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Bug of the Day

Meant to post this giant water bug (Belostomatidae family) when I first found it, because it was pretty freaky to have it show up at the light - it was so big I could see it on the sheet from inside my house. Never could get it identified past family though, so it sat in the archives for a bit. Really too awesome to hold onto it any more though. After I took this shot, I read that these beasties like to play dead and then deliver a horribly painful bite when you least expect it. So it was probably dumb of me to use my thumb for scale…


Went on an incredible hike today! This is called St. Mary’s falls, the trail is only a couple of miles from my house! I attempted this hike in January but I only made it to the “0.2 miles left” sign (which, .2 miles my ass, it was like a half mile), it was covered in ice and snow then. It was totally worth it to get to the falls though! I walked across and got the really awesome shot that is the first picture! Took four hours out and back, wasn’t too bad!

kaprosuchus asked:

1) Heya! I'm EK. I'm chinese-canadian and hoping to become a scientific/medical illustrator. That specific branch of art seems more... palatable? to my fam and chinese friends-of-fam, because of the subject matter. But it's still art, and the first question is always "how are you going to make a living doing that?" There are also quite a few east asian people in the program I'm gonna apply to, and I hate being self conscious about that, like somehow I'm doing "an asian thing" and it's bad?

I think scientific/medical illustration is a pretty reasonable bridge between your artistic ambitions and family expectations. It’s a really awesome field though, and I have a lot of respect for medical illustrators in general. 

I’m wondering if the self-consciousness and anxiety over making work that delves into racial identity comes more from the pressure to fit into the status quo, and less from our issues about the legitimacy of its source. Does that make sense? Like it’s a endless cycle of: oh I don’t fit in, so I can’t talk about it without not fitting in.

I think you should do it, obviously, just keep it unique to your perspective. Like if your Cantonese isn’t good, then write it in Chinglish–that’s authentic in its own right.

And you’re right on with your “Chinese-ness.” It doesn’t matter how much you “get along.” In American history, there are direct links with the treatment of Chinese to larger political and economic events. They like us when things are good, and scapegoat us when things are going rough. For example, Chinese are suddenly the good guys when the US goes to war with Imperial Japan in WW2. A decade later, they’re the bad guys because of the Korean War.

Currently, with China verging on superpower status and confronting American hegemony, anti-Chinese sentiment is on the rise. It’s something we should definitely be loud and vigilant about.

i feel like our fav characters are like the fandom’s collective OCs

i mean, let’s be real here; the real canon versions of the characters are way less complex and intriguing than they are on our blogs

but each and every one of us has worked together to create something new - every fanfic, every headcanon, every piece of art has contributed towards making this new and enhanced image of the character that we know and love

and if you don’t think that’s the tightest shit, then get out of my face

Hey look, I finally made something new! It’s inspired by this Night Vale design. I made it (very hastily) for a lovely friend who does really wonderful costume work.

As usual, I can see plenty of flaws and things I could’ve done better, but I’m still pretty happy with how it looks. And all the white bits glow in the dark! Because I have glow-in-the-dark thread, so I mean, why would I ever not use it?

I know I’ve been posting crafts even more rarely than usual, which I’m going to blame mostly on the job I started a couple months ago. Funny how much less free time you have when you’re commuting and working full-time. I’m going to start working on Desert Bus stuff soon (whee!), but I haven’t decided whether I’ll show stuff off before it’s finished. Maybe I’ll put up a few teaser images as I work on it.

If anyone has suggestions/requests for small things like buttons for Desert Bus, let me know! I’ll probably be sending in my usual designs, but I’d like to throw in something new if I can.

Livestream Success!

Another fabulous Hedwig livestream has drawn to a close! I want to say a BIG thank you to everyone who joined; it was an awesome 9 hours (yes 9 hours)!

Within the stream we managed to watch various boots including MCH and the JCM crate (again) plus the JCM live commentary. (Psssst, we also got an uninvited skype call because Beth forgot to log out before streaming oops, my bad) Anything shown in past livestreams will be re-shown in future streams :D

I’ve decided I’m going to a Hedwig livestream roughly every 2 weeks with a very similar time frame so keep an eye out for posts. 

Also, many expressed interest in livestreaming boots from other productions (eg; Kinky Boots, Next to Normal, Phantom of the Opera etc) so I’m going to try my best to get my hands on a variety of those that were suggested and see how many are interested in the possibility of such stream in the very near future:D

i’m was going to tag everyone who joined the stream but there were so many(!) so instead, I’m going to repeat my big thank you to all who joined….Here’s to many more Angsthed streams and chats!

Rock on! <3


🐦 Daichi Weekend Day Two 🐦 O Captain My Captain 🐦  
                        🐦 Daichi as Karasuno’s captain. Daichi and other captains

Why do you like Daichi?

Shoyo Hinta-  “His thighs”
Kei Tsukishima-  "His thighs of course"  

Sawamura Daichi- “….Idiots. Its all about the arms.”

(I was too shy to take a thigh picture but: In honor of Daichi’s thighs. Apparently)

anonymous asked:

I don't know if you do AUs, or if youre into the Marvel Universe at all, BUT if you are... I had this idea for an Enjolras/Grantaire Captain America AU with Enjolras as Captain America and Grantaire as Bucky, and then later the Winter Soldier. You dont have to be so in detail if you dont want you can kinda do something like just when E and R were starting to get close romantically, the whole thing with Bucky "dying" and Steve "dying" then BOOM modern day Cap 2 maybe??


Grantaire was racing down a dark alley towards the sounds of a fight, and while he was no stranger to a good brawl this sort of scenario was frustratingly familiar.  At the end of the alley was a scene he more or less expected to see: three big, burly blokes holding a scrawny twig of a kid up against the brick wall that closed off the alley, taking turns punching him.  It was satisfying to see that the boy continued to fight despite being well and thoroughly beaten, kicking out and yelling, but Grantaire wasn’t about to let this play out any further.  He stormed down the alley with a roar, pulled back the first guy he could get his hands on, and belted him across the face.  The man went down like the sack of shit he was.   The second guy turned on Grantaire with some very inappropriate language which Grantaire returned enthusiastically as they fell on each other. It didn’t take long for the remaining two to sense how badly the tide of this fight had changed – they may be big guys, but Grantaire did underground boxing and had a face already so ugly he wasn’t afraid of having it beaten a bit more – and they finally turned tail, shouting a few, lingering insults back.

“Enjolras,” he said in cordial greeting, his hands shooting out and grabbing the kid around the middle just as he was about to dart out of the alley after the people who had just been beating him senseless.

“Grantaire,” Enjolras huffed in return.

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                                         AND GIVEAWAY!

I’ve only had this blog a few months, and yet here we are!
Theres nearly two-hundred of you lovelies following me!
I honestly never would have thought this many people
would have followed Clint.  I really should have gotten
to things sooner but between college, work, and life
being well life its been a bit rough to get time for this
kinda thing. But holy cow man, hundred plus of you

   —»   Okay enough of the sappy shit, lets get to mentioning some
                   people who really have helped me out with this blog,
                   and have just been pretty damn sweet.

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                 Now the fun part, ladies, gents, and baby birds!

                             I’m not the best a giveaways, especially when
                              it comes to icons and what not but I can make
                                             banners or promo images.~


Heres how this is gonna go down, now winners
          can chose to use the stuff they get
         whenever they want, yada, yada.

First place:::
Gets not just a promo image, but they’ll
                        also get a banner of their character as
                        well as URL.

Second place:::
                —» Gets just one banner or promo
                      image, choice is up to the winner
                      based off their URL.

Third place::: 
                —» Gets just a banner based off
                      their URL/character.

Hey tumblr community, as everyone who gets to the point where they have to ask for help, I feel really bad asking. But here goes, the link above will tell you everything, but I’m trying to save up for a medical alert dog, and with how my finances are, I can afford to keep a dog just not the initial costs. I’ve seen things like this go around tumblr before, and I figured why not? Every little bit will help. Please signal boost even if you can’t give anything, I appreciate all of you!