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Siblings Vs. Couple » Jack Maynard

Requests: Hey there I love reading your imagines. I was wondering if you could do one when your partner with Jack Maynard and you did a tag with his siblings for his channel and you get along well with his siblings and cute stuff thank you I hope you have a great day or night 💜

Can you write an imagine where you and Jack have a really cute moment while filming?

You, your boyfriend Jack, his brother, Conor and his sister, Anna were filming a ‘Siblings Vs. Couple’ challenge for Jack’s YouTube channel. You, Jack and Conor were visiting both your families down in Brighton, where you grew up.

You had known the Maynard’s since you were a small girl and had been dating Jack since you were both teens. You really did have a fairytale romance; he was your first everything. First crush, first kiss, first relationship etc. You asked yourself everyday what you did to deserve someone so wonderful.

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Hi Annie! I want to ask, what is the best way to support you as a creator? I don't have the money right now to donate to your PayPal/Patreon (if I did I would in a heartbeat) but I still love your content and want to help boost it. How can I do this? (Also, please excuse any mistakes in my grammar. English is not my first language.)

No problem! Your English is great! And thank you so much! <3

Aside from economic support (Patreon / PayPal / Amazon), I can always use your support in the following ways (and really this goes for anyone you may want to support):

  • Sharing my content, recommending my channel, blog, or social media (Twitter / Facebook) to folx you may know
  • Watching my YouTube videos, clicking ads or letting them play
  • Hitting that notification bell under my YouTube videos so you will be notified whenever I publish something
  • Caption contributions on my videos whether they be captions on my older videos or translated subtitles of the current English captions
  • If you’re a creator and you are able, please caption your videos and add image descriptions to your photos for accessibility and advocate for other creators to do the same

Thank you so much for asking! I hope this helps!

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Please tell me about the dgm crew dancing



Well, I have a whole Fine Arts!AU that I’ll talk a little bit about cuz I’ve mentioned dancing in it but not gone into depth… this might also be a little ot4 but thats the fine arts!au for you

  • So Lenalee is a dancer like… that’s her thing. She’s formally trained in ballet, but she really loves modern and theatre so she’s often in musicals. I’ve also thought about her having like a youtube channel where she dances to a bunch of great music in cool location, but then she also has so tutorial videos like how to do an illusion or firebird. Basically Lena’s amazing when it comes to dancing. She’s graceful and strong, though she was given a very strict ballet training as a child so now that she’s older she’s doing more freeform experimentation and having fun with dance. There was a period of time when she was small that she hated dance, but couldn’t stop because she had nothing else.
  • Allen is also a dancer, tho not as good as Lena. He’s a musician and while his specialty is piano he’s also a singer cuz Cross is a famous opera singer. But yeah he mostly does theatre dance, though he’s taken some ballet and really loves modern. He and Lena started doing duets and they’ve gotten really good at dancing and singing together. It really pisses Komui off, but Lena is having fun so he doesn’t know what to do about it lol.
  • Lavi…. well he does dance. Just not well. He has no sense of rhythm and just… can’t dance?? Not that it stops him from dancing. He sort of dances like the people in that one industrial goth vid that was going around for a while
  • Kanda actually dances pretty well. The problem is that he doesn’t usual want to dance and especially not in the presence of anyone other than Allen, Lena and Lavi. He moves really fluidly and is incredibly graceful. He also picks up choreography pretty well.
  • It’s funny because Lena, Allen and Kanda can all lift eachother so they take turns doing lifts. It’s not that big of a deal that Lena can lift Allen, they’re about the same size, but the fact that she can fucking lift Kanda is a fucking magic trick

    And so non-AU headcanons

  • Lenalee and Kanda don’t know how to dance. Not that they aren’t both incredibly graceful and move really well, but they’ve literally never had the opportunity to really dance? It’s not like there were a lot of dance parties at the Order. It was only when they were both into their early teens that they were able to dance freely like kids. It was on a mission that they were assigned to a town that was having a summer festival. They got to actually go to the festival and dance with the other kids around the fire… not that Kanda wanted to dance… Lena dragged him in and refuses to admit he had fun
  • Lavi knows dance. Well, he knows every step and sequence he’s witnessed because the Bookman record cultural history, which yes includes dancing. He could probably recreate the steps if given the chance, though its a little harder than he expects. He gets the hang of it… eventually
  • Allen has two modes, formal ballroom dance and ‘I’m-a-fucking-clown’ where he kind of just jumps around waving his arms and legs in the air. It looks pretty cool. It really does, but Allen what the fucking fuck are you doing with your legs omG WHY ARE YOU PUTTING YOUR FOOT BEHIND YOUR HEAD STOP THATS NOT DANCING… but yeah Cross made him learn how to dance at balls so he didn’t make a fool of him…
  • Eventually, Allen teaches Lenalee how to ballroom dance during one of their rare times of freedom. She get it really quickly and ends up dancing a lot on her own when she’s training. Allen teaches Lavi too, but he wouldn’t stop laughing so yeah. They sort of get it
  • Kanda and Allen don’t dance together in the literal sense, but once while watching them spar, Lenalee noticed that the way they fight together is very much like a dance
  • Once learning how to dance with a partner you bet your ass Lena activated dark boots and danced around in the air with the boys… though she gets a little carried away with those spins sometimes lol

Happy New Year everyone! To start the New Year we have chosen a very special video for sharing with you. This is a competition between two of our most popular models: Justas and Domantags. Justas is also Model of the Year 2016 and you will see him more in upcoming weeks and months. And we have shoots with Domantas also coming up. 2016 was amazing: after launching our website we have really felt the support of our members. Our YouTube Channel keeps growing as we try to add even more content every week. Please join our site and subscribe to our YouTube Channel as we have a lot of great stuff coming up!

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Hi! Can you post a/your top 10 tumblr blogs with stationery/journal ideas/creations/tutorials/posts/etc? Thank you!

Hi, definitely! I I feel like 10 is not enough because there are so many great people with amazing creations here, but I’ll try to choose! :D

@studypetals Rhianne’s blog is where you should go when you need ideas for your bullet journal. She has lots of resources - doodles, banners, titles,… and her journal is simply amazing.

@studyrose Cheyenne has the most gorgeous bujo ever, like DAMN, her journal was the one that inspired me to start my own.

@studykouffee​ Kou and her journal & notes omg, just go and look at it, it’s awesome. I still cannot comprehend how she does her lettering.

@studywithinspo Brian’s bullet journal and aesthetic are GOALS. He also has a youtube channel where he posts tutorials and flip throughs etc, you should definitely check that.

@emmastudies​ Emma has lots of great advice, and she just made really nice desktop calendars for 2017!

@nag-aaral​ Eris has such a BEAUTIFUL bullet journal, every photo she posts is a piece of art.

@focusign Judy uses simple layouts in her journal, and they look SO amazing and still well decorated!!

@acadaemic Anna has SO PRETTY spreads & her study posts are goals.

@studyplants Adi makes beautiful graphics & helpful masterposts but also gorgeous notes 💕

@studylustre I’ve been stalking Carol on her instagram (because her feed is AWESOME) but she also posts her pics here on tumblr and they’re so amazing

Again, I feel so bad for leaving so many awesome people. Just look through the stuff I reblog, there are many posts and creations I find amazing :)


Katya and Violet bond in a deleted scene

This is a really sweet, cute moment. This whole youtube channel is full of great and funny scenes with the queens that never made it to air. In my opinion, season seven is worse without them. Kennedy talks about her life in the navy, Trixie and Max talk about going to school together, there’s even a scene where they show the painful hell Violet and the girls have to go through as beauty queens. It’s all humanizing gold. 

If they had put all of this back in as opposed to fake shade and drama, people would have viewed this season differently. 



heeey art friends this is a really, really good video that explains a lot of things and has a lot of great advice. I also rec subscribing to her channel because her critique videos are very educational :3

THEY ANSWERED MEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!! Ok so I reallllllly like this blog and this person seems really nice and they have a YouTube channel that I’m gonna go check out and THEY’RE JUST GREATTTTT You should go follow them because they’re great!!!! It’s a great blog!!! No one will see this though because ye'know… I have no followers😂 BUT STILL IF ANYONE SEES THIS YOU SHOULD AT LEAST LOOK AT THEIR BLOG BECAUSE yay. OK THATS IT BUT DON’T YOU WORRY… I’LL BE BACK WITH MORE SOON.

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headcanon that i cannot let go of: eliza beatboxing for philip's mixtape (& doing other random cute things for all her kids)

Obviously she’s a pinterest mom and if her husband were just a regular dude instead of kind of famous with security detail, she’d 100% have a mommy blog and probably a youtube channel.

As it is, she’s the talk of DC when she shows up beatboxing on Philip’s youtube channel.  (”Your kid has a youtube channel, Secretary Hamilton?”  “I….guess…?????”)

But my favorite is how she’s a coach for the kids’ youth sports teams.  She does soccer mostly because she played in high school, but she does a little t-ball too.  She’s not great at the rules of baseball because it wasn’t her thing, but she’s a great coach: enthusiastic and corrective when she needs to be in a really nice way.  She’s also genuinely interested in all the kids on her team.  She’s usually in the dugout rather than on the field because of this.  She also designs the mascot and makes team shirts for all the parents and siblings.  And when it looks like the team might go to the little league world series, she’s the one organizing all the plans.  She’s boss at logistics.  (Anyway they don’t make it so it doesn’t matter.)

I will one day write a fic where they go to Colonial Willamsburg for Angelica H’s birthday and Eliza makes her a little colonial dress for the trip.  She’s too busy to make Halloween costumes every year, but she would if she had the time.

She also loves to make videos for graduations.  “It’s the modern day scrapbook!”

She tries really hard to be this perfect mom and she succeeds a lot because it’s something that comes natural to her.  And she wants them to feel loved and listened to above being cared for.  It’s not enough that they have clothes to wear and food to eat.  She wants their dreams to be supported and she wants to listen to them.  So, sometimes, if she buys store bought brownies for the bake sale, that’s ok because Angelica need Eliza to sit with her and watch Gilmore Girls and cuddle and that’s more important than fucking homemade brownies.

And if Philip needs her to beatbox, by god, she will beatbox!

I will say, Ham is better at bedtime stories than her.  He does way better voices.  Though Eliza suspects they always want him because he sometimes comes home late and this means the kids get to stay up later.  And she’s not saying the kids don’t love their dad, but she’s onto their tricks.

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Bonjour! I really love your blog (very helpful and resourceful). I recently started studying french, and in reply to one ask you mentioned that it is very important to start practicing pronunciation even at the beginning stages. I wanted to ask you whether you have any phonology/pronunciation resources of french that you would recommend?

Salut ! I am so sorry for this late, late response…. :( 

I certainly have some great pronunciation resources for French!!

The Youtube channel French Sounds is brilliant for learning how to physically make a certain sound. I would know – the videos here taught me the French “r” sound and the “eu” sound (as  in “heures”)…très utile !

Another great resources is Forvo; here you can listen to native speakers pronouncing almost every word! I use it all the time :D

This website is a true gem for every French learner. It is indispensable, to take maybe an hour a week to work on pronunciation, especially on here.

These Youtube videos are basically repetition drills; you repeat after the native speaker and it really helps! I especially recommend spending a good amount of time on the middle video and record yourself repeating after the speaker. 

Enjoy! :D 

I know you’ve heard of Bob Ross, and he’s AMAZING- but have you heard of Bill Alexander???

This pal is so great- he’s a German artist who taught Bob Ross this style of painting- and I just love him so much. He even sings in one of his episodes! And he signs off with ‘i love you’.

His art videos are up on youtube just like Bob Ross’ and they’re so amazing and seeing the differences between him and Ross are really cool and he’s so much fun to watch and I love his personality!!

Anywho- I’m obsessed with Bill Alexander and want more people to know about him.

Here is his youtube channel with all of the art videos I’ve been watching!

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You seem to do a ton of collaborative content with people and do it well, but you solo all your channels videos. You're one of the best solo youtubers i've seen, keeping things interesting without being tropey or cringy, but what were your thoughts about partners/guests that made you come to that decision?

Thank you! I take great care in making sure my videos don’t feel “same-y” or resting on too many laurels.

For guest stuff, it really all depends! Only one I’ve really ever had is PBG on Pocky & Rocky. I have more collab ideas in mind, but execution and logistics are a pain. I work with people I know and trust, and in such a way that’ll be interesting for both parties.

Modding Tutorials

So in the past plenty have asked me to do tutorials and I said that maybe one day I would start a series of  modding tuts and tips, and I have been giving it some real thoughts now…

If anyone is still interested, I might start a channel on youtube with various tips and tricks and how I do my stuff. Since streaming will be a bit more complicated for me to do in my current situation (having a toddler and such, so the streaming will be interrupted greatly amount of times), creating videos offline on the other hand, is do-able.I mean, sure, we got nightasy, which is really great to start off with, but there are plenty of other awesome neat little tricks that hasn’t been addressed, plus people were always interested for me to stream, so it’s a win win.

If anyone is still interested for modding tuts and see me doing shit, please leave a comment, reblog, ask or like behind on this post!



mumu (multi-muse) plot ideas

pt 1: 

  • Band members on tour
    • A four or six part band, on the road playing shows for adoring fans. Radio appearances, staying in hotels, hiding from paps or over-obsessed stalker fans. Recording sessions in the studio whenever humanly possible. A ton of ot4/ot6 vibes because there’s nothing quite like doing what you love on stage with your best friends, or exploring the world with them. 
  • Youtube friends
    • Doesn’t really matter how big your group is for this, it’ll work. It started with some mutual subscriptions. Some friendly youtube comments. Eventually there was social networking on other sites, and then a few video collaborations here and there. Fast-forward, your characters’s channels have gotten mega popular. There are joint meet ups, taking selfies with subscribers, trips all over the world (youtube videos at disney world, or on the London eye anyone?) The group are all great friends, and what’s best is that they’re having the time of their lives just recording the fun! 
  • Boarding School 
    • There are so many ways you could go with this honestly. Study groups are cute, maybe have your muses in one of those - studying super hard to keep their scholarships? Or you could have them in separate cliques, having to defend each other to their friends who have never liked that other group. Or you could have a some of your characters as scholarship kids, and the rest as rich kids, a ton of clashing and a ton of pining to be accepted into the rich circle. The possibilities are endless. 
  • Witches 
    • A modern coven maybe? I’m just thinking like some teenagers who’s grandparents had magic, but it skipped a gen or so. As a consequence they’ve got to figure out how to use it, and how to incorporate it into their modern lives. Have them convert an old abandoned apartment into a meeting place. Have them write their spells on ipads. Explore the which craft hierarchy. Have them enchant common things like their house keys (so they’ll never loose them), have them store their supplies in tupperware containers. Modern witches man, so rad. 
  • Apartment Block
    • A Friends-esqe group who all live in the same apartment block, who basically share each other’s places anyway. Really cute friendships and relationships and the sort. Everyone getting together for christmas or new years or whatever because these people are family now. It’d just be really cool okay. 
  • Sports Teams/Cheer squads 
    • A few muses on each team/squad. Lots of rivalries, lots of games where the whole team comes out to watch the match. Maybe two of the muses secretly like each other and a Romeo + Juliet subplot emerges. 
  • Secret Agents/Heist group 
    • This might be best with a lower number of muses, I’d stick with four. Lots of planning out bank heists and running from cops and celebrating once the mission’s complete. Rappelling from glass ceilings and sneaking through air vents in skintight black suits and ah the disguises they’d have, the cover stories you could explore!
  • Gangs
    • This might be good if you’re feeling a bigger group. You’d need a ring leader, your muscle men, the followers, ect. Maybe they dabble in selling drugs, maybe they have fun with them themselves. Maybe there’s a lot of power abuse, a lot of acting as if they own their city – because honestly the gang does own the city. A feeling of indestructibleness from the head honcho and utter helplessness from the ones who just want to get out. 
  • Drama Club
    • Again this could be as big or as small as you want, but I feel like this would be great for a larger group. A ton of staying late to rehearse even though they’ve been over their lines hundreds of time that day. Stages kisses not feeling like stage kisses at all, wardrobe malfunctions, fighting over roles, trying to make everything work at the last minute because holy shit we were not prepared to take on a show this big. Exploring the relationships between actors, backstage tech, costume design. Cast parties after really successful shows, hanging out and killing themselves laughing doing improv. I don’t know you could do a lot with it okay. 
I had a moment the other night where I, I was just sitting down and reading all of these letter and doing, doing a solid amount of crying oh yeah. Everything you guys have said in those letters though are really really sweet and I’m just really really glad that the channel can be there for you and I’m really glad that my videos have impacted you in way that they have so just thank you very much.
—  Ethan in “200,000 Subscribers | Opening Your Gifts”

Happy new year guys, yall did help me though a lot this year, I get little feedback from yall but that’s okay. A few things that happened after I got this blog way back then.

•I finished the play I was in
•I got the courage to tell my mother about who I love
•I started my YouTube channel and made a really popular video.
•I told my family I wanted to be jewish.
•I woke up several times and tried to kill myself.
•I cried several times at the movies.

Most of yall don’t care but in all honesty I’m glad you joined me for this bumpy ride. Thank you so much guys.

Have a great year, anything you ever want to ask me or Russia go ahead. We don’t bite!

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Omg where can you watch the emmerdale classics? Maybe you've been asked before idk but please help, I really wanna see young robert and vic!

No worries, I think this channel also has some episodes of Christopher Smith as Robert, who I thought did a great job, apart from episodes with Karl Davies. 

This is the channel right here

This is the specific episode

Another channel for old Emmerdale clips and storylines is here, in case you want to watch the Barton’s, Aaron storyline, and the Wylde/Lamb storyline.

Yeah, if anyone would like to make a list of all the youtube channels I’ve found with old Emmerdale Storylines, let me know, I’m always on the look out for places, to watch old Emmerdale episodes. 

a lot of youtube channels i follow get a shitton of hate for being cringy or whatnot, but honestly i don’t see why people care THAT much if what they say about games or movies holds up or is completely nonsensical.
i just really love listening to people talking about something they love with such great enthusiasm and without being preachy, patronizing or mean-spirited.

like, even if i disagree with them on a bunch of points, i could never hate someone for having innocent fun and for genuinely loving their work like some of these people do.

i love surrounding myself with content made by excited, happy people.

pls my beloved youtube channels, keep telling me about your weird movie assumptions that were appparently so wrong the writer told you how upset they were by your video, far reaching game theories that are proven wrong with a single game update, and supposed solid proof of the existence of ancient giants. i’ll be here listening to your excited puppy-esque voice