it really shouldn't at all


Let’s swing, baby!

Part of the Pandora Hearts gift exchange! This one’s for Dweebunny! Hope you have a lovely winter break! <3

“Chris doesn’t have that reputation because guys don’t go around calling other guys sluts” - Noora Sætre.

Mr. Wiener: how is aging up any different than lgbt headcanons-



My contribution to the other Big Bang I signed up for; the @spideytorchbigbang in which I worked together with the incredible talented titanstogetherr. My art is to her beautiful, hilarious and just awesome fic Lost Without You.

Thank you for working together with me!


I don’t have a choice. I don’t get to just go.


(via Bonjour bonsoir - Pokemon - vidéo Dailymotion)

Some kind of Pokemon drawing workshop for kids in France? And Kusaka and Yamamoto were there too!


Tom Hiddleston’s neck vein appreciation post

Me in the city on my weekend: OH MY GOD PETSMART HAS ADOPTABLE DOGS TODAY I MUST MEET THEM AND WISH THEM LUCK (and become their best friend)

Bestie: ………….you spend your life surrounded by literally hundreds of dogs and you’re personally responsible for the wellbeing of 35 of them???????? How are you not relishing these few hours you have dog free?!

Me: But I haven’t met THESE dogs.  

I hope I do remember correctly and Valentine’s day isn’t only about romantic love

The idea for just that dumb little heart popped into my head (not for a drawing, just as a fun little…thing?) and then I decided to turn it into this drawing

Happy Valentine’s day (if you celebrate it)!

ᴴᶤᵃᵗᵘˢ ᴺᵒᵗᶤᶜᵉ

     My grades in a few classes (damn you, Astronomy!) have unexpectedly slipped a lot more than I’m comfortable with, so I’m gonna take a bit of a hiatus to focus on bringing them back up. I’ll still lurk around in order to stay in contact with friends, and I’ll still check Skype and Discord, but otherwise I’m gonna go a bit silent. Sorry, I know I’m already rarely here as it is, but school always comes first.