it really is fate

I keep thinking abt that one book talking abt the winter symbolism around medb’s invasion of ulster in the original texts and whether or not the winter imagery around fgo medb is intentionally referring to that or not im losing my fucken mind over this. mythological medb’s winter symbolism is specifically to contrast with the sun symbolism around cu and fate doesn’t really do much with that so considering that it’s unlikely to be an intentional myth reference but at the same time medb isn’t exactly the classic ice queen type which would otherwise justify it (although it would work with her “two faced” thing where it doesnt matter how cute she seems shes still a cold hard bitch) and cu DOES have a lot of fire themes going on in fate which isnt too far from sun imagery. but then did medb’s winter/ice imagery develop as contrast to cu’s fire imagery in specific reference to the same symbolism in the original texts or separately from but similarly to that because that is just the kind of thematic relationship that makes sense between them. was it intentional or did it happen because that’s just the way their themes connect regardless of reinterpretation. answer me nasu.

Two in one day!

Today I’m reposting two of my oneshots, a Reylo piece and a Finnrey piece.

‘Shadowed’ can be found here on FF, and here on AO3. 

This was originally for the Ring in the Reylo gift exchange, for Limra. 

The war is over. It has been for years. A damaged Kylo is forced to face his fears when Rey tells him that she wants children, believing that the sins of the father would be passed on to the children – his children… much like the sins of Darth Vader ruined the reputation of his mother, then-Senator Leia Organa.

Rey? Well. Rey thinks that it’s about time that Kylo faces what people really think about her husband.

‘If only we could change fate’ can be found here on FF, and here on AO3.

For @smols-darklighter

Rey considered it a curse, and hoped that the fact that she was seventeen with no words blazing a path across her skin meant that she would never have to feel the pain of knowing her soulmate only upon her or their death.

It was a cruel, absolutely cruel world, in which sentients would only ever know true happiness, with the knowledge that the partner they’d been with for years and years perhaps… that they would only ever know that the other was their soulmate upon either of their deaths.

But no. No, she wasn’t lucky enough to get none.

Instead, she received two burning marks upon her forearms.


maybe   l o v e   isn’t supposed to be comfortable
     — maybe love is just supposed to be     w o r t h     i t.

Cutting Wit


Future elections will be decided using the Holy Grail War. There will be 7 candidates spread out across 7 classes: Saber, Archer, lancer, Rider, Caster, Berserker, and Assassin. Masters, voters, have 3 command spells. When used it forces the candidate to stay locked in a policy. During debates the voters summon their candidates and force them to fight for the holy grail, the presidency.

Bernie Sanders: Assassin

Assassins are weaker classes as they possess low attributes due to not having glorious backers as other classes. They are an oddity among the candidates. Because of their low attributes they specialize in converting other voters/masters to their side instead of directly battling other candidates. Because of these unfair conditions an assassin usually has an inferior chance at winning but when attacking the right issues, they can match any other class.

Assassin’s special ability: “Corruption Reveal” allows them to reveal the corruption and weaknesses of their opponents causing their voters/masters to doubt their positions.

Donald Trump: Archer

Archers excel in possessing powerful stances and smug faces. The qualifying condition for the Archer class is not attributes, but instead possession of money and fame. They possess high campaign smear resistance as a class skill, so most media outlets are unable to inflict damage on them. They also possess Independent Action, allowing them to act independently from the two party system for a length of time without support.

Archers do not possess a special ability, leading many to underestimate them. Because of archer’s high ranking Independent Action and disposition opposite the media and some voters/master, the only guaranteed way to controll them is through the use of Command Spells.

Hillary Clinton: Caster

Candidates placed in this class are usually adept in “cover up” and the only qualifying condition is having a long history in politics in high positions compared to other classes. Due to not requiring any strong statistics, they generally have low combat abilities, and due to many servants having some form of campaign smear resistance, this class is thought to be the weakest of all classes. They make up for this with others means, using cover ups and rigged primaries, possessing many possible ploys to be used against opponents.

Caster’s special ability: “Media Corruption” altering and influencing media outlets in their favour, and “Email Deletion” which allows the candidate to remove evidence to aid in garnering support.


Lemme tell you about how Kaze fell hopelessly in love with me just because I gave him a motherfuckiNG FLOWER BAND