it really turned out purple


Ninjago Art challenge day 3: favorite villain

Dude, let me talk about Clouse for just a sec.

At the moment he steps on the screen, he basically insults Garmadon - /garmadon/ - and sure, Garmadon just shrugs it off, but you can tell that even Garmadon knows this guy isn’t someone to be messed with. And Garmadon was a Big Bad. If you’re scarier than a Big Bad… That’s pretty damn scary.

Then we got his backstory. He and Garmadon have a history. And. That’s really, really great, because Garmadon definitely has some things buried in his past that he wants to forget about.

Clouse is badass, terrifying, obviously the only person who knows what he’s doing in Chen’s entire unit, including Chen himself, and he has a backstory and motivation to do what he does. And he’s despicable and easy to hate.

I really like Clouse ok.

(Oh and the purple turned out okay. That’s good. I had to mix colors.)


that’s how a superhero learns to fly
                  (every day, every hour, turn the p a i n into p o w e r)


1. Hatsune Miku
2. Megurine Luka
3. Kagamine Rin
4. Megpoid GUMI
5. Meiko
6. IA
7. SF-A2 Miki
8. Lily
9. Akita Neru
10. Yowane Haku
11. Kasane Teto
12. Rana
13. Yuzuki Yukari
14. Mayu
15. See-U
16. V Flower
17. Aoki Lapis
18. Merli
19. Kokone
20. Galaco
21. CUL
22. SONiKA
24. Tohoku Zunko
25. Maika
26. Tone Rion
27. Luo Tianyi
28. Yuezheng Ling
29. Lola
30. Yanhe