it really turned out purple


so free up the cheaper seats
here comes a greek tragedy

Theory on Fall Out Boy’s new purple album concept and its trailer.

I’ll just share it here because I’m currently watching the video on a loop and these insane theories keep poppin’ in my head, so I need to share one of them, the one it makes the most sense to me.

The video starts with a logo from a company called “Mania”. We already saw this name on the first cryptic video FOB posted along with movie theater addresses. Here we see “Mania Beach Resorts”, while we saw “Mania Entertainment Group” on the other one.
You can look it up on Google, and you’ll see that this company does not exist, thus, it’s fictional, created for concept purposes. I imagine this just like MCR created the Better Living Industries for Danger Days’ concept. But we’ll get to that.
Then, we can hear a whistling happy song while the video shows a happy couple on a beach, with a marriage proposal and three kids running towards the water on a pier. Everything seems perfect so far. Then, the image closes to a striking thunder lightning and a tidal wave hitting a rock really hard while the image turns purple. Then, “Fall Out Boy 27-4-2017” shows up and the image is shut down after some people running from or towards something on the beach with a really strong noise.

First of all, let’s understand the meaning of the color purple, so the theory can make a little bit more sense:
“The color purple is connected to the mystical world and it means spirituality, magic and mystery. The purple brings the sadness and introspection feeling. Stimulates the contact with the spiritual side, proportioning the purification of the body and mind, and being released by fears and other disturbances.”

Mania is an entertainment group that own, as far as we know, a beach resort where people have fun, enjoy their vacations and etc. They are evil. They control and possess the entertainment environment. Just like Better Living Industries did, in a worldwide mode, of course.
The company harms the hell out of the natural environment.  And, even not being showed on the video, it harms people’s lives. Mania has so much control that they are even displayed on the beginning of the trailer, like they possess it.  
They make it all seem okay, while it’s not. That’s the point of the video showing happy people at their installments, and then…

It’s a metaphor for the Noah’s Ark, on the Bible.  God created the humanity and was not glad with the path it was being taken, so he created a flood so all the humanity was extinguished.

As the color purple is connected to the mystical side, it gets revolted with the way this company has made the world become. Then, it turns against the men’s will and destroys everything. How? By colossal tidal waves. What does waves and water reminds you? Purification, which is one of the meanings of the color purple. The role of FOB on it, what the company did and how the nature acts is yet to be shown on the video, or as I believe, a series of videos, telling this story, just like The Young Blood Chronicles did.
In the end, we can see a group of people running towards or from something. They are running from the nature’s revolt.

Besides the album concept matter, we can relate this to Fall Out Boy’s story, while the fans are always pointing that they changed, they sold themselves out, and this album will be like “Hey guys! It’s not like that. We can do something different than what the industry wants. We are a fucking tidal wave and we will crush this shit down”. I can hear Pete saying that clearly in my mind.

Well guys, you can share your opinions, I’ll be glad to hear it. Thanks for reading it!



say my name
      and every color  i l l u m i n a t e s ;
we are shining
     and we will never be afraid again

(for killstiles​)
((Use Disney Descendants clips to make up an in universe Tapai movie))

Don’t normally watch movies, but I was doing some endurance training which is one of the few times I’ll have a screen in front of me while training.  For some reason this kinda low budged looking sci-fi film popped up.  I really suggest checking it out.  The basic idea of a purple turning out to be alien royalty is kinda cliche, but the thing where their culture is based on signing and dancing at the same time was interesting.  I think they had pretty good funding but blew all their budget on having to hire grey dancers and green voice actors for every role which explains the erratic production quality.  The twist about interplanetary spring was good too, but obviously I can’t give it away.

The Wilder siblings are so beautiful; they seem like the kind of people who should be in a Renaissance painting. ヽ( ♡⌂♡ )ノ

I’m working on a fic that takes place during the 5-year anniversary celebration of the reunion of Tethe’alla and Sylvarant (apparently it’s called a “quinquennial!” who knew?), and Zelos and Seles are all famous and important and grown-up; it makes me want to cry. In my archaeology class the other day we were passing around a book with a picture of Queen Elizabeth I on it, and I just couldn’t resist sketching this. I imagined darker colors to give them a more elegant feel, but… Seles’ outfit turned out well, but I don’t think purple is really Zelos’ color; oops.