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It’s trans week of awareness and this Friday is black Friday. So be aware not to be awful to retail employees, especially trans folks working. Never. Never. Never try to interrogate a trans person working, it’s not our job to teach you while we’re doing unholy labor for corporations that don’t give a shit about us. Respect our pronouns because they’re not negotiable. Understand that the employees you interact with don’t make the rules and can’t do you favors. If something doesn’t ring up right or you get frustrated you need to be calm, we’re doing everything we can. Their are so many people who will have to be away from their families, getting worked to the bones, so some people can get a cheap tv. Our livelihood, our well being is more important than any damn sale. My heart goes out to all the folks who will undergo misgendering and awful working conditions. You deserve so much better than cis hatred.


Thelma Official Trailer 2017
Coming of age movie about a college lesbian who discovers her super powers and sexuality.

I repeat

Lesbian. Super Powers. Female. Superhero.

Transitioning isn’t always linear. It isn’t always “from one gender to another.” There’s a misconception that when people transition they increasingly conform to gender roles; that they reinforce the gender binary. If anything, the opposite is true. As we grow more confident in ourselves, we expand the boundaries of our presentation and how the world conceptualizes gender. The further on hormones I was, the less I felt tied up by the gender norms that restricted me throughout my teenage years. Transitioning can welcome in bodies to new forms of gender presentation and even create new genders. This development of self-consciousness isn’t just for us, it’s also a way of communicating that everyone should be able to express themselves. Transitioning isn’t just about gender: it’s about our ability to create community and understanding.