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I got the urge to rewatch Baman Piderman because I never really saw all of it and I’m really glad I did because 1. it’s adorable and it makes me laugh, and the floppy animation is just the best thing and 2. apparently they are still making it!! 

Like, this video is from this february, there’s still more to come and I’m super excited!

Marc Guggenheim’s assertion today that Felicity’s dark arc was to give her greater empathy towards Oliver reminded me that I have a lot to say on the subject. I’ll back up and start with this: the recurring idea that Felicity wronged Oliver somehow by leaving him after he lied to her about William’s existence is infuriating.

Could Felicity have stayed and listened to Oliver explain himself further? Yes, but she had absolutely no obligation to do so. She didn’t demonstrate a lack of empathy or understanding by leaving him, she demonstrated a very justified level of looking out for herself. Did Felicity’s dark arc make her undertand and empathize with Oliver more? Maybe, but that has nothing to do with why she left him. And even if she did further understand why he lied to her after going through her own dark arc herself, Felicity understanding and empathizing with Oliver’s choices in life ≠ Felicity not breaking up with him for those choices. 

Felicity knew exactly why Oliver did what he did, but the writers twisted the narrative. They tried to make Oliver the poor misunderstood hero who was just doing his best, and Felicity the one who needed to understand him and empathize with him more. Instead of having Oliver apologize to Felicity, they wrote the opposite. How hard would it have been to have him say “listen, I screwed up, and I understand why you left, but I’m really sorry for what I did, I’m going to try to do better. Can we work on this?” and do something to prove to her that he was trying to fix the problem? Instead, they tried to portray Felicity as having acted rashly, as though her reaction to the lie wasn’t warranted, and that once her circumstances changed, she could empathize with Oliver more. (I won’t even get started on asking why this arc needed to be about Oliver???

Felicity didn’t need to change herself/her perspective to fit in with the narrative of Oliver’s lie being okay because of his circumstances. Oliver was the one who needed to change, to reform, to apologize and understand why what he did was wrong, to understand why Felicity broke up with him afterwards (he demonstrated a CLEAR lack of understanding with almost everything he said afterwards, with hoping to get her back after asserting that he loves her without apologizing). Instead, they made it all about Felicity needing to just fix her viewpoint so that Olicity could get back together, without ever trying to fix the real problem. I love Olicity, but badly done, writers. Badly done. 

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This is your Thursday reminder for writing a thing on hand-holding.

lmao I can’t believe someone actually sent me a reminder.

It’s not gonna be a long thing, I just wouldn’t have had time to make even really shitty gifs until I finished my finals today.

So when I watched volume 3 in theaters when they were doing the screenings last year, I noticed that in this shot, it looks like Blake’s stroking the side of Yang’s hand with her thumb. It’s the tiniest movement, so I never noticed it before then because it’s such a small part of the shot, but if you’re watching it on a huge screen, it’s a lot easier to notice it.

After I got home, I decided to rewatch the scene while staring at Blake and Yang’s hands in every shot they were in to see if there was anything else.

And there’s this other shot where there’s a tiny movement that looks like Blake tightening her grip on Yang’s hand.

Funnily enough, to me anyways, this is the “Sun looking back at Blake and Yang and the focus of the shot is clearly Blake holding Yang’s hand” shot.

And the best part is, they changed the way Blake’s hand is positioned just for this shot. Her fingers are resting in Yang’s palm in every other shot of their hands except this one.

Besides the two gifs, here’s a compilation of every time we see Blake and Yang’s hands in that whole scene.

The order of events is the left shot of the compilation, the middle shot of the compilation, the gif where Blake’s hand is positioned differently, the other gif, and the right shot in the compilation.


Long distance sucks.  Really, it does. 

After a month and a half, I finally got to see my boyfriend, who flew across the country to visit.  We’ve gone on lots of adventures, one of which included visiting Pop’s Diner from Riverdale!  He kind of reminded me of Jughead, lol.

Soo I just posted a new video on youtube, which was the boyfriend tag.  You can watch it here: 

RTX 2017 Cow Chop

Hey guys, with RTX 2017 right around the corner, here’s an early reminder to be respectful during the Cow Chop panel/s if they have them this year. 

Last year there were people asking about The Creatures. Please don’t be those people. They don’t like being asked about them, keep that shit away from the event. 

(Also don’t ask the Creatures about Cow Chop either, just don’t.)

They aren’t there to sign your merch or to make videos for your friends. Ask actual questions. If you want to add a little “Hey thanks for your content” or “You guys have helped me get through a lot” fine, I’m sure they appreciate that kind of stuff. Just keep it short.

Try and refrain from NSFW questions, this goes for practically every panel there is. Be respectful to the people around you and what they’re here for. 

Don’t ask about their private lives. They deserve to have privacy, they have a right to it so do not be the person that makes them uncomfortable.

We want them to continue coming back and interacting with the fans, being a dick isn’t going to help anyone.

Like seriously, if I watch another stream and see people asking about the Creatures or inappropriate questions about S/O’s I will fight. You’re not funny you’re being an asshole. 

You’re not “memeing” you’re being disrespectful and I hope you get thrown out

This seriously goes for all the panels and events. Be respectful, it’s the best way to get the most fun out of the entire event and let the fans and the creators have their fun too. 

Also, have fun and be safe! It’s sure to be a great time and I personally hope I get to go next year. Just do it without ruining the fun for anyone else. 


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That girl on twitter doesn't seem to speak English well so it may have just been a simple mistake on her part.

Ok but why is she asking that in the first place, though?

Listen, I’m a translator and I know mistakes happen all the time, but it’s not the translation’s fault when the intent is already there. Plus, my friend (that’s familiar with Japanese culture, and she thinks the person may be Japanese because of the last name) explained that “Half-breeds” or “Hafus” is the English translation for the Japanese slur for biracial people.

Maybe I’m taking this so seriously because I’m biracial and I’ve faced a lot of bullshit and this is just reminding me of everything, but… It’s interesting that she felt she had to ask, as if Marinette being biracial was a problem. 

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your "crafts" are literally hideous and such a rip off LMAO. just keep making yourself look stupid

this sounds a lot like ladystardvst tbh

let me remind you, whoever you are, that i started making jewelry 3 years ago sooo who am i ripping off?

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Re: Self-diagnosing. I think you'll find a lot of people that are against it are from places that have good access to healthcare and are oblivious to the difficulties others have getting the same supports. Usually reminding them that not everyone has it as easy as them can make them back off a bit.

I got into a fight with a co-worker once because she kept telling me that disability it too easy to get, that people get on it because it’s so easy and they are just lazy freeloaders. I tried reminding her that just because you aren’t paralyzed doesn’t mean you aren’t disabled and she rolled her eyes at me.

Some of these people are just privileged monsters.

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Petition for Aniyah to dye her hair black and white again

lol omg i don’t even remember when she had white hair?? but she’s changed her hair color so many times so it’s possible she did.

but since we’re talking about Ani i was just thinking of her the other day and how i may want to change her face claim to Sza cause her facial features remind me a lot of Ani not to mention she’s also kind of her musical claim as well so i feel like it could work .-.

I have a theory about Jonah Beck

Okay so this randomly came to me when i was reading @jonahbex RANT and now i just have to say it. So A lot of people talk about Jonah having a bad home life. There’s a study that shows that children date peoole that remind them of there parents, it’s like a subconscious thing, they feel like this human is the person they should date and love cause they love there parents. I think Jonah only dated Amber because she reminds him of his parents. I think Jonah parents are abusive. Also theres like one episode left of Andi Mack I have no hope for the Cyrus gay plot I guess Disney hasnt gotten to that yet, but on the bright side, it shows little boys out there that they can be ‘feminine’ and its okay. So yeah idk please tell me what you guys think.

true #facts about shu that I love reminding people about

-has dreams about edgar/yuma on multiple occasions
-sometimes gets so emotional just by talking to yuma that he has to leave suddenly
-calls yuma “”””someone important to me”””” lots of times
-was actually willing to start an enormous war and endanger everyone in the demon world including himself rather than let yuma die
-is willing to die for yuma (shielding him from being stabbed with his own body multiple times)
-fistbumped yuma


i’m so late with catching up with all of my tags from before my exams, but i’m getting to them, i swear!!!! there’s been a lot of drama and just things in general happening in my life as of late, so that’s why i haven’t been online for as often as i’d like :c basically i miss y’all a lot and i see all of your notifs and mentions and ily guys for still thinking of me even when my queue is empty and i’m basically mia on here

i was tagged by @ki-hyunie @wonhonnie @kihqun @minnhyuk @stan-the-best-stan-monsta-x @monbeboo @jhmx and @chaerismatic to do the bias selfie tag and i am reminded yet again of how beAUTIFUL kihyun is like wow have u eVER SEEN SOMEONE SO FINE and then there’s my pic next to him like lollmao

i tag @jewishtransboy @93shin @thisisroom-service @monjinki @trashstax @m0nst4x and @chaebunny!! ofc you don’t have to if you don’t want to <3

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Not gonna lie but your name on here makes me think of Lance just holding an armful of kittens trying to ask Shiro and Keith if they can keep them all while they make a short stop to earth in a few years and Shiro and Keith can't say 'No.' to their pretty little boy. (I'm in love with daddy!Shiro with his pretty boys)

Oh my, this made me laugh a lot tbh 

I’m happy my name reminded you of that XD 

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I don't understand why the CLs are so in love with the Wanheda title? Seems like a lot of Bellarkes don't because it reminds Clarke of all the lives she's had to take. Any insight? It doesn't make any sense to me.

Wanheda doesn’t bother me at all. But to me it seems a lot more mythic than murderous. To me, death is about rebirth, and in a show about the apocalypse, that’s an important theme. I don’t think she’s called Wanheda just for the deaths, but also for who she has managed to save when it seemed as if they were certain to die. From Jasper to the Delinquents to Lincoln to everyone in the COL. 

I do think that a lot of CLs care more about the grounders than they do the skypeople and they consider the skypeople to be the villains and the grounders to be the heroes, and perhaps calling Clarke Wanheda, takes her one step more away from actually BEING a skyperson.

I think Bellarkers have a tendency to see Wanheda as a sign of Clarke’s trauma and burden of being in charge of all those deaths. 


I’m not on either side of that argument. 

Free Day: Killervibe Mixtape

Killervibe Mixtape: I Got You

Most of you don’t know this about me, but I am a massive music nerd. I do musical theater and I play piano and guitar and I sing. Music is a huge part of my life and often how I make sense of emotions, which often translates to my favorite characters and ships.

 I have a lot of songs that remind me of certain characters or ships, and all of these come from that collection that I listen to while I’m writing to get inspired. I agonized over the song order, to give it kind of a progressive intro-climax-coda feel. A lot of these are sad and angsty because that’s just where I am with these two right now, but I tried to give it a mix of tempos to keep things interesting. These two are just so special to me and these beautiful songs all remind me of them. I hope these inspire you while you’re writing!

please reblog/like i worked hard on this

TalesFromRetail: I don't pick the prices, ma'am

Another post I read in this sub reminded me of what happened on Saturday. On mobile so sorry for formatting.

I work at a kitchen store in Ontario - we sell a lot of stuff for kitchens, bathrooms, and entertaining, but no major appliances. We, like many stores, also have a clearance rack that’s usually pretty full. Anything we have that’s discontinued by a manufacturer, or that we just won’t be carrying anymore, or that is an extra display, gets put there. Big signs on the side, with up to 75% off. It usually ends up being around 50%, or 20% if there’s not much missing/wrong with it. Most of our regular prices are already marked down.

Two separate people came up to me at the register, asking for additional discounts on items.

The first was a lady on her own, who brought up a $140 flatware set that was marked down to $115 because it was missing one (1) teaspoon. This set seats 8, so getting nearly 20% off is a pretty good deal. Once I have her phone number, she sets the box on the counter and asks how much the discount on it is. The clearance sign was on the back, so I had to flip it over to check the box. When I saw the markdown and pointed it out, she scoffed and asked what the final price after the 75% off is. I had to explain the “up to” bit, which isn’t actually small, it’s larger than some of our actual signs, and is the same size as the 75% on parts of it. She huffed and left it.

A few minutes later, someone else came up with it, talking about how much of a deal it was.

The second person had another woman with her. These two had done the thing that every cashier at our store hates: filled a cart with both of their items, with no rhyme or reason to where they’d put their stuff, and then loaded it all onto the counter at once. Luckily, they told me it was two transaction before I started scanning, and we’re pretty on the ball about telling me whose was whose. That was the only good thing.

I get through lady one’s transaction no problem. Start lady two’s. L2 is getting 6 placemats in 3 different styles, for a total of 18, and they’re all off the clearance rack. 12 are marked down from $3 to $1.99, and 6 are $3 down to $2.39 - they were a newer style made with higher quality materials, but we switched vendors so we’re not getting more. The 12 have been on clearance since last year, and we’re silicone as opposed to bamboo. L2 starts asking me about the price difference…

L2: So why are these more expensive? I’d buy them all if they were $2. Me: They’re a newer style, so the price is reflective of that. They’re still 20% off though! L2: But the others are $2, I’d take them all… Why don’t you just make them $2 for me? Me: Unfortunately I can’t change prices - our head office sets all the prices chain wide, even for clearance. L2: But it’s not fair that these are more expensive!

This went on for a while, with me scanning her other items while we talked. She didn’t really get rude, just a little short with me.

Me: Ma'am, I can’t change a price for a clearance item. Head office sets them so you aren’t paying more than someone in Toronto or St. Catherine’s is - you’re getting the same deals as they are.

After that she backed down, said she’d take them and asked if she could return them if they don’t look good. Clearance isn’t final sale, so I told her as such, mentioned a sale happening the 23rd-26th, and finished her transaction. L1 was annoyed at how long it took, said so, and they left.

Oh well.

By: werebi-official

A good friend of mine is getting married tomorrow in a small thing at the notary public’s office, which is basically how I got married, and I get to be one of the witnesses! I’m super happy for my friend and her partner and I’m happy I get to be there, it reminds me a lot of when Pif and I got married, which is (obviously) a nice memory, and I’m always just really happy to see my friends happy and taking steps in their relationships that make them happy. 

(I just want to preface this by saying I do not keep up with GOT spoilers and this theory is completely based off the trailers.) I’ve seen a lot of people talk about how strange or unusual Sansa looks and is behaving in this scene from the s7 trailer.

I think I know why. When I saw that scene the first thing I thought is that the cinematography reminded me of when Sansa was walking away from Ramsey Bolton after killing him.

In those scenes the camera is in front of Sansa as she walks towards it. That doesn’t happened frequently with her and it’s a very bold choice style wise. What if that is Sansa walking away from Petyr Baelish as he dies? I don’t see her killing him with her own hands but I can see her having him executed, or just refusing to help him if he was bleeding to death.