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I know the devs has stated that becoming a demon does not stop at growing horns and etc like the 3 demons we saw so far. So am wondering what a complete version of a demon looks like ( over 20 years in the downside) in the downside. Non human looking? Gaint creature? Do they loose thier human intelligence? What do you think?

i think they would look like really miserable giants. it also depends on how long they actually live? they probably wont even slightly resemble a human after 50 years? not sure they would loose human intellidence tho, they would just kinda become unstable and really sad? idk its really interesting to think about and also fuck you for making me think about it

Anonymous said: Quadrants for a Witch of Mind? And a pro/con as well if possible.

Sure thing!


Pale: Seer of Heart

Flushed: Heir of Light

Pitch: Thief of Void


  • The Brains AND the Brawn!
  • You can make everything feel like a good or bad acid trip man
  • You have probably beat all your favorite games 20 times


  • Scary and people wont have serious arguments in case you get upset
  • Probably has a hard time with their relationships with others
  • All the music u can hear after starting the game is techno and after 3 years of it you’ll be begging for even country

-Mod Ama

When I was 18 I was filled with thoughts that looked like this

But today I turned 20. 

-I am on my way (and ahead of schedule might I add)  to graduate with a major in Communications and a minor in Human Development and Family Sciences

-I have no clue what my dream job is, but after being accepted to do a week long service trip with 11 strangers, I have now successfully applied and been accepted to lead my own trip next spring anywhere in the country to perform service for an organization of my choice

-I could careless who my future partner is going to be, or walking down the aisle right now because that is years away and relationships are the last thing on my mind honestly

-I’ve accepted that I may or may not even have kids or a dog…personally I wish I could have a bear, but that’s a whole other conversation

-Owning a house doesn’t even sound appealing anymore. I want to travel or have a cute little apartment that is filled with my art and pictures and lots of plants and flowers

-Family gatherings are one of my favorite things ever and I much rather brag about myself, my mom, or my brothers at this point in my life

-Retirement…well in this damn country I probably wont be able to retire till I’m 60, soooo I’m just going to avoid thinking about that

To say the least, I made it to 20! So this is a reminder for myself and for anyone that needs it…life goes on. It changes, the people around you change, but most of all, you change. Your views are always assimilating to your situation, so eventually when your situation changes, even if it is brief, your perspective will alter. Keep your chin up and remember that you can and will make it.

It's Been Two Years Now (Ashton Irwin - Sam)

Submission by Guest Writer.

I’m not as amazing of a writer as the writers on this blog, but this was a request that Laney had let me write. Hope you enjoy!! - this-issam

You walked into class on the first day of school. You were five at the time, and had no idea you would be meeting the boy you would call your best friend.

“And who might you be?” An older woman asked you.

“y/n” you said shyly.

“Well, y/n, I’m Mrs. Frank, your teacher. Go off and look for your seat, and we’ll get started when everyone gets in,”

You looked up and around the room, not quite sure what to make of it. You walked past groups of kids who had all found their names and tables. You thought you had the wrong room, you couldn’t find your name anywhere. But then there it was, next to the silliest looking boy you would ever meet.

He had his pencils sprawled out over his desk, his two best were in his hands and he was tapping them around, pretending he was a drum master, though he didn’t quite get what he was doing, for he had just started his beginners lessons.

You sat down next to him and he stopped and smiled at you, “Hi.”

“Hi,” you said quietly looking down, letting your hair fall in front of your face.

“Hey,” He said placing a hand on your shoulder. “It’s my first day here too, don’t be scared. I’m Ashton, nice to meet you,” He paused for a second to look at your name tag, “y/n.”


Years passed; many many years had passed since that first day. From that first day of school to the last day you were inseparable. But it was off to college on different sides of the world. You went off to the UK to do your studies, while he did his in Australia.

You both tried to keep in contact as best as you could, but once his band took off it was almost impossible. 

But nothing is impossible, not with Ashton as your best friend.


Your phone was playing 5 Seconds of Summer’s ‘She Looks So Perfect’ advising you that someone was calling you. You did not recognize the number, but you answered anyways.


“Yes, hello, is this y/n?”

“Um… Yes, may I ask who this is?”

SHHHH!!! ASH IS ON THE PHONE WITH HIS GIRLY FRIEND!“ You heard someone yell in the back ground.

You smile grew. It was your best friend and his band of hooligans. You haven’t talked to Ashton in a while, and besides his pictures on magazine covers you haven’t seen him in about two or three years.

"Shut up, Mikey!” You heard a grunt and assumed that this Mikey had been hit.

You heard movements and then another voice took over the phone, “Helloooo, this is Luke; Ashton is kind of… tied up at the moment… Anyways since we are going to be in the UK for the next few weeks, doing some band things, we were, well he was wondering….”

I want to talk to her!” Another voice called through the phone.

“You’ll talk to her later, I’m still trying to ask her the question!”

“Give that to me!” Ashton’s voice filled the phone once again. “One second.” You heard him argue with his friends a bit before getting back onto the phone.

"Hey y/n,” He was slightly out of breath.

This had you thinking of him out in phys ed class, running around and being all out of breath and sweaty and smiling. You thought of how every girl in the school swooned over him in that state. Even you did a bit, but you kept it to yourself.

“It’s been what, two years? and this is how I get greeted?”

He laughed, “I’m sorry.”

“So what was this question?”

“Well, you’re on break right?”

“Yeah, For the next month why?”

“Come with us, tour the UK with us, show us around.” He suggested.

You laughed, “as long as I don’t get mobbed and/or killed for being with you, sure!”

He laughed, “I’ll keep you safe. Oh and uh… y/n?”


“Can you come out side?”

You jumped off the couch and ran to the window. There was a town car outside. The sun roof of the car opened up and Ashton’s head popped out.

“Your chariot awaits!” He called up to you. 

You shook your head before pulling on your shoes and running out to them. They had yet to get to the hotel they were staying at for the night, but you didn’t mind.

Your head was stationed on Ashtons shoulder as his friends asked you question after question for this was the first they got to meet this amazing, beautiful, stunning, wonderful y/n that Ashton always talked about.

It was late evening when they were finally settled in their room and Ashton had asked you out to catch up.

You took him to a family owned restaurant downtown and had them seat you in the back to keep the famous one hidden as best as he could.

As you talked you realized old flames that you hid away during high school rekindled. As you talked you realized that you were going back and opening so many doors that you tried to close years before.

That hiding in the back didn’t work as planned. A group of teenage girls came in saw him and screamed. One of the servers rushed you to the back exit, and the both of you ran for it, laughing the whole way.

The group of girls grew, but you made it to the car in time. You directed the car to your apartment because one of the boys called Ashton saying that the Hotel was packed with people trying to get in to meet the boys.

You were still laughing as you entered your apartment, “Is it always like this?”

“Not always… this is a nice place, looks almost like your room back home,”

“Really? I would have never known… Haven’t been home in a while,”

“Well home is here for you,” He said opening his arms for a hug. His smile, the one you always loved. Your heart melted a bit, and you remembered all those late nights wrapped in each others arms, all the sleep overs you had.

But this felt so different from those nights. ”I missed you, Ashy,” You mumbled into his chest.

“I missed you too y/n,” he whispered into your hair. “But hey, we have a few weeks together. And I promise, this time it wont be two years between us seeing each other.”

“You better keep that promise,”

“I will,”

“Pinky?” you held out your pinky for him to wrap his around like he did so many times before.

“No, I want to seal it another way,” he pushed your hand down. You were confused by this, that was until he lifted your face to meet his. His lips lingered a second before finally going all the way. You leaned in to it, and your hands found their way around his neck. His hands wrapped around your waist and pulled you closer.

You hadn’t realized you wanted this so badly since he kissed you before you left for school. Even if that was a drunken party kiss, you wanted it badly, but the sober kiss… it was so much better. 

Once the kiss was finally broken, he kept his forehead on yours.

“I have waited YEARS to do that, and actually mean it,” he was looking into your eyes, with a small smile. His dimples showing no matter what he was doing.

“What, you mean you didn’t actually mean that kiss from the party?”

“No. Well I meant it. But I was drunk, and you were drunk… and it wasn’t special. It was more of an I’m going to miss the hell out of you when you leave kiss,”

You laughed, and hesitated before going to give him a quick kiss. You backed away from him biting your lip.

You were adults now, 20, not in high school anymore, and any choice you both planed to make wouldn’t ever be a mistake. Not now when you were both still young and living your lives…

A small smile formed onto your lips and you started towards your room. ”I would say you could stay the night, but I don’t want your friends to get worried about you,” 

He stood there for a minute before he got what you were implying. “Wh— They wont worry about me. They probably don’t even expect me back tonight!” He started to jog in after you, closing your bedroom door behind the both of you.

retail cashier things

- we love funny customers! they make our day :3

- we love having conversations with customers

-we dont judge you for what youre buying. we dont really pay attention to it sometimes

- dont feel embarrased if your card gets declined. we dont judge u for that

- we dont make the store policies. -.- we just follow them

-we dont know where everything in the store is. especially if its big. we’re just behind the register all day

-if its a big store with a lot of people coming in every day, we probably wont remember you even though we had a conversation =/

- its not our fault that u were on line for a long time. people come up to the register with like 20+ items which we have to take off sensors, hangers

- make sure all your items have price tags on them! i dont mind looking up the prices but that makes your checkout a lot slower

- if our money is being counted, we’re not open >_> lol

- if we say we’re not open, we’re really not. if we’re just standing there we could be waiting to get counted on