it really is bigger on the inside

the signs as people i’ve known

aries: passionate verging on obsessive.  defensive of both themselves and the people they love.  few layers; what you see is more or less what you get.  good-hearted, intelligent.  always up for a challenge, but becomes stressed out very easily and handles stress very poorly.  even when they’re tired, they somehow seem so alert and two steps ahead of you.  responsible.  they prefer to lead and lead very well.  interesting, competitive, loyal.  although they like to be correct and love to prove people wrong, more than anything they just want someone to listen and expand on their point, not disagree with it. romantic but they like to pretend that they aren’t.  they seek instant gratification and hate doing things that they’re not naturally great at (but they’re naturally great at a lot).  can be very self-absorbed, but it’s not conscious.  so loving and so lovely.  the yang to my yin, the storm to my calm.  a friend who completes me.

taurus: extremely nice, and they never want to hurt anybody’s feelings, so they tend to skirt around the truth or omit their opinion.  truly, genuinely kind, the sort of person you hope will always stay in your life, the sort of person you feel like you really need.  dependable, hardworking, stable.  they have been through a lot, but looking at them, you wouldn’t know it.  will ultimately put themselves before you (which is a good thing), but is always there for you when they can be. very realistic; they know what they can achieve and expect themselves to do so.  private to a fault, and doesn’t usually express their feelings. there is something about their soul that makes me smile whenever i think of them. one of the people i love most in this world.  my equal, the friend who i hope knows how much i love them.

gemini: endlessly charming, supportive, and brave.  always wants to make everyone happy, often at the expense of their own desires, so they’ll do things they don’t want to do but be kind of grouchy about it, leading others to believe that they are picky and that they change their mind too much.  frequently changes the details of a story to either make it more interesting or get out of trouble.  wants more than anything to see and experience the good in the world but is very often a victim of the bad.  overly-trusting.  they can make any experience memorable, and they are the most fun you’ll ever have. quite self-critical but they also know that they have a certain power over people. forgetful, tolerant, warm.  often feels quite overwhelmed and may not handle this feeling wisely.  crazy but kind.  the one whom words fail to describe.  the biggest piece of my heart, my mother.

cancer: both friendly and intimidating.  difficult to read.  patient and cooperative but more often than not, they think their idea/opinion is better than yours.  very, very smart.  super dependable, so sensitive, hold grudges like it’s their life’s calling. courageous.  behave very differently around authority figures, likes being seen as innocent and cute. they will keep your secrets but they will kind of hold them over you, and they tend to taunt others by saying, “i know [x] about [y] and you don’t.”  very funny, dark, and sarcastic once you get to know them, but initially sweet and sugary.  survivalists; they protect themselves first and their loved ones second and don’t really care about everyone else. friendly. once they’re in a relationship, they become rather absorbed by it and neglect the other parts of their life.  dramatic, obsessive. rather strong-willed.  when they’re having an off day, get out of their way.  they will never forget anything you tell them.  they see life as an inside joke.  my figurative fraternal twin.  the friend who is just like me but whom i’ll never understand.

leo: impressively loving, astonishingly generous, the whole universe in one person.  soft and loud, wild and cautious.  they are full of power, grace, and energy, and they awaken within you the sense that you are good and that you can do whatever you want to do. even when they’re quiet, their presence is felt. very self-critical, constantly questioning their worth. always in need of validation, which is why they like to be the center of attention; in order to know that they’re a star, they require a standing ovation. they want to love themselves, they need to love themselves. such a romantic, wants to be wooed and adored, and they’ll gladly return the favor.  soothing.  they are so easy to trust, but they are more careful with their own secrets than they seem. they love with every bone in their body.  they want, more than anything, a best friend. loyal, inventive, go-getters. great listeners.  can somehow empathize with every situation, but are mildly obsessed with themselves. love winning. my idol, the part of myself i hope i grow into, my aunt.

virgo: hilarious, dependable, treats you like their kid.  trustworthy, sympathetic. they are fascinating and unique, but they are too attached to their own magic. more obsessive than they like to think they are.  they take criticism very well, perhaps because they dish it out even better. level-headed but aspirational. they prefer to be the less loving one in all of their relationships.  feels guilty for feeling sad or emotional. curious and interested.  can talk for hours if you let them.  kind and smart, wants to be special and different from everyone else. treats the people closest to them the worst. believes in tough love.  loves to joke and be sarcastic but usually takes it a few steps too far.  perfectionistic, which leads them to put little effort into things that they feel they can’t do flawlessly.  the one i protect who thinks they’re protecting me.  the friend whom i loved right away.

libra: angelic, enchanting, sweet.  picky. they are so afraid of offending someone that they have to know someone really likes them before they’ll be honest with them.  so many layers.  funny and diligent. treats everyone like their best friend, but when you are their best friend, there is just something so slightly different about how they treat you, something that makes you feel amazing. good at everything.  completely unable to make decisions. gossipers. they want to like everyone, but they just don’t.  absolutely hates saying no, but will do it if it’s 100% necessary.  sleepy and goofy around people they love. works hard to look good, trendy.  smart, fair.  nervous around authority figures. fearful of loss and of growing up.  secret control freaks.  they are at once youthful and wise.  crazy patient on the outside, just crazy on the inside. always somewhere on my mind, the one who i was always meant to know. my very best friend, my soul’s sister.

scorpio: the best listener. truly wants to know everything about you. extremely devoted, passionate.  knows you very, very well.  so funny, so kind.  will stick with you through thick and thin, always on your side.  gives great advice. the person across the room who you can’t stop staring at.  secretive, fearful, romantic.  both observant and judgmental. will hate you for judging them while they judge you.  their heart is bigger than anyone else’s, and all they really want is to fill it to its brim with love. very often the sidekick, but they stand out to me. they are quite obsessive and they rarely wait for explanations. they want to own the people they love.  intuitive.  loves you soooo much.  impossible to know fully. deep, powerful. the ocean flows inside them, yet all too often that ocean is stormy.  the person many people think i am, the person i sometimes i wish i was.  my confidante, my partner in crime, my heart, my friend.

sagittarius: the most supportive and dependable person on the planet.  an amazing friend, the best person to have in your corner.  honest and disorganized, friendly and capable.  very quick to anger and has a hard time admitting they’re wrong.  devotes themselves wholly and completely to their partner and puts them on a pedestal, but once they’ve moved on, they’ve really moved on.  tends to succeed, lucky.  has a hard time seeing the truth of a situation and often must be told what’s really going on.  charismatic and caring, overly generous.  can spread themselves thin.  guided chiefly by morals which they never abandon.  has a strong sense of right and wrong (specifically, they’re right, you’re wrong).  my backbone, my other mother.

capricorn: pensive and stoic.  has a brain that never stops going.  they wake up every morning in the climax of a novel they’ve written in their sleep.  loyal, just, intimidating.  cold and private.  mean to people who are mean to them.  shuts down entirely for seemingly no reason.  the wisest of all.  mature.  silently romantic. victim of their thoughts.  intense, original.  they want someone to fall really deeply in love with them, but they close themselves off to everyone. admires the beauty of the world, moved by small details that many people miss. always thinking of the future, no matter how good the present is.  judgmental. wants to be better than everyone else. exceptionally smart. often falling apart on the inside.  can think themselves into sickness, into joy, into anything. loves to be alone, hates more than anything to be lonely.  soft on the inside. the best leaders but they don’t like to lead.  kind-hearted and always doubting it. immensely fatalistic.  the dreamy head behind my eyes.  myself.

aquarius: very patient.  analytical, detached.  they have favorite people and things and they will be honest about who and what these favorites are.  they love you, they just can’t tell you.  wants to be cared for without caring in return. easy to talk to, somehow always makes you feel safe.  impressive intellect. generous with the people they love.  genuinely good, inspiring.  easily overwhelmed.  resorts to humor when offended.  doesn’t try very hard to act like they like someone they hate.  wants to be special.  artificially nice to authority figures.  can be surprisingly mean without intending to.  very good liars.  super funny.  compliments mean a lot coming from them.  the person i forget i am, the friend i should talk to more.

pisces: kind-hearted, funny.  to really know them, you kind of have to know them forever.  so easy to love.  hates to think about the difficulties of the world and prefers to just have fun.  very much in the present and tries not to think about the future.  as such, they sometimes behave without thinking and wind up messing things up for themselves.  they tend to be kind of lazy in regards to some things and extremely passionate in regards to others; there isn’t a lot of balance.  can be very mean and very angry.  won’t apologize first when you’ve made them mad. must express themselves in some way.  no matter how much they say that they love you, they always love you more than that.  quite sensitive, hates few things more than being called annoying. super generous, always wants to be there for you but hates not being able to make you happier. truly the sweetest. my favorite person, my brother.

1st House - your Ascendant, your worldwide persona

Aries Ascendant - outspoken and very sensitive. They are called warriors of the zodiac and for a good reason. They always fight to the end for the cause they believe in and will do everything what it takes to win (literally). They are really smart and inventive. They like to instigate things and cause drama. They never take your advices. Honest and stubborn. They tend to take things to their heart (except advices) and they easily get offended. They crave romance and true love but they are way more shy about those things than people think. They really can get shy in love! But they want to be always considered strong so it is hard to see that side of them. They have a tendency to delete people from their life too fast, without giving it a second thought. Strong minded. Helpful. Sassy. They easily get jealous of others.

Taurus Ascendant - protective and sexy. Their presence is not that intense like Scorpio but still they are visible and hard to miss. Very sensual people. Their sexiness is more subtle and their beauty is very earthy like. They go back and forth with being economical and  impulsive with spending money (they might buy things they think they need when they really don’t). They are argumentative and tend to instigate things. They are really protective of their surrendings and people. Generous with their time and money unless you make them doubt your intentions. They can be very cold, calculative and emotionally detached when they need to be. 

Gemini Ascendant - funny and welcoming. They are very warm and always make people feel good with them. They will help you with opening up. They can be flighty and overly dramatic. Emotional people. They love diversity in every form. They love to learn new things and help other learn it too. Very helpful, they really want you to feel good around them. They do not want to negativity win over positivity. They can find hope and good in people everywhere. This does not mean that they are naive, no - they are very observant people and very smart. They need a lot of changes in their life. Freedom is their stability. They despise routine but they need it a little bit more in their life to keep their restlessness away from them.

Cancer Ascendant -  caring and proactive. They get things done. They are very emotionally and mentally strong. They really can get through a lot and stand still. Patient and caring, they treat their friends as their family members. They will always make sure that you will know how much they love you. They have good intuition and are people smart. They are creative and may appear more innocent that they really are. They will always encourage you to be better. They are very hard-working, they make sure to do things the best they can. Very goofy (when they feel comfortable with you). If you break their trust they will get very cold, logical and ruthless. They will call you out on the things you have done. They will never forget.

Leo Ascendant - generous and witty. Very loving and protective of their loved ones. The unique mix of softness and strength. The royal baby. They will rather die than let you win an argument. They tend to forget about their own worth and look for validation in the wrong places. They are very detail oriented about how they want to appear to the world (especially when it comes to their fashion choices). Creative, smart and devoted to their own art and style. They do not like changes and can be too much stubborn to admit that they need them. Very sensitive but they have amazing fighting spirit.

Virgo Ascendant - competent and charming. They are very sophisticated. Naturally smart, patient and observant. They have a lot of hidden charisma. They know how to act in social situations and keep their image clean. Creative. They are emotionally self-sufficent and they keep people at distance but they know how to appear friendly and welcoming. Other people may often come to them for their knowledge which they like to share. They usually have god complex and dislike when people act like they really know them. They like competent people. Meticulous and can be mean. They want to show the best of them to the world. 

Libra Ascendant - thoughtful and intuitive. They care about justice and balance and they can easily sense when something is “off”. They are really good at finding solutions. Impartial, they look at two sides before judging. They are people smart and helpful. Emotionally strong but when things go wrong they rely more on logic than emotions. They can get cold and distant when they feel they cannot trust someone. Trust is really important for them. If you break your word to them they may forigve you but will never truly forget. They are stylish, aesthetically pleasing and easily make people like them. They can become the ultimate queen b. They get things done and they do not like to sit and wait for things to escalate. 

Scorpio Ascendant - passionate and watchful. The infamous “mysterious and intense” ones. They definetely bring a lot to the table. They do not care much about others opinions but others tend to care about theirs. Beside the obvious sexiness, strong aura and intensity they have a lot of sensivity and thirst of knowledge inside of them. They like to discover secrets of the world and they are really good at it. They are careful and like to plan things. They observe people and rely on their instincts when judging them. They like to laugh with others and be more laid-back and goofy but only with those who gained their trust. They have strong convictions that they know how to defend. They are really caring and generous, they have this softness inside of them which they always choose not to show to the world. They are true fighters; they will not back down and run away from a fight but they really not aim to create everything into the battlefield. Ambitious, smart and really adventurous people.

Sagittarius Ascendant - jovial and intense. They have strong, warm aura that that attracts others to them. They are extra about every aspect of their life. Bold, independent and sometimes a little bit intimidating. They make a conscious effort to be funny (they prefer things be kept this way) but they can get serious very fast and when they do they become scary. They have short temper and sharp tongue. They will not tolerate any baloney. They will scream about it to the world if they have to. They will make a fuss about something but five seconds later they will act like nothing happened. They prefer to look at the bigger picture but still will check every little detail. They really do not know how to deal with sadness inside of them so they choose to ignore it and keep themselves busy on something “more interesting” than negative feelings.

Capricorn Ascendant - bold and confrontational. They do not back down from a challenge an actually are more drama prone that they will admit. They are passionate and very emotional but they do not show it easily to the world. They are diligent and prefer to keep the image of  professionalists. Independent, sassy, curious and smart, they know how to handle things. They despise incompetence but they are more forgiving if this incompetence come from other people and not themselves. They like affection and compliments especially about achievements, less looks. They are constantly misunderstood and people try to simplify them to being heartless workaholics but they are way more complex. They tend to be more confident when they got older, they need some time to asset themselves in the world but when they do they become ultimate bosses.

Aquarius Ascendant - serious but charming. They are a unique blend of a social butterfly and strong individualist. They like people and spending time with them but they also need a lot of solitude. They often feel outcasted because of their contrasted personality and are considered weird. They are not weird - they are just unapologetic about who they are and you have to deal with it, whether you like what you see or not. Aquarius will not change anything about themselves to make things easier (even when they crave to be understood they will stand still with who they are)They are very curious and have many interests. They need some time to really open up but when they do you can see their passionate, vulnerable and caring side. They really like and need affection. They are smart and blunt. They appreciate unconventional forms of romance. 

Pisces Ascendant - smart and incomparable. People see them as this weird, sad guys, who do not comprehend a normal human language. This is not true - they are complex and have many sides to them to show to the world. They easily get inspired by everything around them. They think they know how to blend in but the truth is that somehow they always stand out. They are intelligent, have unique sense of humour and way of looking at the world. They are brave, can get very argumentative when someone is talking about things they are passionate about. They can be both very logical and emotional, serious and goofy, loud and quiet. They are never one thing, they could never choose to be one. 

Nursey is so wrapped up in saying goodbye to the graduating seniors that he doesn’t notice Dex and Bitty disappear until Chowder pokes him in his ribs with a grin. “You’re gonna pretend to be surprised, right?”

Nursey is already surprised, and confused, but doesn’t say so.

When they get back to the Haus half an hour later, taking the long route at Chowder’s insistence, everything looks the same as it always does. That is until Nursey makes his way up to Lardo’s old room, determined to figure out what he’s apparently supposed to already suspect.

“Shit,” Dex curses when he spots him. “Uh, hey? Fuck. I mean. What’s up, Nurse?”

Nursey blinks several times in quick succession, but the image of Dex in the middle of hanging custom bookshelves on the back wall of their soon-to-be-shared-bedroom while surrounded by at least five of Nursey’s favorite baked goods doesn’t go away. “…I literally don’t even know where to start, bro.”

Dex’s head drops down with a beleaguered groan. There’s a number two pencil stuck behind one ear and a hammer hanging from one of his belt loops. It’s a good look on him.

“Not that I’m complaining,” Nursey adds.

“You weren’t supposed to know I installed this,” Dex mutters, eyes trained on the floor.

“And the pies?”

“That was mostly Bitty. I only made one of them.“ Dex shrugs a shoulder stiffly. "Well. One and a half.”

“And did you make me shelves too?”

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Can we kill this idea that “fish only get as big as their container”? I’ve had not one, not two, nor even three, but FOUR separate customers ask me in the past two days why I won’t let them have a certain fish for their tank because “but he won’t get bigger than the tank!”

Maybe his outside won’t. But his insides will keep growing. He’ll be stunted and sickly, live a fraction of his life, and spend that whole fraction in agony because you didn’t want to get him the ten or twenty or seventy-five gallon he required.

It’s the equivalent of trying to cram your feet into size five shoes when you’re really a size eight. You can do it, but it’ll hurt like hell the entire time.

If I tell you that your fish is too big for the tank and you don’t want to upgrade to a bigger tank, I will not sell you that fish. I will sell you a fish that is an appropriate size for that tank. No discussion.


Jungkook x reader

theme:Jungkook and you always had tension between and one time he comes out of the shower and you are in the room…so things get a little steamy

requested by: taetaesbooty

genre: smut

word count: 5.5K

“I’m so excited!“Jimin said suddenly.

Everyone else agreed but you.
“I would be equally excited if I wasn’t fucking suffocating between these two.“you grunted trying to make yourself more room.

“Y/N no swearing!“Hoseok scolded you at what you just rolled your eyes.

Currently you were sitting in a car, struggling between Hoseok and Taehyung, while Yoongi was driving, Jimin sitting in the seat next to him.

“I just don’t understand why I couldn’t go in the other car? There would be room for everyone!“you said, still fighting elbows with Taehyung.

“Because I want my sister to be with me in the car!“Hoseok exclaimed.

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Yes, but. Think of this:

Newt’s suitcase is bigger on the inside. It’s big enough to live in, even - many of Newt’s creatures do. After a while, Newt does. He adds charms to it bit by bit, step by step at a time, and they layer up and mix and integrate in all sorts of new and interesting ways. Newt doesn’t know what he’s doing, not really (Hogwarts drop out remember?) but he knows enough and he can make up the rest and it all seems to work so why worry? Newt is not the worrying sort.

And then, Newt’s suitcase needs some protections. He likes Tina, Tina is a bro now, but let’s not forget that she closed the lid and sat on his suitcase, picked it up and carted him off to MACUSA like so much laundry in a basket. So, Newt adds some… enhancements. Notice me nots, to begin with, chameleon charms, the usual sort. A few barrier wards - you need a key, now, to open the case (or for Newt, a click of the fingers, but that only works for Newt). And then, his pride and joy, the ability to apparate the suitcase while standing inside it and take everything - case, creatures, all of it - with you, safely out of danger and out of reach of various MACUSA holding cells.

Well. “Apparate”. It’s not quite apparition. It’s disappearing from one place and reappearing in another, and it’s controlled via a runic matrix so huge and complex that he has to roll it up into a giant cylinder and stand it almost directly under the entrance to the case. Except, then, you can’t get in because there’s a giant control cylinder in the way, so he moves things about a bit and shifts the case onto its side so that it’s more like a real door and less like a trap door. It’s different, but it’s all good, even if it takes a while to load up the not-apparition and it makes a funny whooshing sound while it’s working.

Then, then then then, why travel the normal way? Why bother with boats and trains and all of that, why not just move the case? It’s tricky, mapping where he wants to go, and the runes are now unhelpfully rolled away in the cylinder - he’s had to put a barrier round it to keep the creatures out - so he adds all these levers and knobs and twiddly bits and he’s got a control panel going.

He doesn’t always end up where he ought, but he’s close enough. And if he slides about in time a bit, well. The muggles have known about space-time for twenty years now, and he’s usually mostly right. Mostly.

He ends up where he needs to be, and that’s the important thing. He suspects, actually, that his case is interfering a bit here - it’s got so much magic in it now that he wouldn’t be surprised if it’d developed a bit of sentience. He gets in the habit of talking to it as he bustles about, much like he would to any of his other creatures, and it seems to keep the case happy. Why on earth it felt the need to jam the chameleon charms on a phone box of all things though is beyond him, but. It’s still all good.

Then it turns out that “where he needs to be” is at various points “a thousand years in the past” or “two galaxies over” and he runs through space and time (hell of a lot of running involved in this saving-creatures things, which evolves into saving-people things, which somehow become saving-planets and Newt just keeps running) and it’s not all good anymore. It’s friggin awesome.

(And then, just because, Newt drops back into New York in his phone box suitcase. He leans out the door and he holds out his hand and he says, “There’s a whole universe waiting. Come with me?”

The case hums behind him, the slowly spiralling runes of the control column glowing with a faint golden light. The niffler scurries round trying to catch, scuffling paws pressing who knows what buttons and levers that the case carefully puts back behind it. There’s new habitats in the depths of the case, ice tundras where the ood can sing and never be slaves, shadowed forests where the vashta nerada lurk, a pocket of space that stretches impossibly large for when the last space whale in the universe comes to call.

“Come with me?” Newt asks, and Credence takes his hand and steps into the stars.)

(Alternatively: “Come with me?” Newt asks. Graves lifts his coffee and tries to drown himself in it.

“How illegal is that contraption?” he asks from behind his mug.

“It’s perfectly legal!” Newt protests. “They don’t get around to outlawing it until at least the twenty eighth century.”

“The twenty eighth century oh god.”

“On this planet. It might be more illegal on other planets. Maybe.”

Oh god.”)

Spotlight || Bucky Barnes

Relationship: AU!Bucky Barnes x reader

Summary: When your agent decides a publicity stunt is what you need, you’re fallen into the trap that is Bucky Barnes’ life. How long can you keep up with his attitude and antics or will he redeem himself before it’s too late?

Warnings: kinda asshole bucky and fluff

Word Count: 2390 words


“No way, there is no way I’m doing that,” you said sternly, standing up from your position in the rather large black armchair, “I’m not gonna be exploited like that,” you huffed, walking out of the conference room. 

Bucky Barnes was Hollywood’s highest paid actor, earning a whopping sixty-five million dollars in the last year. He was everything you were looking for in an actor. He was handsome, beyond handsome even his piercing blue eyes and chocolate locks complemented his complexion. He was well built and could perform practically all of his own stunts, which attracted many casting directors. 

People everywhere drooled over him and wished they could one day be like him, but of course, no one was really perfect. 

Bucky Barnes also had the world’s biggest God complex on top of his already ballooned ego and cockiness. He knew he was the best and he didn’t once try to deny it. 

You on the other hand, were fresh blood. Very new to the scene, having only a few major debuts in films and only one major role. It wasn’t your fault and your agent did the best she could, but Hollywood bites. 

So when you walked into a meeting that proposed the idea of you dating Bucky Barnes, the world’s most eligible bachelor, you scoffed at the idea not wanting to be sucked into the realm that is Bucky Barnes life. 

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SIX FEET UNDER | SugarDaddy!Seb x Reader – Part 2

Originally posted by jennymagicalheart


A/N: I hope you guys enjoy this next part! I have to head to work but I wanted to post it as soon as possible, so I’ll have to go through it and edit any little grammatical errors later!

← Part 1

You followed Sebastian into the large glass building. He lived in the penthouse loft at the top floor. It was exquisite. Dark mahogany lined the floors of the ivory colored walls. Windows lined the walls facing outward and you could see the entire city from the front door, mesmerized by the lights downtown. You noticed the curtains lining the windows were pushed back, allowing for more privacy if so wanted, but not like it was really needed on the top floor of this building. The furniture was mod-inspired but still relatively new. The furniture looked like it had barely been touched, it’s ivory-mocha blend color matching well in the loft.

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Holy Crystal

Where I Got It
Cost: $15.48
(You can find this item for cheaper on eBay and even on Amazon. I bought this particular one because I have prime right now. I can’t speak for other sellers, but my shipping experience with this seller was positive. It came in original packaging, well protected, and in good condition. I got two day shipping and had no issues with tracking.)

In the video I show each side, and how they sound when I use them. There is no talking in the video. Below I break my review down by reviewing each side separately in order of when they are shown in video. I also give each sides description exactly as written in the instructions that came with the crystal. Some of them are written kinda odd and confusing because they are translated from Chinese.

•Soft Silicone
Description: “Small soft tactility that have the function of blood circulation and massage.”
Review: This side is the side I find myself using the most. I am a tactile seeker and I have issues with picking my skin when my anxiety gets bad. This side is AMAZING for both of those things. The lil nubs are pretty soft and easy to pinch, pick, and feels nice to rub my thumb on. It’s a really great tactile feel, and makes a satisfying noise when you move your finger over them lightly.

Description: “Game controller button experience, using ABS material to enhance texture.
Review: These buttons really do have the same feel as a controller. They also make a great click noise. I like clicking all the buttons at once.

•Rotating Disk
Description: "Do you want to a rotating disk? You can come and try it.”
Review: This side is so nice!! In my opinion it’s way better than the one on the fidget cube. It’s textured, it clicks when you press it, very easy to turn, and is slightly raised. I like to turn it with both my fingers from the side. This is one of my favorite sides to use.

Description: “360 rotation joystick”
Review: This joystick is better than the fidget cubes as well. As you can see from the video it has WAY more range, and is actually like an Xbox controller joystick. It is very nice.

Description: “You can have experience of the ubiquitous switch rhythm.”
Review: The switch has a very satisfying feel when you press it, and it makes a nice click. I like to put my whole finger on it and click it back and forth.

•Soft Button
Description: “People who like pressing ball pen can try it”
Review: In my opinion this is actually more satisfying than a ball point pen cause the button is silicone and feels soft and nice to push. The clicking feel and sound is exactly like a pen though.

•Sliding Blocks
Description: “Sliding the sliding block to adjust own life rhythm.”
Review: First of all, these all slide so smoothly and without and issues. I like the fact that the middle one is a little higher than the other two because it feels nice when I move them all up and down at the same time with my thumb. They are a really nice silent feature.

•Smiling Faces
Description: “Is a face very cute, it won’t be angry no matter how much you pinch.”
Review: These little faces are made of silicone so they are nice and squishy! Very nice to pinch! Also, they are great to just run my finger over. The bigger face that has its own side sometimes makes a pretty satisfying noise when you pinch it, if you pinch it right. All the faces are hollow on the inside, making them easier to pinch.

•Silicone Rope
Description: “Free shrinkage, it can be hung anywhere and not afraid of missing.”
Review: The strap is convenient for obvious reasons, but it’s also nice to fidget with because it is silicone. It is stretchy and it feels nice to roll between my fingers.

Description: “The side has three gears which can be poked and rolled, spreading voice of clear and harmony.”
Review: At first I was bummed these where so easy to turn, but after I played with it more and more I began to like it a lot. I like just running my fingers over them, and spinning them super fast.

Final thoughts:
Over all I think this thing is great! Yeah, it’s bigger than the fidget cube, but that’s because it has a lot more things to fidget with! Plus, I personally like that it’s bigger cause the fidget cube would make my hands cramp up bad if I used it for too long. Its about the size of a baseball. It’s light weight and all the sides work great and have multiple ways to fidget/stim with them. I know that whoever designed these things probably got the concept from the Antsy Lab fidget cube, but in my opinion the Holy Crystal is way better than any of the fidget cubes real or knockoff. It’s a tactile seekers dream come true! I think anyone could benefit from this toy, but especially people with autism, sensory issues, ADHD, anxiety, and skin picking. If you need to keep your hands busy, this is the toy for you!

(If you have any questions about this item feel free to leave an ask)

Let's Do Your Makeup

Request: “Harry Hook imagine where the reader helps him apply his eyeliner? Just super cute maybe?”

Pairing: Harry Hook x Reader

A/N: I’m taking Harry Hook requests/imagines! [Request here]

Warnings: None

Originally posted by jayandcarlos

Originally posted by wonderloves

The sun’s rays pierced through the curtains of your bedroom. Signifying that it was a brand new day at the Isle. You checked your clock it was 11. No wonder you slept so good, you hadn’t woken up early. You got up and changed as for hair you decided to leave it down. Right before you were about to leave your room you heard your boyfriend Harry’s lovely voice.

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The whole bullshit about not knowing what customers are going through can rot in a hole. What about us?

“Your apron is filthy! You need to go home and wash it now!!” She had the most disgusted face. My shift moved me off the floor before I snapped because oh yes ill just go home to the damn tent I was living in at the time. My family got to do laundry once a month. That woman can go Fuck right the hell off god damn it.

“Smile! Its so early, you have a bright day ahead of you!!” :DDDDD

This, at about 6am, just seven hours after all three of my brothers had been crushed between two cars by a drunk driver. My phone was dead, I had no way to get to where my family was staying, I had no idea if my brothers were even alive at this point. And I had to force a smile through tears and a complete and utter deadness on the inside? On no sleep, and working three jobs during that time? Burn in hell.

When I was a customer during those times I was so fucking polite to everyone. Honestly I wasn’t really feeling much of anything but the fact that my god damned life depended on customers being happy with my service? No, not okay. Working customer service during the worst years of my life really fucking damaged me. It’ll damage anyone, really.

I guess I’m just a much bigger bitch now. That’s okay. And my brothers are (mostly) fine. One has a limp, and the other had his legs crushed, and we live in an apartment now, so…

I might make an offhanded comment to a regular about it or someone will hear me talking about it and they’re completely flabbergasted o had been homeless. It always pissed me off. I can not believe people didn’t notice the bags under my eyes, my short temper, the low drawl I had from exhaustion. Yeah, there’s a reason I’m always there, buddy, its cause I literally had no where else to go.

Hey kiddos, if y'all are going through something, keep fighting. Poverty, or illness, disability or shit even just college. Whatever it is. Those customers, and your shitty managers? They can Fuck right off. Please just keep yourselves safe, and know that someone out there is rooting for you

▹ pairing: Jeongguk x reader
▹ genre: smut [sub!jeongguk] just filth all around
▹ word count: 4,235
▹ a/n: thank you @bvngtvns​ for helping me think of an actual vague-ish storyline for this collection and for encouraging this smut-fest, and thank you @taequility​ for putting up with my disgusting ass + screaming about sub jjk with me ily

You decide to have a little fun with a remote controlled toy in class and Jeongguk will do anything for his relief.

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Movie Night Pt. 6

Baby Edition

Character Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Female Reader

Word Count: 2220

Warnings: 18+ Smut, unprotected sex (wrap the willies, sillies!), SLIGHT anal play, language, Fluff…. so much fluff, you could die from it.

A/N: All the Dad!Bucky feels in this one my friends…


You wiped at the tears that were running down your face.

“A-are you sure?”

The doctor smiled at you and nodded her head, “I sure am.” She turned the screen toward you and pointed out what she saw. “Do you want me to put this on a CD for you so you can take it home?”

You nodded before blubbering even harder. The doctor laughed, handing you some Kleenex, “I hope those are happy tears.”

You smiled at her, dabbing at your make-up, “Yes, oh my yes.”

She handed you the disk and a business card, “I’ll see you next month my dear.”

You stood up and shook her hand that she offered.

You smiled at everyone while walking through the lobby, trying to not burst into tears again.

Once behind the wheel of your car, you let out a little squeal and dug through your purse for your phone. Pulling up Natasha’s number, you hit call and excitedly waited for her to answer.

“Hey, how did it go?” She asked instantly.

You laughed before you answered, “Bucky is going to freak.”

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Babysitter (Part 5)

Summary: You spend the day with Taehyung, but unfortunately your parents catch you together.

Pairing: Kim Taehyung (V) / Reader

Genre: Smut

Words: 2.7k

A/N: I definitely want to write a part 6 but for the moment this story will be on a hiatus so I can write some different stories :)

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Masterlist

You woke from the sweet sounds of Taehyung light snores coming from above you. You couldn’t get over how beautiful he looked when he was sleeping.

You were currently cuddled into his warm chest.

You gently stroke his arm down until you reached his hand. You grabbed his hand tracing your thumb over his bruised knuckles, remembering the events of last night. You felt a little guilty that your boyfriend had to get hurt just to protect you. You glanced up looking at his bruised eye. The swelling was down but black and blue color was still clearly seen.

You brought his hand to your face gently kissing his wounds. You felt so lucky to have such an amazing person to always be there for you. You also felt a rush of anxiety because you have barely two months left with him until you have to go back to school. Also you still had three years left.

You heard him cutely groan next to you as you continued kissing his hand. He lift his head to look at you caressing his hand and he smiled laying his head back down closing his eyes.

“Why do you always wake up before me?”

“Because I do.” You giggled. “How do you feel?” You looked at him.

“I’m fine.” He simple said but you knew he was more distracted about the whole thing.

“I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be, it wasn’t your fault.” He said despairingly. “You should never be treated that way….when you’re in a relationship, you should feel safe not scared.”

“I feel safe with you.” You smiled.

He didn’t answer, he just leaned down kissing your forehead.

“So what are we doing today?” You asked.

“You’ll see.” He smiled.

“Let’s get going.” You sat up.

“No.” He pulled you back.

You laughed as he climbed on top of you tickling you. “Tae…stop….ill wet your bed.” You giggled.

He had your hands pinned above your head so you couldn’t move. “I love you.” Every time he said those three words you felt like the world stops. At the very moment particularly as he leaned down to kiss you. The kiss got deeper within seconds as you moved against his lips. You had the urge to touch him but he still had your hands pinned while his other hand slithered up your shirt.

“I swear if you two are at it, I will literally kill myself.” You heard Yoongi sarcastically interrupt.

You also heard more laughter. “Or better yet Jimin.” You heard the laughter die down.

“We better stop if you want your friend to live.” You giggled.

“Let’s go.” He got up.

After you both got dressed, you were met with Taehyung friends plus one more extra you haven’t met yet.

“I told you….they’re like bunnies.” You over heard Yoongi.

“J-hope, what’s up?” Taehyung greeted his friend. “And we weren’t doing anything in there.” He glared at Yoongi.

“Not much.” He hugged Taehyung.

They must of not seen each other for some time. You thought.

“This is (Y/N)?….you’re so beautiful.” He bowed for you.

“Thank you.” You smiled.

“I’m Hoseok but they call me Jhope….its nice to finally meet you.”

“Were going out.” Taehyung said and grabbed your hand already pulling you towards the door.


When you finally reached your destination you noticed you were at the mall. You never really been to the mall because your friends were more party goers, the only time was to see a movie.

“I hope you’re not buying me stuff.”

His face went blank.

“You don’t have to prove your love with gifts.” You kissed his cheek.

As you stepped inside the mall it was bigger then you remember. The first thing that you both did was go to the arcade.

Taehyung was a kid at heart so you figured that’s where he would want to go.

“I’m going to kick your ass in racing.” He ran to the racing booth.

You sat down next to him in the booth giggling at his child like behavior. “You ready?”

Taehyung beat you the first three times but it was a close call. You were really good but he was just a little bit better. By the time you asked to play one more game you had a devious plan. When you reached the final lap you tickled him right above the knee like he did for you in the photo booth. He laughed so hard his car crashed into the wall giving you first place.

“You cheated.” He whined.

“I did no such thing.” You smirked.

You jumped out of your seat. “I pick next game.” You stood at the end of the air hockey table.

“You don’t want to play this with me.” He smiled.


“Because apparently I’m dangerous.”

You smirked. “Prove it.” But before you played the game you heard loud commotion to the front of the arcade.

Shit. Youngjin. You saw him messing with some teenagers.

Taehyung was just about to walk over until you stopped him. “Please don’t.” You said painfully.

“I want to have a good day.” He looked down in your direction. “Let’s go somewhere else.” He nodded.

As you were leaving you saw a employee and warned them about Youngjin and his stupid friends.

“Ice cream?” You suggested.

Before he could answer you dragged him to the stand.

After you both ordered, you attempted to pay but Tae beat you to it.

“You got something on your face.” He smirked.

“Wha-” Just as you questioned, Tae made your ice cream cone miss your mouth and up your nose.

“Tae.” You pouted as he was dying from laughter. You wiped off the remaining and wiped it back on his face. It didn’t faze him one bit as he just wiped it off licking his fingers.

“You’re going to get it.” You tried to wipe as much as you could see off your face.

“Here.” He leaned into you kissing your nose getting the rest of the ice cream off your face. You felt butterflies from the simple gesture.

You wrapped your arms around the back of his neck bringing him in for a proper kiss. You usually hated seeing other couples kiss in public because it made you queasy but you finally knew how they felt. They were in love and they couldn’t help show that even if it was in front of tons of people.

You almost forgot yourself that you were in public as Tae deepened the kiss with his tongue moving farther into your mouth.

If only the next moment you were aware of your surrounds. “Is that?” You didn’t notice your mother ask.

“(Y/N)! Tae!…Ew what are they doing?” You heard the familiar little voice belonging to your sister.

You both pulled away looking in the direction of the voice.

“Yup…that’s your daughter.” You father stated. “I knew it.”

You felt like your head could explode at that very moment as you noticed the expression your parents were wearing. Your father looked angry and your mother couldn’t help but smile.

You saw your little sister skip over with your little brother behind her.

“Why were you kissing?” Dara jumped into Taehyungs arms. He pulled her up so she could hug him.

“That’s what adults do when they like each other.” Your brother confirmed.

“Does this mean you’re gonna get married?” She asked. She gasped excitingly. “This means you’ll be my brother right?” Tae just smiled at your sister.

“Are you hurt?” Dara started to ask Tae looking at his bruised eye but your father interfered.

“So you lied to me.” Your father crossed his arms. “You lied so you can spend some time with him.”

“That’s not true dad…I mean it’s true that we are together but I didn’t lie about going to Liz and Sana’s.”

“I left a little early because of complications.” Tae slid Dara back down to the floor.

Your father arched his eyebrow not believing you. Tae looked at you to see if you could handle what you were about to say.

“You see…..Liz and Sana was having a party and I-” You hated thinking about that night.

“Let’s just say this guy was forcing himself on me and if it wasn’t for Tae I don’t know what would of happened.”

Your dad noticed his bruised face and his eyes soften. “He let me sleep over his house….and no worries his friends were there….I’m sorry dad….you can trust him…mom does.”

“You knew they were together.” Your dad asked your mother.

“Yes dear…and I’m okay with it….hes a a good boy.” She smiled at you.

“I want them to get married.” Dara pitched in.

Your father rolled his eyes. “Okay.” He looked at you both.

“But I swear…I don’t want to know anything….and you better stay in school…no getting yourself pregnant.” Your dad rambled.

“No worries daddy.” You hugged your father.

“Thank you….for protecting my little girl.” Your father firmly shook his hand but soften as soon as he saw his bruised knuckles. “I’m grateful honestly.”

“Are you coming home tonight?” You father asked.

You nodded. “We are going to need you to babysit.” He continued. “Alone.” You watch your mother smack him.

“She’s an adult now hun.”

“Yeah dad, we know better.” Do you? Do you really?


“Okay…you couch…you bed.” Your dad spoke down to you both.

“Dad.” You warned.

“I mean it.”

“Okay….come on Minho.” Your mother called.

You were seated on the couch with your sister in between you two and your brother upstairs playing his new video game.

“Are you going to have babies?” Half way through the movie your sister spoke up.

You heard Tae cough nervously as you stared at your sister.

“You watch too much TV Dara.”

“Some day I can babysit your baby.” She smiled.

“Dara plea-” You started.

“Of course.” Tae confirmed.

“Yay…I can’t wait.” She looked back towards the TV.

About an hour later Dara was passed out in between the both of you. Tae had the honors to get up and carry her to bed. As he was gone you decided to clean up the living room a bit. You opened the door to your back porch and carried the trash to the bin.

You felt the warm summer breeze fill the air. It was relaxing. You noticed the hot tub in the corner and realized that it was never used.

You made your way over plugging it in. You turned the settings on and the lights lit up inside as the jets foamed the water.

“You have a hot tub?” You heard Tae behind you.

“No one ever uses it.” You shrugged your shoulders. “But….”

You pulled off your shirt, then your jeans leaving you in only your bra and panties. You smirked at Tae as you stepped in. It was warm already and you choose to sit in front of one of the jets in the corner letting it blow water on your back.

You watched as Tae pulled off his shirt and pants. You blushed seeing him in his boxers.

“I don’t want to get my clothes wet because I don’t have extras.” He pouted.

Before you could speak he pulled his boxers down but making sure to cover up with his hands. You laughed feeling embarrassed. “You’re too much.”

He sat down across from you leaning his head back on the edge of the hot tub. You pushed yourself over so you were right next to him. His eyes were closed so he didn’t expect you to be so close. You started kissing under his ear making him slightly jump.

He didn’t move he just enjoyed the way you made your way over his lap straddling him. You leaned in kissing him desperately. You tugged your hand down into the water grabbing his limb length. As soon as you started pumping him you felt him stiffen in your hand. You pulled away to catch your breath as you continued to jerk him off.

He finally opened his eyes to look at you. He wrapped his arms around your back unhooking your bra tossing it outside of the hot tub. You pulled away from him so you could take off your soaking wet underwear.

You sat back down in your original position and quickly kissed him and leaned back just to admire his beautiful features. “Your sister wants us to make a baby.” He smirked.

You couldn’t help but laugh at his remark. “And my dad will kill you.”

His smiled slowly faded. “Are you being serious though?”

“One day.” You blushed. You leaned down kissing him once more.

“We don’t have to make a baby but that doesn’t mean we can’t have sex.” He blushed.

And at that very moment you lifted yourself up to lower yourself down his member. The water making it an easier process to adjust.

You started to rock against him at a steady pace making the water splash. You moaned as you felt him move his hand down rubbing you through your folds. He leaned forwards so he could kiss down your chest until he reached your right nipple sucking every inch of you.

You picked up your pace bouncing on top of him. You felt the pleasure stirring up already as Tae continued to rub through your core. He moved on to the other side of your breast sucking deep again. You heard the water splash out of the hot tub from your quick movements. You could feel his member twitch inside of you.

He leaned his head back once again giving you access to kiss his neck. He softly moaned from your touch. His breathing got deeper as you rocked against him. You quickly kissed him to steady his breathing as you felt him release inside of you.

You started to slow down as you felt the pleasure making its way up your core. Tae rubbed his hand through your folds more aggressively sending your orgasm passing through you. You leaned your head on his shoulder to catch your breath.

“Your parents might need to clean this water.” You laughed lifting your head.

“My parents must never know.” You smiled.

“Maybe we should take a shower.” You suggested.

“Are you trying to kill me?” He arched his eyebrows.

“We smell like sweat and chlorine.” You got out quickly grabbing towels in the downstairs bathroom. You handed one to Tae as you wrapped one around yourself. You both grabbed your clothes and you tossed yours in the washing machine. You made your way upstairs to your bathroom with Taehyung following.

You turned on the shower and stepped inside. You saw Taehyung hesitate outside of the shower. “I wont bite.” You smirked.

He stepped inside and you immediately had him pinned against the wall. You kissed down his body until you were on your knees. You grabbed his member kissing the tip.

“I’m not going to last long.” He moaned as you started kissing down his length.

“That’s okay…I don’t know how long we have anyway.” You teased.

You quickly put him fully in your mouth bobbing your head back and fourth making him hard again. You licked down his length as you pumped him quickly. He had a pained expression in his face making you laugh. You put him into your mouth once again making him moan a little louder.

You pulled off of him immensely to shh him. It was his turn to be quiet. He couldn’t control his hands as he leaned one on your head to quicken your pace. You pulled away quickly as you felt him twitch inside of your mouth. He released once you pulled away aiming at your chest. You smiled seeing how weak he was.

“You okay.” You stood up so you could clean his juices off your chest.

“No.” He finally opened his eyes.


You both made your way down to the living room and made yourselves cozy on the couch and watched a movie like you normally would. You didn’t realize once again that you fell asleep side by side once your parents got home.

“This time I’m waking them up.” Your father said.

“Hun stop…they’re fine.”

“I swear if they did-”

“Don’t you remember how we were at that age.” Your mother pushed him upstairs.

“Goodnight…” Your mother whispered to you before making her way up stairs.


Masterlist | Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

Imagine Sam confronting you and Dean about your feelings for each other.

“Whaaat?” You scoffed, “No. That’s just - that’s ridiculous.”

“I called you five times. No answer. Dean calls you once and you’re already here.”

“I didn’t see your calls. I was in the shower,” you lied, pretty smoothly. Or so you thought.

“In the shower for 2 hours?”

“Is that my phone ringing? Yep. Sorry, gotta get this one.”

“Why? Is it Dean again?” Sam asked with sarcasm.

You pretended to answer the call and rushed out of the room before you could dig yourself into an even bigger hole. God, you’d have to be more careful in the future or your little crush was going to get busted.

Just as you were leaving the motel room, Dean was walking inside, raising his eyebrows in salute to you with a smile, then popping a candy into his mouth.

He barely had the time to shut the door before his brother started.

“She’s into you, you know?”

“What?” Dean looked back at the door you had used just two seconds ago. “No, she - I’m not her type.”


“Yeah, she’s into herbal teas and fluffy animals. She probably wants a guy who writes her love poetry.”

“Trust me, she’s into you. When I call her she doesn’t pick up. When you do, she doesn’t even let it ring once. Does that tell you anything?” Sam asked, giving him a pointed look.

“Yeah, that you bore her to death before even opening your mouth. It’s barely her fault, really.”

“Yeah, right,” Sam said, unamused. “I know you like her, Dean.”

“What? No. That’s - that’s stupid. I don’t.”  

“I saw the way you look at her when she’s not looking. You like her,” he repeated, his voice only accentuating the conviction he held.

“Look, if by like you mean I’d sleep with her… sure. You got me. But that’s it. I don’t have some stupid crush on her.”

“Really? You don’t? Then why are you here?”


“You heard me. Didn’t you have to meet that waitress tonight? The moment you knew Y/N would be here, you canceled all your plans. Why’s that?”

Dean’s eyes slightly widened. He opened his mouth to reply, but no excuse came out. So he improvised. “Is that my phone? Yeah. Gotta take this one. Nice talk, Sammy.” In an instant, he was out the door.

Sam smiled to himself. They had to come back eventually, and he had nothing but time. An uncomfortable dinner was ready to happen.

Next time Dean would think twice before changing his laptop wallpaper to the one of a killer clown. Oh, he would.

The rules are simple. You don’t take a joint from a guy named Don. There are no dogs in the car. You don’t mess with Sam’s computer. And you never, ever, involve clowns.

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NCT reaction to their crush on a variety show with them

I only did the debuted members because like that’s like 15 ppl and that a lot so I hope that's okay :)

Taeil: He would be more nervous because you were on the show but he wouldn’t show it. He would handle any interactions with you smoothly because he wouldn’t want to mess up in front of you. he would want to impress you with his professionalism.

Originally posted by taeyonggi

Johnny: He would probably tease you a bit by cracking a few jokes in your direction and laughing when you did the same back to him. He is quite a chilled out person so he wouldn’t think it was too much of a big deal and would act similarly to how he normally would.

Originally posted by nctaezen

Taeyong: He always seems slightly nervous on variety shows to start off with even though he talks well so with you there he would be fidgeting and have no clue how to act towards you or what to say. he would want to be really nice to you but wouldn’t want to put you at risk of backlash from immature fans. So he probably would just ignore you when possible.

Originally posted by nakasyuta

Yuta: He would become really smiley. Like he would just turn round to reply to the MC see your face and just smile for days. With both of your hectic schedules, you wouldn't get to talk much so he would use the time to just enjoy being around you because he liked you so much.

Originally posted by nakasyuta

Doyoung: I think Doyoung would partly use it to see if he could ascertain if you liked him back. He would say something nice to you to see your reaction or join in if the MC’s teased you slightly to see what you did. But at the same time if you mentioned him it would blushes for days.

Originally posted by dovounq

Ten: Too cute. He would be giggling and flirting with you as much as possible without it being overtly obvious to everyone else. He would be a bit nervous you were on the show just because he wanted you to think highly of him and so didn’t want to make too much of a fool of himself. But still come across as fun.

Originally posted by visualjaehyun

Jaehyun: He would get you invloved in all the challenges meant for him just so he could be closer to you. He again would be nervous of being on the same show as you but would still use it to his full advantage. If you smiled at him though he would melt and find it difficult to seem indifferent. Taeyong may have to like signal for him to like tone it down. (lmao).

Originally posted by blackgirlslovebts

Winwin: Winwin wouldn’t be able to look at you he would be so nevrous. Variety shows are famous for making idols do ridiculous things in the name of humor and he wanted to look cool in front of you which can be hard if the whole show is teasing you. After he said anything he would send small glances to you to see how you would react.

Originally posted by blackgirlslovebts

Mark: Small steps. he would start of avoiding you but as the show progressed he would become more comfertable and make jokes with you as well as everyone else to make it seem more natural. He wouldn’t want to appear unprofessional on a show because he is a super hardworking eighteen year old so he would be nice but just normal.

Originally posted by stal777

Renjun: He would be pretty chill for the most part. If you acted particulalry cute or said anything really funny he would probbly have a mssive grin on his face but what can you do. He really liked you so mostly he would be friendly and normal but ever so often he would display subcouncious signs he thought you were great.

Originally posted by dovounq

Jeno: He would be really shy when talking to you and might try to overcompensate by acting really manly and trying to impress you by showing off and ultimatly coming across as a bit of a dork but in the cutest possible way. He would make you and everyone watching the show unable not to find him charming.

Originally posted by 1aeyong

Haechan: He. would. tease. you. to. death. that is just the way of the Haechan. His number one way showing affection to both you and his memebrs was to make light jokes to make sure everyone knows he is the evil but cute nct 127 maknae. You wouldn’t be able to help rolling your eyes at him but he would make sure he ended the teasing with a compliment about how he thought you should become better friends.

Originally posted by dovounq

Jaemin: He would laugh at everything you said even if it wasn’t that funny because he wouldn’t want you to feel bad and help you out with any questions you were struggling on. Literal saint in cute boy form. You would pair up for all the challanges and win. It would be beautiful. I all I have to say. Pure.

Originally posted by nctaezen

Chenle: The dolphin laugh would make a return and he would be flustered about everything you said. He would be so excited and be really chatty to you to hide the fact he was dying inside because he was being given the chance to hang out with you for an hour you for an hour

Originally posted by nct-china-line

Jisung: When telling everyone how tall he had grown and how much bigger than Jeno he now is he would pointedly look at you to see if you were impressed by the cute giraffe maknae. He would be all about looking cool but probably manage it slightly better than Jeno but still in a dorky kind of way. You would find it really cute and smile at him which would catch him off guard and make him too shook to speak. 

Originally posted by neotechs

Have You Ever

This was born from this request:  How about a blurb where he says I love you for the first time during sex. And you don’t know if he really means it or it’s just sex talk. And then you have to talk about it after.

I gave it a little twist and it’s finally here! I feel like I just gave birth to this one, tbh. Thanks to my beautiful @permanentcross for putting up with me and for giving me the title. Hope you guys enjoy it! xx


Originally posted by overad

“Have you ever gone bare?”

He almost chokes on the wine he was sipping on before swallowing and coughing profusely, eyes watering with the rattling force of the cough. You’re both sitting in his living room, each on a side of the couch as both your feet are tangled as they meet in the middle – his legs are much longer than yours and his socked feet are also bigger, but he looks cozy in his sweater and you feel warm and comfortable.

The wine had probably gone to your head, you’ve never really been good with holding your liquor, but your curiosity stems from much more than the alcohol that runs through your veins – you’re not even that drunk, so you have to admit that the question comes from a place other than a drunken haze.

“Wh- where did tha’ come from?” Harry asks you, deep frown on his forehead as he rubs the back of his hand against his lips to clean the wine stains and settles his glass on his coffee table.

You shrug, cheeks flaming with embarrassment that you’ll later blame on the wine, when he brings up the topic. “Always wondered…”

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Back with another thing because I really have no self control when it comes to writing about Peter Parker. The amount of blogs I followed recently have definitely went up - I used to mostly follow tumblrs for animals because they are all cute and I love looking at their photos. But that aside, I really want to try and explore Ned more cause I really enjoy him too but perhaps, one thing at a time. 

PS: Remember that sneak peek thing I did? It’s still nowhere near done but it’s over 7000 words already and I think it’s safe to say that it’s Beauty and The Beast inspired AU. Anyways, I don’t know when that will see the light so enjoy reading this - 1.6k of hopefully, floof!


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Ned Leeds takes pride in being Peter Parker’s closest friend and quite possibly one of his best friends too. He also takes pride in the fact that Peter confides in him about quite a lot of things. So of course, Ned is well aware of Peter’s secret alter-ego: The Spiderman. Ned likes to think that he knows quite a lot of things and that is a statement not a suggestion. He knows that Peter rejected The Tony Starks’ offer about moving upstate and becoming an official member of the Avengers. He also knows that Peter’s Aunt May knows about Peter being The Spiderman. In short, Ned knows quite a lot of things about Peter that would take too long to list out even if he has a lot of time on his hands. Out of all of those things that Ned knows – he is quite sure that Peter does not know about his own growing crush on you.

Ned brings his tray of food towards the table where Peter is currently sitting, pining after you. It is almost comical to see him like this – a few months ago, Peter had the same expression as the both of them looked on Liz Allen putting up the homecoming poster; good times. Whenever Peter develops a crush on someone, it’s never subtle and being the supportive best friend that he is, of course, he would join Peter by the table and copied his exact position: elbow to the table, resting his chin in his palm as he too stares in the same direction Peter is staring at.

To no one’s surprise – especially not Ned’s because he definitely already expected this – Peter is staring longingly, dreamingly, lovingly at you. Ned wonders how long he can keep this up before Peter finally realizes what Ned is doing. When Peter lets out a sigh, Ned could not help but snicker causing the latter’s elbow to slide off the table in surprise.

Peter looks at Ned, eyes wide. “Hey, man – you startled me.” He shakes his head before glancing in the direction he had been looking earlier and when he looks back at Ned, Ned is smirking at him – the glint in his eyes is scaring Peter just a little bit. “I don’t have a crush on Y/N.” He hisses quietly to Ned who lets out a laugh, patting his back.

“I didn’t say anything though, Peter.” Ned points out, chuckling under his breath before turning to look at Peter. His cheeks are slightly flush and the tips of his ears are red too. Peter sputters incoherently before looking away from Ned – this time to slowly eat his forgotten lunch. Ned snickers quietly to himself and begins to eat his food.

The two of them are quiet for a while before Ned decides to check on Peter again. Peter is back to staring at you again and Ned slowly leans in towards Peter, his lips are almost touching Peter’s ear now and whispers, “You’re staring again.” Surprised by Ned’s voice, Peter hits his knees on the table, letting out a curse word so loud some people turned to glance at the two of them, including you. His eyes widen and dismisses them before turning to look at Ned.

“What?” He spits out, rubbing his stinging knees. His heart is racing a mile a minute because he can feel your eyes on his back before you look away.

Ned pulls back, a smug smirk on his face. “Y/N; you were practically drooling a minute ago.” He snickers causing Peter to punch him lightly in the arm. Ned feigns hurt. “Ow – stop using your power to hurt me, Peter.” Peter waves his hands right in front of Ned, looking around frantically to see if anyone heard him, shushing him.

“You are so loud, Ned!” Peter whines. “Why don’t you announce it to the entire world then – no, Ned, that was not me giving you permission. It’s still a secret and you’ve promised.” Peter reminds Ned who simply nods his head. He is only teasing Peter – it’s not like he really will tell anyone Peter’s darkest kept secret. “And no, I was not drooling.” Peter murmurs as he returns back to his seat, letting out a sigh.

“Yeah, you’re right.” Ned nods his head. He sees that you have stopped talking with your friends now and MJ is pulling you in the direction of the table the two of them are currently at so Ned decides to speed things up. “I mean; why would anyone even have a crush on Y/N? Like what would anyone see in her?”

Peter frowns. “What?” He exclaims, a little bit affronted with what Ned had just said. “Why would anyone not like Y/N? She is beyond amazing, nice and have you ever heard her laugh? Literally the entire world just stops and it’s like – “ Peter stops talking altogether and stares at Ned in surprise. Ned stares back before Peter groans and buries his head in his hands. “I can’t believe I fell for that.” He groans once more.

Ned smiles to himself before he nudges Peter. Peter mumbles incoherently through his fingers before lifting his head up. Ned motions for Peter to look across their table and the moment Peter turns around, he almost falls off from the bench because standing right across their table are MJ and the person he had just been talking about! His eyes widen (almost comically to Ned) when he realizes what had just happened.

“How long, how long have you been stand – standing there?” Peter stutters as he stares at the both of you. If only he had the ability to make the earth swallow him whole, he would gladly use that and never come out to the surface ever again because he is just extremely horrified, embarrassed and afraid of the rejection to come and he had only just realized he has feelings for you too!

MJ smirks at him before stepping aside, causing you to be in Peter’s direct view. Your cheeks are beat red and you know even without looking at the mirror that your face is red. You cannot believe your ears to be quite honest! Peter Parker – the same guy you have been crushing on ever since you entered this high school sorta, kinda probably has a crush on you too? Is this why MJ was very adamant that you should really meet and talk to Peter? Had she known?

“Long enough, you nerd.” MJ says with mirth in her eyes. This is definitely one of the best things that has ever happened without her interference. She leans forward to hi-five Ned. Ned grins widely at her. “Now let’s leave the kids alone, Ned.” MJ instructs, snickering to herself at the slight panic and affronted looks both you and Peter have.

Ned brings his tray with him when he leaves with MJ, the both of them giggling over what they have just orchestrated. That leaves Peter and you staring at each other, shyly.

“Um – can I sit beside you?” You finally managed to gather the courage to ask him. Peter’s jaw drops slightly before he nods his head a couple of times, causing you to giggle quietly as you round the table to sit beside him. Peter is staring at you all the while and you tuck your hair behind your ear before looking back at him. “We, uh, haven’t formerly met but um, I’m Y/N,” You tell him.

“I’m Peter – Peter Parker, yeah, yeah, uh, so how much of the conservation – I mean conversation did you hear?” Peter asks as he rubs the back of his neck sheepishly, glancing at you. It feels a little bit surreal right now – he honestly cannot believe he fell for the oldest trick in the book and he also almost cannot believe his two friends have set him up.

You shrug your shoulders, not really wanting to tell Peter you heard the entire thing because you really do not want to embarrass him any further. Your silence is probably answer enough for Peter and he groans before nodding his head, murmuring under his breath.

You reach over to place your hand on top of Peter’s causing the latter to stiffen slightly as he slowly lifts his head to stare at you with his eyes wide. “If it makes you feel any better, I, um, kinda like you?”

To Peter, your words are as unexpected as they are welcome and he nods his head, trying his hardest to fight the grin that threatened to appear on his face. “Yeah, um, it actually does,” Peter turns his hand around so that he can actually hold your hand in his. You smile at your joined hands and look at Peter’s smiling face. “I like you a lot, Y/N and uh, would you want to go on a date? With me? After school?” He questions, instantly resulting in a small giggle from you as you nod your head.

“I’d love to, Peter.” You tighten your hold on Peter’s hand and his expression goes bright as he nods his head. The bell rings and the two of you are startled out of the moment. You bite the inside of your cheek to stop yourself from frowning because you really want to spend some more time with Peter.

Sensing your reluctance, Peter touches the side of your face softly. He gives you a smile that is able to instantaneously makes you feel better. “How about – can I - I walk – walk you to class?” Peter looks at you expectantly and you nod your head. The smile on his face grows bigger and he stands up from the bench before helping you up. There are still a few people around the cafeteria but they were not paying attention much. The two of you are able to have a few more minutes to yourselves as Peter walks you to your class, still holding your hand.

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This isn’t necessarily fan art, but you were in my dream last night and I wanted to tell you.

I was visiting my partner in Tennessee, and I was walking alone on the street for some reason. I ran into you, and recognized you immediately, except you were like 7 feet tall and very gruff. You were also walking a rooster on a leash. 

I say hi, and you just. Hand me the leash of the rooster and tell me to hold on to it. Then you walked off.

I walk with this chicken a while, and it shits everywhere. The pellets look suspiciously like sesame sticks. 

You never showed back up, so I told the chicken, “Go home! Find home!” and follow it back to this small, decrepit house somewhere in town. I knock on the door, and these scrubs I don’t recognize open the door. I ask them if they knew someone named “Van”, and if this is their chicken. They say yes, and invite me in.

The inside of your house is 10x bigger than the outside, but it’s equally as shitty. It was obviously an old house, victorian-era. You show up some time later. 

Anyway, eventually I have to pee. I was under the impression, somehow, that you are really particular about who uses your bathroom and absolutely will not allow anyone but yourself to use it. The only problem is that the house has like 15 bathrooms and I cannot for the life of me figure out which one I’m able to use. 

Meanwhile, it turns out that your house is also ridiculously fucking haunted by dead Victorian children. I start seeing shit, and y'all are like “yeah this is normal just don’t look at them.“ 

My dumb ass, of course, looks at them. And they won’t let me leave your house, even though I have to get back to my partner. The dream starts falling apart at this point, because you tell me the only way to escape is by climbing the fence. What fence, you say? The fence that suddenly replaced the wall of your room. I try to climb, but dream-logic dictates that I can’t move. 

The dead Victorian children drag me down and I die, the end. 

PS: Chase looked like the guy from the bowl cut viral video:

what happened was u astral projected into my actual house in real life. i saw u strugglin and i didnt wanna help cuz i was suspicious of u using one of my 15 bathrooms.