it really was a tragedy


Hello, I’ve been working on a new fic, along with the other two I have going… just thought that I’d pop this opening up here and see if I get any reactions to it. It’s going to be a darker fic, and will be a mix of Ignoct and Nyxnoct. Thank you for reading if you do~  <3


The time is out of joint: O cursed spite,
That ever I was born to set it right!

Hamlet Act I, Scene V


Regis stood before the crystal, his hands clenched tightly as he thought of his wife lying below.  Aulea was about to bear him a son, his first child and heir to his kingdom. For months, only happiness had reigned within their lives as they awaited their child, but as he stood within that room high above the city all he felt was anger. “How much must be sacrificed before you are satisfied.”

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look at this beautiful cosplay by Mimi Reaves next to the actual mess that Emma Watson created of Belle. When homemade gowns look better and more expensive than the live action, glitter glue tragedy, you know they really messed.

I know I’ve talked about this before, but I’m really sick of seeing writers who should know better say things like, “Tragedy is more compelling than stories where characters have a nice day and nothing bad happens!” without understanding why.

Tragedy is an effective story element when it’s a deviation from the norm. A character’s peaceful existence is disrupted by a catastrophic event that throws everything into chaos. The character now has to either develop so they can cope with the new status quo, or find a way to put things back the way they were. There’s a good story in that.

But when a character’s life is an unrelenting cavalcade of misery, another heaping dose of shit isn’t all that interesting. At that point, a compelling deviation from the norm would be said character having a nice day where nothing bad happens. And modern fiction is chock-full of misery porn, so by this logic, it’s no wonder the coffee shop AU is such a popular fanfiction trope.

Derek Hale getting a dog and putting his life back together is way more interesting than Derek Hale’s life getting worse for the 26th consecutive episode. Creators like to hold up “everything is fine and nobody dies” as a sign that fanfic is bland and badly written, but if anything, it’s an indicator that mainstream fiction is bland and badly written. 

i kind of dont want to see any art or dragon age meta that equates what marginalized people in the US are going through with mage rights or whatever. like. just saying, as someone who will spend at minimum two years watching my rights and the rights of millions of others trickle throigh the fingers of an administration that wants us dead, while my neighbors proudly celebrate that shit? no, if you put any on my dash please tag it for me. i dont want it.

things about brendon urie that i heart

-his thick fuckin thighs holy wow
-smiley boy 24/7 like does this guy ever get sad i hope not
-high heels
-“that breaks my heart that youre calling yourselves trash that really sucks”
-is tired of i write sins not tragedies
-continues to sing i write sins not tragedies
-fucking nice to everyone like ?? how im not even nice to myself
-ends up shirtless by the second half of every concert
-always screaming for some reason
-or just making some odd noise
-hes just cute and hes 2 years old someone give him a lollypop

conundrum. (arranged in haphazard rondo)

In lieu of soukoku episode release & soukoku week, I decided to post a soukoku fic at last ヾ(´▽`;)ゝ

tl;dr: An introspective overview of Dazai and Chuuya’s relationship over the years, told in five brief parts; from childhood, to the Dark Era, till the very end; and me postulating the ending of BSD encompassing much angst and tragedy.


- table of contents -

i. The Worst Day Ever
ii. The Scariest Day Ever
iii. The Absolute Worst Day Ever
iv. The Happiest Day Ever
v. The Worst Day Ever


i. The Worst Day Ever

There wasn’t really anything that happened between them.

“I’m Nakahara.”

“Name’s Dazai.”

“Your face pisses me off.”

“As does yours.”

“I’m glad it’s mutual.”

Perhaps it’s meant to be. Their first look at one another left a sour aftertaste at the back of their tongues, like the revolting bitterness of herbal medicines. It’s strong, it’s repugnant, it’s also inexplicable – arising as naturally as the Sun from the east. The French use the saying, “le coup de foudre”; perhaps between them lightning struck too hard, and the nasty burn that it left behind sizzled on for many years to come.

It’s not like Chuuya can ever forget that day – he even went on to elegantly coin it with a name of utmost sophistication (‘The Worst Day Ever’). It’s as if he is forced to endure the taste of cheap, oxidized beer; the odious gaze of those black eyes from across the room left in him a prickly sensation of disgust, coupled with the urge to flee at once.

Not that he could. “Now, lads, no fighting,” instructed Kouyou, her tone motherly. Her eyes shot him a knowing look, and Chuuya understood the threat that came beneath that beaming visage. “The Boss insists you lads be cordial.”

“How ‘bout no.” Chuuya mutters, eyeing the other boy suspiciously.

“My sentiments exactly,” says the boy with a subdued glower.

Kouyou’s smile only widens to terrifying proportions, and she says nothing, turning to grin at the man standing behind the young boy. It is the boy’s caregiver, Mori; a figure whose role paralleled hers to Chuuya. The man shrugs, amused.

Meanwhile the boys are engaged in their own interaction of silent looks, scrutinizing one another with disdainful contempt; between them stood a battlefield of sheer eyepower and pride, alongside equal prowess of detestation flung at one another carelessly like spears, hitting all but their target’s unyielding ego. Neither relents. Neither triumphs either.

Their stalemate is abruptly broken when Kouyou, with her heavy kimono and large traditional umbrella, steps in regally between them, the slight smile of her face both mystifying and alluring at once. Both boys are halted, and turn their gaze towards her subliminal beauty in stunned wonder.

She turns to each of them, tossing charming glances through half-lidded eyes – enrapturing them with the exquisite sheen glimmering in her eyes. She grins. Mori watches on, respectfully amused at Kouyou’s wit.

“Orders are orders, lads,” says she, emancipating an immeasurable amount of matured charisma.

The two boys dumbly nod, eyes fixated and enthralled like the bewitched; unquestioning.

It is only much later that Chuuya realises what he had agreed to, and groans in unfathomable regret and angst at perhaps the worst command of all time.

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Types of Shakespeeps

Comedy people: hopeless romantics but also really into dick jokes; unfazed by the wildest coincidence but confused about their gender, their whole identity, or both

History people: either Team York or Team Lancaster and will fight you over it; on a first-name basis with several dead monarchs; on a weird personal crusade to exonerate their problematic fave and won’t shut up about it

Tragedy people: love to suffer and plan to take everyone else down with them; ready to die for the ‘aesthetic’; not-so-secretly into BDSM

Romance people: consider themselves exempt from the forces of time, geography, probably gravity; high like 90% of the time; career prospects include pirate, statue, bear

‘Problem play’ people: too serious for the comedies, too squeamish for the tragedies; have a really strong opinion about the end of Measure for Measure and will tell you about it whether you want to hear it or not; DISCOURSE FOR DAYS

Apocrypha people: Shakespeare hipsters


Jonson people: don’t actually like Jonson but Shakesepare is too mainstream


It’s a shame that in Future Trunks’ timeline, Vegeta never had a chance to redeem from the proud, self-centered warrior he was. Future Bulma never got to see the soft side of Future Vegeta before he died. It’s sad knowing that she died before reuniting with Present Vegeta - someone who’s currently on the path of avenging both her and their son out of love and frustration. Love for them, and frustration in knowing that they both had to suffer at the hands of Zamasu. 

Once Zeno destroyed Future Trunks’ timeline, that included the spirit world too. Both heaven and hell were completely erased, which means Future Bulma’s spirit is no more. She can’t even rest in peace.

It’s really a tragedy and makes me sad every time I think about it. Present Bulma is very fortunate to be able to live in a “what could’ve been” world for Future Bulma. Present Bulma is able to enjoy her life in a peaceful environment alongside her son, husband, family, and friends. All of this was sadly taken away from Future Bulma. 

I love the Shakespeare fandom because there’s like 0 drama at all. like you’re a freshman who read Romeo and Juliet so now you wanna get into Shakespeare more? fuck yeah man that’s great. you grew up on all Shakespeare’s comedies but never really wanted to read the tragedies or histories? sweet yo good for you. you don’t ship hamratio? that’s cool that’s cool whatever floats your boat. you’ve never read a single sonnet? great they’re all mushy romance shit anyway. plus its literally just a bunch of history nerds writing fanfiction about centuries old plays so I mean I guess if we’re all lame as fuck there’s no room for bullying

About all this Lunafreya/NoctLuna hate..

I just need to say… Lunafreya deserves so much more fucking respect but that’s not what I’m the most annoyed about right now. The truly annoying thing is how people say she isn’t really valid to Noctis? Or like her and Noctis “weren’t” in love, they’re just friends blah blah. All this anti-noctluna mess. First thing is first; I do wish Square Enix would’ve given us more BUT they gave us enough to realize this:

1. They are fucking in love.

 I’m going to elaborate. I get the whole “but they didn’t even see each other for 12 years” okay but ya’ll act like they really chose not to???? Are we forgetting exactly why? The tragedy that separated them??? Hello? I’m sure they would’ve grown up, stuck to each other like glue had Tenebrae not been invaded.

 2. Noct’s Squad

 Seriously? They tease him about Luna sooooo fucking much. Were we playing the same game? Prompto is easily the biggest noctluna shipper. What about Noct’s (English) voice actor confirmation?

 3. The notebook

 To me, Noctluna is clearly something long distance to put it simply. I’m going to be real here and say Noctis did NOT have to keep up communication with Luna all these years but he did! He fucking did. He missed her, he fucking showed nothing but sincere worry/excitement/love whenever Umbra would show up with the notebook carrying her response. The same goes for Luna. “They didn’t see each other for 12 years” they fucking wrote to each other for 12 years!!! You think they didn’t learn anything about each other in 12 years? “They wrote like one sentence to each other” no, be quiet. It’s a GAME. The length doesn’t matter, Square Enix was trying to tell the players one thing alone with the notebook; THEY HAVE NOT LET DISTANCE GET IN BETWEEN, they LOVE each other and they tragically but romantically have been connected the whole fucking time. Luna captured, no, /has had/ Noct’s heart… for 12 years. Through a notebook alone, they loved so fucking hard– That’s what I got from the game, the lover’s notebook was heavily symbolic.

 4. Luna’s death

 Since Luna had a lack of screen time, her death wasn’t felt as heavily as it should’ve been. /To me/, it was a heavy hit still. You know who else it was especially a heavy hit for? Noctis. The argument here is, of course it was. They were childhood friends, yes. Makes sense but I couldn’t help but feel like this hit was the one that kinda drew the final straw for Noctis. Noctis is clearly someone who feels heavily. He is an open book. Anyone’s death would’ve crushed him but Luna’s death had him in tears multiple times. Gladio had a harder time snapping him back to reality. When Luna was saying her farewell, he reached out and his face– god, his face. And when she appeared in front of him.. I can’t help but to feel like Luna’s death had the biggest toll though all the deaths to take place were just as important.

 5. The ending (Wedding scene)

 The wedding scene in the end, whether it was the after life or whatever– or Noct’s fantasy, it was a sincere ending. This was the happiness Regis wished them, the ending they BOTH desired. In the end, light was restored and so was peace… and still, Noctis and Lunafreya married. Dead or alive. Yes, Square Enix should’ve executed things better but everything that pointed to Noctis and Luna’s relationship was symbolic and there. Maybe there wasn’t a lot of it but ya’ll can’t say that my ship wasn’t valid. Whether you like it or not, it’s canon and canon for much good reason.

 Rant done.

psa: since im gettin some questions about Lotor, no he was not in this season (only mentioned), no I dont know how he’ll act but I do know how he acted in the original (which was honestly p tragic lol) and nO I dont claim to know what he’ll look like in DW style. All the doodles/drawings are just for fun (bc of course this is what I take away from s2)

The outfit is based off mystery galra that Keith saves in the giant space worm.

The markings are me being thirsty for face tats.

I always draw all characters with either long hair or undercuts cause im garbage. (long hair won out in the end)

I’ll probs only be drawing problematic angst and tragedy or really really really silly stuff~

thankyou so much for the follows, likes, reblogs. fics. art  and general positive feed back ect I’m sUPER FLATTERED HONESTLY YA’LL ARE SO KIND TO ME ;;;

when you accidentally write a tragedy instead of a sin