it really annoys me when people put this in texts lol

i found this post in my drafts and have ZERO memory of writing it (thank u alcohol) so im gonna put it in my queue lol
  • ok but imagine 
  • Bitty comes out to his parents but he doesn’t tell them about Jack, thinks it’s for the best, maybe to ease his parents into things or maybe to keep the pool of People Who Know as small as possible 
  • and like yeah Ransom and Holster are super oblivious but Suzanne Bittle is not, not when it comes to her son, because she is a certified Nosy Southern Mother and she can see he’s been acting differently, happier but quieter, always on his phone and blushing when she asks about boys
  • and he talks about the team a LOT 
  • Jack’s one of his best friends and he’s just started his NHL career, so of course Bitty’s never gonna shut up about Jack
  • (Same goes for Shitty and law school. And eventually Ransom and med school. Dicky is proud of his friends and wants everyone to know. He gets that trait from Suzanne, she understands)
  • but he keeps talking about this one Boy, how sweet he is and how his smile is like a sack of puppies and how bitty’s always making this boy do things with him like baking and getting froyo and going shopping and Suzanne is like. Yes. This must be Dicky’s secret boyfriend. 
  •  the next family weekend or whatever, Suzanne demands to meet this Chowder boy who’s stolen Bitty’s heart
  • Bitty is both confused and mortified

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The pros and cons of dating NCT 127


Anon: Hey! Love your blog and your writing style! I think this is a bit of a tough request, but I request it to you because I believe you’re the one who can answer it the best. To safe you some time and stress, this is for NCT127 :) What are the pros and cons of dating each member? Like what would be the good things and what would be the difficulties? Good luck on your exams! Love Anon❤️

Thank you for the request! This is literally the fastest I’ve done a request because I literally loved this request! And thank you for thinking that I’m the best for this! I just hope that I’ve answered it correctly and that toy enjoy reading it!

The rest of the members are under the cut because this is a very long post lol. But sorry about the length of Mark and Haechan’s, I was in a rush to finish them so I didn’t get to spell check them!

Please request more units/members if you’re interested!

You can find the pros and cons of dating Ten here!


Originally posted by planettaeil


  • Chivalrous - Taeil, being the oldest member, is probably going to know how to treat his girlfriend/boyfriend. He’d be well-mannered and considerate, always making sure to open doors for you, pull your chair out before you sit to eat, having a hand at the palm of your spine to reassure you of his presence. Everything about him seems so traditional and gentlemanly and no doubt he’d be a total sweetheart in a relationship. He’d make you feel like a princess/prince in your relationship, as he’d always be putting you first and making sure to be polite as to not make you uncomfortable. 
  • Stable - This one, again, I think comes with age and experience. He’s not like the younger members who might suddenly decide to change everything in their life and be totally unpredictable. He knows what he wants from life, he knows how to get there and he knows that there’s no point in committing to something pointless. At least in a relationship, you’d know that Taeil was in in for the long-haul; he’s not here for some petty fling or a couple months. He’d want the whole marriage and kids and growing old together kind of thing, and that would provide reassurance and stability in the relationship, knowing he’ll be completely faithful and loving. 
  • Passionate - Although Taeil is slightly more on the introverted side and therefore probably wouldn’t show much skinship or physical affection to his S/O, he’d still be a very passionate person. He’d yearn for the physical affection in private, loving the skin contact and initiate moments. That being said, he’d probably also be quite passionate in bed and have a side to him that most people would not expect. It’d be comforting knowing only you got to see this side of him. The fact that he’d open himself up to you, physically and emotionally, would be a honour.


  • Often distant - Being an introvert, would mean communication in a relationship would come harder to Taeil than someone more open. He’d like his quite time and being by himself. He’d be used to not opening up and keeping it to himself. Sometimes he’d subconsciously close himself off you, not speaking or texting you for a few hour or even days at a time. It’d be hard. You’d think he wasn’t interested in you anymore or that you had done something wrong even though you hadn’t. He wouldn’t realise this though, which would always cause a few arguments and complaints from you when he decided to speak to you again. 
  • People-pleaser - Maybe this is just a trait of introverted people, but I think he’s the type to want to please everyone. He doesn’t enemies or grudges held against him. If someone asks him for himself, no doubt he’ll do it. This would be quite irritating in a relationship. At the start of your relationship, you’d find out that he was still close with his exes, which you didn’t really like. It wasn’t because he was still interested them, but because he literally couldn’t bring himself to tell them that he wanted to be left alone. Although you’d love his big, warm heart, sometimes people would take advantage of it and he’d continue people to keep hurting him because he wanted to please them - and that would pain you a lot, to see the love of your life getting hurt time and time again. 
  • Easily provoked - Again, maybe this is just a trait of quiet people, but Taeil, I see as having a short temper. I know this kind of contradicts my point above, but hear me out lol. With people he really loves and cares about, he only wants the best for them. Therefore if they make a decision or do something he disagrees with because he thinks it’s going to backfire on them, he’d get angry very quickly. He’d be snappy and sarcastic, and find it hard to understand why they would make just a “daft” decision. Likewise, if someone criticised his life, he’d get angry. It’d be quite annoying for you as you’d always have to be careful with your choice of words.

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hyuks-pink-turtleneck  asked:

Hello!!! I saw that you're doing friends to lovers au's and I was wondering if you could do a Jun please? Thank you so much for all the lovely writing you're constantly doing!!! 💕

find woozi (here), wonwoo (here), s.coups (here), dk (here), joshua (here) & the8 (here) ~!

  • you become friends because,,,,,,of fake dating LOL 
  • see you used to have this annoying dude who kept trying to come onto you during class and so one day you’d sat yourself down beside jun
  • and when the dude came over and started pestering you about why you’d switched your seat,,,,,you put your hand over juns and were like “because i want to be near my boyfriend? is that a crime?”
  • and you’d said it so smoothly and squeezed jun’s hand that,,,,,,the creep just kind of choked on his words and jun,,,,,,,,
  • well jun played along,,,,,,,,,
  • even throwing his hand over your shoulder and grinning at the guy like YEP! they want to be next to me and how can you blame them i mean have you seen my face????
  • and long story short you’d thanked jun after class and he’d just laughed and went !! no one’s ever came onto me so straightforward ;) im into it ;)
  • and you’d rolled your eyes and been like CMON you know why i did it and he was like sure sure
  • but somehow ,,,,,you two clicked???? maybe because your humor matched and maybe because since you moved your seat you did spend a whole semester talking with jun and well,,,,,,he’d turned out to be super cool
  • and somehow you looked past his constant flirting because you’d always just been like “he’s like that with everyone else”
  • but one day as you’re talking with jun about the homework outside of class this person comes up and starts asking jun if he’d gotten their texts
  • and you can see the shift in jun’s face,,,,,and the person ,,,, you’ve seen them before but you don’t think you’ve ever seen jun hang out with them
  • and jun is telling them that he’d rather they not text him at all and the person is getting defensive so suddenly
  • jun throws his arm over you and pulls you into his chest and
    he’s like “i can’t date you, im already taken! so seriously, just move on because im already ,,,,head over heels in love,,,,,,,,”
  • and the person makes a visibly upset face but stomps away
    and when jun lets you go you’re like ???/ what was that and he’s like ,,,,,,,you’re not the only one who has creepy people after them,,,,it sucks because they got my number from someone or something,,,,,and it’s just weird
  • and you’re like,,,,oh well i guess this makes us even for that time i said i was fake dating you LOL and jun grins,,,,,but you see the corner of his mouth kind of twitch
  • and you’re like ???? is everything ok
  • and jun is like,,,,,, “usually im not shy about these things but,,,,,,seriously god it’s so hard when it comes to you”
  • and you’re like ?!??? what are you talking about
  • jun kind rubs his neck with his hand and is like “listen wouldn’t it be,,,,,,kinda,,,,,like have you ever thought of us,,,,not fake dating,,,,,or something you know like going on a real date,,,,,”
  • and your eyes widen because hold up wait what ?? and you’re like jun wait do you LIKE me???? and he’s like yeah, is that not obvious?
  • and you’re like NO it’s really not because you’re really flirty with everyone??? and he’s like “yeah but i don’t,,,,,,hang out with everyone or,,,,,,say im head over heels in love with everyone-”
  • “but you just said that to get that person to leave!”
  • “nope,,,,,i said it because i really mean it”
  • and your jaw is on the floor because,,,,,,w,,,,,what?? jun?? head over heels??? in love??? with you
  • and he’s like how could i not fall for the person who holds my hand on our first meeting you MAKE IT HARD NOT TO LIKE YOU
  • you’re like DFVKDFSL STOP but also,,,,,,you feel your cheeks heat up
  • because,,,,ok,,,,jun is really cool and you really like being around him,,,,,and when he’d pulled you into his chest,,,,,,,it was,,,,,,,
  • nice,,,,,,,,,,,
  • and jun can see you get a little embarrassed and he’s like “hey,,,,,don’t get all shy i mean according to everyone we’ve been dating for a long time sooooo how about i take you to dinner tonight?”
  • and you’re like ok,,,,,,,sounds good,,,,,but junhui i swear if you’re just joking aro- but jun is like nEVER,,,,,like i said i might flirt with everyone else but i don’t think everyone else could compare to you~
  • you: oh the grease,,,,,
  • but also you: he’s so damn,,,,,attractive,,,,,,,,,,
Grammys part two: Josh Dun imagine

Y/N: Y’all this went from hardcore fluff to hardcore smut reaaaaal fast. Lol jk. No, but really. When the boys lose their pants the fans lose their shit. Anyways, I’ll shut up now. Enjoy.

Anonymous said:
Omg, please do a sequel to grammy??????? 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

Part one:

*continued female reader, light smut

“Okay, I didn’t know what you meant by taking off your pants, but now I clearly do,” Jenna burst out laughing as you all entered into the restaurant and took a seat. “Goodness gracious you guys.”

“I bet you were staring,” Tyler smirked. “I’m sure you were.”

“Shut up,” she rolled her eyes as you all sat at a table, opening up the menus.

“You’re all dressed awfully fancy tonight. I assume you all just got back from the Grammys. Twenty One Pilots, right?” the waiter smiled.

“That’s us,” Tyler grinned proudly.

“Sweet,” the waiter beamed. “Anything I can get you guys at the moment? Drinks?”

“Yeah that sounds good,” Jenna nodded. You had all decided to go out for a celebratory meal after the awards. You had settled on a nice Mexican restaurant, not too fancy, but not too casual either.

“Hey,” Josh nudged you beside him. “Check your phone.”

“Why?” you stared at him, confused.

“Just do it, baby,” he insisted.

“Fine,” you sighed, picking up your phone but your expression slowly fading away into uncomfortableness as you read the text he had just sent you.

J: Did you like what you saw on stage tonight?
Y/N: Fucking behave. We’re at dinner.

You glared at him and he turned his head away, acting unfazed.

J: Answer the question.
Y/N: You know I always like what I see when I’m staring at you
J: Yeah but how did you feel?
Y/N: Wdym?
J: All those people staring at me, all those fans probably lusting over me, and you there, watching me tug down my pants…

“Hey!” Jenna snapped. “He’s asking you what you want to drink.”

“Huh?” both you and Josh looked up from your phones, turning red, staring at the waiter.

“Anything to drink?” he raised an eyebrow.

“Oh, uh yeah,” you stammered out. Josh just looked at you, pretending as if nothing had happened. The waiter took your drink order and walked away, Tyler striking up a conversation about some of the performances.

“What if you guys performed?” Jenna laughed. “You think you’d bring the hamster ball and giant confetti canon to the Grammy’s?”

“Oh I’m sure we would figure something out,” Tyler nodded. You felt your phone buzz in your lap and you shot Josh a glare before opening it.

J: Stop leaving questions unanswered babe
Y/N: Stop texting me dirty things and actually pay attention to the conversation
J: I am
Y/N: Jenna and Tyler invited us here to celebrate, not to be antisocial
J: Answer the question
Y/N: Fine, sure. I was turned on. Is that what you wanted to hear?

“Don’t you think, y/n?” Jenna wondered and you flickered your eyes up, completely lost in what they were talking about. There was a second of silence before she hinted you on. “We’d get the drum kits and just make the crowd hold them up?”

“Oh definitely,” you gave a fake laugh before glancing down at your phone again, angry and annoyed at Josh’s attempts.

J: How turned on?
Y/N: I might be turned on but I’m about ready to turn my phone off if you keep this shit up
J: I’m not even doing anything
Y/N: Sure…
J: You wouldn’t dare
Y/n: Watch me
J: Don’t

“You guys, okay? You seem pretty distracted,” Tyler finally brought up the obvious.

“Just a lot of people congratulating us,” Josh shrugged. “Sorry, it’s probably not the appropriate time for this.”

“You’re right,” you quickly agreed. “I say we turn our phones off for the rest of the dinner.”

“Smart idea,” Jenna smiled at the proposition, but you caught Josh giving you a death stare beside you. You quickly shut off your phone and put it face down on the table, watching as Josh slowly did the same.

“You’ll be sorry you did that,” Josh murmured under his breath, just enough for you to realize. You swallowed uncomfortably, trying to ignore his comments. What was he so worked up about anyways? Geez.

“Do you think we’ll get invited back?” Tyler joked.

“Most likely,” Jenna nodded. “You guys are so talented. You’re bound to win another.”

“Then we’ve got to take it up a notch,” Tyler decided. “What’s more attention grabbing than standing up there in our underwear?”

“Oh I’m sure you two could think of plenty of things,” Jenna chuckled softly. Your hand was laying in your lap when you felt Josh lay his hand on top of yours underneath the table. You drew in a sharp breath and Tyler gave you an uncertain glance for a second before dismissing it, and you exhaled, trying to ignore it. Maybe he was just trying to hold hands.

“We’ll go streaking next Grammys!” Tyler cried.

“No way,” Jenna shook her head, stifling her laughter. “Not on my watch.”

“I bet y/n would love to see that,” Josh smirked and you narrowed your eyes, apparent you didn’t find his humor amusing. You felt him grab ahold of your wrist underneath the table, lifting your hand off your lap and moving it towards his leg, then down, resting your hand right over his crotch, his hard on becoming extremely obvious. Shit, of course he’d pull something like this. Especially now without the texting. He laid his hand on top of yours again, pressing down and your felt your cheeks turn red, trying to act nonchalant as you were being guided on how to grope him underneath the table.

“You okay, y/n?” Jenna softened her eyes. “You look sort of uh…”

“I’m fine,” you shook your head. “I think I just need to use the restroom and clear my mind for a little bit. I think I’m a little dizzy from the Grammys, all those people and the lights and noise and stuff.”

“Okay, take care of yourself sweetie,” Jenna replied. “We’ll be here when you come back.” You tried to get up but Josh grabbed your arm, grip tight around your wrist. You tugged several times but he wouldn’t let go until finally you swiveled your arm out of his grasp and snatched your phone off the table, marching off to find the bathroom. Of course, when you got in, there were several texts from Josh. So much for the not using the phones thing.

J: Get your ass out here right now.
Y/N: I don’t know what the fuck is up with you tonight
J: You know exactly what’s up with me, stop playing stupid
Y/N: I don’t know if it’s just cause you won a Grammy so you think you can be cocky and all, but you’re acting like a total dick, Josh
J: I just want you baby
Y/N: You’re the one who said yes to dinner!
J: You’re the one who said no to texting
Y/N: And look where that led us
J: We can always ditch
Y/N: Shut up, that’d be so rude. Jenna and Tyler have been nothing but nice tonight
J: I just really want to fuck you, I saw you in that dress when we walked in the restaurant and maybe it’s the lighting or just the adrenaline rush from being on the stage or me taking my pants off earlier, but I really need this right now baby
Y/N: I know I want it too
J: Then please
Y/N: After dinner
J: During dinner
Y/N: No
J: Fine. Either way come out right now. Jenna’s getting worried and she’s gonna check up on you if you don’t show soon.
Y/N: If I come out, will you behave?
J: Sure
Y/N: See you soon
J: Love youuu
Y/N: Love you too, dimwit

You took a deep breath and collected yourself before heading back to the table and sliding in the seat beside Josh, plastering a smile on your face. “You feeling better, honey?” Jenna wondered.

“Yeah I’m doing just fi-” you couldn’t help but stop midsentence as Josh put a hand on your upper thigh, resting it there above the fabric of your dress. “Fine. I’m doing fine.”

“Okay…” Jenna shrugged.

“Did you feel sick?” Tyler frowned, looking worried and concerned. “I think Jenna has some painkillers in her purse if you need it.”

“I’m fine, r-EALLY,” your voice wavered as Josh tugged up the fabric of your dress to your waist, both your legs bare and exposed underneath the table. Fuck.

“You sure?” Tyler insisted, sensing something was off.

“Yeah, honessssssssssst,” you reassured, ignoring the way your voice dragged out at the end when Josh’s thumb dipped underneath the waistband of your underwear and slid the fabric down your legs to above your knees.

“Just relax, sweetheart,” Josh reassured, sly smile on his face only you could detect. Hell, and to think Tyler and Jenna thought he was being sweet. You bit down on your lower lip hard when you felt Josh’s fingers brush past your clit and rest against your folds.

“Who’s ready for some appetizers?” the waiter wondered, smile on his face as he approached.

As soon as you were about to answer Josh’s fingers pushed into you and you let out a moan, everyone at the table turning their attention towards you. “Ohhhh those sound delicious,” you tried to recover. “Mmm god, appetizers? That just sounds so, oh fuck-” Josh began to pump his fingers in and out of you, staring at you above the table as if nothing was even going on. “I’m so hungry. Appetizers, hell yeah.” You were doing such a shitty job at covering up your act but it was the best alternative you could think of at the moment. Your legs were starting to shake and you could barely speak.

“Someone’s um, particularly hype for appetizers,” Tyler commented.

“I love me some good fooooood,” you moaned the last part as Josh curled his fingers inside of you, hitting your g-spot. “Shit, food is so great. Damn.”

“Someone really likes food,” the waiter chuckled, looking confused and uncomfortable, almost everyone unable to understand what your problem was.

“Come on baby,” Josh prodded. “Why don’t you order something?”

“Sure,” you glanced at him, noticing the way he was trying so hard to suppress a smirk, then flickered your eyes back to the menu. You attempted to cross your legs in hopes of Josh quitting it but he only rammed his fingers deeper inside of you and you gasped in your seat, Tyler and Jenna whipping their heads towards you.

“Okay, spill it,” Jenna demanded. “What’s wrong?”

“Something’s wrong?” the waiter softened his expression. “Uh, is there anything I can do to help?”

“I just think I need to get some fresh air,” you shook your head. “Josh, um, why don’t you come out with me for a little bit?”

“Sure,” Josh agreed slowly. “Whatever you say, babe.” He slowly drew his fingers out from inside you and you took the opportunity to slide up your panties and tug down your dress, then grabbed Josh’s hand with a tight grip and basically dragged him out the door.

“You’re fucking dead,” you hissed, tugging him outside and to the back of the restaurant.

“What do you mean?” he raised his eyebrows, acting innocent. “I didn’t do anything.”

“Shut the fuck up,” you demanded, tugging him to a place without windows or cars or pedestrians and quickly surveying the area before crashing your lips on his, pushing him back into the wall of the restaurant, slamming his body against yours and grinding yourself down on him. Your sloppy, messy, desperate kisses became more heated and you finally pulled away, staring into his eyes. “Don’t pull that shit during dinner ever again. I hate you.”

“You fucking love me,” he rolled his eyes. “You know you were just as turned on as I was, baby.”

“I still am,” you murmured, tilting your head back as he sucked on your neck, his lips trailing down your skin.

“Dammit you look so good in this dress,” he sighed. He traced the outlines of your body with his palms, sliding them down your figure, resting at your hips when you took a step away. “Where you going baby?”

“To dinner,” you snapped. “To behave.”

“You’re going to leave me like this?” he frowned, disappointed. “Come on, I’m dying here and I’ve already tried everything.”

“Listen up, Joshua,” you sighed, walking closer and poking a finger in his chest, glaring up at him. You leaned in close, remaining eye contact, lowering your voice to a whisper. “When we get home, you are going to get in that bedroom with me, and you’re going to receive another big award with yours pants off. But that’s never going to happen unless you behave, understand?”

“I like the sound of that,” he smirked.

“Good,” you decided. “Now come with me and let’s order some fucking appetizers.”

the headache named jaebum

pairing: jb x reader one shot

genre: uni au, crack, fluff, asshole!jb

summary: im jaebum was a chronic headache. a smart, annoyingly good-looking, pretentious know-it-all that smelt like heaven sort of headache. like most trust fund babies; he was rich, he was popular, he was too smart for his own good, and he was sitting right in front of you, blocking your view of the slides with his big, stupid, attractive head.

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First Kiss: Jaehyun


Anon: Can you please do how Taeyong, Ten, and Jaehyun’s first kiss would be. If you don’t want to do them all, you can pick one. Thank you and I really love your blog. :)

Finally! Got this one out :-) a lot of people wanted this one more other the other members so I decided to get this one done first. TBH its not my favourite… I thought Taeyong’s was the best but then again he is my bias and I did put a lot more effort and imagination into that one lol

I still hope it’s adequate!

Do you guys want Mark or Haechan next? Please comment or send it in :-)

Originally posted by yutahs

(he looks so good here i’m literally yodelling)

  • Jaehyun has really been making me feel unloyal to Taeyong omg
  • Anyway
  • I feel Jaehyun would be a stereotypical romantic and be the gentleman in a relationship
  • He wouldn’t be the type to befriend you before dating you
  • From your first meeting, he’d make me clear that he liked you
  • And would basically flirt with you ALL!!!THE!!!TIME
  • So before you started dating he’d act a bit like a fuckboy
  • But when you started dating he’d be an absolute prince
  • So you met through Doyoung
  • You were his friend from school, not a super close friend but he had seen you in the street recently 
  • And decided to start speaking to you again
  • (Not in a romantic way either)
  • He brought you to practice one day, because you had begged asked him to take out
  • You weren’t familiar with NCT unfortunately 
  • Doyoung was annoyed at first lol but he got over it and basically gave you the low down on nct and everyone
  • Which only made you even more intrigued about this group
  • You came after they had finished practicing so that you wouldn’t distract them, and stayed in another empty practice room with a load of snacks
  • This boy walked in and grinned at you, his eyes briefly widening to see you
  • You internally gaped at this boy because he was sO BEAUtiFUL 
  • I won’t describe in detail because this isn’t even part of the story lol
  • Plus yall know what Jeffery looks like anyway 
  • But lets say its the look from when he debuted in nct u that was a lovely time
  • He greeted you and winked a couple of times, introducing himself as Jaehyun and that Doyoung had told him to get you
  • For the rest of the evening, you sat between Doyoung and Jaehyun
  • Jaehyun sitting closer and closer very very slowly
  • And all the member of nct 127 introduced themselves and told you about themselves 
  • You told them about yourself and they said how awesome it was to talk to someone who’d treat them as people and not as an idol
  • And it was all awesome and you basically became best friends with them
  • Literally
  • But anyway
  • Jaehyun got your number that day and wouldn’t stop texting you for ages
  • Well like a week
  • He’d send you texts in the morning and evening, when you were eating, asking you if you were okay, just harassing you
  • It was all very flirty between the pair of you
  • A lot of kisses and hearts and winking faces put on the ends of messages
  • ;)
  • A lot of teasing and arrogance from Jaehyun
  • Then after a week, he just asked you if you wanted to go on a date with him
  • “Want to go on a date tomorrow?”
  • Like right in the middle of a conversation to do with birds or something
  • You agreed because you thought he was gorgeous and funny and interesting
  • Even if he did come across arrogant, you knew he was secretly sweet as hell
  • So he took you out on your first date the day after
  • The stereotypical cinema then restaurant date
  • Picked you up outside your house with roses and he had specially styled his hair for the date
  • He was very smiley and polite and held doors for you and insisted on paying for the ticket and food and stood on the side of the road just in case
  • It was very traditional and gentlemanly of him
  • He walked you back home, his hand reaching for yours and clasping it tightly midway en route
  • You stopped outside your house and he turned his body towards yours
  • Tucked a piece of hair behind your ear, then just let his hand hold your cheek lightly
  • He looked at you smiling and his eyes were literally glowing because he was just thinking about how lucky he was to have someone like you agree to go on date with him
  • When you didn’t move and smiled back, he gave you a light kiss on your lips
  • It wasn’t short like a peck
  • But it wasn’t super long either
  • His lips were soft as if he had been using lush’s lip scrub to get them nice silky lips innit
  • And they were warm and inviting 
  • He didn’t kiss you again that night because he didn’t want to rush things 
  • But when he left you to go back home, he did a little fist punch in the air anD IT WAS ADORABLE
  • (I’ve just realised there’s not much kissing in this…oh well soz)

First Kiss Series:

Dan... I’m Live Streaming

Summary: Dan accidentally saunters in, naked, and kisses Phil on YouNow because he thinks he’s filming a video not streaming

Quote: “Hello, internet… I have a new reason why Dan’s a fail for you, not sure how relatable this one is though. Get in here Phil,” Dan said, with a half smirk half grimace on his face.

“I never remember to knock…”

Genre: fluff, a bit of pre smut

Word count: 1209

Triggers: none. (very slight almost argument) 

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Le Prodige; Jungkook

Here’s Jungkook’s part for my Gang!AU serie ! Inspired by @hoseokxx answer lol. Enjoy !

Words : 1238

Rated : M for language and violence

Genre : Gang!AU

I apologize for every grammar or spelling mistake, keep in mind that English isn’t my first language ♥

He knew he was talented, and his ego grew bigger and bigger everytime the boss praised him for his good work, annoying all the others, which was really pleasing to him.

Everytime he got a mission, was another chance to show to everyone that he was the best, that he was the prodigy, and that he definitely deserved the ‘future Boss’ title

Today was not special. It was a Saturday night, Jungkook was chilling inside the HQ, playing Overwatch with random people with his bottle of vodka right next to him, when he received a text from Namjoon.

From : Boss

To : Le Prodige 

Yah kid, a new mission is waiting for you and has to be done before 6am tomorrow morning. Some rich bastard is willing to pay us $500k just to kill his son’s girlfriend that is a thread to their family or whatever. Hoseok will send you her exact location in no time. You can do whatever you want, quick, slow, I don’t care, just do it, take a pic and send it to me so we’ll get paid, and I’m sure I don’t need to repeat it but don’t forget to dispose of the body. Don’t deceive me kid.


He read the text from the corner of the eye, still focused on his game, and smirked while reading the oh so familiar word kill. At the exact same time, the word “winner” was popping on the screen, he had just won his game. Celebrating with yet another shot of vodka, it didn’t take long ‘til his phone was ringing again, but this time it wasn’t his boss, it was Hoseok, the IT guy.

From : Hoseok 

To : Le Prodige

Elisabeth Lee, age 24, receptionist in a poor Motel down the Barn street, in a relationship with TaeHyo Kim, son of the rich JaeHyun Kim. The target is actually on her work place, and will be all night. There’s no cameras and no security system, only 2 guests are written in the registration book so you shouldn’t be disturbed. Be quick, and text me if you need any more infos.


A poor and innocent girl, in a shitty motel, with barely anyone around ? Now that was something interesting for Jungkook. He picked up his phone from the dark wood desk in front of him and left the room, leaving the screen of his computer lighten up, the word “Winner” still appearing in big letters.

He made his way to the weapons room, meeting his colleague, The Slayer aka Taehyung, casually cleaning his bloody baseball bat, to pick up the things he will need for tonight’s mission. 

Knife, guns, ropes, gloves, gas. This was probably the hardest part of every mission, choosing a weapon. He stood approximately 10 good minutes in the middle of the room, wondering what choice he should make, to finally pick up the simplest gun ever.

“I don’t have a lot of time, I can’t be creative for this one” he murmured to himself, gently caressing the canon of the shiny gun. After that, Jungkook went to the dressing room, picking up some fancy stripped tuxedo and putting it on. He always liked looking good for girls, even if these said girls were going to die few minutes after their meeting with him.

A hour passed and he finally was ready to leave the HQ, his gun hidden in his pants, and his new favorite thing in the world in hand, his bloody bunny mask that Taehyung bought him a month ago, that he never forgets to put on for every murder mission.


After a long ass ride behind the wheel of one of his many sports cars, Jungkook finally arrived at destination. A small and dark alley, with no one in sight and absolutely no sound.

“It’s going to be as easy as winning arm wrestling against Jimin” he mumbled to himself, approaching slowly but surely the Motel entrance.

When he passed the door, to his surprise, the hall was completely empty, no one behind the desk. Only a little lamp was lighting up the small room, but it was enough to make the little bell on top of the desk shine bright. The boy didn’t lose any time and rang it.

He tapped his fingers impatiently against the warm colored wood waiting for his target to arrive, but when that person actually came out, Jungkook’s heart literally skipped a beat.

A beautiful girl was standing in front of him, not too tall, light brown eyes with long messy black hair. Jungkook probably just woke her up, judging by how she looked and how she was dressed.

“Hi mister, how can I help you?” she asked gently with her eyes still half closed.

But Jungkook didn’t answer. He was still looking at her, with his brows frowned. She was beautiful he couldn’t deny it. But it never stopped him from doing his job before, why couldn’t he just take the gun out of his pants and shoot her right between the eyes like he usually do ?

He awkwardly replaces the vest of his tuxedo before speaking.

“Did I wake you up Miss ?” He asked with a surprising caring voice.

The minutes passed by, and Jungkook couldn’t find the strength to kill her just yet.


From : Boss

To : Le Prodige

Kid what’s wrong with you ? Where’s the picture ? Isn’t the target at her work place ? Did anything went wrong ? You better hurry the fuck up Jungkook, we can’t let these $500k go away and you know it. I’m counting on you.

Seeing the message of his boss, made him remember who he was. He was a member of the most feared gang of Seoul. He was a murdered, an abductor, a monster. He didn’t deserve to be happy, not after everything he did. He couldn’t live a normal life like every other kid his age. He couldn’t have loving parents that would be proud of him whenever he would come home with good grades, he couldn’t have a girlfriend because he simply didn’t know what love was. He was forced to live this criminal life.

He suddenly stood up from the not so comfy couch of the reception and apologized briefly to the girl.

“I’m sorry for wasting your time Miss, please go back to sleep.”

Without any further talk, the girl bowed to him, and turned around, walking her way back to her room.

She was walking slowly, letting the time to Jungkook to put on his mask, and adjusting the gun, targeting the back of the head of the poor Elisabeth. 

“I’m sorry” Jungkook stated, with a cold voice, making the girl turn around to face him. As soon as her eyes met his, POW, he shot.


He watched the lifeless body for a few minutes, before snapping a picture with his phone, sending it immediately to his Boss, with the caption “Mission completed”

He then sighed, and carried the body to put it somewhere safe, somewhere no one would find her.

In reality, today was a special day, today was the day Jungkook realized, that he would never truly be happy, because he was a monster, and no one could ever change that.

Admin K

Pumping Blood {NCT Taeyong Scenario}


Anon: Heyyyyaa can I get a taeyong scenario to you getting jealous of him spending to much time with the members ESP winwin and him thinking your Soo cute cause of it xxx also congrats for 1000 followers 😘

I hope this is okay! It took me forever, but I hope you like it :-) I tried to make it angsty but I’m not too sure if it’s angsty enough lol! Tell me what you think okay??

I think my favourite thing about this is the title lol

Word count: 2105

Originally posted by neotechs

He watched as you leaned into Winwin’s embrace, a light, airy laugh leaving your lips. Your hand tightened on his knee, WinWin looking at you fondly and blushing at your positive response. Although Taeyong was your boyfriend, there was no denying that you and WinWin had some kind of connection; one that you had never experienced before with Taeyong.

As soon as you met Sicheng, you became the closest of friends, spending a lot of your free time with him and getting to know him. Of course, Taeyong loved how you got on so well with him; WinWin was like his brother whom he wanted to just protect from the world. So you befriending him was great. But, as you started to cancel your dates more, remember to bring WinWin his favourite snacks and spent a lot of time texting him, Taeyong felt betrayed by his own girlfriend and best friend. He was already insecure enough, scared that his friends or group members would ditch him suddenly; but the though of you ditching him though, that scared him on an entirely new level.

Tae’s fist clenched involuntary when you hugged WinWin tightly, still laughing at the joke he had made earlier. What was puppy-love jealousy, had now developed to pure anger and disgust for the close relationship you had. He couldn’t understand why you were still going out with him if you liked his friend that much. Gulping down a bottle of water, he angrily slammed the bottle back down on the table, startling Jaehyun and Taeil who were sat on either side of him.

“Taeyong? You alright?” Taeil asked the younger boy, glancing worryingly at Jaehyun.

“Yes. I’m fine”, he muttered, his voice low and deep. You turned to see what was going on, eyes widening slightly when you met with Taeyong’s cold stare. Quickly though you brushed it off, assuming that Taeyong was just in a mood for some random reason, again, and that it’d blow over soon. Taeyong noticed how you quickly looked away and he was angry by it.

Ignoring the confused looks and questions from Jaehyun and Taeil, Taeyong jumped up, striding over to where you sat with WinWin, and pulled you up by the arm. You yelped, his hand was tight on your arm, you were sure it would bruise slightly. WinWin saw you flinch, instinctively standing up and pushing Taeyong away.

“What are you doing!?” WinWin quietly shrieked. Despite being quite introverted and easily dominated by the older and louder members, he had suddenly gained a jolt of confidence. There weren’t many people he liked in life, not many people he really got on with, so seeing you wince in pain angered and worried him.

“Y/N, let’s go.” Taeyong said strongly. He glared at WinWin, vigorously shoving him off him.

“Taeyong…I…”, you gasped at Taeyong’s attitude. How he suddenly grabbed you and now had forced WinWin away harshly. This wasn’t the same boy that was sweet and cuddly to you in private.

“Y/N, now.” Taeyong repeated himself firmly. WinWin had now backed away, sitting back down and looking down in embarrassment. He couldn’t believe that he had tried to stand up for you to someone older and stronger than himself. Although he wanted to help you, he couldn’t do it.

Taeyong curtly turned and left the room, you hot on his heels. You watched him quietly from behind. His form was slightly slouched and closed, his steps were long and quick, his fists were shut tightly on either side of him. And even though you couldn’t see his face, you could only imagine that his eyebrows were deeply furrowed and his lips pouting slightly. That was what he was like when he was angry. Only this time round, you didn’t know why.

“Taeyong… are you okay?” You asked him softly, once you had arrived in his shared room. You shut the door and faced Taeyong, hands on your hips. He paced the room quickly, his eyes darting and unable to focus on solely one thing.

“What? No! Of course I’m not!” He whisper-shouted. Although he was angry and wanted to yell the place down, he still had enough sanity in him to remember there were other, and younger, people in the building.

“Well what is it? Come on Taeyong. Has something happened?” You truly were concerned. Never had you seen him so mad and vexed before. Whatever it was that was annoying him, it was pretty serious.

“Are you kidding me?” He sighed heavily, his head falling back as he put his hands over his face in desbelief. You saw how the veins on his head had suddenly become more prominent. A sign that he was in a bad state.

“What….?” You innocently asked, a small voice overcoming you.

“Why are you like this? Why are you acting like you don’t know what I mean? Do you want a reaction out of me, is that it?” He approached you, not in a threatening way, but like he just wanted to get the words into your head. You reached out to touch his cheek, an action that usually calmed him. But he slapped your hand away, flinching. “Don’t touch me! You’re so clueless, I just can’t do this anymore. I just can’t”. He went back to shaking his head and pacing the room; his outburst scared you.

“What do you mean? I have no idea what you’re talking about Taeyong! You make no sense”, you tried to sound reasonable but now it was sounding as if you had done something. As if he was trying to turn things on you. And you weren’t going to let him do that.

“You and WinWin. That weird and creepy relationship you have together. It’s like you want all three of us to date”, what?, you thought. Where did he get that idea from?

“WinWin? This is about WinWin? But, I thought he’s like your brother? What’s this really about?” Now, things were even more complicated. You did have a slight idea about what this may be about, but you didn’t say anything, just in case you were putting words into his mouth instead.

“I don’t think you realise how he looks at you. And I can see you’re starting to fall for him as well. Just go back to him then”, he flung himself on his bed, his body relaxing naturally as he sank into the mattress. You moved closer to him, so that you were only a few inches away. Tears were starting to form in his eyes, angry tears. The type you get when the situation is way too messed up and complicated and you’re just mad no one understands you.

“He looks at me like anyone looks at anyone. None of your points are making sense to me Taeyong! Why are you like this? Can you stop now?” Maybe it was something else that was bothering him? Maybe it wasn’t his misconception about your relationship with Wiwnwjn.

But then again, Taeyong was a vulnerable person. He was easily threatened by other males, not necessarily jealous but intimidated by the idea that someone better could come along and steal you from him. In your relationship, he really relied on you for emotional support and reassurance. But usually he also knew how to control his feelings. This was the first time he had gotten protective over you in public.

“No! Why are you like this? You trying to make me jealous, are you trying to leave me now?” The thought of leaving him had never crossed your mind, and you hoped it never would do either. You frowned at the thought of him thinking you were leaving.

“You’re being ridiculous now, stop”, you had learnt that the best way to handle Taeyong in situations like this was to not baby him, but acting firmly and give him a wake up call.

“You just walking around getting all these guys to fall at your feet for you. Don’t you think that’s a bit trashy of you, Y/N?” You gawped at his comment. Never did you think he’d downgrade you like that.

“What the hell?!” You shouted at him, at the end of your tether. Insulting you like that, angered you; why was he being so insensitive?

“Wouldn’t have expected that of you? Who are you going to lead on next? Johnny? Yuta? Maybe even someone younger - Mark? Was this relationship a game to you?”

“Taeyong! You’re being unreasonable. You should shut up now!” At this point, you were both screaming at each other. He had stood up again and was right in your face, so close that you could both feel each other’s breath on your face.

“Why? So you can finally leave and go back to WinWin, go on a date with him, maybe even jump into bed with him too?!” His eyes widened in shock, hands flying to cover his gaping mouth. You dropped your hands to your side, laughing disappointingly and backing away from Taeyong. Tears were threatening to spill, but they had already done so with Taeyong. Within seconds, his face was wet with tears.

“I-I, y/N! I’m so sorry. I, I, please”, he stuttered the words out, taking a step towards you as you took a step back.

“Don’t touch me Taeyong. You’ve made your feelings blatantly clear. You. Don’t. Trust. Me”. Your voice was laced with disappointment and anger. Those words he spoke were not the typical kind of Taeyong.

“No, no, no. It’s not that. I do I do. I…I just, sorry! I really am sorry Y/N. I shouldn’t have said that!” He gulped back the tears, he was shaking slightly now. The words obviously shocked him more than they shocked you and the fact he was sobbing hysterically made you realise he was genuinely sorry.

“Taeyong, just shut up. You’ve said your bit”, you had to be firm with him, but your heart gave in a bit. You walked towards him and took his hand, sitting him down next to you on his bed. “I just don’t get why you’re like this. Why are suddenly like this? WinWin and I have been friends for months! You were the one who introduced me to him!”

“I don’t know. I just, I just didn’t like the fact you’re always with him. If I want to take you out, WinWin has to come. If I want a cuddle, WinWin needs one too after. Whenever I’m with you, WinWin is always just there”, he muttered quietly, his hands fidgeting slightly and his fringe sticking to his wet face. You sighed at the boy in front of you. He was a mess.

“Taeyong. Are you thinking that I’m going to leave you for him?” You asked in disbelief. “Are you really that thick?” Giving him a light punch on the forearm, you leaned into him, in attempt to show that you weren’t that upset with him.

“Huh?” He sat up straighter as if the action was going to help him understand you better.

“WinWin, he’s like a brother to me. Just like he is to you. He doesn’t like me in that way! I know him! He likes that little Japanese trainee girl who joined last year!” You took your phone out, showing him a blurry photo of WinWin’s secret admirer. Smiling fondly at the photo, your heart warmed to know that WinWin had found someone that he really liked.

“Wait, what?”

“Plus he’s not always around us Tae. More times than not, he’s with the others. Don’t be so harsh on him, you idiot. He’s innocent”, your voice was playful but the message was true and serious. Winwin didn’t deserve to be taunted like he was by Taeyong.

“Really? He’s not a threat?” Taeyong’s eyes lit up suddenly, his arm wrapping around your waist tightly.

“No! Besides,” you smirked leaning up to him so your face was inches away. “I’d pick you over him any day”

“What about everyone else?” He asked lowly, his eyes had darkened again now, but now he wanted something else.

“Hmm….yes, of course I’d still pick you. God, Taeyong, you’re easily intimidated” Rolling your eyes is a playful manner you tried moving away from him, but his arm kept you locked in place.

“I think you’ll find that I’m the intimidating one here. I mean just look at me”, he raised an eyebrow, and puffing out his chest in attempt to make himself look bigger and stronger.

“Mmmmm, yeah. Intimidating(!)” You giggled at his foolishness, as your lips locked in a sweet, and sorry, kiss.

Boyfriend! au - Hongseok

Hey guys ! I would give you a crappy excuse as to why I never update, but I’m just a graduating senior so ya’ll should understand lol. But, because I felt bad (also had extra inspiration) I added a bonus to this one. Enjoy reading folks :)

Originally posted by edawnnie

(also why does Hongseok have so many cute gifs it was soo hard to pick :/)

  • that guy that you see every Tuesday and Thursday at the gym? THATS YANG HONGSEOK 4 U
  • It’s easy to tell by his appearance that he’s a sweet guy not ur typical muscle guy

  • Like it’s obvious he’s down to earth he dedicates his time to school, his job teaching little kids english and chinese, and working out ikr so ideal

  • Typical guy that literally everyone has heart eyes 4. Your sister? Yep. Your grandma? Yep. Even ur brother. Hongseok is just a 20/10 kind of guy

  • Ofc his friends give him shit for it (they’re slightly jealous but they would never tell him that)

  • Esp his friends hui and edawn

  • As a competition they tried to see who could get the most “jacked” in a week

  • Let’s just say it didn’t go well…

  • So, as you could expect, hongseok encouraged hui and edawn as they traded spots lifting every 2.3 minutes

  • But edawn screamed his lungs out after about dropping the weight on his chest cuz hui didn’t spot him (see that gym terminology yo i’m cool af)

  • He literally continued to encourage them as they looked like dumb and dumber he’s that nice

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Drive Me Crazy

Written By: Admin T.Pot
Summary: Y/N has asked Sehun to teach her how to drive cause she just got her permit and her driving test was in 2 weeks. Sehun agrees to teach her, and although she says she knows the basics, she doesn’t really know how to actually drive a car.
A/N: Sorry for the long wait guys TT I didn’t know which was easier to finish cause the fics and shots I’ve started to write offline were all just starters and I didn’t really think them through;; but I finished this one TT I’ve been really stressed and busy I couldn’t really bring myself to write cause of the exhaustion and part laziness;;; But here you guys go TT one is finally finished;;; And since it’s Sehun’s birthday still LOL … I promise to come back soon ! So wait for me !!
Word Count: 3000

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anonymous asked:

Nyotalia au?

Summary: where one person is actually famous and sets up a dating account with their real picture and the other sees it and is like, oh dude you are not fooling anyone with that picture (because srsly trying to catfish someone with a really famous person is hilarious and cute because the profile also had some really dorky info about liking model trains and farmers’ markets) cue an online romance and when they actually meet the other is pissed because DUDE YOU’RE THAT FAMOUS PERSON and the other is like, yeah, i mean, i thought you knew… (prompt by: @swingsetindecember)

Chat: I haven’t written some lesbians in fucking forever, soz


Dating online was a thing Daisy always wanted to try and she had no other way to get a date. Being a lesbian you had to know people to go out with them, because gay bars were filled with desperate or questioning girls, or that’s what she came by.

Other than that she was a famous. It was kind of an accident, she wanted to be an actress when she was really young and her parents supported her. She got her first role as a little kid in a sitcom and she upgraded to being the main bitch in a high school series.

Some days, Daisy felt like Sandy, a rude heterosexual who picked on the main character and other times she felt like shy Daisy that loved reading books in the back of a coffee shops (so no paparazzi could find her) and smiling shyly at butch lesbians who caught her eye.

Her sister had got a date a while back with a dating app for lesbians called GG (Gay Girls) it was a five dollar fee in the App Store, but she dished out everything for just a chance. Daisy briefly wondered if she could put her real name and picture, but decided that sure, who would know.

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Ja’far and Sin’s appearance

The following text is about all the moments Ja’far has expressed an opinion/done something about Sinbad’s appearance.
First of all isn’t it weird that we can talk about something like this? Sinja’s relationship has so much detail something as specific as this can be discussed, so let’s talk about this.

Ja’far does not only seem to care about Sin’s looks as an advisor looking out for his king’s appearance, he also has expressed in a very clear way that he finds Sin attractive. He also is directly and actively involved with the maintenance of his appearance.

It suits you

This is form chapter 84, it’s the first time Ja’far talks about Sin’s looks. Sinbad was seen without his jacket-thing in previous chapters, after he came back alive from slavery. The fact Sin is wearing his jacket again doesn’t only objectically improve his appearace, it’s a symbolism about his recovery, about his survival. Ja’far is talking about the jacket looking good on him like always but he is expressing his happiness about having the old Sin back. I really like this moment, it seems insignificant but it’s powerful.

No, not you

[picture and translation from @sinbad-ai]
This one is crackish (it’s chapter 120′s choitashi) but at the same time it says a lot.
Finding someone attractive depends of the eye of the beholder. Ja’far has never expressed himself about anyone else’s appearance as he does here with Sin’s. The joke is they are looking for more money to make up for the company’s expenses, thus Ja’far asks Sin to strip so they can make money out of that fanservice. Sin doesn’t want to cause it’s cold, so Mystras offers himself instead. However Ja’far bluntly rejects him, saying he’s fine like that.
So, if Sin strips he’s attractive and they can make money, but according to Ja’far Mystras isn’t (even tho for us many fans Mystras is obviously attractive).
The situation is clear: Ja’far finds Sin attractive but not Mystras. It’s so funny but also cute. It’s also the only time Ja’far has expressed himself about finding people attractive. 

Please shave

This one is a small drawing in between Snb’s 7th volume. It’s a moment before Sinbad goes to see Mira to get his metal vessels back. They just made it out the chasm. Ja’far asks Sin to care more about his appearance and wants him to shave his stubble (or something like that, can’t find the post). Sin is saying something like: Really? Doesn’t it look good? Isn’t it cool? 
Ja’far might be just worried about his master not looking clean, I’m sure Rurumu must have taught him a stubble doesn’t look good or maybe it’s his own opinion (?). Anyway, it’s adorable. Ja’far must have shaved him, since they don’t have any mirrors near them (btw I was planning to draw that soon).
And so, Ja’far thinks a stubble is inappropiate/looks bad/ruins Sin’s looks therefore he’s shaving him. And even if Sin doesn’t want his stubble to be gone he still listens to Ja’far.

[scan, typesetting and translation by @naoscifra and @arashidono]

This one is my absolute favorite. They have been working none-stop and they smell, they literally smelled each other, …that intimacy…That “we should take a bath (together)” and then the maids getting their hairs done. Them, together, getting ready for the day, side by side, instead of each one in their own rooms. It really looks like they bathed together.
Sinbad is the king and Ja’far is his advisor but they are both being fixed in the same room sitting next to each other. They look like a couple of kings tbh.
And the stubble again. This time he even gave Sin a percentage of how much it ruins his looks. The “appeal” of the high king of the seven seas. It’s Ja’far’s specific opinion about Sin’s appeal.
Sin is used to it, he’s just affected about how high the percentage is.
The funny part is that after this the two of them shave their own eyebrows out of sleep depriveness. It’s like Ja’far really doesn’t like his stubble, he’s even fine with Sin without eyebrows but not the stubble.

Sewing, washing and organizing

In the CD drama: Listen, Aladdin-kun, some pieces of information about Ja’far are given. One of them is the fact that Ja’far is good at sewing clothes, he’s very skilled and gets the job done really fast. He also reveals he used to sew human insides…lol.  
He is sewing Alibaba’s clothes but is complaining to Aladdin that Sin is a brute and that he has to sew his clothes oftenly when he ruins them and wash them when they get dirty.
I’m sure they have enough servants to do such jobs even when they travel, but Ja’far still do them for him. I’m sure he does because he wants to, but also because he cares too much about it and can’t leave it to anyone else.
Maybe they also don’t want the royalty life to get to their heads ooor maybe they are used to Ja’far doing it since a long time ago and don’t want it to change.
Ja’far is also very attentive about Sin, therefore he might be the only one that notices things like his clothes getting dirty or ripped.
Apparently he also organizes Sin’s clothing, since he put his clothes somewhere and Sin couldn’t find them.
I hope that the manga jokes about stuff like this in the future.
So Ja’far is directly involved with keeping Sin’s good looks even to the point of washing his clothes and sewing them when they are in adventures together. I’m sure it’s annoying for him but he also wants to be in charge of it. He’s such a good wife. 

And this are the ones I could remember. If you remember more, you are free to add them here or send me an ask ♥. 
What to say about this, I’m happy Ja’far is so directly involved with Sin’s appearance as his advisor but also as himself and that he has personal opinions about it. I love that it’s so clear he finds him attractive and wants to keep him that way. The real question is: is he aware he finds him attractive? :3c Has he given that a thought? Knowing him possibly not, he’s too focused on other things.


Sun and clouds

x Kim Taehyung

  • Fluff (+ Very subtle smut; Dirty talk + stripping)

Being away from each other has it’s ups and downs just like sunny vs. cloudy days. Taehyung goes away on tour for a month and it’s the first time you two spend a longer time apart from each other and not seeing someone you normally see every day has it’s struggle. Like when clouds cover the sky for days, so long you notice how much being able to see the sun actually matters.

Warnings: Very cute boyfriend.

Words: 2.8K | Masterlist | Read on AO3

Originally posted by booptae

He sneaked away in the middle of the night, making sure not to wake you up as he tip toed over the floor to pack the last items in his suitcase before getting picked up by his manager.

You said your good byes the evening before, Taehyung insisting that you shouldn’t wake up to wave him off.

He zipped the zip of the suitcase and put on his shoes, as he reached out to the door handle he hesitated. His hand missed the handle and he let go of his suitcase, walking back in to your shared apartment. He carefully opened the bedroom door and walked over to your side of the bed, where you were laying, deep in dreamland. He gently brushed a few strands of hair away from your forehead before leaning down and kissing you softly on your temple.

You woke up bright and early the next morning, well rested and in a good mood. Normally you would’ve spooned up behind Taehyung if he had not done so to you first but you were alone in the big bed. You sighed, remembering you wouldn’t see him for a month. Not seeing a person you normally see every day for a longer sudden time can be very discomforting. You stretched your arms out and sat up in bed followed by a brush through your hair with your hand. You looked over to your nightstand to grab your phone and noticed a small folded piece of paper. You smiled in anticipation thinking your dorky boyfriend had done something dorky again, and indeed he had.

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In defence of “difficult” commissioners.

So here is the thing: I don’t think many artists are being professional on how they manage their costumers.

I’m writing this from the perspective of an artist, but also from the perspective as a consumer, someone who commissions other artists to create artwork for myself.

It is no secret that I have a huge pet peeve on people who doesn’t behave professionally. But I’m putting that behind, for I don’t intend to expect everyone to behave under the principles I behave.

What I’m talking about is something that I wouldn’t even call professionalism, I think I’m actually talking about basic manners.

The problem is, that I’ve seen a lot of artists call out their commissioners publicly. Not only that but also being arrogant and sassy towards people who is interested in their artwork. Ill write down some examples, of things I’ve read but I wont source, because come on I don’t want to call out artists for being rude.

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16) Your bias confesses through text message while sitting next to you

Prompt list can be found here

Member: Got7′s Jackson x Y/N x (ft. Jinyoung)

Type: fluff

“Your move,” I hummed, clasping my hands below my chin. 

Jinyoung lowered his stance to be at eye level with the chess board as he stared at each piece carefully. As he exhaled, his breath hissed between his teeth, an audible note of how stressed he was. His eyes darted back and forth as his brain scrambled to find a way out of the trap I had set for his king. 

“Jinyoung-ah,” Jackson whispered, lowering his head along with his member. 

Jinyoung closed his eyes and slowly began reopening them, not saying a word to Jackson. A few more moments of silence passed before Jackson began to whisper again. 


“What?” he spat, giving a quick side eye to his member before returning his focus on the chess board. 

“I think you should move the little horse one to the left,” Jackson nodded confidently. 

“It can’t move to the left, it can only go in an L-shape and we’ve discussed this,” Jinyoung grumbled, trying to concentrate. 

“Well can’t you-” Jackson huffed. 

“Can’t you be quiet?” Jinyoung said, his eyes growing wide as he lifted his shoulders with an annoyed shake. 

I gave Jackson a sad smile as he leaned back and set his chin on his palm, beginning to pout. 

“Yah, Y/N,” Jackson began leaning toward me. 

“Jackson, I swear on everything that is holy if you do not shut up,” Jinyoung hissed, his eyes ablaze. 

“Jees, who burnt your rice this morning,” Jackson muttered moodily. He pulled out his cell phone and began to tap against the screen. “Chess is stupid anyway.”

“Shh,” Jinyoung shushed, finally placing his fingers on his queen before readjusting on a different piece. 

My phone vibrated near my hand and I looked down to see Jackson’s contact information lighting up my screen. 

“How can you play a game with someone like him?”

I giggled as I picked up my phone, receiving a death glare from Jinyoung. 

“Sorry,” I mouthed, beginning to tap at my phone as quietly as possible. 

“He’s the best challenger out of the seven of you. It’s his life mission at this point to beat me.”

“Doesn’t he think he’s the one who taught you?”

“Precisely why it’s his life mission to now beat me”

Jackson giggled, causing Jinyoung to wince as he gripped another piece. 

“I thought you said you had been playing chess for awhile?” Jackson’s text replied. 

“Don’t tell Jinyoung, but my dad taught me how to play chess when I was four. When I was twelve I was in the running to win the World Youth Chess Championship”

“So you’ve been scamming him this whole time?”

“Someone has to remind him he’s not as smart as he likes to put on”

Jackson shook with silent laughter as he plopped backward onto the couch. Jinyoung sighed as he leaned back, removing his hands from the chess board. 

“I can’t do this if you two are going to act like children while I’m trying to concentrate!” he pouted, furrowing his brows. 

“Alright, alright, I’m sorry,” I said quickly, placing my phone back on the table. 

“I’m not!” Jackson chirped, still not moving from where he plopped over. 

I rolled my eyes and chuckled lightly as JInyoung’s shoulders relaxed and he pursed his lips, not even bothering to look at Jackson. 


*vibrate vibrate*

I tried to internalize my groan as I looked over at my screen to see Jackson’s name once again. 

“Y/N, pay attention to me…

this is boring

how have you not died yet?

omg of boredom. i should’ve specified. i wasn’t asking the question in general. it’s not like your old or diseased and i expected you to die.”

I looked over to see Jackson just as concentrated on his phone as Jinyoung was with the chess board. 

“Y/N, don’t be mad because you think I think you’re old…

i think you’re not old. you aren’t even a noona to me. you’re really young actually….

but not like so young where you’re like a child. i don’t see you as a child. i see you as an equal.

have i mentioned you’re pretty?

please reply.”

I had to bite my lip as hard as I could without drawing blood to stifle the laugh trying to escape my lips. I looked to Jackson who was staring at me intently, motioning from my phone to my face with his eyes, a silent plea for me to reply. 

I shook my head with a grin as I picked up the phone. Jackson was exhausting sometimes, but he was by far one of my favorite people the universe had created. 

“You think i’m pretty?”

Jackson exhaled and a smirk appeared on his once worried face. 

“all of that and that was the takeaway…

but yes, you’re very pretty.”

I felt my face grow hot at the sudden affirmation and I refused to look up at Jackson even though I could feel his stare directed my way. 

“look at me”

I winced as I turned my head slowly and his eyes met mine. He gave me one of the most genuine smiles I had ever seen before he looked down at his screen again. 

“I know this is a weird time to mention this…but is it a bad time to confess?”

“jackson, with your life, when is it not a weird time? lol”

“you’re right. Y/N, i can’t stop thinking about you. i know i’m foolish, and i joke too much, and i talk to often, but my heart is pure and it’s what i have to give if you’ll accept it.” 

I smiled, slowly nodding as I read over Jackson’s words over and over again. I looked up just as my phone vibrated in my hands again. 

“…so? will you have me?”

“THERE!” Jinyoung shouted, scaring Jackson and I both. 

“What? Oh my god Jinyoung,” I gasped, clutching my chest. Jackson looked around wide eyed, ready to escape if necessary. 

“I moved. I think I got it, your turn,” Jinyoung nodded smugly. 

I rolled my eyes and with one swift motion moved my queen to take his king. “Checkmate.”

“Wait - what, how? That’s an illegal move, you can’t-” Jinyoung stuttered, his face falling into his hands. Jackson watched on with a proud smile. I set my hand lightly on his and gave it a gentle squeeze. 

“Of course I will,” I cooed, standing and pulling him up into my arms. 

“You guess you will what?” Jinyoung gasped, exasperated as he continued to look at the chess board. “Wait, where are you going, guys? Guys?”

Jackson and I continued arm and arm down the hallway. “You lost Jinyoung-ah,” he called over his shoulder. “Oh yeah, also you lost to my girlfriend.”

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Consider Marinette and her influence on Chloé as Ladybug:

I think it would be interesting if, as Ladybug, Marinette realizes that Chloé idolizes her, and uses that to try to change her more negative qualities for the better. I think it would be an awesome way to bring about her “redemption” that fits well within the canon.

And when I say redemption I hope ya’ll don’t think I want this girl to become sugary sweet because to me that’s gross ew. Chloé functions perfectly personality-wise at her core, especially in relation to the story and other characters around her. She’s very mean and a downright bully and that’s not okay, but she’s assertive and carriers herself with confidence in a way that I think we can all get behind to an extent; she’s honest and goes after what she wants. Her love for Ladybug also saves her from being the overly trope-y popular girl archetype, and for that I’m grateful. It’s the most important fact to remember about her, in my opinion. It’s crucial. Alongside her friendship with Sabrina because that is HELLA important. It SEEMS exploitative at first, but if you think about it, it’s honestly beneficial to them both. Chloé is who she is; she THINKS everyone loves her, but honestly she doesn’t force anyone to be her friend. You don’t see her really making anyone hang out with her or threatening people to follow her around. As the mayor’s daughter she could honestly pull of some messed up shit if she wanted to. Sabrina stays by Chlo’s side because she wants to be there; she likes to feel needed. And Chloé likes to feel pampered, so it works for them. It might not be the best of friendships in YOUR eyes, but you have to admit it’s functional, consensual, and neither of them are complaining, so why should we?

Originally posted by miraculousdaily

SO BACK TO CHLOE’S “REDEMPTION”. I feel like if someone idolizes LB, they can’t be all bad. Ladybug is pretty yes, and cool, and I’m sure people love her for that as well, but she’s unwavering in her kindness and consideration for others above everything else. You can’t adore her and not care about that; it’s the core of what she represents for Paris. I want to see the origins of Chloé’s love for Ladybug for her POV so bad. My guess is it started when LB saved her from Papillon, but I want to know her THOUGHTS on Ladybug in that moment and all the moments afterward. Because I know she sees something in LB that she wishes she had, that’s what admiration is all about. She isn’t just a fan, Chloé seriously respects Ladybug and wants to BE her. She literally LARPs and cosplays as this girl in her free time in PRIVATE. That’s not something you do just because you want a selfie with Paris’s hero for your own reputation. 

Originally posted by marinette-alias-ladybug

So that got me thinking: What if Marinette used this as a positive thing, instead of being super annoyed at Chloé and her clinginess while she’s transformed? Of course it makes for great comedic irony at this stage in the story, but as it develops I can definitely see an opportunity for Marinette to teach Chloé some life lessons via her idol. When she upset Chloé in Antibug, she apologized and Chlo was just like “Oh! Okay well I forgive you!” UM hello?! That’s AMAZING. Most people don’t just bounce back from being insulted/offended like that. Especially by the person they idolize. But with Chloé all of the resentment just disappeared with a simple apology. 

Like honestly, that’s an amazing character trait to have. I actually really admire that. She’s extremely receptive to anything LB says, and that’s something Mari should notice and respond to I think. She’s absolutely stubborn with everyone else, but with Ladybug she’s completely open. It’s the perfect opportunity to fix things. Its easy to hate someone, especially when they’ve hurt you, but it’s really hard to forgive. And Mari is definitely a person who is quick to paint others as the “wrong” party (Lila, Chloe when she tried to help, Adrien when he was picking the gum off of her seat etc) 

I mean even it we wanted to be super clinical about it, at the end of the day it’s beneficial to defuse Chloe’s mean streak in order to prevent more akuma, lol. We all know Chlo causes quite a few of them, so Marinette should at least talk with the girl more, if only to make her workload a little more manageable. Hang out with her a bit, try to nudge her into good social habits that aren’t so condescending and mean-spirited. This is me considering it just from Mari’s perspective, because I don’t think she’s warmed to Chlo enough yet to suffer through this for purely selfless reasons. Years of bullying are hard to just “forgive” for the sake of compassion. 

Originally posted by miraculousgifs

But truth be told, I want it to come from a positive place. I’m sure Chloé has her demons, and whatever they are, insulting and bullying others helps her feel better somehow. If as Ladybug, Marinette could offer some support here and there, some advice, some guidance, perhaps a stern scolding as well, I think it would make a huge difference not just in her and Chloe’s lives, but the lives of their classmates. And hey perhaps Marinette could learn a thing or two from Chloé as well. 

I think deep down, even though Chloé’s invasion of Adrien’s personal space is icky and not okay to do, Marinette wishes she had a BIT of that kind of confidence to approach Adrien and make it known how she feels. If it’s one thing Chloe isn’t, it’s shy. I think part of her dislike of Chloe comes from the fact that she does so easily what Marinette cannot seem to do without tripping and stuttering and embarrassing herself. Just like how Chloe’s dislike of Marinette is most definitely stemmed from how well-liked she is; how despite her flaws everyone loves her for HER, not anything like money or fame. 

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My favorite thing is this: picture Mari as LB confiding in Chloé about her crush (oh man if she knew it was Adrien I wonder what she’d do hahaha) and Chlo cheering her on like: 

CB: “OMG girl you’re freaking LADYBUG, you just gotta go up to him and sweep him off his feet. Just be like “Hey there handsome, it’s me, the savior of Paris, wanna fly into the sunset on my awesome yo-yo?” (ahh yes the Ladrien)

LB: Pfft! Oh my gosh no WAY can I do that. I have to keep my identity a secret Chloe! And I am NOT going to use my hero status to pick up guys! -_- 

CB: Ugh, why not?! You already save Paris like, all the time anyway, do something for yourself for once! Use them perks girl! 

LB: I’m so awkward around him though…and he doesn’t even notice me in my civilian form…

CB: Ew! Forget that loser then. You’re Ladybug, you’re super pretty and you rock no matter what. Trust me, there’s this annoying girl at school named Marinette Dupain-Cheng who is BEYOND embarrassingly awkward, and tons of guys still like her, so that’s no excuse! 

LB: *coughs loudly* W-what?

CB: Anyway, this is tré tragique, if you can’t get the guy, where’s the hope for the rest of us? What’s his name? I’m going to stalk him on social media to see if he’s even WORTHY of you. Want me to catphish him for you? I can totally-

LB: NO! God, Chloé do not use your status to mess with people anymore. Please. He’s allowed not to like me back, it’s not a crime! I’m just a huge coward that’s all…but thanks for sticking up for me. I wish I had that confidence…

CB: “Hmm well! You just need some girl power. Selfie sessions always do the trick. Now gimme the fiercest look you got girl! This filter loves you!” 

Originally posted by miraculousdaily

And a few days later, when Chloe gave Alya the selfies for her to put on the Ladyblog so everyone would know she and LB were super close BFFS, Adrien Agreste definitely dID NOT download multiple pics of Ladybug by herself with the flower crown filter on. Nope nope nope 

Right? Eh? Eh?? :D Can you dig it or can you dig it? Hahaha. I’m back at it again with the Great Wall of Text™ folks I know, apologies but this had to be said! I think Chloe and LB could be friends, and maybe even Mari and Chlo can settle differences in a big way. Not besties but, yeah. Definitely cool with each other. Like respect at least. Okay I’ve poured my feels out on this for long enough for now ahem. I need to get some breakfast. And also a life. LOL 


Requested by anonymous: Okay I’ve fallen back in love with spider man after seeing CA:CW. I was wondering if maybe you could write something along the lines of you and Peter are like SO REALLY HARD IN LOVE and go to the same school and know about each other’s other identities (maybe reader has powers idk) and while Tony recruits Peter, Steve recruits you and then you guys find out you are scared it will tear you guys apart but when it’s all over its all okay. Idk just fluff and angst and idc about smut ilove ur writing


hey i love your peter imagine and i’d love it if you could write another one? idrc what happens im such trash lol sorry i know that you’re having a bit of a block atm :/

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Rating: T

Word count: 6k

Warnings: some swears, fluff, angst-ish, Superpowered!reader, superhero!reader

A/N: I loved this request a lot!! And I love Peter Parker. There are civil war spoilers in this (obviously), so read at your discretion. I hope you enjoy, lovelies!

The bell had just rung for the last class of the school day – Chemistry, which was, admittedly, absolutely not your strong suit.

“He–y,” a voice called out, stretching out the vowel in the word ‘hey’. “Hey, partner.” Peter Parker appeared at your side, his backpack slung over his shoulder and his chemistry book in his arm. “Wanna walk to chem together?”

“You don’t need to pretend to be my friend at school,” you grumbled underneath your breath.

“Right, right, the whole ‘I gotta stay on the d-l because I don’t want to draw unnecessary attention to myself’ thing. I get it,” Peter said nonchalantly. “But I doubt you spending time with me outside of your…extra curricular activities will draw any attention to you. I’m a nobody!”

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A Reminder for people who need it

In light of recent events, this old fart felt it was important for everyone to remember how we got here in the first place, so here’s something.

Essentially: This ship started being a thing because we loved the shit out of it and made content to support it. Canon just upgraded it, and canon or not, we will still be here to keep it afloat. 

Listen up kids: What we’re facing now is not really new. This ship has been under fire ever since its conception, but believe me, Lapidot has the stubbornest, most unwavering sons of bitches this side of Beach City. And yes, that includes YOU. 

Remember: There are people on this goddamn boat since it was a dinky, makeshift raft during “The Return”. Heck, some of us were already busy tying the planks together when Peridot debuted (Hello, fellow fossils). 

What did we do when people laughed at our asses and condescendingly said, “lol why, they haven’t even talked to each other”?

We carried on.

We built up this goddamn raft with theories. Fics. Meepmorp (way back when it was called “art”). So what if we were grasping at straws? Yes, we hardly had anything, but that also meant there was nothing holding us back. Some of the most creative stuff I’ve ever seen came up from this period: Laundromat, No Regrets, Of Stage Lights and Stage Fright, fucking ANTIFREEZE and CAMP PINING HEARTS. (Sorry for the all-caps. I am a goddamn grandpa and those works have pummeled my heart very recently but I still love them like Grandma loves her telenovelas. Bless her soul wherever she is.) Heck, I still grin like an idiot whenever I hear “Party Rock Anthem”! And these are just the ones off the top of my head!

We didn’t need canon to tell us what to do and we certainly didn’t care about what the others thought. We made up entire worlds just so these two can be happy just for the heck of it and remember kids, we did that until “Barn Mates”. That was from March 2015 to May 2016. We just kept spewing up content for ourselves for more than an entire year. And it only got better from there.

What did we do when “Barn Mates” came along? 

We carried on. Once more, WITH FEELING.

It felt like getting a goddamn medal, because really, what were the odds of a crack pairing getting an episode like that? We were “officially” on the table now, and that really got the ball rolling. We finally had an answer for that annoying “lol, why?”. We finally had “evidence”. And that showed in what we made and did. Canon gave us tiny, hopeful shreds of interaction and we’d be damned if we let anybody take that away from us and push us back to uncertainty again. This defensiveness, of course, turned some of us into assholes (and for you little shits: no, what you did / you’re doing is wrong. I direct you to the text in bold below). 

Eventually, those shreds grew into the sizable pile we have now. And now there’s these assholes stirring up shit again. A ton of hate is going around and at this point I’m sure there are kids getting discouraged over it. I sure am tired of it.

What do we do now, you ask?

We pick ourselves up, dust each other off, and CARRY ON.

When dealing with the sad ones: Give them a pat on the back and say “There’s more to enjoy. Hang in there, we can still have fun.” Remember: Lapis and Peridot are living together in the barn, legitimately enjoying each other’s company and looking out for each other. That’s a fact! And it’s one nobody expected to happen two years ago. For us they’re practically married and have a child/pet/whatever-you-personally-consider-Pumpkin-as. The sky is literally the limit at this point!

When dealing with the angry, vitriolic ones: Smack some sense into them if they’re fighting with the other shitheads, get them to focus on what we’ve done, what we have. We didn’t get this far because we ripped the naysayers to shreds and put their heads on pikes. We got this far because we loved the shit out of Lapis and Peridot and spread it to Lapidot hell and back. There is a difference to building ourselves up and tearing others down. If you’re so eloquent, write a goddamn fic instead of building up a 10000 word argument on why this rival pairing is horrible. 

And for the love of god, thank Lauren Zuke for everything they’ve done, because that post? It’s a rare and precious thing for a non-straight pairing. To be told flat-out that it was intended to be romantic even from a single author who’s part of a consensus? You don’t get that every damn show. If this show had aired five years ago the most you’d do would be to look wistfully at every single interaction and wonder “what if”. It’s fucking liberating to be told "yeah, it was romantic" after watching countless shows playing it safe or downright playing the Bury your Gays trope. 

Carry on, kiddos. I’ll stop waving my cane and hobble back to my rocking chair. 

- signed, a grandpa who is completely tired of this shit and would like to see the younguns go back to having fun

VIXX Leo 'The Price of Admission'

@jirachoi93​ asked: Hi :3 I see that Drabble expansions are open :3 can I have a Leo expansion to accidentally texting their s/o about something he definitely wouldn’t say to them ever? I don’t know what but you can pick :)

A/N: I stuck with the first date idea because it can be so much more embarrassing to do something like that with someone you don’t know as well. Especially for Leo. I hope you enjoy! ^^

This is a drabble expansion of a reaction I wrote here.  

“C’mon, tell me.”

Leo could hear amusement in N’s voice but genuine interest as well. It was just too embarrassing to say these things out loud even if it was to one of his closest friends. “Why can’t I tell you tomorrow?”

“Because I’ll die of curiosity by then. It won’t kill you. Use your words,” he teased. “Did you have a good time or not? What did you notice? Did your heart skip a beat?” Now he was cackling. In the background Leo could hear other people.

“Fine! God you’re annoying. I’ll text you but only so you shut up. Hyogie might overhear you and then I won’t get any peace for days.”

“All right, all right, text me. And good luck with your rehearsals. See you tomorrow.”

Leo hung up without answering. It was his passive aggressive way of demonstrating his resentment towards N for always sticking his nose in his business.

He slowed to an amble and starting typing a text to answer Hakyeon’s questions in succinct fashion.

‘I had a really good time. What I noticed most were the eyes. Kind, gentle eyes. I can’t wait to see them again.’

Flustered he hit send and sped up his pace, happy the nagging would be over. His friend never backed off, but a part of him was grateful. He needed to be pulled out of his shell at times. Hearing a chime he pulled his phone out of his pocket to see what Hakyeon had to say.

‘What? Lol, are you trying to ask me out for a second date?’

That…didn’t make sense. He checked the sender and felt his heart seize in his chest. He couldn’t breathe. He’d sent the message to his date instead of N. He wanted the ground to open up so he could crawl in a hole. Why did these things happen to him? Who had he been in a past life to deserve this?

Shoving the phone in his back pocket he ignored the subsequent chimes as he made his way to the line reading for his latest play. Each one he heard made the bile churn in his stomach.

Once at his destination he knew he couldn’t put it off any longer. Dreading what he’d find he unlocked his phone. Two messages from N and three from his date. He checked the ones from Hakyeon. As expected he was scolding Leo for what he thought was an attempt to dodge him. It was in Leo’s best interest to let him think that rather than have to explain his error so he sent a clipped response that he decided not to share and to leave him alone.

Leo stared at the little number three by your name. He was an adult. He should be able to answer his phone. But what if you had laughed at him? He felt so exposed, so vulnerable. He needed more time to steel himself before he looked.

Two days later he pulled up the texts. To his monumental relief you were asking if he’d been scared off by your reply, but you didn’t seem to think he was ridiculous. Truth be told, he was sorely tempted to just walk away and pretend it never happened. But as he had indicated with his unfortunate text, he really, really liked you. As in couldn’t get you out of his mind. So avoiding you forever wasn’t an option. Leo decided the better part of valor was feigning ignorance and sent a text essentially ignoring everything that happened after the date.   

‘Hey. I have a couple hours free tomorrow night. Would you like to get coffee?’

He didn’t have too long of a wait before there was a response.

‘There you are! I was starting to worry I’d chased you off…’

 ‘Nope. Coffee?’

Leo waited but nothing else was sent. It occurred to him that his social skills had hit a new low by making even texting awkward. He was so nervous he thought his heart would explode when his phone chimed.

‘Ok, let’s forget the past few days and start over. But only because you like my eyes.’

Leo felt a wave of relief hit him. If that’s all that was ever said on the matter, he could live with it.​ Happily.