it really is strange


That being said, the second you start idolizing someone in the industry, you create a dichotomy between you and them. You create a hierarchy. This is the thing I like the least about the industry. When saying ‘celebrity’ and 'normal,’ you’re implying that maybe 'celebrity’ is something greater or less than 'normal.’ That’s not the case. That’s sort of been my whole message. The second you start going crazy about someone you admire, you put them in a space that makes them almost unattainable — you put them in a space that is distancing and objectifying. The second you’re looking up to someone, you’re still looking up. They’re looking down. That’s a really strange way of interacting with a person. I love when people come up to me and ask a strange question or get a little invasive. That’s my favorite thing! It means there’s no wall putting them in fear of talking to me. That’s something Dylan and I wanted to make very apparent as we went to school, did the dorm system, and sat in class with everyone. People idolize celebrities in a way that is unhealthy for them. It’s something that’s sold to them by the same companies that air the TV shows. I don’t want people to think of me as something more than themselves. I want people to think of me as just a person.

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I love love love love love your Bucky selfie. But he's in the mirror and the wrong arm is metal >.< Sorry! I love you! I'm sorry! *Hides*

Hi anon! ^^

Oh don’t worry, I know, but I always draw my selfies “not literally inverted” (I’m not sure of the word though). Even if it’s closer to reality, it seems off to me. I used to do it when I started to draw character selfies but then, seriously, having all the writings on T-shirts inverted or stuff like Bucky’s metal arm on the right, was really strange. Screw accuracy, I draw my pics not inverted, and you know, if you look at selfies on Instagram, people do invert them with softwares so that the right is on the right and the left on the left. I mean, look at this girl’s selfie, the writings on her cap are not inverted:

And also, I stopped to do it because I was fed up to deal with comments like “but his metal arm is the left one!!” and me copy/pasting “In a mirror, things are inverted” or people asking me: “What’s written on the T-shirt?”.

So don’t worry anon, I know xD That’s why my selfies are always, except for the old ones, reversed. :)

I love love love love love your Bucky selfie. 

Thank you ♥ I wasn’t really satisfied with it you know? I haven’t used these brushes and textures in a long time so, I was tempted to stop working on it more than once. I’m really happy that you, and my followers liked it! (and no need to hide xD)

Have a great day! ^^

Something Really Strange Is Happening…“

Yesterday, I got up early, went to work (didn’t take a lunch break), ran to the train station, and jumped on an Amtrak (and then a creepy Lyft) to NYC.

Now, that all may seem fine and normal to you, but waking up this morning, I was expecting to feel awful.

That’s what happens when you have a disease like MS. You either can’t do something, push yourself, or feel like a train ran you over when you wake up… or all three, just in case you didn’t get the first message to stay the fuck home.

Today, though, I feel fine. Good, even, if that’s an option…

I take care of myself for reasons like this. I want to show people that these heavy hitter diseases don’t mean we should give up, it means keep going.

MS is what gives me the desire to live a big, fun, exciting life, but most of the time, it’s also what stops me. Today, I feel unstoppable.

Live Your Life, Without The Weight. ❤

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Huh...I agree...I just went to Mark's videos from 2-3 weeks ago then I went to his new recent videos and there's a change. And it's not really in lighting as you said, but more like it's a strange and sudden change.

the shape of his face? idk. it’s /something/

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It seems strange to me that someone would just up and say they literally take notes on things you say, even if its true I don't think someone would actually tell you that unless they wanted to date ur face. I dunno though, you'd obviously know better than I do

…not to like, blow my own horn. But I wouldn’t underestimate an individual’s ability to dominate/be a big part of a class.

It’s run like a seminar, so it’s basically all conversation/discussion based, we talk in a big group style and it’s pretty easy to tell who’s done the reading and who knows their stuff. It’s an upper-division so it’s like academic hunger games.

I don’t think people would do this in say high school (maybe for AP/IB??) but there are leaders of classes in college that people will gravitate toward to be the lighthouse of knowledge in a drowning sea of complex theoretical questions.

I’ve always been pretty good at abstract concepts, and after a couple years of debate and mock trial my oration skills are like, loud and attention grabbing (don’t be afraid to assert yourself in class ladies)

So I’ve had people come up to me after class on other occasions and tell me ‘I get excited when you talk! You always say smart things!’ and ‘nice contribution about xyz.’

Anyway, I should clarify that I am an honors student who goes to college on scholarships, I study really hard and expect a lot of myself, people coming up to me and asking how to like, approach a topic is kinda just a thing that happens.

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I really hope that Kitsune and Mihawk become friends. Even if it's that really strange type of friendship that makes everyone's world tip on its head and questions reality; though that's more of a bonus anyway. If they become more than friends that's great too!! Regardless, the reactions all around would likely be absolutely hilarious!

I don’t think Mihawk will get much of a choice in his friendship with Kitsune, much like his relationship with Shanks. (He does get a dark sense of pleasure from watching Shanks get bludgeoned by Kitsune’s personality though)

15 Million Bosses, Day 5

Have you made friends/met anyone since being part of the channel? This one is strange because I’ve never really done the whole meeting people online thing. I’m quite lucky in that I have a few friends outside tumblr and the jse community. But that doesn’t mean I count the people I do talk to here any less! The great thing is that this community shares the same love towards Jack which can’t be said for the majority of my friends in real life so I can talk about things to do with Jack here and not get a groan or eye roll in response. I talk about theories with @fear-is-nameless a ton and it’s always fun when something new comes up so we can break it down and get a new line of conspiracy going. I consider them as well as @memoryofnow, @septic-heart-and-mind and @that-arty-youtube-watcher @nerdqueeniplier to be friends that I’ve talked to. I know that being part of this community means that there is always someone willing to listen so I know there will more friends out there. There’s a famous phrase that I like: “People aren’t strangers, they’re just friends we haven’t met yet.” I think this is perfect for the way I feel about the JSE community as a whole.

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Am I the only one who found it really strange that whenever the moms and Abby fought Maddie would always cry and break down? And sometimes she would go "I'm sorry I'm sorry" even if her mom wasn't the one fighting. Like when Kelly slapped Abby she was sobbing and apologizing

apparently the attention cant be off maddie for even 0.1 second lmao

Cute past!Ardyn with his black chocobo *_*
I want to know more about Ardyn’s past life before he became evil guy…