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Dawning in Dust: Part X

Thanks to all of you readers who have sent asks and shown this story love. Special thanks to @lenny9987 for the beta ❤️

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Breakfast was a quiet affair. Jamie and Ian were out with the tenants completing the never ending winter prep list. Young Jamie had woken Jenny up a few hours earlier, which meant that the latter was already halfway through today’s do list by the time Claire came downstairs to eat. Mrs. Crook, the housekeeper and main cook, came and cleared away the remaining breakfast dishes, firmly insisting that Claire not lift a finger to help as she was a guest. Not wanting to cause waves, Claire bundled up and prepared to go outside.

She emerged from the warmth of the Lallybroch manor house, breath stolen by the wind and freezing rain coming down outside. On mainland Europe, rain would have been met with shelter lock downs and chemical tests due to the toxin contamination in the food and water supplies. Not for the first time, she was grateful for a full belly and more than adequate shelter to return to each night.

She made her way toward the barn to meet Jamie, shrugging to keep the knit scarf Jenny had given her as high as possible. Shivering with cold and a slight case of nerves, she trudged through the mud as fast as she could without slipping. The barn’s large sliding door was half way open and she could see the horses champing on their breakfasts or pacing in their stalls. With the dark clouds and rain outside, it only took a few blinks for Claire’s eyes to adjust to the dimness inside.

There was something about the scents of the hay, manure, and animals that stopped Claire. She stood, eyes closed, breathing in slowly and listening to the shuffling of hoofed feet and the patter of rain on the roof. Maybe it reminded her of her world travels with Uncle Lamb. Maybe it was the thought of caring for other living things; each inhabitant of this estate coexisting for survival. Maybe it was feeling close to the earth; dirt and plants and life remaining despite the explosive destruction of civilization.

“Morning Sassenach,” a quiet voice said beside her.

The corners of her mouth turned up, but she didn’t open her eyes yet. She could feel him, his large presence standing so close that his natural heat radiated into her own flesh. Her heart thumped, blood surging strong and sure through her veins as the moment of peace passed over her. Jamie didn’t move or say anything; he just was along with her and time and the moment. Sighing contentedly, Claire opened her eyes and looked up at him.

“Good morning.”

“Did ye sleep well?” he asked, looking her over carefully.

“Yes, eventually. You?”

“Aye, eventually.”

They smiled at each other for a moment before Jamie coughed and turned slightly toward the exit.

“Are ye ready to see yer surprise?”

Claire eyed him dubiously and he laughed.

Dinna fash. Come, it’s this way.“

He held out his hand and she took it, feeling nervous. In truth, Claire tossed and turned after Jamie left her room last night. Deep sleep was interrupted by flashes of dreams and memories; her mother singing; Claire and Frank on their wedding day; the last letter she’d ever received from him; Claire running, unable to find whatever it was she was looking for; Jamie, down the hallway sleeping.

She twined her fingers with his as they headed back outside, walking fast to keep up with his long stride. He wore his tartan coat today, the curls of his auburn hair escaping the grey beanie on his head.

"Are you keeping your bandages dry?” she asked, eying the crimson fabric that was darkening at the shoulders from the rain. She saw his cheek curl and thought he must be smiling.

“Aye. There’s a waterproof liner inside my coat. Besides,” he looked down at her, moving her hand and tucking it into the curve of his elbow, “I dinna want to get my arse skelped for going against doctor’s orders now do I?”

Claire gave him a look and nudged him gently with her shoulder. While he was up and about every day, she noticed the stiffness in the way he still carried himself.

“I’m not a doctor, but I’m glad you know who’s in charge.”

Jamie made a Scottish noise of amusement and led her to a small outbuilding. It was no more than a large shed, but she could tell that the two windows on either side of the door had recently been washed. The door was open, the smell of lemon wafting out into the cold air.

“In there,” he said, releasing her so she could go inside first.

The room had been freshly scrubbed down. Claire briefly took in the many shelves and storage boxes along the walls before her eyes caught the object on the table. Her fingers were touching it before she even had a thought, the smooth worn wood of the old medicine chest like velvet against her fingers. She looked up at Jamie, questioning, and saw his look of nervous anticipation.

“Open it,” he encouraged.

Claire pulled the latch open and lifted the lid.

“Jamie!” she said, a delighted grin spreading over her face.

She touched the contents of the chest, sterile medicaments, herbs in old fashioned glass bottles, and simple surgical instruments, most of them hospital grade.

“Here, there’s more,” Jamie said, encouraged by her enthusiasm. He opened the front, revealing tiny drawers filled with pre packaged sutures and needles.

“The hospital in Broch Morda was in disuse,” he explained, watching her as she started making a mental inventory of the new supplies. “The local tenants divided the remaining medicinals. I’d have grabbed the more advanced instruments but I didna think we’d have anyone who would ken how to use them properly, even if we could fix their coding.”

”This was in the Medical Director’s office,” he went on, nodding at the chest. “I couldna bear to leave a piece of history behind so I took it. Now, I’m especially glad I did.”

Claire met his eyes, a happy flush to her cheeks and eyes clouding over slightly with moisture.

"Do ye like it?” he asked, searching her face.

“Yes, it’s wonderful!” she replied, with feeling.

“It suits ye, Sassenach,” he said, the corners of his mouth turning up. “I hope this space will be sufficient for your doctoring.”

She blinked, then looked around the room.

“You… you mean this is for me to use?”

“Ye’ll need privacy to do some of the things that need done, aye? I thought this would be a nice spot for it. Close to the house but out of the way. It’ll be warm. I asked Ross to make sure it was well insulated. There’s a solar panel up top to give ye light whenever ye need it.”

Claire stared at him. Jamie’s ruddy brows drew together.

“Will it not work Claire? Perhaps another space would-”

“No!” she exclaimed, placing a protective hand on the surface that would become the examination table. “No Jamie, it’s perfect. Truly.”

Jamie’s shoulders relaxed at this.

“It…” Claire paused, looking up at him. “I don’t know how to thank you. You.. everyone.. has been so kind.”

Jamie nodded, moving closer as she processed what she was going to say. She felt exposed and vulnerable… and yet, perfectly safe with him. Jamie Fraser knew her on a level no one else had ever had and she knew he would give her all the time she needed. The thought sped up her heart, her pulse racing strong and sure through her body as he leaned closer. He put a hand over hers and squeezed lightly, causing her to look up at him from under her eye lashes.

Blue, slanted eyes gazed back at her, fathomless and open as she’d ever seen them. She could feel his own pulse in her hand, racing along with hers as he chose whatever words he was about to say. He stood tall in front of her and took a shaky breath. Claire met his eyes and, for the first time in a long while, was ready and willing to be a part of whatever it was he was about to offer.

“Claire..” he started.


Claire jumped, pulling her hand out from under Jamie’s as a young boy flew into the room. He had bright blue eyes and wild, curly hair. He was also drenched from the rain and slipping on the freshly washed floor in his haste.

“Fergus, calmez-vous lad,” Jamie admonished as he grabbed the young man by the shoulders to steady him.

“Kincaid and I have just returned from Leoch,” Fergus reported in a heavy French accent.

Claire saw that he was breathing fast, muscles taut like a bow string. Jamie noticed too and started to tense himself.

“What’s amiss then?” he asked.

“It’s your uncle, Milord. He’s coming.”

A Night Like This

Pairing: Gruvia

WC: 1073

Rating: K

Well, it’s definitely been a while. Most of my writing inspiration and energy has been going towards an original screenplay I’m working on for school, but today this idea I’ve had in my head for a while slapped me in the face and demanded to be written. Inspired by “Night Like This” by Hilary Duff and Kendall Schmidt. Kind of OOC, but not too much, I hope. Enjoy!

It was raining.

Of course it’s raining. Juvia sighed and pulled on her raincoat. It seems like it’s always raining these days. Her phone buzzed, and she pulled it out of her pocket.

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So I have to write it down.
We went canoeing, today. I was so excited, it was my first time ever. It was raining, thick droplets falling on our heads and I didn’t care, because the thrill got all over my body and soul. We were one, a team, I had the time of my life and so much fun. After 3 hours, we stopped, ate a sandwich. My sister calls me out, I reach her:
In the inside of a broken-by-a-thunder tree, stood a little, very tiny bird, trembling and shaking. He was maybe fallen, maybe sick. I fell in love. He had fear in his eyes, and terror in his expression. I slowly reached out for him, he plucked his head on his shoulders. I slowed down. He went normal. I started to gently pet his tiny, feathersless forehead. He still was shaking, and was wet.
I calmly reached out for him again, cupped my hands around and he put his feets on my fingers. I took him out that tree, and gently placed him over my belly wrapped loosely in my cotton shirt. He went more comfortable, he settled down. On me. I continued petting him. Then people became so loud I thought he’d be scared by them, and I got him away.
I put off my shirt, was naked in front of everyone, but I didn’t care. I used it to build him a nest, a cute little nest inside a bag, then called out my tutors to call a vet. They said they would call one, but we were in the middle of a river, we had to canoe til the city. The bird opened his mouth from time to time, as to chirp, but NOTHING came out of his little peck. He tried to open his wings.

One was broken. He was a fallen one.

The underside of the wings were red, itchy and scale-y, flakey. And bloody. He was losing his skin. I almost cried and urged to jump on our canoe, and so we did.
We sailed in the rain,I protected the bird with my whole body. All the way down. I looked at him, he didn’t tremble anymore. I gently petted him again, he fell asleep under my touch. I decided in that moment, that his name was going to be Castiel. A fallen, broken one. But I’d have done my best, and cured him. I repeated him he only had to wait.
We arrive. Ground. I check on him, he’s ok.
He lost lots of his skin.
The tutor is mad with others.
I wait.
I wait, wait and wait. I wait with him.
I ask him nicely. He indicates the trees.

I don’t have the money for a vet. They won’t take me to the free animal shelter.
I bring Castiel near a tree. He flies/ jumps and grabs on my hands. He doesn’t want to let go, neither do I. We stay 10 minutes like that. I hold my tears. I put him near the tree. We look at each other.

And I’m still not ok.

a song came on my shuffle today and i thought about mark and the stuff he said about his dad and–

as you lay down to sleep, do you hear him speak to you? hello mark–how ya doin’? i think the storm ran out of rain, the clouds are movin’. i know you’re happy, ‘cause i can see it; so tell the voice inside ya head to believe it.

i talked to god about you, he said he sent you an angel–and look at all that he gave you, you asked for one

and you got two

you know I never left you. ’cause every road that leads to heaven’s right inside you–so i can say ‘hello my only one–

just like the mornin’ sun, you’ll keep on risin’ 'til the sky knows your name. hello my only one, remember who you are; no you’re not perfect but you’re not your mistakes.’

hey, hey, hey, hey–oh the good outweighs the bad even on your worst day

remember how i’d say, hey, hey–one day you’ll be the man you always knew you could be

and if you knew how proud i was you’d never shed a tear, have a fear, no you wouldn’t do that and though i didn’t pick the day to turn the page i know it’s not the end every time i see your face, and i hear you say–

‘hello my only one–remember who you are. you got the world 'cause you got love in your hands.’

and you’re still my chosen one. so can you understand? one day you’ll understand…

so hear me out (hear me out) i won’t go (i won’t go) no goodbyes (no goodbyes) just hello (just hello)

and when you cry, i will cry, and when you smile, i will smile, and next time when i look in your eyes we’ll have wings and we’ll fly

hello my only one. just like the mornin’ sun, you’ll keep on risin’ 'til the sky knows your name. and you’re still my chosen one, remember who you are. no you’re not perfect but you’re not your mistakes.

tell them ‘bout me.

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Orange + Yellow

I have orange in another ask coming up so I’ll do just yellow here

if you could have any view from your bedroom window what would you choose?

The ocean, abso-fucking-lutely. I love it so much and my greatest regret is living in a landlocked valley.

 what’s your favorite thing to do on a sunny day?

Stay inside with the lights off until it rains

 what do you consider lucky?

Getting sent home an hour early and having more food than you thought you did

 what made you smile today?

My friend Kylie at work. She’s funny as hell

 what makes you happy?

Mostly little things. Sunlight through trees. Warm rainy days. Food coming out at the right temperature. Cold fizz burning the back of your throat. Again, sounds corny, but when things got bad for me with my depression I found instead of focusing on big concepts like “my family” and “i have a roof over my head” to make me happy it was easier to pull myself out by fixating on smaller details that could still perk a smile out of me.

Also I love to laugh (though I can’t imagine who doesn’t), Postmodern Jukebox, new books, and new jackets.

X-MAS DRABBLES: Baking With Yamamoto~!

Your outfit

“AH!” You couldn’t help the squeal that escaped your lips when a pair of arms wrapped around your midsection. The response was a chuckle in your ear, followed by a nuzzling that had a shiver tracing down your spine.

“T-Takeshi! I’m going to make a mess if you keep distracting me!” You couldn’t hold back the laughter when his long fingers trailed down your sides, tickling you slightly.

“I’ll gladly eat any batter that lands on you.” He said, caramel eyes flickering with mischief as he pressed a kiss to the shell of your ear.

“You’re impossible!” You laughter continued, until you noticed that the batter you had been mixing had ended up spilling messily on your apron. Smiling, you wiped the batter from your apron to flick it on to his crinkled nose.

“Hey!” He chuckled, retracting from your embrace to rub the batter from his face.

“Hey yourself! Didn’t you say you were going to help me? We need these for the party! Here I am covered in batter, slaving over a hot stove while you’re trying to waste time!” You complained, dramatically putting the back of your wrist on your forehead in faux exasperation.

“Oh, I’m so sorry madam. How may I assist the hardworking chef?” He rolled up his sleeves, his smile not once faltering.

“Just grab me that flour for now, I think I’m a little short.” You said, eyeing the batter that was just a tad too liquidy.

Nodding, he turned and reached into the cabinet. As he did that, you scanned him. It was one of the lazy days you’d come to love, waking late and taking advantage of the fact you had nowhere to be. You’d taken advantage and grabbed a pair of his boxers and one of your white t-shirts, tugging on an apron to shield yourself from any escaping ingredients. Yamamoto followed suit, wearing a pair of sweatpants with front pockets and a tight t-shirt, which showed off his hard muscles and nice, rounded ass. Honestly, it’s like he tried to seduce you on purpose.

Once he grabbed the flour, he turned to you. He quirked an eyebrow when he noticed your eyes on said butt, but a smirk was all your received when you looked back up. That is, before a wicked shimmer flashed through his eyes.

You didn’t even have time to defend yourself.

Quickly thrusting his hand into the paper bag, he flicked his fingers at your face, successfully dusting the white powder all of you. “That’s what you get for checking me out, [Name].” He taunted, pristine white teeth flashing as he laughed.

Gasping at the turn of events before narrowing your eyes, you scanned the immediate area for anything that would serve your cause.

Your eyes caught the batter in the bowl just as his did.

“Oh no, not the-”

Too late.

Yellow cupcake mix slid down his face, dripped from his hair, and caught on the eyelashes of his now narrowed eyes. “Oh, this means war.”

Before you could even move, he lunged at you, a handful of flour contained in his fist. He successfully tackled you, making you land gently on the ground before he sat up. He chuckled darkly, eyes glittering in both amusement and victory. You cried out when he released the handful of flour over you. It landed on your hair, your face, and torso, eventually . The apron you’d worn in an effort to prevent mess on your clothes was useless, caked in as much flour as the rest of your body.

“Do you surrender?” Yamamoto’s hands came down, clamping you in place so you couldn’t run away. “I’d hate to have to tickle you.” He warned, voice full of mirth at the silly threat.

“N-No! I surrender! I promise! Now let me get up, you’re dripping all over me!” You laughed breathlessly, the batter on his head dripping onto your red cheeks. When he moved to tickle you, you felt a lump in his pocket press against your thigh. “Either your competitiveness has turned into some kind of fetish or you have something in your pocket.” You wise-cracked.

Yamamoto chuckled before climbing off, crossing his legs and resting his back on the island as he wiped the batter residue from his face. “Ah, you weren’t supposed to feel that. It was supposed to be tonight’s surprise. I didn’t know where to put it without you finding it, so I stuck it in my pocket.”

“Tonight at the party?” You got up, crossing your legs as well. Reborn had called all of you earlier in the week, saying that he was hosting a little get together for the Vongola and it’s allies. Not one to show up empty-handed, you’d decided on taking a few baked treats for everyone to enjoy. You and Yamamoto had also figured that presents weren’t needed this year, considering the fact that you both felt you were happy with what you had.

But, you should’ve figured he’d buy you something anyway.

“You got me a gift?! I thought we’d promised not to do that!” You gasped, eyes trailing to his hand which was now moving around in his pocket to fish out the object. When it came out, it held a square box.

“I swear, it’s the only promise I’ve ever broken!” He smiled, eyes closing in mirth at your too-happy-to-look-annoyed expression. “Here, just open it now.”

“Are you sure?” You reached hesitantly for the box, ready to snatch your hand back if he changed his mind.

“Yeah, it actually works out. I’m sure you’d be angry if I gave it to you in front of everyone when you don’t have anything to give back.” He laughed at your pout. But you couldn’t help your inward smile, thinking about the box of baseball equipment in the trunk of your car. Looks like the both of you couldn’t keep your promise. But you weren’t about to let him know that.

“If you’re sure, then okay.” Grabbing the box, you snapped the top open. Inside was a necklace with a rain drop pendant which was a calming shame of blue, reminding you of Yamamoto in a way. Off to the side was a lightning bolt, adding a unique and fiery touch to the necklace. Needless to say, your jaw dropped at seeing it.

“I saw it in the window of this store and you just popped into my mind.” He explained, hand habitually rubbing the back of his head in a way that had you reminiscing of times when you were both teenagers and had just started experiencing the love you had today.

“Oh my… Takeshi, this is gorgeous… Help me put it on!” Your smile was blinding as you turned around, letting your boyfriend clasp it. The chain was cold against your chest, but the rapid beating of your heart distracted you from that.

Speedily turning back around, you didn’t hesitate to wrap your arms around your boyfriend. Nuzzling his nose, you smiled at the sweet glint in his eyes as he rested his calloused hands on your hips. You leaned forward and indulged him in a few kisses.

Or rather, a lot of kisses.

Yamamoto was more than happy to reciprocate, lean arms coming around your waist as you ran your hands over his hair and jaw. Giggling, you withdrew from the kiss to plant a small peck on his nose. When you pulled back, your giggling grew into full-blown laughter.

“What’s so funny?” He asked, his white teeth once again making an appearance as he stared at you adoringly.

“No reason… You just resemble a porcupine.” You said, laughing at what your wandering hands had caused. Now Yamamoto’s hair was sticking on its ends and unbelievably mussed, no doubt because of the remaining batter in his hair.

Chuckling, he stood up and drew you closer to his body. Cheekily sneaking a peck onto your lips, he rested his forehead on yours.

“Care to join me for a shower?”

“Hmm…” You pretended to think about it, your arms resting over his shoulders. “Well.. Since we’re done with the cookies and the cake… The cupcakes can wait a little longer I suppose. We’ll have to start from scratch since most of the batter is on the counter and floor anyway.” You smiled at him, squealing when he lifted you in his arms and carried you off.

You’d give him his present after the shower. If he didn’t distract you again, that is.

Keeping Warm- Blurb

I was having major Nate feels before falling asleep and wrote this for myself haha
There is so little parking today. I went around the block twice before I found a spot, but I had to walk almost a half mile to the studio. Of course it started pouring on my way over here too. I laugh and try and pull my baseball cap over my head, as if that is going to keep the rain away, as I run inside.
By the time I get to the double doors of the building, I’m soaking wet. I drip all over the elevator as I head up to meet Nate. I told him I would come by the studio today on the way back from work. Things had been really busy lately, so a night with both of us in the same room, even if Nate did need to work, was an improvement. I waited until the recording light came off and walked into the booth, still sopping.
“Oh my god Mama” he smiles. “You got dumped on!” I shiver a little and nod. “You’re cold too” he looks around and then pulls off his shirt. Even though we’ve been dating for over a year, this still throws me off. I stare a little and blush as he tosses me his dry shirt. “You can change out of your wet stuff, I don’t want you to get sick again”
“Okay” I smile. Nate gets more sweet and thoughtful everyday somehow. I am so in love with him.
I come back in my dry clothes and someone takes my wet dress and hat and finds them a place to dry. I put my wet hair up in a bun and sit on the couch in Nate’s t-shirt. He comes over after recording another verse. “You have never looked so gorgeous” he wraps his arms around me and rubs my back, trying to warm me up. I smile up at him.
“Thanks for keeping me warm baby. I love you” I kiss him on the lips softly.
“I love you too, Mama” He kisses me back. These are the little moments that make every little fight or bit of long distance more than worth it.

You fell headfirst in a puddle of mud the day you took your first steps. I tried so hard not to grin, but I saw your tears mix with mud and blood and shining blue, so I buried my laugh in your hair so you couldn’t see. Today I sit cross-legged in the mud and I stare at a stone. They tell me you’re inside. The rain stings my eyes and the mud cakes my arms as my fists beat the earth, and it feel just like I’m being buried alive. But I don’t care, I don’t care, and I stare and I stare, and I don’t understand why I still can’t see your blue fucking eyes looking back at me. I can’t even see your tears.

”Kissing is more intimate than sex….Because it’s just something way deeper than, like, I don’t even know how to explain it. It’s a more personal situation than sex.” -August Alsina

He watched her go from mad to furious within seconds. To keep the peace, he remained quiet. Not a word came from her end either which made him think she was going to explode very soon. They sat just a few yards away from their apartment on campus in the car, waiting for the storm to pass. The rain poured from the sky without any sign of stopping. It caused them to both grow impatient before Solana wanted out.

“God, I can’t wait no more,” she huffed, slamming the car door behind.

August twisted his face up in annoyance for her breaking a rule about Aubrey. He hated when people mistreated his ride. In his mind, she was making things worse because she wanted her way. It was typical when she was mad.

He watched her trudge to the front door as quickly as she could, only to see her locked out. She relentlessly banged on the glass doors leading to the lobby without entry before searching her pockets for something.

Then it dawned on August what Solana was missing to get inside—her student ID card. He chuckled to himself while he fished both his and her card from the pocket of his jeans. It slipped his mind that he offered to hold on to them in case she misplaced them like she did a lot of things. He followed suit, abandoning the car and joining her at the front doors. The rain didn’t really bother him, but her attitude did.

“I need to use the bathroom so sometime today would be nice,” she expressed with her arms outstretched. “Shoulda let me keep my own damn card.”

“Aye, kill all that noise Lana. It’s never that deep ya heard me.”

Once he let her inside and handed over the keys to their place, she ran off for the first available elevator. He shook his head while he noticed the small trail of water she left behind. Out came a guy with an iPad in his hand. He introduced himself as a fellow staff member on campus, ready to assist August as the rain seemed to ease up a bit.

Two was always better than one.

In about half the time it took him to pack the car, everything was unloaded in their apartment on the second floor. He thanked the guy for his assistance before taking in his new living quarters with the finishing touches.

The space was contemporary and fit for both of them. There was a living room, kitchen, and two bedrooms joined together by a large bathroom. Courtesy of Solana’s mother, the place was fully furnished. A large couch complete with end tables and lamps, a coffee table, and a huge flat-screen made August feel at home already. There was a desk and a queen sized bed in each of their rooms. All they had to do was unpack and their new lives would be ready to begin.

“I called my mom. Told her we were good,” Solana said, approaching her largest suitcase in the living room.

“Want me to help you with–”

“No. I got it. You’ve honestly done enough. I just need a shower.”

August raised his hands to indicate that he’d let her win and have her way. “Aight, cool.”

Once she was closed off in her room, he headed for the kitchen to find some food. The cabinets were empty and there was only a few dozen water bottles in the fridge. That damn sure wouldn’t be enough. Especially not for now.

He decided to order from the nearest pizza spot and save the unpacking for later. Since his clothes were still damp, he stripped out of them and only sported his boxer briefs. After emptying his pockets, he settled on the couch with contentment. Despite Solana’s attitude, he was just grateful they had arrived safe and sound. He easily found a game to watch on TV and asked for Siri to pull up phone numbers. After dialing the Pizza Hut at the top of the list, he asked for almost $50 worth of food. Two large pizza pies, bread sticks, buffalo wings, cookies, and drinks concluded the order. He knew the food wouldn’t go to waste because the munchies were bound to kick in soon.

During a commercial break, August muted the TV, taking a moment to acknowledge his brother. He snatched up a lighter and a pre-rolled blunt on the coffee table from his pocket.

“This here for you Mel,” he muttered, sparking the joint. “You the reason I want betta for myself. Hope ya got peace on the other side big bro.”

He inhaled, holding the smoke in his lungs for a moment of silence before exhaling with good intentions. That’s all he could hope for his college experience. He wanted nothing more than for things to run smoothly and to make Melvin proud.

The kush hit the spot and alleviated the built up tension in his body. He easily puffed out clouds and smoke rings like a veteran. All he needed was food and a blowjob before a good night sleep would have him feeling a hundred percent again. He remained higher than the sky with a free hand lounging under the waistband of his briefs and the basketball plays making him chuckle every time a free throw was missed and a pass turned into a steal for the home team. When he smoked, everything was actually funny.


He laughed louder this time, thinking his high was fucking with his mental state. But when he was summoned by his full name in a harsher tone warped with anxiety, he got up to discard the roach and see if Solana was okay.

“Now she want a nigga,” he chuckled to himself.

It baffled him how women could go from hating to wanting a guy all in the span of a few moments. The unbalanced mindset just didn’t make sense to him. As he approached the bathroom through his bedroom, he asked what she needed.

“You know my favorite towel? The big plush one with the swimming dolphins?” she questioned behind the closed door. “I need it. It’s in my blue suitcase in the living room.”

“Wait, what’s the magic word?” he joked.

“Really Aug–”

“Say it So-la-na Rowe.”

She sighed with frustration. “Breath mints!”

He almost doubled over in laughter from the Fresh Prince insider. It was definitely one of their favorites to watch together. For being a good sport, he sorted through the luggage and found the beloved towel. He returned grinning from ear to ear before asking her to open the door. When she did, steam filed out into his room from the bathroom and he caught a good glimpse of forbidden fruit. Nothing was funny anymore.

“Thanks. Love you,” she hurriedly said, leaving him to face a closed door again.

August rubbed a hand over his head while blowing a stream of air. He didn’t want to admit it, but he shared a spark of sexual tension with his best friend. And honestly, this wasn’t the first time.

He attempted to leave the feeling where it started to keep it from escalating. After grabbing a water bottle from the fridge to help him rid the inevitable cotton-mouth, he decided to chill back on the couch until the food arrived.

It didn’t stop his mind from wandering though.

As horny as he was, he could envision the bathroom encounter happening a bit differently.

He could’ve locked them both inside the steam filled room and kissed Solana to quiet her confusion. He wouldn’t need her guidance on how to please because he already had a good grip on the subject.

August was a born natural.

There would only be two things he wanted to do: taste her and make her scream. After taking in the curves of her lips, hips, and thighs, he’d sit her wet body on the counter and spread her legs apart. He’d lick over her slits and folds, teasing her clit along the way with his tongue. That would surely produce a waterfall from her center. He’d suck and drink and keep a keen ear out for her harmonious moans. Since he believed sharing was caring, he’d move to kiss her mouth and let her sample just how good she tasted.

To up the tension, he’d turn her around to bend over the counter and face the mirror. He’d gather her long wet and wild curly hair in one hand and then trail the tip of his tongue up her spine. He could guarantee she’d shiver from the gesture, especially once he reached the back of her neck and whispered how long he’s waited to show her this side of him. One smack to her ass and he’d be naked and hard as a rock inside her—looking down as he pushed in and pulled out—only for the friction of their bodies to glisten with pleasure.

It’d be the best pussy he ever had.

He wouldn’t want to stop and she wouldn’t want him to either. Eventually, they’d eye each other through the foggy reflection as the intensity skyrockets. She’d be bound to ask for more and he’d give it to her while rocking her thick frame to cause her legs to get weak. His swollen dick would pressure her spot and he’d move his hands to grip her waist for control. She’d cry out then, surrendering herself to an orgasm too big for her to handle as he busts the nut of a lifetime.

Yeah, he could see that happening.

But then, he couldn’t.

August doubted that things would ever get to that point for them. Solana just wasn’t that type of girl to him. She meant more than a random fuck, and since her innocence was still intact, he didn’t want to be the one to break it.

He shook his head, attempting to rid himself of the sexual daydream. At that moment, the buzzer to the apartment sounded through the space. Food would definitely get him to refocus his attention on other things.

Someone requested pipabeth and pipabeth setting jasico up.  Well, lucky for you, people setting oblivious ships up is my favorite cliche.  I like to think somewhere inside Piper there is a stereotypical Aphrodite girl that gets joy from getting couples together.

Piper lays her head in Annabeth’s lap, sipping at her soda contentedly.  Annabeth is vigorously typing on her laptop and hardly looks up, but adjusts so she is seated more comfortably in the grass.  It’s almost peaceful at Camp Halfblood today, the overcast skies and the threat of rain keeping many campers from venturing too far from their cabins. The two girls are seasoned counselors now though, and they know just the right trees to sit under to avoid any potential downpours.

“Watcha working on…?” Piper asks, stifling a yawn.

Annabeth hums.  “Plans for Apollo’s temple.  He’s never happy with it.  He wants to paint it with haikus he’s personally written himself, but none of the other gods seem too keen on that idea.”

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It Won't Go Away

Warning: please prepare a box of tissues if you’re going to read this

*Y/n’s pov*

“Hey, shank. You ready to go?” Thomas whispered and i just looked at him, expressionless. He sat beside me and hold my hand, i don’t feel a thing. I became numb, wishing this was a dream. A nightmare that i’ll wake up soon and he’ll be there beside me, snoring lightly and his arms are around me, protecting me from anything. “Can you guys give us a minute?” He said to the others, and they nodded slowly and sauntered. “You know, it’s okay if you’ll not be there. He will understand if you can’t handle it.” Thomas said in a timid voice, don’t want to hurt my feelings. I shake my head and wiped a single tear that escaped. “No, i should be there. I wouldn’t be able to forgive myself i’m not going to be by his side today” i mumbled “I need to change clothes, i want him to see me at my best” Thomas just nodded slowly and get out of my room quietly. I refused to let my tears fall because i want to be strong, for him. I won’t let my emotions overwhelmed me, i will stand there with the rest of the boys and be strong because i don’t want him to leave me knowing that he broke my heart and i will never recover. I changed clothes, the one he said that it’s his favorite, put my hair down because he said it was better and it’s easy for him to sniff it. I laugh when i heard his voice in my mind when I remembered him saying that. When I’m contented at myself, i get out and walk towards the boys who are waiting for me to get ready. “Are you ready? It’s really okay if you don’t need to do this” Minho asked and i nodded, still walking towards his grave.  "No, i want to be there for him, i want to be strong for him. I will do this for him even if my whole body aches for him" i said and he just nodded, put his arm on my shoulder then Teresa holds my hand as we walk together.

I looked up at the sky, it was cloudless and clear. I cursed, knowing i want it to be rain hard. I want the world to feel what i’m feeling right now, thinking about not seeing him every day makes me want to go inside the maze and be a bait. I looked at Thomas, Minho and Teresa, they’re all crying silently but i shake my head again reminding myself that i promised him i wouldn’t cry today. They are hurt because they will get to see their friend be buried ten feet under the ground but it will never compare to the hurt that i’m feeling, the pain that will never go away and it will always remind me every day what i’ve lost and will never return by my side anymore. I refused to believe that i will never get to see, hug and kiss him for the last time, i was mad at him for leaving me alone in this shucking maze that even if the runners will solve it, i will stay here because he was buried here and i couldn’t leave him the way he left me alone. When we got here, i looked down to see that it’s deep enough for him to be there. Alby, Thomas, Frypan and Gally are carrying his coffin that Teresa, Chuck and Medjack made and put it down carefully. I whispered thank you to them and they nodded. Alby began to talk about him, reminiscing the moments when he was here in the maze with us. But i can’t comprehend what he’s saying, i keep hearing Alby’s voice but i wasn’t listening. I just locked my eyes on his coffin, knowing it’s not comfortable for him to be there inside and can’t believe he was laying there. It was Minho’s turned to say something about him, then Thomas, Teresa and some of the boys who wanted to speak but I never listened, i was staring down at him until Thomas nudged me and for the first time when i got here, i turned away from him and looked at Thomas. “You need to say something or you’ll regret it for the rest of your life” i just nodded and looked at them, waiting for me to say something, they gave me a last moment with him and I’m grateful for that. “I don’t know what happened to my life before when i got here in the maze, but one thing’s for sure… He became my life the first time i laid my eyes on him, when he saved me from my myself. He was the only one that kept me alive throughout the days that i’m here and i don’t know what i will do knowing that he won’t be there anymore. You said that i should be strong for the both of us, to keep us alive and i will do that for the rest of my life. Newt, i love you way too much that i stopped looking forward to the day that the runners will solve this maze and get us out of here because my life is nothing without you in it. Thank you for saving me, for everything. You are the most important person in my life and i’m beyond grateful because you gave me the love i don’t deserve. I will see you again, my love.” I said and all of us are crying really hard right now, including me because i couldn’t handle it anymore. Forgive me, Newt if i wasn’t strong enough for the both of us today. Teresa, Minho, Thomas and Chuck are hugging me right now and i’m clinging to them like my life depends on them.

I can hear Gally whispered to carry his coffin again with the other boys, and began to put it down on his grave and that’s the time it’s already starting to sink that he’s dead. I began to shout at Gally saying i need more time, to see him for the last time but Thomas hold my waist really tight and refused to let me go. Teresa keep on whispering soothing words at me and all i can think about is him. I can hear him now, saying he can’t breathe that he needs to get out of this coffin. “He’s alive!!! Don’t put him in there, i can hear him. He’s alive! Please let me go. I need to see him, i can hear him breathing! Please let me go, Thomas!!!!” I’m yelling at them and Minho just hugged me real tight. While Thomas is in my back. “Please stop…. Please let me go” i whispered, crying uncontrollably and still trying to let go of these arms. Tears stained on all our faces and the other boys who are carrying it, stopped moving and look at me. “Please, let me see him for the last time” i pleaded and Gally just shook his head “No, it’s better for you to not see him like that, lifeless. Please, y/n. Don’t make it too hard for all of us” he motioned the boys to keep on going and i started to wiggle out again, putting all my strength and energy i’ve left just to get out of this. “Nooooo!!! Please Gally please” i pleaded again, they’re already putting it down and i began to hear his voice again. Y/n, i can’t breathe please i’m alive, please let me get out of here. I pleaded again, can feel my body’s giving up on me. “Please, i can hear him, he’s alive!!!! Thomas, Minho please hear me out. He’s begging me to get him out of there, he can’t breathe. Please, let go of me” I can hear Thomas, he’s crying loudly and still holding me tight. “It’s over, y/n” he whispered when Gally and the others successfully put him ten feet under the ground. And then, it finally rained.

A/N: Am i evil? i could write a part 2 with a happier ending?? Haha tell me what you think, message me if you want a part 2 or just leave this imagine like this. Anyway, thank you for reading it. x