it reminds me a lot of

It’s okay if your fp doesn’t want you. I know it sounds fake as hell because it doesn’t feel okay at all and all you want to do is throw things at the wall, yell at them for not loving you as much as you love them, and it feels like the world is crashing and burning but trust me, it’s okay if they don’t love or want you as much as you want and love them. It’s okay. Remember that we are hyper emotional people and we feel emotions a lot stronger than the average person.

What isn’t okay is not loving yourself and taking care of yourself because your fp isn’t responding or acting the way you want them to or the way that they should. You come first, always. No matter what your mind is trying to tell you. You came into this world alone and you are made to be able to survive on your own. Trust me.

Look, it’s cool if you make Barry hot. Like, go right ahead, but don’t erase his chub! Barry is canonly fat, or at the very least chubby if you think of there being a difference. As someone who is overweight Barry means a lot to me, because he isn’t reduced to his size and is a loved character. Seeing fanart of Barry as thin or beefy hurts people, because that sends the message that if you’re fat, then you aren’t lovable.

Let Barry Bluejeans Be Fat 2017!

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That interview BTS did with that black women on the red carpet reminded me how shy Tae is around woc cause idk if it was ahl but he got shy around those girls and he couldn’t look at them in the face.. well he was kinda doing the same this time he had his face down a lot of the time

^ he even admitted on AHL that he was shy because he had a crush on her, that’s so cute!

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What do you think of Izuku?

Hes a good kid, he reminds me a lot of myself at that age

I dont believe its a good idea for him to be following All Might though, he needs to take a step back and really look at what hes getting into

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So on snapchat I have named everyone after fictional characters they remind me of. I keep forgetting to do that and it gets confusing sometimes as "proudfoot" and "padfoot" look very similar 😂. Long intro for a simple question which is, what fictional character do you see yourself as?


idk i’ve got like.. i’m totally blanking

anyone with no personality except from a lot of love for my pets and babies and zero tolerance for bullshit

who’s like that? halp

“More posts like this” on mobile is hands down the worst feature staffs rolled out recently because it keeps fucking bringing up posts about old girlfriends or almost girlfriends and lord I’m exhausted

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Just a friendly reminder ^^ : you are an awesome person Evie. You are certainly one of the best people I know on Earth. You are a wonderful artist. You are an incredible best friend and sister. You make a lot of people happy and smile <3. Don't forget, we are all here for you no matter what. Love you a lot sis *Hugs*. Tu es exceptionnel et je t'adore énormément. Je te souhaite d'être heureuse le plus souvent possible <3. *Huggles*

Thank you bro :3 you’re amazing. I’m really thankful for you, Deusn and Azy yesterday for helping me :’3 it means a lot. Thanks for being an awesome brother! *hug*

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hey i’m not sure how u feel about indie folk but the song tin lover by the paper kites is really soft and it makes me gay, i mean lots of their music makes me gay but tin lover gives me an elisar vibe. it matches the colors u use in your art

hey anon im listening to this very lovely song by a band i already liked quite a bit and im crying bc this is so sweet and im!!!!!!!!!!!!! thank you so much this makes me so happy !! (esp bc its associated w me?? it feels like a mood????? i would feel???)

if anyone else has songs u feel remind u of my art (or vice versa) please tell me im!!!!

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I dont know why but your pointy flowerboy seems so irish so me isweartogid I dunno why I just get a Irish vibe from him maybe it's beacuse he reminds me of how people describe my personality except im not all leggy He all leggy

I’ve gotten a lot of asks about this actually lmao and honestly I can see it.

Late night B.A.P thoughts

Sometimes I just get really sentimental and think about B.A.P…I look at their growth as artists and how far they’ve come but I also think about where they are yet to go. I think I get really emotional about it because it brings me back to simpler, but also complicated, times when I was 16…It was such a confusing time in life. I think as I look back on their growth as artists, it reminds me of my growth as a person. B.A.P was there for a lot of my maturing process, and I think that’s why I have such an attachment to them. I think in those days, I always gave up easily and I never believed in myself…but I think as I admired them, it reminded me how beautiful it is to be such a passionate person. That with all odds against us, we need to continuously put our heart and soul into the things we love. Wether we bring home nothing, or everything, I would still want to pursue everything I want because I deserve that. That I deserve the goodness of the fruits of my labor. I think B.A.P truly taught me to never stop dreaming…and that the dreams and aspirations I have truly are important and unique to who I am, regardless of who may be my competition, that we deserve to live our dreams and to be happy and content with just that because we are just able to do it. I’m so thankful that they were able to show me that…because I know I would be so miserable. Yeah, yeah, people are gonna say I’m crazy or that I’m putting too much faith in B.A.P or im giving them too much credit, but sometimes things just happen that way. They are all just inspiring individuals, and I’m sure anyone who has seen them, listened to them, was with them for any period of time, can testify to that. My heart is so content. They are so true to who they are. They’re so passionate about what they do. They use their platform to speak out about issues that everyone would choose not to speak about. They love people, they have compassion for others. They are so humble. They are just…such beautiful people…and I am SO happy that I can say they are my inspiration and/or that they have given me inspiration again. I aspire to be as passionate, loving, caring, and humble as they are. They truly are making a way for those who dream of bigger things.

I just want to send all my love to everyone who participated in the ❤️ ask because this has been a rough day and thinking about all the ways in which you guys have touched my life and mended my heart has offered a lot of perspective. I just want to take a second to remind everyone that failure is not something to be feared. Do the best that your health and mind will allow and if it doesn’t work out, if you don’t reach your goal, do it again. Win, lose, make mistakes, learn from them, help others, spread love and encouragement, and know that you are valid and worthy of love and happiness during your lowest moments, through your biggest failures, and in your greatest regrets. It isn’t your job to be good at everything, it isn’t your responsibility to always be beautiful and put together, or wise. Live in your failures, own up to them, revel in them even. But always get up and try harder next time.

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Please help me like Kaede. I really wish I did but I honestly just find her really annoying. Give me some attributes to like because everyone else likes her and I feel left out.

(Haha well I don’t know? What is it that you find annoying about her?

For me she reminds me a lot of Makoto, she has most of the traits that I love about him so I love her for this too. But I also likes how she decided to take actions to pursue what she believes was right and faces all the consequences without running away.

The fact that she lied to prove that Shuichi wasn’t the culprit really show me her true colors too. Because if she hadn’t done that then she would have been able to survive. And she knew that, by proving that it wasn’t Shuichi, it would prove that it was her. She knew right from the beginning that she was going to die, she never even tried to escape alone, she only used it to help Shuichi so he would have the courage and the strength to go on without her and put a end to the killing game. I really admire her for that.

I saw someone’s analysis on her and I found it really true ; Kaede was a finished character. By that I mean that most of the characters had things they needed to work on (like Shuichi’s confidence for example) but Kaede was already sure of herself and of what she wanted to be/do. She was already at the stage the others reached at the end of the game. And that’s why she died so early. 

But that also doesn’t mean that she is perfect. Even if she is confident in some things I also think that she can be pretty insecure about others things (she often talks down about herself) and she also have problem with socialising. Yes, I know that in the game she is shown as someone everyone look up too etc but when you look at it deeper she tends to forget about the rest of the world when she is focused on something and that can lead to situation like the one when she was pushing everyone to keep trying the “escape route”. And the way she reacted when everyone lashed out at her (by hiding her feelings and crying by herself) also shows that she is somehow aware of it and feeling insecure about it.

I don’t really know how to explain why I like a character though so I probably didn’t help at all but to sum it up I really like her complexity as a character (after all she even fooled us, the player) and I would have loooove to play her for the rest of the game and see how her presence would have change things.

-mod lili)

i think i’ve gotten better at passing, though. people call me sir a lot at work, an employee at the laser tag course called me “buddy,” one of my friend’s friends told him that i reminded him of the new spiderman guy. someone on the other laser tag team told me that my real name was a girl’s name [ it’s unisex ] in an effort to make fun of me. even my coworkers have been calling me son / boy / dude / etc. i’m not sure if i’m doing anything different, maybe it’s because i’m beginning to hold myself more confidently? but it’s nice.

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I really do side eye anti-black idols that try to interact or collab w/ black people in any way. Like you don't like us but wanna try to kiss our ass when your struggling w/ fame. I'm talking in general, but I was just looking @ Jackson's ass at the AMAs. Like it's a funny clip but it reminds me how other idols speak to black celebs which makes me :/ it's like white people trying to throw gang signs n shit in pics when there's a black person with them

I get what you saying anon. It’s like white people trying to come up to a black person using old slang terms… that’s so cringeworthy. To be honest a lot of American artists do that too (in terms of breaking their neck to collab but really don’t mess with us outside of music). -A

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a cameraman from inkigayo must have snaked into AMAs otherwise there is no concrete explanation on why the camerawork during BTS was far from satisfying. :| jk america probably isn't all that used to a performance where the performers move around a lot such a shame

’ a cameraman from inkigayo’ fam you got me sobbing rn cause YES hclikhscvhs. your words also reminded me of this iconic camerawork and now that i look its not much different from ama’s and i just cant stop laughing. but! gotta give it to the boys - their damn eagle eyes still found all the cameras, years of inkigayo harsh practice haven’t gone unnoticed

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So, I've just read that the others have helped you yesterday cuz of something that happened yesterday, so I've decided to give a few encouraging words. Evie, I'm gonna come out with it, that you've helped me tremendously. You've helped emotionally throughout my stressful parts in life. Most importantly, you've supported me through the toughest of times. I know I've said this to you before, but I'm just here to remind you on how much of a great friend you are to me. You're an amazing girl, Evie!

QwQ thank you, Gerry. It really means a lot. I’m so glad I’ve done something to at least help you a little :) *hug* You are awesome and a good friend :3