it really feels like it was summer last month

Calyum’s 2016 Rec List

I read some amazing fics/blurbs/imagines etc. latst year and while I’ve only just really thought to document them in the last month or so, I’m going to try my best to list some of my favourites here! Check these out and laugh and cry and have all the feels just like I did! These writers are amazing and I wish I could recommend everything I read! 

(edit: it didn’t occur to me i should sort these by boy so enjoy this lucky dip) 

Look, there are so many more that I’ve read and should have listed but either can’t find them or I’ve simply forgotten. But I hope you enjoy these just as much as I did! Big love to all the writers, to all the readers and to all my awesome followers xo 

For more of the things I read check out my AU Tag on my blog - for non-5sos related Aus try my Harry Potter AU Tag, Marvel AU Tag or Criminal Minds AU Tag. 

cleanfreakandshittyglasses  asked:

hhhhhhhnnhhgnhi trash-god im w ow. 7, 15, 21, 47 and 57!!!

eeeeeey ;v

7. what was your life like last year?

stressful as hell for the most part. I spent the first 4 months taking care of my dying grandmother and then funeral arrangements. and thesis work. and then I got sick in the beginning of summer and that lasted ages. summer was incredibly relaxing. then fall was one massive existential crisis. then december was relief and I feel so much better.

so basically let’s not do that again.

15. personality description

already answered this one :u

21. age and birthday?

24 & december 10!!

47. turn ons

common sense and a sense of humor. muscles and athleticism. capability?? idk just like.. being really good at something. 

57. favourite animal(s)

ALL OF THEM but like giant manta rays and eagle rays. felines and reptiles. but srsly all of them.

So I’m filling out an application for a summer job in Alaska that takes place for their summer season over the course of four months. I’m super nervous because I’ve been at my current job for four years and I’ve never really left home for that long, but I also get into depressed moods sometimes because I feel like I’ll get stuck in the same funk forever if I don’t move and change something soon. 

I found out about the job from my friend who went last year, and she has applied for this year as well. She told me that once you go it actually makes you want to travel even more, and I hope that’s the case for me, because while I would love to travel, sometimes my anxiety really does get in the way. 


i guess you can probably see more how my art has changed through fanart, this is only a span of six months since i really only started posting frequently over the summer on my art blog. still very unhappy with my sketchy linework, and i need to work more with color, but i feel like i’ve started to improve a lot in the last year

miniponds  asked:


oh man okay i should have read these questions before i reblogged that bc i did not lmao but here we go

how was your first kiss? i’ve actually never been kissed

what do you love about yourself? oof this is a tough one for the head space i’ve been in. can i be shallow and say my hair? ya ig my hair and, like, i’m really nice?

when’s the last time you warmed your hands in front of a fire? a real fire? i think that would be at the zoo lighting last month

would you rather watch a sunrise or sunset? both are good! but getting to see the sunrise is a little more rare for me and (esp in the summer) it feels like the whole world is still asleep and i just like that quiet stillness.

what’s the best thing about summer? my birthday bye

my boyfriend’s roommate’s girlfriend (lol) took this pic of us at the New Years party we went to and i am so!!! happy!!! this picture is so bad but it’s one of the very few couples photos we have and he wanted us to take it so he could send it to his mom to show her how pretty he thought i looked all fancy 😭😭😭 i love this blurry awful photo and his 70s ‘stache and my demon eyes and both of our terrible expressions. last year we had only been dating a couple months and had such an awkward time at the same party. it was so nice fallin all over him while we danced to the talking heads and just finally feeling like things are good cause we had a really really reallyyyy rough summer but watching him tear up after he kissed me at midnight was so amazing I’m such a corny doofus but im happy

Wicked Games-Vampire Michael AU Oneshot

Hi guys! I know it’s been forever since I’ve posted something, but I’ve had a really busy last few months, with finals, AP testing, make up work and finally graduating high school, I haven’t had any free time to really write anything down. I hope this makes up for my absence! I wrote this in like, three hours and it’s a product of my recent obsession with the show True Blood and black haired Michael makes me feel some type of way (:


You sat in the back booth of the club watching your best friend grind up against some random stranger in the middle of the other gyrating and sweaty bodies on the dance floor. The heavy bass vibrated the walls of the club, reverberating through your skull and causing a headache to form behind your already tired eyes.

You couldn’t help but feel slightly resentful of your so called best friend for dragging you out after you had worked a grueling double shift at the small diner you waitressed out to earn some extra cash to cover the bills. It had been a busy day, one of the other waitresses calling in sick, forcing you to take her shift and cover her tables as well as your own. It had been an exhausting day and after it was over, you had been looking forward to going home, soaking in a scorching hot bath with your favorite strawberry scented bubble bath and then throw your pajamas on and fall into bed. But your friend had complained about your lack of a social life, claiming that you were a “recluse” and lacked the appreciation for the night life. She had claimed that it was her duty as your best friend to nip this in the bud as quick as possible before you became an old spinster woman with a thousand cats.

She was dramatic, your friend, but she had basically forced you to go and no matter how many times you dug your heels in, you still found yourself in your current predicament. Your only saving grace was you had the day off tomorrow and you planned on taking full advantage of it.

You were brought out of your musings when your eyes caught sight of something in your peripheral vision.

Not a something.

A someone.

His jet black hair shone under the pulsing strobe lights, styled in a messy disarray with his fringe brushed over his left eyebrow, concealing most of what looked like a silver barbell pierced through the skin. His bright jade eyes scanned the crowd with detached interest, obviously bored and you wondered if he was brought here against his will, too. He leaned against the wall like he owned the place, his posture suggesting that he wasn’t looking for company and that he would do his best to intimidate anyone who dared to cross his path and get too close. He had that ‘devil may care’ attitude, with his black leather jacket, vintage Led Zepplin t-shirt and black skinnies tucked into scuffed Doc Martens. His pale skin was almost luminescent under the strobe lights, like a beacon in the crowd, drawing attention to this tragically beautiful creature.

Almost like he knew you were thinking about him, his jade eyes cut across the room and trapped you in their depths. Your breath caught in your throat and your heart sped up in your chest and you could feel your cheeks warming under his intense stare.

He appraised you in a way that suggested that he was a starving man and you were the first meal his eyes had landed upon in days.

A smirk graced his beautiful face and it drew your attention to his lips, a detail that you had somehow overlooked in your intent studying of his body. They were full and plump, blood red and looked so soft that you found yourself licking your bottom lip, desperate to find out what they felt like against your own.

His eyes followed the action, as if in a trance and your lips parted in a breathless pant, completely entranced by this mysterious stranger that was all the way across the room. You could feel your body reacting to his attention, your cheeks warm, your heart rate picking up and your oxygen take was almost non-existent. Your belly tightened, all the muscles down there clenching in anticipation, reminding you just how long it had been since you’d gotten laid.

You didn’t know it possible to get this hot and bothered just by a little eye-fucking from a total stranger, but your current predicament proved you schooled.

You bit your lip, and just as you were contemplating walking over there and introducing yourself, your MIA best friend chose that moment to interrupt what had the possibility of turning this torturous night around.

“Y/N!” your best friend exclaimed excitedly, “this is turning out to being an awesome night! I’ve been dancing with this fucking gorgeous guy and—wait a minute,” she cut herself off, finally taking a moment to survey your current position. Her eyebrows furrowed, “have you been sitting here the whole time we’ve been here?!”

“Um—“ you began, trying to come up with a decent little lie that could potentially save you from the long lecture that you knew was coming, when a unfamiliar voice interrupted your train of thought.

“I’m sorry for interrupting, but I noticed you sitting here all by yourself and I was wondering if you would like to dance with me?”



Mr. Tall-Pale-And-Unbelievably-Gorgeous-And-Mysterious was here, in front of you, with amusement dancing in his hypnotizing green eyes and a smirk playing on those plump, blood red lips.

And he was asking you to dance!

Your mouth popped open in what you were sure was an unattractive and unbecoming way and you had seemed to have forgotten the entire English language in the past ten seconds.


“She’d love to!” your best friend exclaimed, cutting off your poor attempt at speech and saving you from looking like an idiot. But judging by the amused smile playing on the extremely attractive stranger in front of them, she hadn’t quite succeeded in her attempts.

Recovering yourself from your momentary lapse in intelligence, you cleared your throat, “Yeah, I’d like to dance with you, sure, that’d be um, cool.” You told him with an embarrassed smile, your cheeks the color of a tomato, you were sure.

Instead of giving you a reply, he just held out his elegant pale hand and with what you hoped was a surreptitious swipe of your sweaty palm on your dress, you clasped his hand with yours, a slight shiver running through your body at the coolness of his skin.

He helped you to your feet and with another sexy quirk of his delicious lips, he lead you out onto the dance floor. You looked over your shoulder at your best friend, who was wearing a manic grin and giving you a thumbs up.

You rolled your eyes and giggled to yourself, but it was turned into a gasp of surprise when bumped into the attractive strangers back when he stopped suddenly.

You blushed, biting your lip as you met his eyes sheepishly, “I apologize, I wasn’t paying attention.”

You had to speak pretty loud to ensure you could be heard over the pulsing music, the heavy bass vibrating below your feet.

He must have heard you, because he gave you a small smirk, “I don’t mind in the least, love.”

His voice was low and held an undercurrent of a double meaning and you giggled, blushing.

He smirked again, sliding his hands around your waist, pulling you closer to his body. His hands settled on your hips and he began to move you to the rhythm of the song.

Your hands fluttered for a little bit, unsure of where you should put them, until he paused his movement for a second and grabbed your hands and settled them around his neck.

“Okay?” he whispered, his cool, minty breath hitting your face and you nodded. Satisfied, he placed his hands on your hips, and resumed dancing.

You were startled at your body’s reaction to his hands on you, even if it was only on your hips. But your dress was thin and the single layer did nothing to diminish the electric like shock that went through your body whenever you felt his hands flex as he moved you to the seductive beat of the pulsating music, the remix of The Weekend’s “Often” thrumming through the speakers and into your veins.

The familiar song helped you loosen up a little bit and you found yourself moving closer to him, your body brushing against his with every sway of your hips. You felt his breath on your neck, its coolness a great contrast to your overheated skin. His lips brushed your skin, and you shivered, pushing closer, aching to feel more of him.

“I saw the way you were looking at me earlier,” he whispered against your ear, his voice low and husky. Sexy, “practically fucking me with those beautiful eyes of yours. Did you like what you saw, love?” he asked you lowly.

You nodded, “Yes.” you whispered breathlessly, moving closer to him.

You could feel your arousal pooling between your thighs, a deep ache that wanted to be fulfilled. You felt Mr. Mysterious Hottie take a deep, shuddering breath and you had a strange feeling that he could smell you. You brushed the thought away, filling it in the Impossible section of your brain.

His hands traveled up your sides, the edge of his thumb brushing the underside of your breast and you mentally thanked Y/B/F/N for making you wear such skin tight dress.

With no bra.

You breath hitched and you knew he had to of heard it, you could feel his smirking lips against your neck.

“You feel amazing, baby,” he whispered, brushing his finger against your nipple. It pebbled beneath his ministrations and you gave a breathy moan in response.

“I can only imagine how soft your skin would feel, underneath this dress. What you taste like, I bet you taste like strawberries.” he murmured seductively.

You were a panting mess in his arms, his words painting an erotic picture in your mind. Wondering what those lips would feel like wrapped around you, his cool tongue flicking against your nipples, hit teeth giving them a gentle bite. The image sent your body into a frenzy of lust and want, and you bit your lip to keep the desperate whimper from escaping your lips.

He slipped a thigh between your legs, adjusting your body so the crotch of your panties rested on his jean clad thigh. You could feel the hard muscle beneath the rough fabric, and you couldn’t help the experimental grind your hips gave.

You gasped at the hot bolt of pleasure that raced up your spine, and you gripped his shoulders tightly. Your body was a live wire of arousal and you were desperate to relieve the throbbing between your legs.

You swayed your hips to the rhythm of “Or Nah” the song that was currently pounding through the speakers and you had to refrain from laughing at the irony of the situation. You couldn’t believe you were getting off on a random strangers thigh, grinding against it like some animal in heat, in the middle of a crowded club with your best friend sitting not even ten feet from you.

But God, did it ever feel good. You were so wrapped up in this stranger, his smell—a mixture of musk and mint and pure sex—and the feeling of his body pressed right up against yours with just a thin layer between you.

You wanted him, all of him and you were desperate for this night to end so you could take this random stranger home and have him do all the naughty things SoMo was currently crooning about in song.

“Look at you riding my thigh, baby. I can only imagine what it would be like to have you ride my cock, would you like that? To feel my cock fill you up, stretch that wet heat around  it and fuck yourself on it, huh? How does that sound?” he asked you, his voice breathless and just sound like sex.

You whimpered, your hips speeding up at the mental picture, the delicious friction sending shockwaves through your body, your body teetering on the edge of sweet release.

Mr. Mysterious Hottie was sucking on your neck, right over your pulse point and it was driving you insane. His cool breath ghosting over your skin, his lips on your skin, lips you desperately wanted to feel somewhere else on your body.

“God, love, you smell so good.” He groaned, the sound going right to your sex.

You slid your hand from his neck, down his chest where you could feel the promise of hard muscles, down to the button of his jeans and just as you brushed your fingers over his erection, you felt something razor sharp brush against the soft, sensitive skin of your neck.

You jerked, startling him and then you felt teeth pierce your skin for a brief moment before Mr. Mysterious Hottie stumbled back. His eyes had gone pitch black, his nostrils flared and you only had the time to get a quick glance of your blood staining his lips and his teeth before he was gone.

You stood there, in the middle of the dance floor, sweaty, hair mussed, strung out on desire, your core throbbing between your thighs and confusion swirling in your lust fogged brain.

Your had automatically went your neck, and your eyes widened when your fingertips brushed against two puncture wounds, still oozing a little bit of blood.

But, no.

It couldn’t be.

One word floated on the edge of your slowly clearing mind.


Mr. Mysterious Hottie was a vampire.

A vampire that had eye-fucked you from across the room, who had pulled you onto the dance floor, who had whispered dirty things in your ear and almost had you come in your panties around a thousand other sweating and gyrating bodies.

A vampire.

Who’s name you didn’t even know.

Your friend found you and dragged you out of the club hurriedly, explaining that she had to get home because of some sort of emergency. As she pulled you towards the front door, you felt the hairs on the back of your neck stand up.

Someone was watching you.

When you looked over your shoulder, you caught sight of a pair of eyes that had returned to their normal jade color.

Mr. Mysterious Hottie smirked at you and you noticed with dizzying satisfaction that his plump lips were still stained red with your blood.

He raised his hand, flashing you a fang-filled smirk.

Until next time, love,  He mouthed, and then he was gone.


I hope you guys liked it! I’ll be posting a part two to this soon! Any prompts you have me or requests are welcome, in fact they’re encouraged, so don’t be shy! Also, any feedback you have for me as well (: Until next time!

P.S, Wicked Games and Often by the Weekend aided me in writing this, along with SoMo’s rendition of Or Nah. If you haven’t heard any of those songs, I highly recommend you look them and listen to them while you read this (:

Jam of the Week - The track I can’t stop listening to. Updated weekly.

Week of August, 17th - Ocean Drive by Duke Dumont

This week’s jam is a driving song. More specifically, it’s a driving at night song. In the 80s. Listen and you’ll see what I mean. 

Ocean Drive is a real cool cut from British DJ  and producer Duke Dumont. While I didn’t really know who he was, further investigation lead me to discover he’s the guy behind The Giver (reprise), a track you’ve definitely heard if you’ve been in a club, gym, or trendy restaurant within the last couple of months.

As previously mentioned, this song has a real cool 1980s sound to it. Much like the other song associated with the word “drive,” Ocean Drive feels like it was made to be the soundtrack of your Saturday night commute. Smooth rhythm, stingy synth, solid hook. Ocean Drive checks all the boxes for the coolest song of the summer. “We’re out of time on a highway to never.” Nothing quite encapsulates summer better.

You can find my full Jam of the Week playlist including prior jams here on my Soundcloud.

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