it really was superb


six wives with lucy worsley (2016) 

“six wives, their names were tarnished by henry’s propaganda machine. six queens whose stories i want to re-examine.” 

What if Link has a superb singing voice - nothing really strong or powerful but really soft and pleasant - and one night, he and Sidon are just chilling by a riverbed, Sidon is just kind of idly swimming around while Link is fishing from the riverbed 

Link starts singing distractedly - a soft soothing tune from his childhood, not even really noticing that he’s singing but Sidon just kind of stops and is like ‘holy shit, heart eyesssss’ because good lord, was he not expecting that. He, of course, just silently watches and listens, falling in love all over again as Link gently sings 

Or Link starts singing a very classic Zora song that Mipha taught him a long while ago, and Link isn’t even really sure how he remembers all the words but they flow at as naturally and easily as the river flows. He finishes the song, looks up to find Sidon staring at him with tears in his eyes because it’s been so long since he’s heard that song and Link sung it so well. He asks Link to sing it again then just sits back and lets himself be swept away by the song

I know that “twisted” Disney has been a thing lately, but really, all you need to do is play Epic Mickey.








PLUS it has an EXCELLENT storyline, superb visuals, and really obscure references. Like, REALLY obscure. Like, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, The Mad Doctor, E-tickets, and old rides. AND the Clock from the “it’s a small world” ride is a boss battle. HOW CAN YOU NOT LOVE THIS GAME???


25 Days of Outlander - Dec 14 - Favorite Scene That Wasn’t in the Book
I’m not sure I’m ready to go to war again.

Why Moonlight Deserves Best Picture Over La La Land

After getting a recent message from Tumblr user @fewger and reading a bunch of Oscar-related articles, I have discovered that I hold the semi-unpopular opinion that Moonlight deserves Best Picture over La La Land.  So, I feel obligated to go to bat on this, so let’s have a chat, y’all.

The debate between La La Land and Moonlight brings me back a year to last year’s Grammy Awards, where the Album of the Year award was given to Taylor Swift’s 1989 over Kendrick Lamar’s To Pimp a Butterfly, a move that shocked many.  One hand, you had a collection of pretty well made pop tunes that can make even the most Swift-cynical person, like myself, tap their toes.  1989 was a fun album with a lot of celebrity gossip theories and some admittedly great songs.  On the other hand, there was the magnum opus that is To Pimp a Butterfly, which blended together modern and older styles and used some daring techniques to paint a poetic, detailed picture of growing up in places like Compton while struggling with race, mental illness, and self-identity.  In this album, Lamar provided a glimpse into a lifestyle that many of us will never ever experience or truly understand and was unafraid of showing the ambiguous morality of this life.

My, this is all starting to sound a little familiar, hm?

The thing is, it’s true that La La Land is a feat of filmmaking. Honestly, just getting the green light, producers, and the big budget it had was a huge task in and of itself.  As it is, the musical numbers are impeccably executed, from cinematography to choreography to music and lyrics, and it’s damn charming to boot.  I genuinely love and enjoy this film, and God knows I don’t like to knock Chazelle, whose previous feature, Whiplash, was an intensely personal experience for me.  However, what La La Land accomplishes, it does with a pretty decent budget, whereas Moonlight accomplishes more with next to nothing. Hell, even the musical moments of Moonlight have as much, if not more, impact than many in La La Land, from the “Every N—– is a Star” opening (just another element it shares with Lamar’s To Pimp a Butterfly) to the heart-wrenching impact of “Hello Stranger” to the haunting moments created by the chopped-and-screwed score.

Now, let’s hit the two biggest, most noticeable (even to an untrained eye) elements of filmmaking: performances and story.  Moonlight shines brighter in both.

In La La Land, Gosling and Stone have both achieved quite a bit.  They’ve learned to dance in all sorts of styles, sing, and even, for Gosling, learned piano from scratch.  These aren’t easy tasks, I’ll grant you, but when you look at the actual acting performance that marries these elements to the characters, it’s just not very exciting stuff.  Gosling and Stone have great onscreen chemistry, but these characters aren’t a departure for them.  Stone is basically playing a slightly different version of herself, while Gosling is just great at being Gosling.  (And this is in no way me throwing shade at Ryan Gosling; the man is a damn delightful actor with incredible comic timing.  I genuinely love his work.)  So, there’s not a real acting challenge here, just a bunch of side challenges.  However, this is the kind of performance for which the Academy goes crazy, where transformation is achieved through a means that is not really acting.

Meanwhile, Moonlight is built on a foundation of superb, nuanced performances from a cast of smaller parts.  There are beautiful character interpretations from Ali, Monaé, Harris, Holland, and the three Chirons (Hibbert, Sanders, and Rhodes).  These actors are directed superbly by Jenkins, so much so that none of the actors playing Chiron ever met before or during filming to discuss the character, but still play him with an uncanny similarity. It’s ingenious directing, and the actors’ work is transformative, moving, and worthy of reward.  However, most of them, except Ali, will go without.

Now, we come to story, which we all know if the most crucial element of a movie.  Without a good story, it’s not going anywhere.  And it’s definitely where Moonlight proves its importance over La La Land.

La La Land is about a couple of privileged dreamers in Los Angeles who sacrifice relationships for their goals. Let’s be honest, guys: this isn’t at all original.  I can think of many films, shows, songs, other musicals, even musicals within other musicals, etc. etc. with a pretty dang similar, if not identical, concept behind them.  And yeah, we’re all dreamers, and yeah, we can all find something relatable in the wonderful feeling this film conveys of wanting to fulfill your dreams.  However, the self-centered, self-praising nature of this film makes it an easy choice for Hollywood people, whose egos demand to be stroked and whose backs need to be patted.  Meanwhile, Moonlight brings a cinematic voice to a kind of person we rarely see onscreen.  We watch him grow, learn, lash out, hide himself away, and, finally, accept and, in doing so, love.  It’s a gorgeous tale that resonates deeply with anyone who’s struggled with who they are, and Chiron is a vulnerable character within many of us can find something of ourselves.

Someone once said that all cinema is, at its core, about identity.  Moonlight has a way of opening the audiences’ hearts and touching them where they’re most vulnerable.  Its story is strikingly universal.  On the flipside, La La Land, while perfectly executed, resonates with a very specific group of people.  Moonlight is original, singular, impossible to categorize.

La La Land is for some; Moonlight is for all.

That’s why Moonlight should win Best Picture.

Finally Finished watching the Kill La Kill Blu-Ray’s 😋

* it’s great to finally own my favourite anime
* kinda bummed that “All the anime” split a 24 episode plus 1 OVA series over 3 separate boxes
* cost about £65 for the whole series
* though it’s worse for Americans I believe, 5 separate purchases all together
* the English dub was superb, really gave me a sense of genuine fun and some really touching moments
* really is amazingly animated
* story is simple but I personally think that it plays to the shows strength
* it’s great to see shows with strong females leads
* the nudity can make it a difficult sale for some but personally I was raised to never shame the naked body no matter what size, shape or colour
* phenomenal soundtrack
* genuinely made you have emotions for a sailor uniform
*Great villains ( seriously we need more sensual badass Ragyo’s)
* from the people who brought you Gurran Lagann, panty and stocking with garter belt & would go on to make little witch Academia
* has the blessing/curse of being one of the “super” popular anime of its airing season, leading to inevitable ultra hype that no show can really live up to/bashing that it’s popular trash
* it’s my personal favourite anime, because it reintroduced me to anime in general after a long break from the medium & it the first I ever watched as it was airing from beginning to end

* ANIMATION 9/10 (a beautiful mix of styles and gorgeous imagery)
* STORY 7/10 (simple but it allows a great mix of action and comedy)
* CHARACTERS 10/10 ( an insane mix of personalities that I will remember and love for all my days)

OVERALL 9/10 not perfect but very few shows are, definitely gets a recommendation from me as a must watch/definitely buy

Louder - Jesse Puljujarvi (SMUT)

Originally posted by brettpesce

Note: hi im back with a smut sorry about the two month hiatus i’ll try to post one imagine a day but no promises!! <333 but this is bad bc im honestly trash and my motivation levels are shot but im hoping to get them back!! love uuu all. (how sad is it that i didn’t know he was this attractive poor me)

Mentions: no one special

Warnings: sMUT, literally this is a porn w/o a plot sorry

Requested by Anonymous: Could you please do a Jesse Puljujarvi smut where he tries to make you make as much noise as possible since you told him you keep quiet during sex because you dislike how you sound            

Up Next: Matthew Tkachuk

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Day 2.
Ngardi to Ghermu.

A slow morning. The first view of a snowy peak off in the distance. A hot coffee slowly makes it’s way into my veins, energising me for a long day ahead.
The dull roar of the river below us lulled us into a slow, cruisy morning. The first proper day of hiking began easy enough. A slow meander through valleys nestled in amongst mountains.

It was only a 12km hike with the day ending 250m higher, at 1130m above sea level. Though one thing you learn very quickly, it might seem like the ascent is small, but most days you hike up and down up and down.

We’d begun trekking through the sweetest little town, winding our way up the hill, passing through fields of banana trees. Our stomachs were grumbling and luckily we saw the sign for ‘The Superb View’ restuarant. We had to force our bodies up another 150 metres to get there but it really was ‘The Superb View’ restaurant.
The plan was to have a good lunch and re-energise our tired trekking bodies. Perhaps a coffee or a coke for that extra kick and we’d be rearing to go.
But in reality when you take your pack off you actually physically melt into whatever thing you’re sitting or laying on and become stuck there for at least 2 hours before your body resolidifies and can continue moving.
Food in Nepal usually takes a good hour to come out, by the time my dahl baht arrived my body had well and truly dissipated.

Eventually our bodies reformed and we made it to Ghermu.
Our guest house was nestled in amongst some more mountains. How very original. This time overlooking a waterfall. We were exclaiming loudly about how beautiful it was wondering yet again, how on earth it could get MORE beautiful.
This country is seriously AMAZING.

Some more rebelcaptain fic recs

I did this once before and thought it was about time I did another.  This is just a selection of the top-notch fic this ship has given rise to in the last couple of months.  I’m putting notes and summaries below a read-more as the list on its own turned out quite long.

Hearts of kyber by rcmsw

As the fates unwind by Jaxin

Baby, you need to come home by aewgliriel

Over the edge by jplus

Inevitable by cellorocket

Death in the time of the Empire by Deputychairman

Die with your darlings by thelovelies

Been to the mountaintop by biclaras

To ashes and stardust by wandering_scavenger

We don’t know everything by Disneybrony

Happy endings (are just stories that haven’t finished yet) by guineapiggie

A pile of bones by Not_So_Secretly_A_Spaceship and Wolf_Storm

This is a rebellion, isn’t it? By aMassiveDisappointment (BadOldWest)

A good thing by Jaded

Back to the night by AlexOblivion

Kill the lights (and kiss my eyes) by ohstardustgirl

Truth spoke in whispers (will tear you apart) by guineapiggie

You can’t hide (your lyin’ eyes) by NewLeeland

Cassian Andor’s guide to cohabitation by brahe

Priorities by RapidashPatronus

After by scoundrelhan

Lullaby by Tigersmeleth

It’s only ever been by NeonDaisies

The art in the lie by Jaded

The remembrance of pain (time will explain) also by Jaded

The soul magicians by porcelainsimplicity

For a good time call by Jormaperalta

Anything can happen by stargirl428

Killer Queen by ohmytheon

Heaven’s not far away (and I’m not going to leave you here) by Irelando

Rogues of the lost Ark by NewLeeland

Floating, sinking by shuofthewind

Resistance is built on hope by ChronicOlicity

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( PROMPT: In order to blend in with people and gain more knowledge I keep attending different schools under different names and you sit next to me in a lecture. You can hear me muttering that the teacher is wrong and when you ask how I can be so sure, and on reflex, I tell you that I was there oh no )

A/N: Still hoping that I’ll meet Tom Holland when I go off to London. My brother’s in London, and I can’t wait to see his grumpy face!! If anyone has any recommendations on where to go/what to eat, please come scream at me in my inbox!!

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Another new identity, another new school. You’ve lost track of how many there have been over the years. Two hundred? A thousand? Always a large city, a large school, always the same routine. Places where new transfer students hardly draw anyone’s attention. 

Sometimes you wonder what you would have become if you’d stayed on the island with the Mistress – nothing but a lifetime of seducing men and practicing your magic. 

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daddywan-kenobi  asked:

Can I be really with you, like your art is superb just A+ gives my eyes good feelings type of good. But also is Space Pirate Obi's theme song the space equivalent of Michael Jackson's Bad.

❤️❤️❤️ thank you for this Good Ask.

And I would go even further and say in my head, Space Pirate Obi’s soundtrack is all 80s cheese, all the time. I mean… look at how open his shirt is. I’m thinking MJ, Toto’s ‘Hold the line’, Hall & Oates 'You make my dreams come true’, all that good stuff.

What say you, @fireflyfish?

Lams Fic Rec That’s Literally Just For Me Because I Don’t Think Anyone Following Me Cares About Lams

Conifer by Riddelly

Fantastic historical lams. Seriously, this is so good. The dialogue is slightly historical but not in a way that’s hard to read, and the everyone’s very in character and sweet. It’s just a one-shot, but definitely worth reading because it’s one of my favorites.

Apple by Madtom_Publius

This is part of a larger series called Valley Forge, but this is by far my favorite chapter. It’s another short one, but it’s so, so good. It depicts internalized homophobia during the historical era better than pretty much any other fic I’ve read, exploring a lot of religious guilt in a really insightful way. It’s pretty angsty, but the end gives you a great feeling of, I don’t know, hope? It’s difficult to explain, but I can’t recommend it and the series enough.

Stage Lights Are Blaring by Ravenesta

This is a modern AU where John hosts a late night talk show and Alexander is Treasury Secretary, and John sort of?? starts flirting with him over the show. I’m not going to give away too much, but this is one of my favorites and it’s super funny. The characterization is some of my favorite too. Unfortunately it doesn’t update anymore, but it ends at a point where it still feels like a complete story.

The People v. John Laurens by xissiar

John killed his father, and Alexander and Hercules are his lawyers. The writing for this is superb, and there’s a ton of really interesting court stuff too. It can be pretty triggering to some, with mentions of drowning, abuse, gore, etc, so be careful. It’s not complete yet, but it’s still updating and I’m really excited to see where it goes.

Jusqu'à Demain by rynnfox

A historical groundhog day AU that takes place during the war, I think it’s around the Valley Forge encampment, but I could be wrong. It really like its interpretation of Lafayette and John’s characters, and while it’s not super full of lams, it’s definitely there. It’s really angsty but not without happy parts, and just really worth a read. Once again, it’s not complete but still updating.

Dear Alexander by aceflowerchild

This one is so, so pretty. It’s two letters, one written by John and one by Alexander, and then a rewrite of Dear Theodosia. This one is like reading poetry, it’s utterly beautiful and actually fairly reminiscent of some aspects of their real letters. This is a short one, but 100% worth reading.

Catch a Glimpse of the Other Side by turtle_penguin_ravenclaw

This one is super simple and fun. After they both die, Alexander and John come back to haunt Jefferson. This one’s super lighthearted, no angst whatsoever.

My Friend Hamilton Whom I Shot by Sammyy

After killing Hamilton in the duel, Burr kills himself, and finds himself in heaven. This one’s a lil angsty at the beginning, but gets happy and lighthearted later on. This is a great on to read when you feel sad or anything, it always brings a smile to my face. The writing is great.

You can probably tell I got lazy at the end with the descriptions, but they’re all great and I can’t recommend them enough. And none are nsfw, by the way.