it really looks like that 1 girl is crying tho lol

10 reasons why you should stan Pentagon

1-Have you fucken heard their voices?

If heaven…or honey… or maybe even a sunset could have voices, I’m 101% sure it would sound exactly like Pentagon’s voices. I’m aware that if they are k-pop idols, they must have nice voices. But in the case of Pentagon… It’s as if God’s took the voices of a thousand angels and transferred those into Pentagon’s members throat. Am I exaggerating?  11/10 universe will agree.

Here’s a compilation of my favorites solos and voices of pentagon!

Hui & Jinho :

2- Genius composers

Ok let’s be real. Every single one of their songs are bops, and some of them were written by Pentagon’s members. Hui, E’dawn and Wooseok are writers and composers that put their hearts and soul into their songs and it makes them even more touching. In their new EP (Ceremony), the song “To Universe” was written by Hui, E’dawn, Wooseok and Yuto. It makes it so genuinely pure-hearted that Pentagon are the one that wrote this special song to their Universe.

One of my personal favorite is “Thank you”. You know, those songs that you hear for the first time and you just cry? Or the songs that you share with all your friends because it is just, so beautifully executed. “Thank you” is one of them.

Can we also talk about this magnificent poem from Yan An, it’s truly wonderful. A work of art. Wisdom in its purest form. Enjoy.

“Hey, my love Julie.
I’d like you even if you were bald,
Even a crew cut is fine,
I’d like you even if you were sweet like sugar,
It’s fine if you are salty like salt,
In the end,
You’re still my girl,
Pentagon member,
Yanan’s girl.”

Thank you:
To universe:



. I don’t know how I can explain how I felt when he launched this sex-bomb at me… Should I make a meme?

Me when I get a F in class : “idc”
Me when I have to walk and its raining af : “couldn’t care less tbh”
Me when there a nuclear bomb exploding next to me: “boring”

I can’t find the gif so here is the link to that grinding hoe’s performance:

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What sorcery is this? how can a cute boy like him grind this vigorously?

4- The relationship between Hui and E’dawn

*I ain’t shipping anyone*

Hui and E’dawn have always been best friends and their relationship is definitely goals! I’m not lying, E’dawn even got Hui a friendship ring during pentagon maker. (The fact that it was saying “I love Dawn” made me choke on my coffee tbh). The chemistry can easily be sensed from thousand miles away. And that time when Hui had to choose between two groups, one with E’dawn as leader and one with Jinho as leader. He looked so torn apart by the decision! He still took part in E’dawn team (obviously).

Their time in Triple H surely made their bond stronger! They had loooooooooots of fluffy times together in the making of the “365 so fresh” MV!

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5- They had the very first survival show that didn’t trigger me and made me want to throw myself from the 6th floor

Produce 101 who? No mercy who? MIX&MATCH WHO??? Never heard of those. My only religion is Pentagon Maker. Seriously though… *SPOILER ALERT* They started with 10 members “fighting” to earn their places in Pentagon and can debut and ALL 10 OF THEM WERE ABLE TO DEBUT! How super cool is that? The only thing I did watching this show is laugh, laugh and laugh again( and cry a bit lol)! I didn’t have to worry about Idol having their dream crushed in million pieces #fuckmnetamIright.

6- They have the prettiest and most genuine smiles.

Is there a need to add anything else? Oh yeah! I need to add a signature at the end of my certificate of death.

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7- E’dawn in general, I just can’t get over him.

He. Is. Jus. So. Fucking. Weird.

Don’t sue me, he is the cute/hilarious/perfect kind of weird but like… sometimes you sincerely wish you could see what’s going on inside his head. Because from the outside, he looks like a huge mess.

Scared Dawn:
E’Dawn: “I’m not scared of anything” 

*2 secs later*

E’dawn: AHHHHHHHHHH * Makes ultrasounds*

Here is different side of E’dawn:

Cute Dawn:

don’t mess with E’dawn:

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Weird E’dawn:

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E’down/ E’dead inside/ E’Done:

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8- Jinho is a level 1000 stealth master

They don’t call him “small hyung” for no reason! He is so small that during performences when he is in the back, we can barely see him. Even cameramen can’t seem to get accustomed to his stealth technics. Still, I’m probably 102% sure he doesn’t appreciate being call small and cute all the time since he is still a hyung. Since he probably won’t see this… He is so cuuuute!

can you see him? me neither. (He is behind Hui I think idk either)

9- Scaredy cats

Yuto is scared of the dark.

Shinwoon is afraid of animals.

E’dawn is scared of water (He can’t swim).

Here is a scared Shinwoon for you.

This gif in slowmo makes the dog look so much more scary even tho it looks so fluffy oh lord it’s really funny.

10- Yuto came straight out of a manga

- Japanese

- Played baseball for 6 years

- Unimaginably handsome

- Deep voice

- Tall

- More cool than cute (He says he can’t do aegyo)

If a mangaka release a manga based on Yuto, I swear I’ll sell everything in my possession to buy the entirety of mangas.

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***I’m not only saying this because he is Japanese***

Bonus: Jinho and Wooseok height difference

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Every Important [BANGTAN BOMB] You Need to Watch

[No, this is not all of them. Let’s be real a bunch of them are kinda boring. So here ya go all the good ones lol. (this list does not include Episodes only Bombs)]

** = Personal Favorites






My boyfriend FREAKS OUT watching Yuri On Ice - Part 3

Episode 7:


“Sleep deprived Yuri looks like you every morning”

“… Well at least he’s wearing boxers”

“This is getting R I D I C U L O U S”

“The struggle is real for Victor trying to find new ways to be around Naked Yuri”

“Anxious Yuri also looks like you every morning loool!!”

“Are those labelled gloves? Such class”

“Guan Hong just had LSD or something that looks cool”

“Is Victor dragging Yuri in the parking lot to finally have sex”

“No he isn’t”

“Well Phichit, this costume is better than the other one”

“Holy crap if Yuri isn’t on the verge of a mental breakdown”


“oh god they’re gonna kiss”

“No they didn’t”

“This is the first legit NORMAL costume I’ve seen in this anime” (about Leo’s free programme)



“Pause it or I’ll cry”

“Oh not Georgi again. YES ANYA GET THE FUCK OUT”

“These two. THESE TWO”

“Why do I feel emotional during this programme”

“Yuri is so good at skating wow look at that. Does he win the Grand Prix? Please tell me”



“Look at Victor’s face”


“Wow. Wooow.”





“I wish our first kiss was that passionate”

“Yurio SERIOUSLY needs therapy”

(credits still playing) “Oh my god. Oh god. Episode 8 immediately”

Episode 8:

(he now sings the whole intro every time)

“So Yurio is capable of emotions. Nice”

“That is a fancy hotel tho”

“Victor why are you wearing sunglasses at night AND inside a building”

“Yurio’s arrogance just became legendary”

“Yuri is socially awkward”

“Why are this girl’s eyes purple”

“The Korean kid is very friendly I gotta say”


“Why is one of Yurio’s legs always in the air”


“…. Michele’s internal monologue isn’t all right at all”


“Oh Sara is sexy in her costume. Why can’t we see more of the females?”

“Sure thing, now he even helps him wearing his skates, okay, all right WHY DON’T YOU TWO GET A ROOM”


“Does only Yuri have parents in this anime”

“What the fuck is Victor laughing ab- OH WOW YURI GRABBED HIS TIE WHAT HEY WOW”

“Look I’m not trying to sound gay but Victor is defintely hiding a hard on”

“… I am gay for Yurio now. Good”

“Is JJ skating over a song about himself. Wow”

“NO THE DOG!! DO NOT TOUCH THE DOG!!!!! Honestly I was so sad when that other dog died in that Will Smith movie I Am Legend. why is it alwasy the dog??”



“Lol Yakov being Yuri’s coach? Put episode 9 on”

Episode 9:


“He’s seriouslty going back to Japan. I’m anxious now”

“Yuratchka. Cute. REALLY cute.”

“This programme is boring me to death.”

“… Is Sara breaking up with… her brother?”


“can he stop this THEY’RE BROTHER AND SISTER”

“YURIO’S FREE PROGRAMME SHUT UP NOW FEDE” (he’s the only one talking)

“Does he have flames on his skates lol”

“This fifteen yo is UNSTOPPABLE”

“Oh no he’s SO SAD without Victor. Oh no I’m gonna cry again”

“He’s imagining Victor HE’S SO OBVIOUSLY IN LOVE C'MON”

“I wish you loved me like Yuri loves Victor” (I told him it’s impossible)


“Fede I’m worried I’m too much into this. Did this happen to you too?”


“I can’t stand this dude” (JJ)

“Oh Michi don’t worry about Sara and Yuri interacting, the kid is very gay”

“… Is he high on hugs”


“Did Yurio bring him food? This is real hate/love friendship there”

“THEY’RE BACK TOGETHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” (he flipped the pop corn bowl)

“Oh my god gay gay gay gay”

“He’s crying and I am too”

“Wow. Wow.”

I  can’t wait to show him episode 10. We all know WHY.

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 4 - Part 5

“so i have taken some time to digest my feelings on the new movie but before i dive into spoilers i loved almost all of it. there were definitely some things that disappointing me but overall i thought it was pretty fucking fantastic. 

if you wanna discuss message me!!! 


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hi! i'm a new twice stan and i don't know if you already posted it but can you tell me everything about the girls (name, age, position) to help me recognize them, about the group, concept(s).. if that's okay? thank you again and i love your blog

Hi! Welcome to our beautiful fandom, which is Once! 😄

The more video you watch, the easier you’ll recognize them (x). First of all, I think you already know that but Twice debuted on October 20, 2015. They have been through a competition survival show called SIXTEEN. “TWICE” means that the group will touch people’s hearts twice, once through the ears and once again through the eyes. Our official colors are Apricot & Neon Magenta. Important thing to know : they do love eating. Food is life for them

Im Nayeon (임나연)

Originally posted by yeowangs

Nayeon was born on September 22, 1995. She’s the eldest member but we often call her the “madnae” (which is a mix (in Korean) of eldest & maknae) since her personnality looks like a maknae. She’s the lead vocalist, face of the group (*1), center (even tho Tzuyu is the one for her). She’s Korean. She loves Oh My Girl as hell (& so many other gg). She likes babies & kissing the member (trust me). Sometimes she loses balance because of her left leg (she hurt it bc of a car accident when she was younger). She has a lot of aegyo (but Jeongyeon just hates it 😂). You can easily recognize her thanks to her bunny teeth! 

Yoo Jeongyeon (유정연)

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Jeongyeon was born on November 1, 1996. She’s a lead vocalist too. She has a famous sister who is Gong Seungyeon. She’s the girl crush of the group and thinks that’s because of her short hair (You’ll often hear Nayeon say that she’s really feminine tho). She’s good at cleaning, and members see her as a mom. She’s also called “no jam bros” with Chaeyoung bc, according to the members, they aren’t funny, I mean they are but they have jokes which make only them laugh. She’s a crybaby ♥. She’s also Korean. Idk which advice I should give you to recognize her so maybe the short hair ?

Hirai Momo (平井 もも or 모모 in Hangul)

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Momo was born on November 9, 1996. She’s a dancing machine, that’s why we call her “dancing momochine”, sub vocalist and rapper. She didn’t know what was her blood type until the show called “TWICE’s Elegant Private Life” (EPL), it’s A. She’s sexy, like really. Whatever the song is, she got the sexy vibe. But she’s also super cute. Her love for food is incredibly deep, especially for jokbal. Her motto is “If you work hard, you can eat delicious foodand she doesn’t like water. Momo means Peach. She likes Barbie a lot and her dogs too (who are Lucky, Petco, and Pudding). She’s a Japanase from Kyoto. To recognize her : her mouth & nose are unique~

Minatozaki Sana (湊崎 紗夏 or 사나 in Hangul)

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Cutie-sexy Sana was born on December 29, 1996. Lead dancer & sub vocalist, ambassador of the iconic shy shy shy. She’s an only child who was casted during a shopping time with her friends (cf TWICE TV1). She’s known to be clumsy and a snake lol this is a jk. She likes collecting perfume and kissing/hugging everyone. Among the foreign members, Sana’s korean is the best. She’s a Japanese from Osaka. “No Sana No Life”, you can recognize her thanks to her perfect nose and eyes.

Park Jihyo (박지효)

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Jihyo was born on February 1, 1997. She’s the main vocalist, leader & the heart of Twice. She trained for 10 years, takes care of the members very well and she likes to go to karaoke (cf Twicetagram with Nayeon). Tzuyu is like her precious baby. She lost a lot of weight (pretty sure bc people body shamed her). She likes to watch drama & she do love Signal. She couldn’t help but smile during Cheer Up bc Jo Jinwoong followed the ‘Shy Shy Shy’ dance. She has a lot of aegyo (she’s actually an aegyo machine), she’s a crybaby too & her voice is very loud. She’s known as Thomas bc her eyes are big (and that’s how you recognize her). She’s Korean.

Myoui Mina (名井 南 or 미나 in Hangul)

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Mina was born on March 24, 1997. She’s a vocalist & dancer. Her nickname is “Penguin”. She likes ketchup a lot. Wherever there’s ketchup, there’s also Mina. She did ballet during 11 years and stopped everything just to be an idol. By the way, she likes a lot of group like CN BLUE. She had the shortest training period (1 year something like that) and she’s the definition of elegance. She can be sexy and cute af at the same time and we still don’t know how. Whenever she’s is stressed, she’ll end up crying. Her voice isn’t loud. She was born in Texas so you’ll probably see people calling her “Sharon”. She’s a Japanese from Kobe. To recognize her : her lips and moles!

Kim Da Hyun (김다현)

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Dahyun was born on May 28, 1998. Lead rapper and sub vocalist. Her nickname is “Tofu” bc of her white skin. She was very popular due to her Eagle dance video. No chocolate no Dahyun, she’s extra, she’s like the mood maker (with Sana) of the group. Wherever the camera is, Dahyun will find it. She likes the digit “7″. She was invited to a lot of program, like Weekly Idol. She’s short & participed to the creation of some of their choreo. She’s Korean. To recognize her : her white skin.

Son Chae Young (손채영)

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Chaeyoung, known as Chaeng Chaeng Chaeng, was born on April 23, 1999. She’s the main rapper (& sub vocalist). She is the shortest member of Twice & the other “no jam bros”. She really loves to draw, she can sing, dance & rap (like a Queen). She writes lyrics (the rap part of Precious Love was written by her). She wrote Eyes Eyes Eyes with Jihyo. She’s very close to Somi. She’s Korean too. To recognize her : idk, when you see her, you know she’s Chaeng, maybe her straight nose & beautiful lips? and moles~

Chou Tzuyu (周子瑜 or 쯔위 in Hangul)

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Tzuyu was born on June 14, 1999. Vocalist, visual & our precious maknae. She’s the tallest & youngest member. Her nickname is “Yoda”. She’s often known for her pretty face but she wants her singing skill to be recognized too (cf TWICE TV1). She do love her dog, Gucci, and also Go Minjoong. Her way of talking is cute + she can’t really lie. You’ll probably end up wanting to protect her at all costs. She’s Taiwanese. To recognize her : her smile & tanned skin ?

from left to right : Jeongyeon, Mina, Jihyo, Sana, Dahyun, Nayeon, Chaeyoung, Momo, Tzuyu

from left to right : Dahyun, Tzuyu, Nayeon, Chaeyoung, Momo, Sana, Jeongyeon, Mina, Jihyo

from left to right : Dahyun, Nayeon, Momo, Chaeyoung, Sana, Jeongyeon, Mina, Jihyo, Tzuyu

from left to right : Mina, Jihyo, Jeongyeon, Sana, Momo, Nayeon, Dahyun, Chaeyoung, Tzuyu


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Jeongyeon, Jihyo & Nayeon were supposed to debut  under the name of 6Mix (which didn’t happen at the end) so we call them “3Mix

Japan line

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left to right : Sana, Mina, Momo. They often talk in Japanese with each other.

School Meal Adventure

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This is the maknae line, you have a few ep of TWICE TV School Meal Adventure. Even tho Dahyun is an adult now, she’s still the leader of the maknae line.

*1 : Minatzu (Mina/Nayeon/Tzuyu) : visual of their country.

** roommate :

  • Jeongyeon & Momo
  • Big room : Jihyo, Sana, Nayeon & Mina
  • maknae line: Tzuyu, Chaeyoung & Dahyun
dating nct johnny!!1!1!1!!

• “i can see why ten calls you a fatass”
• “girl wys”
• him being more of a best friend than a boyfriend, usually
• “johnny please stop”
• “who’s ur favorite nct member, babe”
• “ten.”
• you begging him to sing for you all the time oh my gosh
• to the point where all the other members go “UGH-”, drop everything, and leave the room when you ask johnny to sing.
• lotta hugs and hand holding and, idk why but squeezing like, everywhere, not like, all perverted, like, sometimes he’d just squish your cheeks and be like “lol u look like a duck”
• pointing to food, to, food, yes food, and saying “dat u”
• “guRLLLLL-”
• “johnny stfu”
• lots of weird text messages like, johnny is literally afraid to turn his phone on at the end of the day.
• he mimics you a lot
• you mimic him mimicking you and, it’s just, one thing leads to another and you two end up forgetting what you were doing
• when it’s your birthday he goes all out and he does a little, special something extra that makes you cry
• he once pretended that he had nothing planned and kissed your forehead and was like “sorry babe, practice was hell last night, i couldn’t get anything special for you” and you were like “oh- oh god, johnny that’s ok don’t worry about it. i love you-”
• and that was overall true but he still got jaehyun and taeyong to cook something special and got the baby rookies to get you cake and a pretty little birthday card
• and he made his own card for you and he got his guitar and decided to sing you a song
• all the members signed the card the baby rookies got for you
• johnny called you over bc he “felt bad and thought you should still at least have dinner w them”
• you come over ands everyone’s like “haPPY BirtHdAY.” and throws confetti everywhere and holds a cake up in your face and jisung starts laughing really hard and jaemin’s like “for goodness sak- BLOW THE LIGHTS OUT. THE FIRE ALARMS GONNA GO OFF BC OF THE SMOKE” and mark throws the card at you like it’s a ninja star
• and you’re like “a- whATT?”
• but you don’t see johnny and you’re like “where the fatass at”
• and johnnys like “iMHEREBABY!!!!!!!”
• and starts singing w his guitar
• and you’re like “someone pls explain what’s happening why is no one explaining anything” but you’re smiling bc aw this is cute and you love everyone and you love johnny so much.
• and finally he gives you a nice warm hug and kisses you and he’s like “happy birthday babe” and gives you the card he wrote and you start reading it and start crying
• “whA- NO”
• lots of cute, quiet little cafe dates
• holds your hand a lot
• holds your hand when you’re scared
• you wear his button up shirts and johnny’s either like “shit ur hot” or “what the hell that’s my favorite shirt take it off, you-”
• he’s kidding tho. he likes seeing you in his clothes bc johnny’s huge and his clothes are like blankets on you and it makes you look like a baby, and you are a baby, his baby
• he is so into meeting your family
• “are u nervous?”
• and he’s like “lol no who do u think i am.”
• but he’s a little kitty in the dark on the inside and you know it so you hold his hand the whole ride
• your family loves him
• everyone loves him. even your pets.
• but he’s still kinda awkward around them and zones out
• “johnny, where are you from?”
• “oh- no thank you.”
• he looks at you funny everytime you play pokemon go
• you wanna take cute selfies w him but he won’t stop making derps
• you scream and call out johnny’s name everytime there’s a bug
• “you don’t even scream my name that loud when we’re having sex”
• sexy time w johnny is all the time
• johnny tries to seduce you, a lot, but when he actually tries it’s just- no.
• but when he’s in a very needy position and n e e d s it, he just, goes for it and oh my mamas, that’s hot.
• “did u leave ur shirt sleeves at home.”
• but you love it
• you watch cartoons w him and johnny’s so into that, surprisingly
• you two also watch shows like pretty little liars together.
• during season one y'all are like “WHO IS A.”
• random english/korean breaks that confuse you bc it’s like “yes baby like, taeyong wanted to touch the 호랑이 when we were at the 동물원 but the 아저씨 working there was like "죄송합니다, 얘가좀 소심해서 사람을 잘 무는 경우가 있어서…”
• “johnny”
• “oh, right- sorry”
• he always grins really wide when he says “i love you” or puckers up his lips while saying it and you’re like “uGH. yES. ME toO.”
• “do you want a son or a daughter?”
• “i want both, as long as they look like you.”
• “and if they don’t look like me?”
• he sends a lot of cheesy texts but you know he cringes hardcore while sending them
• sometimes he’s so in love with you and just, the thought of you that he has no shame sending these cheesy messages
• video chats w johnny are, so… idk how to explain it but there’s a member that comes on screen that’s like “yeah so i was like "holy shit is that really an alien?” but turns out it was just ten wearing pants in the dorm for once- OH SHIT HEY (Y/N)“ every 5 seconds.
• ten is like your best friend bc you two lowkey love teasing johnny and it annoys johnny so much
• ten ships you two so much he just, cant.
• ten once told johnny that you should name your first kid after your ship name.
• "ten, shut up”
• random singing outbursts it’s just, “oh yeah so- CHEER UP BABY CHEER UP BABY-”
• “oh i love this drink so muc- CALL ME BABY-”
• johnny loves you lots lots lots lots
• you love him lots
• he kisses you so much and you always turn into mushy jelly and he knows it and he’s proud
• his kisses are super super rough sometimes and super super nice and short and sweet sometimes, you love both.
• “i love you”
• “mhm. me too.”


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Top 5 favourite fruitship moments

wow i’m so sorry kouhai this is damn overdue (and i owe you a lot) and honestly now i’m regretting getting back to this because aughsfndifdjsls there are SO MANY cries why did u make me pick just 5 i hate u

top 5 so far as of today (rip we just got thru ep 146):

5. Episodes 50/51

ah yes the first episodes where yuya not only begins to realize a bit of his own denseness in regards to his feelings towards yuzu, he openly states out loud all of the reasons why yuzu is so important to him: she stayed with him even when he was bullied and cheered him on despite this, she was the one that gave him an idea of how to evolve as a duelist, he straight up says both rune-eyes and beast-eyes are monsters he was able to summon thanks to yuzu, he realizes the reason she was trying to get stronger was to protect him and his friends… and of course even reiji takes advantage of his feelings for yuzu. reiji. taking advantage. of his feelings. before this duel, yuya wanted nothing to do with becoming a lancer, but by the end of it… he joins because, just as reiji stated, he wants to save yuzu. and then episode 51 ends like this

oh my god the pain in his voice

(also quick shout out to ep 54 becuz it shows us the struggle of being separated from yuzu’s perspective and well she cries just as bad *dies*)

4. Episode 125. I think this post pretty much sums it up. 

3. The end of episode 129. idk what to say i mean… yuzu actually gets through to yuya for a moment (and it almost seems like he’ll come back to his own senses but…), then afterwards we get this

and yusho pretty much explains that them being so close to each other isn’t a coincidence… like…………….. i’m sorry i’m such a sucker for the whole… destined intertwining fates/red-string-of-fate trope… except for the kicker here is that they weren’t exactly meant to (uh) fall in love? their red-string-of-fate was just meant to pretty much stop him from becoming a demon and destroying the world… and also the fact that they’re reincarnations of zarc & ray who were enemies (technically)… oh my god……. the irony ugh my heart this is the kind of shit i fall for every damn time

2. Episode 140.

episode 140.

episode 140.

oh my god first of all just the lone fact that Yuzu is the only person, out of all of the ones that had been trying to get him back for five episodes straight, that Yuya explicitly responds to would have pretty much been enough for me tbh like that is all i needed but then they also had to throw in this

like shit even Zarc himself is surprised

and it doesn’t stop there

just look at her holding out her hand to him so gently even having to look at him like that as a demon like ashfkjsdlf

look at this shit Zarc is so dumbfounded yet Yuya’s like you know what you’re right babe like just looking at her and hearing her makes him feel calm and gives him the strength to overcome his own inner (er, outer, i guess i should say) demons aaaaaa

1. my favorite fruitship moment and the one moment that made just go from casually shipping them for the heck of it to straight up OTP AF status is this:

(episode 69)


THIS IS HOW YOU SELL ME ON YOUR OTP. Like honestly tears because one of them is dying or because they miss the other are also good but HOW OFTEN DO YOU SEE CHARACTERS CRY OUT OF JOY FOR THEIR SIGNIFICANT OTHER???? LIKE. LEGIT TEARS OF JOY. 

I am not kidding when I tell you that even with all the ship tease before this episode (and there’s A LOT of it), i was still pretty on the fence on this ship like i was in the “yeah i kinda ship it” part of the fandom not because i didn’t really like it (all the ship tease was good and their relationship has ALWAYS been wholesome) but more out of pure caution because I KNOW how main male/female ships in yugioh usually go and they are usually not very good imo. But this. this moment. This EPISODE. Yuzu shows she cares. Yuya very fucking explicitly shows he cares (he cares so much that his body has a real autonomic physical reaction to this emotional stimulus oh my god my psychologist is showing). They’re not even in person next to each other or anything yet they are communicating and understanding and supporting each other. 

as far as for yugioh goes tho, even with ship teases, usually the main female/male pair keeps to status of “friend” because ofc this is yugioh this is all about the nakama. and they usually stop there. or just they leave it at that for the most part and don’t go in depth as to why they should be shipped together besides just them being boy+girl friends = a couple but in this case they, imo, they really went above and beyond that and welp now i’m here crying

idk bout you but this convinced me their feelings for each other were more than that. and i wasn’t fruitshipping trash before this so.

anyways, that’s the end of my list but you’re probably wondering why i didn’t include the episode 99 reunion they had… dude… trust me… i love that scene… but i feel that if you ship these two, that scene is a given as a fav moment. lol it’s like if you made a “fruitshipping moments” bingo, the episode 99 reunion would be your free space lmao i mean i ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT and i will watch it a million times over and never get tired of it but it’s also so obvious lol


A summary on Produce 101 Season 2 Episode 8 its ya boy back at it agian with another let’s play this time its evaluations and painful crying time

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That ending tho {TVD 8x13 Review}

Hey guys! You know the drill, I write everything in real time which means if I make a mistake in the beginning it may be fixed by the end. In this review there will be anti-Damon, anti-Delena, anti-Bamon, anti-Steroline sentiments, probable mentions of misogynoir, anti-blackness and racism, possible mentions of other TV shows, if you do not like it do not read. I did this on my phone so bear with me. OK ready? Let’s go!

1. Seriously, Cade seems like a really petty devil though. “Kill 100 people or your brother’s girl” like … why? Don’t you have some world domination plans going on or…? Like why the interest in Stefan and Damon, what about either of them are particularly special to the devil? It doesn’t make sense to me. At least with Supernatural, everything from season 1 was leading up to Dean and Sam being vessels for Michael and Lucifer, like every season, every plot point fed into that so it made sense, this is just fucking random.

2. I’m legit taking this opportunity to tell people to watch Goblin because it is so much more intriguing than whatever the hell TVD has become. You can watch it on: Drama Fever, Box Asian, Drama 4 U Viki, like so many sites, guys. I mean, I’m just saying, if you want a show that’ll make you cry and keep you in suspense and make you fall in love with characters then that’s it.

3. Yeah Bonnie’s scream of pain totally could’ve been better.
Why do I care about Matt again? His family made a bell that could kill sirens? Or witches? And that somehow makes him important?

4. Everyone is having like such lowkey reactions to things. Damon’s reaction to Bonnie telling him that Stefan is human is like “Oh. Damn. OK.” LIKE? Bonnie crying over Enzo is like … I mean I guess. I remember when she cried over Jeremy, that shit looked painful.

5. “Stefan, thank God” sound even less enthused, Caroline.

6. Seriously Candice has NO conviction in her voice.

7. Why are there never any cars on the roads they drive on?

8. Alaric and Matt, the two characters I care about the least in one room.

9. “I don’t think this is just colonial bling” did they seriously make Dorian say that? UGH. Also who says bling anymore? Are we in the early 00s?

10. Why are we acting like this history wouldn’t include the enslaved or First Nations populations?

11. Why is Damon acting like he didn’t kill Tyler? I find this actually unbelievably fascinating. He can stand there and lecture Caroline about how Bonnie wouldn’t answer her calls when he killed Tyler who was supposed to be Caroline’s first love and her childhood friend? LIKE THIS WRITING.
I don’t understand this, Stefan is human so he can’t be immortal anymore and therefore is out of the contract so Cade will kill him? Can’t he just make Stefan an immortal human? Like why does he have to be a vampire? He can kill people without biting them, there’s always good old fashioned weaponry. Like what powers does Cade actually have?

12. Cade, why can’t you just get the book yourself? You’re supposed to be the freaking devil.

13. So the cops knew all of these people Stefan killed over two months and we’re just now seeing their presence?

14. How did Abby get to where Bonnie is so quickly?

15. “But don’t worry, Damon’s on it” yeah that isn’t a sentence that inspires confidence, Caroline. Shit.


17. Damon’s hair is stupid.

18. Seriously Damon, it was that easy for Alaric to kill you? Why are you terrible at everything?

19. I’m sorry this “funeral” for Enzo is kind of ridiculous.

20. Like there are no side effects to turning human? You’re just human and that’s it. You don’t feel slower, weaker, you can just operate normally?

21. Damon is ANNOYING. Like I’m sorry but his “zingy” one liners just make me want to punch him. SHUT UP.

22. I also don’t get a sense of urgency at all. Everything is moving so slowly.

23. These costumes are TERRIBLE. We’re flashing back to the Maxwell and Bennett ancestors, Zach is playing his ancestor and this black woman is playing the Bonnie’s ancestor and the acting is just done so poorly.

24. Sybil does look good in period clothing though. Even if the period clothing is awful.

25. Lol Caroline and Stefan are so bad at being together.

26. I can’t believe I’m only 20 minutes.

27. “You know him by another name, the devil.” Guys, if people knew him as “the” devil, then they would know him also as Satan and Lucifer or any other religious name for the devil, you can’t just pretend like religion isn’t a factor.

28. Why would Sybil tell Ethan what the bell would do?

29. So Bonnie opened the door to hell with her scream, yeah this is Supernatural.

30. Wait, why does the cure make a human reject vampire blood? How does that work?

31. “Sirened to ring the bell” it’s just compulsion.

32. These flashbacks are actually so fucking awful.

33. Matt just die of a heart attack.

34. How can vampire blood cure a heart attack but not cancer?

35. Caroline’s “you’re going to live” speech is SO WEAK.

36. All they had to do was photocopy the fucking book to know how to kill Cade.

37. Seriously Caroline and Stefan just feel like really close roommates.

38. OH SHUT UP ABOUT HOW BONNIE IS BEING SO STRONG, let her CRY, let her GRIEVE, let her just fucking FEEL.

39. Matt kissing Bonnie on the forehead looks really weird.

40. And seriously he’s not even going to STAY with her? The supposed love of her life died and no one is going to just BE with her? Remember when I said she would grieve alone?

41. “Thank you for saving my life.” “Oh that, I do that because it’s Tuesday.” LMFAO OK, DAMON.

42. KAI KAI KAI KAI OMG IT’S KAI KAIAKAIAIoisno oaf oafn oang og osg ! And he shows up like a BOSS.

Yeah this episode wasn’t the worst episode of the season but it was still entirely boring. I wish we could’ve seen Stefan’s apology to Bonnie and also where are the twins, who would Alaric entrust to keep them safe when the last person he trusted was a siren who kidnapped them? Does Caroline know Alaric is back? Does she get regular updates on her kids? But whatever because KAI IS BACK AND I’M SUPER FUCKING EXCITED DESPITE MY BETTER JUDGEMENT.

stealing @bratsims format because i need a less ugly way to mass answer your messages which will hopefully motivate me to stay on top of this! at least i can say i tried

so if you sent me an anon message in the past…idk MONTH (i’m bad i know) it might be here. (older ones are near the bottom) if not, check my faq because it’s probably answered there. (and if you’re the person/people who sent the twin flame & 7th house asks, i plan to answer those separately because i have a LOT to say. get ready)

game of thrones, nuclear war, real life santis, lou theories, i’m evil, HERE WE GO!! i literally had to cut it off at the last one because it was just too much for now. i’ll try to answer some more later ok

we’re starting off on a great note

Anonymous said: gaddamn rooney’s tiddies lookin’ hella ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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markhyuck!parent au

requested!! the other nct dream parent au’s should be out at some point im not keeping track of anything lmfao


-they’re kinda bad bUT THEYRE LEARNING 

-they adopt twins (boy and a girl) 

-they just wanted one kid but didn’t have the heart to split them up 

-so they ended up getting two kids!! 

-they’re 5 year olds and registering them for kindergarten was a MESS 

-hyuck asked mark to and being the good husband he is he obliged!!1!1!1!1!1 

-bad choice 

-he doesn’t know how to fill out forms for his life T_T

-hyuck ends up doing all the paperwork while mark takes the kids out for ice cream 

-i feel like mark is the stay at home mom while hyuck works yA FEEL 

-they probably live in a cute lil apartment 

-when the kids won’t stop crying, mark starts crying too and then hyuck has to calm all of them down bYE 

-they have a swear jar im calling it rn 

-hyuck swears too much and mark accidentally blasts songs with swear words in them 

-“daddy what does fuck mean?" 

-"omg where did you hear that maRK LEE LEE MINHYUNG ISTG" 

-"hyuck the kids need to learn who their true leader is" 


-they use the swear jar money to let the kids buy stuff when they take them to convenience stores after school 

-mark’s the dad that sucks at being strict 

-he hates seeing the kids sad so he has hyuck to be strict for him 

-hyuck probably gets jealous about who the kids like better smh 

-they have the CUTEST dressed kids oh my gosh 

-they’re so chill about whatever the kids wanna wear 

-they just take them to the clothing store and let them pick out what they like 

-it’s sososososo cute fml 

-they raise their kids to be really nice and respectful but they also teach them how to roast a bitch lmfaO 

-by the time they’re like 12, they’re like mini sass masters 


-one of the twins had a crush on one of the dream team omG 

-smh i’ll call the girl eunha and the boy baekhyun but like feel free to name em whatever 

-eunha walked up to mark one day and tugged on his sleeve and was like "dad i have a secret" 


-"i think i love uncle jaeminnie" 

-mark is ready to wHOOP JAEMINS ASS 

-"oh.. haha… that’s so cute awh…" 


-"lol ok omw" 

-"wait no omg i didn’t mean literallY JAEMIN" 

-hyuck lowkey judges eunha’s taste but w/e it’s lowlowlowlowkey cute 

-so now markhyuck’s daughter is not-so-married to jaemin lmAO 


-"why does eunha get to marry uncle jaemin?? i wanna marry him!!" 

-so boom jaemin gets double fake married 

-the kids tell mark and hyuck everything 

-they trust them not to get mad at them and stuff so they’re really comfortable with them 


-and vice versa!!! 

-one time some mean kids were excluding baekhyun so eunha left her group of friends to play with her brother!! 

-they probably take karate together omg 

-when eunha’s heart gets broken for the first time baekhyun probably threatens to murder them 


-mark probably reads harry potter to them aHHHH 

-eunha’s in ravenclaw and baek’s in gryffindor aWHHHDHSHSJSKS 

-and ofc, mark is a gryffindor too and hyuck’s a slytherin 

-the kids call it a forbidden love smh these nerds 

-when eunha was younger and wanted to mess around with makeup, mark would let her put it on his face omG 

-hyuck comes home and mark just has bright blue eyeshadow on and red ass lips and pink cheeks 


-baekhyun hates the outside 

-he gets it from hyuck 

-he just likes to stay home and meme all day smh 

-he’s like a mini donghyuck 

-on the other hand, eunha fucking loves sports and running 

-she picks up dancing and baek picks up singing!!!!!!!1!!1!1!1!11!1!11!! 

-talented as heck twins smh 

-most supportive parents ever oh my godd 

-they’re so supportive it gets embarrassing 

-"omg dad stop cheering so loud!!" 


-mark had to learn how to cook since hyuck was so busy 

-by ‘cooking’ i mean just microwaving things 

-their kids live off of takeout and microwave dinners istg 

-the only time they eat home cooked meals is hyuck’s days off bYE 

-eunha and baek end up learning how to cook tho so iTS OK 

-christmas is so cute omg 

-they go crazy with decorations and their ornaments are like 50% homemade and ugly 

-they always bake cookies aHHH 


-hyuck the type of parent that doesn’t go easy on his kids but mark is the opposite 

-pokemon go family nights where they force baek to go outside bUT ITS OK BC HE LOVES POKEMON 

-they always have juice in the house, no one knows why but they do 

-if someone talks shit about their kids, hyuck will go oFF 

-mark has to do damage control 

-mark won’t like fight them unless it’s something that crosses the line but if you do something like call eunha annoying or smth hyuck will murder you 

-when the twins start dating mark and hyuck have to use everything in themselves to not stalk their significant other these loSERS 

-tl;dr can markhyuck like adopt me rn

anonymous asked:

Hi Aurora okay first tysm for your blog It's so lovely to have another person so passionate about my fave things (i.e hp and period dramas) Anyway, i recently read the HP series (again) and found myself feeling SO MUCH. I genuinely teared up at so many different touching parts and I was just wondering what are your favorite most heart-wrenching/emotional parts from the books? I realize this is a lengthy quesition so feel free to never answer this or take a year.

ye S SS i love being passionate ab things and sharing that passion w my followers!!!!! i love yall esp when u ask me questions like this where i get to talk ab my fave things everrrrrrrrr (ps thank u so much for letting me take forever to answer this ur so cute to say that ilysm)

ok so literally i will cry my way thru the entire series when i reread bc harry potter has so much emotional weight for me and so many memories that go along with it. but i decided to limit myself to just 10 bc otherwise id be sitting here typing all day. so w/o further ado: 


((in no particular order)) 

  1. HARRY READS LILY’S LETTER IN DH: listen harry doesnt actually spend a lot of the books angsting over the fact that he doesnt have parents but in moments like this u remember he IS AN ORPHAN AND IT GETS ME SO HARD. fuk like just picturing harry crouched on the floor of sirius’s bedroom reading that letter… rereading it… crying… wow.gif!!!!! the line that makes me cry eveRY TIME is “She had made her g’s the same way he did : he searched through the letter for every one of them, and each felt like a friendly little wave glimpsed from behind a veil.“ LIKE RIP RIP RIP ABORT ABORT ABORT ITS TOO SAD!!!!!
  2. THE LOST PROPHECY IN OOTP: JESSESCREAMING.JPEG!!!!!!!!!!!! listen ,,, i talk ab this chapter so much on my blog. it is my #1 favorite moment in my #1 favorite harry potter book which is my #1 favorite series of all time. SO ITS A PRETTY BIG DEAL. harry’s reaction to sirius’s death… his anger at dumbledore… his grief… his discovery of his fate… its beautiful writing and its so painful but so amazing to read. LIKE!!!!! MY BABY!!! HE’S LOST SO MANY PEOPLE!!!!!!!! MY SWEET SUMMER CHILD!!!!!!!!!! “I DON’T CARE!“ Harry yelled at them, snatching up a lunascope and throwing it into the fireplace. “I’VE HAD ENOUGH, I’VE SEEN ENOUGH, I WANT OUT, I WANT IT TO END, I DON’T CARE ANYMORE!” “You do care,” said Dumbledore. He had not flinched or made a single move to stop Harry demolishing his office. His expression was calm, almost detached. “You care so much you feel as though you will bleed to death with the pain of it.”” LIKE LITERALLY WHEN I GET TO THIS POINT I HAVE TO TAKE A BREAK BC IM CRYING SO MUCH I CANT MAKE OUT THE WORDS!!!!!!!!!!!! also fun story: one time i was listening to ootp on audiobook while on vacation and we were in the car waiting to taxi on to a ferry boat and we were listening to this chapter when the ferry guy came by to take our tickets and i had like TEARS STREAMING DOWN MY FACE and jim dale is yelling as harry in the background…. the guy was like ‘is this bitch ok??’ lmaOOOOo 
  3. HARRY AND THE MIRROR OF ERISED IN SS:  this is another one of those moments where you remember that harry is an orphan and its /so/ painful. thinking about this teeny 11 year old baby harry sneaking out every night just to sit in front of this mirror so he can see his parents………my darling baby sweetheart i love him So Much. it just makes me so sad like hes /so young/ AND HE JUST WANTS TO SEE HIS PARENTS!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHH!! it also gives way to one of my all time favorite hp quotes: “It does not do well to dwell on dreams and forget to live.” 
  4. HARRY STOPS SIRIUS AND LUPIN FROM KILLING PETER IN POA: me reading this part is literally ISAYTHATSMYBABYANDIMREALLYPROUD.GIF!!!!!! like!! my boy!! he finds out this man literally caused the death of his parents and he MAKES THE GROWN ASS ADULTS SPARE HIS LIFE… LIKE… he literally acts twice his age and is so mature and is just…….so amazing. it shows such strength and wisdom and it makes me SO PROUD. the way he references james also makes me cry because you see the relationship harry has with james even though he’s literally never met him and its so beautiful. i love harry so much. 
  5. HARRY AFTER SECTUMSEMPER-ING MALFOY IN HBP: this is literally the opposite of that last one where im so proud of harry this is def… not one of his best moments lol. he rly rly fucks up and his guilt is so raw and it makes me so emotional because i feel SO bad for him. its def an important harry moment in the books because it shows his flaws and the consequences of his rage, but it also shows how GOOD he is because he feels so bad about what happens and like willingly takes his punishment even though it means that he cant play in the quidditch match. he really like… atones and even tho its rough to read i def love that its a part of the series bc its a really like watershed moment for harry and i think it really reminds him of the wizard he wants to be. this part also leads to i think a more satisfying harry/ginny first kiss bc ginny defends harry and then him not going to the game leads to “several sunlit days” AKA ONE OF MY FAVE HP MOMENTS EVER!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. HARRY AND HERMIONE VISIT JAMES AND LILY’S GRAVE IN DH: “But they were not living, thought Harry: They were gone. The empty words could not disguise the fact that his parents’ moldering remains lay beneath snow and stone, indifferent, unknowing.And tears came before he could stop them, boiling hot then instantly freezing on his face, and what was the point in wiping them off or pretending? He let them fall, his lips pressed hard together, looking down at the thick snow hiding from his eyes the place where the last of Lily and James lay, bones now, surely, or dust, not knowing or caring that their living son stood so near, his heart still beating, alive because of their sacrifice and close to wishing, at this moment, that he was sleeping under the snow with them.”  THIS IS ANOTHER ONE OF THOSE MOMENTS THAT I HAVE TO STOP READING BC IM CRYING SO MUCH I CANT MAKE OUT THE WORDS ANYMORE. I CRIED TYPING THIS. IM SO SAD. 
  7. THE FOREST AGAIN IN DH: hoo boy. hoooooo boy this is a Big One. this one is really…. wow. just. wow. [deep breath]. there is So Much in this chapter that makes me cry where do i even START. harry realizing that he has to die and ACCEPTING IT BRAVELY LIKE THE HERO HE IS. “Why had he never appreciate what a miracle he was,  brain and nerve and bounding heart?” im crying….. hes so good. HARRY NEARLY STOPPING WHEN HE SEES GINNY and ginny’s crying and comforting some girl and im crying too. JAMES. SIRIUS. LILY. REMUS. WHEN HARRY ASKS IF IT HURTS TO DIE LIKE LITEARLLY I HAVE TO PUT THE BOOK DOWN AND GET UP  AND WLAK AROUND THE ROOM BECAUSE I GET SO EMOTIONAL LIKE. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! when harry sees harry and screams at him ……………… rip in pieces me!!!!!!!! ALSO ONE OF HIS LAST THOUGHTS BEFORE THE AVADA KEDAVRA IS OF GINNY AND KISSING HER……….. [GUNSHOTS] [SCREAMING]
  8. BELLATRIX TORTURES HERMIONE IN DH: fuk this scene is no joke scary like it took harry potter to another level of real darkness. hermione being tortured was so chilling like beautiufl amazing smart snarky hermione it was so painful to read like my heart rate goes up when i read it bc im worried for my girl :/ and ron is sHAKING and like screaming and literally throwing himself at the walls to try to get to her and its SO upsetting like. they are still CHILDREN like theyre all so young and they dont deserve this like. hearing her plead and stuff … its just…. too much. these are my CHILDREN i have to PROTECT them. 
  9. HARRY DIGS DOBBYS GRAVE IN DH: this is another one of those harry moments where i just want to give him a huge hug. like he insists on digging dobby’s grave by hand which is just ….. [gets choked up] its fine. and his thoughts while he dig make me so sad. he so /tired/. hes so frustrated with dumbledore and he the hallows and the horcruxes and he feels responsible for what happened. and ron coming out and helping him dig silently makes me so happy and its one of those times u really see how much rons friendship means to harry. and harry comes out of this like … older and more mature? his wisdom and knowledge is rly apparent when he talks with griphook and olivander right after this like. he knows what hes going to do. hes made his choice. hes not going to race voldemort for the wand. i love him so much for that choice. hes such a grown man in this part like accepting responsibility, taking care of hermione and everyone like getting things in order. i love him. 
  10. MRS WEALSEY HUGS HARRY IN THE HOSPITAL WING IN GOF“’It wasn’t your fault, Harry,’ Mrs. Weasley whispered. ‘I told him to take the cup with me,’ said Harry. Now the burning feeling was in his throat too. He wished Ron would look away. Mrs. Weasley set the potion down on the bedside cabinet, bent down, and put her arms around Harry. He had no memory of ever being hugged like this, as though by a mother. The full weight of everything he had seen that night seemed to fall in upon him as Mrs. Weasley held him to her. His mothers face, his father’s voice, the sight of Cedric, dead on the ground all started spinning in his head until he could hardly bear it, until he was screwing up his face against the howl of misery fighting to get out of him.” HARRY POTTER DESERVES MORE HUGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he feels so guilty about cedric and god bless mrs weasley for telling him it wasnt his fault because it WASNT!!! he did so amazing in the graveyard like.. .he saw voldemort return and he fought him and he survived and he saw his paretns and hE TOOK CEDRICS BODY BACK SO IT COULD BE WITH HIS FAMILY!!!!!!!! HE TOOK IT BACK FOR THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  i would die a thousand deaths if it meant that harry didnt have to experience this pain!!!!

whew so there we go!!!!! the bottom line is obviously that i love the harry potter series more than anything and specifically i love the boy harry potter so so SO much and his suffering is agonizing to read and he didnt deserve any of it!!! i can litearlly think of SO many more heartbreaking moments in the series but here are just a handful. happy birthday to harry!!! 

Sick Of Losing Soulmates (Biadore) Chapter 1

Hey guys!! This is my first time posting a fic on here so I hope you like it. It’s based off of the song sick of losing soulmates by dodie clark, and the concept is inspired by the fic say you won’t let go by fucking awful, which you should check out!! Don’t worry the plot is completely different, it’s just the song thing, lol. This should be a few parts, not sure how long tho. The bold  is the lyrics. Thanks for reading if you do!!

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thoughts about the whole situation in skam’s season 4

i thought about it a lot and i guess i have to write my 1st post about skam because i love this fandom and i need to share my thoughts about this season with you guys

1st : i don’t have many blogs about skam in my dash so if you post/reblog posts about skam just like this post and i’ll follow you :)

2nd : english isn’t my native language so i’m sorry if i make mistakes i’ll try to be as clear as possible

so here we go

I) YOUSANA !!! while listening to i feel it coming bye

  • i have to admit that it is the very first otp i ship this hard. i loved jonas x eva, noora x william (i respect each of your opinions but i hate when you guys slander this otp and especially william but i may talk about it in an other post idk) and of course isak x even but these otps didn’t/doesn’t affect me the way yousana does and knowing that we’re only at ep 3 makes me wanna die because i know this isn’t the end of this WHOLE MESS surrounding these two puppies but anyway. i read a lot of your opinions about it and i kinda agree with what some ppl said : it’s obvious that they really like and appreciate each other idk we don’t even need to debate about it BUT now that we know that yousef isn’t a muslim we just can’t figure out what will happen in the future between these two since the decision belongs to sana and even if it’s a fact that her faith is really important to her we don’t know much about what she thinks about having a non-muslim boyfriend etc. i read a lot of posts written by muslims and it’s interesting that each of your beliefs differ, i literally love when muslims explain things and their lifestyles so that non-muslims ppl can have different point of views and can be educated about islam !!! anyway, i think we just have to wait for the next episodes to know what will happen while cheering for sana no matter what she chooses for herself and yousef (i still hope these two will have twelve child tho)

II) this noora x yousef x sana thing 

okay so i have 2 theories :

  • - noora really likes yousef and she just CAN’T KNOW that sana likes him too because she’s so quiet about her feelings and i’m in despair because i KNOW that noora wouldn’t do anything that could hurt sana so stop being mad about noora this girl deserves love and support even if we don’t always accept her character development yup
  • - noora knows™ (sorry sana) that yousef kinda likes sana thanks to the conversation they had during the party where the balloon boys join the girls squad or just because of the looks yousef could have give to sana during this mess party. idk if it’s a weird theory but whenever noora talks about yousef it seems like there’s something more than the fact that she liked him but i can be wrong


  • vilde is a lesbian and deserves her own season that’s all i have to say @ julie xx

IV) the girls squad

  • sana has always been kinda apart of the girls squad, tbh the girls squad’s relationships are all so weird like these girls just rarely talk about their feelings so they literally CANT understand each other and i’m so frustrated about it because i love them all. i’ve the feeling that sana, noora and vilde especially can’t manage to talk seriously about some of their feelings to the other girls  : 
  • - sana always has this boss ass bitch appearance yet when we all know that, even if she can be tough (and we all love this don’t we), she can be the softest human being. she ALWAYS defends her friends no matter what, especially vilde who isn’t even grateful smh (and this time where she literally jumps over iben to defend eva omg great times). nobody excepts noora knows sana’s soft side and i think it’s the saddest thing ever since sana is the friend everybody deserves + she’s complex and just so interesting in her own way 
  • - if noora talks more frequently than sana about her life and her feelings, the last episodes still prove that she’s kinda secret with the other girls. for example, she didn’t tell them she was in oslo during the trial when she clearly needed her friends to cheer up for her. she also didn’t tell ALL the truth about the fact that she left london, telling the other girls she came back because william worked too much blablabla. even if a lot of ppl are mad about the fact that sana’s season doesn’t really revolve about sana only (and i must admit i’m a lil bit better about it too), i hope noora’s character development will improve so that she becomes the noora we all loved in season 1
  • - vilde. vilde, vilde, vilde…this girl is so weird but i still love her. she’s annoying, noisy, most of the time idiot but i feel like this character has a lot of potential. when we think about it, the girls, and therefore us, don’t really know a lot about her if not her sexual life with magnus. i’ve the feeling that her personnal life (especially her family life) is a terrible mess that needs to be cleared up. it would be crazy if julie doesn’t increase this character, even a little bit since it’s sana’s season but i hugely need answers aND ALSO a great conversation between her and sana since their relationship isn’t that good (as a weird vilde x sana shipper after all, it would be a gift)
  • so what i’d like to have in this season is the girls taking care of sana for once, like sana took care of them when they were sad, disrespected or in danger

V) evak x mikael (+ balloon boys???)

  • i don’t really have theories about this storyline tbh but i’ve the feeling that it’s not that enormous like you know like i’ve said before sana is a loyal friend (remember this iconic line where she said that she’s not friend with the pepsi max girls because sara said that vilde was a slut in october 2015 like???? GIRL), she’s still in good terms with even as we saw in the 04x03 and she loves isak so much she couldn’t let him with someone who’s bad. to all my fellow evak shippers, don’t be scared. i’m pretty sure it’s not something who could break isak and even’s relationship 

VI) the russ bus storyline

  • so i’ve got a theory (i didn’t see nowhere btw) about the fact that skam is still talking about next year’s russ period even if we’ll see nothing (i’m crying while writting these lines). what if the sana and the rest of the girls just don’t participate ??? it’s kinda logical for me since i don’t see the point in talking about something we’ll never have the chance to witness you know ? the fact that they’re joining the pepsi max girls kinda consolidates this theory but idk

now, things that need to be appreciated during this season :

  • - sana’s healthy family relationships (i love mama bakkoush she’s so cute and fair with her daughter + elias and sana’s brother/sister bond is to die for)
  • - julie literally breaking all the stereotypes associated to islam
  • - sana’s yousef soft smile™ and dimples 
  • - the balloons boys squad serving some LOOKS in every scene 
  • - evak being the cutest puppies on earth
  • - evak x sana. we need more scenes btw
  • - sana praying, i need a full scene of her praying without being interrupted or disturbed (even by yousef okay)
  • - the SOUNDTRACK !!!!! (they’ve been amazing in every season tho)
My 10 Fave Babes of All Time

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I think I did this one a while ago but I took the chance to make this my first drawings of the year :pp to start warming up again ww. These are in no particular order.

1. Horokeu Usui (HoroHoro) / Shaman King.

Horo was probably my first masive 2D crush. I obsessed over him like a psycho lol. I learned every single little thing about him (and I mean trivial stuff like… the exact numbre of frame, page and volume for his first appearance xd), the meaning of his name, the name of his techniques (which were in Ainu). Oh, and also, SEIYUUS! Horo started my obsession with making seiyuu connections x) (I was never really fan of Ueda Yuuji, tho). And I really admired Horo… I felt he was like my soulmate, my perfect husbando. So, based on priority right, he should be like my #1 bae :’)

2. Hinata Hideki / Angel Beats!  &  Kuga Aki  / Kamisama Dolls.

I’m putting them together because they’re both special characters to me for the same reason: I knew Kimura Ryouhei because of them, and I loved him from the very beginning. Coincidentally, I started watching Angel Beats and Kamisama Dolls at the same time, and the contrast between these two characters, voiced by the same seiyuu, made me fall in love completely. They’re both so different. Hinata is a bright, loyal, energetic boy while Aki is this manipulative, rude, meticulous, violent guy (though he’s also super calm and indifferent about certain things). Hinata had me loving his voice changes whenever he was put into ridiculous and funny situations while Aki got me melting becasue of his manic laugh. I love Hinata & Aki both as characters, not just because of Kimura, but they’re the perfect examples of why KimuRyou is my fav seiyuu <3 <3

3. Kise Ryouta / Kuroko no Basket.

Oh boy….. my love for this man burns like a thousand suns bursting, ISTG. He’s too pure too good to pretty too shiny too precious for this world. Ok, I admit… Kimura Ryouhei is partly at fault here lol. Kise actually reminded me a lot of Hinata and I liked him from the start too, but soon I started loving every single little thing about him. He’s introduced a little as an arrogant dude but soon enough comes to change after his loss against Seirin (I loved it when he cried sddsffg). He’s like the cheerful, carefree member of the group, but he also shows so much determination, strength, and even selfishness. But I really think he’s the most admirable of the Generation of Miracles.
And he’s so pretty I wanna cry everytime I see him, sob.

4. Judal / Magi.

Yes, the Kimura Ryouhei syndrome continues… but I swear it’s coincidence(?).
Judal caught my eye since I saw him in the opening (that sequence when he’s falling, grabs a white rukh and turns it black it’s mesmerizing), but when he was finally introduced in the show, I WAS DOOMED FOREVER. Goddamn, I loved his personality. Even if he’s a little bit of a psycho, I loved his childish arrogant attitude. He’s like my twisted son ♥ Except… not really a son, because… he makes me feel things 6//6 (???). Aahaahgsdjhk yes yes ok, I love his design, really, L O V E   I T ♥ ♥.  His long braid, those beautiful ringed eyes, the makeup on them, the necklace and bracelets, that crop top, those abs, DAT WAISTLINE  aksjdhjkashdkjhgasgasd ⁄(⁄ ⁄ ⁄ Д ⁄ ⁄ ⁄)⁄
He needs his own manga, there’s just never enough Judal in my life.

5. Nozaki Umetarou / Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun.

I’ve said this before, but it me. Nozaki is me, I am Nozaki (except I’m not tall and handsome lol). Looks cold, mostly serious, suuupr dense in some subjects (specially about love and romance), zero experience in love… but somehow still makes love stories! His shoujo manga is terrible haha but he’s surprisingly popular as mangaka in spite of that x) I bet if I were to draw a manga it would be as ridiculous as his (or if my comics serve as an example… well, there ww).
He has this stoic aspect, but he makes the most idiotic faces when he gets excited too~  I think Nozaki is more socially skilled than me but we’re both awkward anymway(?) xD. He’s my spirit animal ♥ 

6. Netherlands & Finland / Hetalia.

Ah, my time in the Hetalia fandom… feels so distant :’)
Italy was my fav at first but then I started roleplaying Fin (the first chara I ever roleplayed) and my love for him kept growing from there. He was just too adorbs <3 I got to know a lot of super nice people, both on the internet and irl, because of him. Also, back then I listened to lot of metal music, and I always pictured Fin as a secret metalhead xD And then Netherlands… I don’t remember exactly how I started liking him, I remember they released the chara design, stuff happened, and then there I was cosplaying the dude. Hahaha ah, even though I loved Fin, I couldn’t identify with him cause he’s super cute,  happy and lovable; but Netherlands was more like me~ Stoic, cold, tsundere.
Over time, Netherlands became my favorite over Fin, but they’re both special.

7. Furukawa Nagisa / CLANNAD.

My precious child. The purest girl ever created. A National treasure, istg.
She’s not the type of female characters that I usually like, but somehow she got me from the start. She’s too adorable, sweet, innocent and good. She’s just too good!!!!!!! She’s always caring for others, always supportive of her friends, and tries her best even though she’s phisically weak and lacks confidence. She’s so strong and admirable, she makes my heart melt. CLANNAD made me cry rivers and hit me hard when… well, when After Story happened.
She’s the type of character that I want to protect from all evil.
I also LOVED Nakahara Mai’s performance as Nagisa, btw. I kept watching her scenes over and over just to listen to the cutest voice akjshd <3
I really love this child ;//;

8. Licht Jekylland Todoroki & Lawless / Servamp.

Well, as you would expect x)
It’s probably obvious that I love them both so hard. And I want to clear up for the records that it’s not just because I love them together, or the homo hints flying all over the place between them. I love them both as separated characters.
I really admire Licht. His resolution, his unbreakable spirit, his attitude, the hard worker he is, his strength, his pure innocence about the things he loves, his vision, his badassness, his frankness, his creativity…  He’s a gem, the type of person I could never be :’)  ALSO, HE’S HOT AF.
Lawless is so beautiful. He deserves the universe. I feel him more in a spirital way. How he lost faith in everything, how meaningless lives seemed to him, the vicious cycle he was in. But the fact he’s able to change that (with Licht’s help) is truly touching and praiseworthy. He made a deep impression in me.
Ah, and of course, his flamboyant personality! He’s such a dork ahah xD I love his nerdy side, his energy, even his bragging. And the fact that he can literally go from hotdamn vampire to cute hedgy in no time is amazing xD ♥ Also, his voice…. yeah, you know this by this point, but the fact he’s voiced by Kimura Ryouhei makes him even more perfect than he already was (everytime I listen to the Drama CDs, I literally have to go back and listen to his lines again because kjahsdjkg perfection in my ears).
So yeah, I love my boys ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

9. Morgiana / Magi.

Ah, Morgiana ♥ ♥ The ultimate example of the type of female character that I like. She’s strong, kind, determined, tough, has a strong sense of justce, needs no one to do shit for her, BUT she’s not arrogant, aggresive or extravagant herself. She’s quite, starightforward and helpful. But she’s also soooo adorable and cute!! The way she puffs up her cheeks when she’s mad, her smile, the little tears on her eyes when he was encouraged by Hakuryuu, her happy face, the way she dances around wearing that exotic outfit… man she is gorgeous, she’s amazing, she’s a goddess.
And dem kicks, THE KIIICCCKKKS, god she’s a BADASS.
She seriously became like a prototype of my perfect gurl. No kidding, after her, everytime there’s a badass fem chara that I like, I call her “a Morgiana”.
And I know she’s probs being “controlled” by Sinbad in the manga right now, but I cried when she said she has come to love herself because of all the time she’s been with Alibaba. I’M SO PROUD OF HER <//333


Agh, I just…. it’s amazing how without a miss, characters voiced by Kimura always become my favourite. I always love them, for one reason or another. I mean, I have other seiyuus I love too (Kaji Yuki, Nakamura Yuuichi, Ishikawa Kaito, Sugita Tomokazu, Kamiyan….), but I don’t always like their characters. But with Kimura, I ALWAYS do.
I don’t know all of his roles, obviously, but here’s some that I absolutely love:

Takakura Shouma [Mawaru Penguindrum]  |  Yagami Riku [Prince of Stride]   Nishimi Kaoru [Sakamichi no Apollon]  |  Atou Touji [Tokyo Ravens]  |  Hauser [Nanatsu no Taizai]  |  Izuminokami Kanesada [Touken Ranbu]  |  Wakamatsu Hirotaka [Nozaki-kun]  |  Fujimoto Takatora [Aoharu Kikanjuu]  |  Kimata Hayato [Meganebu]  |  L-elf [Valvrave]  |  Furuya Chihiro [Sankarea]  |  Bokuto Koutaro [Haikyuu]  |  Shimotsuki Shun [Tsukiuta], etc….

Special mention 2: Jorah Mormont, Eddard Stark, Jon Snow.
Because I love GoT, and these are my favs, but I can’t draw real people ww.

I’m tagging @pastenaga​, @stars-glow-for-you​, @adeslowmoqueen​, @rhomilch​ & @reimeijennoir​~ Feel free to do it if you want uvu/ Don’t worry guys, you don’t have to draw the charas to do this www Actually, you don’t have to write anything about them either lol my hand slipped(?)

maths teacher wonwoo AU

  • walks in when you’re rolling your eyes about a comment a girl said that last semesters maths teacher was a fucking joke but you can’t let her see you because she’s one of those people you have to pretend to like to avoid drama

 • also can’t say shit because he really was a joke and you flopped your exam 

 • when wonwoo walks in everyone looks at him w a weird look because he looks like he just came from some vampire cult meeting because he’s wearing a leather jacket and a black turtleneck

• and that girl is like “dude r u not hot in that? It’s mid Spring" 

 • and he looks at her with his straight emo face and replies w “keep that attitude up and you’ll flop your semester exam again" 

 • and from then on the whole class decides not to fuck w him 

 • at the end of the class you pray for your old teacher to come back because even tho he was a joke and wonwoo was 100x better than him you were too scared to ask him to help you because you were scared he’d call you out for being an idiot like he did with that girl 

 • 2 weeks pass and everyone is still v frightened of him but they still come to his class and 1 day you come in with your earphones in and the volume v loud and just got started on the work that was written on the board because you had a shit morning and didn’t want to be bothered by anyone or anything 

 • 30 minutes into the class and that bitch kicks you under the table and you look up and hiss at her but her eyes are wide and you’re like?? Then you turn around to see wonwoo standing there with his emo face and you’re like "what”

 • then you regret saying that the moment the words “talk to me outside the classroom” come out of his mouth and you’re like fuckkk and the whole class is like fuckkkkk 

 • you follow him outside and wait for him to start yelling but you’re met with an excited tone saying “you like epik high? Wow what’s your favourite song?” And you look at him with disbelief before replying w “born hater” and he smiles at your response and you were like wow ok heart eyes because you’d never seen him smile and you never found him attractive before seeing his smile • “that’s a classic! Who else do you like?” And you’d start smiling at his excited mood and replied with other amazing rappers that he v much liked and took an interest towards.

- “Mr jeon, I never expected you to like rap music.” “Why not?” “Idk I thought you’d like punk or heavy metal.” “Why?” “Becaus you look emo all the time” this causes him to laugh before saying “cutie” and ruffling your hair 

 • He walks back into the classroom with a smile on his face and you with pink cheeks and everyone is like wtf happened out there??? 

 • ever since that moment he turned into a lot more happier and cheerful teacher. Nobody was intimidated by him anymore and they got along well w him  

• A month later you’re very close and you feel v comfortable around him but you’re still too scared to ask him for help w your maths 

 • one afternoon after school hours he finds you crying in the school gym and he’s like?? And you’re like how tf did you find me? And he just ignores that question and asks what’s wrong? And you just spill everything and tell him how you’re such a flop in maths and you don’t want to fail again but you’re too scared to ask him for help and he just sort of puts his arms around you and just rocks you from side to side and tells you that everything is gonna be ok and that he’ll help you and you tell him it’s gonna look weird if you explain everything all over again just to me in front of the class and it’s gonna make you feel like an idiot and so he says he’ll privately tutor you whenever you want and you’re just like omg what and he’s flustered and says unless you don’t want to and you’re just like no ofc I want you to and he’s like lol ok ok 

 • then he pulls you up and says “ok time to cheer you up” and you’re like?? And the next minute you find yourself in his car and he starts blasting it g ma and he’s rapping along and you realise how deep and sexy his voice is and you’re like wowowowowowowowowowoowSOSOSOSOSOSOSOS I have the hotties for my maths teacher 

 • he stops outside a frozen yogurt place and you’re like aw cute and you walk in and he orders for you and you’re like wow how did you know I liked this and he’s just like because I’m v smooth and you’re just like what that doesn’t even make sense but ok 

 • then it comes to that awk moment when you want to thank him but you don’t know what to call him and he’s like lol you can call me by my first name and you’re like wow ok thanks wonwoo~ and he starts blushing and smiling and your insides are filled with butterflies 

 • you spent the rest of the afternoon walking down unknown streets and talking about everything EXCEPT maths and at the end of your lil date??! IDEK WHAT TO CALL IT you exchange numbers to plane a date for your ‘maths tutoring’ and then he drops you off a little bit off where your house is so your parents aren’t like why were you dropped off by your teacher??? 

 • that night before going to sleep you receive a text from him saying ’(y/n) don’t worry about failing maths ever again, you’ve got me now. night’ and you’re just like asdfghjkl and it takes you about 2 hours to fall asleep 

 • a couple of days later you set a date for him to tutor you and he comes to your house when your parents are out and you spent the first hour studying but soon got off topic and were laughing your asses off about god knows what and you’re looking at each other very intensely whilst catching your breath and you notice the twinkle in his eyes and how happy and how fucking beautiful he is and you feel yourself lean in and you see him do the same but you two jump apart when your phone goes off receiving a text from your mom 

 • after that moment you felt v awkward and you did your best to avoid him in school like in the hallways but soon enough you had a maths class and he knew what you were doing so he announced that you guys were having a mock exam next week and you needed to study and everyone was so pissed off but they started studying straight away during the class whilst you just glared at him not believing that you actually had a mock exam but then you found out later that day that you actually did have one so you were like fuckkkk

 • so you texted him and told him to hurry his ass over to your house so you could study and he did

 • you sat down on the table and waited for him to start but he just stared at you and you were like??? Help me!! And he says “how about we make a compromise.” and you’re like “wonwoo~ I don’t have time for this pls just help me.” And he smirks to himself and says “if you won’t compromise w me then I won’t help you” and you just groan and say isn’t this like another compromise and he’s like stfu u nerd. 

 • and you’re like ok will you tell me then!?! And he says “if you pass your mock exam I get a kiss. But if you don’t, you get to call me out for being a lazy ass teacher in front of everyone and I won’t tell you off.” “Wonwoo you can say that but how do I know you’re not gonna tell me off when I do it?” “So you’re assuming you’re gonna fail then?” “Ofc because you should be tutoring me now but you’re not because your lazy ass is thirsty.” He was shocked when you said that and honestly so were you. He looked upset and looked down at the table. Fuck ok you didn’t want to hurt him you just wanted to make a sassy remark. you move in closer to him and and purr “wonwoo~” in his ear and he looks up v confused and thats when you swoop in and kiss him. He instantly kisses back and it felt like you were in heaven and the butterflies in your tummy returned once again and after a couple of seconds you pull away and he whines like a child.

 • “R u happy now?” You ask him and he grins and nods his head and starts helping you study. 

 • It’s a week later and it’s the day of your maths mock exam and you wake up to a text from him saying ‘today’s the day! I hope you pass this cause if you don’t it will show that I’m a dumbass who can’t take care of his students. So I’m counting on you (y/n)! Good luck.' 

 • you walk into that math exam room like a boss and pass it like a boss 

 • you decided to prank him and text him 'this is serious, I’m coming over.’ And he’s freaking out that you failed and you arrive there with tears in your eyes and he’s like “ugh fuck baby no what happened” and you just kind of stop in your tracks because he called you 'baby’ and he’s just like “(y/n) u ok??” And you just jump into him and scream “I passed!!” And he’s like omg what why would you do that I’m gonna kill you and he’s v happy and proud of you and he’s all smiley and you’re just like “omg tysm wonwoo ily” and you both kind of freeze and you slide off of him and he’s like what?? And you’re just like what?? I never said anything?!?! And he’s like yes you did! And you’re just like bitch do you want that kiss or not? And he just grins and you just have a full on make out session on his couch where he’s on top of you and he decides to give you hickeys and you’re like dude tf I have school!! 

 • the next day you’re in class and he’s talking to the class about how well everyone did overall and then he stops and looks at you and pulls a confused face and you’re like?? And he says “(y/n) what are those purple marks on your neck?” And you’re just like KSVFAKNEWKNEWLAKRJWSJ and you quickly move your hair so it’s covering them and you glare at him and he’s like lol “it’s amazing you did the best in the class considering you look like you’ve been busy with other things” and you’re so red and flustered and everyone is chuckling but not laughing cause they know if they take the piss then wonwoo will yell at them cause they know how much he cares about you. 

 • the class ends and you’re still sitting there glaring at him for teasing you because he knows you can’t do anything about it and you’re still so embarrassed and he laughs as he walks over to you and kisses your forehead and says “hey baby girl” and you’re just like “tf you playing at wonwoo?” And he’s like what? Aren’t you happy I showed you off to the whole class that you got the best score? And you just flip him off and leave him chuckling to himself 

• next day you came in a bit earlier than everyone else and sat down at the front of the class positioning yourself in a way that would show him EVERYTHING and he just growled and asked wtf were you doing and you were like?? “I’m just here to learn sir” as the other kids entered the class and didn’t even look at you.  

• thank god, wonwoo thought. He didn’t want you to look like a slut and have people call you names. But he mostly didn’t want to yell at the other students for staring at the girl he was in love with. 

 • he tried his best to stay strong during the class but everyone knew something was ticking him off, they just didn’t know why. Whenever he asked a question you wood always answer except you’d slur your words and tried to make them sound as sexy as possible which just caused you and the other students to laugh and a few asked if you drank before coming here which would make wonwoo slam his fists in the desk and scold them for talking like that. 

 • Maths was the last class of Friday and as everyone hurried to collect their stuff and leave asap, you stood there with a sweet smile plastered on your face as you watched wonwoo continue talking to the class with pink cheeks.

 • everyone was gone and it was just you two. “You know you’ve had pink cheeks and a growing buldge for the whole class.” You say as he furiously walks over to you and pins you against the wall. “Wtf was that (y/n)?!” “Revenge! You think it’s fun being embarrassed in front of your whole class? Wonwoo I thought you actually liked me but you just played me.” You yell at him. 

 • “(Y/n) I didn’t play you and I’m really sorry if it looked that way. I just wanted to tease you. I love you (y/n), so so much.” He says and you feel your cheeks go pink and the butterflies return in your stomach 

 • “I love you too jeon wonwoo”

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Rereading Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix: Chapter Twenty-Eight - Snape’s Worst Memory


- is it just me or is ernie macmilian a douche

- the inquisitorial squad has literally THE DUMBEST NAME why? who chose this? lets be real, theyre just mad they werent invited to dumbeldores army

- draco literally just took 10 points from gryffindor because hermione is muggleborn. WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK 

“He never managed to get all the words out,” said Fred, “due to the fact that we forced him headfirst into that Vanishing Cabinet on the first floor.”

HMMMM I WONDER IF THIS WILL EVER COME UP AGAIN?? probs not right??? jkrowling is cleverclevercleverclever.

“Well, now -” said George.
“ - what with Dumbledore gone -” said Fred.
“ - we reckon a bit of mayhem -” said George.
“ - is exactly what our dear new Head deserves,” said Fred.
“You mustn’t!” whispered Hermione. “You really mustn’t! She’d love a reason to expel you!”
“You don’t get it, Hermione, do you?” said Fred, smiling at her. “We don’t care about staying anymore. We’d walk out right now if we weren’t determined to do our bit for Dumbledore first.”

forever and always deeply in love with fred and george. 

- filch is legit getting hot and bothered over the fact that umbridge is gonna let him start torturing kids and harry has no reaction lol just classic filch!

- she also wants to expel peeves and like LOL PLZ TRY I’D LOVE TO SEE HOW THAT WORKS OUT FOR U

He raised the cup to his lips and then, just as suddenly, lowered it. One of the horrible painted kittens behind Umbridge had great round blue eyes just like Mad-Eye Moody’s magical one, and it had just occurred to Harry what Mad-Eye would say if he ever heard that Harry had drunk anything offered by a known enemy.

CONSTANT VIGILANCE!!!!!!!!!!! bitch. 

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#ShiningDiamondsinManila EXPERIENCE


PH Carats were very enthusiastic as we waited inside for the fanmeet to start. We were chanting”SEVENTEEN” until finally they came out and performed Shining Diamond and my heart literally sank because everyone sang along to the “17 carat” part. The mood was up and we were all having fun. 

They were doing their opening ment and it was really great since they kept on saying “Mahal ko kayo” which means “I love you all” in tagalog. Mingyu said that when he was young, he visited the Philippines, and that’s why he knows how to speak tagalog a bit, he even said, “Ako si Mingyu” which means, “I am Mingyu.” 

After the opening ment, it was time for the Q and A they looked for sticky notes  that PH Carats wrote. Some were favors like “do a heart and say, “mahal ko kayo”” and it was cute to see them bring a big smile and try their best in tagalog hahaha. When it was S.Coup’s turn he was tasked to tie Jeonghan’s hair, which he did, everybody screamed :)))  Hip Hop team also did a high note battle and guess what???? Vernon was the first one out hahahaha.  Let me tell you, Seungkwan was speaking english phrases and his english was cute and adorable and I just died because thats the best quality EVER. During the Q and A they also did a skit where JiHan were bf-gf and the boyfriend was running late. Joshua played the boyfriend part and then HE PULLED JEONGHAN CLOSER TO HIM AND HELD HIM LIKE BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOYYYY  as always PH Carats went crazy hahahaha. SeoKwan did the same skit but instead of Seokmin being an apologetic boyfriend, he cheated with Hoshi ahahaha. Oh I almost forgot, when Mingyu was picking a sticky note from the board, he said, “This is hard.” in english :))) lol how adorable. Jeonghan and Woozi did some awkward sexy poses, hahahahaha but ya girl still died because Jeonghan is my main boo and Jihoon is ruining my life HAHAHHAHAHHUHUhuhuhuhuhu. Alot of PH Carats wrote “bby” as an endearment to the members and Seventeen were confused who was this “bby” and they thought “bby” was a name and they even commented that alot of PH Carats are named “bby”  HAHHAHAHAHA CAN I JUST SAY CHAN DID A SEXY DANCE IM JUST SO ????? I AM???/ OFFENDED??? I FEEL ATTACKED??????? THIS BOY MUST SDFSGDBAHJSNAJND o<-< Mingyu said that PH is Jihoon’s home country because of his height :)))) (filipinos are generally short) 

PH Carats were really enthusiastic in the best way possible. Seungkwan said, “Calm down, calm down” and it was so funny as well as Mingyu hahahaha. “Calm down, calm down.” Boo Seungkwan & Kim Mingyu 2K16 (it wasn’t in a negative light, more it was because we were enthusiastic and really up for the event :”) )

And then Woozi, S.Coups and Vernon performed Q and A :D PH Carats sang Ailee’s parts and it was a beautiful collab between Carats and SVT <3

After that, Seungkwan and DK performed Say Yes. AND IM GOING TO TELL YOU RIGHT NOW WITHOUT ANY BIASES THAT… YOU HAVE TO LISTED TO THEM LIVE BECAUSE IT WAS LIKE SEEING HEAVEN AND SWIMMING IN A POOL OF HONEY AND EVERYTHING THAT WAS GOOD OKAY. i forgot I havent eaten lunch or dinner when they sang, thats how good their live is.

And then MC Boo took over the fanmeet with his best quality english. It was game time and SVT split into two teams! Hyung line and Dongsaeng line :) They were playing Charades hahahaha. Joshua did a funny impersonation of a skunk :)) LIKE THAT BOY IS SO EXTRA BLESS HIM. Song Joongki was one of the things they had to act out and PH Carats SCREAMED. They even commented that PH Carats loved Joongki more than them and we laughed together hahahahHAHAHAHAHAHA. Then THE GREATEST BLESSING OF THEM ALL. WONWOO AND SCOUPS ACTED OUT JOONGKI AS FANSERVICE AND WE JUST DIED, WE ALL DIED. *insert Dash the Incredibles meme here* WHen it was Woozi’s turn to act, he got bobsleigh HAHAHAHA and HE JUST LITERALLY DOVE ON THE FLOOR HAHAHAHAHAHA. but the dongsaeng line was better at Charades hahahHAHAHAHA. For a fair win, Seungkwan (he was the mc) was the one who was going to act out and he got an Ostrich :))) IT WAS REALLY FUNNY but the dongsaeng line won <3

Seungkwan asked Joshua: “Why did you think you lost?”

Joshua: “We lost on purpose”


For the punishment for the hyung line:

S.Coups - aegyo. PH Carats were the judges if it was cute enough. And we all said “not cute” or “noooooo” in a funny way to let Coups continue doing aegyo :)))))


Joshua - his punishment was to rap. So he rapped Vernon’s part in Mansae, but then he freestyled with the word, “Manila” and he was so cute with his english. #RAPGODHONGJISOO 

Hoshi - squats while carrying a member. Soonyoung carried Jisoo bridal style at first and did squats but he failed HAHAHAHA he dropped Jisoo on the floor. So he carried Jeonghan on his back instead and it was so funny hahahaha he was struggling but it was the best, while he was suffering, Seungkwan asked if he was a weak leader :))) because Hoshi carried Jun and Minghao’s parts during the fanmeet. JEONGHAN LOOKED SO HAPPY GIVING HOSHI A HARD TIME WITH THE SQUATS HAHAHAHAHA

Wonwoo - 3 set expressions, he did cute, sexy and comedic (?) HE WAS SMILING, IM CRYING HE SMILED LIKE IM CRYING TEARS OF BLOOD AND WET N WILD EYE LINER. 

Woozi - I forgot Woozi’s punishment :)))) I was just too happy to see him tbh


then they came out and performed Adore U :”D they replaced “akkinda” with “akin ka” which means “You’re mine” in tagalog. LORD HELP ME HOW DID I EVEN SURVIVE THO, LIKE HOW AM I STILL ALIVE. as always every song/every performance PH Carats were singing along and waving our banners and lightsticks :D




 Seventeen came out and sang Love Letter. During Wonwoo’s singing part in Love Letter, PH Carats threw beautiful paper airplanes and Seventeen were touched by the surprise :”) They were really so touched like damn im gonna cry man AND THEN WHEN THEY SANG HEALING, DURING WOOZI’S PART EVERYONE WAS ANNOYING HIM HAHAHA SVT WERE MESSING WITH HIS HAIR LOL

During the closing ment, they said that they were so thankful and touched. They didnt expect to receive so much love from PH Carats ;o; ahhhhhh Jisoo shared that PH is the home of his fave artists/youtubers that inspired him to be a singer and like my kokoro broke and im dead basically.



First in line was Vernon, he had such a welcoming and warm smile, he looked at me and I’m telling you in that moment I thought I was Rose and he was Jack in Titanic.  and then followed by (in no particular order) DK, Seungkwan, Woozi, Dino. OKAY LET ME TELL YOU I NOTICED DK HE WAS SUCH A SUNSHINE, LITERALLY THE SUN. HE WAS BEAMING I FELL IN LOVE.  Woozi leaned on the table because of his height lol :)))) he looked so into it, he stood so firmly with his hand ready for my hand, he was like in a team building activity :))))))))) Seungkwan took my breath away but the first half of the line i barely looked because i was SO SHY BUT WHEN S.COUPS CAME, HE LITERALLY PAUSED IN A HEARTBEAT AND GAVE ME THE BEST HIGH 5 OF MY LIFE. I LOVED HIM OKAYHE COMPLETED MY SOUL.


Hoshi had a cute smile :) I couldnt look at him properly but i saw his face for a moment and he had a cute smile.


All in all, they looked so happy and bright :”) I can tell they had so much fun especially how interactive we were with them :D They were comfortable and happy! Especially Joshua and Mingyu who are acquainted with the Philippines :)