it really is awesome though


Alone is what I have. Alone protects me.

- “No, friends protect people.”


Okay so I was walking back to my dorm from the library and there are a few trees and stuff to the left side of the freshman dorm in front of where my dorm is


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Do you ever just forget how many people love your fics and then see all the messages and go "holy shit"

do you mean all the time every day? like damn, whenever i think about it it’s kinda hard to believe? and my brain likes to go all ‘oh it’s not that many, and even if it is you’re still nowhere near as good as so and so and you just got lucky people’ll realize your stuff’s subpar at best sooner or later’ 

you people are all awesome though and it really does help my confidence getting so much feedback and such 

I should have wrote this three months ago but I forgot. 

I really don’t have no regrets in my 26 years of life but one….

Not liking Rhysand until A Court of Mist and Fury…

Now I love him to pieces. 

Im so sorry that I thought Baby Bat was an asshole while Tamlin the Tool was wonderful and was perfect for Feyre. I feel so hoodwinked to believe that shit. Some people was not fool tho at all. 

I atone for my sins and I can’t wait for ACOTAR 3 to see what the hell yall going to do to Tamlin the Tool and the King of Hybern. (cough SJM just finish the first draft! cough) 

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I hate it when I start developing feelings for someone then shit goes wrong. What is wrong with me am I the problem??

I relate to this so much…I think we’re just too awesome for some people. They cant handle all that awesomeness you feel me? Lol but really though we gotta wait for the right one

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This is the anon person who asked about making friends. I gained up the courage to not be hidden. Thank you so much for answering I'm crying right now that you put so much thought into that message and it made my day. I'll follow with what you said. I had no idea roleplay was on Tumblr. There are so many options and it opened my eyes to all the options. Thank you for all you have said.


Oh my goodness - thank you so much! I’m sorry it was so rambly and took me so long to finish, but it was hard to know how to phrase things. I’m glad something in there was helpful and that you felt able to come off anon. That’s really, really awesome :D

RP is a big thing on Tumblr and even though it’s not something I’m involved in, I know a lot of people who are. I’m afraid I don’t know any good ways of finding specific RP blogs, but a search through tags will give you a good idea of what to expect. You, uh, might want to make sure you have whatever the equivalent of safe search is on though. There’s a lo-o-o-otta porn out there.

It would be really nice if any of my followers reading this could maybe reply or get in touch with @crysolis and let them know where there are some RP hubs or specific blogs that are open for RPing with, and maybe offer some advice on how to get started. 

All that aside, my Skype contact is so feel free to add me any time. It’s an open invite which anyone who reads my FAQ page may have seen. I’m not great at responding and I’m always marked as Busy when I’m online (so I don’t get bombed with notifications) but my rule is that if I didn’t want to chat, I wouldn’t be signed in.

Congrats to the MUN! (A poem by Kitty)

Hurray, hurray!
This is indeed a special day!
Let’s go and have some fun, good mate
For today is the most fabulous date!
We can…
Poke Tord in the face some more,
until he leaves, annoyed.
Then draw on him when he begins to snore
(The next day…him we should avoid)
Shatter dear Matt’s mirror,
then burn his collection of novelty toys
Well…that’s what we can do with those two.
Now as for the rest of the boys:
Hug Edd until his eyes pop out,
stick pins in Tom till he begins to shout.
Today will be fabulous, no doubt!
Let’s do all these things today–
your awesome blog can’t be outdone!
Really, though, I just have to day….
The boys don’t seem to be having fun….

Hugs and flowers, 



((th is is me hugging you bc you are amazing

Admin Mariah // fact 6

I really love doing special effects makeup. I find doing gore looks or really awesome Halloween looks makes me really happy and though I don’t have a lot of professional equipment I work with what I have to create fun sfx looks.

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Green, Mauve, Plum, Burgundy (✿๑º ωº๑)

GREEN = I think you’re cute.
MAUVE = You are really talented
PLUM = I’d like to chat with you
BURGUNDY = I get excited when I see posts from you

(๑╹っ╹๑) you’re too sweet! and feel free to chat, I like talking to people! I’m just kinda awkward… i guess? thank you!

Late night admission

My birthday just ended an hour ago. And none of my friends came out. All of my boyfriends friends came out though. They’re great. Really awesome people. I’m just shocked that not one of my friends came out.

Why does this picture makes me laugh uncontrollably??!! 😂😂

So it might seem like torture but it’s just adjustment and alignment class and our teacher was just demonstrating to us how to perfect downward facing dog.

Though really, I just cannot get over how awesome, lively and funny this picture is. 😍😍

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