocked him out)

• and then the way mick looks at the gun, his eyes still following it as he stands up as he remembers the man it belonged to

• and when mick says he’s looking for a partner ray just… ray just points to himself with this dumbfounded expression

• this totally reminds me of 1x15 when ray gestures to himself and mick. he was so sure len wanted the two of them to be partners then, but now with mick asking him to be his partner, he doesn’t believe it

• he takes the gun, still looking at mick, looking to see if this is what he really wants because ray knows just how big this is.

• mick just told him the gun was owned by the greatest outsider he’d ever known and ray doesn’t know if he is worthy enough to handle the gun, knowing just what it means to mick

• but once he sees mick is being sincere, he turns all his attention toward the gun. he turns it over in his hands, examining it and then simply says, “cool”.

• if mick was unsure before, he knows he made the right choice then

• and then mick becomes a bit like len in this situation: he makes ray memorize every part of the gun and i know ray has an extensive technological background but mick shows him how to properly clean and maintenance it and ray pays very close attention, not wanting to let mick down

• and then comes ray’s time to use it

• he nearly freezes because this is len’s gun, he shouldn’t be firing it. In fact, he shouldn’t even be here. ray was the one who was supposed to die. he should be dead

• but then mick yells, “i need some back up over here, haircut”

• and ray snaps out of it and fights side by side with mick until they win the fight

• and then this could either go really well or get really angsty

• either afterwards, mick comes up to ray and puts his hand on his shoulder and says, “you did good out there, haircut” and ray gives him an absolutely beaming smile

• OR seeing the cold gun in action with all the other legends triggers mick. he can almost convince himself that it was len fighting alongside him if he kept ray out of his periphery. this isn’t gonna be a good night for mick…

• after the fight ends he high tails it to his room. he shuts the door, grabs a beer, opens his zippo and takes out that cold steel ring he keeps in his breast pocket… the one len gave him

• and he mourns. it’s not like he’s hasn’t mourned for len. he has. but seeing ray use len’s cold gun has made what len did seem final for him. he knows that len is gone and he isn’t coming back.

• before long, mick hears a knock on his door. he yells out a gruff “what?” and who’s voice does he hear on the other side?

• raymond fucking palmer, because of course. ray is always the one to come check on mick. he did so after the time master’s tried to remake him as chronos again. he did after rip had abandoned them all back in 2016. he did it after he’d said his goodbyes to len in 2014 and he was doing it now.

• ray asks if mick is okay but mick doesn’t feel like company and tells ray as much and ray just goes “all right, but i’ll be here if you need me”

• mick doesn’t say anything and turns his attention back to the flame, his thoughts wandering back to len just like they always seem to do

• len had always been very guarded, even around mick. that’s not to say he ever doubted len cared for him because len did, even when he was at his absolute worst, but len always played his feelings close to the chest

• but ray… ray cares about him and is very obvious about it. he tells mick exactly how he feels and is very genuine around him

• and mick’s not used to that. he is used to hate and distrust and lying, not ray’s blatant puppy dog type of love and to be honest, it scares him a bit

• but maybe, just maybe he could learn to accept it, nay, appreciate it… but not tonight. tonight is for a dead man who was the greatest friend mick had ever had

• but ray will stay. ray will sit down, back against mick’s door and keep vigil for him. he is just a quick yell away if mick decides to change his mind.

• he doesn’t, but maybe ray being there helped. maybe it stopped mick from doing something stupid, like burning his fingertips on the flame, or reaching for the unopened bottle of whisky already 3 beers deep

• maybe ray being there saved him: saved him from mourning alone. because even if he didn’t call for ray, mick knew he was there and that was enough

• tl;dr - raymond fucking palmer. he’s not the friend mick rory needs, but he’s the one he deserves

Episode 7, “A Voice in the Dark” for theinevitablesmiley! Five needs some serious hug therapy after this episode…

“I guess there’s no better reason you’d make it back than any of the others. But we’ve put the red beacon on top of the tower. If you can see it, my best advice is…run.”

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Even if it’s just a little spark, some light in this darkness. 
Even if all we have is that spark to linger to.
Even if it’s only you and me.
We can survive, because all we need is hope jagi. And that light reminds us that even stars need darkness to shine. 
Maybe one day the world will be better, safe. Maybe one day we’ll have a proper Christmas tree. But in the meantime, I hope you don’t mind this little dinner I managed to get. I hope next Christmas I can give you a warm home, but as for now, I’ll give you my arms. I love you jagi, Merry Christmas. 

Christmas/zombie apocalypse Chen Moodboard requested by JJ. I hope you like it! Xoxo, Admin A~


So I’m curled up in bed this morning thinking about the cake I made yesterday and contemplating having some for breakfast and I suddenly think…What Would Tom Hiddleston’s Characters Do?  What would they say?

William Buxton: “Did you earn the money to make that cake or did it come from your privileged and anti-progress father?” *adjusts cravat*

Dr.Laing: *paints the cake grey and then smashes it all over himself*

Freddie Page: “I say, old thing, this reminds me of a cake I once disposed of back in ‘41…”

Adam: “Zombies.  Zombies are crazy about cake.” *despondently strums guitar*

Bill Hazeldine: “Cake is so beautiful, isn’t it?” *takes drag* “You have flour and eggs and sugar and mix it all together and boom…cake.  Cake is always right, that’s why it’s…cake.” 

Sir Thomas Sharpe: *whispers* “We can only eat the cake if Lucille isn’t watching.”

Edward: “But…but…shouldn’t we find out if the cake actually wants to be eaten? What if it’s the wrong decision?!”

Captain Nicholls: “This is the last piece of cake I shall eat for my country.” *wipes away lone tear and offers a nibble to Joey*


The Great Escapo: *hides behind cake and tries to flee the room*

Estate Agent: “Wouldn’t you rather sell the cake instead?”

Magnus Martinsson: “Save me a piece, have to answer the phone.”

Jonathan Pine: *strides purposefully into room in order to liberate the cake*

Captain James Conrad: “Cake is for weenies.  Wanna see my gun?”

Hank Williams: “Ya got any ketchup to go with it, darlin’?”

Prince Hal: “CAKE AND WINE AND REVELS FOR EVERYONE!” *laughs lustily*

F. Scott Fitzgerald: *begins writing Coming of Age tale about the futility of trying to bake cakes*

Loki: “If Thor wants that cake, I’m going to make him think that I ate the whole thing, but I’ll actually save it and keep it in my room for when I need to feel loved.”


Henry V: “Thou canst only embark on this action if the Archbishop of Canterbury informs thee that the eating of the cake is thy right of birth and sanctioned by our Lord.” *crosses self*

And the man himself:

I love eating cake.  I have no problem with eating cake.  Here’s the thing is, I think eating cake is a genuine pleasure and so I don’t feel guilty about it.  Very happy to eat as much cake as I choose.  And I think people should eat more cake if they want.  Don’t if you don’t.  I try not to feel guilty about pleasures.  I think if it’s a pleasure that’s not hurting anyone else, I think you should indulge it and not feel guilty about it.”

So, WWTHCD? Employ this method when you are faced with a decision.  It won’t help you decide, but it will entertain you!

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(1/3) Ok, so, in issue 165, Andrea got bitten in a twist ending. But there's this entire discussion about what the deal might be, considering how it was the end of the chapter. And with this mysterious new Ohio community that's come up, a theory has been discussed lately: What if they know a treatment for walker bites? And that got me thinking. Kirkman's adamant on not having a cure for the zombie virus, but nothing specific for the bite infection. How does this connect to Beth?

Holy shit. HOLY SHIT@bethgreenewarriorprincess called this months ago. The show has been influencing the comics, such as Morgan’s comments about faces leading to the Whisperers. She predicted that the comics would start responding to the Beth storyline in order to strengthen the connection between the two. This reminds me of the Valentine’s Day video. They showed every death across all three mediums, indicating that the mediums are connected. With how big the show is in comparison to the comics, and the video games too, I can see them being used for seeding the show. Once Upon a Time is used for promoting Disney’s projects; their storylines reflect upcoming releases. Andrea’s wound is even on the opposite of TV!Andrea’s bite:

Kirkman never said that he wouldn’t do a cure/immune arc (X). This is a misinformation that trolls perpetuate as they don’t want it to be possible because that story will be centered around Beth. He does have a endgame in mind, one about hope and humanity; he just never wanted it to be like other zombie stories where the problem was quickly solved. 

In addition, I disagree about the timeline. The show won’t months to reveal how Beth’s survived. It would drag out an anticipated storyline needlessly, especially since there is so much story to be told. Season 8 will be about the All Out War arc, and Beth’s solo arc would cover more than two bottle episodes. That’s too much out of the season, too disruptive. Beth’s solo arc, which would cover what happened after Grady and her journey north, will likely be covered in a miniseries. I compiled the missing spoilers from seasons five and six, as well as tracked Emily’s movements during filming. She’s been filming all along, and she wouldn’t have to if it was for only one or two episodes. And the show won’t let the comics steal its thunder. The immune arc has been seeded since season four. Right now issue 166 is scheduled to come out on April 5th (X), and it appears that the issue will focus on Dwight defending Alexandria. Fans will probably not know what happened to Andrea immediately, so Kirkman can drag the mystery out. #167 is coming out on May 3rd, and it will focus on Rick and Andrea:

Is it possible, could it be, that the inevitable can somehow be… avoided? Rick and Andrea have a tough decision to make.” (X).

I mean, honestly. This issue will come out a month after the finale, which is a possible return date for Beth. All of this is perfect timing because if she’s back in the finale, Beth’s miniseries would probably then air over the summer hiatus. While Kirkman explores Andrea’s arc over the summer, the audience would see Beth surviving. And that’s probably when Beth’s bite wound will be revealed, allowing for Beth’s cure arc to be introduced in season 8.

Here are the three main fan theories about what happened to Andrea and how she could survive: X.

  • Whisperer bite (so not actually a walker bite)
  • Stray bullet
  • A cure in Ohio

With the way the wound is embedded into her skin at two different places, it looks like a bite to me. A bullet would not dig into the skin at two separate places like that. As you mentioned, there is a new Ohio community. Earlier in the issue, Eugene was using a radio when he heard a woman’s voice. In an interview Gimple let it slip that radios would be important (X) (X).

We can’t know anything for certain. But Andrea being saved from a walker bite, whether through her own immunity or through a cure in Ohio, aligns with the stories and easter eggs being communicated to the audience. Right now, I’m going to have faith in that, because as Beth said, it wouldn’t kill you to have a little faith.

BTS Rap Monster ‘The Mating Call of Nerds’ (Ver 2.0)

A/N: I’m horrified at how much editing this needed. It almost feels like I wrote a new fic…OTL. But I think it’s (hopefully) much better. ^^ 


The funny thing about being in a foreign country for so long was that when you’re surrounded by another language and not paying attention, hearing a familiar one can take a second to register. Even if it is your mother tongue. 


Startled you raised your head from your tablet. Before you stood a tall man, complete with pink hair and a dimpled boyish grin.

“I’m Kim Namjoon,” he introduced with a bow. “I’m sorry to intrude,” he continued in near perfect English. “But do you know what your shirt means?”

Confused and feeling like you had missed a step somewhere you looked down to remind yourself what you were wearing. Ah, it was one of your favorites. Your print tee positing the question, ‘What if Schrodinger’s cat was a zombie?’ 

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Your art style is so cute (you're literally my fav artist), but your au's are so angsty. It's great. It reminds me of the one winnie the poh meme in the zombie apocalypse, except with more back story so the Hurt^tm is real. I will die in the pit.

Ahhh thank you! <3

which meme? all i can think of is the ‘pull the trigger piglet’ which is fucking hilarious 

That post reminds me of that awkward pause when Greed and Ling get smooshed together and Greed’s like, “umm. You know I’m trying to take over your body right. You know that’s what’s happening here. And you’re ok with that” And he makes that awful confused almost concerned face

Boy I just

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The Dresden Files: a wizard private eye named Harry Dresden who lives in modern day Chicago. Basically takes every fairy tale, lore, mythology, and even religious story and assumes they're all real and coexist in some way. You get some seriously bad ass fairies, various kinds of vampires, demons, necromancers, Norse gods, angels, ghosts, zombies, etc cetera. The writing is top notch and reminds me of yours because the characters are snarky but have heart. I think you'd dig that part for sure.

wait that sounds so good imma write this down thank you!!!

“You don’t think I understand what it’s like to be abandoned? Forgotten? To be the Robin nobody trusts?”

Happy Birthday to my favorite zombie murder birb Jason Todd (August 16)

Gorillaz albums remind me of...

Gorillaz - zombie flicks, camouflage, cigarette smoke, strobe lights, track jackets, lakes and rivers at midnight, layered T-shirts, untrustworthiness, crowded concert venues, spiked cuff bracelets, driving with friends, graffiti

Demon Days - leather jackets, dark lipstick, high-heeled combat boots, dancing in your room, dogtag necklaces, dust, shopping malls after they close, the feeling that something is lurking behind the corner, lack of sleep

Plastic Beach - salty sea air, empty beer bottles, striped shirts, red bandanas, boredom, fast food, restlessness, celebrations lacking enthusiasm, cassette tapes, isolation, speeding, rude awakenings