it really did last for 12 hours!

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Nickname: Mir

Star Sign: Aries

Height: 5′ 4″

Time right now: 12:12 am

Last thing you googled: How to search my google history

Favorite music artist: PAT!D

Song stuck in my head: Rick and Morty theme song

Last movie I watched: Bad Moms

Last TV show I watched: Rick and Morty

What I’m wearing right now: Sweatpants and a tank top

The kind of stuff I post: aesthetic, anything pink, fandom, and shipping

Do I get asks regularily: Since I’ve joined this fandom, yes

Why did I choose my URL: Because Prinxiety was taken lol

Hogwarts house: Gryffindor

Pokemon team: Mystic

Favorite color: Pink/rainbow

Average hours of sleep: anywhere from 4-12

Lucky Number: Do not have one

Favorite character: Oh gosh I cannot choose

Dream job: Author. I want to be a published author so badly

I really don’t feel comfortable tagging others, so if you’d like to do this as well feel free to!

It’s in my blood - Joker X Harley X Reader imagine

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Heya can u do a oneshot where your just join the sucidde squad but join a cell with Harley but when joker comes to free her he sees you talking to yourself and Harley’s tells joker to save you . But little did he know he helped the most best theif on earth” asked by anon. 

A/N: Yes of course, i’m sorry if it’s not brilliant, but i had a whole lot of homework to do, so i wrote this really quickly. But hope you enjoy!

Word count: 1279


“And for the final and last person I want in this squad we have, (y/n), she’s fearless, crazy and tuff as hell. 12 brand new cars were stolen in under 32 hours, Lamborghini, Bugatti, McLaren, Ferrari, Aston Martin, Koenigsegg, Maserati, Bentley, Rolls Royce, Hummer, Jeep and for the final Audi.” Amanda Waller said introducing your background story. “And what exactly is she?” the man asked Amanda, not totally understanding why you were getting in the squad. “Simply the best thief the whole world has ever seen” Amanda said taking a sip of her red wine, and smirking at the man. “But why would we need a thief in this squad?” the other man said confused. “Because, if it gets down to the point where we need certain kind of information, we need someone who’s fast and quick on their toes, and doing their job so well that you wouldn’t even recognize that whatever they took is missing. That’s what we need (y/n) for.” Amanda said leaning back in the chair, proud of this group of criminals she selected. “So how did she get caught?” the first man said looking at Amanda waiting for the answer. “As I told you before boys, everybody has something in their life that means the world to them, for (y/n) it was her partner in crime, also known as the Harley Quinn I just introduced you to before” Amanda said leaning forward on the dinner table. “Wait, so (y/n) and Harley know each other?” the other man said surprised. “Indeed, so when we told (y/n) that we had Harley, she gave up. She loves Harley as her own sister, but they don’t tell people that they know each other, so that no one could use them against each other, just as we did” Amanda smiled at the men. “But if no one knows about them, how did you?” the first man asked again. “We know everything, every single thing” Amanda said leaning back once more, and crossing her arms over the chest. “Okay then, I will talk to the boss, and we’ll see if he agrees on this” the first man said, getting up from the chair along with the other man, and walked out.

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12 VIDEO or IMAGE. Show us what Supernatural will look like at the start of Season 50. -Sara and Caitlyn Cacador

4 hours before the hunt was over, the original file that was done for this image was lost, SO I DID IT SUPER FAST ON-CALL–got it in with 2 hours to spare B)

The Signs As Quotes from Natasha, Pierre, and the Great Comet of 1812
  • Aries: O Pierre! Our merry feasting crank
  • Taurus: And your childlike eyes, and your distant smile
  • Gemini: A letter which I composed
  • Cancer: Charmante, charmante
  • Leo: Chandeleirs and caviar, the war can't touch us here
  • Virgo: Cousin dear, I love you, trust no one but you
  • Libra: Goodbye Matryosha, kiss me on last time, whoa
  • Scorpio: My handsome lips mutter something tender to myself
  • Sagittarius: Driving mad at 12 miles an hour
  • Capricorn: I drink and read and drink
  • Aquarius: I throw my fur coat on my shoulders, unable to find the sleeves
  • Pisces: And Andrey isn't here

omg…. my co-organizer for this conference is driving me crazy 

like yesterday she confronted me about not doing something that she claimed was my responsibility even though it was hers and i was like ok whatever i’ll do it… and then i am doing it today and i have a question about something and i texted her and she was like “i already did that” like ok apparently you did that in the last 12 hours but didn’t feel the need to tell me? like very respectful of my time

i mean there’s not really any antagonism or tension between us but seriously ?

Q&A Tag

q&a tag

tagged by: @sugarskullzd…thanks bestie <333

rules: answer the questions & tag 20

name: Shelby
family name: Shelby
star sign: Libra
height: 5′1″
age: 21 (almost feelin’ 22 lol)
fave color: purple
time rn: 12:08am
hours of sleep: between 5-6 hours
lucky number: 16
last thing i googled: Mark Gatiss xD
fave fictional character: just one!? sorry, nope, I refuse…*coughs* Sherlock…did you hear that?
blankets i sleep with: 1 or 2 depending
favorite artists: Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran, Kelsea Ballerini, Fall Out Boy, P!ATD, Paramore, Avril Lavigne, Tori Kelly, Little Mix, Blink 182, etc…I really love most music
dream trip: London!
dream job: out of reach dream job? Actress or Singer…my practical dream job? opening up my own fandom themed cafe complete with small bookstore <3 
what you’re wearing right now: black sweatpants, pink cheetah print tank top with a pink sweater on over it….oh! and toe socks!
follower count: 287
posts: so many
what do you post about: fandoms…lots of fandoms (btw, y’all can find Harry Potter posts on my book blog @readingbeauty16)
most active followers: @sugarskullzd and all of my lovely Sherlollian friends…oh and @vanillabutterdream
when did your blog reach its peak: it will never peak because i will always be awesome & have impeccable taste. ;p (keeping Cheyenne’s answer lol)
why did you make this blog: I actually made it to follow my fave author to win a contest but then tumblr pulled me into a hug and never let go
do you get asks on a daily basis: no..I wish I did though
why did you choose your url: well, SimplyShelbs16 is my username for everything else and Shelbs is my nickname. 16 is my fave number (and the day of my birth). the xoxo had to be added bc someone already had just plain SimplyShelbs16
countries you’ve lived in: America, born and raised
favorite fandom: I love all of my fandoms but the one I have the most fun with is the Sherlock fandom
languages you speak: English, Spanish and the basics of French & Italian
favorite film: a cinderella story
last article you read: I don’t remember
last thing you bought online: Sherlock seasons 1-3 collector’s set
last person you dreamt of: I barely remember my dreams, but when I do remember them, they usually happen
a recurring dream: I don’t have it anymore but from age 5 all the way through my freshman year of high school, I had this recurring dream where I come home from school and my entire family turns out to be zombies so when I run out of my house to the neighbor’s, they’re zombies too and I’m alone as the only human left
phobias/fears: spiders and heights
how would your friends describe you: nice, creative, passionate & a good friend (that’s what @sugarskullzd told me bc I asked lol thanks!)  also adorkable
if you had $$$ to spend what would you buy first: I would pay for me to go to school 
shuffle your song library and list the first three songs that play: Feels Like Tonight - Daughtry, I Wanna Dance With Somebody - Whitney Houston, Kiss Me Again - We Are The In Crowd

I tag: anyone who wants to do it! but I miiiiigghhhttt single out @tea-books-lover and @cherryprincess20

No Excuses

Travel kept me from doing my 20 mile LSD on Sunday.  Beth @runningmyownrace did her’s yesterday.  

After work and dinner, I did my 20 mile LSD.  On a hotel treadmill.  On a scale of 1-10, the last 4 miles were a 12 on the suck-o-meter.

My wife/coach would correctly say that this kind of dedication stupidity really isn’t necessary as our training plan includes three 20 milers and skipping one isn’t really a big deal.  But the alternative was sitting on the bed for 3 hours, checking Tumblr every 4 minutes in hopes that one of you posted something witty.

Thank goodness I can post this stuff on Tumblr.  I can’t tell anyone at work because they’d just think I’m nuts (maybe they’re right).  I suspect there aren’t too many people who include energy gels in their carry-on luggage.

the video on phil’s channel tomorrow...

so as you all might now apparently there’ll be a new video on phil’s channel tomorrow, joint by dan (wherever that information came from). i didn’t really believe in that until i saw that dan tweeted this during the barnes & noble q&a today:

*sigh* will they ever let us chill. as you might know, the tabinof audiobook will be released TOMORROW too - many people from the phandom didn’t really know about that, because dan and phil didn’t really announce it like e.g. tyler oakley did.

so i’d say (if it’s not even actually pinof 7 because if so i’m gonna die) it might be a video about that? it doesn’t really make sense i know. it’s 12:28 am where i live and i only slept for like 4 hours last night so don’t judge me ok

goodnight guys (^_^)

Tokyo Trip: Shopping Aftermath

I finally got home, and I slept for like 12+ hours last night LOL . Anyway, I did a few last minute shopping before going to the airport, though I only bought a few stuff tbh.

Now, my study area looks like this after buying stuff:

LOL it’s all filled Naruto + Yamamoto Sayaka posters. Somehow, I feel like I’ll get to study better now that I have these haha. All my personal photos + letter were moved to my table instead.

So yeah, I’ll just post whatever I bought in Tokyo. It’s mostly Naruto and really few AKB48 goods cuz MUST NOT SPEND TOO MUCH CASH. You should look at my sister’s haul. She bought so much figures of Haikyuu and KnB (Akashi, Tanaka, Nishinoya) and a bunch of Uta no Prince-Sama goods too. I think her pile is twice as large as mine lmao. She told me she’s going to make a “shrine” of them lol.

First up are the posters I have. This one here was from K-books..? I kinda forgot lol. They were even selling a Naruhina poster for like 6000+ yen since it’s really rare. Ain’t no way I’d spend my money on that tho hahaha.

These posters of the movie were being distributed for free around Ikebukuro. They sure are promoing Boruto to the max hahaha.

The placemat from the Boruto: Naruto the Restaurant. The staff said that we could actually get them after eating, but my mom quickly shoved it in her bag before we even ordered LOL.

Got these postcards at Don Quixote! They were really cheap so I’m bought 4 of them. I should’ve bought more orz. Lucky that I got the Sasuke VS Naruto set.

Postcards from Jump World. I kinda regretted not buying the Team Konohamaru set though.

More stuff under the cut!

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