it probably wont even make it to the 20

When I was 18 I was filled with thoughts that looked like this

But today I turned 20. 

-I am on my way (and ahead of schedule might I add)  to graduate with a major in Communications and a minor in Human Development and Family Sciences

-I have no clue what my dream job is, but after being accepted to do a week long service trip with 11 strangers, I have now successfully applied and been accepted to lead my own trip next spring anywhere in the country to perform service for an organization of my choice

-I could careless who my future partner is going to be, or walking down the aisle right now because that is years away and relationships are the last thing on my mind honestly

-I’ve accepted that I may or may not even have kids or a dog…personally I wish I could have a bear, but that’s a whole other conversation

-Owning a house doesn’t even sound appealing anymore. I want to travel or have a cute little apartment that is filled with my art and pictures and lots of plants and flowers

-Family gatherings are one of my favorite things ever and I much rather brag about myself, my mom, or my brothers at this point in my life

-Retirement…well in this damn country I probably wont be able to retire till I’m 60, soooo I’m just going to avoid thinking about that

To say the least, I made it to 20! So this is a reminder for myself and for anyone that needs it…life goes on. It changes, the people around you change, but most of all, you change. Your views are always assimilating to your situation, so eventually when your situation changes, even if it is brief, your perspective will alter. Keep your chin up and remember that you can and will make it.